The Geneva Gazette from Geneva, Nebraska on February 9, 1911 · 1
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The Geneva Gazette from Geneva, Nebraska · 1

Geneva, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1911
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THIRTIETH YEAR GENEVA FILLMORE COUNTY NEBRASKA THURSADY FEBRUARY 1911 NUMBER 22 Sit Down and Talk It Over ot what we are accomplishing that you will want Become One of Our Depositors As to our standing all you have to do is to inquire of the best men in town Bank at Resources $250000 oldest and best known settlers of Fillmore county She came here with her husband in the early days and endured many hardships in order that they might make a home for themselves and their children She was highly respected by everyone that knew her and all her friends will miss that kindly smile that was always hers to give to her friends Mrs Shickley has been an active member of the Methodist church since earliest girlhood She leaves a sister in Indiana the last of a family of eight children and her five sons to mourn her loss Her husband Judge B P Shickley passed away here in Geneva July 9 1902 The funeral services will be held at the residence on Saturday morn- ognizance giving bonds for $350 each to appear at the term of court which will be held here next week They went to Grafton as soon as they were released Velte Wright Thomas Fumel Whitney (Prom Wednesday’s Daily) It is reported that Geneva is to have another auto garage It will be installed in the buildine that is now being occupied by Evans Novelty Store Mr Brown of Pairmont will be the owner Picard Store Moves The Picard' Pharmacy have been moving yesterday and today and by tonight very near if not all of their t oods will be installed in their new 1 ome in the Citizens Bang building COUNTY OPTION LOST Senate Killed Bill Today by Vote of 17 to 16 — A Hard Fight HAS CREATED MUCH EXCITEMENT Sunday Base Ball Bill Passed to Third Reading in House Today (Special to The Gazette) Lincoln Neb Feb 8 — By a vote cf 17 to 16 the county option bill was killed in the senate today This has been one of the hardest fought bills during this session of the legislature For awhile it looked as though it might be passed but constant hammering away on the part of the “drys” made such a showing that the members of the senate felt that they could do nothing else but vote against it coin is that this bill will be killed when it comes to a vote The bill passed the senate this afternoon by a vote of 19 to 13 Sunday Baseball Bill The Sunday baseball legislation that called forth such a storm of petitions on the members of the legislature was passed to third reading today The ministers cf every denomination took a part in this fight and have never for a moment permitted it to get out of their sight The belief among seme of the members in Lin- Capital Removal Bill “It looks very much as though the capital would be removed from Lincoln” was the statement made by a member of the legislature this afternoon when spoken to in regard to the capital removal bill which was made a pedal order cf business before the house this afternoon at 2:30 The passage of this bill is being heavily contested by Lincoln and the towns in the eastern part of the state Grand Island and Kearney are working for rhe passage of the bill and with almost the undivided support cf the western part of the state will make a big showing when it comes tme to take the final vote The re-locating of the capital after the bill has been parsed will come up at a general election at which time the people will be given an opportunity to say where the new location shall be OLD SETTLER DEAD Mrs Minerva Shickley Passed Away at Her Residence This Morning at 7:15 (From Thursday’s Daily) Great was the shock to the cld settlers of this city and community when the word’was passed around this morning announcing that Mrs Minerva Shickley had died at her home at 7:15 this morning Minerva Mahin was born in Green county Ohio July 24 1832 and at the time of her death was 78 years 6 months and 8 days cld She was married to Judge B F Shickley at Jamestown Ohio on January 18 1855 and there they resided until 1866 when they moved to Fillmore county where they made their residence ever since They moved to the city of Geneva in 1880 There was born to Judge and Mrs Shickley five boys and all were living at the time cf her death only one V C Shickley of Ranchester Wyo being absent from her bedside at the time of her death He will be unable to be here to attend the funeral The children are F F Shickley of Omaha J M Shickley of Lincoln V C Shickley of Ranchester Wyo A W Shickley and C W Shickley of this city Mrs Shickley or Grandma Shickley as she was commonly known to all the people of Geneva was one of the ing at 10 o’clock The remains may be viewed at the hc-me from 3 until 5 Friday February 3 Hafer-Bishop (From Thursday’s Daily ) Married at the home of the bride’s mother in West Geneva last night at S o’clock Mr J H Hafer and Miss Blanche M Bishop the ceremcny being performed by Judge W R Fulton There were present at the ceremony only the close relatives of the contracting parties Mr Hafer is well known all over the county having lived here for a number of years The bride practically grew up in Geneva and has always been counted as one j cf this city's most popular young ladies The Gazette extends congratulations to the bride and groom and hope that no dark shadow shall ever cross their path of happiness during their married life NEW LIBRARY BUILDING Possibilities for Geneva Having Beautiful Public Library Building are Excellent CARNEGIE WILL EXPEND $6500 Mr Carnegie’s Letter-- Valuable Information in Notes on Library Building (From Monday's Daily) Endeavor has been made for some time past by the library board of this city to interest Mr Carnegie to the extent of expending several thousand dollars on a local Free Public Library Building The letter addressed to Mrs P B Brayton president of the lbrary board which is published herein shows ue that the effort has resulted in the possibility of Genevans having a Public Library building that the citizens wdll have every reason to feel preud of The questcn of whether or not Geneva is to enjoy the distinction of profiting by this new public eonven-itnee will be submitted to and discussed by the comm:n council this evening and -by the library board tomorrow evening Every publc- pirited citizen of Geneva should draw liberally on their locality to their home city and boost for this new enterprise See ycur councilman immediately Delay may nuan tne shattering of the plans Let us get together and make this our fondest h:pe a reaLty The management of The Gazette would suggest that bonds be voted at the spring election for a build ng site Shilkee — Houchin (From Saturday’s Daily) Announcements have been received in Geneva of the marriage of Miss Corabele Shilkee daughter of Mrs Caroline Shilkee of Great Falls Mont and Mr Glen L Houchin son of Mr and Mrs O C Houchin of Billings Mont formerly residents of this city Mr Houchin is a brother to Mrs Lester Donisthorpe of this city The wedding took place in Great Falls Mont on Wednesday February 1 The young couple will be at home at 230 Broadwater avenue Billings Mont after March 1 ANDREW CARNEGIE 2 East 91st St New York Jauia y 31 1911 Mrs P B Brayton President of Library Geneva Nebraska Madam : Respcnding to your communications on behalf of Geneva — If the City agree by Resolution of Council to maintain a Free Public Library at a cost of not less than Six hundred and Fifty Dollars ($65000) a year and provides a suitable site for building Mr Car- rificed or subordinated at times to minor accessories such as too much or toe valuable space allotted to cloak rooms toilets stairs to basement or cellar etc Another cause of waste space in this direction is when parties attempt to get a Greek temple or modification cf it for $10000 and all they get is the entrance and the waste referred to The building is expected to be devoted exclusively to (a) housing the books and handng them out (b ) comfortable accommodation f:r reading them by adults and children (c) lecture room wrhen introduced as a subordinate feature and not ‘adding disproportionately to 'the erst of the building (d) necessary accommoda tion for heating plant etc wdthout which the building could not be used Experience seems tc show that the be:t results for a small general library are obtained by adopting the one-story and high-basement type of build ing of which the dept (from front to back) is to the width approximately as 2 is to oV2 rr 3 is to 7 consistine of practically a small vest bule entering one large room sub-divided by book cases into reading spaces for adults and for children The rear and side windows may be kept seven feet from fleor permitting 1 continuous wall space for shelving 1 which will be sufficient for the volumes in a small community For larg- er communities a small stack-room when required can be built on rear equal to one-third the width of main 1 building giving an invested T plan This stack extension may be enlarged when future needs demand it at a minimum expense and without dis turbing the building or the activities carried on within it The type of building in view gives The Most Useful Education ! - - Is the one you get through your efforts to make a ’’ The Geneva State Bank urges every young man gardless of his occupation to have a bank account It not only a business education in its self but a business ’’ convenience which enables every man to manage his business in a systematic'and economical manner : : : : : Capital and Surplus $120000 FRANK W SLOAN President E SANDROCK Vice President E J DEMPSTER Cashier JOB SMITH Asst Cashier to erect a Free Public Library Building for Geneva It should be noted that the amount indicated is to cover the cost of Library Building complete ready for occupancy and fer the purpose Intended Before any expenditure is incurred Mr Carnegie’s approval of proposed plans should be secured to obtain which please send sketch of plans for Inspection Respectfully Yours JAS BERTRAM Private Secretary Enel Notes on Library Building ANOTHER TRANSFER Implement Business Conducted For the Past Four Weeks Under the Firm Name of W E Van-kolk So d Back to Original Owners DEAL WAS CLOSED THURSDAY W C Peterson & Co in Charge Today — Fa mers of Fillmore County and Eusmess Men cf Geneva Extend a Cordial Welcome negie will be glhd §ive advantage of minimum waste of sand Fie Hundred Dollars ($bo0000) pa: sage space between entrance and The nctes on Library Building set forth below are by Mr Carnegie Much valuable information for a city contemplating the building of a Public Library Building may be gathered therefrom Now Out On Bond (From Wednesday’s Daily) Stanley Morland and Carl Stevens who were arrested at Grafton some time ago on the charge of robbery and bound over to the district court were released yesterday on their own rec-giving bonds for $350 each Notes On Library Building The following notes on library building are sent to anticipate frequent requests fer such information Frequently library committees in small towns especially are composed of busy men who have not had time to obtain a knowledge of the subject a building plan sometimes attracting them which experience would prove to yield a poor return in useful accommodation for the money Architects are Lable unconsciously no doubt to aim at an architectural feature and subordinate useful accommodation The amount allowed by Mr Carnegie to cover the cost of a library building is according to a standard based on (a) the population which is to pay the tax for carrying on the library and (b) a specified minimum revenue from such tax The donation is only sufficient to provide needed accommodation and there will be either a shortage of accommodation or of money if this primary purpose is not kept in view rix To Obtain the Ut-most Liseful Accommodation For the Money Consistent With Good Taste in Building In looking over hundreds of plans for small and medium sized buildings costing say from eight to twenty-five features leading to wraste of space when useful accommodation might have been secured by the same expenditure For instance in a plan for a $10000 library building into which the people go by ones twes and threer we have frequently seen a wide vestibule of 12 16 or even 18 feet which re suits in what amounts often to a “thoroughfare” of that width to the delivery desk which in a square building might he 20 feet and upwards from the entrance It would appear if practical requirements have any bearing on the matter that an entrance hall or vestibule half that width is ample with corresponding gain ir the Interior As the size of the built ing increases some modification oi course Is required The economical layout of the building in this and other respects deliverey desk placed in front of a space of librarian’s office betw’een desk and stack-rom and allows two large well-lighted rooms or spaces on either side of the passage w-ay in which readers are uncTturbed and from the shape of the reoms most of the reader: will be out of hearing f passage traffic and delivery-do-sk onversations The delivery desk should be as clos as possible to the front and placed so as tc supervise from it as much of the floor as possible The high-ba: ement type of building lends itself to advantageous arrangement The basement may be devoted in part to heating plant fuel toilets work-room and storage and the rest tc a lecture rom where such is wanted When a stack-room is provided above the basement beneath it may contain heating plant etc and the front basement a lecture-room Although these notes are written with the smaller buildings in mind thore larger require only a modification of these fundamental ideas and no modification of the primary purpose tc lie aimed at Building libraries to pattern would be undesirable but it ic desirable in planning to have a plan In mind which is convenient in arrangement economical in construction and into the exterior appearance of which a large variety may be introduced NEW HOSE CART The Geneva Fire Department Now the Possessor of a Brand New Fire Wagon (From Tuesday’s Daily) The Geneva fire department is climbing right to the front and the boys are all going around the streets today with their heads up in the air and as proud of that new hose cart as a little boy is of his new red top boots For some time there has been a lack of place on which to put all the hese that has been in the fire house and it was neectsary to protect this hose so the council decided that the best way was to get another cart The fire protection has been on the east side of the town and when there happened to be a fire on the west side it was a long way to take the apparatus The new car£ will be located at the pumping station thus giving the people of the west side a much better and quicker service in case of a fire in that end of the town The cart was purchased from the W S Nott Company of Minneapolis Minn at a cost of $100 It certainly is a beauty and the citizens as well as the fire boys are proud of the new apparatus This same company sold the Fremont fire department about the same time ai automobile apparatus That is going some for a town of that size (From Satui day's Daily ) The implement business which has been for the past three years (previ-:ls to January 7) conduct: d under the firm name of YV C Paterson & Co ana which was sold on the above-date to W E Vand r Oik of David City Neb who has be n in charge for the last tour weeks has b en traits erred to the original ov nets The dea: am to lfe noon Mr Van-derkclk’s arrival in thi c-ty las Thursday afternoon and paptis were C vn up nn the saint day at midnight Invoke o the stock as taken yesterday ana today custome s found Mr W C Petersen and Mr Charles Peterson re-establisnecl and again d j-ng business at the old stand We arc of the opinion taat the farm ers of Fillmore county and the bum ness men of Geneva will welcome these two gentlemen back into their rndet as their methods of d ing business have always been up-to-date and satisfactory Announcement was made a feu days age through The Daily Gazetu and bills posted over this territory o an Auction Sale to be held for the purpose of disposing of $7u00 worth of implements buggies etc and since the change of proprietors the same has been stopped Business will again be resumed in a normal way and in the future all goods wll be sold at the usual retail prices The Petersons have been during the past few weeks severely reprimanded by their many friends and customers for their act of disposing f their busi ness in this city and this added to the general uneasiness which nvariabi -accompanies :ne’s sudden s: ppinu out of the commercial whirl was greatly instrumental in cau ing the above named gentlemen to purchase uack tYie implement business that has un dvr their management grown to be one :f the largest in Fillmore county Old patrons and others as well when in need if anything in the lnc of machinery implements etc will in the future receive as cordial a welcome and endeavor will be made to deal to them the same satis action as heretofore GOOD SHOWING Major DeVoore Compliments Company G On Their Excellent Showing Last Evening COMPANY G TO BE RETAINED Men Showed Their Aff iciency In Drill and All cf the Property Was In Fine Shape (From Thursday’s Daily ) The annual inspect on of Company G 1st Pvegiiatnt ' r aski Natiral Guard 1 11th S Infan ’c t D A Russell Wyomi e r u nt was ru Id in t - nigi t 'and the efficient a r ! th i company was up :: the top Major DeVoore in speaking of the company said 'that he had inspected but one other company in the state that was as good as the local one” but said that "he would not : ay that it was any better than this tne" Such a compliment as ihs coming'as it did from a regular army officer certainly makes :he officers and members of the company feel good Major DeVoore arrived here on the Builington from the north yesterday afterncon and was met at the train by Captain Ford and escorted to the armory where he at once proceeded I to inspect the property which con sisred of the clothing arms tents -o' king utensils etc At 8:30 last night the inspection took place The company wan requir-j ed to give a demonstration to the major of their ability to execute the I various maneuvers as laid down in j the drill regulations and numerous i members of the company were asked questions as to the different equipment which had been issued to them They were required to drill in heavy marching order which consisted of having on their person the following articles of equipment Gun and bay-! net canteen haversack which contained knife fork spoon They also carried a blanket roll which contained the following articles one-half tent with stakes for same blanket bed i tick poncho soap towel tooth brush and an extra pair of socks The com-I nany was found to be in first-class j shape Their drill was excellent and i the attendance cut for the inspection I was far above the average Taken as a whole the company was in the be t shape that it has been for 1 many yea-s pase The officers and j members are all in high spirits over the inspection and each and member will work harder the °"°r to make this company thebr -: ere i in the state Geneva ins at Hebron (From Saturday’s Daily) The Geneva high schc'l basket ball team took the second game from the Hebron high school team last night on the Hebron floor The game was closely contested from the first The i team w-rnk of the Geneva boys wa i the characteristic feature but they were not very fortunate in tossing goals At the end of the first half the score stood 21 to 15 in favor of Geneva Velte the big forward for Hebron made sixteen points for his team Blaine Sloan had the misfortune or sprain his ankle before the game and was not able to play in his best form The Geneva boys were unable to get any goals the first 5 minutes of play but after their first goal wras made they gained steadily The last half of the game was slowrer than the first on account of so many fowls being called on the Geneva team The game ended with the score of 32 to 27 in favor cf Geneva The lineup: Geneva Hebron QnrrOmo Work Progressing F t (From Saturday’s Da- ) j The work on the new Bedford ic© plant ard cold storage building is be- ing pu hed forward at a rapid pace The entire brick walls are now up to ja beighth of ab"ut six feet This new building will be a large improvement cn the buildings that are now located on that side of the street They ex- pert to have the plant in operation about March 1 Evans to Move (From Wednesday’s Daily4) C C Evans who has had his novelty store on the corner near the photograph' studio will move into the building that is now being vacated by the Picard Pharmacy This will be a much better location for Mr Evans than w'here he is located at the present time Births g (From Wednesday’s Daily) To Mr ad Mrs Lester Stringfield of Ewing Neb Tuesday February 7 a ten-pound girl Mr and Mrs Spring-field are former Geneva people Mrs Stringfield Asi a sister- of Mrs -F A Ashton Mrs Clara Andersen Miss Sell Shires and Lyman Brooks of Geneva- Another Auto Garaoe

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