Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1931 · 3
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Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania · 3

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1931
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tnmltt4 the .,, t r.u;o Ud omee !t "'· 1·'0 0· 1 (l 0 II 1 1 1 0· 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 ~8, 9 It tl. E. 3 1 0 0 l lr 1 0 1 0 1 (I t 0 t 0 '2 l 2 18 8 }11 tM-(1 ltl2 1\M-T "· 1!'1.11110 !lager, J. ., l!arberlo dURO 8 . a. 1!1. 3 t) () 0 1 2 2 (I 1 2 2 l. 1 :.! 1 I) 1 I 1 1 18 il It. E. 3 0 1 0 3 t 4 0 1 I) 3 ::! 1 ·u II 1 4 I)'3 ''· 1 . 0: 0 0 28 4 eltflnl 1 M l~k)' .. . ' 00 I , .. -\ -- l ........ . ~:fJ~:;~' '""~'·.:..-.·~..:..':_·~ .· . .,--~?i.io:· ~.;;..:,..:;_ __ ...__:.__ ...... .....;,.:"· ........,.,.._~~~---~--1.~1-cW!!. ~OO~f?~· ~C~I1Y~·:.,;_. ·~LI~b~·a~·R~' ;_·· -----::-------"""'· --~·-..:..'•> -------:-~---:-·-_"-:-"""'--:. =·. M=. ~OIJ'.· =·:, '"=·~· WEEK·Eif.lJlasketP.~At ·. AND' GA'T'I'YS ;RiCEIV! .NtWYORK'S HOM~GE ANNUAL McELWAIN. COUNTRYCLUB ··.:~ :.: :~.::= RIUNJONtUUl.AT . .Chatterton · ~ome FAMILY REUNION DANCE ENJOYED ::~~~c~~o::: 8 :~:~:~ ct~b~U:t :::. --~AtfH~M~ I .Enjoy~ by ~AT ROS£ POINT BY ·BIG CROWD ~:~~ 1 wnnr:er~:~~~~ ,::'~ :~~ · ; --- ~ · · · --- In the btuement ot tbe B. V. ~­ , . . . .. .• · )U; llld ·~tits. Hartt.· 'IIJIIIII(!r• 1\aD, of tbe l!lquaw B~'road, l!ll• t.ertafoed tJtlrty-three guestll ·at a tteek~Dd tiS tty -w\111 too_ tlmtner­ lan tamUy reunion:. of the r~urtb. -1'be• &Ueeta came ttinn A!htabula, 6bto, . MeadviUe · and Oonoeaut l.jtltt' Ftlda:Y evelllnl! and left liut nJ&'i1t for tbelr liomes. ·' The dii:Y ot the reunion was also the event 4f Mr. Zlmmerltiim'll birthday, so thlt a grt!lt blrtbday cake tot.lliletl .t ptottthu!bt ~lirt <Jt tile <lecora• tlotl!. Gilt'deh tib\vers were us• td Ill abulidilnce,· 8J)tciU -guetllB at t-he reunion '!Fete M·r. libd )1-rii. Earl Cht·lstle. ud ohlldreti, .John, :bobby, Detty &11d · Nouicl,Y, and· JaUt!!s Gnslte:il A• enjoyable ba11ket pliinlc wait held Baturdat · after.IIGbh a lid bight at the home of Jlr. laud lllra, George .Cbatt@tlon; ol .Rirerl'lew, wltb dinner illld supper being s'erv• ell on· tlti! lawn. Swimming and games of atr kinds occupied the sf(l!rnooo, While the e'l'l!nltlg was epetit with li\Uelc and dancing. At a lnte bottr the J\lests l!tijoyed II ~;pl~llllld atrn.r of flte\Ybtk•• . · One hundi'M and vreA~nt . for tile annual· family re1mlon held Saturday II tlln home of Tltooule 1 McElwlllll, <>C llo•e I'olnt. l'>lnner 1\·os enjoyed In \he C. Y. 1'. U. catnp there. A bushi~"" meethtl( Wftij ltel<.l, opeu· P<l b:v J>ray~r by the host. The of· (h~er~ rll'<'ted at this t.lme wcro Atko nurry, p1·esldenL; Bal(lh Me· Etw11ln, ''toe vrvldelll; MIHS l'Jtl· nm ~ld~lwlllu, ·· ~ectelnt·y 11ml treaMUI't'r; an<l J,ydn a lid h'rnucQH ~cEtwuln, SJ>Orl~ committee. A[ t~r 11w I.JIIslm•Hs Hession tho Col· lowhtl( fine pi·ogrRm waH eujoye,J: "\\'~ltomP"-lluddy YoU IIi!:· HOng, "LuH~ l.,.t[ted Me."-A~tal!lnblnllll: "Tit~> l'houo llell"-~llHH Mlhll'<'tl llurry: ~ong; "When tlic Crowd 'The Fourth of J ul,v dnnco held ~I thP. };llwon<t City Country ~\ub f!tt!tmlay ul"ht. wuH cnJosr.•l by Italian CatMIIc cllurcb ~OIIII)tly at 1 :30. l'lan~ wlll be llia4e ~Of a lllcnl~ at tbiM uuton. mnru limn •l•iv couplee. Co,ers TAXI~ sot wr1·c n rrnnge<t f;,r nhout hate lhnt ~iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. numher nt. lhr <llnni>r srrv!'d 1\t fl II ::!0 h\' the •ti'WII rrl nf tho' <'luh, ~h·. l.,;,.,·r•t. 'fhn h·•lll'" fl'nm 0 :RO until 1!.! w:'rl' .en~· nnP'-' wllh ('nrn· wn11'~ on•ltr•t•·n, frnm 11,1" l'nllr;·, P.:uprlrlnLt tht"! mu,.:t'. 1'1) TO('R ('.\S.\11,\ "''· AIHI ~~~·,, lfttrn· l:,lmnr onll lfllm• .Tn·~l(. ('r n~o lluv,,l nn'tntr. lr(l l•,l'ftln\' f•vri~tnu un n ·motor l<111r or ('nnf"•ln. Thfl~· n·tll hn gonr. ,lf\\'~ll"ltl ,,.,J,,k,, Whatever You Soil·.ed on That.· 4th Outing WE; CAN Cl.l'=;\N AND ('l,F..\N WEU, Grannla • wltll hlio ii(lll, James. atJd itaugbter, lilsthAr, or EllwoOd City. ou.als pti!~Pnt were mostlr from PlttsllUtl!b: Jotr, ami liJrs, Charles r .. Dept, Mt'. illitl. Mrs.· Edwartl I, Rod~on, Mre." Add Chntterlon, ~lias Vlt'glnlfi he\"st•lt·, w: W, \llt\'l!r, Jllr.ub Wlttmet, Walt~r Uurke, m•!! Alex llult~, ull or 1 North l'!ld~; lllr•. Elnlly 111. Otoesluger atFl daugbtt;r lila> ltut. of · Bell'evoe; · Mls• .,FJor~hcc Bootil rtnd Hel' htt cox, ct w~stv!t•w: nli!o ~lr. llt•li lltrR. R. U, iht•~flton blld fnni'.ly or nutler: a btl Mr, and 11rr~. \\'it. llunt Cbnt,trrt?H nnd famll~, 41l lin• .\II Aucmbled"; piny, TAXI-(JAJ.L CI)Q Ullt o( tho IIOB\lltal"-lll'A .JI:IIl·liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii · Phone 500 n:vervle\\', ' N~wton. Family In {. Reunion Saturday . eldl!ll 1 Wiley l'ost sud Harold .. IJI)ftelie8 allll lhtervlew~. 1-hle rlgllt, W11@t Poet and ~It!, Post, fl;r~rs are wearing 'their usual happy undot'll<:!lng &· •tr~uuous round nr llboWil tltelu •IIH'tlllg for l'>cw York's Oatly Rlld her nal'lgnt<>r husband, elipr~ulon. 100 l!llthered lu tho Big Picnic Enjoyed · · -- Church Of. ' . .,. o~d F••. :•y Has at liJ;vlng Pa~k Saturdtly A G ' N ' c·· R Wilk - 1'-· I' ~uU for. the annual NeWlon t rove ear·, lty ev.· . . ey ' fftmlly teullloll. The cro.v~ enjoy· G' Od- Holds Picnic Annual Reunion ~d boib din tier and supper at the - (tJontlnnlld FrOm ·,.,.tone) ·, beavllt'laden tables spread under . A plcliJc· v;hlch swelled to flltit~ . - - .. 'tile trees, while llluslc and gaUte• lly reunion size, ·waH that held Sat. ate lrivlletl to. atlelld tble llllther· Til~· F'lrrt citutcll .of Ood_ llleld Tile d~.cetlllauiH or ~lr. Bill\ filled the ren\altdng hoUrs or the mdny atteruoon nnd . evenlltl! . lu Jug wltere th~y Will Mve au op· Ita annual sunday 8Chool p)cnlt! Mre, Wl .. law ~"ord held I bel~ daY. At the lillalness sessloll off!- the grove ob the Evans property portulllty or . COD\'etlng to bhll at ,Jeultlna A1-oh In· tho .grove ou' ·el.~hlb 6111111RI l'tllllllon In the l!l!ts w@l'e elected to serve dut·Ing on t•ho Ellwood-New Ca&th" t'olttl their gond wishes. A ihoi't' ptO· the WnmpunrN'uw Outle road rrove .on tho Joopph !!mlth pla~c tlie cot!tlug year, a~ follows: t1er- near he~. Ali nrrnngenienti! for g~afit has .been. atrnlllled to nlrt tcil'ttin!BY nwrllluli and afternoon. In Ohl!wt.lin u11 , July ~·ourtll. bert Newton, ll~eiildent; Mcnln th11 plcnl.l! were ninde by J. A. lltl\1 iii mnklrta the a'v~nlhit 1111 enjoy• At noou a bouute!iUs ,plcblc dltlnet lDI~bt)'•tW(' cnjuye~l n pleUI~ diu· :ftahtes, 'l'lce ·prei!ldent; Estella D, ·A. lOrans. Both dlnnPr nu~ able onl!. Atnong the sl)eaker~·are wall enJoted, wltb the la.dll'S of nl!r· at rto•Jn ~nil a hu~lttP., meet· lltllr8bah, eectetqry nnd Kenneth HUp()llr were eer\'ed buffet fnsblun Burgrs~ j~dd rutlit!r, lhll ttev. t.he. church llervlng. '!'here hlld lug followed r\t wblch the follow· Ne!wiM, tteSIIUtl!r. f•·ntn 11 long, heavlJy.JaMn tllble. ;tohn King, pastor of BeU M<:>w· ~eu no eet program of "l"'rt~ or- lug offl~ct'B were eiP<'l'ed :. Pr~•l· out·of•tilwn gueBts wete: Mr. and 14<.-r~~shoe pitching nttrnct\!(1 the otlal cht•r••h and .Jae. McLat11!1i ranged, but ever~olle ~eemed t.o dent John Davl": VIce PrellhlP.llt t.lts, Janleil Newton and sou, of 111en during tbe afternoon and lin. James· :8. casey will be mu· enjoy themselves very mUdb, .A Mrs. '{'.bl'n1a~ Aiken; Hrcret.lr)' Wnrreli, Ohio; 1\tr. and t.rre. How· nrenlng, while the younge!!t ·set ter of ceremonies. large crowd was present. Mra. Fruuk Gillespie; Treasntl!l' atd ti!ewton and l\lr. and Mrs, <;ldor~•l swimming to th•lr l!eart'l! on We<ll!esday , mlitnlllg, at 10 Mrs. Jllll'l~·• · ftlggltts; Sport con&· cuntent. 1\tore t~an 50. were pre•· o'clo~k. INtther Wilkey will ee1e· Pt"Cnl"c· [I.;.J"Oyed At mlttee, Mlis Almta Dtrrl!l, 111re. ~totheta, ot Youngstown, Ohio; ertt. brate il &oh!mn hlgb mAMil of £11 Albert :Booh@r, M.re. Hlewart M_ r-. !!'_ranees Wilkinson; ot Da,_v-Ou'-of-town g· Ue'st• wer• Tame•. t Til 'I L \VII• • t\ 11 ' a " • ,, thallkeltlvlng, to Whl!!b bla tlendll h H ompson " rs. e e cY • 8ol'l; Mt-. aod lr.s. Loyal lllarsba. Aiken lllld llamlly, of Mountville; ate-also invited. Pri!ci!dllig tltil Harry Sc ott ome Grounds <onunlttPe Mr~. John &tid lali'itly ot Springdale: lllr. abd ~It nurt Mrs. Walters, ot Erlln· Dlas!l thel't. will be a proce81!lol't Davis, Mr~. 'l'hontns Aiken. Th<! Mrs. Burton Jiadger and chl,dren, 'burg; Art. nnd M·rs, G. E.' i1ar· ot twentY little glrla, the al)ltit• afternoor. 'I':U IIJX'Dt In gnmi!!l and Mt. and Mr8. John Brenemen ahd bl~on, Mr!l. Essie Mebard, nnd ual bride ond two flower girls, . . plans wt>r~ tnado 1ol' tba ue:i:l Ohlldreil, :Mr. lind Mrs. Kenneth Ml'l! Marne Itarblson, M New Cas· the vlsltil·l! prl<i\ts and the eel· 'Mr. a,o<l Mra. fUrry l'lcbott, of reunion to 00 llehl the ~ecou.t Newton, Mrs. Ethel Newton, Mts. tl~. From EllWood were Mr. antl ebra~t himself, ftoih the the New Brl~thtofi road, enter-Saturday In July next yenr. Thll Till!. Nelter and chlld~en, · iltlll Mrs . .1. A:. Eh'ans, D, A. E~'L'I!! to tho c!Jur~h. Asiilstlng Father talned a number ot tflt!lld8 at place baa not yet been .decided Nelter, of fortersvllle: llUtl fmitlly, Churlle tctglet nnd · hi Ill b R a flbl! plrl!lc Satul'da:V aftet'liootl. upon. GuP>.tM were preimnt. at tM and •rr. and .. rs. George Glbbo'!! ~nntliJ•, Ctl"l .. att\1~~ ~ud •a· "''II'/, Wilkey nt t 8 mass w e ev. t .. til dl net 11nd · u '" n r ' n ~·· o ' •u ., 1!'. :If'. O'Sbell, putor or st. Pel· nnd even. ng. no D reunion from Cleveland a n•i of Wurtembnl'j!, 1:1. 11. l'oullg itnu family, and "'' ~r'M. chlllch, N. · ll. Flttsburgh, supJX'r ware enjoyed oli thll wpac· Youngstown, Ohio, New Caatle, The 1932 retmlon will b_e held e. Harbison and fiUJilly. ·and folr.ct.,r•y' pastor of St. Mary's ious ·lawn of the home at bount• Ellwood, wampum, Obewton ami mn Ml'f:twutu, 1111·~. Juea l:!tuck, mul J·;htwt· Stuck; aoug, "1'11 be u l:lunbeam"-~11•~~• Clara l:OIIDR and Jtutlt ~lc,;ilwnln, atul lluddy Young; play, "'l'bo Competing llallroollo"-Ueorge :\:OIIJt«, 1\UIB Hook, It;tm• .. r to' I uck, nud Ehno.:or Mc~luuu: 111on~, '•Aruarlcn."~ll .. aemblngo. A Bj!Orl J>I'Uir:ttn hnd also hcen arraused ll·ltlt rnc~s or all and RWimmlng. 'l'lte oldeot pnreon pre~Pnt Wll" surnh .touo ~td~twaln, or no .... l'nlnt, who I5 .. 1H years ol<l. l•inrl J~:mumtt. Run of Mr. nnd Mt'M. nnwr Md:lwnln, wnM found t.o h~ t.lil' · yrnut!Je~l. lln wn• horn .Jnuunr,v t~. tltl~ y~n r. ThA' 10:12 rPunton will b~ held Ill' STRICT PRIVACY Julll' 4 Itt Elvltig Park. church. New OaHtle, UK arch• eous · ta1les. lrlreworks were Wiley Hill, Honor Wedding tJtle~t, the ltev, Dennl~ Jragg!ll:ty. brought uut late Saturday nigh~ ----~ p I •. • 0 N A L M h ltttl Pitt and put df. A'r RltUNION . • Clilll)!itin .or ercy liiiP ' B· Ottt -o• town gUests w~~e 1\tr, ... 11 A • Of burgh Ill! deHCOii, the nev, John L llr. and Ml'8. George B. n • ~ I M A " ( I ( o .• ·nna.versary· ' ' .r. Grcar.e;, pastor ,of flt. TitUs ·a'nd Mra. 1\{, tl. Hogue and chll· son. I'Oln~n~d today-~rom Pnrker'• I "d dren Ruth nnd• bOnaltl: Mr. a6d r,.andlng, Clilrlo~ colm~r. wh_ ere! S · I C 0 N 0 P l 0 0 r <lhuti!h, A tqulpp~. as eUG- aaron, - J ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK . AT FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Liberty Lauah Your Carea 'Away With Marion Davies TODAy; - TUESDAY -WEDNESDAY A Great Laugh Comedy With A Big Star Heading a Superb Cast wllft ~htn~y Dlltkm~r •lllfllf'll Glea110n l'olly ~luran I.fater Vall !1111rln l"n!tu~t ·AIJo BOBBY J~ES ''tfOW I PLAV fiOLP"' J!larfs Thllftcll)' Ntrma · IMIM..., In "Htranaen Mar Kl•~" The Welcome Blbl~ class wi\I 110111. ltil wontltly turN!Ii dlllbBr It .the clhUU!Il tit· 6 O'~ltilik Well· IIHtlfty · 11l11ht. Prll)'~r ~el'VICe lit. 8 o'dloclj ~ iOliA,wetl b)' a rneetllllt · or the 'tea~llei'B aud otflt-ers ut tile iltini!it)' ~dllool. . ·'.the W<oman's Ml~illlJJ\ilt.Y tiOCloty •in bold tti! · aruiusl plalilc at fldtrflwoM Jui:; 21. Loc ' al' Res•"dents· lllld tile Rev Joseph' Do~tr, liB~· !llrs. J. A. ll!ilflle' alld daughters th~y attended he Wilson familY 513 LAWREtMI AYI: tor, of s•. Joseph'~ <lhllrcb, NeW Maxine .and lletty LOu; Mr. and t·eunlon l.tdd. July. 4th. at tht! p H 0 N I ' I 6 6 2 came, 1\s niAHt@r llf ceremonies. Mrs. A. J •. Oootb lind daugbtet• home o£ ~Ir. Wilson'~< father A; * ·ILLWOOD CITY, p_ A• * !~~!iiiii;~~~;5i!ii!~~~~~ . - ltev. ~btftck l!l, Maller, J:liletor ·Tbedll• ~h.· lltii), Mta," Norman !II, wna 0 n, ";ho Iii 87 yenrH oJ,1 l:lonorl(i)J the. thlrtletb wedding ot st. Frt·rldls Xavier churob N. Zefgle; and sotls Kellliet~ and nnd · In g;ood lbenlth. A plcul~ a~nlversaJ¥ at ~lr. and ltlrs. Hays .8. l'itttliUigh, will pt4!~cll • the Louis { ml!l William lt~Oulre, nil featured tiJo nttalr. -- M p ,..~~ Baud •r a· delightful aftalr · WU$ · · .. b 1 of t.b .. '"IJM ot New <lnstle. From l!lnwooo -----------------~----~~-. 8!ltlllon. .,_. e mils c . , LU 0~ were Mr. lllld l\1r8. ltrank Will!~ I MA'JESTIC A a·r Pi ......... held at tho Mole of ~r. and !Ill's. will be lillWlletl br Rev, lr. 1!1. ' I C•...- Jobn smttu hi .wurt.burg "" '(Jitttord, =a~sllltlllit palit!Jr or St. and 'Qhlldreu lYo, tldrl, !lbd ~ay: . I . . . . For 3 Blr Daya the Foll:·th. 'i'be bOn~ • gu~·~~ M b h .... {1 tl li d l\Ir. and Mrs. Dn'vlll VnnOorder. ' . O¥E liry's c Ul't! ' "~'"' as ~ n ' ·· ~hUt.1en Vh·litn , Anne and s L · Mill Tillie lC•d.rlan, ot l'ltts• were. })fl!llented,. wUh a' be~~ti'tlflll lila persoN>Ily direCted C!holr.' Jatllae·, Mr and ~Irs. Henr; s .. "-.· ·AM~'iiJ,f,lt. ... TUES AY w·E.O. NESD· A·-.y h k cl<wk. Gl'PEts were present ftom 1 ,_.__ ___ .._ ____ ......, ff VII'. ~~. TODAY - D . riurgb, Wll! here over t e .wee ·pm•tel\;vlllo, New Oastle lllltl ti\IB Wiley antl 80D Mervin i Mr. an·i . · t!nd ns thil gU~wt of Miss Margnr• ABOUT FOLKS Mrs. Amo! Wliey: and Miss Mar· 'e .. Blcellons~. In I.attrence aveliue. city. · · ·' . 11aret ~c"rtt, dall'•bt~r ot tb" t. h_an THE L~· w 1 ? J ThOile . present were 1 Mr. !lllll . ., e TAXI-CALL dOO Ml'l!l. Dob Bauder, Ethel McCan- ' YOU · · KNOW hosts. , ally Mrli. Ann Biukley, Mlils RUth 1 . . . of Mr6: J. P. l\lotrlaoll, ot Ct~s·1 ·: · i.dlu.dtlter, ~fr, and l.Iu. Hiltve¥ atebUee~ ?tll1!8 Pyle, t\ob~1·.t Watson a.'ld family, Mr. and Mr~. Pyle, and :0. E!. Pyle, and Mr • .................. EXC11B810N Etneat · llnrkl!!Y and daughter .&irli. Bruce Bunttt, ot ~lttl; tutmbP.ct> Pll lett' tor their hollw~ 1 Betty, Mr. and 1\Irs. Huye Ball: ,!Jurgh '(Jircle, · lB I!!JrPretliig M~l!. Iilst nlg!Jt. The otiHm wlll re· , der aiuJ fp.mll~, Mr. and , 1111'8 Mary MtC1Ubif, ot MilwaUkee. mal.n tor :l week'M vl~lf, ! Cltrl .·llaud~r; Mr. slid. Mrs. 8am Wis., tom••rrow for· a vl!lt at bcr eJIJI.t1 II '\~ :ilaude~, · l\fr, and M·ra. ·Roy Scheid· home. ema·~tle, Mr. ahd Mts, Ralph Gal· , 1\lr. a.ntt ·l\lr8, Ralph Cotlni!r, of Gl~n ,,·enlle, imd Loran CoJII· her ot Jl•:rth street, will tl)tttrn this afteruoon .after a week·entl visit wit!!.· Mr&: Conner's aunt. Mrs. WO>Ihn, ·or Sandu~kt, oliio . lagller aNI .son Junior, 1\llse Hel• en Jlou"k Mr •. and MrA. John i!ml tb, Mi· .. and llir&. c ... Bame aod f~rnlly, :\Jr. nitd lllrs. H. II. ... , _.To D)RB'"OIT Bautlet. The :ft.,,., and Mril. Dlivl~ •nd daughter Negl1b, of l'!cranton, IH!VIi' retu ruM t~ their bomil !If· ter 8perhl'na tw!J weelt8 _wltb Mra, l'hbma,.,l!Jvan~, 0! t!J)tlllfl av· enu~ •. - .. ·-.. I To TOLED ..... 1 ELLWOOD I>EOPLE ATTEND Ia ~ . WRIOHT FAMILY REUNION r,O.m....o.ia..,. • ·• .lOdOp.m,.' )fr. an dllirs. G. A~ Wright, and .u. Toledo • • • • • 4 ' 50 •·.... dot 1 g. 'bter Martha, Mrs. :Qae Boot8 .U.Doav!J •. '-) •• ''"··.· __, lllfll ' nnd dllUJfbtei-' 'D@tyl; 'lllltl Frank aei!IWa'l'llllt MlU.H.UIIIATIII Ore~!, ttll .ot tbl!! ~It", lltten'dcd . ""liU<B ... .-..u-................... J! · ,..~-~11 tM Wrl8'ht family reunion held Ia . ~==~ · 1: : ; : y@stett1ay at ZAifl(er'M Orov~. near ~ilss Florence Dru&ebel and Ml!s Jane Capper, of Milli,ilfl~lll, Ohio,. lite #uests li.t th~ btitne or )If'" Drllicbel'e cousin, . )f_li!'~ "''B@r~·t : Bootl, · llf' Franklin atenut~, Mr. ami Mte, J:- E. Powell, ot tbli cltv · Mt. tmd Mrs. '.1'. B. BoYd, of. :lmtlet; lllid ·Mrs. Katb• etlne bunn; ot Wilkensburg, re• turned tQ their homes last • .night '' from. AltMna,. wllere fhjjy had m6tori!d l!'rldtlf to the Mma of p, H. C. MEET . TUJt!IDAY •"- a pltlfal tl"t-thlt monam' p, It. c. will meet at *''O'c}oek J. Mttyloond Doli Wblte-aeat ber 'l'uesd 1 y iliiht In' Scbwel~r boll. d•totett 111ouatalh oabla-blt •••• •• ,., __ • • •.. • · • • a. Itnr!llony,' Both tllnner itntl supper : Ia •• _ ..... ,..... .1.71 ' ' J,U 1\'@·r~ l@tV@tl '\Vltt\'' COYClU Jal4 tor Dr. l!Ud Mrl!. Uprllllrt. ]IJtntet fllulllenberter, ot i!<lutb e~~A:D eta.......aura· 'IOO liT nt th@o woll-fllled tables. ·Lyon Mil'.l:., epent · tbe · 1 Fourt!l -~ Ol' al&'l'llGI'I' • • - Tile ·n~rxt .retinlol'l. will be held wltb • bl!i ~leter, 1\lre. Zena. lite· . . 'I DflcoraUoii ·' dily, 11iall,' at Edge• pbenson, of ·l;Jat!el D.Yt!bUe,. -nurl ·~i~~~J:COd' a. '1\;0od, 0)1 tho . Benver ll'a11.8 roAd. with bla brother and family, ~h. · · ' · ....: .. ' •-~--· ' . · . I and - •·tr~. ,Jamft~ Sh!ilh!nber~er, Yt.lita...,._ .. ~ ·- .I !\Irs. 'filit~li Mtl'innny rfturned to " ~ ~ :,_,..... .. ..,._tiM._.... ' hel' hom~ Ill TnrNttllni tOday, 4!0n• ot Line ·n\'euu~. He lett yl!8ter· !!eke• A.-~ • du~Iiii. n visit ot two ,Veelt!l at dA;Y for bla Mme. :. ~Ni'llf;:.lft' the· holl'le 'ilf . h~r' dau•bt~r. · Mre. · · · · · Mr. an<.o ~lril: Thomtl.!i li'~tlm'ir, lill•~~t.•I·J::_ c. B~e!fle, }n" ,Ftlcll &tl'j!8f. '· ot Plttaburgb, · -:tere . guests or :Mre. tenrt · stepllelltoo, or , Htzei atenul!, llf~.r the routtb •. ; ' ENT8Y :BLANK" fol' -~·NATIONAL.:. JNTl"."' j .t('. F.NCE TEST: "'"''"~netet'l ,, b)' · Central l're!ll Aeeoetad~ ami . . E~WOOtl cur ~~·r . fta ·hlfh iCil061 M,. wcl•IDI til• bllllts.t trll4it .;.. on& 'froni · -itGII ot a HOCtou of till Country ~ wiU 'be awar~ld a PlifiOil• lnJ ~li411Gtt4 tollr ot · ltilJ and the Medttarran~nn with. all -•· . ·~ l\llct ' Blta: . I l. ·desire to partlcll)lllit ID the esamlutloD to bt held &t ·CJnoolD -ICliCIOJ; J'rfdaJ ·morlitlllf,. JUI7 io, and :vou art til enter 1113' Dlme. . ' . 'ttA.MID • •;. •• ~· ••••••• ~ .... ~ .. •l'i •• ; •••• ,: •• I ...... I •• I ••••. .: .••• -•. ;·.:,.· •• i. __ .. (Plta .. prlAt or mlta plalpl;y) · . ,. "" .... · .. , ·-'·'· : ·_ . . . ..,. . _AI)DJt~B · ;, •• •ete.•~-:. t-••• ·-·~· e:tt.·· ••••• •:a • .- .... .; •.•· • • • • •• • .-.-.-.-. •.j( , ' . ~ IJ. j'-·' -·':': .""; :.·. ' ' . •' _. • • ' ~ ' . . ~~~~. , ..... ~~··· .,._;. ... :-,······· •·•.••• .r.~ .................... ,. .• ~. ,:.' l AT'l'!ND ...... : .. · .. ; .... litO H !!!(\ROO):... YEAB. • .. ,· •• • ·Pieu.· ~ti ~· · btllii' uil• EattY. Atanki to of.ttc. of · lAd~, .~ ~· Mr. &lld .MtB; Ohltlll, Benllon, ot Flfth stteet, returned tolay after it!)t!lldlnr tile 'll'eek-end . at OtneV't·on-tbe·Lt~. · '· ¥t . . a nil Mu. Jo,eph ~ J4olnar and son Joseph Jr., llfi!J Mis~ :Betty · Mola.ar, of Ellport, . a,n.t John Gretch, of JllUwOOII, ~oto!·· ed to Hatnlltoll, . OntariO, frl4&1 evectn« to Tlatt wltq .. retath·et. ThllJ retl'rneci io tbelt',Jiom.S · ia*t n!ihL ....,_ . I . • Mias"·:Q!•ttba Burrow a, Cit !'oun · ta.fn ~Te.'lne, returned Batu.r.Say afternoon · from a · ~everal day~ visit Wttl! reliitlves In EIT~~()Ity. (,• . \ . : . ____..._. ,. · Ml'il. Tlilt() . ·Steffler, ·· of bnrgb ; · Mis~ I dell l'ylP, · at WetU>>'AJ Unl!ers~t1; Cleveland: Robert Pyle, of AkroD:.. bia ~. n. J!l, Pylo, t>f fotina•towll; A ll meml'ers lfre n\-ged to , hr etoabed a!ldet • rook-h11rlecl do'lnl I br eludallde. .present 8!1 eereral ltentM ot. llu-· TerriAe4 lelt death ahollld claim portAnt bualne•s ·are to come IK,· llm-fraatleally, M•ry p~lled­ fore the chcll;, Th~ Junior clrch! taUed lib IUIIIIIIOth, half-naciooa ·illlll dti!&ntlnued ltl nll!etlngs tnl· hocly.., bet •bla-.et hla apliatered til the fltst nf S~ptember. Ja .. -dteiMd bh'fouade-auned lalm aJCbt IUid dey, · . : ·. Origu;au :v,. peOple w~te nllll\ed 1 · H- ab8 ftftbiped that branry .;..tllo deAaaet to p!lia-en clea!Jt .tllr l:belr profeuiOill bt prontlUPill the aawia biJ aollleeyeo; Herewu • trait:;, but Mayor walker or NP·~~' ,. .. _,mea wonb Iovin,. Aad day York, la being Invited to tab n · by c~q-tbe eould'aee that be, too- walk tor another r~a~on. ria llrowl., co·loYe her. OJ..S, aalud, ..:.;._ly IHippy-the •eab llw 11?-Bob'• Je•• elmoat ll .. led-aiHI tbe d1y of reekoain' - "MuJ .. t be t&ld. "II~ JOD -r 111M to.rea.. That _,.1~-th• rook...;J ftt 1114111' aoeey '-be llllob4. "Yoo --l'm ... waU-you cloa't ·-•t a trala robbar.-.f«>r il lntlltod I" . ' "obo lobi" llbe C1111!6-!lar- ber· Nil oslal1 ahMt. "Yau'tl atna ~- OGiJ .... J'OIII fl) __ ,elM -He'41111ft tllk• you-oat dlere.:• "Doll'c, .._.,,, 1M plee414. "R• ••berTiaeU.. It'a oat 10 lltt me ..,.. If rnqaltdte ..--lor tood· .. ;. ~,~... . o. ·. Mr. :.nd MrJ: Jli&rl pamJj&cll • (.au&ht•tll . Rutll tnd Lola. or :DU4~~; _.,ere ~~k-eD~ ·&-.tl _ .I I L L· 5 T A ~ T· L I THE ENTIRE ·LDI~ MORE lh1n · epic eatertaia­ ment I A lirillr, breath- Ina do(ument Of today' c treateet mi .. c• - •hom of alory - Yold. of ~eroica - pic- . lured 11 it iHena· Hurls a mighty ch~llenge 't. ·the univem. Men's blood will rae~! Women'• hearl!! will throb I A million souli ill cry "it's the !!lOSt Vital •mit:;;~~!" -\ ... Comedy ~ Cartoon - Newa -No Advance ia 'ric.~~.- · Thurad•y, · Friday, . Saturday - "The ~" · with Barthelmeu , ..

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