The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1955 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1955
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

\ February 3,1955 \ February 3,1955 Feb. 16, Corwith i i I Get feesufos ~6h YoOr Herd! Just put MINRAL MEAT4MEKt'tIft.c«,SeWeeder. Your hogs Balance their own rations, with any 1 type of grain. Supply plenty of water. In dry lot feeding, supply good alfalfa hay In racks. There's nothing else to do, nothing else to buy. j , . Satisfctetion Or Your Money Bac*k Accept our NOjRISK trial offer. Get a bag of MINRAL MEAT MEAL from youV Sargent dealer.. Feed it. See the difference it, makes. See the big, economical gains you v get. If not satisfied, return'the empty bag and your dealer will return your'money in full. S ARGENT & CO. Raving* "*' Clem,' John and Raymond Godjt man, but it's a nice Star} for tab name, so to speak, That fine mefft dish, "Ham", is lined,up m staf - ng v»ith four nahmh«6, Charfjs Hamilton, George" HanJiltonJDO- rea" M. Hammer and^Jdhn Hat!.» mef, The word "Hard" is not-a - A Uiite ol *M* » Ultl* v el ffcti) Hoi. Much ' ! 6* POINTERS ON ROOFS OF FIRES FOR HRE IIOHTIH& DOUBT HAVE YOUR ROOF AHO BY AN EXPERT It was one night last week after I had completed washing the supper dishes and there wasn't anything too fancy on the T-V that I happened to pick up the tele- phohe direcloi-y and Ihen remembered that R. S. Blossom had once asked me dfd I eVer woftder'about how nanies were started in spelling and said thai there were a lot 'of nanies which contained every day thoughts and things as well as being named after pities, etc. And so I checked a few of the phone holder names and found it interesting, For instance there was that of Richard N. Burt, was he.named after Burt or was Burt named !after him? And' Ihere were names which slarled with "Car" (dori* know what make) and they wen E. B. Carlson, Olliver Carlson E. R; Carney, Robert Carney, Wil liam Carney, Robert Carr, Hugl Carroll, John Carroll and D.'H Carver. And then think of;a) he names that were started with my .Chris; Jack ChrischilleS, Julian Chrischilles, Ted R. Chris- chilles, Theo. H: Chrischilles, Donald Christerisen, Melvin Christensen, Roy Christensen, M. P. Chris- tiansen'arid Ferman Chrisloffers. Then there are two names staring with "Crow" arid they 'are J. S. and John CrowleyV "•-. And there are three names which start with "Did" and while' I don't kriow what Ihey did I do know they are O. K." gents, Anton Didriksen, and Martin and Soren Didriksen. And there are two names with which a "Fan" starts them arid they are Ralph and Robert Fandel. There is only one name which starts; with "Far" and that could be far away!or a farrow" and which it :is; Millon Farrow. There is only';, one "Feast" involved in starting » IlCi.1 JL11C *» v».%*. »-«- — -— , ways meanirig as j hard as ouhds and it startUhe namefc - ive here, Charles-Hardgrove, M|s Fern Hardgrove, Jerome A. Hard' grove, Mae HardgroVe 1 and Russell Hardgrove. all of them fine afld not at all hard to get along With. In the ca«e o£ bur nidesl pottf- Iry Ihe word "Hen" slarls the naiftes of eight of our nice tele- ahone holders and they are Rob* erl Henderson, Adolph Hehdrick- son, Joe Henry, Simon Henjty, Berlha Ann Henlges, t). D, Hertj- ges, Howard Hehlges and Oscdr d ^.^jJ' The word Which,stands for a smaller residence, "Hut" sure is a popular leader in names, having a near dozen gents'here who sign Iheii 1 names slartinj with "Hut", and they are Cafi Hutchins, Don H. Hutching E.'H Hutchins, Eugene H; Hutchins, H D. Hutchins, L. C. Hutchm.s, D S. Hutchison, 1 Donald C; Hut chison, Theo. Hutchison, Law? rence E. Hulzell and R. R. Hut zell. The word "Kin" a shorl one standing for relatives, is also found to start the names of nine telephone owners artjLthey are O B. Kinden, David C. King, Joe King, Mrs Mary King, Max King Robert King, Mount Kinseth Jr., and E. S. Kinsey. There are three gents listed whose names starl sorl of happily wilh Ihe word •Merry", and Ihey are J. L, James I. and Tom S. Merryman. And ;here are ihree names which start with having "Met" somebody anfl they are M. C. Metcalf, Raymonfl VTelzen and Clarence Metzgef, And there are three names Which start with an "Oak" tree and-they are A. B. Oakland, Maria G. Oakr land'and P. J. Oakland. The writing pen' is involved in starling three names which are Ho wars} Pentecost; J. • W. Pentecosl ana John Penlon^j And Ihe gent who "Rah" 'found 'the names of five gents who started their names with! speed -and' they are Glen Raney, ;HugK Raney, J. A. Raney, Lyle Raney and W; H. Raney. ; * : Ariel Iftve inames 'were: fouiffl that slatted) with '* color of ;"Rj<% -i6se ofeiAndrewJRed- anies because on accourit of nere were those starling wilh Rich" 1 as follows: Edward Rich, Edward Rich Jr., John Rich, Keneth Richards, B. P. Richardsbn, E. M. Richardson, Paul L. Rich- rdsoh, R. G. Richardson, R. K. Uchardson, Robert R. Richardson and Willis Richman. And Ihe word "Rob" slarled eight names >ul I' can- vouch for all of Ihenfi being fine gents and nary a bit of robbing, and the names were hose of J. T. Roberts. John D. Roberts, R. L. Robinaull, Chesler Robinson, E. E. (Bud) Robinson, L. : H. Robinson, Lloyd Robinson and R. Robison. And Ihere were a dozen names which started with Will" having to do with a will to. .do the right thing al all limes and they were Chester Willey, Hugh -Willey, -Paul Willey. J. -N. Willger, Chel Williams, Ernest Williams, Fred Williams, Robt Williams, A. R. Willfel, .Carroll Willrelt,: .Elsie Willrett, Erich Willrell.. It is- really ihleresling to find how words and deeds can be involved in starling" your name or my name, so lo speak., And found Ihere were many, manj more of like words which also start a gent's name, bul tm sh'otild do for.lhis time. .Just,fo fun, why don't you check Ihroiigh a phone book and find hbw many many names are hooked up wil every day Ihoughts and doings, s to speak? •' ijftt A Oil. •', • ^M^W'-'-^M***"* **' -"'••• ** * *r»*~J ~ • *^~ ihantes'using them arid they -vet 'A, L. Fisher and T. J. Fisher. "Good" •Starts : qnly three names, those o) Meet Your NEW NEIGHBORS Although Mr and Mrs Robert jeMuth have lived in Algona nly since lasl November, Ihey ave become acquainted wilh lols f nice people here and are happy with Iheir new home. They are friendly couple who keep busy wilh Iheir work in business and he home. ' Belle is employed by Rusk Drugs-Jewelry while Bob manages Ihe Singer Sewing Center. Tiey have an apartmenl at 318 i. Harlan.St! Bob's home Is Jesup while Belle hails from Fayelte. Belle worked in a drug store at Fayette for ten years. Bob has been with Ihe-Singer Sewing Machine Co. for a year, sterling with them at Oelwein. Mr and Mrs DeMuth were married a year ago last September. 'Thomas Edison was fired from „ job as a young man for sleep ing while on duty. Belle and Bob DeMuth The Last Word-^men! Irvin Welp With A. A. A. Battalion BALTIMORE—Army Pvl. Irvn 1 R. Welp, son of Mr and Mrs Ray Welp, Route 1, Tilonka, recently joined Ihe newly formed 54lh- Anli-Aircraft Missile Balta- iqn at the Army Chemical Center h Baltimore. ••, .< .'.•'" . Private Welp is a member of Headquarters Battery of the "Nike" guided missile unit, part of the "Ring of Steel" guarding the 'Baltfmore,-Washinglon area. ..Welp entered, the Army last Oclober and completed basic Cainp-Chaffee, Ark. There were plerity of hogs on the highway near Glenwood one riighl recently. A semi-trailer 'overturned-w&en the ait brakes failed, and the hogs were released by culling a hole in the roof'ol the trailer, ,, •>; , .. \'.<. . .Ul|s* lLu«=w*»« !-{•*«.• :*ww«~»**oi •• e T~^?~ : Q*~ r . Sv g^ i S^^^o I S PPer ed in Ihe^.starting of a lot of 'Pea Moines Pub. Co.. Algona. CO Heat c yj Kossuth Mutual Insurance Assn, IOIA $CUffHAM, m \ 09 <t UJ ; WITH NATURAL GAS MOORE GASHEATER tVatch your Bank Recount Growl SAVE MONE/ .*?. SAVE FUEL with a MOORE'S CAST IRON GAS CIRCULATING HEATER LIFT A MOORE'S AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! Cast lro« U$t« longtr ... R«ta/n« H««t tons«r CUT FUEL'BILLS: Gat ht«tl more cconomiwlly V. , MOORi'SCast Iron g«t circulating heater* tquceu out «v«ry bit of heat. .fCast Iron retain* heat longer,,, unit oper« ate* for thorter period. SAVES MONEY! MOORE'S heaters are the ideal aniwer for additional heat,,, tpare room*/ «• paniion space/ etc. No pfccj to completely re* vamp your heating system* ••••"•MOOR&; From The Whitlemore Champion It' began in the Champion two issues ago when reported' thai school heads here mel wilh the county nurse to discuss the'con- rol of hepalitis in Ihe Ihree instl- .ulions. ' » Lasl week it was picked up oy the Algona Upper Des Moines and listed as "epidemic." This week the Kossuth County Advance poo-poos the story bf the other Algona' newspaper. * '*'..»'•• • And that brings us to this week and here we are doing our duty to set everyone straighl wilh no hard feelings loward anyone'. . We can tell you gentlemen the following facts: ' • * * " , 1. There were more than six cases of .hepatitis here. 2.,'Countless preventalive "shots ;h£Ve been administered tc /J'jwhole families by Algona and • yErnmelsburg doclors.^ : 3; There were cases of. hepatitis from Ihe public school. > •^. Allhough not epidemic, it was /^ndeed feared ,that. the situation ~ would''get'.out-'of hand. : 'Tha is the reason the county nurse was called into ,a huddle with schoolmen here and "Why -M|Si Hayden (the nurse)'in turn me with the county medidal society who ruled the case non-epi '.demic/ . . -'•,.. 5.' There are still folks taking pre ventative "sfiots" when exposed to the disease. . • 6.-the thing is slowing down although there was^ sorpe alarm among Whittemore 'folks. 7. We are open to salary discussions for. failhful and accurate reporting of Ihe Whil- lemore news. 8. The Whittemore Champion has never in history made a 5,000 press run of its newspaper in any given issue.. But its power ratio is there when it comes to i the Whittemore circulalion. 9. We prppose a coffee meeting with writers of tha Advance, Upper Des Moines and Champion jusl for Ihe fun of il and to keep everything on a friendly basis. Maybe some good farmer's wife would invite us in so we could meet half way. 10. Amen. CENTRAL SERVICE WAS 103 Iowa lost one of its oldest residents recently in the death al Marshalllown of Joseph' Harding of Dillon. He was 103, and had come lo Iowa with his parents prior to the Civil War. (J-D-M Want Ads Bring Hcnulto See the New 1955 MERCURY On Display At Taylor Mercury Division of Taylor Implement Co. Dean Taylor and Bill Ringgenberg, Salesmen Phone 421 So. Phillips St. ALGONA 66 Students On Honor Roll Jr.-SeniorHi Junior high and high school honor roll lists were released last week by Supt. O. B. Laing of Algona. High School. A tolal of 66 sliidents made the list, including eight pupils with slraight A averages.; , Sevenlh grade—Jim Anderson, Gary Cook, Deiler Gruener, Benjy Herbst, David Passmore, Richard Zwiefel, Patty Cowan, Sharon DeGroole,- Cheryl Inunerfall, Grace McKim and Pamela Waller. : Eighth gradfc-T-Joel Harris,; Patrick Kain, Roberl Zeimet, Rachel Albright,' *Jeanette^>Bjustrom, Mary^t Boldridge, -Jane Cirftey, Margaref • Gade,- Joyce -i-Hufflnhpld; Sue Hutchinsori,' Delores Leek, Sandra Phillips,' Judy ReihdersJ Beverly RJngsdorf, Judith Utovni Verna Schmidt, Carol < Shore;' Marlanna Steele, Mafilee White. and ; Carole;Wlttkopf . *;•, ••/;••! ,• Freshmen-— Marcia Anderson; Gary JSernau, Pat Gilbert, ^Carolyn Hagen, 'Karen, Hutchins, Tom Hutchison, Larry 'Hutzell, ielen Kuhlmann, Jerry Lewis, Faye Loss, *Elaine Montgomery, 5 aula Priebe, Sandra Richman, Sandra Strahorn, Wayne Williams and Mimi Wrighl ' -' .• . • Sophomores—Kenneth Bunkof- oKe, Judy, Cowan, Kathy Dermand, Pal Ferris, Ted Finley, Eunice Gade, Norma Gallon,' Carole Hayes, *Beverly James, *Maribel Kain, David Kohl, Sharon Miller, Linda Pentecosl, Shar- on..P,owers, Connie Priebe, Darene Skogslrom and Fred Stra- Juniors—Luanna Alt, Barbara Boufnei Jody Cutler, Carolyn Drone, Carol Godfredson, Bob Jensen, Nancy Kain, Janice Markla, Doug Meyer, Dave Phillips, Marilyn Seller, Karen Shirley, *Sandra Shumway, Virginia Simons, Sharon Strayer, Joan Urch, Cheryl VanderWaal, Dick Vipond and Jeri Kae Voigt. Seniors — Jack Amon, Neil Anderson, Harold Bosworth, Kay Braylon, Cleone Crawford, NidaS Dermand, Myrna Fries, Dorothy Gade, Slan Hansen, Adele Her- bsl, Kathryn Hutchins, Karen Kuchenreuther, Pete Langmack, *Evelyn McKim, Larry Obrecht, Ailene Quaday, Eulan Schuller and Joe Troutman. Asterisk (*) indicates straight A student. Burt Soldier Has Rest In Tokyo TOKYO—Pfc. Maynard J. Rie ken,- son of Melvin J. Rieken o Burt, recently spent a week leave in Tokyo from his unit m Korea. Toyko is Japan's largest metropolitan area and one of the largest cities in the world. Private Firsl Class Rieken, a mechanic with Headquarters Company of the 19th Engineer Group, entered the Army in March 1954 and arrived overseas last September. Classrooms And News Gym Are Major Factors Voters of the Corwith Community School district will go to the polls Feb. 16 to decide on a bond issue for school house expansion. The Board of Directors is asking the residents of the newly formed district to approve a $350,000 bond issue for an addition to and re- ' ' modeling of the present building. Part of the funds will be used for equipment and part to insure adequate drainage for the school. The original Corwith school building was planned and built to serve the students from Corwith and an area of 32% sections. The Community District now includes 76 sections around Corwith. Student enrollment includes 275 elementary and 104 high school. Classroom enrollment runs from 19 in fifth grade to 48 in kindergarten. High school classes have from 18 to 36 students. The plans for expansion of school facilities call for the addition to the northwest.of the present building and attached to it. 1. It will contain a gymnasium- auditorium with a playing floor 50x84 feet and seating capacity of 640 persons. 1 2. New boys and girls locker and shower rooms. Antonius Stradiv'arius' signature is said to have been forged more than anyone else's. X> 3. Specialized instrumental music facilities to be used in conjunc- •; lion wilh slage'for music. 4. General shop. 5. Two high school classrooms. . ' ft , One high school science de- parlmenl room wilh required slorage areas. ...,.,. 7. New boy's and girls toilets 8. New hot lunch kilchen wilh adequate storage and food preparation areas. 9. Combination lobby - lunch room with rollaway tables. Remodeling Plans 1. The present building will be changed lo provide home economic v.mdergarten. janitor s room, kihdergarteii toilet,, etc.: on the ground floor. 2. Two classrooms will,, be enlarged on; the first floor by moving a Avail and narrowing, th? ceriterKcorridor space: •.•"•'•' • V&- ' Rem'bdeling on the second floor )Will include movlng.i,two toilets to 'enlarge two high .school classrooms, converting the assembly hall lo separate library study hall and corridor. ; through , Ihe building. . . •' • .'••. ' 4. Enlarging administrative offices by utilizing stage and present library. . • . . , ,The board . of: education with Supt. Paul Skarda and the archl- ecls devised the plans and they were approved by a Citizens Ad- risory Committee. Members of the board are Budd jawsoh; president; Larry Frei- ierg, secrelary; Paul Van Helten, reasurer; Clarence Jurgensen. Earl Chambers. John 0. Mullins, and James Veldhouse. • The • advisory committee was , made'up of Lester Bonnsteller, Ed Frey, E. C, Barlik, Alberl Johnson, John Puffer, -George Gasklll, Lee Williams, Elmer Glawe, Fred Will and Roland Hauswirlh. Millage levy for school purposes n Corwilh in 1952 were 25.347. In 1953 ' the levy was 20.381. The board estimates that the dis- Iricl with the new building program will not be paying any tiigher levy than they did in 1952. Former Resident Of Burt Dies Mr and Mrs Art Leason received word Thursday of the sudden death of Otto Schmidt, 62, in Buffalo Center. Mr Schmidt, who operated a meat market, had accompanied a son on an errand, when he became ill and died almost immediately. Otto Schmidt was born in Germany accompanying his parents to the United States at the age of four years. The family lived in 31ue Earth and Fairmonl before he deceased came to Burt where ie was employed by Staley Bro- hers and late? the Tom Trainer market. He with his wife and son mov- d about 1927 to Fenton and then o Buffalo Center. He is survived >y his widow, one son Forrest, and three grandchildren. Funeral services were held in Buffalo Center Saturday wilh burial ;here. Mr and Mrs Art Leason and Lura Sewick attended the services. Algona Girl With Iowa State Band Am*s. Iowa — Pat Ward, .Algona will play with the 85 piece, Iowa State Concert Band when Rafael Mendez, the world's great- esl trumpet player, appears with, the band at 8 p.m. in State Gymnasium on Feb. 13. This is a benefit concert to raise funds to send the band to the Iowa State-Colorado football game in Boulder, Colo., next fall. Pat plays string bass in the band.

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