Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 23, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1973
Page 23
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24 Oq l#&bufjj Regtst^f-Moif # GojesbuI If. Wednesday, May 23, 1973 1 READY-MADE - A high rise home is ready-made for pigeons atop the Paris Opera House. NEA I Commercials ^ Don't Appeal \ To Consumer By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) number of oil, gas and power companies are conducting nega tive advertising campaigns tha urge their customers to use less oil, gas and power. The Lighter Side The trouble with these anti commercial messages, broughi about by current fuel shortages is that they are presented in a public service format stressing voluntary conservation. High-minded advertising tha appeals to our better nature simply is not effective. The only way to persuade us to buy less of a product is to employ the *ame sexy, hard sel technique that worked so wet in the days when the companies were trying to persuade us to buy more. A Few Suggestions Here are a few suggestions for turnabout ads on television —The camera zooms in on a bare-chested churl reclining on one elbow in bed. "I didn't take a bath yesterday or today, and I may not take one tomorrow," he smugly confides. An off-camera announcer, identifying himself as the voice of the local gas company, then reminds you that frequent bathing consumes a great deal of hot water, which keeps your gas water heater burning constantly. The point this gets across is that if you spend more time in bed, you won't get so dirty, and thus can help conserve fuel by skipping a few baths. —The camera zooms in on a distressed oaf sitting on the edge of a bed, head burrowed in hands. "I can't believe I used the whole thing," he moans. "You used it, Ralph," his wife, a frump in a faded wrapper and hair curlers, reproaches, "You burned up an entire tank of gasoline driving all over town looking for an all night pizzeria." Makes the Point This message, brought to you by a major oil company, makes the point that wasteful gasoline consumption leads to marital strife. —A hospital operating room. The camera zooms in on the incision, revealing a brain surgeon In the crucial stage of a difficult lobotomy- Suddenly the . door swings open and a young girl wreathed in smiles, skips up to the operating table. "Look, Daddy," she cries triumphantly. "No goosebumps!" The surgeon lays aside his scalpel and lifts his surgical mask, showing a pleased look on his face. "My family has had 57 .6 per cent fewer goose pimples since we turned up the thermostat on our electric air conditioner," he reports happily. This scene from a power company anti-commercial makes ... well, I don't have to tell you the point it is making. You already will be jumping up to set your thermostat higher. PORK PRICES DOWN 17% RATH BLACK HAWK SMOKED • FftfMONT A MMINAftY • 733 W. MAM ST. • 996 I. MAIN GIBWT ucnnfp QUALITY SHANK PORTION SMOKED FILLY COOKED BUTT PORTION »,|,,M...H .l.l.l.lHllHimil imtl.U.Mt LnY ,69 ( CENTER CUT HAM SLICES BONELESS HAM ROASTS 1.49 IIVCRADK BONELESS SMOKED PICNICS CROWN BRAND SLICED BOLOGNA Ql'JCKTOFRY * PORK MINUTE STEAKS • .nMM.MMMMMtt.1 LB 1119 Li X ALL MEAT WE1INERS One Pound Package l.S.I). A. GRADE A HEN TURKEYS CtolLfc.Avf. Perfect tor theraitlaecric SEL PAK 6 LB. Avg. ~» Roasting Chicken lb.OVO USDA GRADE A Frying Chickens COMBO PACK 2Vz Lb. Ave. Breast, Thighs, Drum Sticks 79c tb MYINO CHICKIN WINGS 39c lb BONELESS MINUTE STEAKS grill or pin fry LB. 1 POMPANO FISH Delicious Charcoal Grilled 79c* Oscar Mayer Smokie Links 12 ox. 1.12 All Meat Bologna 12 ox. 91 e All Beef Bologna 12 ox. $1.10 Variety Pak 12 oz. $1.49 (|lflllt.(FARM FRESH PRODUCE SWEET RIPE California Strawberries •Full Qt. 59c FRESH TENDER SWEET CORN LARGE 1 . FULL I 110 EARS JLV CALIFORNIA White Potatoes 5&59e FIRST OF SEASON Florida WAIfRMfLON 10* 20-22 WLAVC. JLV LB. (WjtaAMTEM ftffC|!t*JUra SALAD FAVORITES • ENDIVE • ESCAROLE • ROMAINE • BIBB 2H MEMORIAL DAY FLOWERS SPOTTED OOf form LOW CERANDJMSOO ( ROSES * *EA. POTTED LOW OW ^W.'Mft WW '$^99 MUMS *s I a GARDENS AS *J I Y ^gj ^i;litil;H!tiilJJLii;il 13 Ego Racipa ANGEL FOOD CAKE Large 12 inch 59 SHORTCAKE SHELLS 4:29* FRENCH BREAD 1 LB. LOAF 39, EA. ONLY GIANT DARES TO LIST SO MANY ITEMS FOR YOU TO COMPARE! f • F pv PA v i (.HV h'^IC 7f IVY DAY I. -.^W t'f-MCt. I Vf l •' Y I l A', LO-V I '«K ' CANNED FRUIT [ | BAKING SUPPLIES Bel Monro PMchti 2f Of....................................)0< gm** Fruit Ceckfail Harvest Queen 17 at. .28c Car MusseliMnApplofnucaHat........ 19 C Thank Y«M Cherry Pie 21 ei............................. 43c Pineapple Throe Diamond 20 oi Jl( Apricots Harvest Queen 17 OI 32< Mandarin Oranges Raravan 11 ot 2|< CANNED VEGETABLES Van Camp Pork A Itans 16 ai 16c Creen Clent WK Cern 17 at 25< %aSr CC French Style Croon loaai 16 ai ..2|( /ffJr** Showhoat Pork A I MHI 31 at 29< *MF Cirman Potata Salad Read 16 M. ...3 S C White Patateos Shtwhaat 15 ei... 19< Craan loam Cascade Ian Cut 16 ei ........ 17c Hants Tomato Sauce I ai 13( jfjja Centadlna Tamata Paste 6 at ..........16< *W Irlmf ull Tamataes 16 as 23c VsgAMHoi, .. 22< Marfan Salt 26 at ............ 1 1< Itmr PHhhary Hawor 5fl . ...75< IfflF 9 ranch's Mktcod Onlan 1 ot ...».,......57c Royal Choeto Cake 10ei....................................49t «W Soger 54 59c Lucky Whip Topping 4 oi 43c 4"*ftjnu> Jlfff Baking Mix 40 oi ...........46c C3r Rabin Need Fleur 10 # ................1.24 CAN Pewderod Sugar 2 # 39< Jiffy Fretting Mliei....................... 11c 1 [ CONDIMENTS Wesson Oil 24 at. 62c Shake A Rake Chicken 2 oi 2I( CeMenCriddle Syrup 24 73c ST. REGIS CVIRYDAY I IVW Oncovin PRICK PAPER PLATES VAN CAMP GRATED TUNA 100 Ct. ' jaaaaM*- Smother Crape Jam 12 ei 26e cfifip Sgueeie Rorrol Mustard 10 ai 37c jnaajsni* Jmachar Cherry Preserves 12 as..... 39C <CgJr Mashraam lance 6 at 14c French's Salad Mustard 6 oi.. ..13< gmmm CampNment Pork Chop Sauce 13 oi.3S( fjjjf Shlppy Peaaat Rwtter 12 oi 45< joaanan* Seven Sou Croon Ceddess I oi. ...»..39c t$jf MlmcleWhlp32ai ...........44c 4PPfjun> Seven Sons Creamy Italian I ei.......39c fgf StuHad Olives S os 64c lake City Mama. Slices 32 oi. eieooea 55c Bel Monte Catsup 20 at.... .3SC Big Value Hamburger or Hot Dog BINS New improved Recipe DAIRY PRODUCTS Velveeta2# 1.09 /BI W JF* > Jimmy Dean Sausage 1# ...............99c *W Seft Imperial Margarine 2-les.... 52c Meadow Cald Batter 1# Sella ................»9c 2* MHk Cascade Inn 1/2 Cal........................... 49c Oscar Mayor Braunschwelgor • as...... ..S7c Oscar Mayor Sandwich Spread I es. SSc Oscar Mayer Hum A Choose I Os .91c Oscar Mayer Chopped Nam I ei. 1.11 ICE CREAM & FROZEN FOODS 4«aajnn» ltd Owl Orange Juice 6 oi.............. 1t( CSr Croon Clnnt Rreccell Spears 10 es ....4lc Johns Pliia 3 pak......... .........1.0S gm/m Croon Clint Baby Peas 10 a .....4Sc AnSar Oranga Iheraert Na. Ma. ViigaL......I9c 'Sunklst Lemonade l2at ..............»....«t«.....i.M «...24( CI. Vanilla Ice Cream 1/2 gal A6c jnaajnn> Tetine Chnso Pliia 13 at 9fc *W Llbhy Cut Cern 10 oi. 23c Bird Form Soviet* 1# ......1.20 BEVERAGES PET FOODS V AN C AMP S JQXLUJULXljft TUNA 6 0Z. CANNED SOUP-FISH-MEAT Cream at Mushream Rod Owl 10 at ........15c CampaeH Tamata Saup 10 at ...1 It J2 *a_ean» Chef-Boy-Ar-Boo Beefarenl 15at ...3lc CSr IIPasaTacaShotts12ct 41c TRU PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% Fehjori Coffee 2 # 1 -64 Tasters Choice 4 ot 1.19 jaaaaa* Nescafe 10 at 1 -60 C2r Keel AM 23 at ......06c Hawaiian Red Punch 46 .......3I< C Sunshake Crnpe 41 oi.. 3|< Rrim Instant 4 oi ....1.29 it 4 oi i 1.12 g*mm WagnerCrapafrultLaCalS4at.... 47 <= ijjjf NIC Oranga 46 ai 27( COCA COLA 6 Pk. 16-Oz. 47c ^p" 1 * Vets Chicken Bag food 16 at 1 0c gmmm Uttla FrlskUs Clb A Liver 4# 1.13 Car Twin Pet Col Fead 15 at 12c AI M Chunk Roof 15 o 32c Purlnn Tunn Cat Food 6 ot 17c gam* Frisky Moat Bag Feed 16 ot 16c CaT BandyBegFaed5# 14c (aft Pride Utter 10# 52e janajaw Chach Waaen 2Jfl 4.19 Car Calnos Burger 36 ei lie BANQLET -MEAT TIES tV CRYDAY LOW | muWKTPtMli 8 Oz. HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS mm* m * rs Symbalt af Savlngi POWTINCTNIWAYTOA^ RIRUCSRPRICIBUITOOUR suppUer'S TIMPORARY PRICI reduction posted on to you „ CEREALS Ckoerloi Hot Sit jenamaa> NeHagg Jumhe Astlmt. 9 es. lit aBr KelleggRlcoKrlspiosUet 55c Whaatlosllei 54< a .jjpn Nahlsco Spaan Siie Shrd. Wt. 11 ot .47c Quaker Oats Quick 1 • at 33c Motto Meal 24 ei 55c CAKE MIXES PICNIC SUPPLIES Mardl-CrasHapkini140Ct )>< Reynolds Aluminum Pail 25 Ft. 25c Randy Wrap 300 Ft 61c St.RogitWMloPtaleilSOCt , ISc CharcealOraHBettlOLB 61c Vista Pak Sandwich Cooklst 21 at 49c mm ^^^^ +052*m +~ - oaaaun Urge Cup ALL FLAVORS CASADE INN Royal Gelatin 3 0z. POTATO CHIPS 9 0z. fVfRYOSV tow ftlCIS gffmr Warpath 10 ot 1.21 iW Raid Ant A Reach 11 at 77< Off laseel Repollant 7 as V3c 4Muaaa» Clamorono Spray A Vac. 24 #Io aoooo 1 .SS tjjf All Botergont 157 os. 2.29 jenaanni Miracle White Ron Polluting 14 es. 1.12 CqJ T Thto King Site 14 ot $1 ,35 FavorTomen Wax 7 as ISC Comot 14 as Itc gmmm Weolito liquid I eS. Ml.ltM.MMIMI.MM. 6I« ataJr Zaol Bath Soap S ot 23c Bold 49 ot ...I6C Joy 22 at. .Sit Open Memorial Day STORE HOURS; 926 fast Main St. Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Weak Fremont and Seminary 735 W. Main 7-Midnieht 7 Days A Week DOUBLE Y01R MONEY BACK GUARANTEE \ i

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