Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 3, 1947 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1947
Page 3
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Regular $1.98 Speclul, each SLIP COVER FABBIC. Pre-shrunk fabric suitable for slip covers or draperies. Two attractive patterns in four colors. Values to SI.9S yard Speclul, yard FOLDING SCREENS. Three and four fold styles. Made of brown csrdboard with attractive designs. Slightly damaged. Values to $3.98 (g-| AA Special THIRD FLOOB Women's Activities-Personal and Social Marine Corps League Entertains 85 Couple Methodists' Hold Election Mrs. Edwin Valentine was" elected president of the Wesleyan Serv- ce Guild of the Methodist church at a recent meeting- held at the church. Other olllcers ejected were: Mrs. Albert Markcy, vice-president: Mildred Brown, recording secretary; Mrs. Gottfried Siequist, corresponding secretary; Dorothy Powell, treasurer; Mrs. Bruce Fisher. Jr., Spiritual Life chairman; Mary Em-crson, W;o;r 1 d BroBherhood chairman; Pearl Atlkins. local church activities and Christian So- ciiil Relations chairman; Mrs. Norman Sundholm, recreation ami supply chairman: Mrs, Arthur Taylor, membership chairman; Mrs. William Imholz, music and publicity chairman. Mrs. Claude Travcr of Phoenix avenue, and daughter, Cheryl Ann. born Dec. 25 at~St. Mary's .hospital, Waterbury, have returned to their home. Patrick McBrccn, 39 Oak street, is a medical patient at St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury. The annual meeting of the Church Helpers of St. Michael's Episcopal church will be held Wednesday nf- :ernoon, Jan, 8 at 1 o'clock in the parish house. A pot-luck luncheon ivill be served followed by the election and installation of officers. Cnpt. Michael Charles of New York today returned to Walter Rc'Od hospital. W-.ishington, D. C.. where he is n pationf. after visiting for several days with Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Daly of Elm street. AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugstuck, Conn. American Made ALARM CLOCK Guaranteed Timekeeper $2-20 Supply Limited Inc. Tax CCHNEER C «^CREDIT JEWELERS^P 162 South Moln St. — 4 2206 At the New Year's Eve dance of the Naugatuck Valley Detachment of the Marine Corps League, nearly 85 couples danced to the music of Bruce Clark's orchestra. The event staged in Odd Fellows hall saw' rmmy novelties including entertainment and refreshments. Among those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Healy, Mr. and Mrs. D. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. D. Fusco. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Harper, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Clark, Mr. and Mrs.. David Chatfield. Mr, and Mrs. W. Scarf?, R. Connor, Miss Myrtle Chatficld, Mr. ind Mrs. Joseph P, Dunahue, Mr, Hnd Mrs. P. Canales, Mr. and Mrs. H. Zettlcmeycr, Mr. and Mrs. John Portn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Robbin.s, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sills, Mr. and VIf«. Peter Umlauf, Mi', and Mrs. T. Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. Gorman. Mr. and Mm. Raymond Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. larryKreidlcr, Sr., Mr. ond Mrs. John T, Grant, Mr, and Mrs. John ''arrnr, Mr. and Mrs. William Becker, Mr. and Mrs. William Rado, . and Mrs. Daniel Rado, Mr. and VIrs. Philip Lamparella. Mr. and Mrs. George Walters of Shclton, tfiss Delia Judson, Richard Varls, is Terry Thompson. Frank W. Salvatore, Miss Patricia O'DonncIl, Vllliam Simmons. Joseph R. Kane. Miss Jeanne A. Burke. • 'Mivand'Mrs. John Mambrino. M and Mrs. Chris Andolina. Albor Miele, Miss Ruth Fruch, Hobci Lawton, Miss Nor ma Douty, Mi and Mrs. James Scullin, Mr. an Mrs. L. GeSBock, Mr. and Mrs. D Patten. Mr. and Mrs. . Frank Pat ten, Mi\ and Mrs. M. Oris, Mi and Mrs. Kenneth Churchill. Mr. and Mrs;'John Borisuck, Mi and Mrs. Joy Schlesinger, Mr. anc Mrs. Joseph McKee, Mr. and Mrs Joseph Rosko. Mr. and Mrs. Johr Tully, Mr. nnd Mrs, James TulJy Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kloski, M'I and Mrs. George Breault, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kathan. Mr. and Mrs. Wil liamJ. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Pete Yanarella. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Foetsch. Mr and Mrs. Raymond Churchill, John Halasik. Betty Jane Churchill, M and Mrs. Elvin Heavens, Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeBarber. Mr. and Mrs McCloskey, Joseph Sicignano. Miss Betty Piper, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gonski, Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Reed. Lawrence Sigetti, Miss Grace Lorson. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Al- Cfise, Mr. and Mrs. F. Carroll, William Leuchars, Miss Shirley Cam. Mr. and Mrs. George Jarceau, Mr. and Mrs, Harold Ash, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. John Mondich, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ashc, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenthal, Miss Mabel Geschinsky, Miss Dorothy LaBelle. Installation Rites Tonight Harry Moeckcl will be installed as master of the Beacon Valley Grange at ceremonies to b<> conducted tonight at the Grange hall, with Leonard J. Emorson. member of th'c state Gmng-c executive committee as installing- officer. Other officers to be installed include: Charles Messner, Sr., overseer; George Baker, lecturer; Harry Stccle, steward; Wayne i Sweet. assistant steward; Mrs. Anna Brush. chaplain; Morey Tripp. gatekeeper; Mrs. Ernestine j Benson, Ceres; Mrs, Alice Bycrs, I Pomona; Mr3. Clara Benson,! Flora: Mrs. Kay Bradley, lady as-j Blatant steward; John Campbell,! executive committee, three years; j Mrs. Maude Trlpp, Juvenile ma-. Iron. Entertains At Holiday Party Mr. and Mrs. John Ivcr Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. William Curtin, 19 Grove street, entertain ed at a New Year's party, I Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lundln, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Scullin, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Swirski, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Rimkoski I Mr. and Mrs. Eug-ene Kozynski, Mr, and Mrs. George Ncal. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hyde, and Mr, and Mrs. Charles Kuchauslcas. The monthly meeting of the John Wesley class of the Methodist church will be held tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock nt the Tiomc of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tucker on Beacon Valley road. William Krodel of Highland I avenue has returned from the New i Haven hospital, where he was a I surgical patient. • Mips Loui'se Grainger of the high school faculty is visiting in Brookline, Mass, Samuel A, Thompson, who is liv- 'ing- at- the local • Y..M.C.A.. will leave the borough permanently Jan. 9, and take up residence at 1.11 E)m street, West Haven. Frederick Be'hlman of Curtiss street has returned from a visit in Pennsylvania, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Epan of North Main street, announce the birth of twin daughters, Mary Eileen and Maureen Anno, in th« Watcrbury hospital, Dec. 27. Mrs. Egan is the former Jessie Schcffts. A meeting of the Women's auxiliary of the Naufiratuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League, will be held tonight In Odd Fellows hall at 8 o'clock, Mrs. Frank Clark will preside. Plans will be completed for a public card party to be held Jan. 17. at which time a corde handbag will be awarded. A report on the rules committee will be presented tonight. Miss Sabina Kloc of Scott street, has returned after spending several days in New York city. 1947 DIARIES AMFILE SECRETARIES STEEL FILE CABINETS LEDGERS - JOURNALS DESK SETS CLIP FILES PUNCHES STAPLING MACHINES INVENTORY PADS TIME BOOKS IN-OUT RECORDS LABELS - TAGS LOOSE LEAF BOOKS LEDGER FORMS INKS - CLIPS - ETC. YOUR STATIONER SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERV STORE M. Barry Keegan FAMILY r-HOTOGRArilER 108 Bank St. Watctbury .Tone* Moritan Bldff. Tel. 4-5384 OLLIES RADIATOR CO. 18 PROSPECT ST. TEL. 5541 Union City AUTO RADIATORS REPAIRED, CLEANED and Re-Cored Work Called For and Delivered •'' ALL WORK GUARANTEED OLLIE LEDUC, Prop. NATIONAL'S JANUARY CLEARANCE SAVE to SWEATERS formerly to 5.98 DRESSES formerly to 16.98 UNTRIMMED COATS formerly to 39.98 $2 $5 $19 FUR TRIMMED COATS formerly to 99.98 FUR COATS formerly to 198 . . *98 BETTER COATS ALSO DRASTICALLY REDUCED CHARGE AND BUDGET ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE WITHOUT COST We'll Gladly Open An Account For You If You Do Not Already Enjoy This Convenience NATIONAL WOM£N'S WIAft FAMOUS FOR QUALITY COATS For Over A Quarter Century 102 SOUTH MAIN STREET Waterbury, Conn

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