The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1955 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1955
Page 5
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1953 State Audit Report LOCALS .^ '* * ° * - ' i - \ ' * ' ' **- -:-^ **— *>^rf«Ili lUffttAllww tta/l For Kossuth Is Released Mrs Jfabt died Friday St. Afin hospital, and Ita Mttrill Released last Week was-the annual audit |df| J5bssUtH bounty's: affairs fol*,'1963,; made by State Examine!'^Leonard" Mdgfefl. His report, dated Dec. 23,. 1063, had little fault .to j find with; any of the county offweS or ithe Work of the supervisors,, ; ;.' ..;.-•,•. ,, . There wereMjimor mistakes, and suggestions for; future changes in method, made ,1ft' the audit;report. In same instances cor' reetions Were hiaide lh-1954 even before, the audit for 19S3 Was made. In a general sense, the report . .had this. to sav, recommend, or correct for the future; Supervisors " Official bonds sho'uld have been executed by clerk or judge of district court. ,, • • Fund transfers ar6 subject to state comptroller approval.' The official report of the C9unty treasurer and county home <were hot published in 1953, as required /by law. Recommended some changes m ' method of ahhUal 3; P* and mayor court, reports; only three of six J, P.s in cdUhty, and only one of 12 mayors filed reports as required by law. Auditor Corrected, expenditure of $47i for Deputy Gene Furst, chargec to assessor's fund but. chargeable to auditor's office: < ': j Corrected warrants totaling $4,657.80 charged to wrong funds and •• instructed collection of cor Oner's fee of $58.22 from estates - of deceased persons involved. Treasurer Recommended some changes in ledger posting and "crediting to funds. ; , ' ' , ._ Pointed' out some bank deposits exceeded maximum deposit total fixed by board of supervisors. ' Clerk of Court One $3 error in apportionment corrected. Corisfervatlon Commission, or 16 ce'nts off. Mrs Marvin Roehleau of Welcome,! Minft., Mr arid Mrs : Don Uthof of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Gerald Roch- leau and Mrs Elton RochleaU. M* and Mrs Merman Leeck had as supper guests Saturday Mr and.Mrs Hejbert Leeck,and. s6n* I 'daughter to. w „,... . folio' a'lingering "illness. Bertha M.Wiese 1 Trina " ', 1889, 'was Married to survives. They moved 20 years ago. - • Other survivorS' include ..,brothers and two sisters. They Henry, Herbert and Rosa Wiese, tlurtj and Olga (Mrs Karl 1 . uouniy Aiiorney | ana. ivirs XICIUCIL iro ^-iV p TV : "£'" 1 l ffwnlrit > AlfiOna Found one Underpayment ana ouane and Lay win.<>f West fiehaJ-woldt,) Algona. J 1. j.. •„ j^L.1.... „.!_£' -i*-J' f liHn~4.+*4r*+4 t - \ fcir ' _i*J Hffvin. T ttArtL» onH Vf»1'nOTl Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Clerk . A. C. Welshaar, Salary — -138.66 Scuffham, City Albeft Bdekelman, Salary -243.03 Raymond Krebs, Salary —229.8« . two _,...... •The City Council met .In ad- Leo a , —. Richard Groen, Salary -,-248.24 en, -,-. Sary. 119.80 . »., --•- Jppfir Des Meiftes Pub. Co ' •on n ; n an .- . ; ohe overpayment, ahd a'djustitteiit Mr and Mrs: Leeqk and Vernon 8 * hiade accordingly, Couhiy Engineer Clear., : .....; County' Co*6rie* Found one 'claim overpaid, and one /underpaid, adjustment of 3.02. -;.••-•.< v-'Assessor , Only reference that of chaff ng help, as outlined under audi or's summary. Soldiers Relief Commission No bprids filed for members of commission as required. < There were also several corrects ons made in fees and funds lor ustices of the.peace and mayor, were Richard an( j avrenz Carl Reynolds, Mr and Mrs fllfeh.atd f rohibaeh. Mr. and Mrs Harold Frombach of Whittemore and Mr and Mrs Ueorge Heinen and Mr and Mrs Herman Leeck attended a dance at Fort Dddge Saturday night. 8 Fines Here, Mayor's Court Eight Violators, including seven I who paid fines. Were tried m la. Pub. . , """' granting a class C RicharfGroen, Cloth. e bee, permit to M. ft. Wagner, was A« adopted. _ , , . The City Engineer was instructed to contact the Utilities Com- re Peters Leases Texaco Station Algona's new Texaco Station on biacktoppirig several alleys. I South Phillips street has been A ]etter from Engineer L. A, Teased by Harold Peters, accord- Winter accepting the proposal as ing to an announcement 'made arne nded by,the Council on Dec water mains before | Kossuth streets are blacktopped. The Engineer Was also instructed to | Ira Kohl, make an estimate of the cost of JLJCl I A - J O A1 1 »-*AW win • •.»-.»* ••Richard Groen, Labor —- 29.0 Federal Lab. Inc., Supplies -41.0"~ i6s ^*- .--- o»oi ., Mdse 55.32 ....j.'Mdse!.— 37.47 Salary - - 20.0d Advance Pub. Co., Ad J-- 16.80 . ., -" '- -(*--* «o.8« 1ns. a,770.00 2 ' Reiner Helwerl, Labor — 20.58 Reakus Helmets, Labor — - 24.60 George Weig, Jr., Labor -- 2.49 Bennie Nellls, Labor ..... 18.37 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax - 92.85 la. Pub. Ertip. Retirement, ' J a ' -,*.»--- -..--.*--- — Botsford 'immbet, Mdse. - 58.47 Ready^Mix, Mdsd. ... ------ 98.08 Hilton's Service, Gas — -i- 2.00 Ken & Leo's 66, Gas ----- 10.51 Gjellefald Associates, Inc., Sewer __--. ___ . ___ - _____ au/.i.. Williams &~Taylof, Repairs 8.02 Buell & Winter, Eng. ----- 665.59 fa. Emo. Sec. Comm., T« « W'OO la. Pub, Efflp. Retirement, . 'f'A** Advance "Pub. Co., 1.80 James Egli, Salary - ....... . Iowa State Bank, Tax — 18.60 la Emp. Set. Comm., Tax . 40.29 . . ., la! Pub. Etrip. Retirement, Tax 76.06 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., >•, Desk -- muu Meeting adjourned. Mrs Horace D. Clapsaddle, MaVor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk ...^ f 0 MayorLinda Clapsaddle's court this w,ek. this week. Mrs Peters ; has been employed for the past couple of ye'ara. at Kossuth Motor following live years in the employ .of the Me.- Guire Construction Co. -fle. .-is aLHAAw • liW VCi CIA bJ*k- ***** *».WWM~. ,/ -— of 1983, and considering the vast number of. items of business nan* died in the course' of a year had no serious or large errors to correct. * t ;•' v * ' Ed Corrected posting error of $1.95_ which error was taken care of in October 1954 billing. '. Supt. of Schools \ Instructed County" Board ot V Education to see that yearly reports are filed; none had been filed for, 1953, but was filed during audit. . Recorder Larry Wbifcott To Get Degree Larry D. Wolcott, son of Wolcott, Algona, is one of 246 students who will -receive degrees during the annual winter ' Commencement cf-remonies m - the fieldhouse at Iowa University thid Saturday, Feb. 5, at. 10 a.m. President Virgil M. Hancher will confer the degrees, and the university band will present a short concert previous to the presentation. .• Candidates for the degrees represent 52 Iowa counties, 26 states.'Hawaii and five foreign countries. Larry is to receive a Bachelor Of Science in Commerce degree with distinction.. Duncan Buys Produce Building Floyd Duncan of the Duncan Produce has purchased the building in Fenton which has housed the business for the,,past 18 years : necoraer • The building was .formerly owned Corrected'posting error of $(1 by the. 4 Fairmont Foods of Web due county,' but ioUhd another ' ster ; City,: which firm has dis "f $5.85'due recorder by State continued .its business m Iowa. J. Foertscn, wesiey, euu" *• --. -TV paiQ *u and costs for speeding,' busmess. Alice M. Steele, Bode; paid. $5 and costs for. going through a school flashef, and'Vera'M; Bradley, Al : gtrtiaji was ' assessed ; the same amount for a stop sign violation, Two men, Doyle K. Johnson and Noble L. Crouch, both of Algona, were tried for intoxication. Johnson was sentenced to five I each Th^new Station is now open for Council Minutes onso days in jail.and CrO.uCh paid $25 ' and, costs j^eunaiu Pesicka and . .-„- Jennings, each paid $25 and costs for aisbrderly conduct. . Police investigated a minor ac- ident Wednesday at 1 -P.- m '' nvolving gars driven by William i Carney and Louis,I. Schumacher,, bbth of:Algona., Mr Carney SlUPyc"'• «»* M -ov^r •"«>"-» .— --" - ..uiuwiv. V""-'"- 1 F- . _ Schumacher^ skidded on ice and bach *!.13 per hr., Albert .Per.- the two aiitos came together. de $ 2 30.UO per mo., Herman ' " — - ' $230.00 per mo., $230.00 per mo., $215.00 per COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in special session January 6, 1955 at 7:30 p.rn. with the Mayor and all Cbuhcilmen present. • , \ .. j : olution was adopted, fixing the salaries of''the City employees as follows: A. C. Weishaar $300.00 per mo., Albert Boekelman $300.00 per mo., James Egli $280.00 per mo., Rayrriond Krebs $280.00 per mo., Hichard Groen $280.00 per'mo., Leo Coun^ ley $250.00 per mo., .Jesa Lash- 30th, was read. The following claims were allowed. , General Government Fund ,ancy Sands, Salary --.— 04.09 i-,ewis Ferguson, Eng .- 18.7' Iowa State Bank, Tax 31.60 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax - 64.36 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, , fj>rjj£ 119.28 Herbst InsrAgendy, Bond —138.81 Matt Parrott &• Sons, 1 Tags... '18.49 County Treasurer, Board & • Lodging Prisoners 84.20 Advance Pub. Co., Lfegals - 23.92 _ •_ 28.51 er, . .. , V" ey . ., . stbriped' at a stop light, and Mr l. brook $300.00 per mo., Fred Gron'- Tie LWU clUtUO ^wi.***- -—o About $40 estimated daniage resulted. Bertha M. Jahr Services/ Burl •Kruckenberg Glenn Burtis Richard Frambach , St. John Lutheran Church there .TUUIiaiU j; iaiiii-Fai-" t-~ — ''~,f-- mo., Raymond Metzen, Jr. $215.00 per mo., Lewis Ferguson, $350.00 per mo., Fred Gronbach (Sewer Work) $1.65 per hr., Jacob Godden $110.00 per .mo., Teresa Norton $70.00 per mo., Ivy Scuffha per '«• hr., . Ralph Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Legals —^? STREET FUND .Jess Lashbrook, Salary <._---.-Fred Gronbach, Salary ——86.17 Albert Petgande, Salary —108.67 Herman Kruckenberg, i Sfllsrv ^ i- u.j^i-—••••——— Glenn Burtis," Salary ,—107.07 Richard Frambach, Salary 92.29 Havmond Metzen, Jr., "Salary —- --- — :8'-29 Lewis Ferguson, Eng.. __ e -132.30 Iowa State Bank, Ta* —— 54.80 la. Emp. Sec. Comm., Tax 205.11 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, "Pax ^_-^»'- 383.89 Lyle SignsTlnc., Mdse,' 27.42 Algona Electric, Repairs — 2.80 ^BB^H^H^BBI^Hi^BMM^B^^ 11 ^ 11 ^^^^^^^^^^^ «ri* Closing Out Farm Auction south and mile west o! Hutchins on Thurs., Feb. 10 1:00 P. M. - NOTE CHANGE OF DATE - Lunch Wagon On Grounds FARM MACHINERY £5t. jonn j-iuuicimi v^ii^»." 1 «'40 00 per mo Ralph riioer ^j&feSL'SMS irasMSffis-s* xxev. Ji*. *-*• " j.uv*i.wj-^ —---—--at the rites and McCuilough's Uu-. neral - Chapel 'of Algona. was m charge of arrangements; (Rat Control) $25.00 per mo. Clapsaddle, r^ifZjUiiu j_iii-v. vi i^-| *»«-£F.«^•-- — - Botsford Lumber Co., Mdse. 85.29 Funk & Deim, Supplies — George's Body Shop, Repairs __^. k —-——^ 36.26 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies „„„.—.—- 40.26 i. Kepairs _- l.bO .... Oil Tank _. 20.00 Co., Repairs _. 5.80 -Co., Repairs __111.72 Continental Oil Co.. Oil — 23.49 Percival Motors, Repairs __ 4.11 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND «aUNG a LEEK, Auctioneers NOW, EXCHANGE STATE BANK, Wesley, Clerk YOUR CHOICE! MAYFLOWER PEARS or PEACHES GOLDEN YELLOW DUNCAN SNOBOY "SWPSAM RiViR" FAHCY (tAPEFRUIT a BG The Finest Tree-Ripened Grapefruit Possible To Buy — All 96 Size. 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