The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on December 25, 1944 · Page 2
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 2

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 25, 1944
Page 2
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THE PANTAGRATCT. MONDAY, DECEMBER 23. 1941. ROOSEVELT: Christmas Spirit Lives Offers Prayer For New Day Of Peace STOP GERMANS SI POPE PIUS: American Troops Source of rench Black Market Goods WASHINGTON, D. C (F) The text of President Roosevelt's Christmas eve broadcast: It is not easy to say "Merry Christmas" to you, my fellow Americans, in this time ol destructive war. Nor can one lightly say "Merry Christmas' to our armed forces at their battle stations all over the world or to our Allies who fight by their side. Here at home, we will celebrate this Christmas day in our tradi tional American way because of its deep spiritual meaning to us; and because we want our youngest generation to grow up knowing the significance of this tradition and the story of the coming of the immortal Prince of Peace and good wilL But, In perhaps every home in the United States, sad and anx ious thoughts will be continually with the millions of our loved ones who are suffering hardships and misery, and who are risking their lives to preserve for us and for all mankind, the fruits of His teach' ings and the foundations of civ iiization itself. Spirit Lives. The Christmas spirit lives to night in the bitter cold of the front lines in Europe and in the heat of the jungles and swamps of Burma and the Pacific islanos. Even the roar of our bombers and fighters in the air and the guns of our ships at sea will not drown out the messages of Christ mas which come to the hearts of our fighting men. The thoughts of these men to nieht will turn to us here at home around our Christmas trees surrounded by our children and grandchildren and their Christmas stockings and gifts just as our own thoughts go out to them, to night and every night, in the! distant places.. We all know how anxious they are to be home with us, and they know how anxious we are to have them and how determined every one of us is to make their day of homecoming as early as possible. And above all they know the determination of all right thinking people and nations, that .Christ-mases such as those that we have known in these years of world tragedy shall not come again to beset the souls of the children of God. Prayers Answered. This generation has passed through many recent years of deep darkness, watching the spread of the poison of Hitlerism and Fascism In Europe the growth of . imperialism and militarism in Japan the final clash of war all ; over the world. Then came the dark days of the fall of France, and the ruthless bombing of England, and the desperate battle of the Atlantic, and of Pearl Harbor and Corregidor and Singapore. Since then the prayers of good1 men and women and children the world over have been answered. The tide of battle has turned, slowly but inexorably, against those who sought to destroy civilization. On this Christmas day, we cannot yet say when our victory will come. Our enemies still fight fanatically. They still have re serves of men and military power But, they themselves know that they and theif evil works are doomed. We may hasten the day of that doom if we here at home continue to do our full share Peace Will Come. We pray that that day may come soon. We pray that until then, God will protect our gallant PARIS. (JP) The French black market has become a gigantic combine with headquarters in Paris and tentacles extending to every part of France, and as far away as the Liverpool docks and into the United States army. In its post invasion expansion, American soldiers became important links in its operations. The black market has developed from a patriotic movement during the German occupation when it was fashionable and, indeed, necessary to outwit the boche, to an enormous federation of dealers in stolen goods, counterfeiters, , and white slavers and speculators. Since D day, its chief source of supply has been the huge quanti ties of American gasoline, soap, food and post exchange items in- tended for the Allied war ma chine at the front. These supplies have been diverted, largely by American sol diers who, seemingly tempted by easy and fantastically large rewards, have hijacked trucks- and turned over millions of gallons of gasoline and other goods to the r rench operators who sell it tin lawfully at exorbitant prices. The gasoline brings $5 to $10 a gal Ion. In some instances there have been running gun fights between drivers and hijackers reminiscent of the American gangster era of the twenties. Literally hundreds of American soldiers have been arrested. Many of them have been convicted and now are serving prison terms of from one to 20 years or life. Hun dreds of others are awaiting trial men and women in the uniforms of the United Nations that He will receive into His infinite grace those who make their supreme sacrifice in the cause of righteous ness and love of Him and His teachings. We pray that with victory will come a new day of peace on earth in which all nations of the earth will join together for all time. That is the spirit of Christmas, the Holy day. May that spirit live and grow throughout the world in all the years to come. LONG POINT Mrs. Opal Snyder and daugh ter. Donna Mae of Vandalia, came Thursday to spend Christmas at the Ralph Snyder home. The Home Bureau is sponsoring a get together gathering at the high school Wednesday evening, Dec. 27. The Emerald chapter, OES, will hold its school of instruction on Thursday, Dec. 28, afternoon and evening with a potluck supper. Mrs. Ruth Brunnimeyer, grand lecturer of Washburn, will conduct the school. Miss Carrie Zeilman of Pontiac, was here Sunday to spend two weeks here with her sister in law, Mrs. Nell Zeilman. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Clark will accompany .their son, Pvt. Floyd Clark Jr., to East Lansing, Mich., Christmas night. Pvt. Clark is a student in the air corps at Michigan State college. The canteen under the leadership of Mrs. Linda Deets, Mrs Ben Weichman and Mrs. Kay Griffin, will serve the service men Friday at Streator. . Mrs. Clarence Camelin, reporter. Court Notes TAZEWELL COUNTY WARRANTY DEEDS. PEKIN. (PNS) John E. Parker and wife to August Kull and wife: Part south east quarter, section 29. townshln 2S. 3 part east half, northeast quarter. 11 rt west half, northeast quarter, ec- a, inwniiriip a. range . itetirv iitinnn anil wif. to Charles un: ran lot 121. Town. Acres. Klossie Mny liallowell to Walter Null and Wife: Lot 7. block 33. Pekln. Howard S. Smireeon and wlf tn aivln W. Bchroeder and will: Lot 128, Robeln suiximsion. Clarence C. Muller and wife to Edward J. Thomas and wife: Lot 136. Kotoin subdivision. Mayme Morris and husband to Donald Harry Morris and wife: Part tut half, northeast quarter, section 30. township 23, range 3; northwest quarter, section 21 township 23, range, 3. Elmer J. Ault and wife to Ernest L. r"htllips and wife: Lot 21i. Sunnyland. William D. Morris and wife to Hor Morris and wife: Part northeast quarter, southeast quarter, section 23. township 2, range 3. Alma B. Goets and husband to Fred L. Samueleon and wife: Part lots 53 and 54. Town Acres. Leo P. Gresham and wife tn Leslie E. Oresham and wife: Lou 48 and 47, Sunny-land. Theodore II. Brodt and wife to John E. Johnson Jr., and wife: It 4. John Gib bons subdivision. East Peoria. Albert W. Schramm and 'wile to Sylvester E. Reed and wife: Lot 4, block 2. Suncrest addition, Pekln. Pekfh Loan A Homestead Association to Lester A. Cham ben and wife: Lot 10, block 32. Pekin. Jessie Adams and husband to Charles Anthony and wife: Part lot 11. Elk Park utxiivlslon. East Peoria. iMary weyhrlcn to Rose Butler: Fart lots and 9. block 2. West Cathedral addition. Pekin. Arthur Hasty to Edgar W. Smith and wife: Lots 2. 3 and 4, block 2, Miller's addition, Mackinaw. A bugium mU rf??Q ; HUMANS M.OWKI). Arrows indirale arlimi In area of German at taik on wrstcrn front. Flrlil dltpatrlir aalil offrnaWe liaa war-ly Mopped and Yank wrre holding firm along nortltern flank f deepest German tlirutt acknowledged fa have reached Wrrboiuont. Shaded line is battlefront where etalllhrd front h rit. AP fVlreitiuto For Enduring Peace Perpetual Burden on Place No Beaten Says Democracy Best Form Of Government nv ;corc;c r, dria. VATICAN CITY. (Al IM Pius XII in an annual Chruimat message Sunday welcomed Al'.leJ proposals for a strong organization to prrvrut aggression, but m anted no "perpetual burden" hu!J L impucl on vanquuhed nations if peace is to endure. While governments and peoples responsible for this war must be punished, the pontiff declared, they eventually must be allowed to lecome members of the auc.ely of nations. In his sixth war Christmas ad dress broadcast to the world. Pope Pius praised as the best form of government a democracy founded on tne oDitgaiions as weu Congress Intends to See That Gl Joes Gets Plenty of Both Fishing, Hunting WASHINGTON. D. C. Ul ,ty re: xk.r ar.i t::-; Ice ! Fishing and hunting are fxw.wty cor' ur what the ri . ofiJereM foe U - I - "jru nrnri ti ir.urr..r.j mar :,. tre tv.'.'.v r. f veterans, and a c-.:esir.a! t jr !.. f ,wr t.? group intents to see that they get J-- plenty cf buth. A houe en4nmi:!ee ri consort a lion of t!dl.fe has Just ct rr.p:-ed a two year iti!y at I in troduce 1 eaUUen neat mor.h. r?es !- re' re'. "Oar Immediate ablectite will be U help eae the wefse Iraia f abat ! f llhllrf men who mt he rehabilitated Irwlde a well Ulde." Chalrmasi Rabertaoa I. Va.) UI4 a reswrter Sum-4T. Z ar 1 r.wr.'-rg ir a ':. r tsa. l:mcen TtCcfAl lU'.r -rts rr.-r.i. An rlj'it s! ! v fAr-r.cts ; 1 ,ti i a. . r 1' . t ' - !' ! t ia:t-l lr. e ; .- wN'.'.r. lit I J'A-t :.- A 1 f t'ri..l tettiiri It-i :.t ar t f .' .' t a c - -rei tjr t :ext .-. t e tirri.t l,.ml fir.::.Z I .'. be'ute cj-4rei. t '.j p-t. r. Or- i-.r.t e t.'e-;e ; r AX-rty: Tt t. .-r ! t r c! ;-." .n In section 2S. town 21, ranje ft, Snta Anna townsoip. Charles w. Aoaais inn wire to lw- ,tncf Walters and wife, lots IS, IT, 1R. 19. 20. 31. 22. 23. 24. 23. block 7. original town Welilon. Sn.SoO. Paul Wetherll and wife tn Pnald Lis- rnhy and wit'. m! half l-t 1.1. all " 14 and I V bl. k II. WrUloii, In . Elixa 11 UK Mrs to JaiiM-s A. Ilrnwo ail wife, land In oiitblocs. 17, original town of Clinton, S2.70O. David Lauxhery et al to Margaret nw- Ireon. lots 7. 8. 9, block 2. Hal!svti!. $1,030. Maricaret Robinson to Oren . Armstrona and wile, lota 7. 8 and V. bfcirk 2. Halls-llle. Lea Fosnauatt and wife to r.dwin K. Kenney and wile, Kn J. block ,,A", J. K. Miller's addition. S3.5o. Alta Tletx and H.-nry C. to Flossie B. Hensley and L. B.. lot 12. orls;nal town ot Lane. Tli. Kev. W. P. White to 8aere. Heart Rman Catholic cotisrecatlon S2.10. It 4 and all lot 6 except 23 let off south end. block 20. Wredmaa and McCord's addition to Farmer Cltv. Allie K. Poland to r Fasnauch. land in outblock 22. original town Clinton. S2.MV. QI ITCIMM DEEDS. Charlra II. Krlna and wife to William C. Htone and wife. bt 3. block 11, fi.d-eon's adilition to Clinton. Nora E. Tobin to Pearl Rutherford and husband, land In secuon 2N. township 21. rang o. Mania Anna township. Roy M. PpriKue et al to Maud ft. Spracue. land In section 2. town 2. ranst 1, Barnett township. Mary t. Montaomery 10 Wealthy I.a- Dew. south half bl.k 7. Post and Isham'a addition. Waynesvil'.e. $23. Central Illinois Building Lost and Home association, to Charles A. Huffman and wife, lot 5. block 1. Freudensteln's addi tion to Clinton. 2 Dead, 20 Hurt In Derailment At Poplar Grove,4 After the first World ir. in at , . a ...w . rights of individua.a. declared that CTratwl 3o rttrrit. arul Hoce.-t- vi.c.3. h.tei. ii Zl . . ut,ul,1' " wi ar.t:cra!e a Junp as fc-gl aj :. cvre cr. e a. archy as we.I republic, and de-U0 prrcer.t thu t.rre. Ith-Aiit.! r.i !iti. m unce Ma:e absohnurm. nur first yrtWm Is that cfj Uaih tr- T.... rx. 1 1- x e . Parller In n a Idreaa to Uir!ulf PW" huntUg grt.ufft.- tj;S cf l" '.I-t. r. t .-.te! I, : Larller in an akne to n. .t -vt---. . n. .,, ... -..ii c .v.. ... , . . w ... ..i w j . -K- ooo.OOO acres of nat.i frttjeta: . V-L. . . V, I D"t l$ to oe Red, Rough Hands Enjoy soothing comfort, prompt rellei with world-known, mildly medicated, emollient Wanted To Buy Needed at Once! Phone 7976-0 I Morris Tick Co. MELV1N Mrs. Gladys Logan went Saturday to Wichita, Kan., to spend the holidays with her brother in law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elliott. Miss Rachel Thompson, cadet nurse in Grant hospital, Chicago, came Thursday to visit until after Christmas with her parents, Mr and Mrs. C. D. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boundy and son. Billy of Dwight, and Miss Rosalie Boundy, Decatur came Saturday for a holiday week end visit with their parents, Mr and Mrs. W. J. Boundy. Miss Billie Mae Phillips went to Le.Roy, Saturday, to visit tin til after Christmas with her par ents. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Phil lips. . Mrs. George Boyce and son, Bob, returned home Sunday from Chicago after visiting since Wednesday with their relatives. BENSON The following high school teachers left for their homes Friday to spend their holiday vacation: Miss Lelia Hollandsworth, going to Canton; Miss Mary Alice Broad-hurst, Chrisman; Miss Genevieve Vaster, Toluca; Lawrence Pierce and family, Canton, Mo., where they will visit with Mrs. Pierce's mother, Mrs. J. W. Miller until Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stine of Seneca, came Saturday to spend the Christmas holidays with their son, Vernon Stine and wife, and Ira Stine at 1 Paso. The women's afternoon bridge club met with Fanny Thompson Friday afternoon. Prizes were won by Rosemary Heineke, Maurine Pierce and Amelia Reeser. WELDON Mrs. Catherine Scott was 93 years old Wednesday. Julia Mae and Dixie Polen came Wednesday to spend the Christ mas holidays with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Welch Mrs. B. W. Tilbury, reporter. QUITCLAIM DEEDS. Kattie S. Kin et al to Nell Wakey: Lot 13. block 27, Vltnv Point, East Peoria. Nell Wakey to Louis Centx and wife: Lot 13. block 17. View Point, Eat Peoria. Henry H. Benjamin et al to Walter Marrs and wife: Lots 7 and 8, block 11, nrth fekin. l-trr Cummins" et al to Waltsr K. Murra and wile: Lots 7 and 8, bliick 11, Soutii Pekln. Oral Duncan to Mary Lots atone: Lots 1, 2. 3. 4 and 5. Dennis' second addition. East Peoria: part lot 2. Bluet own. Benjamin S. Hairier and wife to Mary A. Hauter: Lot 9. block z. William voei- oel's first addition. Morton. Mary A. wauter to Benjamin ti"""' and wife: Lot 9. bloc ki William Voel- pel's first addition, Morton. j M. m-en ana wu id r torrnci r. Lelfheit: Part southeast quarter, section 20, township 24, range 6. Bvron G. Badke ana wiie to riorenc r. Leifhelt: Part southeast quarter, section 20. township 2. range . . George M. Irwin to narearei .-nincn; Part lot 16, block 2. Smith's addition Washinrton. Dorothy Mae Lolines to Minnie a. nwn- ert and husband: Part east half, northwest quarter, section 33, township 25, ranee 5. Josephine Btelnborn ana nusoana to Jos ephine Jiroaln: Lot 6, Mock Ml. Pekin. josepnin juoain to josepnine owmuuiu. Lot 6, block be, Pekln. COUNTY COURT. Estate of Magdalena Marraret Sweltxer: Petition for the probata of will filed by Hulda Brackbtll, executrix. Ths eatate consists of personal property not to exceed 6.000 in value and realty worm SJi.aoo. Estate of Thomas Murphy: win niea and nominates John Abts as executor without bond, and was executed May S, 1941. A daughter. Mary Murphy Carney, is be queathed (10 tn full of her interest In the estate, and another aaucrnter. eu Mur phy Thompson. Is left $50 in full Interest To a son. Thomas c. Murphy, is be queathed the sum of SI. All ths residue of the estate Is left to Edward Murphy, a son. Estate of Amelia Gets: Inventory filed by the executors, Joseph A. and John B Getz. The Inventory lutta real estate val ued at $42,900: household Rooae ana lur-niflhlnsrs. i500: cash in Morton "tate bank. S1S.196: com and oats worth $2,226.32, and bills receivable. $l,OU0. Kstate of AJn.ia K. Lorlmore: Inventory filed by the executor. Ixmia Hull. Real estate of undetermined value; deposit certificates in the sum of $1,760. and chattel property worth $47 make up the inventory. A petition to sell real estate of wara, American National bank vs. Arthur Campbell, has been filed in court. Estate of Henry H. Arends: Will admitted to orobate and lists two heirs, the widow. Georgia Anna Arends. and a daugh ter. Alpha Arends Bible. The wiaow is to serve as executrix. The amount of personal property Is listed as undeter mined and realty at $9,000. An oroer was ifsued bv the court to tsks tne disposition of Thelma Bruce, a witnesa to the win, now mm in cainomia F.stata of William L,. Btrunk: win an mitted to probste. Two sons. Elmer Btrunlt and John Strunk. were appointed execu tors. Tha will lists 16 heirs, witn mi slue of personal property unknown ana real estate valued at ..u.uou. McLEAN COUNTY PROBATE COURT. Estate of Thomas L. Tucker: Final re port filed and approved. Executrix d.s charsed. Conservatorship of Lawrence P. Mc- Oulre: Final report filed and approved Conservator illarharaed. r.etate of leprae AM: Marlon L. Attes aptnled exerutila without bond. r.ate of Ida TV Lante: Harlow H Suinerland appointed ext-cutor without bond. Estate of Andrew F. OoSden: Final report filed and approved. Administratrix discharged. Estate of Alice C. Pawnon; Wavne f. Tnwnler. public administrator, appotn'.ed administrator. iwho. he aid. was trying to "trans form himtflf Into un ansei 01 lieht. mine the wotilt hJxrty, in-clrt.-n.lcncf and dc-nvirracy to "chloroform the vigilance' ol the faithful. He did not. however. Identify "enemy of Christ. the cardinal that I turmoil may be wldeprrad after I the war. the Pope declared the B ELV I DER E. (?) A t least 20 conflict has brought "res'Jeet atl-nerson. wPr iniured nri imitation" and a "frenzy for novelty- killed Sui.cay night when several cars of the Northwestern railroad's southbound Viking passenger train left the track near Pop lar Grove Sunday night, andihe declared. a AUl.1. t i.t "-i..-.. rovel . pr. , ic-T s -a rr. e. I: ' MACKINAW Mrs. Either Camaftan NcIm ii umriijr .f iu- Funeral In Pontiac van. had come Wrdr.e!y U mak hU home ith ha ton. Cytie WMIAC-PM-i: t Li : - er CA.-rr.i ..l at I 2 J p. r white and family. Mrs. J.n JdflJnim rd t n. Jack, of l'rtri. ir aiw-fvJir.g the holutay rk ith t:e frme$s mother, Mrs. C C. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Ciur'.ea Srerty of AlSentown. moved Vf!r,eT int. the home Xtrr rrxer,t:y Sa'.ariiy at her te-irr . TJ.e fj-tl f.'ty iT.i rvc.l. TiCy irM km '. l:y i;i le uir, v tr. to many of the mM, but that L ' J it a n ha brought the world a nr.rfci r.f ir fc ' -J n. . . , , - . ,urcnaei $ ir. r.x J.jr. i t . . ,. noucrfal "denlre for reform. . .-.,. . . v... ..v . , ! re Men at well at front :ert have chanted as a reu.t of war. ri Kmith. mhr.ave Ukefii.pte4...3Jii a t. a: y. . ,der,nthelJifytttcapart;,,.jl v-:4. t 5 many others were reported hurt. Four injured persons were brought by ambulance to the llarland hospital, and four others were taken to the hospital at Harvard. Mrs. Fred Smith, wife of the Boone county sheriff, said her husband had told her the Injured Unity f Nation. Hi broadcast meeeage streed that future poace hartgt on reeor-nition of the princip of the unit of all nations and the family of people. To denr nation Tepomil for war the hope of be'.r.r accepted into 'he family of nations., the prrtlff said. "wouM be the reverse in E: rr..r.rTon. a: were "lylnc all around.- as he!0f far seein wiadom. It would he urscd her to get more ambulances and physicians to the scene. The police department at Woodstock said "five ambulance loads of injured have been brought here." He said the Red Cross had dispatched a disaster staff, with blankets, medical and surgical necessities and food to the site of the wreck. to uwtne the rave responsibility of barring the w-a to gen eral liberation from all the rtia-trous coneQuence ... of this gigantic cataclysm." j i Need a reviver? Take a uhlff of old fashioned smelling salts Not because you're goj-.g to faint, but because? it's a goi,i pirkc-r-upier. IS 2 J a. m .Vc ir ei-r. HOLDER .C.: 1- ert Zenor of McCor-k. Net. fctjm...a i-nUt, w.- V.t t been y;i.l.r( fMrsU. Mr. af wv.La.-a. in t.e a.Tr.i m. . . Mrs. J:n Zenor. Mrs. Zenor wer.t. j4-r. t'-rr.; cr.c trcU-er. , to r.Um.r.gton Saturday to rtviioi:i:y a.-. J cce j-.r. the ho.idays with her raer.t, Mr.L rra.;.e D-. nd Mn. John Dal!on. Sr.. Zer.'fj Mf. Ca;&aUa i.i i rrr--: it now itat.or.eJ at Harvard. N'etjJcf Cat.'.:.? c." -i r r C. andjV et end! " WARRANTY DEEDS. Mildred and Kenneth Luebrhow to Maud ' R. Hanson: West &0 feet of kit 1. block . 1 Durley addition. Bloomlnirton. aiaud R. and Frank O. llanaon to Nrvble O. and Esther klae Hoover. S3.TMI: West : M feet of lot 1. block a. Duriey addition. I Bloomln(rton. Doris M. JosUn. widow to Paul E. Bessie M. Jack: 12 feet off the weet Ol Kit 1, diock s. .Mnm auuupun, .urnist. i f LE ROY Miss Lola Anne Lamont of For mal came Thursday to spend a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lamont. Miss Rosemary Frietag is spending the holidays with her family in Delphi. Ind. Chaplain and Mrs. Harold F. Reisch were the guest speakers at the Prairie Chapel United Brethren church Sunday. The children of the church presented a Christmas program at 7:30 p. m. and following the program the young people went caroling. The fire department was called to the property of Dick Strange in the west part of town Friday morning. The home was serious ly damaged by word has been wife that Pv has arrived in V V S A MERRY CHRISTMAS To You and Your N the Sincere Uh of the MANAGEMENT and PERSONNEL of PUBUX GREAT STATES THEATRES 1RVIN o CASTLE o NORMAL Arousticon FREE BETTER HEARING CLINIC THROUGH SATURDAY, DEC. 30 604 Corn Belt Bank BIdg. CmpUtawi V7Q50 I Cuttom tor- g o. Bone """" , For your convenionco right in your town a free demonstration and dentine proof of bow much your hearing of conversation can really be restored so you can take your rightful place in home and business life. The new Future Acousticon has been specifically designed to restore hearing of conversation. Come in and let us prove itl ACOUSTICON RUTH M. BACH Distributor riiono 4157-5 Put two or three tablespoo kerosene in a boilerful of white clothes to help lighten them. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to re move any odor. now T3IPIEr7i f Ends Tuesday A H 1 1 & Open Today 11:15 Jf ' I ,-ery Una is luscious s a bewitihinj. 2j3jif bewiidered bride who didnl knew which was the x r - vi v . n Hal bTeceived by his oS fc.A'7F& that Pvt. Donald Waldcn V. ) i.i ' V, VA l CI Tivcd in France. 'X iVg 'Ttv i I two or three tablespoons cf i Sh' .gnuAM' V- ' rj v mm .mm mm Musi fTa . is Q Quo TEN YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE DEAFENED OF THIS COMMUNITY CIRCUIT COURT. lo Andrae vs. Geora-e Rchwlnn. appeal from justice court: Judge John T. Culbert-son Jr., found for the plaintiff. Io Andrae. to have and retain property involved in the suit, and to recover from the defendant damacea In tha sum of one cent. toKKher with his costs and charge ex-1 pended In the suit. Marjone ijooawm vs. tan uooowin. 01- vorce: Decree granted. Uurel E. Harvey vs. William G. Har vey, divorce: Decree cranted. Reutter Realty Co. vs. victor uerweiier. case: By agreement case was cnminufo. Jacob Sturm vs. Richard Meinen. eae: ; Time extended for 30 days In which the defendant Is to plead. i Louise Pangerl vs. Iuls Pangerl. divorce: j Petition filed for change of custody and a i hearing set. Ralph H. HMler vs. Kthel May Haller. ! divorce: A petition to show cause was filed , and the hearlnc beirun. but not concluded and the case continued until Jan. 4. 1943. DEWITT COUNTY WARRANTY DEEDS. CLINTON. (PNS) W. H. Price and wife to Nell Beott. lot 8, block 5. Brown and Fraley's addition to Clinton. Mary Meehan to J. R. Irvine and Mayme. lot 1, block 7. original town of Clinton, t-123. Ashley L. McKlnney and wife to Albert Bray and wife, land In section 19, town 21. range 3, Wilson township, 110. Rolls J. Newman and wife to Eugene C. Pfeifer and wife, lot 8, block 3. original town of Kenney. S3.O00. Frank H. Fults to Gilbert F. rsicnois. land tn section 29, town 21, range 1. Wa vneaville. John F. Btrich and wife to Gall Kennedy and wife, land In section 3. town 30, ranee J. Barnett township. S10. . John 11. Kelley et al to Herman F. L'm- land. Vts 7. 8. block 1, C. H. Moore's addition to Farmer CMy. Herman F. Umland to Ross C. Swarti, 1. same as shove. Ross C. Swarts and wife to Otto W. TVrr td. Owiii, crt t, . YvVocK . C H. 'Moore' a addmon to Fartner City. Ernest Sprague and wife to Fred Stout-enborough. lot 8, block 17, original town Clinton, SI, 000. Pearl Rutherford to NoraE. Tobin, lp.rd Ioomin0ton's Intimate Theatre Doors Opea al 11:30 tTiowe "ZTl-t CHRISTMAS MATINEE TWO FLATlRli' Alice Faye Fred MacMurray Richard Greene "Little Old New York 11 -jAr See This Great Picture! ir One of the Most Fascinating! With an All Star Cast! FKATl RK NO. 2 V iTLH j ts. t , I II u wuuuuuuu Ul IN A4frtO.COlOrVrN.A4ATf $ Marriage is a 7Ova& AFFAIR" "STAR BRIGHT' Trtlmlrolor IVaturrtle Combining Delightful Music stnd Senalinnal Danrinc PARAMOUNT NEWS C. I.'s Hay Santa TIm Crrrk luiil KrooMjn Corn Vrt JAMES JOHN CRAIG HODIAK FRANCES MUCH GIPFORD MARLOWE NATALIE SCHAFER Fraturr rrrornlrd TotUy At .YOU' i:nda Tuttdau4)ptn Ji:li T-. S r- S I - - - - r t A tv.-j SMI UUi KlMI'MU HIT TtmnCc Ssrf ! tW Tnrl fZS a fC H Si Z-J iinnon- -TV i iMins I a CilTtt ii m . i ii . ie e rUn Now to Attend One of Our Hi; Holidar Midnite Show!! Sat. and Sun- Ihx. 20-31 v.. Aiwa) on Sale Tltratrv fiift ItocLe r CELEBRATE NEW YEAR'S EVE at GREAT STATES THEATRES IRVIN o CASTLE o NORMAL CONTIMOI S I'KKKOHM Nt IIS "Ntxl Sunday Irom W Noon TH1 t A. M. Come in at Any Time No Waltinc A'0Hr SHOWING IU ami r 1st Vi4 G0DDARD-TUFTS u with Btulah Bondi Barry Fit:gtra!J lmw M II . I ll, e sa. ! ie r.i.oKiors toMriMov i t:ii 1:1: STILL OX SALE Al I ll, S SS THEATRE GIFT BOOKS 4

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