The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1954
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1954 BLYTHEVItLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOE OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I'M AiOT HOLTMS ENOUGH PLU6W- OVER THE MACHINE V«? >M We Q^OLt> CPPAY ASATV SDUMDDEV-.C6.80T I? ^^^If^^ TO 6E6 IT/ N x ^• w -' ^ n -w////'//, LW^ COULDN'T ViETOME MTSi •Pf\ ) CAB8AS£AROMAvltTH "Don't let my husband frighten you—he'* sure to wake up with a jump when the ioprano tttrt» hitting high notetl FRICKIIS AND HIS FRIENPS TdKE/MOW THERE'LL 6E OJff ERES THE PHONI FOR. ME WHEN I WANT (Tf •ME KIDS HAVE MAO TPeiR APRIL. FOOt FUN, SO NOW we CAM To , NORMALCY* PAN our OF SOOA POP/ DOESNT MOM KE6P A BI66EP. STOCK O4 T«l«vis.on — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 6 Saturday. April 3 6:00 Talent Patrol 6:3Q Lone Banger 7:00 Spike Jones 7:30 Amateur Hour 8:00 Show Of Shows 9:30 Hit Parade 10:00 Wrestling 11:00 News <fc Weather 11:10 Amateur Night 12:05 Sign Off Sunday, April 4 10:25 Previews <fc News 10:30 This Is The Life 11:00 Mr. Wizard 11:30 Industry on Parad« 11:45 Captain Hartz .. 12:00 Zoo Parade 12:30 Frontiers of Faith 1:00 Capitol News 1:30 Conversation with Alfred Sloan 2:00 Future Unlimited . 2:25 News 8:25 2:30 Kukla, Fran &; Ollie 8:30 3-00 Memphis Music 8:55 3:30 Stu Erwin 9:00 4:00 Pride of the Famil, «:30 4:30 Ethel <fc Albert 10: oO 5:00 Meet the Press ^QO 5:30 Hoy Rogers n:15 6:00 Paul Wlnchell ' n : 3o 6:30 Mr. Peepers n;45 7:00 Comedy Hour 12:00 8:00 TV Playhouse j2:15 9:00 Racket Squad 12:30 9:30 Badge 714 i;00 10:00 News 1:30 10:15 News Weekly i;45 10:30 Story Theatre 2:00 11:00 Colonel Flack 3:00 11:30 Sign Off 3:30 Monday, April 5 4:00 6:50 Meditation 4:30 7:00 Today 5:00 7:25 News 5:l5 7:30 Today 5:25 7:55 News 5:3 ° 8:00 Today 5:45 News Today Charm i&lth Cathy Ding Dong School Shoplpng at Home Home Show Bride & Groom Hawkins Falls 3 Steps to Heaven Story land News Farm News Channel Five Club Homemakers Photoquiz Berl Olswanger Kate Smith Welcome Travelers On Your Account Pinky Lee Show Howdy Doody Captain Video Flicker Comics Weatherman Stars on Parade Harttons 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 6:30 Slim Rhodes 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Name that Tune 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:30 Robert Montgomery 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 Wrestling 10:30 News 10>:0 Weather 10:45 Man vs. Crime 11:15 Fillm Foaturette 11:45 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 6:00 Dr. I. Q. 6:30 Beat the Clock 7:00 Jackie Gleason 8:00 2 for Money 8:30 Fa'rite Husband 9:00 Medallion 9:30 Name's Sam* 10:00 Wrestling 11:00 Late Show Plastic Coated Fiber $14.95 Saran Plastic $21.9o Installed Free—30 Minutes We Pickup & Deliver Gilbert's Auto Upholstery North Highway 61 Phone 6742 BE SAFE—CLEAN BEFORE STORING! Bcstwoy Cleaners—Your Spring Cleaning Headquarters—New Offers EXPERT FUR CLEANING & GLAZING ALL WORK GUARANTEED MEMBER NATIONAL INSTITUTE O? DRY CLEANING 1920 W. MAIN Phone 2408 The life of Napoleon n, son of Napoleon and Marie Louise of Austria, was the basis for the drama "L'Aiglon" by Rostand. Political Announcement The' Courier News is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. For State Representative Mississippi County H. H. (Buddy) Howard Guaranteed Watch Cleaning 36 Hour Service 50 Watch is completely disassembled, machine cleaned, pivots polished, hairspring adjusted. Two Watchmakers Thompson Jewelers 114 W. MAIN Next Door to Wade Furn. GOING FISHING? See Eddie For Refreshments BEER — BY BOTTLE OR CASE Nationally Advertised Liquors FISH TALES TOLD HERE (Lies Accepted) Eddie's Liquor Store and Billiard Parlor 122 East Main WANTED TO BUY Old, Odd, Unusual Cars Any Kind—Any Condition J. L HUEY 879 Washinjrton-Memphis, Tenn. Phone 37-4449 TVBNIC «wm»ed the pole fteett. *"* "Nobody's dimbed this pole tecently. There would be fresh scars from climbing irons. But •M you'd need would be another puttey fastened to the basket itself. And maybe a cord trailing along. When it was in position, the man waiting in that bush could grab the trailing cord, pull the basket to the ground. When it w«s emptied, Eddie would pull on his long cord and the basket would go up to the wire before it started on the trip uphill." "I suppose it would work. Pretty childish way to go about collecting extortion money." Jim smiled then went on in a jvoice that had suddenly grown jgrim. "Don't forget it was Eddie iStone up at the station. I have Jan idea such a plan would have [appealed to him." "At least," Mark said, "your itheory would account for the iwads of paper around this pole. (So we'll have to have them gath- iered up and checked for prints. lAnd I suppose the guy down at :thls end waiting until the last ipay-off had been made—accord- ling to the time schedule—then •tent up a glass of strawberry (pop loaded with cyanide?" I "An empty glass," Jim said. ("And a container for the pop. !So it wouldn't spill. I think that ;was Eddie Stone's reward for his 'work." : He walked over to the stake imarker where the pen had been 'found, stared down at it as 'if the piece of wood should speak. He shook his head. "Be mighty careless to lose that initialed .pen." H* itarted back toward Mark, the sunlight glittered briefly from a small square of metal, level with the hard dirt. Jim ttuffed at it absently with •his toe. It refused to more. H« (bent over, scraped dirt more cautiously. "Find something, Jim? "Ac aft-metal on*." He scraped with his knife. "An ice pick, sharpened so rt'd fit the description of the murder weapon Dr. Pardon gave us." The two men unearthed the ice pick carefully, and Mark put it in a roll of newspapers. It was an advertising pick, one stamped with the name of the donor, in this case the Hughe* Furniture Company. 'And the ball point pen right near by," Dunn said. "Complete with initials, G. W. Why, Mark? One of them might have been lost That pick wasn't lost, though. It was stamped into the hard ground. Was that to hide it? Or were we supposed to find it—after we located the ball point pen?" * * * 'TEN minutes later they were A still discussing Jim's questions, when the man in denim jacket and jeans walked up, "Been waiting until you boys got through here. Didn't like to interrupt. Morning, Lieutenant." "Vern Bruce, isn't it?" Richards demanded. "That's right. Used to know you when you were younger. Made a kite for you once, a long time ago." The man was tall, with a narrow head covered by much too long black hair streaked with gray. There was gray stubble on his cheeks, which made hii fact appear not overly clean. "You want something?" "It's this way, Lieutenant. You know where I live? Next to old Gaylord Mansfield'* place." "I know." "Well, I b**n waiting around awhile. Thought you or aome other cop would come around after what happened last night to the Stone boy. But I finally de- ckltd I might as well come up and get you. Might be serious." "Then get to the point," Richards suggested. "Something's wrong over at ^Mansfield's place." Wrong? What's wrong?" I didn't want to take a look around. Might run into Gaylord, •We aren't very friendly. Haveat since some years ago when he wanted to borrow my Leppy cat for an experiment." "Hold it a minute," Richards snapped. "I know how hipped you are on your pets. Forget about them. How do you know there's something wrong art Mansfield's?" "You told me to forget about my cats. All right. I won't bother you with them. And so I cant tell you how I know there'* something wrong." "I suppose your cats told you?" There was a glint of what might be humor in Bruce's eyes. "That's right," he drawled. Jim intervened before Richards exploded. "Maybe we ought to drop around, Mark. Remember Mansfield ignored the demands." "Might come and see," Bruce suggested mildly. He started off without another word, and Jim and Mark followed. • • • TPHE two friends went through a gate into a large garden. Along the right-hand fence which cut off this garden from the Mansfield property, a 12-inch plank had been nailed so that it formed a long bench, a good five and a half feet from ground level, and six inches from the fence top. At least a dozen cat* of all sizes, shapes, and colors sat there. They sat and stared over th« fence into the ipace beyond. "Hi, kids," Vern Bruce said. Furry faces and gleaming eyes turned momentarily toward the men, then returned once more to tht important buslnew of itminf ever the top of the fence. "See what I mean?" Bruce demanded, "They've been like that since first thing this morning. Won't even take time to come down to eat. That's how I know there's something wrong over there," CORRUGATED METAL CULVERT PIPE Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Culvert Tile Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Best Prices — Prompt Delivery W«bb Culvert Tile Co. 61 at State Line Phone 8414 Hybbard Hard wart NEED PAINT? We can Save You Money Pittsburg Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Also In Pastel Shades ROSE SALES CO 501 S. 21 St. Wanted To Buy $10,000 Worth of Ustd Furniture We pay ca»h or five UberaJ allowance M ntw furniture. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO 11$ E. Mate Fhone lit MW?D TO BELIEVE X I'M WONDESWG IF VOU WECENY WHEN i TOLD CW?L CWKK1IN WE'D PUT IN A. WINDOW QtSPLXV OF HIS 90CXS, IT Wl£ TO HELP HIM kS WELL \S PUBLICIZE TME "DON'T TBJLM£ 't?E SOWV. eiGMT ABOUT HlfAMJ. ALONG, I TWINK HE'S UP TO FKKNCIE CKWJE CAM 6E fr£ INTERESTED IN TOBf HIRPAPPV, BUT PRETTY 60T THE tOOT DON'T TKUSTH1M/ NONSENSE, PRISC1LLA1 WHAT GAVE YOU SUCH AN IDEA? WHEN POP INVITED HIM TO PLAY POKEP MR. BOTTS SAID ME'D TO ASK THE WAR DEPARTMENT! ABOUT BEtNJO SECR GOLLY. YOUR MUS6AND SURE HAD ME FOOLED, MRS. BOTTS WBLL,Hi LIFT Wirour 0|$ LOV* LITTER/ D* TOIFLWE ON DA ENVELOP! OU6HTA CLEAR Y1KHBAC7IN AHURRYl I'LLLWK,! WHAT HURT* M05T 15 YOU OKAY, VIC? \ KNOWING I LtT HIIV\ YA ALL RI&HT* ) SLIP THROUGH FINGER*/ BUT SINCE TH 1 OLD BOOK- 70H.BUT THERE I*! WOP^ CRNWLEP OUT* CT WAV T*X&W*' HI5 SHELL AND SOME 15lfT TVE N*D£ K CHICK HOOKED l iW,16UE55\ GOOD 5TAKT1IU. THERE'S NOTHIN 1 YOU CAN X <56T WP Of MR /KBOUT IT WOW.^^fc, .NET! &WERJ..IT-BUKN5 WE UP KUBYf UNTIL MR- FWMM6- M&RKIEP —'THXT VOUN& WHIPPEK^NKPPEK. i wg o&w* HOU5& TO 5UIT M5ELP'. HE LEFT EVERYTHING I MW/ENT SEEM M 5l*TER IN TWO , W>K£* FRKNNfc... &ND SHE'LL BE HEKE FOR TOWIGHt OWLV, LENA- VOU LIKED THW1 YOU ALWAYS DIP GO IMTD TOWN HER! 1OWIAN6, / NO QOCO- CX)ME 5WVY,» YAK-YAK WlTH SUMPIN yVHASSA MATTER T WHAT A2E YOU THE LAST TWD LINESJ UP TO, LOAPEK? I'M A\AK!,N' A CHABT T'TEST YE* EYES! STUMBUNS TWNSS

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