Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 3, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Friday, January 3, 1947
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TEMPERATURE REPOR1 MKInUrht , 33 H ft, m 34 fi n. m flfi ii a. m ;;7 Noun p/i S R W "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community THE WEATHER ' Massachusetts. Rhode Island and Connecticut—Turning much colder tonight with a little light, snow onrly this evening. Saturday clear- Ing and much colder. Eastport tft lilccl: I.sland—Northeast ;a north winds 25 to 30 miles per hour tonight. Less than 25 on Saturday. Vol. LXXI, No. 2 ESTABLISHED 1885 FRIDAY,JANUARY 3, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents Congress Convenes; GOP Attempts To Block Bilbo . . ^ * - -- M • ^^^HB _ MHHM MB^ ^^m ^ cb LATE Construction Records Shattered In 1946 Marriages, Births Hit New Ail-Time Highs 1:823,945 Value Of Building Permits Compares With 5271,795 Lasfc Year I'lllll'll H1MJO n'-.-iiiinH'ii" r'.mliattli'd Southern nt-mf-H-ruts decided at a l:n;c- Miin'it*- .*<C[afegy htuldli- today to d,..'f-n(! Si-natm- fiilbu against Re- piiblU-im attempt.-! tu keep him i,n' 'if I In 1 Senate. Thi-y charge the P.i-publicans wiin 'n-ll'-n. putrid polities." Th" d,/-i.iimi was made by 14 Southern -i-iKitiii 1 -' whii met for mnrn Hum un li'.t'r timlcr h'/alei.ihlp i.f -'.rn;ihi,- Kllandi-r of Louisiana. .-On rui:\v S.MI'K I,,ind'in. .Ian. .'( • dill' The Bril,.), An 1 Mlnisli-y says all five mi-.'iilifi'.i nf an American Flying I.'i,[-lri-^. j l" s t ovi-r Scotland haw- Ij-iriii-hiiti-rl '." xat.'ty. Three »f ll.,. iTi".v[,i"n bailed cult over Lor- WK-k. i.'i t' :i ' Orkney isands. A shnrt tiiin- liiti-r, the other Uvo CIVVVIIIIT. bailed nut and laiulnl IK tin- "i i-.-.ri '"'.it they wen- pieked up i|'iirUly >.y a bunt. HINOKKDS IIO.MKI.KSS ./iipiiii—-A s/inill lire III u .la|i- •.iri'll',- wind mill rc'slilli-d In tin- dcitriU'tliHi i'l' sniiif "li."> homi-x j III tin' Tn.viiiiiii urea, llim-i'ver, iillhi>iil?li Him; |»'(i|ir imu'tirc tvilli- tuit IMMIII-S, tht'i'i- u-rri' nn cusiiul- tli".. An.-"ini:i 'I'hi- piibishrr nf the n^nni.'i r-Iv-niii^ Sentinel, How- Iii'd f.'iinl Kiiifi'Mon, is d'-.'i.l af ih>- a'^c nt 71. Kmt-i'sun had bfi-n In p,i.. r ti.-iilth KJI se'.'i-i'al years. HI- is .-;iirv!v*'<i b>' his u'iclow and n ul»ti-r. TIU'MAN MIOSSAOK Wii»hliiKriin — Tin- While llnusr S'.I.YS tii;. I If C'Mii^ri'ss K ormin- l/.ril Iiy Miiiiiluy. iTi-Hidrnl '('ni- iiiitn wl'.l (liOlviT his iimuuil iiii-M- Miiti 1 In IHTXIIII Unit iluy. - oOo All previous records in con- itruciiun, marriages and births rtVru broken during tho first 11 months of last year, according 'to .lguix',-> obtained today from town nail department heads. Tutul valuation of $823,9-15 in ni--,v construction and alterations ,-iave been tiled In the otllce of Borough Clerk Charles F. Daly by j Building Inspector Andrew Eunt- ii-y. '1 ne l>ecembcr rejiort, unavailable today, will be submitted tu trie borough board at its Junu-1 i .ny nir-eting Tuesday evening. Last I [year tnc total for 11 months was | j Town Clerk Raymond J. St. j i John reported 322 marriages, 333' j births a:'d IVD deaths during the i I . irsc 11 months. Usually the mar-i ; riag-.- tlgui-e Is about 200 less in a I . nurmal year, hi- said, with birtri S Ijniiig abjut 1UO less. Aluioii):h thi; total value of con ! -iti-tictiun smir-yd to :S2fi-l,-12G in | Marci-.. ;h, ; I-\irmatie Co., ma.-tu- .iiL-tuti-rn cjf brar* j;ood.«, built the. i.nty hi*;,ily valii'-a Imilding dur-I ing !he month. Valuation was] listi'd as S'ul.OOO. Fifteen pt'rmits j :'or m-w construction were granted ' that month, with 10 for alterations ; .mil one deinolishmcnc. ! During July th" \V. J. Mejriri, Inc.. ! organ construction ut' its .fSOO.OOO Olendale M:im,>r housing project or. : New Haven mad. The buildings i valued at Sti.OOO. *7 000 anci $8,000 ; togi-tber with other construction : in tin: borough b:ought trie total , valuation to $213,330. Permits wnv granted the tuck Chomica: for construction of two new factory buildings in Sep- eiiilM-i-, witn une valued nt $2;i,8uO and till- other a; S3G.700. 72 HOII.HO.S Seventy oiie-uirnny houses- were :-tiiistructecl during the year, one two-family dwelling, 38 garages, seven cellats, four poultry houses 1 Natatuc Fun era] Lowell Attending Conference On Union's Master Contract Proposal The conference between U. S. f cnl .15, URWA, a.s representatives Rubber Campa-ny officials and rop- from the international union will be present, President Froehlic'n of the United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, CIO, will be resumed in New York city today after a holiday recess. Robert L.r Lowell, Industrial relations manager of the United States Rubber Company footwear plants here, left today to attend the session. The conference was called relative to tho industrywide master contract .sought by the union. No union representatives will attend from NiugatucU, according to George Froelich, president of Lo- present, President iaid the master-contract pertains to working conditions in the various plants of -the U. S, Rubber Company system. Olllcials of the "Big Four" of the rubber industry will meet with representatives of the international union today at Cleveland, Ohio, to discuss the 26-cer.ts-an- hour wage increase sought by the ' union, Mr. Lowull said several days ago. Rubber companies consider- dent Tuesday. His sled ran into a ed as the "Big Four" are U. S. < tree, the poiceman said. Rubber, Goodyear, Firestone and I His condition was described as John Hoben Breaks Leg While Sliding Three Other Residents Reported Hurt In Falls On Icy Pavements Naugatuck's second Blidin;.; accident and three injury cases as result or the slippery walking conditions were reported today. John Hobcn, 31. of 56 RockweK avenue, was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital late yesterday afternoon for treatment of a fracture of the left leg. . Police R"t. Raymond Carlson, who, with Patrolman Wilfred Evon, •ti Lhi- youngster to the hospital in the Community ambulance, said j he was injured in a sliding acci- Baldwin First To Be Seated; House Gets Bill Cutting Taxes; South Aids Bilbo Borough Fans Invited To Witness West Point Game Goodrich s ! Funeral Services Monday Morning For Charles Myers Charlcc S. Myers, 718 Rubber avenue, died last night at 10:30 o'clock at Water-bury hospit'il where he had been admitted Sun- I day. Mr. Myers retired as treas- urf-r of the Lr. S, Rubber Co., several years ago. He V.-.IK horn in Carmel, N. Y., moving to Natigntuck os n child. Ho was the son of the late George and DeKtte (Nichols) Myers. Ki.s- u-ife, M'r>-. Alico (Scronton) Myers. stn-vices, also several cousins. Mi-. Myor.'F « - as n member of St. Michael's Episcopal church, Nau- giituck . Lodge ..of .Elks/. .Shepherd Lodge, No. 78. A, F. & A. M., and Independent Order of Hodmen, "good" this morning by hospital officials. Mrs. Rosalie Travcr. 141 Hill street extension, who sustained a irartured left shoulder as a result of a fall New Year's Day. was reported as resting comfortably this morning at St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, where she is a patient. Mrs. Ann Casey. 1-! Rockwell avenue, Buffered a fractured shoulder yesterday when she. slipped and on the irv ground. She was admitted to St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, whore ollicials today said her condition was "good." i Chester Isbell. 5:, 301 Hillside j avenue, who was admitted to Wa- | tci-Diuy hospital yesterday after in- , Greyhounds Clash With Plebes Tomorrow, 2:30, At West Point Field House A forecast of clear but colder •weather gives rise to the possibility that, a large number of bor- oughites may travel to West Point •to see the basketball game between the Naugatuck High School Greyhounds and the West Point Plebe tomorrow afternoon. Many Xau- gatuck residents, who planned to would condi- I Senator Taylor Offers Resolution To Defer i Seating "The Man" Until Senate Studies Charges Washington, Jan. ?,—(UPl—Con- gress is now in session, but the fate of Senator Bilbo still is in doubt. The two Houses were called to order sharply at noon. In each House, the chaplains delivered a department of athletics at West Point, told the NEWS this morning that visitors to the game- would be accommodated. No admission : will be charged t.he major said. He j P-"ay<-'r. Thon, tho senators nnd rpp- stdtcd that a special section for I ''osentauves look up the ousinoxs would be rooters would be set i aside in the field ho'use where the ! gjme is to bo held, and estimated be seat- that visi- ihe oredentials of He said, however, at hand. In ihf House jlho ntw renrcsemalives wen; considered and Congressman Knutson of Minnesota introduced his bill to cut luxe:; hv '-i per cent ^ | tors should arrive early for the j n Ule Sen;ue- th game which is scheduled to start nt 2:30 o'clock. , , A win for Naugatuck tomorrow drive, have said thJt they would nflerr . oor . wou , d no - bc too su ,._ give up the idea if road condi- isjng| sinco lhe ganie wi]] bo the lions were too bad. However, if put juring his back in a fall near his home while he was walking to his ' supporters of the high school team car, was said to be in "good" con- have chartered a bus for :::ie trip, dition by hospital authorities this I The team itself will travel by bus morning. j if weather conditions are favor- John Gilbert. -10 Golden Hill j able, Coach Ray Foley said last street, who was admitted to the n'ght, and by train othenvise. , firs', of the season for the Plebes. Cl 'l al ' S ', St ' at , e ,. hi . fChV ! a . y i Examinations hold up the start of the winter sports program until early in January, Major Schwab said this morning, explaining why the Plebe basketball team hss not played earlier. By tomorrow, th" "•Greyhounds will have been in ac- the we.-L'thei departments may be able to the roads into reasonably -snfe shape for driving. In addition to the hirge number of boroughites who intend to drive their own cn,-s. one group of local Republicans embarked on a unnnegic move to bar Senator Bilbo. I Senator Ferguson of Michigan •moved that bis colleague. Senator v;.ndenlH-rg, scheduled lo tak.-» over as president of :!io Senate, be sworn in first. However, supporters of Senator r!)lbo. ),HJ by ipi-.-nor Over-ton of Louisiana, immediately took tho Jloor and inquired rs'tn the renpon. Senate Democratic Leader Albon W. Barkley of Keiuuckv rftc::!h>d ' l vns l "° c " s «»n STOKKS C(,OSKI> ffir the sveck-cnil lire (;(' tlvu cetnl! find- of Nnupatuok. and ~ commei-ciiil buildings'. J Fun era; .services will be helri Alu-rnlions wer-c made to ">G \ Monduy morning at 11 o'clock, at houses, two Kuniffcs and three com- the Alderson Funeral Home, 201 merciiil bui. clings, with six ffni 1 - > Meiulov.- .street. «-ith the Rev. Wln- njfi-'s, fuur barns and two commer- ; fretl B. L.irg-hoi-st, rector of St. i.-iai uui;din^'s bu.ny; OomolisneU. j Michael's church. ofllciatlnR. Buriul "Che hulidinK ins[jec:or reported JTOi u-l!l be in Hillside comcldry. The -N"«uKatuck Lodg-e of. Elks K, ri: 'il in nf A. m;<i it iily fldO aikrt>; i > ,'i y H inaili- ; asi' /Xn^'el of L. an i.'.Himat- n, (i iiiiirui le in pi'iivent any among rtiMtomer.i. ili-llvrr gi-neei-K'S V in iii-ccl. nOo AI.I.KN VOli MAYOK Ihii-trnri! — Kdwiird N. Allen— I'rcsldiTit nf tin 1 Sa^'i-Allcn unil <'iini|iiii,>—h.i.i rrrrlvi-il the Illl- linlii:iiii<i i-iiiliirsi'iiii-nt df the K«^ I'lilillcan I/IH-II I'litiirnllti'c fur np- |niliitnii>nt us niiiynr ut tmilglit'H iiii'i'lliiK nf tin- common council, flic e<iMniltt,.,. n| f| r ,t (jiive WVCH viitis tu Ci,l(ini-l AII>,IIII T. M<'I "u), oOo I'KK.MISSION (ilVKX >«>il ban grim tod the ferlerul gov- fi'ntniT.t pi-rmi.Msiiin tu file n brief f-'liiwdni; (.•l(irl. 1 'ic:iti»n. of the •'iipi'i'nn- I'ourt's historic decl- «i»n in HIM poi-tal-lo-portal pay <•»-•"• inwiiving Hi,. Mount Olcm- ''.'H, Mleii.. l'<ntci.y cumpnny. uOo I'HOfSK ,'\SK1C1) WusliiiiKtiin — Kcprt-.icntiitlvi- ""iflif I'liliimii uf Ti-xn.s lias "'•Ki'il t!iitu,'rM,s d. or<l-r t:ln> iniixi. rniiini.M'Iraii AotlvltN'H •'"'iiiiiliti-i. )„ >,,. K i,, „„ linnicdliitf "vi-itlitiiiui, ,,f |.' lls ,.i s t nctlvlllcs '" I"'- t:tilt.-<l Stntrs. oOo . . I!.AI.DWI.\ ASSIG.NKI) Inspections made Hunting Licenses During the 12-months or' last year li")0 htuuing lici.'MHOs \\-ere granted in the town clerk's office, with thrci- trapping licenses and 79S fishing license issued. Angling licenses wi-io issued KH. r ; women at7Cl ('our alien |i|-up<-rly rn,vncrs. two non- I'esident, two aliens, one non-rcui- dv nt pruperty uwnur. three resident .ii;-(M.-day permit, L-l non-rusldent throc-duy permit. A total of 231 combination hunting und ti.s-hing licenses wore issued, S-l special licenses, three combination trapping 1 . 1 , hunting and fishing, eight i-fsident trapping, and six resident trapping for minors I-or the first 11 months a total of .f-l,GOi; was remitted to the state by the ottlce in license fees. Till! Kov. Arthiur Clausing, pastor of (.he 7,ion l.uthr.riin. churcii. St:iiuloi-<l. who will hi: Siicsf speaker al. flic 1 fourth in u SIM-ITS nl mission services to l»e In-Ill Sunday evening at ":3<> o'clock at St. Paul's 1-JvaiiK'olityil Lnlli!T;>ii church, lie will speak on tlu> siih,ji-ct, "The Gospel for (he Jlaclio." Special music will In- played b.v Dunnld Hermoniit at the iiiiino. will linld a session of sorrow for Mr. Myers tonijrht nt the Lodtre roonii at S o'clock, it was announced by William Baukat, Exalted Ruler. Kiiv-Dioinl I-;. Hiild- "-nu vv „ ij.lHi-d Stntrs sr-n- «'«f—/ins I ...... ! HHsi^nril tn (Mr >-'!mi(illt,-i.» ,,„ Arniril Sorvk'i .s, "'"I C'lvll Service, Tin- Armed Srriiccs coiniKlltcc - H-III.-II n,i|,| w | M had Imped ''feail,,,, „, thl . r ,trini-r .Mlll- Affairs nnil Nimil NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today _ 5;45 p. M. Monday Through Friday the Editorial Rooms The Naugatuck News Station WATR Nolan To Speak At Union Executive Board Meeting Andrew F. Nolan, president of i Local 3381. United Stfn'-: Workers n: America. CIO, fit a meeting to-night nt the Hotel Taft, New Ha! v i- n. will explain to uxccutivc . boa IT'S of all local U. S. W. locals ' the new wage policy adopted by the National \Vnge Policy Board nt •i confiirrncp held in Pittsburgh Dec. 21. iir. Nohtn IK Connecticut dele: ;-nte on the Wage Policy Bourd and attended lust month's conference. I Mr. Nolan will iiiso give a report ', un pqrtal to portal suits concern• .ng the locals. |St. George Society To Hold Annual Meeting Sunday Thr> St. Oeor«Y> Mutual Benefit society will hold its annual mect- j ing nt 1:30 p. m. Sunday at Linden I park, it was announced today by I William Kli'ivii. financial «pcre- I ttirv. Mr. Kleivii urges all members to I attend as important miittfi-s for the | coming year will be rlpcMci-l. N"w -><iinr.,-s w i|| also he installed at the meeting. TRAH.KH SKinS A minor traffic jam w:-« ron" 1 ""d this morning- on the New Haven road near the Bethany town line when a trailer truck slid "ff 'he highway nprl nearly overturned state police said. Boies To Head Local Delegation To YMCA Convention President William G. Boies will ; head the dclega-tion of voting rep- rnscntritivos. from the local Y to the SOth annual state YMCA convention at Hartford, J:in. IS, Sec- , retni-y Herbert E. Brown an- I nouneed todtiy. Other members of the delegation arc William Neary. Jr., Louis A. Dibb^, Jr., Robert N. Whittemore, Walter Harris, Edward iVfuller. Wilaon B. Kirknndall. Otto Jensen and Wesley Coe. waterbury hospital with a possible skull fractuift as the result ot a fall j Tue.-day, was snici today by hos- piuii orUciuls to have not-sustained I a serious injury. His condition "good." authorities said. Major George W. Schwab of the tion seven times, and the smoother performance brought about by this competitive experience should go a long way toward offsetting! j-^"^ .jl-oup a-ny advantage which might accrue Senator " lo West Point because of height: asked or age. to Bwo.-ir in m«»ro- \- four m n timo. Thai would put Bilbo in the Gormley To Attend FBI Mid-Winter Police Conference Brophy Seeks Legal Opinion On Supernumeraries' Status cnlled ! That t in- A. Taft, then the new members bo gly and alphabetically, i-dii"" was followed } Rildwln First ; Senntor-eiiict Raj-rnond E. Bnld- • win was called b.v Senate Seorntary ! Leslie Biffle nnd was s-.-,-iirn first.' [ The clerk then called Bilbo'K ! name. ! Before Bilbo could answer, Sci> a'oi- Gl<>:i K. Taylor fought with Ferpiison for the floor and wop. ] recognition from Riffle. Taylor sent H resolution to tho d<>«k. asking that Bilbo's right to Firemen Check Blaze At Falcon Bakery Building Firemen yesterday checked n fire between a garage and the bake shop of the Falcon Bakeries, Inc., 122 School street. Union City. Called to the scene at 5;32 p, m. by a still ! alarm, firemen put out the blaze I before any serious damage hod re! su'tocl. Chief John J, Sheridan said that the fire apparently started from a short circuit in a junction '~ox. The I'lrc damaired the power system, and some canned goods stored in the garage. Chief Sheridan said. The firemen were able to keep the fire from spreading to a false ceilinc. which would have made the blaze more serious. Chief Sheridan also said that the building has been the scene of several fires since it has been built. Rasche Announces Plans For Meeting Of Office Managers Joseph M. Robin's, Norwalk manufacturing executive, will address the New Haven chapter oC tho National Office Management Association following a dinner meeting »t the Hotel Taft Tuesday evening, Jnn. 7th. at 6:30. Robins, who recently founded and hends the Roberk Company, auto accessory producers of Norwalk, is nn expert on the subject of office management, j The New Haven chapter of the NOMA cm'b."nces the towns of Wa- tcrhury, Naugatuck, Wallingford. hv , ho Y , S Mon i s C!ub and Meriden. all of which are ox-, te ,. ia of the Y MCA. pectod to be well represented all the year's first meeting, nccordir.g to Ralph E. Rasche, secretary, of Xaugatuck. Volunteers Make Plans For State Convention Here .P:'o!imir:nry plans for the state convention of volunteer firemen';.associations which wi'.l be hold tho ;:ist three days in August, wer;. discut-sed last night nt the regular meeting of the Naugcuuck volunteer firemen at tho Cl-rchousc. The conversion is to be held in the borough with the local group playing host to wore than 400 volunteer associations from .-ill over the state. A report on the recent firemen's ball W:is handed in. and tho 'affair v.'ws termed "very successful" by Foreman Herbert H. Cockroft who presided at the mooting. Police Chief John Gormiey plans !o attend n mid-winter police conference, sponsored by the F.B.I., January 13. vit the Southern Now JSnglnnd Telephone Company audi-j toriiim. 227 Church street, New j Haver.. Roger F. Glcason, Special; Agent in ch.'irgo of the Now Haven oih'cc of the Federal Bureau of Tn- vistig.-.tion, has announced that the meeting will convene at 7:40 p. m. Mr. Gie.Mso.-i has obtained William C. Blackburn, n longtime mom-ber of the F.B.I, -technical stuff from the laboratory in Washington, D. C., as speaker. -Mr. Blackburn will relate some of his experiences in scientific examinations which have played prominent p.T'ts in the solution of j criminal cases throughout the. United States. ; Special Agent Charles H. Fischer, Jr. of tho New Haven otlieo ol .he F. B. I., has arranged an in- erostinjLr exhibit of small arm weapons which are of the type UitU •err developed during World War II. Inasmuch as there has boon a great influx of foreign made guns | into this country since the return i if servicemen, who continue the , igc old practice of souvenir collecting, numerous o/llcers have already encountered weapons the basic fur.ctionings of which thev iav« no knowledge. Fischer will iriefly describe and illustrate the lomcncl/iture of several of these weapons, Two short films entitled, "Traffic with the Devil" and "Operation Crosroadts" will be shown. The former is a graphic picltiriKiition >' MIC menace of improperly operated cars on the highway, while ne latter gives an insight into the authentic Navy photos of. the atom- c bomb operations. the event tho patrolmnn was .iured while mvostigjiting :in : dc-ni on t-he street outside the es- i a Senate seat bo investigiitc'd^am-w' tablishmcm in which ,he is work- i on grounds thnt previous im'csti- or in the building' itself. | gallons indicated Him the MissiB- .„ Althoiigh it is anticipatei! tho i sippian might be guilty of violat- borough will attempt to discourage I in ^ tne Constitution, federal laws further employ of its supornumer- j and his oath °- office, aries on "privnte" jobs entailing i ., Tay JL°i'.' s resolution .-Use charged The status of a supernumerary patrolman while engaged on ,-i so- c.illed "private" job has led to a bis; question mai k. So much so that Warder. Leo J. Brophy has requested nr. opinion hy Borough Attorney Martin L. Cnino. Although the opinion, is in possession of the win-den, its contents arc not expected to be disclosed until the regular January moet-j ij O n of wa ing of the board of warden and | discussed. burgossos Thui-sday evening. Jan. j About ten days prior to Xew, '- Yoar's Eve supernumeraries enter-1 « ^ A committee, composed of Har- ed a petition to (he borough Iw.rrt I • > ''J-»so« olfcred the Rcpubli- old H. Lewis and Clark. | rcouolting the° cs^l^cnt '"f' 1 h'A.T'rV/ 5,,^^ on >20 fee for that holiday eve. The | trial." Taylor snidfi "it is u, t > Son- pctKion was withdi^wn «s the ,-iic of the United Slates" " ' next meeting of . the board was I He recalled published reports thai scheduled following the holiday. It [ Bilbo had threatened to "expose" was learned tho supernumeraries-1 activities of other senators if ch:,l- employed -the holiday eve outside I longed himself. wor.'. i:i taverns and such priv.jte- ly conducted enterprises, t.he qucs- is expected to be that Bilbo had misused his otfico by accepting gifts from war contractors. It uKkcd that the case be referred to ih> Rules committee j with Bilbo denied * seat until a the intei-csl of the supernumerary force-, n:id conferred with tho warden some time ago to employ 1 assistance in llnding (he answers through It-gal sources. One of the main points under investigation is whether or not the borough is Jia-ble for the supernumerary at all times, regardless of his boing-employed by operators of a tavern, dance, sports activity or ottaor gathering. It is believed the borough is responsible for the supernumerary at all time;, and would be liable in street duty received the of regular S20 fee. Another petition i bc presented to the January meeting by the super- j numerary force, and although the j nature o:' its contents has not beer. I revealed, it is believed it will do.-il ' with the question of liability and : wages. At 12:<1C p. m. after the Bilbo resolution had been introduced, the : expected to ' colim ° r membership wns 31 Demo- bo.ird at the i cl ' iUS nrid 2! > Republicans < including Baldwin). Y's Men Plan Meeting Tuesday Thn first meeting of -the New Your will be held next Tucsdnv ANTI-BILBO ; The New Haven Central Labor i Council—an A. F. of. L.. afliliate—; is urging Connecticut Senators ; Baldwin and McMahon to vote against the seating of Senator Bilbo. A council resolution declarer Bilbo "is not fit to hold any odlce." Wcs-lsy Coe, program chairman, announces that D'r. Harold F. IMvids, local optometrist, will spoak on "Your Seeing Eye." Guests will he welcome, and reservations must be made by Monday noon. Directors of the club wj-11 meet tonight at the home of Program Secretary Herbert Brown. Important Meeting Of Pond HiU Club Pond Hill Community Club mcm- 'ir>rs will meet tonight at S o'clock innouncod by Mahlon Sears, prosi- lent. Mr. Sears urges nil members 'o attend as the meeting will be of an important nature. Risdon Strike To Continue — A iliinir lo d tnimi>.v— nri ii m«ir o with yiinr Xmim or, liirKM nuniity employes of the Risdon ! Manufacturing Company in Wa- I tcrtury voted to continue the flve- j month-old strike at n special meet' ing held list nitrht hv the CIO j workers at Garden Hall. Rep. Patterson To Broadcast From Washington Extensive coverage of the opening of the 80th Congress will be I stalled as given by al! four radio networks today. including tho combined television stations in New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Congressman James T. Patter- sor. will bc hoard with the Connecticut delegation tonight at. 8:30 o'clock in ;i special Connecticut Forum broadcast from Washington over M'Jtunl network stations. Tax Collector Seeks Foreclosure Christoforo Colombo flfp , Society To Install Anthony Pesanelli AnthonV Pcsnnelli will be The delegation, composed of Scn.i- lor:? Raymond B, Baldwin and Bricn McMahon and all Congressmen from the various districts, will give their impressions of the first day's session and views on pending legislation. The four networks began their broadcast of the opening- session :it 12:30 o'clock this afternoon. The television broadcast started at noon ,with imago Orthicon cameras outsic"? the capltol picturing tho arrival of senators, representatives and other dignitaries. Other Apparatus was set up In the House to pick up the opening ceremonies. Seeking foreclosure of tax liens on four pieces of property, Patrick McKeon. tax collector for Nans-cluck, filed civil actions in Common Pious court, Wotcrbury, yos- | tor-day. president of Chri.toforo I T I t° r0l f W - Q ui ? Ie V "»<* Walter ,-, , v, „ • . "JJoio j Lynch, adminidstrator of the Colombo Society nt a special meet-' estate of the late .Clifford J. Hill, mg Sunday afternoon at the group's I nil of Watcrbury, are named co- quarters or. South Main Btrcet. A defendants in one of the suits social will follow the formal pro- which "'legos total unpaid taxes of «J2.:7 since ]333 on Hill Av... , j property. Mr. Quiglcy is listed as Other olllccrs to he installed in- | the owner and tho Hill estate is elude: Vice-president, Louis De- {namod by virtue of a $1,200 mort- Carlo; financial secretary, Joseph ! " :>Ke - dated 1930, which it holds on Nnrdello: recording secretary. So- j "Ino'thcr" of , hc act!ons gele Pnppano, and treasurer, Nich- olns Spadola. was —All NiiMKiitiu-tr in tnlklnir tilioix <tii> l.'H7 SHiilflinlfiT. llir inoKt lK':iitllroi i-iir in lln Hi'lil. Hi-r II ill Nuiiicnln Bulturr &' duiu .^rrvlrc.—Atfv. Post Office Shows Gain Over 1945 Receipts at the local post olllcc for the year 10-iG totaled 5:34,322.60, Postmaster Frank Green announced today. This represents an increase of .?2,9.'J7.67 over receipts for 39-15 w'hlch were $131..164.93. Figures on cancellations were not available this morning; however. Postmaster Grcon said that cancellations for 1946 had increased over those for 19-15. brought against Frank E. Dec, formerly of Naugatuck and now of unrts unknown, and the Southern New England Telephone Co.. Now Haven, for unpaid taxes of $159.93 since 1931 on property on tho main highwav in Naugaluck. The owner is Mr. Dee, while the other defendant is n.-imod for casement rights. Unpaid taxes totaling $8-17.03 sincv .1932 on property on New Haven Ril. arc alleged in an action brought Dgainst Louis J. Taylor. Stratford, is named because of a lien he has on tho premises for u judgment against Taylor and Guerdon J. Browne in 1913. Namod as defendant in the fourth suit is Carrie P. Glovor Sampsell, formerly of Naugatuck and now of parts unknown. .

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