Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 23, 1963 · Page 11
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 11

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 11
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Latest Novel by Betty Smith Once Upon a J Girt W,t Golesburg Register«Moi 1, Gqfcsburg, Friday, Aug. 23, 1963 11. C7 Jimv k(un, JOY IN THE MORNING, by Betty Smith. Harpsf and Row. .308 pages, Perhaps as easy-reading as a novel could be, and with a high degree of interest compulsion, is the new product of Betty Smith, whose previous novel, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," made her famous. "Joy In the Morning" is a simple and straightforward account of a boy and girl who meet and fall in love in Brooklyn, after which they spend the first year of their marriage in a midwestern university town where Carl Brown is studying law and Annie is coping with growing up, absorbing culture by a sort of mental osmosis, and both are making Welcome Wagon Convenes at Northgate When the general Welcome Wagon meeting was held Thursday evening at Northgate Bowling Lanes, hostesses were Mrs. Gene Turney and Mrs. Charles Skeels. Mrs. Tom Mooty conducted the business meeting at which time Mrs. Martin Schrock and Mrs. Tom Williams were introduced as new members. It was announced that there will be a bridge and pinochle round-robin. Mrs. Mooty announced that Welcome Wagon has been asked to furnish cookies for the Red Cross on Sept. 4. Mrs. Buck Bailey was appointed chairman for this project. Upon the resignation of Mrs. Robert Frank as hostess of Welcome Wagon, Mrs. John Gage and Mrs. Ray Smith have been appointed as co-hostesses for the group. Mrs. Gage was introduced to the members present. After the adjournment of the business meeting a silent auction was held on objects donated by members. Refreshments were then served and the remainder of the evening was spent socially. CARROLL'S OPEN EVERY NIGHT for SCHOOL SUPPLIES in turoo M a a marriage work out just fine against almost impossible odds. Budding writers will be intrigued by the shortcuts the author has devised, depicting character without cumbersome details, and limiting cliches to appropriate places in quoted conversation. Somehow she contrives to be terse without being brusque; the text is all illuminating. and ny. As their first year together, the final year of Carl's law course, and the novel all draw to a close, Miss Smith leaves you with the good feeling that all is well with the young couple and their future prospects. Most people would probably find this story interesting, and the writing style is worth study.—M.H.E. lf\ew (f2oohs **s4*re ~^dded at lite ejClL The following books have been received at the Galesburg Public Library, according to Mrs. Warren Morris, librarian. Adult JOSEPHINE, by Hubert Cole. Napoleon's empress is shown in this new book as a woman of great charm. It traces her meteoric career from Martinique to Paris and then to the post-Revolutionary period at Malmaison. TIMBER AND MEN, by Ralph W. Hidy. The story of the great lumbering company of the Weyer- Are You A Fan? "Tom Swlftles." Paul Pease and Bill McDonough. Published by Tom Swlftles Publishing Co. 62 pages. It's a fascinating mental game, and it can be devastating in the wrong hands. What's this? Why, Tom Swifties. These are the things that originated in Minneapolis, or Chicago, or San Francisco, no one knows for sure. But they stem from the "now returned to fame" Tom Swift books in which the author created a relationship between what was said and how it was said. For instance, "That's a beautiful gown you're wearing," said Tom revealingly, which may be an original for this reviewer. At least it hasn't been spotted anywhere else yet. There is a pretty good collection of them in this new book, plus room at the end to make up some of your own. Here's an example of a couple "grabby" ones in this collection. "I'll see if I can dig it up for you," said Tom gravely, or "You're invited to a big blast at our house," said Tom explosively- It's a better party game than charades, although not quite as good as spin the bottle. It doesn't have the shadow of the "intellectual" cast over it, because salesmen, doctors, homemakers and hoboes beat them to the punch. It's fun. That's why when this book was offered the comment "I'll write the review, said Tom literally," was heard.—RHL Committee Convenes The publicity committee of the Women of the Moose attended a dinner meeting Wednesday evening at the Holiday Inn. After dinner the group went to the home of Mrs. Ella Angel, 755 Peck St., to play cards. The next meeting will be Sept. 18 at the home of Mrs. Ray Van Hyning, 63 E. Mary, at which time plans will be made for the coming year. For the Children's Bookshelf Jire and a Quarrei s$re tit ire WILDFIR3 Evans G. Valens, illustrated by Clement Hurd. World Publishing. While a forest fire is a terrifying and destructive thing, it also possesses a certain amount of beauty and majesty. Wildfire tells of the growth of such a forest fire. The forest is quiet and peaceful when the sky begins to darken. Many people look toward the sky with anticipation because it has been a hot, dry summer. Art Buying Is High-Stake Game AUCTION! By James Brough. Bobbs Merrill. Anyone interested in art and art objects will find Brough's book a lively account of auctions, auction houses and auction fever. There also is a bonus. For the author has strung together a gossipy collection of stories about some modern collectors, some art finds and art thefts, art faking and the backstage rivalries of dealers, collectors and museum officials. There are illuminating passages devoted to three of the world's foremost auction houses — Parke- Bernet in New York and Sotheby's and Christie's in London. To the interested beginner, this book can be a thorough introduction to the joys and perils of buying and bidding, a gallery of color snapshots of personalities in the trade, and a compendium of recent news in the art world, including many of the big sales. Brough does not hesitate to report, on his own authority, some of the juicier aspects of his subject, and perhaps many of the yarns cannot be verified. But we cannot fault him on that score, for he is operating in a field long notorious for its similarity to a tight-lipped poker game for high stakes. He has collected some fascinating material in these pages. Miles A. Smith CLUB CARD PARTIES LAKE BRACKEN First, second and third place were won by Mrs. H. C. Churchill, Mrs. Joe Strader and Mrs. Franz Wallick respectively, at women's afternoon bridge at the Knox County Country Club Thursday afternoon. Grand slam winners were Mrs. Fred Clark and Mrs. Wallick. Eight tables were at play. The afternoon's prize was won by Mrs. Arnold Sweborg. The concluding potluck luncheon will be next Thursday at the clubhouse at 12:30 o'clock prior It all adds up to one fact: Valiant sales are up In 1963! Why? Plenty of reasons! The '63 Valiant is a VALUE CAR! Yet it has a lower starting price than either Falcon or Con/air— just check the Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Prices for all three. And, since Valiants are selling like a house afire, we're able to give you a better deal on your trade-in. So, join the VALIANT SALES STAMPEDE today! Come in for an outstanding deal! Here's where the Valiant Sales Stampede is going on: WEAVER MOTORS 1^11 GRAND AVE. — GALESBURG (an (an (an What Do They Wear? Do you know that sometimes a Turkish woman will display her entire dowry of gold pieces from a band on her forehead at the front of a hat? Can you describe a pagri Indian hat), or a milaya Egyptian robe), or a chirpa Argentine cowboy skirt)? Maybe you can't, but thousands of boys and girls across the world are adding these oddwords and these facts to their fund of knowledge. Their information comes from an unusual book called "Wonderful World of Clothes." It was created in cooperation with the United States Committee for UNICEF. It is a 40-page costume guide containing more than 75 color illustrations. This fall when some three million school children participate in an annual Trick-or-Treat fundraising drive this year, it is expected that many of the youngsters will be dressed according to pages in the book, and that they will attend Hallowe'en parties in these costumes. The book has been selected by the U.S. Information Agency for distribution in 140 countries. The book sells for 50 cents and all profits from its sale go to aid needy children throughout the world through the facilities of the United Nations Children's Fund. Vegetable Glamour Treatment A simple sauce you can mix in minutes is all it takes to turn vegetables into mealtime stars. Served with this sauce, asparagus or artichokes are truly elegant party fare. But what the sauce does for everyday vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower must be tasted to be believed. The sauce takes its smooth texture from mayonnaise and its spirited flavor from sliced, stuffed olives. It's easy to mix at the last ^JopicA Clouds hang ominously low when lightning hurtles toward the ground, striking a stately fir tree. At first the tiny arrow of embers seemed doomed to die, but a fresh breeze fans them into life. First a tiny pine cone explodes in a puff of flame, and then another and another. Soon the fire is leaping from tree to tree, swallowing everything that comes into its path. At first the animals are attracted by the strange noises and sights, but their curiosity turns to terror as they feel the heat and sense the danger of the fire. The forest becomes crowded with animals, small and large, as they seek refuge from this new menace. A hungry mountain lion and a deer meet face to face, but they are so interested in escaping the licking flames of the oncoming fire, that their first thought is only their mutual safety. The author and illustrator of Wingfin and Topple have collaborated again to produce a childrens' book which achieves interest and excitement from a superb blend of text and art.—N.C. "The Quarreling Book" by Charlotte Zolotow; pictures by Arnold Lobel. Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc. Under 40 pnges. This fetching little book with quaint pen - and - ink illustrations could get the idea through to a smal child that someone else's disposition hinges on him Engagingly told it relates a series of events in a day which got started off "on the wrong foot," so to speak, because of the dismal weather. It took an affectionate four- footed friend who was not aware that the weather had anything to do with whether he was gay or disgruntled, to reverse the trend so that the characters were happy and smiling by the time the sun came out late in the afternoon. The New York author has twenty books to her credit. The artist, who hails from Brooklyn, is an author as well as an illustrator. M.L.M. hausers. Founded in Illinois over a century ago, it is now a national symbol of long-range planning. COURTROOM WARRIOR, by Richard O'Connor. William Travers Jerome, the mercurial man who was the first of the "fighting D. A.'s" in New York, is the interesting subject of this new book. He prosecuted In the sensational murder trial of Stanford White and was a fiery orator and devastating cross-examiner. LEE AFTER THE WAR, by Marshall W. Fishwick. Instead of going into oblivion after the Civil War, Robert E. Lee rose to great usefulness and left a deeper mark on America's history in the bur years after Appomattox than lie and his troops had made during the war. THE AGELESS RELICTS, by Norman Taylor. The largest trees in the world, the Sequoias, were discovered during the Gold Rush and the author tells of their origin, physical characteristics and naming, as well as relating the history of their ruthless exploitation. A BOOK OF AUSTRALIA, by T. Inglis Moore. In poetry and prose, this is "a representative picture of Australia, of the country itself, the people and the national way of life and thought." PRO FOOTBALL, by Robert Smith. The thrilling moments of outstanding contests, as well as the history of the game and its great players, are portrayed in this book on pro football. AGE OF THE VIKINGS, by P. H. Sawyer. Illustrated with maps and with pictures of boats and equipment found by archaeologists, this is a most interesting survey of the Viking period. THE KREMLIN, by Victor Alexandrov. Some 850 years ago, the Kremlin was founded and this is a story of a gigantic citadel, of its grandeur and its horrors and of its masters, famous and infamous. Juvenile THE ATHENIANS, by Leonard Weisgard. This is a recreation of life in the Classical Period. With many pictures and a text to enable you to explore life as the Athenians lived it. FIRST BOOK OF AUSTRALIA, by Edna Mason Kaula. A book about the land of kangaroos, primitive aborigines and surfing enthusiasts, of vast desert areas and lush green countryside. EXPLORING BIOLOGY ( by Tad Harvey. An unusually well-illustrated story of the great men and ideas that have uncovered some retry, of the mysteries that underlie the science of life. THE CONGRESS, by Gerald W. Johnson. In readable style, the author explains the everyday work of Congress, the way a bill is passed, the function of committees and what the important positions in Congress are. MAGIC IN THiS AIR, by Mary Gaver. These are selections from great masterpieces of fantasy, such as Adventures of Pinocchio, Winnfe-the-Pooh, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. TO {5AVE YOUR LIFE, by Natalie D. Spingarti. True stories of how the men and women of the U. S. Public Health Service defend our health. Biggsville Couple To Note Anniversary BIGGSVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Slagle of Biggsville will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, Friday. On Sunday, Aug. 25, all relatives were invited to a picnic dinner in their honor at the South Henderson Church. Open house will be held in their home in Biggsville from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday. to bridge play, with Mrs. A. B. Bryngelson as chairman. Arranging this week's play were Mrs. Harold Wiltsie, Mrs. Florence Ives and Mrs. Hilding Johnson. minute, but may be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator, Unlike most sauces it is as good cold as hot. For a buffet supper or luncheon, it's delicious served chilled over white asparagus. Sauce 1 cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons soft butter 1/3 cup stuffed green olives, sliced 2 to 4 tablespoons lemon juice Dash of Worcestershire sauce Mix all ingredients together. Just before serving, heat over low heat, stirring frequently, Or serve cold on cold vegetables. Yield: 2 cups of sauce. READ THE WANT ADS! A nnouncement.,, TED FERRIS (formerly Ferris-Long Greenhouse) is now associated only at... Last-minute dish: heat a pound jar of sweet and sour red cabbage in a big skillet with a pound of frankfurters. You'll need to cover the pan and simmer for about 10 minutes. Serve with mashed potatoes made from a package. Pass the mustard! Come to the Old-Fashioned CORN BOIL REPUBLICAN RALLY SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 Beginning at 3:30 p.m. KNOXVILLE FAIRGROUNDS HEAR! Congressman Donald G. Brotzman of COLORADO Introduced by Congressman Robert T. McLoskey MAIN ST. FLORIST 312 E. MAIN STREET I. E. STILLER .... TED FERRIS Ted welcomes you to visit the new Main Street Flower Shop for your floral consultation. Leonard & Don Andersen Anderson Floral Co. (2 locations) Special Guest STATE GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES and other Avowed Office Seekers. Bring the Family HAVE FUN Plenty of corn on the cob, tomatoes, ice tea, bread and butter. TICKETS 50c PER PERSON TICKETS ON SALE AT GATE BRING YOUR FOLDING CHAIRS. For the Kids MAGICIAN SHOW BALLOONS and ENTERTAINMENT AMERICAN LEGION BAND Bring the Family HAVE FUN Plenty of corn on the cob, tomatoes, ice tea, bread and butter. TICKETS 50c PER PERSON TICKETS ON SALE AT GATE BRING YOUR FOLDING CHAIRS. Sponsored by the KNOX COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITT1E JOHN ERICSSON REPUBLICAN LEAGUE REPUBLICAN VETERANS LEAGUE YOUNG REPUBLICANS LEAGUE REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S LEAGUE R.O.C.K. CLUB UNITED FOR ACTION

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