Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 22, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

20 Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, III. Thursday, Aug, 22, 1963 DO YOO WANT IT FRIED, ' POACHED OR, SCRAMBLE© YOU FORGOT T 1 ^ TO ASK ME < WHICH SIDE. A , I WANTED IT £ ' fcuasv ...AN TH' CRYSTAL BALL SAYS VER COAMN'INTASOME UNEXPECTED DOUGH 1 THAT'LL^ BE A BUCK, .0001 Jte\ "YOU'D BETTER BE RIGHT ABOUT THE MONEY, OR I'LL BE BACK AN'TAKE* IT OUTAYER HIDEl ^pl Fkt.m, Inc. TM. If. US. til. OH. ALLfTSCOSTtM ME IS A UTILE HIM TO COME, BACK TO ME/ EEKITWERE GOES HALF OF MflfciO • j 6LOVES/ j- Radio and Television THURSDAY, AUG. 22 WHBF-Channel 4 5:00 San Francisco Beat: "Dr. George Jeremy Case. 5:30 Local News. 5 :45 Walter Cronkite News. 6:00 Best of the Post. 6:30 Fair Exchange. 7:00 Perry Mason. 8:00 Twilight Zone. 9:00 The Nurses. 10:00 Jim Koch News. 10:10 Weather Show. 10:15 Sports Final. 10:30 Tightrope: "The Brave Pigeon. 11:00 Theatre 4: "I Love a Soldier." WOC-Channel 6 5:25 Sports Reel. 5:30 News. 5:40 Weather. 5:45 Huntley-Brinkley Report. 6:00 Cartoon Time. 6:30 Wide Country. 7:30 Dr. Kildare. •8:30 The Lively Ones. 9:00 "Voice of the Desert." 10:00 Report to Area 6. • 10:30 Tonight Show. 12:00 Sign Ofi Headline!. WQAD-Channel 8 5:00 Maverick: "Brasada Spur." 6:00 Weather. 6:05 Local News. 6:15 News—National. 6:30 Ozzie and Harriet. 7:00 Donna Reed. 7:30 Leave It to Beaver. 8:00 My Three Sons. 8:30 McHale's Navy. 9:00 Alcoa Premiere. 10.00 Weather. 10:05 Local News. 10:15 News—National. 10 :25 Sports. 10:30 Steve Allen. WTVH-Channel 19 5:00 Sea Hunt. 5:30 Newsbent 19. 5:45 Ron Cochran News. 6:00 Mr. Toyman. 6:30 Ozzie and Harriet: "Decorating Dave's Office," 7:00 The Donna Reed Show: "Pioneer Woman." 7:30 Leave It to Beaver: "Beaver on TV." 8:00 My Three Sons: "Flash Back." 8:30 McHale's Navy: "Operation baseball . WHITE SOX vs. YANKEES Friday Night at 6:40 fr-fr WGIL Kit RADfO H E S O U NO CITIZEN mmmmmmmmmmm liM ON YOUR DIAL Wedding Party." S:00 Premiere: Presented by Fred Astaire: "Blues for a Hanging." 10:00 News: 60. 10:01 M Squad: "The Velvet Stakeout." 10:30 Hollywood's Finest: "The Bounty Hunter." 12:00 Evening Inspirational. WMBD-Channel 31 6:00 WMBD News. 6:10 Weather Window. fi:15 CBS News. 6:30 Fair Exchange. 7:00 Perry Mason. 8:00 Twilight Zone. 9:00 The Nurses. 10:00 WMBD News. 10:15 Weatherscope. 10:20 Starr on Sports. 10:30 The Late Show: "The Sainted Sisters." 12:15 At Day's End. WEEK-Channel 43 5:30 Supercar: "Supercar Take One." 6:00 Local News. 6:10 Weather. 6:15 Huntley-Brinkley. 6:30 The Wide Country. "To Cindy, With Love." •7:30 Dr. Kildare: "The Burning Sky." *8:30 The Lively Ones. •9:00 Voice of the Desert. 10:00 Harrison and the News. 10:15 Weather. 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sports. •10:20 Tonight Show. 12:00 Evening Meditation. *—Denotes Colorcast. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With M?r. Hoop 1- Station WGIL, Radio 1400 KUOCYCI— THURSDAY 6:00 News. 6:05 Public Service Show. 6:35 Music. 7:00 News. 7:05 World Today. 7 :35 Music. 10:00 Nightcap News. 10:15 Music Till Midnight. News on the Half Hour FRIDAY 4:55 Wake Up Show. 6:00 News. fi:05 Wake Up Show. 6:15 Farm Fare Program. 6:35 Wake Up Show. 6:55 Robert St. John Reports. 7:00 News. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 1:10 Sports Scoreboard. 7:15 Wake Up Show. 7:30 Local News. 7:45 Morning Show. 8:00 News. 8:05 Weather Forecast. 8:50 Notes on Modern Living. 8:55 What's New in Pink & Blue, 9:00 News. 9:05 Bulletin Board. 9:25 Uncle Harry. 9:35 Morning Melodies. 10:00 News. 10:10 Music. 10:35 Problems and Solutions. 11:00 News. 11:05 Morning Melodies. 11:35 Trading Post. 11:50 Farm Adviser Program. 11:50 Noon Day Devotions. 12:00 Noon Farm Markets and News. 12:15 U.S.Weather Forecast. 12:25 Local News. 12:40 Music. 4:00 News. 4:05 1400 Club. 5:00 News. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr. 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:45 Wall Street Report. 5:54 Weather. 6.00 News. 6:05 Capital Assignment. 6:35 Music. 6:40 White Sox vs. Yankees. 10:00 Nightcap News. 10:15 Music Tig Midnight. News on ifie Hali Hour. Station WAIK, Radio 1530 Kllocvclaa vMEUt.LftOS.X'M OFF TOTHE OWLS CLUB TO (5EFEREE OOR MIDSUMMER CABBAGE CHAMPIONSHIP.'-~ UM-HAK.' • (F SAKE SHOULD BE LOOU- (NS FOR M&, VOL) MIGHT SA^ X M&NTIONEO A SPECIAU INVITATION TO BE- AM OVERNIGHT GUEST ON A HARBO TUGBOAT/ OkAY,MA30R, \N £ V LL THROW. HIMTtfCURME, BALL,euT HE'S LIABLE, MEANER THAN A TRAFFIC COP VMlTM A TOOTH' ACHE/ YE AH, X SAW HIM tSOINi* IN A BOOKSTORE' BY NOW KNOVJS MAKE MORE: /MONEY TF?YlN v TO SELL 'DNOT& ^ FF?ONl A CLAM- TJJIQSEF^J IWt Dtaney ProdaeUmt World Kii-bU Butrni H6 JUST STANDS >I IN ONE PLACE ALL. >t THE TIME.... —* ...AMD DOESN'T SAY A THING V 8-22 I DID VOL) HEM2 ( THAT MAUDES \ HUSBAND GOT ABPE6TED rj INATAVS2N g^\^grN(<3HT? AND ETHEL. WINSTONfc vouNeesr g\gl BAN OFF WITH A CIRCUS ACH30AT... ANDTUeatCOMBWy 6AV5 IF We DONT F&voue BiLLTHeyfee GOINOTD...-?// WHEN i G&nzoujmz Nev^PkNOWWHATft eoimio comb our/ YfllJ PULLfefr ONTO THE HIGHWAY, RIGHT IN My PATHi WITHOUT (^LOOKING! TWCOOraBT MINUTES 8EF0RS!] IF you HAD COME BV THEN. THIS- WOULPM'T HAVE HAPPENED! "id friA-T MAKE* ME RESPONSIBLE, EH* WHAT WELL, I MAY BE PARTLY TO BLAME. My MIND WAS ON My BROTHER OLAN, WHO NOW RESRET5 HE WENT TO SEA'. HE5 AFRAID THE CAPTAIN 15 A CUTTHROAT WHO MAY ..LAST REPORT* ON THECyCL0P5l FROM THE CAPE* T -MINU5 4 H0UR3 ANt> COUNTING* %AB MAJOR 'S ESCAPING niimfcTj «.f tit*.™. OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William» FRIDAY 6:15 Sign On. 6 :15 News Headlines. 6 :17 Illinois Farm Report. 6:55 News Around the World. 7:10 Local News. 7 :25 Speaking of Sports. 7:35 Astroguider 7:55 Paul Harvey New«. 8:00 Local News. 8:15 Weather Watch. 8:25 Hospital Note*, 8 :30 Viewpoint. THE HEV, IWTHERE/ WHAT'S THE IDEA OF LOCKIM' DOOR? WE'VE 0EEM WOKKIM6 OW THE CAR. ALU AFTERkJOOKl AMD IT 'S HOT OUT HERE.' OPEM UP—WE WAMT TD COME IM AM' COOL. OFF AN 1 <3ET SOMETHING TO PRJNK/ HEY, OUT THERE.' IVE BEEM CLEAM-I IK1G UP THE KITCHEN ALL AFTERNOON! AMP ITS WOT iSOIKlGTO BECOME AM OASIS FOR A COUPLE . OF CREASE MONKEYS.' STOP *S THAT FDUNIDINkS ANID I'LL HANK? VOU SOMETHINJCi OUT / THE WINDOW.' r- ^ SMSSJ* HgKOBe ARB ^AP£"-NOT gOBM .wowHU^m ^I^ 8:55 ABC News 9:00 Breakfast Club. 9:55 ABC News. 10:00 Local News. 10:45 Town Crier. 10:55 ABC News. 11:00 Local News. 11:05 Tradio. 11:30 View; olnt. 11:55 ABC News. 12:00 Omnlcast-News. 12:20 Farm Markets. 12:30 Paul Harvey New». 12:55 ABC News. 1:00 Local News. 1:15 Obituary Report. 1:25 Flair Reports. 1:55 ABC News. 2:00 Local News. 2:05 Show Time on Broadway. 2:30 Viewpoint. 2:45 Town Crier. 2:55 ABC News. 3:00 Local News 3 :15 New Neighbor. 3:25 Flair Reports. 3:30 Inside Books. 3:55 ABC News. 4:00 Local News. 4 :20 Farm Markets. 4 :30 Viewpoint 4:45 Local Sport*, 4:55 ABC New*. 5:00 Local News. 5:15 Sports Round-up. 5:40 Tom Harmon Sports. 5:55 ABC News. 6:00 Local News 6:25 Flair Reports. 6:30 Viewpoint. 6:55 ABC News. 7:00 Sign Off. New Missions Head NEW YORK (AP) — The Rev Dr. David M. Stowe, a former missionary in China and the Middle East and for seven years an officer of the United Church of Christ Board for World Ministries, has been named executive secretary of the Division of Foreign Missions of the National Council of Churches. This is one of the council's four major divisions. /QUARTERMASTER, ISSUE KNIVES AND FORKS TO VTWE ENTIRE M-MAY5E NOT, JOHNNVz/j PUT IF I NOT SO ANXIOUS FOR TO (SET PJCTURE OF RESCUE,, I NOT USE 5TI?ANSE PILOT-'" WEtl.THERE GOES OOP OFF TO A CAREER ON THE RAPIO WAVES OP THE WORLP.., mm 3 WELL, LET ME TELL VOU SOMETHING, MISTER GEORGE OSCAR BOOM. ...SETTING TZJfeg A SENSATION ON THE AIRWAVES IS A PRETTY TOUGH hPROPOSITlON... 1 it hi*, it. m in, us. r .i, on. CAN HEAR YOUR STUFF.' CO TOMMYj FIRST WE'iL MOVE BACK TO THE COUNTRy. THEM WE'LL GET PANCHO SACK...AMP JIMMY BAILEY CAN SPEND . VACATIONS WITH YOU! m k Jk *B Kit ti ; i m am rm 'Mr

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