The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1955 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1955
Page 22
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fi ?' , , Tj l ^ "" w *•"•"?"--—•»"* I » »1 r ' > St\Wi .""". >I» ! ?S"**<> -"!•*• <*^$ *" **.'•' '"' ' frite tf«,i Ofifrtr.0M M*rn*i m**«* fftbroof y '1LT\-. •>•• 8 "V- -.V^'-?- '..'•-."'.^ .UBtt^^i.iaMMiMa.iMfataillM** . 'l Ilk* 10 bfother, it's piling boer, s p thick when We have such bittef From "motel an all TRICK wneu wo now. -—cold hete and the fcar-da atich delightful places. Marie Haweoft - a', Jtove: court, green grass and fftsm the Abner Longs._ ey*e View of Houston, Then ttfe Carlsbad Caverns dame illustrated "letter" telling' ... afout the caves. There was space Ittbugh for her to add in he* owft iVreiting and vernacular, "But * will say our running gears neec oHing, but maybe a few days rts will dO it." Hazel Miller sent! a water scene from BrownsVille T|*., Eula Rich sent a'picture o '™opical irtrtrtdft -trees'.^ .Hose Pot f. i • of Bob Hope's „ dwimnlihg pool. ^c^ff^J^lSS^ >obl 'With' ttte Mtt«rt'*ftten»- lectiHg the bluest sky, the green jrass in ,the -foreground and .the . f,,*l - iJ l>itAH grass in ,the -loregrowiu aim "•= iittkest 9und the pool. Just 3(&ind'thVho¥se were Ihe purple mountains. liont *.***• * l unaries Kuchynka told me ihat she-and,her. husbanded tfieir and daughter Mr and Mrs Dennis Elsbecker had at uncle "Pat" Will be well.p orchestra too, Brunt The ohe I/plaJ-ed ,- rf ' bfidly;fo4°l'kst Theo' 4 Hi Tom bU Fe ._-• say dn%aq too u- M .lemen*er? inley Niqoulin, •ftSyfiond^Weh. Tom GiMespft, Raymona • weu- Bsjsftasffflfl^ The, Bob here .>! f < ii, *»** **»-•»• -•-- i/vijumerw. ii had • been Z« j-~- jince Mrs J6hrtson had been thfite and sba enjoyed seeing oia frfehds 6hd land marks.^ 1 & tSftttna Bally teleky ., , ai a iirc^ 0 r«^ mSft&tftSa eram a ladies hour. For this she Iff kiven a hair styling, every* thing from cut, shampoo and ttrt works". This is her second ajij pearance on a TV program and she will be on again soon, 11 I understood correctly^ I've been in many a good h6i same of cards but never 'to the point thai the house was sel; Bfire. Such was not the case when the "Jdlly Twelve" met Friday_ev6n- ing with Mr and Mrs John Grotte, Everybody smelled smoke but laid it to the fireplace which wu. giving off'it's cozy warmth and fheery flames. A look around revealed no source but it finally became apparent it would be a good idea to have the fire com- 8 -' investigate. They found the JI •""••"••*-'•"•"'. Sahtmrft thfe engin „ and a su „ I' for her. She attend the basketbarn Dodge and her husbaiv- . not think of ariy*^6i waiftMH tame «ft f' ' Biltcoul- ms she ^ m^lggl--^ ____ ., ^ th - OATS «nd Ike elh«t «m. • f " • • I ^ : r f " _ ADAPTED VARIETIES NO DEPOSIT ; ; i-« * ?i - *>»' ^.AlrA'tt in* i, '• 'M |;fp|ie^sffo/p t $2pQ re ripy. v:, ; BERRY SEED COMPANY Clarinda, Iowa ariV nvesa. iumes coming from between the floors in the basement, under the fireplace. The danger Was soon over ho great 'damage done, but ovei, "".*" not minis UA »"j would listen to stay „. that wouldn't arouse ^n ions. The guests were, 'her brother, Harold i %**£?•* They got their suiftise * 'there' was no honor - Uieie waa u\j ••• iollowed Mr and . fort Dodge, some «£•.£-• the game, the othersJ2J»g*.g,. place agreed upon arid,twetp,*M [he glme, dlnnerUw^eMV. >irthday cake and ttttf&na' •'as a very surprised W nian, Participants ?»«fej Mrs Marvin Calhour **" Chuck Hardgrove, Dean Taylor. Mr —,. —' Van Allen, Mr andj pnv >% V**i husban 'Sent tfii coUpl tor has.. F Aiuf dod after .Sanboifl his rescue get.hirti. v " i *^ 1JL - •^a's.'ttsssi Tlek * ls n , ega .uV«iW teat are sufficient to Tickets 10 "•-.^r-.i f eoil u- SaWl** S .bang, * ee fe^^^^ heroV » ,_' _ _ *f SiS, S*& %3ftHI8 NT Krantz, «t"% rt S rd tSaiwon ^^Tim^-'Sfan wid must-star, wver Eimers, Ervin $g^£j«&he ^ tSte^^ff^S^ l i^*w [iaffy r by" alfpfanes with Etain a hfgh standard I Conditions. fractures. ''"^ -and ffitfM£MMW{tmt"» j ' j "'"''"''"""""""" — WE 4 RE EXPECTING YOU JOHpEERE tomorrow! ..j. "PoWer, Steering Harlan St.'between Maionle Temple and^lj/^ I Grotfe'^ Ctif0, north side of Stated. f i f i . fcSt if , t g, L? J- T- clothes when she got home. Th* Eugene Hutchins famUyj' Here's another dog[.^"ftjfe couldn't understand why the Vants a nice DalmatianjBoKfeJ vounaest son Richard was always tombination by the. jnatte c ol at Aigona Theatre youngebi sun AVI»-««»*»* "«—• -—: •* ~ so late getting home from schoo only a few blocks away. Question-! ed about it he answered, Oh, I I take the short cut." The "short; cut" it was .found, was home via- the fair grounds which meant a more to'th*e .west, and'a.good more to wie .w»it «•«•- -.=—.many more.^ac^ north to homej Nancy Matshall has had a lough winter. First it was hepatitis, hen mump's: Her mother, Mrs , • Marshall, says it is' now a | t . A «_ , *-. I^KAVX Via** nlUOr..! 1 iusie?" She can 'be^had 80i -?!'asking. Call 848J^ .,0hlto;;,?i i,l Voung animal ^as jatofeadfc 'bW t Saken. I sugi(e|ted>that a-calld " Siade to farm friends., Tharyne jlace for a dog-plemy ' romp. Yes, a dog is ... r Mend," but I'm^mfere ^ha lUVCtb- 'iif^vei-%-1 March' 1 8V Jti .>- * r- -*• ->~^< i*i.Jtr* Titonkav Since 1895 irf|ju4i ^ Our by fids' Guarantee c Farm Dealers \t>' PEIslt lA^W Bancroft |( K -|M s si«' F|5 '? •«. Livermore 25^7 Aigona CAIV' rv«**^i^ Phone Lone Hock 4015 rBftaX TLllCllUt U**v * *•* »/•»***• i~™- Sng for the friend to have instead of I. I never J - J £> Ana r k . & dog. iiular-efn-ph^iswillM'on "roduets such as bjfoiled 'ngm'i,sa<^s, stuffed^pork , ,> . ^,^\]ys^S^S^^ ^^s^^oril^s^ilfFrld^ jf how'to klep her quietJUoO miles from his home at Tmv U e > Swea 'CfW 1 2S2?9WJSS hTwM sick enough s^ith hepati-lber Lake. S. D., to 404-Soulh Min- al ^ o win add Je6M*ts-|ni^ef ^ t^at it wife ? t a .Jroblem, but|nesota street where he it visiting entertamment|to^l?rdgrrt«m ow she'sTited 'of'all the quiet|his brother-in-law-and sister, Mr wonde rful a«ivi« to ffre^W ^l^mentJ • iVondei if she hasftand Mrs Dave Leffert. He left ing to -^ee,^ Jv f J f' - {^ | M n tenh^BrfBtftaoM method?||home full of zest and happy anti- e :$••" .^'!'. fiii ' M thavWs ft>, ^ fact|cipation and landed here travel ^«t£lLlll-.iU!!t i pa^olls a w|r^unfe ^ai^l T,hir [i^J For Mom, For Pop, For The Kids! -_<,..- . — '»• ••»•"" the trail 'erythl no^c¥7t>dWtfSJcWStewartj Nellie Browrf. HeleT* Bradley and, played with them by the hours.L . . low^we'diie'drch'tcatalogues fora steam pretty womenlandj children. Men| went ; weEfe.h^rdlr toUhJctjand of cours?| thereit the family hacl to liave a daddsM] It left I really^hlt the, Jack.Pgt bx goingjland th to a taflorl and -he ?gaye Jme on of his old catalogues. . "• 1 • i '' I i < » * i'f *' T '« > K."-»" Ever hsar erf a- double iim»n|e Harty?. Well it nd ue. on to traver erson and 2'/4 *ni. south of FenJon or 2 mi. west and 2M mi. south of Lone Rock, on To be held at the f Mm located 3 mi. east 'm>M^iiim A.M. Sale Starli at 1:00 P. M. MACHINERY • n •••- m 42 ft. John Deere Elevator with Hoist and Speed Jack 15 ft. Jolfh Deere Disc' 6 ft. John Oeere Mower 1Q ft, Oise 20 ft. Drag - • •:,..->• Case Spreader pi) .Rubber 10 ft. Dump Rake ^ Hay feack and Running Gear 24" Woods Threshing Machine with good belts Spring Tooth Harrow McCormick Deering Binder 8 ft. John Deere Corn Planter John Deere Endgate Seeder 2-6" McCormiek Deering $vn Grinder Winner Fanning Mill High Wheeled Wagon and Box ,, 11 MISCELLANEOUS * McCormick Deering Cream Separator, ustf 1 year ^5 h.orse poWer Electric Motor ; , f Tank Heater * 1 Set of Hornets Chain Hoist Hog Sprayer 2-Jametway Brooder Stoves Drive Belt endless 50 ft. 6" Leading Chute 110 BALES GOOD STRAW BUILDINGS ,., • J 2 INDIVIDUAL. MHJAKD too HOUSES SMOKEHOUSE 3 BROODIR HOUSES 3 8'xlO' - iy»U' ' TEEMS- Cash. No Rrppecty to be removed until settled for or arr«iifle.ii*nti made with your banker TERMS, fcasn. no propwiy Refponsibla In Caw «f Awident* GEO. BANNICK Co,, Wet* Bend Co, SECURITY STATE BANK, Aigona, Clerk 1UIINSSI WITH •

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