Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
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Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 6
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An Unprecedented Sain in Weight A Trained Nurse Gained Fifty-three Pounds by^Usibg a Nerve Food. ONE OF THE MOST REMARKflBLE RESULTS ON RECORD. From the Qaiettt, Yonkcn, W. Y. .*! don't look much like a living-skeleton' am, do 1 1 And yet two years ugo I weighed jjprt seventy-two. poiin(ls,-''-«Bid Mrs. J. W. Ooffcy, of 55 Warburton Avenue,'Yonkcr«,' H. Y., to a reporter. And we agreed with Sir, lor she ceritiinly looked .anything but'a living skeleton, but rather boro the appearance of a plump nnd attractive lady ^excellent health and spirits. .Continuing »he »id: "I had lost my appetite and was wasting wvny in flesh, losing some fifty pounds in a few months. Doctors said I was threatened with consumption. I was under what was wgnrdod as first-class mcdic;il treatment, But it had apparently little or no effect, for I? kept getting worse until I was so weak *hat I could not nttend to my household duties anil could hardly wnlk. My husband and.ovcrybody who saw me thought surely that I would die, aud there seemed no help fcr me. . .. .••'.-' " Tonics nnd stimulants and medicines all jeemcd useless, and I grew worse and worse, antil at last I resolved to seek some new ramcdy —one entirely ont of the usual: line •f nauseous drugs and doses of stuff which jeemed to take away what little relish I; might perhaps otherwise. have had for food. jfc.friend told'me of ,«omc' wonderful cores <Wt(rted by Dr. William*' Pink Pills for * Pale People and I bought a box. Tlio effect^ fr'om. tlieir use was noticeable from the first and soon appeared almost miraculous, for It; ie*mcd pretty nearly 'like the raising of one frota, the dead. . : . ,. " I'.stun commenced to eat, something 1 ha'J"icarcclV done before for weeks, and soon • b«an'ti/L'ainin flesh and strength. 1 .went ' one day to the doctor's office Biia he-was sur-. wised at the change .in me for the better. 1. terf. lo confess that I had been taking th^ Bill*' and he was broad-minded, enoiujh to. JS.vise me to continue what was evidently doing me so much good. I took, In all, six koitfis and increased in weit'ht irorn 72 to 125pounds, which in my_regular and normal, W "4re you sure the onre Is permanent ? " "Well. yen. My work ia that of a trained nurse, whfch means, ai yon probably know fcreculor hours and at times great exhaustion? During the two years since my n:- oovory I have had many, engagements,. and ttrongh them all havo continued in good BealtlT. I take pleaiur* in bearing testi- nwnyto the remarkable power pf this great ii-dica! discovery. I know of other cures afffSby. H. ' A'Mend of-Mlno.auffered Seatly at'her monthly- periods. : - pne box , aievedand'three bojiea cured her. But I •inow'of no case equal' to tame, for my situ- Son was critical, desperate and almost i °fi?s e .'c 0 'n-ey has.llT*d In. Y.onkers for »li- Wen yean, and fortwelve years^oa followed Seborines,. of attending the sick, excepting only the period of her illness. She has Hundreds of acquaintances and Wends who Snow her to be capable and trustworthy. ITany of them know how, very ill. she WM «nd how remarkable .was her recovery. The rill, have a large sale in Yonkers and West- Shelter County, .which will be greatly In- mased as their menu become better known, ftr they seem to be one of the medical mM- t»hof Iheage- .. AS UM80MCITBD TESTIMOOTAU ' yromthe Democrat, Atlanta; Tcxdt. ' '. '• ' Being constantly aeked by many of my Wends if Dr. WiUiami' 'Pink Pllta for Pale People were doiu'g bia'any good, 'I offtr^ thli unsolicited testimonial and answer. Never having seen a wrcll day Jluce I hud typhoid fever lust summt-r, I could -retain .scarcely any fooJ, my limbs and joiuts ached and paint-d ull tlie time. , It was misery to. me to rise up iu bed and my mind was clouded, in fact wns a physical wreck aud I felt that my life wus drawing to a close, and I must confess it was without regret on my purt as my Bufferings were almost .unbearable. "Since I commenced to take Dr. William*' Pink Pills, at the solicitation of ray wife, I have taken four boxes, and I feel like a-new umn. My appetite is good aud I now retain what I cat. my limbs and joints are free of pain and I imvc gained ten pounds in weight. My life, feels renewed and while not yet en« tirely well, I feel to much better that ^I/unhesitatingly assert that I believe Piuk P 11s for Pule People a good medicine ior wLut thev ure recommended. Knowing that no medicine will' save life under all circnm- stances or in oil cases, ,yct I do honestly be- licve that they have .prolonged mine, or at Icnst, where all was dnrk aud gloomy 'nnd full of suflcrimj It has . been .changed tor tha e manufacturers of this medieine . do not know, of ray- taking it. ,.h either am I paid for this stiiicuiont, /but give it freely in answer to friends and the editor of tlilt wne'd.) .JOHN BXO.GEESS, Atlanta, Tsxaa. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 27th day of March, 1896. . . K. M. iiLAYDES, Notary Pubhc. Ecrarding the above testimonial of John 15ai.grc.ss, f beg -to so? that no man-stand, higher for honesty and veracity in all this section than John feaugre.B.^ ^ ^^ Editor and proprietor of the' 'Democrat D n r".' Williams' Pink Pills for ;Pale People nr« prepared, by the'.Dr.. .WiUiams' Medicine Co., of .Sehenectady, N. Y., a , nrra whose ability and reliability are unquestioned. Pink Pills are not looked'upon as a patent medicine, ..but as , .a .prescription. having beeu,used aj ! snch for years in gperal practice, -and Iheir successful. 'reBUlta; in curinc various afflictions made.rtrimperative that flicy be -prepared 'in'qnantJtiea to meet the demand of alie publio, : and_place them; in reach of alt- -They .are an unfailing specifio for such diseases aslocorootor ataxia,. partial paralysis. : St. 'VituB 1 ; dunce, ^elatica,- nen- ralgia, rheumatism, : .nervous .headache,; :jhe after effects of la irtppe,. palpitation, of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, and the tired feeling resulting from nervous; prostration, till .diseases resulting from..vit3atcd,hu- iriori in the 'blood: such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas,' etc. : They are also a specific for troubles peculiar -to females, .such as suppressions, irregularities,-, and ail forms of weakness. They build up" the blood, and restore the glow .of health to.pale.and sallow, cheeks. In men they effect 'a radical cure in all cases arising :rroni : mental 'worry, overwork, or /ex. cesses of .whatever, nature.- ; .. .- -.--.£ : •••" Dr Williams'Pink Pills.contain aU the ele- mcnts necessary to give new'Hfe and richness to the blood and restore ihattered nerves.; They are for sale ~by all druggists, ormay be had by mail from Dr.- WtflTams' Medicine Company; • Sehenectady, N.Y., for 60 cent* » box, or six boxes .for J2.60. .. ... , .-, - Rofre«hlr>« »•< mi-- tat Sale by B. F. KEBSLINO. A WOMAN'S HOUR. \ i Emtlr* Dmj Could Hot B» Filled Mo» Completely. "Please state to the court exactly, •what j'ou did between, eight and nine Vclock on Wednesday morning," sold a Ijmwyer, according: to the Chicago Chronicle, to a delicate looking little woman in tbe witness stand. . ".Well;" she ..said,,after a moments- Deflection, VI washed my two. .children land got thietn- ready' for school and mewed a button • on Johnny's coat and Mended a rent In Nellie's dress. Then i;«dics up my alttlng-room a»d made r beds and watered my house plant* glanced over'the morning paper. m I dusted my parlor and act things ttt rights in It. I washed some lamp! •Umneys and combed my baby's hair •ad sewed a button on one. ot her. little mbors, and then I swept out my front •'• totry and brushed and put away. th*. •hfldren's Sunday clothes and-wrote"» •ate. to Johnny's teacher, asking her lie) excuse him for not being to-school ••Friday. Then I .fed my canary Wr3j knd- 'gave the grocery man an : order, amd awept off the back porch, and then I. •at down and rested for a few minute* BKore the clock struck nine, That a '•• "A'H M «dd the;dazed lawyer. "Ex- fe«»r me, jtkliEre, I mnat fret raj: breath Bfeforc I call my next, witness-" V Of cotton other than sea Island w« ? ' v »tet.'vear exported 3,S03,171,787 pounda, • -ac-whlch we received $202,118,331. , Virtue'* Crown of Bole*. The crown of roses, and .the title of the Eosarle for one year is given annually as a prize for virtue In some of the .provincial towns of France, notably In Kanterre, a little town near Paris. The city confers the crown of roses.and other gifts upon the fair, maid who haa been pronounced worthy by the municipality, who have met in solemn convocation to consider the merit* ol all: the maids of the town.. AMMiln Executed. ..Teheran, ..Aug. 12.--7 Mollah Eeza, who, on the.afternoon of .May 1, as- Hassinated Nasr-Ed-Deen, shah of Persia by shooting tbe monarch with a pistolias he was entering: tbe .Inner courts of the shrine of Shah Abdul Azlm, near Teheran, was hanged for his crime \V.edneaday morning. Immense crowds of people witnessed the execution of the assassin.. • iavnt »»»«" .it el«»eUnd. . Cleveland; |0., Augi i2i—Three claas- cs of:yachts were entered In the racea iWedn'esday'.':' They were 40,-40 and 25- footers. In the: 46^ class the r Canada won; Zetina, another, 1 Canadian boat, second, the .yivia won .in. the 40-foot .class and the Sybil in;the^5 foot. . : - New Chln«« Scheme. - City.of .Mexico,-,Aug., 12.—A large n.umber of Chinese residents .an, .the 'northera fiontier have petitioned the 'ilrpnrtinont of foreign relations to be -made .Mexican cijtizens, as thia will al! low,'them to pa»« freely Into the Uttitf d States. BELIEF GOMES. The . Predicts^.OqplWave ComeB;a8 Soheduledi RULINGS. But Not Before the Death List Had Mounted to Over 760— No Abatement tn New York. ' ', • • • ' l Washington, Aug. 12.— According to; reports received here the death list: from the- heat of Tuesday, up to -two'. o'clock Wednesday .morning, reached a total exceeding 200. There were more than 600 ' prostrations' reported/ of which cases probably not one-tenth; will recover. The, total of deaths. since the beginning of the remarkable hot t-pell U'n days ngo has reached over, 730, and will probably be much larger. wb'en'all th£ reports ore in. . . .In Oilcago, .,. ',. • , Chicago, Aiig: 12.— Sullering b'uman'i- | ty and, animals .were favored at seven o'clock Tuesday night by a cessation: of the- deadly, .dry scorching wenther- which hns prevailed for more than a week. The welcome '-change ' wns forecast by Prof. Harriott and hernlded by a fresh'l-'cnoling breexe from Ihu lake. Although the ' te'mperat'uV'p- in the early .morning hours was much lower- than on Monday the breeze .wns variable aud mostly from the west and i southwest. This wurraed up themer-, cury, nnd by four p'clock in the afternoon it had risen to OS. lu the west. division it wns still hotter. Thermom-; 1 etcrs. in the street there registered 0.5. At the health, department the' death list was close to the mark set by Monday's list. At two o'clock" 107 'deaths had been reported. At five o'clock the office closed. Out of a total of 134, 37 were" sunstroke .fatalities;:' 21 cholera Infantiim and nine,. acute intestinal. . New York Bri-nk« rhe Record. New York, Aug. -12.— Another 'lay of fearful heat which is oppressing this section has added a. page of fatalities nnd suffering more "remarkable than its predecessors. In- New York city,; in-Brooklyn iind'all the adjacent towns and throughout .the. 1 states' of .New York and New Jersey the: day's reports of denths and prostrations over- thadow. , the 'record of any other dny in rmmy.yenrs. in this city alone the dnath list for 24 hours footed 'iip .at midnight rrtore thnn'lOO nnmt-s. Tlrook- lyin adds 18 to the list, .'and .the heat's victims in the. suburban towns bring the total to 200. Tn Jersey City tlitrre were 12 deatlu and 2S prostrations; on Stdten island, 14 deaths' nnd '10 'prostrations; Newark, nine deaths : ari(T 20- p'rbsTrntionsrLong Tslnncl City, five' deaths '.'and M3 'prostrations; : Paterson. four deaths and six prostrations; , Hnckensack, two deaths and. .five prostrations; Passaic, three deaths .and:, six . p'rostrations; Hoboiceni •seven denths and 10 prost'rh- t'ions; ' ' '.'.'.". '... ' : Fewer Donth'n at St. tonl". . St. -Louis, Aug.- 12'.— For the 12 hour* ending, at six-p.m; Tuesday tbere'-waa BD average. reductipn of four.degree'a in the .temperature. The highest point reached was^ 06 degrees at nve p. in. bccasicial breezes did', i^iich to 'abate the suffering. 1 'Inconsequence the death roll 'is-. reduced to ; seven and the prostrations -to 31. 't None of the! factories that Buspended.work on occo.unt of the heat have resumed, however, and several were addefl to the. list of the. idle.' The Ice supply, is 'barely 'sufficient if the tem- peratu're' lowers at bnceV'buf another week "of hbt' : weather would create a famine. .Housekeepers now ;: pay 50 cents per hundred,: with tbe'prospectol a further raise, .The local weather forecaster promises a cool.wave'. Kaln Brine* Relltf In LouliTllle. Louisville, Ky.;:'A'u'g; 18.— T.wo Inches of rain fell In Louisville 'and vicinity between the hours of ^two and foul- o'clock Wednesday morning. It vms the flrst relief from the hot wave which ias roasted :thia city for 16 days. The storm did not extend .out" in. the' state.: . New York Still Suffer*. < ; New York, Aug. 12.— Wednesday, was the eighth day 'of the. present torrid wave and' there was at 'noon no indication of an '• immediate 'break. Early police reports show that 14 deaths and 16 prostrations from heat occurred after two' : o'clock -Wednesday morning. The total deaths caused directly by heat during.. the . sev£n 1 .preceding days of the .present hot spell, from Wednesday up to and including Tuesday, were 326. Tuesday's record of 14(1 death* was' the largest.- At ; 11: 30 o'clock the thermometer : registered 90 degrees; On the Atlantic Co»it. . Erovidence, R. L, Aug. 12.— Six more, deaths from' heat were reported to have occurred during last night .and this morning; making a total of, 20 since Saturday. •••' • ''" ' . .' . • Boston! Aug. i2.-7At' ; nooh Wednesday street thermometers here registered 93 degrees. :. One /death; and several icases ; of prostration were reported Wednesday morning. -..-..-... Hartford, Conn.,. Aug.. 12.— The highest recorded, 'temperature in. 'this city up to iwo'. o'clock Wednesday afternoon was ; 96, tempered' : s6mewhat;by. a light breeze from the northeast. There have been 14 deaths of adults caused by the hea,t Tuesday and Wednesday. ; ..'.'.' ' ..' ''' .jfo.Cool** In ,Tf»shln»ton. Wa'shirigtori, Aug. 12,' — .The !hot 'weather still continiies in Wnahington. Up to one o'clock .five prostration's f rpm the Heat had 'been reporfed and .one death, Jeflerson /Angel} erigineer.qf nr> : '- engine, company 'No. 5, whp'had'b'een in |the service of the District., for. many "'' ' " T«U» Cl«»«l»n<1 Striker, that S Clevelond, 0., Aug.. 12,—Judge Nobla denied the,, application of 'William Stanley, one- of the Brown locked- out employes, for an-injunction restraining Mayor McKisson from calling additional militia into service; to restrain the Brown company .from,arm-; ing : its employes,' and to- compel the company to carry out its agreement made with the locked out men July 27. '.The application to .'prevent 'the Brown company from nrming. its em- ployes was denied "because the company denied having any intention of arming the men. ' : • The application to compel.the-Brown company to fulfill its agreement with; the men was denied, because, Jiidge' Noble sdi'd, 1 the court ai'd not feel justified -in enforcing a personal contract.of that, character. •!••-.-,' The jn'dge said that strikes were not: necessarily illegal/ The orderly withdrawal of Wen from their employer 1 was not illegal, whether it be to peaceably enforce an' agreement • or otherwise benefit, .themselves. .However,, they might tie illegal in.various ways. If a voluntary combination was followed by violence, then there was sufficient excuse for colling 'ah armed force,' or if the . officer apprehended deeds of violence he would be justified iu summoning military aid, but the. apprehension must be reasonable- The mere fact that men hnd struck was not sufficient justification. . , THE WINNERS. limit* of the Brltluh Yacht R»co»—"1W«- toor" the Bent DlK Rftter. London, Augr. 12.—The races of "the IJoyal Viutoria'Yacht club regatta were continued Wednesday over the 50-mile course sailed over Tuesday. The Caress, A.ilfia,Britannia,Satan.itii, Isolde.Corsair and Meteor started in the event for largo raters. The wind was .ligbt from the northwest. In the race for 20 raters the Saint, Isolde, Penitent, Niagara; Samphire and Audrey started. The'siiwll raters sailed over the same course as the larger boats, but only once round .inste.ad of twice as In the case ol the big boats. London, Aug. 12.—The race for 20- rater's was Won by the Saint, : tbe Penitent was second. Niagara finished fourth; •'•'•••' • • The. race for big raters was won by the Meteor, Ailsa second, and Britannia third. ... '.,•-..: THREATEN EXPULSION. Union Won't Let Ohio Sllncrs Work on ' the Lease Syitnm. Columbus,• 0., Aug. 12. — The stnte' miners' 'convention here Wednesday ordered all mines which are operated on the. lease, or contract system, or in which the, wapes , paid ore. below the scale' agreement, .closed on August 20. This order affects the mines'ntSliaw- nee, which arc operated by miners on the lease system',-and thwe at Corning, Remlock nnd Renflville, which have been, forced by the. competition from the 'i<?nk ; d mines to .cut the wuges. The fight is n pee\iliar one as it is purely between miners. M.iners at'work , ,in these mines lifter August 20'are to be expelled from the union nnd blacklisted. Co«t Him 11 In U1», ' Berlin. Aiig.' 1.2.'—Prof.'. Otto.Lilien. l,hal,l the well-known inventor of this ci'tyi died ffbhi the effects of n fall from his flying miifhine, which upset while it was.at a -sharp ar.gle,.the 1 pressure ot. air being thus thrown upon the front of the apparatus. : THE MARKETS. Grain, Pro-rUlonn. Etc. ...-,-;..-•• Chicago, Aug. li FL(5UR — Oulet and steady. . Pr'-oos ranircd 'aa follows: Winter; Patents, P.40 ®3.GO; seconds, »1.9e@2,00;'lowgTftdes.'n.7T;Si 200 .Spring—Putehta, $3.20@.ViD; stralglita, $2;60©3.20; bakers'; J2.1002.20; low graflos, »1.50ig'1.75:-Red. Dog, J1.20@1.0»: Rye, J2.r,0(3> 2.20.., ..- .• '. • • • .•.'.-. :• • WHEAT—Fairly active and .unsettled. September,-SS^OSS^c; December, r - fi7 " 3 ' .. .-....: ... . . if ,. Three. De»th* In rhiliidelphiiu I|niladelphiai Aug. J 2. -;-Three deaths 'from" 'the heat' were reported Wednes- 'day morning.'' Prostrations were nu- jmerous; Wednesday afternoon .'the ! mercury, wns 95y a ' degrees-:in secluded iplace'ii ..... -..'.....•.: '.-."' ,.-• '.•.';,';'.'.-.••'"' : 'To , LouisMlle, Ky, Aug 12 —The republicans rof the $ixth district Wednesday J morning nominated Hon Richard P. Kiirnest, of Covlngton, for tongrew. CORN—Was weak and lower. No. 2, 22«ifl-''3'4c- No. 2 Yellow, 22%@23 : )6c; Septom- ber, 23H@-23%c : October^23%@24o; Decem- OATS-Falr'trading and lower. No..I cash, 16Hc; September, ISKSilCHcr My, Me .Samples easier. • No Grade, K^^&ti^^ RYE—Was-dull: and weak at-lower prices. No. 2 cash..27Wf?29c;. No. 3, 22@27.«,c; September delivery, 29®29&c. . ... BARLEY—Old Barley moderate-sale and »teady. but new at the same time rul-is dull. New .Barley, 20©2Gc for. No.3 according to quality. No. 3 old Barley. 26©3S t . MESS PORK-Market moderately actlv-9 and prices lower , »t |6.25@fi.30 .for cash; J6 M : ©6 35 for 'September;' »5.97M6.02«- '«' October and »6.87HiS)6.95 for January, ' LAlID-Tradlnsr /moderate ^ and prlc-Ml •lower.at, WJGigiUT'/i for. cash; »S.17tt<fl.>••» for September^ W.2S@3.'30 for October, and J8.6'ft4ffl'3.IK | tor January. . ••• TiTTTTER—The market Is ruling qu.^t. with quotations at 10(g>15c for creameries and ! 9®12e for-dairies. - . . ^ - LIVE POULTRY-Falr demand. Tur- keyB,S@lOc; Chickens. - 8@8Vic:. Ducks 8 m'c per pound; .Geese, per dozen, • 13,00 *WHI8KY-Steady on the. basis of.$1.23 for Kighwlnes. _^ . , New York, Aug. 12., FLOUR—Oulet, unchanged: . ' WHEAT-No.- 2 Red moderately active, steady,. He lower.',, September, 62H<3> 82IS-IOc: December, 6G(g«BVi<:. ... • CORN-NO'. 2 dull', eaaler. August. 29%<2> 80%c: September,'29Kc;. October, Me, ^OATS-No. 2 dull,, steady. State, 27@32c; Western, 23@32c; September, 21c asked. , BEEF-Steady.. Extra mess, »™f© 7 - 00 PORK—Quiet. New mess; |8.00<g«.75;-ol<J me'«s", 18.0008.25. . .• : ••"••:•.".•;'•'.-; '•;-.• LARD-Dull,, steady. Steam _ renderea, B i y> ^ quiet;: Western dairy, ..''Live Stock. ' .. .•;; Chicago, Augr. IT. ' ' cATTLE-Market' weaker: Fair to.bo»t t,i«.V- H 26(B4 I 75: stockers'. and • feeders, K'60* ml'ed-Gows and .Bull* «•»» 880 Texas »2 200300 HOQS-Market strong early and wo lower later Ught K 00®3 46 rough pack- injr, J2 «0®2 80 mixed ,and butchers , J2 'Og 8S7HO heavy packlns and shlpplnjc »28» TURNED Tt) STONE. Curious Tale cf Sudden Death and Transformation. Ion OB Wou»»n Brink" tlic Clear Fluid Found In »" Egg-Shaped Rock »nd .!» Soon a Corp»« — Her Body retTUtod. A story that reads like a chapter from '•The Arabian Night 8 "" ^ ut v-bich is so well authenticated as to 'admit of no doubt as to its credibility, comes-froin Cleo- Springs, O. T. Cleo Springs is one of tlie most beau- tifuL'spots in 'the Oklahoma country, and the spa's from which -it takes its name are possessed of peculiar niedici- naJ properties. Miss Frances Perkins, formerly of St. Johns.-in Stafford county, Kan., with (i party of friends was outwalking 1 in -one of the picturesque groves near tlhe. little village, and the attention of the group was attracted by some eg-g-shaped rocks which they found nlpiig the path. They were about the size and sh apeo'f a loaf of rye liireacC but hollow in the center. One of the party'brbke one of these peculiar rocks end found that the cavity contained about -a' pint of clear water, while the Interior, of the rock was lined with beautiful crystals. The water in the first rock broken was spilled. The idea that the water might be 'endowed with some virtue took possession of Miss Perkins and .shc : announced her intention of drinking- the liquJd. - She held another of the egg-shaped rocks over a. bowl nnd 'broke, it, tlms saving all the water. This she poured into a glass and laughingly said: "Here is to the water that cnrae not from Heaven or from earth," and quaffed it. Fifteen minutes later she was dead. The draught she toasted had been her death potion. The sequel is the strangest part of the storv. The body was taken to her home by lier sorrowing 1 young- friends and in chic time the buria.1 garments were made ready. Her sister went into the death chamber to dress her, and as she did so her finger ring came in contact with the 'body, causing, a sound as if it touched marble. It was even so. The. body of Miss Perkins had turned to stone*. When- this was discovered it was decided to .bury the body, near the house, where it would be safer from grave robbers.. Miss Perkins was one .of the brightest roung'woroen in the settlement and she was very popular. Her untimely death has caused great sorrow. • Judge Ed- wnrd Merchant, of Stafford, county^ -who: is visiting relatives in Wichita, is authority for .the strange story. LIFE SAVER SWIMS EIGHT MILES. E. R. Perry, of tl>o ET»n»ton Crew. ' M»ke» the Ul»t»nce In 3:18. ; A remarkable : feai of endurance was' successfully attempted the other.wiora- ing by E. R. PcrrjVof the United States life-saving crew at Evanston, 111... who swam four miJes out into the lake and back again. . . . . ; . . The veriture^me swimmer was in the water three hours and fifteen minutes. Biid"d'uring, the whole of that time relied only on hie own strength and skill.'ns no b'oat .accompanied:' him: to 'furnish assistance in case of need. • ; It, is the custom, of the members of the. crew to take 'a swim in the lake every, morning, and it occurred to Perry. Who' is the 'champion athlete and swimmer : of' the life savers; to vary the usual '•' plunge -by ! o' long swim. " He set out.-at 9: ; 1S o'clock from the beach; in front of .the station.. .When he started he, had no idea of going the distance, he did, but as he-found himself still fresh rifter he ,lvnd placed a mile between himself and land, he concluded that the opportunity was -favorable for breaking the longdistance" swimming- record pf '.tie. crew, .a record, he. himself holds by virtue of a' six-mile swim, three out.and three back, made by him a month ago. . 'Perry completed the outward half-of his swim, in a few' minutes less than an' hour and a half. The time of the •homVrtvard'Rwinvwns'lfl minutes slower than the ontgoinp half, but when Perry landed he ( was; breathing- ;.regularly. After receiving a vigorous rubbing down he resumed his customary duties about- - ; the .'station, 1 : find: -.in . .the afternoon wns at his post for.thef nnuaj exhibition drill' b'f the cre\v^ DESTRUCTION OF DERELICTS. Chin* 'Endeavoring to Secnre int«rn»- tlbnftl- Cooperation In the Bt»tt«r. A Washington: special to" the New York. Herald says:;. Chilians trying to 'secure international- cooperation in the matter of .the destruction. of. derelicts. Ttie navy department officials earnestly hope that China's evident 'desires in' this matter' will be fulfilled Under Commander' Sigsbee, 'chief 1 of- the: hydrographic office of the deportment, repeated .efforts have been .made to B* cure the cooperation, of England In destroying derelicts in the .tracks of .the trana-Atlantic steamers;, Great Britain ijos'not evidenced 'any anxiety to adopt the' suggestion' of Commander Sigsbee, and'' :the matter has consequently lagged. With, the cooperation of. all the governments, however, the ,sea& , would soon be cleared of these' menaces to navigation, ' _ . . e Permitted Sunday B»1L Mayor. Willard, of • Argentine, Kan., vetoed an ordinance recently, passed by tie council.'Tyhlch. ' prohibited Sunday ball playing, explaining that'ta.long.as tlie" saloona; weire allowed to db.buslnesK uninterruptedly -on that 'day it looked Ilke'.'Btrainlng at a gnat "and swallowing a camel: to., .undertake.' -to stop ttc ball-game*:.' :• .-.! '•: • • '.-j^ '.'•' • ; ::•-.-:• v r -'Th«-i,4tmt I 'CMilne Pet.' •'•• • . Tba "very :ln test style, in dog» is the raabund. They ;are largely '. ears; . ard Bonnewhat resemble .black-and-tan teiS- riers 4 They were mode the ' proper thing by. the princess of Wales, and are. very expensive, for the .present., Pianos.' The tone of a piano is best when the Instrument is not near a wa.ll, !How ts Your L.l'ver?< U TAKEAPILL. VI Of.H' era und-Caldfc clranninc the lyitem tlior. omnlj, and thtr-cnro habitual conttipptlon. SSJ . . -. Put up In •ciw-eapvinl*, rf Bill'- .fMt** dlgwlon : sKT'ah»lpt»lirc»r, SUk oj- phj. . ONLY 1O CENT8 A-VIAL. . atfOaelif, an<l »• nooni tlcl.n, mad dni«nrt». - J?rlc», . For'SMe in L-QGHMSPORT. INI>.. by Ben Fislicr. 311 Fourth- St. and John F. Coqlson, 304 Market'-St", . .. . ONE-MAI* aiZE Of BOX. POZZONPS 'COMPLEXION POWDER; I hud been tte Blnndnn: for forty jcnra and . u more popular to-uar than over before. I POZZOM'S I !» vie Ideal complciton powder—beviUfTlntf, rurrciu.'.nK, clennly, b->nlthful and harmleiw.. I Ad«llcase, Invlt-lble protcci.lon to tli« face. | i«lieTen->McoM > OZZO>T9n nmr | ini'Oiil SCPTH|> VOLI> I'CFF BOX i« given-free, ol charge. 1 AT DRUGGTSTS »'XD FANCY STOKES. ' The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE •<-*— MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY-: CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Thcamte* Perfection ytt•ttalnedinBort Conitruc«loa»Lazarto«a Equipment, Artldle rSSSSmj. V*o«Uop •ndWliiit Servlw. insuring the bighert degree of • _ •__' COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. f-OUR TRIM PCR WttK BCTWfW Toledo, Detroit ^ Mack inac PETOSXF.Y. ''THE 8OO." HARQUETje,. ... 'AND DUUITH. LOW RATES to Plcturewjn* Maddnac and R.turn. Including n*al« and Btrtti*. Pryf Cleveland, US- from Tdwto. *i<i from Pttnlt, $1Jl8 °' EVERYEVEN.ua '" 1 Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Clevel»nd with Earliest Trmlnj for*!! point? E«t, South and Southwest and at Detroit for £ tl point* North »nd Northwest. 8undt>Tri»iiJ»«»,imj.aBjMttand Stptombw M* EVERY DAY BETWEEN _ - , Cleveland, Rut-in-Bay j Toledo Send for niu»trat*d Pamphlet Addrcn A. A. 8CH ANT*. •. r. n.^paTHOIT, "lOH. for Gonon-hc;j . 'rfn. nnnmiax .1 dl» cV»r«c», or «T ^iiummx -ion, Irntiilon or ulotr» - « ' « lon : *t I'm »'« o n l. . expnM, prepaiil. for .IJD. or J bot.tlw.t2.7B. on Pwuert CHICAGO C«ntr»l Muiic.H»ll.,Chlc*|0, Or. F. ZI«jWd, Pr«l. " • l " Teiirb*«ln««p.' the fonmoA 7n»ttt«Mon ot America. toolllUet for a thoroiwb coar»e tn um MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. C»rbt.C>ulor«»UI>l»c »M> 1*rm * F«m> Mt Fi»«. Avpllcatlons for tbe «r»e «n« P»rU»l «oholM»nlp« wM be received to August l»h- . -.....-•'.- WomndiiOU *»?• i or wonaaii old iprei »nd burni, Br«. riliin B«lm U-of prieele*. vmlue. ?or cnti, wonndf from i gunthot, broken glMi,or tornfleih it *lmort iuitMtly •topt the pain and ; Weeding, prevent. . , if n»ed it onc«, «n . k It de.nw» ; o]d»reMnd ulcert o "proud fle.h,f;. kill* the microbe «u.e.,the folnn.tion.ofjwvtau. itoppink the diichwge, and pro«note« erinul«aon and; hewing more _r.pldly S«n any known remedy. For Bruise., Sprain., Burn.; Blackened Eye^ etc.. It i. equ.Uy P~iapt and emca«ou.. It 1* indf.pen.able fn every factory and See T«»tiBionial« iu.arcular. Typhoid and 8e»tlet.F«f«, Taken in ttawBrMilian Balm pr or «=«rtet fevar. Alw makei aea.e. very llRht:; and. aljrayi preendeafne-^nd throat i which tctrlet fcv«r and MMle» U»w behind. Alwayt k«p on ,- , witerr «ye». and red and Influned eyea, cauaedby aie,,caUrrhor otherwue, the SrazUiMBJmiMpriode|ial#on.. Put 15 or 20 drop. of. Baha into a tpopnfau of warm water -and bathe th* eye. f weU Hlght and morning, getting aoiae oH pofetlon into the *~-*™ be»efit i» -orth • * tor

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