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The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
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IN ILL, Tt'ESDAY, JUNK PAGES. FINCU: COPY 3 CENTS SURETY CODE France Seeks British, Spice of (lie News TACTICAL USE Search OF DYNAMITE peie ntAnnn miAn i HO I IVW for Degenerate Is as Lynch Threats HI ktu4rstiu (. fal ri e4 mmr fa I APPROVED BY GOV. HORNER American Help After Dropp ing Gold Mo ey Appear in Assault Murder rMlV kUMoar it4 ate rMlfHk a aw Im4 I tkala tae rkorUt MWid ram Meedar atpevf feaad rrfk I-M It New Law Becomes Sundered Pipes in Johns Clothes Effective July 1 After Long Investigation. 'KnJwir llllRY INDIfiTS NEW CABINET ACTS IN CRISIS Ileal IfcVMMl STRANGLED Klltal IWrd ad Collapse Mrahalh) lUaid tdaaillew lo IW Um 7 a 1 tear aj -aac aa ay to aravM Mle)f'a I I'Afll -1 l-Tb piachea of ARTIST KILLER BLASTS RIP WATER LINES AFTER ATTACK world 4I4 worn allara, AllVilTnl.

IV -tN-aetaf el yiaB-a Vihina faa-la eMtee.l4 I Ha mt Asks Release From Tripartite re) women of a I aaaenlaialraa) tm p4U tfceef ra(e I Ml HV laraaer pwtewait Var la Me4ary at rewivawlal eefa krairaav. I'M a a. iTI lrrr avfeal tWw. ala Ibamf Arm llaakla wa)4a rmia kMIWa at I a. tu.

WAIUO HHIlV iA lfta nationalities tier Usld aa Mle. It. hlaated lha ateel atrlka olde ROOert IrWIrt, 00 1 1 lb f-erl 0t W-4 Henry I turner Toeaday aKned Monetary Agreement ror Free Hand. lallntl board la) Ml lh steal pen Tuee4ay Medical Eamination Shows Ciris Ocath Occurred Saturday Night. etrihe, after am than an hour Slayer, Charged With Three Murders.

It to vital pipelinea tkal fee) water to hie hem ataal'a aprawling Cambria wotka at PAIUH. lAi Tb new govern mnt Camilla Chautemp. atruT' Jnhnatpwa. Ia. Ihreatanlnt Ire 1.

iHtrhaaa of Windsor Princes Karem of Kepur-lb. la. I Du. bM of Kent. 4.

Mr Herriaon William, a. rWnora Martinet Una. 4 llefum Ait Khan 7 taronaa Von Krieger. a Mr. Gilbert Millar lrinr4i Jean I'anlotow.

v. 10. Ilaronaaa ICugen da lllinula' new Inauranra c.Ue, opn lha atatuia boka a om-part law rooiplataly relalnf and moJernuunf aavaraj bundrad aep-arata Inauranra la arrumulated durlnft l'J year of b-rtalatloo Itecarded aa tha nvxlel aetup to tavern Inauranra In any tale, lha rda waa enarted only after flea rear of atudy by a aperlal live rn mm la tun. the atata In.ur- mendoua damata aad anenarlnt ling to aav Franc financial atruciur. won Si to 141 voU of ETHEL.

FRANK iNdiJtwiMxi. CAUr-dn- Twalva anen, with aaaarted leoirda roeifereac wiisj Charts) P. Taft chairman mt lha board. Taft. aalllng fur Kutop in a few day, railed al lh aevralary's offw a auhmlt bla report mm lh failure of the hoard lo bring officiate of lb Independent steel roov panle and heads of In SWIH; lo-t'ther in an atreemenL thouaanda of Jla, Hut al Warren, ricochet In from NKW YORK.

t.l Ifcrairely 0 minute a Her Mr. Kthel Klnef completed bar elory of lha snaJ Impute whlrh Robert liwln lo kill her another, her eiater and a lodger laat Faater Sunday. New Ywk county grand uiy handed up aa degeneralea. aaia quaalne4 by police, TueadsV In tha kldnapalaf ing ttt Ihrea lit 'I fit la, lured frnt IN FIIFA RS A I 'ary rxx 111 llLllLilllUilli Ku. 11.11.

on a play Hatutdat on lha promta Ihey live rabbit (thai palnia him aa lha maaier mind 0nndrnr Tueadey from th of deputle. Chautemp woo th VW on hi demand treat chamber questioning of ihe government ba postponed until hut urgent demand for sweep-In( Bnanrial power la disposed of ThU demand will ba voted on Ulf I la la taking for lh -nrary power" lo r-ublish Frnc'a -Thrr la nothing mora thai lakan -n a board ran sh. aald. "and I do hunt anr department and by lha fllinoia liar aaairiailon three Indi. tmente Tueaday fhaif land Inetltalor of a pM of terrnr It waa estimated lhal thee 10 Vnunn I niitrt Uinnilu a im and deatrwiMn, Ing l' eccentlWt aru'ptoe Hh Ural women apenl a total of IJ-miss) to beromea eflrrtiva ThutaJay July I.

not naming a aucreoaor Mr. Tafl." iVU WV.ll Il4pil WW degree murder. Tha Iwo elplnelfina at Johnatnwn fvm.ouo in lha last year, whlla aarb Through Motions of Mia Kudner at 111 showed aigna of rlppinf axy pipelinea auppivtnr of lha 10 apenl anywhera from t.D. Madeline. T.

and Melt- I'veretl. and Jeanetle cVe'tn. wer taken lo lh llaldain hill. rc-nded, beaten, oultafed, and alaln. Pnllr south a "hand-.

'ne -ueg man with a black mute he ater In lha bit Franklin mill and (0 lo fl'iouia. Thla aum Include. Knartmenl of lha Ineuranra cote Into law will, wa believe, rur many of lha allmenta lo wiikA Ineuranra had fallen prey In Mlnola prior to Wedding Ceremony. lha taear In hlrh she had lived alnca lha triple killing on Uk- HOUSE PASSES awry art la of wearing apparel in- tha I. utter plant mapr unita of tha Cambria worka may mean the rhtMlum ttt lha entire amhi fe tan eluding furs, underwear, accaaaor.

lea, ania.l Jewelry purrhaaea aa wall a lha laraa aipana of beauty left "definite and man Hill when ah went bfr lha grand Jury Flv polic officers fallowed In quick urrr.Mn and (ilairtrt Attorney William tfcxite PAROLE la on lha bodie II.IM"- aeeka. Ceneral Manager C. It Kill miniature church booming,, flaral atrurtura on a firm baala and restor lha rount ry'a eonfldenr In Itself by ndlng speculation buee. conserving fold reeervea, balancing lha budget, watching over prices and ravlvlnf national aconotny. Off Cold "landard.

Tha vote ram amid talk of naw frano devaluation, with tha coun l13." Horner told a troup of per-anna who wara Inlereated In eeelnt lha nteaaura beroma law. nummary of lha tidy. I IVovlaiona of lha law with ro treatment, balrdraaalnf and maa- Ictlm. police mm ui. Two hundred elate pollc rkeed hue flower.

Kthel du lonl and Franklin Rooaevelt Jr. Tuea. aaga. a emerged with lh Indlctmenie Irwin, atroklng bla noaa and grin every mad leading lo tha orks. law Mania Men.

day will wa'k down tha all with 73 bridal attendanta In a dreee rehearaal" for lha wedding of lha JAPS PROTEST Thus on both lha Pennsylvania tation to lha etamlnatlnn of torn-pan lea and lha keeping of their bnoka, rarnrda, arwunta and vourh- High Salaried Separate Organization Proposed in Measures. Mailer Ikerklng. Vn Oliver, fxilic rinirerprlnt etpart and unci of Madeline, and Mell Fverelt, aald fingerprint found on lh bodlr wer "ry definite "Il I only a mailer of checking thee fingerprints with police fee- and Ohio fronta. quiet for dava every forra of law waa flung aud year. With no audienra emcept tha Re nlng broadly, then waa brought before Judge William Allen In general araalona rourt for arraign ment In IMa.

Samuel Leibowita, knoan criminal lawyer ampled by Irwin, refused to permit his denlv Into a hunt for no wanted SOVIET ACTION Frederick T. Ahton. who will per. try temporarily and technically off tha gold standard. Chautampa demanded lha pra-limlnary confidence Tola afiar aotna opposition had developed to hla request that questioning ba put off era hava been atrrntthened to enable tha atata to aerur all nerea-aary Information with regard lo their financial condition and for tha alleged deatrurlinn plot Hera a warrant waa leaned rharg form lha reremony.

and Mr. Kd- ward J. Macmillan. "aorlal en. SPRINOnKLD.

II r.l-The orda." ha aald. "A man with pre. clneer." who la ataelng tha wed- houa passed and rushed to Iheiviona record of ei crime could ing 1111. director of lha CIO atrike on lha Warren Nile, front, with having plotted tha dynamiting of client lo plead and aim a delay la 1 Tha cvxla tha filing ding, lha pretty "pnnreaa of Iel- will vota on th pramlar flnanelal. Orientals Allege InVaSIOH 01 lh airaignment until Wedneaday only hav don this lembl thin Fingerprint of Ihe II men arre.t.

ed wer checked villi Ihue found ware" and her youthful romeo wll aenat for laat nilnut rtinn Monday night lh Admow.kl Krhnack-e libera hernia bills aettint up a long bridges, lha bleating of railroad and approval of all policy forma uaed In Illlnnla and will enable tha and economic program. "Tour honor wa do mil wish to Manchoukuo Islands; go through alt tha mm Ion a of lha tracks, tha bombing of steel mills Tha prim mlnlater, who ha plead at this lime," I-elbowltt laid marriage eervfe, oml'tlng only lha lh, n-i, neater Invoke Pact. headed the aerond "people' front' Judg Allen. In my opinion thla man crary department of Inauranra to eliminate deceptive rlauae. and limitation, contained In eome Insurance rnntrarta now being Ueued and over whlrh tha department had no government for a little mora than a week, went to chamber and sen Important "I do'a" anj tn, attraction by high etplo- "I dont want lo maka any mla.

horo takes tomorrow." grinned lha happy ha warrant, pnllr aald. waa term high lrid parole board, mutilated bodiea of lha ehll-divorced from lh department of dien. public welfare deputle and atata high- Tha bill, provided for a from eouthern California, member parol hoard aervlng stag I v. and before a prr plea, accord ate with a complet declaration or TOKYO Japaneae go bridegroom to be hacked bv ronfeaeione of three of! la entered wad Ilka tn hm i 91 hnue lo hava a 21 hour adequate authority. So elaborate la lha wedding.

So llalla fellow nnlonuta policy that waa headed by inaiai- rnment Invoked tha mutual aaalat enc on a free hand to tak awlft anra pact between Japan and Man Warren police, with three allege. gered terms of II yeara at annual salarlea of fSa Tha measure also provided for atep toward patching up tha court-1 choukuo Tueaday and aerved 3. A section la Included tha court or Jury to Impoee a numerous the attendants, that Mr. Macmillan Intended lo put them through their pace several time terrorlata already in Jail, announced try' fiddled money structure. vlgoroua proteat on the Soviet gov.

tha hunt for Hall even aa tha bar penalty on a company which vex No Knthualaam. rrnment agalnat the alleged Inva to make aura that each bridesmaid to work movement, which Hall an public hearings of lha board, prohibited elective officials or party atloualy and without reasonable of the Srnnufa and Holahol know her place In tha ha CIO are opposing bitterly h-und. th. Amur nver. rauae refines lo pay a claim and force, the policy holder to bring each uher hla duty.

picked up momentum not only In Worth, 21, and Ieroy Harvey Flle-woith. Imi Angeles, wer stopped by Nrwhall sheriff deputies al tba Hants Clara bridge because their model Ford road.ler resembled the description of a upecl car. oaatlde Mearrn. They denied all knottledire of tha "habea of Inglswowd" munler. hua wer booked admitted convict in poaseaalon of a gun.

Thsy Member, of the Japaneae mill committeemen to act aa eponeore. denied tha board lha power In paaa on tha sufficiency of trial evidence Since tha bridal party la as large, the Mahoning valley but In I'enn auit tary high command aaid they took aa lh chorus of a musical comedy, sylvanla and In tha Calumet Indu notable enthualaam for the Tha request waa granted without objection from Dodge. Hecond llneaa. Mr Kudner waa lha aecnnd wit-hens called by District Attorney William C. Dixlge, who personally presented lha ra lo lha grand Jury to aak for three fit it degree murder Indictments on for ach of th victims, Mrs.

Mary Uedeon, her lovely daughter, "Ronnie," lha artist model, and Frank liyrnea Dodg Indicated beforehand would aeek lh electric chair for Irwin, anticipating Leluowlts'a pie a grave view of the situation. Their and entitled recaptured parolees lo Require Premium Notice. 4. Standard, provision, for an thla la no small feat. There are trial area of Indiana and Illinois emergency program.

lactlon, they added, would depend hearing Th art would ba effec eight bridesmaids, a best man and Attention on Ohio, Parliamentary circle dlacloaed tive Jan. I. nuity and Industrial life In.uranre on the tone of th reply from Mos- thla wa one of th Drat act of i Strike attention, which ha 13 usher. The Christ church, to which the Represent at iva Kliner Achnack- and group Insurance hava been Incorporated Into the code. ins wpf uta Koveriimiii ui i ir rirntttaA mma rit-aantafl la lha turned Monday to th efforts of nberg of Chicago said tha bills mler Camllle Chautemps to deal Indiana's Governor Townsend President and many nntablea will eome Wedneaday for the wedding.

i.l a a aa I ii we 6. All Ufa Inauranra and accident wer not designed to substitute for wnn ine iinnncini crimp. a. wet taken to lh county jail at Ixia Angeles Kheriff deputies aald they found a loadud un In th car. Joining In lha roast wide search 1 I OMlKriniiBU, aiiumoaBMifi lh minimum sentence hill await find a pear panacea for tha Fast Chicago.

Ind, ateel atrlka front- aumiifri vi in iiibiihitt wi urii A wa a bower of white peonies' and lilies 'or th "preview" of th cere ail iaaai gtaiirl at tk Ihkt Hna HrUllt.l 1 Ing action of Governor Horner. and health companies iaaulng health and accident pnliciea are required to give the a. mm A where back to work agitation of Insanity and awar that th i a 1 1 1 ri ii'it'iiH iv wiiiii bbiiu mony. Tall palma, screens of Isce- weia police and slid If fs of all I'a- v. I ha demanded Immediate evacua Brooklyn lawyer haa saved 12 Instilled fear of trouble swunr hark sharply to Ohio aa details of policy holder notice of premium due.

"on. The Amur river form, the lika fern, and thousand of white blossoms made th little chapel a Late Bulletins rlienta from tha death penally he has never Inst a client to th ex th alleged terror plot became and Great Britain of IU desire to fairyland. 6. Included la a aectlon limiting known. the expense, of life Insurance com Fven th sharp crltlclam that two ant narltr with th.

dollar and uo and Siberia ecutioner lh district attorney will seek to dlaprov Insanity a. quickly a. possible. members of congress on Demo panies In the acquisition of business, and officers and director, are pound." I virn Kreak Baseball Today crat and one Republican voiced ilfln alopa reiiteia, with fedvinl agenla by to enter lha casa In event It la learned tha suspected car crossed state lines. Arrest of three suspects Monday night, all of whom wet aoon exonerated, wss sufficient lo drsw a howling crowd of persona to Ihe Jull, prepared for a lynching.

"This jull won't be strong enough tn hold him If the officers get him," they yelled After th grand Jury aesslon (France, Britain and the United Th Manchoukuoan government on the floor of tha house Monday prohibited from having any interest In or making any profit by the aale State, ar. bound together In a tri-iwal to nav(, maja repeated against tha President' and Secre HUH. Hn Reliable source aald Turaday lhal Britain and f-ranr hate agrees! provisionally la end norilnlrr-venllun control of Npsln and lo rea-ognlre) both afdi-a In lh civil war na belligerent If lier-rtiany and Italy maintain their prewnl attitude. partite monetary agreement ae- prote.t. agalnat the alleged occu or purchase of company Invest Tuesday Dodg experts lo go before General Sessions Judg William Allen for permission to hava Dr.

Perry M. Llrhtensteln, alienist and medical advisor to tha district at Igned to equaliz tneir curren- Pation 0f her territory to have tary of Labor Perkins' steel strike policy wa. overshadowed; for In all tha oratorical blasting that has ments. them Ignored In 7. The present law relating to ask rreej nnu.

8ome obierver. expreaaed the marked tha 34 days of strike, this misrepresentation, and false war National league. First gnme Pittsburgh 002 000- 2 9 Cincinnati .000 100 000-1 6 I Butteries: Bowman and Todd Derringer and Lombardl. Second game, no returns. Rrooklyn 000 000 0 Socialist deputle.

after a recurring border of torney', off Ire, examine Irwin In I. the first time that a strike leader ranties ha. been clarified In line th Tomb. has been named on serlnus charges. with court decisions.

of their parliamentary bloc Tuea- which the occupation of Sennufa day morning preliminary to Chau- and Bol.hol la regarded a. the moot Prevent Discrimination. Chief of Police B. J. Glllen.

In announcing that Hall was being plea for sweeping decree I sel lout, may create an open break Tax Query Gets 8. Include, a fire insurance rate Kugen Williams, deputy Ixs Angeles district attorney, went outside to fsca them. "It won't do any good for you people to gather hers," ha shouted. "We'll take rsra of tha killer when wa catch him. You can back when ha cornea to trial.

I'lesae go said Rene Krunet, unaer- between Japan and Russia. hunted, said that police and na regulation luw and provide, for the tional guardsmen, working together secretary of state for finance, had The latest Incident was reported told them the conversations look- to hava occurred Sunday near Ing toward British and United Chaim.u, on the Ussarl river, where General Motors' licensing, examination and supervl Boston 000 000 0 Batteries: Butcher snd Phelps; Fette snd Lopez. Philadelphia 3i0 0 New York 200 0 had "smashed the dynamite ring" and that th three men under ar aion of rate making bureau, for State, help already bad been I a Japanese wa. said to have bfeen re Insurance and casualty com home." Sloan as Dodger started. shot to death a.

he was rowing In Batteries: Mulrahy, Pusseau and panies In so far a. motor vehicle Insurance Is concerned, to prevent The Chautemps government, hav- the river. He wa. a local govern Tak Nest lo Loa Angeb-. About half th crowd disbanded WASHINGTON, D.

C. aecurltles commission attorney ing led France technically ana ten- ment emD ove. discrimination In automobile rates. and the rest milled all nkht about rest had confessed. Charge Signed.

The prisoner, are Arthur Scott. John Borawelc and George Bunds. All live In Warren. All were Identified a. CIO strikers.

Chief Glllen signed the charges against them, agalnat Hall and xaiiveiv on ine Kum aianuoiw, M.IV 11 Ml. Florence Flfer of llloomlngton ount ry chili won her first round match In Ihe Illlnnla alula women's championship by defeating Mr. harle Jones of harnpalgn, I up. In to hole, after a hard fought match. They were all llare at the) end of IH hole.

WIMItl.MIO.V, KM. I. AMI. (INS) In straight eels, using barrage of smashing volley, Mlsa Dorothy Round, north K.ngbind Htinday school teacher, Tlleadny hammered Mlsa Helen Jacob of Berkeley, defending champion, nut of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, CM, 6 1. WASHINGTON, I).

II The house sent the administra told a congressional tax Inquiry Atwood; Schumacher and Mancuso Chicago at St. Louis, no returns American League. Detroit 00 9. The code provides a casualty tha Jail, In an muttering manded of parliament a free hand committee Tuesday that Alfred P. company may Incorporate In one to decree the destiny of the Iranc flllKllU lUflU3 in mood.

Williams ordered thai any further persons held for question Sloan, chairman of General policy all authorized coverages In in the present financial crisis. nt Nftl) (Itiinpfl Chicago 00 Tentative ausnension of dealing. Motors corporation, and Mrs. Sloan, had saved approximately against two others not yet appre Batteries: Auker and Tebbela; In gold and foreign exchange pay- LAE, GUIMt-A. tuw surance of a type commonly termed "banker, blanket bond." while under the old law a company to protect a bank against the usual taxes from 1M4 to 11(36 by the hendedJo "Slim" Orawlec and Stratton and Sewell.

St. Louis 0 use of personal holding companies ing In the case be rushed immediately to th county Jail In Los Angeles. A torn and blood stained towel, several pages from a sex magazine and a number of California and Arizona license plates were found In a pile under a bridge in th Bald nisT-t-to protect the franc during Amelia Earhart, American woman YViamentary debate on financial flying round the world with Fred iflrm wa. decreed by the new Noonan aa navigator, landed Tues- Charles Byers. Judge R.

R. Speak of municipal court fixed ball at hazard, must of necessity Issue sev Abe Fortas, the commission expert, testified also that Mrs. Wll- Cleveland 0 125,000 for each prisoner. fl nance minister. Georges Bonnet, day and prepared to take off hemlna du Pont Rosa of Mont- Accurate figures a.

to the num in a dramatically sudden move Wednesday for a Z.SSU mile night Batteries: Hogset and Homsley; Whltehlll and Pytlak. Washington at Boston, no re chanln, had saved $40,403 In ber of worker, who have gone back win hills. Waller Burdette, avia shortly after midnight to Howland island In mid-Paciilc. The gold and foreign exchange MLss Earhart landed her "nylng to the mills continue difficult to obtain, for the statement, from the tor who discovered the girls' bodies, brought the possible new clues to 1938 through the Rennppl corporation, which derives substantial income from securities and gas moratorium was coupled with a de- laboratory" airplane after a 1,200 turns. Batteries: Grove and DeSautels; Weaver and R.

Ferrell. cree in the official journal which mile flight from Darwin, Australia. eral separate policies. 10. A company may write a risk not greater than 10 percent of Its capital and surplus.

Instead of for no more than 10 percent of capital as formerly provided for. Legal reserve life Insurance companies, both stock and mutual; assessment legal reserve companies, mutual benefit companies, burial societies, stock and mutual casual leases. closed stock markets and all com- she wa. tlred Dut enthusiastic tion's one billion fttNl million dollar relief bill to lite Whit) limine. Tuesday for approval.

NKW YORK. (INS) Frank Arthur Vande.rllp, It, prominent banker, died Tuesday at a hospital here of Inleatlniil trouble). New York .001 010 In quirk succession Fortas had presentfj more prominent names mercial exchanges until further over her flieht Sn. want. companies and from the union are widely divergent.

A recapitulation Tuesday Indi cated broadly that approximately one third of the number normally employed have returned to their police headquarters. Ho said he found articles several miles from the ravine where the girls were murdered. An early police bulletin had named Othel Leroy Strong, 22, of Pasadena, a a suspect. He POtlCe. aA a crond eef hflfora aha and Philadelphia .000 101 Batteries: Chandler and Dickey; to the tax They In Nnnnnn ronlc off for the 18 hour eluded Henry L.

Doherty, president Smith and Brucker. Ant Mrategy Wrong flight to Howland Island, the tiny of Cities Service Cartter Lup- jobs. ty companies, stock and mutual Are OTHELLO. WASH. UP) Dr.

J. American possession wnere WfA ton of Chattanooga and Mrs. Helen Of a normally employed 87,180 is on probation for a morals of Nation's Income Up S. Raskob, wife of John Raakob, E. Guernsey has learned how not worker, have laid out the only air- HOME RUNS.

Selkirk, Yankees, third. Moses, Athletic, fourth. Dickey, Yankees, fifth. insurance companies, reciprocal, or lnter-lnsurance, exchanges, and Lloyds Insurers. to battle anm.

He poured gasoline Prt witnin muea. pmne persona, top estimates were mat 38,240 are working; lowest estimate, 16,858. former Democratic national chair man. fense end wa. Identified from a photograph by several person.

In the neighborhood as th man who has landed on the utland. at Half Year Mark WASHINGTON, D. Administration economist said Tues-, In an ant hill, then Ignited it The gasoline exploded. He was taken wa. enn loitering In the play ground Saturday when the girls dis day national Income, spinning up Reporter Tells War Scare of Using Pigs and Dogs as Barricades While Covering General to a hospital with severe burns.

PANTAGRAPH PHONES 4500 The Weather Man ward since 1933, would total aoout 35 billion dollars for th first half Franco Insurgent Troops Occupying Las Arenas Near Spain's Industrial City of Bilbao of this year. appeared The loiterer was known only as "Eddie." Comparable to Previous Crimes. One 12 year old girl told police she saw "Kddlo" In the playground Sunday with his blue dungaree. This figure, based on incomplete business statistics, surpasses the first shelter I a fat pig which the rate of Ave or six a minute. I BY REYNOLDS PACKARD, GOVERNMENT WEATHKR FORECAST.

ILLINOIS: Centrally fair Tuesday nisht United Press Staff Correspondent. was sleeping against a tree. only to come out a few minutes later without firing a shot. After they moved Into tha second villa 30 billion dollar Income of the comparable period last year but falls and Wednesday: aliKMly cooler In CEN Bullets continued to buzz through torn and his face scratched. BILBAO.

My greatest scare of TRAL Dortlon Tuesday nifcht. short of the 39 billion dollars in the air from at least three direc As a crime of depravity, the mur FOR Chicago and vicinity: Generally the entire Spanish civil war oc- fal Tnuau nirrVi ainrt nA naaH a 1 nnl 1929. tions. I had never thought that I'd quite so cool Weonesday afternoon; curred recently while Gen. Fran- closer so I could shield my head behind hi.

fleabltten body. I felt guilty for wanting to use somebody's forlorn pet for a sandbag, but I wa. io frightened that the feeling of soon passed away. Waving my lunch, I managed to attract the dog', attention. He or the food and started ders of Melba Everett, her sister, Madeline, 7, and Jeanette Besides Increased business activ moderate winds, mostly northeast.

cisco Franco's troops were occupy- embrace a pig with such affections until the moment when death was ity, authorities said, an Important there was terrific shooting before the six came out again, smiling. The sniping was less Intense now as the soldiers moved further down the avenue and entered the third villa. Again there was shooting, then silence. The men were a long and Wednesday: slightly cooler In south- 'nK the town of Las Arena, a few could hear tha nasty wish of each one as I lay behind the tree, but It wasn't much of a tree and I looked around for other cover. There were palatial villas along each side of the avenue.

I wanted to get up and run Into one of them, but I was afraid a sniper might nip me as I entered the garden. The snipers were having one last fling Stephens, 8, were comparable to those of the two little Martin Sisters In 1924 or of Marion Parker singing past my ears. west and extreme south Tuesday night, davs before the capture of Bilbao. factor in the upturn this year has been a broad rise In prices. and Wednesday; slightly warmer Wednes- Las Arenas is normally a But I must have snuggled too closely for the pig's comfort, be The Income figures represent the total distribution of money In dsy- ban summer resort, on the Nervion IOWA: Fair Tuesday night and Wednes- day; slightly cooler in extreme south- river about five miles northeast of cause suddenly It reared up, coming toward me, but before he time coming out.

Finally, five of them emerged, but they were not grunted, and started to waddle reached me a bullet skimmed his east, rising temperature In extreme Bilbao. The loyalist forces had wages, salaries, interest, dividends, royalties, rents and similar Items. ypaortnwest mesnay nigm; somewnai away. back. Instantly he turned and ran smiling.

j-mer weanesaay. at mad living by trying to kill all Commerce department officials In 1927. An airplane pilot first noticed three splotches of color on the ground that he thought might be the girls' clothes. He relayed the Information to the ground and the boys, led by Richard Vogt, 17, made the discovery. The boys were so shocked that I grabbed at the pig's tail, caught evacuated the town about two hours ahead of the nationalist advance, but behind them they had they could, and it wouldn't matter VT4GR4PH WEATHER RECORD.

it, and held on as tight as I could. said the business outlook for the remainder of this year was clouded to them that I waa a Monday'a maximum. 5: minimum, 64. On to the next house they went There they cleaned out the snipers without any losses, but another man was wounded before their Tuesday 6 a. m.

Noon 3 p. m. with uncertainties, particularly 8T left a few "suicide" snipers desperate, hard living men who knew that by remaining they were For a moment I thought I was still comparatively safe, but an instant later the tail slipped out of my hands and my only barricade 29.45 the other way, yelping while blood trickled down hi. side. A moment later a soldier near me got a bullet In the arm.

While I watched him, he calmly slit the sleeve of his shirt with a knife and tied a handkerchief about the wound. I wondered If I would be next. those arising from labor disputes. If labor troubles should ease, they work was done along the avenue Bait. While I lay there the troops be Temperature oa 78 Barometer 28.48 2.4 Sun seta Tuesday 7 :36.

Sun rises Wednesday: TEMPER ATI RES. doomed to die. they took only a glance and returned for elder members of the said, business may be expected to. against the sniper, went squealing hind me started shooting at the continue the uptrend recorded for the first half of the year, which and the sniping ceased. Then the captain gave the order to march again.

I got up and moved on with the patrol while one of the soldier, began plaving a guitar abandoned villas. That only made the situation worse for me. The posae. The remains of a campfir lay in the ravine. Beside it, the thres has ranged between 10 and 15 per bullet, from Franco's soldiers away.

No News. I felt sick and stupid, being caught in an exposed position. It wouldn't be so bad, I reasoned, to cent over last year. whistled harmlessly over my head, Then six soldiers were detailed to enter the villas systematically one Another question mark In the but the return Are of the hidden snipers Increased to the rate of Pig Barricade. I entered Las Arena, with an advance patrol of Franco', forces.

We started marching down an avenue lined with poplars, leading toward the beach. It was tike a parade until invisible bees suddenly began buzzing around my head. At the first sound of firing the captain ordered the troops to scatter and lie down. I didn't need any orders. I flopped down behind the Lowest pa.

Highest Sunday Monday. Monday. Night-Boston 60 A4 iO New York 64 68 62 Jacksonville 86 06 76 New Orleans 8 0 78 Chicago 71 80 64 CincinnaU 78 64 Detroit 68 80 62 Memphis ..1 76 82 70 Oklahoma City 86 R8 72 Omaha 84 84 64 78 82 60 2 2 94 girls' shoes were arranged In an orderly row. Nearest the ashes was the body of Jeanette Stephens. Her clothing was torn to shreds, the underclothing having been ripped off, wadded up and tossed that he had brought with him to the war.

Thoee few minute, were just another Incident In the war, but they gave me the worst case of bullet Jitter. I've ever had. I can hear those bullet, singing by my ears. situation, they said, was foreign demand for armament materials. An increase or decline, they explained, would have an Immediate effect in this country, which sells large quantities of iron, steel, and simil be winged in a real hand to hand battle, but just to be a target for mad snipers In a town which already was won well, there wasn't even news in It.

for me. after the other and mop up the snipers. Quickly the six moved away, four of them carrying revolvers in their hands while the other two cradled submachine guns in their arms. Into the first villa they dashed, about 20 shots a minute. Suddenly I saw a mangy dog ambling down the greensward of the aven I pulled out aside.

She had died of strangulation and had been assaulted Bullet, were still whining pt at my lunch to him to come ar materials abroad..

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