The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 26, 1942 · Page 12
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 12

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 26, 1942
Page 12
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TWELVE THE PANTAGRAPn, TnTRSDAY, NOV. 26, Ml!. Events of the Day in Normal What Is Significance Of Thanksgiving 1942? ISNU Students, Faculty Members Give Opinions Tha folloivina story was compiled by Jennie Dix, ISSV sophomore irom Chi-cgqo and other journalism students at ISNU. Editor. Students and faculty members cf Illinois State Normal university paused today to count their bless ings as they celebrated the first wartime Thanksgiving in years liere are some of their opinions ct what Thanksgiving 1942 means- President It. W. Fair child "Thanksgiving in 1942 should mean an opportunity to serve our country in many and various ways in order that we may have truly American Thanksgivings in the future. It should mean an op portunity to count and re-count our blessings and be willing to sacrifice for their continuance. It Ehould also give an opportunity to participate in some manner in a world-wide struggle that should start a 'sick' world on the road to recovery." Dean Anna Keaton: "Thanksgiving means to me this year a time not for feasting but of rededi-cation. I am deeply grateful for a way of life, and for the strength cf a people who believe in it. 1 am grateful that every one of us, not just the strong and the great, is essential to cur nation and the ideals it represents, and that not cne of us dares waste the human power that is in us. I pray that each one of us may see clearly the way we can serve best, and that we may dedicate ourselves sin cerely to the ob we are doing, whatever it may be." Dr. Herbert Hiett: "For us this Thanksgiving is more than the usual pious exercise. Last year we willed to be thankful, knowing that we ought to feel gratitude, but not overflowing with any deep emotion. Since then we have had borne in cn us what living could be in an unfree America. So now we give thanks not alone for the good we have had but more for the clearer awareness without which we can never really possess try good." Dr. Floyd Goodier (Education department): "I am thankful for the general recognition that education continues to receive during these war-dominated days I appreciate the federal program which makes it possible for men at ISNU to continue their uni versity courses and at the same time prepare for a high type of service as officers in the armed forces. Dr. Florence E. Teager (English department): "Thanksgiving is a holiday peculiarly ours. On the day when it came into being, the New England colonist3 ex pressed gratitude not alone for bundance of food finally theirs. but rather for the possibilities of strength from that food. strength that would enable them to work even harder at the grim tasks ahead. Our Pilgrim Fathers had no illusions that man lives by bread alone, or more to the point, by bread for himself clone. Often, in the intervening years, we have accepted the abundance but not the obligation. This year, in a very special way. Thanksgiving again means to us, what it did to our forefathers. The great plenty we still have in our country, as contrasted with the dearth in many occupied countries. impels us to gratitude, not for our sulliciency, but for the strength from this ample supply to wor harder so that all countries may eventually share in the real bread of life our ancestors struggled for freedom for all." which I was able to ctlebrate e day, I will sit at my Thanks giving table discussinn the ques tion of our inductions into the Wedne$Jay afternoon to almost all of the students who"" Orin Bumgardner, (sophomore in commerce): "Thanksgiving al ways brings to mind a turkey dinner, a revival of old home-town courtships, and a pleasurable vacation with no studying, despite any resolutions on the sub ject. However, Thanksgiving, 1942, has an additional meaning one of vastly greater significance. We are at war. This year, it should bring a deeper appreciation of our democratic way of life. Thanks is due from us, as students, for the opportunity we have for gaining an education. This' Thanksgiving should mean that our generation resolve to keep its head clear and its vision straight, in order to do its part to win the war, and in order to work toward the greater talk of directing the peace follow ing. On Nov. 26, let everyone pause to offer a prayer that vie tory may come swiftly, and that our way of life may be indeed lasting." Bertha Ilarper (sophomore in physical science): "Thanksgiving in 1942 should take on an added significance especially to the youth of America. Today more than an ether time in history we should be thankful we live in America, land blessed with opportunities, for to U9 at this moment comes the most promising opportunity of blinded world s history an oppor tunity to make men free. W should thank God that we can still battle for the rights of men, still band together to lift the blight of slavery from their heads. By our united and joint determi nation with those to whom history has denied this chance, we can teach ourselves the most moving lesson that democracy can offer men everywhere are more closely bound by their common hopes and abilities than they can ever be divided by their differ ences." Charles Frocasky (sophomore in music): "This Thanksgiving more than a holiday which has for years been the symbol of a vaca tion for me. This year instead the happy and carefree manner Teachers Vacationing Out of Town Few of NCHS Faculty To Remain In Town Many School Officials Will Lead Roundup Eastern President Among Educators To Appear Here Leaders cf rour. t tat!e .o.-.i to c r.e..x in Many Community high chcol faculty membert left town spend r.feVr.i T1 ee-.'i-r tr-r-S ? War ar.i IV : '.V;r ltlT Teachers Honored! At Church Party C rT. fu:i far w.'y ! ,tir :.-a ta IsJa r.y i-A Ja-r-r IL Ca::s j-;.r.r;;al cf Crr.'.rxl i-sl U ta O evtfe It ItrJ C:m ?tc:ta A ret.-. e? r r.-f "" fa:e:i fW.f Turv'.jy tr? .'i . U.e F":t O- f.inn c ; a: rv. Tfe er.t tr-x-.w! fcy t fV-rc tr. t S--wlay V1 lit. Cama-an la r?e ! at sret-a- ire icin annua; a :m; ;f r.irr.t c f u.e yay .-wk4 :j ive round-j; at S'.;'.e ! fr I ;:.. it .v? ?-. m I tant points, n,cr.tmn. MlSS iLL-lfCd BOPP, IliJtOry ticnaires. I have come to the grim i""1" u' rcalizaUon now that it Is a mere Je holiday season. Mm Mary matter of time until I wilt tc taken Margaret CrafU. Lng.ix Uacher. from schooL Not that I want to vjii wia inenas m iwiur. shirk, if that be the case. I would wowee, xe:y euuc-uun m have loined the service lone airo. stmctor, wiU vaca.;wn al ree- and not labored ober "History sr Pf' nd Clartnc Kuster cf the Uiv or fsycnoiogy. i am nere "v - - Koinca T want in ft an oHura I we Snff. tir- t tt-nnt tn m n with mv I Miss Helen LIuvJ. l.trarian schooling as long as I can. But will visit at her home In Atkin now mv education is sunoortcd by on and Miss tla Mae Mast goc only a weak thread I em going home in Chiilicothe. Glrnn lo nave o inierrupi my icnoouns v,-wi ,,- , nnt 1 thl war 1 vr. Thanlt-1 Kors o ni uoinc la nrwun. giving this year means to roe "n in SuUivan wUl be Ms Eula preparation preparationfoi iauew, uigusa xeacner. Hthrtraurinir from school anl lone uictnr, rcii;rr, entering the armed service. It will "tion at her home in Lebanon. be a day that will be celebrated "5 imoKcr.c, c.mmrr in no manner for which it is cial tc-cher. will v:sit Li Wasn meant. It will be a day of hard irijjton. work, utilizing every available Teachers wr.o wm rema.n ounce of common sense I have in their hemes in Normal include order to prepare myself for the Ralpa Arends, i. . Unity. M;s hie moment which is to come. rrances uaxer. ivimoie . nnop. Claire TLarer (sophomore In Ulrtrt, M Marts, ti j,mii t peech): 'Expressing love. hope. Mr vr, Kmvt v-.,s m! faith, courage and above all joy is r m ; r m1 m,- ', ine mosi aiiricui ana yei mosi Eve,sl s u Monroc Melton necessary tasK max we universuy pjcipa ,. j. stoi students have to perform during Thanksgiving. How could we bet- TL M I T . L. ter fulfiU the meaning of Thanks- Ifiree INormal ICflCherS giving day than by expressing our n RefJ CrOSS Work graxuuae xnrougn our joycus anu exultant attitude?" Thre ttarhrrs from Ih Normal nr. Fred s .Sorrmuiii cf the schools re now witn the Amcrl- specch department: Thnnk?s:iving can Red Cross as club directors in this vpar should mean as it docs the foreign service. They are Jotn every 'year, appreciation of our E Er'.cy and Eugene Hill of ISNU , American heritage ores, timber, ana james ii. carnanan oi u.c good earth, and water power suffi- Central school. j cient to provide abundantly for William B. Brigham, county su- j our needs. Thanksgiving should perintendent of schools, announces . mean appreciation of our Intel- that according to an Interpretation lectual heritage, wire founders nanaea aown oy me asiornry gen-1 cf our nation, schools and libraries eral, this service with t.e Red, within tne reach of all, a national Cross is given the same status philosophy which includes the if they were serving in the vari- belief in equality of opportunity ous prancnes or. tne army. for every American, and as """' ' individual freedom as group welfare makes possible. Thanksgiving should mean appreciation of cur spiritual heritage, homes charac terized by happiness and beauty, friendships flourishing unmolested. unfailing devotion of citizens to the communities In which they live, and to the nation, towers on r the countryside, and in the town I V reaching upward in reverent'," recognition cf the Infinite Spirit i in whom we live ana move ana Normal university Dre. 3. erc announced th. ty Dr. J&hn W. Camr.g'.on, jrcfTam chairman. They include Kl.r.oU educator. Among the group cf 11 are t- be CUu4e 1 Vick art Wa:J N. B'.ack ct Ji;rir.f.r; u ;iur.: tioa: rres.der.t It. G. lizard cl the Eastern lU.nois State Tochers collete. Chariettca; Lei'.r? Grimm cf SprincSe'..!. rr'earc:. director of the I'.Itno E-ta.-at. association ar.4 Ir.r.f.rl C. W. Sar.fard of the t'r.ixcrii'y hii K-hcttl, Vrbana. Among other leaders u.l Ue Mi$a Mrcta Ua'-krar l c.f ifhm.;: Supt. C il. Vr.r cf tv DanviUe pub'..c scr.ooii; V;:-r K. r. SfhoenteU. Inttructr in Tre-mcr.t hizh school: rr.rc;rl ear W. Ubome tf te HeywU Ccmmur.ity h.i schorl; Adams, instructor In Ii".o.-krr.,r.".cn hi-. ho l ar.4 Cly.! Cam; r.l ct the Univers.ty ct KUncs. at the ittev. J. c.yde X- trr rxa-. i?.c: Vi.. Ar.a ?rrcT..e4 tr. uar-r.anan .".n a trrr.g rti ?s4 Mr. li.?hcp w.'i a t?.fe a.s. Tie rr ; HJ p. n. Will Entertain at Dinner Dr. ar. l M:. E. U. Ji,V-c U l S-Ui l eU arr.-e. are rstettajs- tr. an 1 M;. C I. M:rr.irg 11,5. r.4 M:. Iyi T. C.o.t rr et.;y fiut:y .'.. a Tha-.u.r rg d.r.rr T.a?.Uy txi. Atrt U. g-rtt .:i t lr. 34i"r.til ,t ro'.-.rr. IjLiVrr Mr.i?c, dea cf T..1 f .-:f. ;rrrr.. ra. Vw WCua HJL-t mmiM.OM wot I TO ALL THAVKLIXG UKPKKSKNTATIVKS "What lint's Ciasoliue llationin 3Icstu lo You?" ATTEND .MKKTIXG AND LKAKN! FRIDAY NIGHT 7:30 Kogcrs Hotel, IUoomington, III. AMERICAN TItAVELEIlS ASSOCIATION 1 Ready Made Drapes tlU'V wx- 'gk C. W. Moore (History depart ment): "In all this turmoil and conflict, we have so much to be appreciated. 'Every cloud has a silver lining,' and we can beU thankful that the pros;octs of e', better world will be reali7cd. That I might is right by brute force, j and national gangsterism will be if abolished by all nations, and the jj principles of the four freedoms u prevail to bring the lives of alt people to a higher plane of living." Dean K. II. Mnkin: "As college men and women approach the Thanksgiving season of 1942. I am convinced of two of the thoughts which are uppermost in their Thanksgiving expression: First, that they are privileged to live in a country whose government makes possible democratic living; second, that this philosophy cf government provides for them unparalleled opportunities f o 1 education even in time of war. I am sure, too, that with thoughts of these privileges comes to each college student an abiding sense of responsibility" Dr. II. O Lathrop (Geography department): "The usual significance of Thanksgiving should be accentuated this year. 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This Thanksgiving should mean much more to us than it has in most years." Dr. G. 51. Palmer (Er.clish de- nartmentl: "I am thankful that!! this has been a year of awakening for the United States. A year ago : t . : : .. I m V. n 4 could not be attacked, that 'itlf could not happen here. The JaP; Domos at t'eari iiaruor woKe a nation of Rip van Winkles. I am thankful for our heroic allies: for England, who fought on fcr about a year and a half alcr.e; whose defeat of the Nazi blitz over that heroic island will be remembered as long as Marathon: for China. who, almost unarmed, withstood the onslaught of Japan for five, years; for Russia, who has borne the brunt of Hitler's attack for many months and who has finally come back with a winter offensive that is sweeping the Nazis off their feet today in a 50 mile advance. I am thankful that at last the tide has turned. I am thankful for the , glorious record our own men are j making wherever they go, proving to the world that there is no soft ness in their makeup. "More than all this. I am thank ful for the evidence that Js pouring from the press, pulpit, and ai a. ill a; - : piaiiorm, mai mis time, Amenw.i is thinking ahead, thinking not r only of winning the war, but winning the peace to follow. r TOYLAND In The BASEMENT A complete selection of sturdy, new American-made Toys . . . Many that cannot be duplicated today! Complete ANTI TANK M.T with l.t UXi Moatine IlVrTl.IIII,S ami M Its $.M ItlMl.r MKMlTINli MINIM I TNK JXtJ Itic 4-Molor MHal AIKH.XNt.s IIJ.S vtr.r r lU H.HT and PAssKM.I II TKINS..$i. Stunljr lUII IIrarinc KOI.I I K MiWt.N SI.I9 IMMTOIt and M Y. Scnkf Kil Mrtlutnlral I.D1IIJC YUY. TKI I K il l AIKI-OUT. naNKH and U l tlKhl U Ml t omplrle AKMV CAMP ll:NT m- M Aortrd ;MKS foe f.lrH ami U Tr fiS CniiplHe TAKI.K TI1NNIS SI.I9 U tZJZi l.lrU' l-I.W IHsllKS Iv fx:, (Mtl Itl KMN(. 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