Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 23, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1973
Page 22
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Every Cut Of Bonded Meat Is Unconditionally Guaranteed Since the largest portion of a food budget goes for meat, it's especially important to be sure you're getting your money's worth. At Eagle, the Bond on every cut of meat is an unconditional guarantee of complete satisfaction or the purchase price will be refunded to the customer. According* to one of Eagle's meat de* partment experts, "Eagle has beef quality standards specifically designed to warrant customer's satisfaction and confidence. These standards are Eagle's and different from any other standard or grade. Eagle meat buyers select beef that is youthful to guarantee tenderness, With a minimum of fat to ensure more servings per pound, and the right amount of marbling to assure flavor. Because Eagle's everyday low meat pricing policy includes every fresh meat item, there's no need for shoppers to plan their meals around pre-selected weekend features. To get the best value for the money spent for meat, real economy depends on the number of servings per pound, as well as the cost per pound. If the meat 'is trimmed improperly it will increase the cost per serving. Eagle removes the "wedge bone" from a Sirloin, the "short ribs" from a rib roast and the "tail" from a T-Bone steak before weighing. This gives Choppers a better value, because they never pay for meat they cannot eat. Eagle's meat experts are happy to prepare any cut of meat tq the customer's individual specifications. No Limits To Your Savings Among the many advantages of Eagle's pricing policy is that there are no limits placed on a customer 's choice. Some supermarkets offer a few specials on weekends and then further limit the shopper to purchasing only one' or two of the specially-priced item. Eagle offers you discount pricing throughout the store, every day of the week, with no limits or restrictions on the quantity each customer decides to buy. Shoppers 9 Test Prove Saving, Homemakers have made independent and separate shopping tests and proved to themselves that Eagle's discount prices give them significant savings on their regular weekly supermarket needs. Eagle believes that the only way homemakers can find out where their food costs are less are by making comparison shopping tests. The reason behind this way of thinking is that the average ; shopping list varies from family to family. There are certain items and brands that certain families use, and these are seldom the same on two diff erent shopping lists. Thousands of shoppers have tested Eagle and found how much they save- with Eagle's true discount pricing throughout the store. These are the type of savings that really add up week after week, month after month, and year after year; the type of savings that bring today's shoppers a new measure in food purchasing power. Advertisement COPYRIGHT 1- 1973 By Eagle Stores. All Rights Reserved. Save On Your Holiday Needs eagle DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS v ' On long holiday weekends when you want to splurge a little, you can rely on Eagle's Everyday Low Discount pricing to help you save on all your needs from pickles to hot dog buns. On item after item on your shopping list the savings at Eagle are continuous no matter what day you choose to shop. Savings are an everyday thing at Eagle. Harvest Day Pork ft Beans •1 143 C 52-ot. Jar DEVILS FOOD. GERMAN CHOCOLATE,^ WHITE. YELLOW Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 'Bak&'iy 134 <J18V4-0Z. pkg. ' HARVEST DAY [Hamburger or Wiener Buns ©HARVEST DAY—RED 4 Kidney Beans LADY LEE Sweet Peas J READ-MACARONI OR KIDNEY Bean Salad VAN CAMP'S Pork ft Beans Snaefca S2 -0Z. can 54< TIAMBURGER^LTASHUN^V HOT DOG. SWEET » Ma Brown Relish 131 C12-02. 32 e st CRAPETORANGE. FRUIT PUNCH, "X PINEAPPLE-GRAPEFRUIT Harvest Day Fruit Drinks 15V4-OZ CM 35« ©FLAV-R-PAO 8c ff-22« J Orange Juice 12-oz. can f HARVEST DAY J Shoestring Potatoes FIAV-R-PAC Lemonade can' 1 2 C J FRUITJUICYRED Hawaiian Punch 35' HARVEST DAY—LARGE White Bread HARVEST OAY Vienna Bread « EDWARDS-EGG A Hamburger Buns J GOLDEN HEARTH-PATIO French Bread 20-oz. loaf 27* loaf 04* el 6 16 -oz. loal 51 15-ei. can PATES Corn Chips J EV-R-CRISP Ice Cream Cups PATES Chees Pops J KRAFT JET PUFFED .Marshmallows 68 s ; j Fried Chicken J JOHN'S AZAR - WHOLE Cashew Nuts 3 REALEMON—RECONSTITUTED Lemon Juice REGULAR OR ELECTRIC PERK Butternut Coffee REGULAR/DRIP OR ELECTRIC PERK Brim Coffee 20 RING Max-Pax Coffee INSTANT Sanka Coffee 46 -oz. 2-lb. can NABISCO-SANDWICH COOKIES Oreo Cremes 15-oz. pkg. bag *tO Mb. pkg. 15-oz. *2 01 Hamburger Pizia 78 c 15 48 MX 26 12 FLAVORS Shasta Beverages JI2e'. BIRDS EYE-COOL WHIP Swiggle T MORTON-6 VARIETIES « * Cream Pies T FLAV-R-PAC-MIXED < " Vegetables 5 SWANSON-3 COURSE DINNER 4 Fried Chicken 6U -0Z. i tize « V&-22« 'SSfSB" i * itSmXUJLLim STICKS, TWISTS, NUBS \WSJJS^ Fresh Pak ? Pretzels 'S? 40« Heaftk & "Beauty dozen EO< carlonwVP vib. 23c 6-0Z. 4Bc pkg. Jo 78« U.S-D.A. GRADE A—ALL WHITE Large Eggs HARVEST DAY-PURE VEGETABLE OIL Margarine carton LADY LEE-INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED SLICES American Cheese U.S.D.A. GRADE AA-SWEET CREAM- IN QUARTERS - LAND O LAKES 1 .| B Butter carton STELLA SHREDDED CHEDDAR OR Mosxarella LADY LEE 3 . 0Z Cream Cheese •»» 12* LAND O LAKES-MIDGET Colby Longhorn PILLSBURY1869-BAKINQ POWDER Biscuits AZTECA Corn Tortillas FRESH SELECTED QUALITY Golden Bananas ! LB. KEYBUYPRETZELBODS10OZ. PK0.27c HARVEST DAY Potato Chips 461 WAVV CHIPS 10 -or. - BEQULAHS n-oz. Jr-^hj *Pic«ift Supp&ea 4 -oz. gg< pkg. LADY LEE -* HARDWOOD Charcoal Briquets $•4 39 20-ib. I bag Key i Buy WU SAVINGS made possible by in unusual purchase or bj i mlrs. temporary prornttionil all»»jnce. Vlb.<JM KINGSFORO , 1 Charcoal Lighter & 30* 11 n» <mmm FLUF-EE VK"32< Napkins 10OI ©MOIST TOWELETTES PK«-'22' J Wet Ones ^ 9 INCH — WHITE ^> Classic Paper Plates BRACH'S Pic A Mix Candy SHAMPOO Head& Shoulders 61 7-oz. tuba v Qleem II Toothpaste * 76? | 7-oz. ' tub* Pkg. ZSf c 70-ct. gj c 59 C 100-ct- pkg- BRICK OVEN B JkM Baked Beans Vanquish i Tablets l btl. of 60 134 C 22-01. Preparation H Suppositories KRAFT "X HICKORY SMOKED OR REGULAR Barbecue Sauce I34 C1 !°* J J MA BROWN-OL'FASHUN Pickles I * VI ASIC 1 4 Kosher Spears MONARCH Salad Mustard HANDI-CUP -9 -0Z. Foam Cups ©LADY LEE 4 Aluminum Foil J LADY LEE-1 PLY Paper Towels 51-cl. pkg. 46 2 , 5 o!,'- 22* 8i '" 1 29 e toli 3S« 20' :-0Z. jar 26- LADY LEE Tomato Catsup READ erman Potato Salad 69 \ 2VHb. can DEPILATORY Neet Lotion 94< Noxzema Skin Cream 6-oz. $4 01 jar I SO-LI-CIOUS-INREFRIG.JAR.-MANZ. 10ot Jar OO Tanya Suntan Lotion 2-oz. $4 QS tubs I (2 SO-LI-CIOUS-1N RErHIU. JAM.* | Stuffed Olives J MA BROWN-SLICED Hamburger Dills 35< rJUNE ISSUE NOW ON SALE Family 27c [Circle fi<* Our Price Protection Policy guarantees these prices lo be effective trom Wednesiday. May 23. 1973 through Tuesday. May 29. 1973. regardless of cost increases^ Low Discount Meat Prlcesl UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - FULU CUT Beef Round Steak $127 I LB. Our Ceiling Pric* LB. $1.39 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - TAILLESS Beef Loin T-Bone Steak LB. Our Ceiling Price LB. $1.69 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDER . .VALU-TRIMMED Beef Sirloin Steak LB. Our Ceiling Price LB. $1.59 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED ANY SIZE PACKAGE APPROXIMATE FAT CONTENT 25% Fresh Ground Beef LB. Compare Quality and Prices UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - CENTER CUT Beef Chuck Steak LB. Our Celling Price LB. 97c .UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - ARM CUT Beef Swiss Steak LB. Our Ceiling Price LB. $1.19 DUBUQUE - WHOLE — 17 TO 20 LB, SIZES Smoked Hams LB. 79 c DUBUQUE - CHEESE & WIENER Cheese Furters UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED Beef Rib Steaks "DUBUQUE—FLUER DE LIS—READYTO EAT Whole Smoked Ham "f PATRICK CUDAHY - BONELESS 4 Canned Ham ©OSCAR MAYER 4 Sliced Bologna O.M. SLICED BOLOGNA l -OZ. PKG. 59c UNCONDITIONALLY B0N0EO - VALU-TRIMMED Boneless Beef Stew J CHICKEN OF THE SEA - PEELED Deveined Shrimp OSCAR MAYER - REGULAR OR THICK Sliced Bacon LADY LEE - 9 VARIETIES Sliced Cold Cuts 12-02. pkg. LB. LB. 3-lb. can 12 -oz. pkg. , LB. 12 -oz. pkg. 1-lb. pkg. 1-lb. Pkg- $J3« $-f 39 $3«» 89' $1*9 $f 05 S-J07 LADY LEE HICKORY SMOKED All Meat Wieners Mb. pkg. Compare Quality and Prices UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED - LARGE END Beef Rib Roast LB. Our Ceiling Price LB. $1.29 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED Beef Blade Chuck Roast LB. Our Ceiling Price LB. 79c U.S.D.A. GRADE A WHOLE - 2'A-LB. & UP SIZES Fresh Frying Chickens LB. Compare Quality and Prices SWEET SMOKED Lady Lee Sliced Bacon "1-lb. pkg. Compare Quality and Prices READY TO EAT BONELESS Dubuque Canned Ham ^BF can Compare Quality and Prices ©OSCAR MAYER A Smokie Links TYSON'S - U .S .DA. GRADE A FOCK CORNISH Game Hen 12-oz. pka. 22.oz. ©OSCAR MAYER - BULK STYLE uPure Pork Links LB. <? OSCAR MAYER — PICKLE 4 PIMENTO OR g oz i Old Fashioned Loaf OSCAR MAYER - ALL BEEF OR All Meat Wieners OSCAR MAYER - BONELESS Jubilee Half Ham BIRD FARM - 3 VARIETIES Whole Hog Sausage Vol NEWI OSCAR MAYER - REGULAR Oft THIN SLICED All Beef Bologna O M. ALL BEEF BOLOGNA 12-OZ. PKG $1.03. UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - BONE IN Rump Roast LB. LADY LEE — HICKORY SMOKED •) . ! All Beef Franks p*s- Mb. pkg. LB. Mb, 8-oz. pkg. $|0f If OS *1" 69' 99' •1* l|et 69< 95'

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