The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1955 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1955
Page 5
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LOCALS Mts Duan4 66W61 is leaving March' 10 fr'bfW. 1 NeWrY6rk, city on a three month's tour of JSu- rbpe, , < ." ; j , '• ; Mr find ,Mt» Robert Chathbets had Mr and Mrs- J6Hn- Lande of Buffalo Center as guests Sunday 1 evening. Mfg Wallet Klamp came ftom Humboldt Wednesday and visited Mrs W. J. Sigsbee^ and Mrs Emma Dehnert. , $ t ' | Mr and Mrf'Alberi'GHsM W*e recently, visited- by 'their |dri-fn- law and .daughter, Mr anal' Mrs M. W. Lindhbrst of Chester. , , Mr and Mrs Merle Davidson are here from Clintonville, Wis., called here by the critical sick- ness of Mr Davidson's, mother, Mrs R; A. Davidson! Mi:.! Dick Mltlag, son of Mrs Wayne Hanson, is making his ; homg at Emmetsburg with his .unple iand .aunt, .Mr an^ Mrs Elmer Qunn. He plans, to enter highi school there-a little "'• Mr and Mrs Cliff Wickey "and Mr and Mrs William Ehfhajdt lay morning. She has had. a .digestive up-set and her <*dttdition s not too g6od. , :, • • Jimmy, son 6f Ms and M» Wtl-. iam Finn, has been- sick With chicken pox and complications. For a few days he was unusually sick'but is now improving. • Mr attd.MM <3«6.. f C, Smith and Deftftft, of Davenport, ap- rived heMftom Davenport'^Tuesday and afd spending stevfeM days at the hWnelof Mrs Smith'i par- ints, Mr, and Mrs Otto! Sd Mrs itt. M. Sfftiih |rtd Streit Wok Mrs E. Davis. t6 Mason City where she took a plane to Minneapolis, Minn., and thence fo Seattle, Wash. Her husband Lt. Col. Davis,' is expecttp soon from service overseas. Mrs Davis,' brother. Dr. .Harold Streit also livies?there. iHe haijireceiitty bee'n at LeSs Angeles, .Calif.', 'at tending A -meeting of orthope dici surgeons. i and Mrs .Kenneth Bakken ecently m«Ved from •' PhoeniXj Ariz., to Salt Lake City,-Utah. t Meand-Mtft AtihurRisiau wete visited bv^rl the. weekend by Mr rfnii Mr's; RynolSt tRistau of Des tfoines., , ' ' j Mrs Albetl Reid' Is ho'me from ^ort DtAlge Where'she Tiad major mrgerV'^IKe 1 Lutheran hospital eVeral days "a'gb. Michael Streit Who atlonds the State University' spent his semester vacation with his parents; MTiand Mfs .Matthew Streit. , ; Mr* Vfcfohlea Roethl^r'' had ^ I Here's* A VALENTINE FOR YOU i»ii cuiu *»***> vr*vA* ** •• •*"js r «rr and Mrs Ray; Smith 1 - and .Walter >f .Wesley were feu&stsi Suftday.p AT and Mrs Emil PehrsOft' flt ne Bock. I , ' ,,; 3 Mr and Mrs tester Sirhsfefls were wcently visited over a weekend by their daughter, Judy, who is attending a business col- .ege at Omaha, Neb. ' dinner guest? Sunday her sdn-irt- Mrs law anlfddUghter, ivir; ; an Irviii Krimei of Bancroft, Mr and Mts Duane Riley and David arid <Mrs Riley'a -parents, arid M -p h, Mt and Mrs Willis are being visited by the mother, Mrs Arthur Hetzler, of Vtuscatine t Mt and Mts <3Un Sfnithf-.Mt fi .Mr and Mrs A, H. w"ere visited Suricfay by tfteiisson and daughter-in-law, Mrjaftd MfS Robert McMurray arid thfee Chil • 1 ' of Fort .Dodge. 1 Jerry Wolfe drove , ( to- BONUS EBONITE SHO.W... FREE: A BONUS ticket to a coming attraction to everyone attending our Valentine's Midnight Show . .. HITHER o Her face was her fortune . . . and that ran into a pretty good figure! PEGGY CLUVJMINS TERENCE SL Bride •with JAMES 1IAYTER • MAIUE LOUR PLUS- A WOODY WOODPECKER CAPvTOON and "HALF DRESSED FOR DINNER" (A Ncwlyweds Comedy) ANNUAL "DENTAL CARD" SHOW FEB. 12 10 A. M. Admission By Approved Dental Card Tickets! OR you may buy tickets at boxoffice, Regular Prices AND THE ARMY'S -AGAIN! * DOHMO ;f O'COHNOR n i I IC R COLOR PLUb 9 CARTOONS < , Mr 'and Mrs Carl Goetsch, drove to Mason City one day last week to visit friends. Mr and Mrs William Finn drove tcrlbwa City Monday '-taking with them their daughter, 1 Carol, who Had Spent the." itojeekferid hppe. ,S is a'atuttentUf the •,uhiversi|y, • Mrs Bernjce Reynolds, .Mr .anid Mrs Richard 'Reynolds and': 6hil- 1 dren spent Sunday at Foft Dddge with Mr and' Mrs Vincent Seller and Capt. and Mrs Jess Reynojds. Mr and Mrs William Funk ; and Mr and Mrs Duarie Riley 'and son David spent Sunday at Manson with Mrs Funk's son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs James HaTniifien. . \ Mtsantf Mrs 1 ' Clarence Metzger hav^i returned' from 'Portland, Ore., .Where;- they visited -a fortnight-: with their- son, Robert and daughter, Shirley, ' who' went there some time ago. Mrs Brady Rovn went to Minneapolis, 'Minnr, i Monday . to attend, the .'funeral services ^Tuesday of ; her uncle, Ol A. Taf t. She visited her mother, Mrs Josephine Thompson while in the city. •Mrs, Franlc Cink went ,to Oxnard, Calif., "recently to -be with her soli-in-law artd daughter, Mr and Mrs William .Watts. .Mrs Watts has' not been' well; arid ;it was^ possible surgery would be performed. Mr and Mrs Ed Hagg haVp , as a ^uest a few days Orville Elkins of Berkely, Calif. He W a forhier resident here, a well known painter and decorator. His wife, the late May Elkins, was an aunt of Mrs Hagg. ' ; Mr and Mrs Kenneth Richards moved Tuesday to a farm near' Eagle Grove from , a farm near Humboldt. Kenneth ' had previously dtone . trucking for the Alderson line. Mrs Richards is the former Sharon Godfredson. Mr and Mrs Vernell Ludwig and family spent last weekend at Clear Lake with Mrs Ludwig'!? parents, Mr and Mrs T. 'P.'Joynt. Mrs Joynt is convalescing from recent surgery performed at Mercy hospital, Mason City. Max Miller has been dismissed from St. Ann's hospital following a heart attack. The Millers will n p f ; tx>ove to Moline, 111.: until he as : fully recovered. He has been ransferred to an office position vith the John Deere,oompany. Mr and Mrs Leslie Ross have aeen visited by their son-in-law nd daughter, Mr and Mrs Wai- ace Anderson of Ketchekan, Alaska. The Andersons also visited elatives at Fenlon. They plan to eave for Ketchekan about mid- tfarch. Cordell Schilmoeller spent his semester vacation with his parents, Mr and Mrs Ray Schil- moeller. He brought with him iis roommate, Jim Mullin, of lalifornia. The boys are soph- omoi-e students at Crcighton university. Mrs Mary Sorenson.has reiurn- d from Huntington Park, Calif., where she visited her son-in-law and daughter several weeks. During her absence her rooming house was managed by her brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Sam Mauerer -of Renwick. Mr and Mrs Wilfred St. John drove lo Fort Dodge Tuesday and brought back with them Mrs St. John's mother, Mrs Fay Minard, who is going to stay at .the, Mr and Mrs Eugene Minards while Mrs Minard is at Iowa City with her sor* George. George had polio several fears ago and has to report for check-ups. Mr and Mrs William Funk were visited Sunday by the latter'b brother and sister-in-law, Mr anc Mis Ace Board well of Aklen. Minn. The Boardwells formerlj lived at Livermore where they operated a cafe and dance hal which they recently sold. M: 1 Boardwell is now in the hard ware business at Freeborn, Minn A high school district testiva was held Feb. 2 at Hampton and attending from here were Kaj Brayton, Jane Reid, Mimi Wright lonnie Priebe, Loreli Roupe, Maine Montgomery, Cheryl Van- cr -Waal, Karen Shirley, Karen {uehenreut'her, Elaine Quaday, Caren Hutchins, Darjene Skog- Ironi, Alvin Christensen, Pavid Bunting, Phil Anderson, Bill 'ain, David Richardson, Jim owan, Don Schaap, and Niki Mr and Mrs Gale Slockwell were visited a week ago Sunday )y their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Wiljiam Tillman and family of Fort Dodge. The cliil- rcn were left here for a week while the parcnU >vure at Sioux City finding a dwelling. Mr Tillman has been transferred i'roni Des Moinus to Sioux City. Mr and Mrs Stockwell went to Britt Saturday to see Cyrus Eisenman, mete of Mrs Slofkwell who is seriously sick. Mr and Mrs Clarence Metzgei left Jan. 24 from Boone by trail. to visit their daughter, -Shirley and her roomate. Shai'on Kain daughter of Mr and Mrs Ruber Kain of Algoiia. Both girls are employed at St. Vincent's hospi tal in Portland, Ore. The Metz gers-also visited their son, Rob Jrt, who is serving aboard lh' y. S. S. Shangri-La at Bromer ton, Wash. They also visited th William Laidlows in Portlam and the Faber Dolons in Seattle returning home .Feb. 3. Thei youngest daughter Connie staye at the home of Mrs Esther Hcl bei'K during their abacncc. City Saturday Jo see his Uidther Mrs- Elizabth Wolfe, who was recently dismissed from Mercy hospital. She had recent major sur KGl'V. ' ! ' • -•-• Mr and Mrs John Hopkitis, 'Pa tritria and Pamela 'were ;^iime glilsts last* Sunday of Mrft>Hop kins' i brother and -sister-iti-law Mi*. t and Mrs Herbert Potratz a Whittcmore. Pete waidron of Windom, Min- son, Randy, who was sick. Thursday NbruaryJCVjMlAlflano (lo.) Upp«f P«» lesota, visited Mr and Mrs Wil- iarix .Ringgenberg and other fiends- here last week. . Mr and Mrs Andrew Harilen were visited Friday and Satur* day by the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and jMrs Don tfertz, Dbnna and Diane, of Grand Island, ftelx Mi and Mrs Clair Thomas attended a meeting and shbwing of new merchandise at Des Moin>s last week Wednesday. They Vere accompanied by Mr and Mrs L. C. Hansen of Titonka. Mr and Mrs' Andrew Hansen met Mr and Mrs Alvin Carr of Ireton at Fort Dodge Monday to dtten<l the funeral of Ed Can- Mr Carr had made his home at Friendship Haven, Mir and Mrs August Harig anc Mr and Mrs Douglas Wildin spent Sunday at Livermore with the Harigs' son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Rudy Harig. Mrs Elsie Hansen, mother of Mrs Rudy Harig, was also there anc had been there a few days to as sist in the care of the little grand' Now Through griday; ALAN LADD in "THE BLACK KNIGHT" in Technicolor Mr and Mrs William Sengbusch ave as guests their son and aughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Don ertgbusch and children, Cheryl nd Ronald, of Laramie, Wyom- ng. They are leaving for home Monday.' Mrs Mildred Puts had her son- n-law .and daughter, Mr and Mrs Don Price of Sioux City as [uests from Friday until Sunday. They also visited Mr and Mrs James Will and Mr and Mrs Elton Rochleau. Mr and Mrs Duan« Lighter had as dinner guests last week, Wednesday 'evening, the former s brother-in-law 1 and sister, Mr and Mrs Leroy Peterson and three daughters of Humboldt and the parents, Mr and Clinton Lighter. Mt and Mrs Don Prt**korn went to Waucoma Thursday (today) to visit Mr and Mrs Paul Smith. They will go from there to Guttenberg to Mrs W. E. McG E visit Mr and cGrew over the ATJ.1 O »f » •*** -••••— •— - — -weekend. The McGrews are former residents here. SUNDAY MONDAY 'Her shoes. 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