The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1955 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1955
Page 21
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' Mf UfJtfcfei-AilteU Sctoneki aftd thOeV, M, H: Broker Went |p fafifiodli-today, Jan. 23,,to • ttWM the 1 Pfesbvt^y meeting. Mr.Schenck Mi mm delegate • Mr and Mr» wllbuf ftehidtt * had as their guests Sunday, Jan, 23, Mrs Re'iftder$' brother»in-law and sister, Mf and Mrs Bob-DeHaan and twin sons, Kent'and Keith of Orange City. o ptobl&m of the same proportion Is facing most \ feed companies in mixing about 1/3 oz. of stilbestrol into one Ion of caff/e feed STRICTLY BUSINESS fot use of right amount for, added in the stilbestrol has set f about Vs 02. per ton as the righ this powerful gro^h' stimulant, That means it is, proportion of only 1 part to 90,800 parts. It must be mixed so t'h'at r caMe' get just the right amount .- ; ; totf little stilbestrol ; frf their* ration #oh f t-prbduce inaximuJit'gains '. 1 : tod much in 'th'eWfa'tiorf tan profe'toxie. Xes,titis atbig 'mixing .problem .foremost, feed, companies— but not for Purina, with its exdu- *' \ ... !$ accurate fb the 1/1(0,000,000 parti ^ og equipment plus the .technical skill of Purina engiheers; laboratory techniciabs, and niill employees makes such'a mixing job routine for Purina. Purina's Micro,-Mixibg is a quality control process that assures you every bite is mixed just right. Eyeey'animal gets its fair share when you-feed Purina, Steer Fate&a or Beef thow with' stilbestrol added. That .means that you go»to r xnarket with a m<ich more-eyen bunch .of cattle^ MICRO-MIXING NOW AVAILABLE Steer Fotena'awJ Beef Chow with stfflrastnlj ' every Hte mixed >st GALBRAITH fee water pUtoUl" Edward Tietz Of Whittemore f * * i Fractures Hip !ve ufella Cheriandj .«,. musical romande'slii 1 r Readings.- "Mary 1 TftesWTjy Luellft' Cher, ."Only . a Rose" by Barlow' ^/Whittle* Thbu QoesV i Bussie'anlfShJrley Peter, i/L&fd'J P«yeV! sung, by ...... 'ffetWj -Ddrbt" " was Narrator. •• A The^'g^ftc tffj'nono: many .gifts aftd'^un ifter 1he!profe£arh jsses: 1 .-Bessie- pUssie, BierstedS fcuella ClJeYli LOCALS to Medelia, » Minn., - recently on business. I ' ' 1 kaihlrtto fctiiftn Wa* hw* li tort Briar Cliff college tat 1 a Weekend irtslt wifch, 'hter,parents. ' «ttc« Mul»U '- Rby Hu.tzell relatives. afc MkttMtt. we« vUUed Jah<.23f by Mr and; Mrs ers of Webster City Mt«., Edna Hs« Jrtiumed Jan. few days visit at Liver- her s6n-ln-lawiand - rs ' W. jftadig, .HaftleJ Hob- ins WO' Ly , . , . >n,. Edna td Mrs Carol Rgyno M (la.) , 24 frort more daughter, * Dr. and- Mr " ' rs T, D. Ross- nn, 'Mr and Mrs Marlc-w, Mrs ElrrilnEiWrs, e J S>uecker, Lydla ..Schwie- tcrt, Helen Weiske, Mrs R. Willrett arid Mrs-.E.Wittkop'p;. J ahter jnFMt and Mrs Wai t>u< of school' two recently vvitr "" """ ****"** tion; .""*.«< - an Mt and Mrt'ftenry Gud&fjan iehi; the-Jark 22 weekend at fn-laW arid "daughter, Mr £nd Mrs Merrill 'Bacon. '' , Mrs, Oala Thompson and hot 8bn and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Maurice Thompson, and John Sunday, Jan. 23, at Eagle fdVe 1 with relative^ Jack Hammer, daughter of 'e HtlaseV has rewrned to at Nev/ Orleatfs, after a tf six Weeks here With her fhbtlief i dnd other relatives, ' Mr and Mil Glen Graham and son, Gary, and the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Jay Graham,, of Buff uroVB to • Mason City last week Wednesday and visited frleftds. John ark Mr. and ™-*-*-visited t«»nUy;by , , brother-iri-ld^andlsist Hondred A* Ginned ; ' Some^ SO relatives and n>r«« attended' a Sunday dinner party vacationing at ^JdAlleft, at the Cbrl Reynolds home hon- according to -worn received uy. oring thfe son and daUghter-lnt their daughter*.'^ Frank Moul- law, Mr arid Mrs Gary Reynolds ton. «lf . - , " df Minneapolis. Present' Bother H Mrs Andrew Harfien ?pent a than mentioned were Mr and Mrs. U ew days recently at Des Moines . _» j- H(r_».1- IKA'MMl nnH 1 .. ... " . j* . ____ .*_AJ.« mi^ilfl R. business' for, _ . . 'Wallace's "Farmer W. Struecker, Terry,, B Marlyn and Danny of Algon -„.... 'fcarson and 'Raymond Irons drbve to. Rochester Sunday, Jan. 28, and brought home John's 'sister, Mrs Ellen 1 Daily,) who had for a gal} r aumeiis _. t i • and Mfli Tony Qutow«Wi attended , the basketball tourna* me'nt at For Dodge. Others in at*« tendance from here were Mr and Mrs Pat Cullen and the latter s tidlher. Mrs W. A. Murray of ian«roft. . , Mr and Mrs Herb Hsdluttd have been taking their tWo-year- old son, John, to Park hospital. Mason. City, for skin grafts and, the various treatment used there* with He was burned last.July on a steam' iron. The corrective sUrgery is progressing very well, Mr and Mrl John Rich who left Dec. 23 for Lakeworth, Fla., afrived there Dec. 31. They report the weather fine, temperature 80 and 82 most of the time. They were recently' visited three days by 'Mr and Mrs Lloyd Gerber. They planned to feo to Tampa _ \! i ? UJ. lTAlHilv^C»t'»-'"»J« * » »-fci — « - ^— -— i H. 4Y4£B f^IlUAB W * **»••»»>»•• TA™~ than mentioned were Mr and .Mrs. U ew days recently at Des Mo Carol .Reynolds, Mark. Merl and Ui s iti n g t her, daughter, .Sheila Steven 6f De"s MoinespMrs'A. I N and transacting business Bellinger with ,Ms arid- Mrs> W. "Wallace's Farmer. W. Struecker, Terry,, gMbge.,, - Mf artd M*« John Grotiel Marlvn and Danny of Algona; M? Upturned from a two weess Mrs Vern Bormann, find-ArtJiur Elbert low. '•' ' • , ',, . Vern Higgins, son of Mr j aAd Mrs Conrad .Higgiris, received his discharge from the army last week. ti,e was stationed Iflt ban FrancJisco, Calif. 7' Mr and Mrs Arnold 'Stoltenberg and Mrs Emil Bellinger and esst of Ay oca,'Wisconsin; *""" manSusSie -.«-^^ Lakefield M" Mf'artd M» John Grotie have ? returned from a two weeks visit r at Topeka, Kan., with their son- 'in-law and daughter,'Mr and Mrs Kenneth,-Wichman..' j, ' . "" Htldd Gtonwall and Mrs. . A stranger and afraid • in a world I never made. ./K'H'SAM/Y - — Edw"ard Tietz, lad the misfortune to fall and break 'his Tight hip at his hoAie Saturday afternoon. He was leaving the house to go oui lo do chores, just outsldte of the door he slipped," on a concfete walk with sUch,.force causing the break.; He was 1 "taken to St. Anji'. hospital in '-Algeria 1 and then/on to Fort Dodge, Where he : entered the jLU-. theran' .hospital and' underwent' surgery Sunday and a plate Jiad to be used .Jo' .hold theVbreal£ in >place. ; :";••'; -~ .';"•;"; f " Chartered Bus .Trip. ' | ;. Some forty basketball fans -pnd Presentation 'Basketball team chartered a bus .for ,Sioux City Sunday where the Presentation ,bpys were 4n .thf Oipsecan .tournament. • • • • • -••••• - ' % Observe Birthdays L ., The immediate families of Mr nd Mrs John Me,ine gathered at heir; home Thursday - iij/ honor f their parent's 1 birthdays, Mrs Meine's birthday was Wednesday, and Mr, Seine's was Thursday. 'hey 1 air b'fought filled basketstfor dinner. Present were Mr a Mrs Louis Hackbarth of AlgomtT AT and- Mrs Arthur Bahlmer ot Esther-yille, and Frank an_d Arnj old Meirie of here. - f« .• / HA number of. relativeSlhelped George Meyer celebijale his birthday Thursday evening. Present were Mr and Mrs Erwm Bruhn and daughter ^ Alice, i and son'William of .Depejw, Mr; and Mrs Edwin Greiner);\ ahd -family, Mr-and Mrs W.illiamJOstwald and family, Mr;arid Mrs; Arthur .Heidenwith, Mr' arid Mrs- Bert' Seely and family, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs L. Meyer and family, Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz, Walter A. Meyer, Harry Seely and Walter L.-Meyer of here and Mr and Mrs Eldon Fehv of West Bend. The evening was spent playing cards and a lunch was served. ' 1VJ.X till VI ATA* O A **»****'•» P—------and family of Belmond were ..... week Sunday 1 dinner and supper guests 'with Mr and Mrs* Raiph vValker. ' , ) , , Bernice Mogler spent the Week- end'here with her parents Mr and' Mrs Sam Mogler. i?he 'Was aCcom-, panied' by .her' sister, JaneJ, to D'ort, Dodge, who •'ehtered v as a student at Tnbirr Business Col- Mr'and Mrs'Clete Reding and family 'of Fort Dodge . were,. Thursday evening dinner guests, at the former's parents Mr ancl. Mrs Nick Reding. Friday even-,, ing guests were Mr and 'Mrs 'A1-. b$rt Wagner and family, Mr and Mrs Sylvester- Wagner, and fam- iiy-anfl ,Mrs Leonard W&gner family of Bode and 'Mr Theodore Wagner arid LuVerhe.. ' ; ' ' . ,..,., ; When 'anybody- thinks. 1 .... knows salesmanship, we 1 , here:-. In Whittembre have orie who is. tops. Saturday 'was'.the 1 day. 'Edmund TJlb'ert of the Elbert CheVrdlet Garage started in the afternoon and did the trick, a new Chev 1 LiaKeilelQ ana ivivrun, «"»•"»-•» jpijg tlliaa vrron,woi» »»~ --•-• polisjMrand Mrs August «osen-, W illiam Baker 10ft recently for thol Und •Mar'y Jariei'GfaWada, California . Mrs. Gronwall will Minnesota; Mrs Edwin Orabawskeyteu at 5&n Diego ahd at Fuller- ahd Mra John Cys6n, Minneapolis ton< They will be gone until about and Mrs George Ackert, St. Paul; April 1. ' ' ' ' Mr and Mrs S. L. Robinson,'Ban- * croft; Mr arid Mrs Odey Cherland,>J RUPTURED TRUSS ? IS BETTER J POR REDUCIBLE :RUPTUFiE > NO BUlBS, NO 6ELTS, NO STRAPS It'holds the rupture With a soft concave pad .at all times, ' whjle waking: .lifting; pi-< Walking ..Lightweight,, pres^ body in but, two -places.- Reason .should tell you not,to,, ; 'pTacVa bulb or'ball in opening, of (rupture, which keeps- muscles spread apart-!Sanitary .and washable. A^pobbs 'Truss Expert iWill Demonstrate this Truss Toi^ou VvithouU •• For I/ten" 1 Women- and "Children',' Ask for Mr. Brandon at •; tKe Algona! 'Hotel Tuesday | February 8th from 2:00 p.m.^ '"'• "'' P '™ ;G. M. Brandon,' Lakevilie,, Minn/ UiUlbf A»AA dilW. A»*».« v^w.'-i.t r~ t , ' Lorie Rodk. Afternoon visitbrsav this home were, also; Mrs Mavis Hiscocks and Nfihcy of- Britt; Mrs, Gene' Doughan, Corwith: Mr-and Mrs'LyWShipler and Gloria of Britt and R. 1 A. Bleich. Mr and Mr? KptinPth Codk with- Teri-y Joe returned recently'from a visit with relatives-fn California. They spent some time with. Mr and'Mrs William Barker hear. 'Los Angeles. Mrs Barker "-is an aUrit 1 of'Mr -Cook. • ErircfUte hbme hey Visited' the Charles •Kenndngs n Denver, Colo. Mrs Kenning is the! former > Lucille i • S.chroeder; Mrs ILilliah Cook' of ;Mingo : ac», jdmpariied themr , rolet to Rev. P. G. Wemhold and Rex Swanspn, a Chevie to Ernje ; and Delber Des Meyer, Ralph Se,ber£ and Jjeioer Wichtendahl, knd afford to Ger-; aid. Hentgesr ^ |. »4, ' ,,ta In .964 This b»cK. to health. iMail your March of Dimes TODAY! Recent Bride In ,... laneous shower t John's i Lutheran church Sun,-l ay afternoon, 'Jan.'" 23" for Mrs (ary Reynolds of Minneapolis. Assisting the bride with the ifts were, Mrs Emil Bellinger, tfrs George Ackert and Mrs parol leynolds. A^ table prayer was ed 7V4 pounds iand hast been'.nam- ed'Mark-. Edwaid<.>,'The i Olsons haveitwo .oldferosOhs.rDenms who is two- and onevhalf years old, and Kenneth Gene si* years old. Mrs Olson is the former PhylUs McBride, daughter of Mrs Kenneth Cook. Herman Schroeder is, a great grandfather. One.jof the babies pictured -m recefit "Anybody You Know" irtmW of the Des M-'- 1 " ' Kerry .Bartlett, ,. in of Mr and Mrs . >tt*' • of Charles City. iridparents are Mr arid ibh Bartlett of Charles _., ».J'the latter is a sister of Mrs Kenneth Cook. Kerry is .a great grandson of Herman Schroeder. • • NAILS ^ ' A. G. Anderson has on display L unique nail collection, at Exira. J e has over 2555 .nails, of every ascription and size. F. H. Vahlsing, Incorporated, in •Texas'-,lower R«o Grande Valley,'is the largest branch of the largest vegetable growing and marketing concern in the worm. Sixth Birthday • .... Mrs Daniel Foley entertained a number of little girls at her home Friday afternoon in honor of her daughter Mary Beth's sixth birthday. The ; afternoon wps spent playing games, Those -.present included Rae--Ann arid Danny Kollasch, Diane ' Dogotch, Kay Frances, Roseodahl, Rachael Capesius, Charlotte Elbsrt, Darlene Heinrich and Artfl- Foley. Jack Geelan,'. Marce'llus- Kollasch, John Duffy, and Charles O'Brien Students at Loras Col lege at Dubuque spent the week end here with their respeqtw parents. Mary Ann Bauman, and Adel Haag, students at Briar Cliff Col at Sioux City spent the week end at the parental homes o Mr and Mrs Mik> Bauman and Mr and Mrs Peter Haag. James William O'Brien, and James Edward Schuller - enlisted in the service last week., . Mr and Mrs Hugo Faulstich, and Mr apd Mrs Arthur Heidej}' with were Wednesday evening visitors with Mrs Mathilda Mey- ?r- Mr and Mr? Bert Seely and family were-Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mi-s Elmer Ruhnke. Afternoon callers at the Ruhnke's were Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidpnwith and son Lyle. Billy Roeber, son of Mr and Mrs Wilbuv Roeber, and Linda Young, daughter of Mr and Mrs arnes Young are confined to their tomes with hepatitis. Harlan Wehrspann, son of Mr and Mrs L. H. Wehrspann, received his honorable discharge rom the service at Fort Sherl' dan, 111., Jan. 14. He was in serr vice for two yeprs. • The Jolly 500 Club members en- icrt^ined their husbands Sunday evening at cards and lunch at the iiome of My snd Mrs Erwin &er- ber, Lawrence Besch, and Mrs Edward Besch.winning high, second high went to E^rJ Sh9Ppgrd, and Mrs James Besch, low to Weber £ind Mrs JOIN The Big Mr and Mrs Francis Fandel en- tenained" their 500 club Monday evening-<• Vcrn Bofojann and Mrs Melvin Henry, winning high and Delivery Pools Are Being Arranged If you wish to order PIONEER HYBRID seed corn, or increase the order you already have for PIONEER, call or see R, |, MaweUley - - ------- Algona CL, Bailey .............. Algona Aaron Steussy ,..•„.,„-,- Algona Eugene Kollasch „.„,.,—•- Bode Harold Jones ,,..,---- Swea City 04 Mnson ..,„.,.. Swea City , Walter Vaudt , - . „ ~- Whittemore Dividend Are And Now Again ^ANOTHER 2'A%. DIVIDEND, HAkS' : B|EN, ADDED TO MORE THAN: ^6,000 SAVINGS ACCOlINTiS ' i ,;•'"•. i " • • •••' '. * ' • «'' -' ;: " • --'VJ - 1 HERE ;'.•'"•'•'" '; These Dividend i c. : :' II = y%cla not hdve> Savings Account here/open omrnow. If you -have, an account, add to,it.n^.,' ^^ Accoun t Is Fully , Insured Up To $lp,OOQ ,,..... , , - j ' 3 >Vears Continuous Service - - Assets Now Overdo 400,000:00 J ,. ^ ceiVed by the lOtH, earns as of the 1st. ' f . v - ' ' ' • , , '. . . fpi ;, vyiiiTE; OR CALL 9N HOME FEDERAL TODAYI, , , «me Federar Savings & Loan ten. r • '^r T" ^i • •)!,!••• • •' •i*^:-.'- tM j >.•:•«' • ' - •• • • ' < • , ' '' ""' •: Algona, lowd v Take a tip from Cupid and win her with a delicious box of chocolates. There's no sweeter way to say what's in your heqrtl Come, choose Now! MONDAY FEB. 14 _ What better gift on VALENTINE DAY than a beautifMlly boxed gift of Whitman's candy from Thuente's. Wide selection in all sizes and all prices. I Thuente s

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