The Fullerton Post from Fullerton, Nebraska on May 31, 1901 · 2
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The Fullerton Post from Fullerton, Nebraska · 2

Fullerton, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1901
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Ije gullertott Host SKA NEWS NOTES Frontier county farmers are calling for rain Three more cases of smallpox have appeared at Beatrice The May term of district court Is on at David City The docket is fight A floater was found by some fishermen in the Missouri at Plattsmoutb The smallpox scare at Humbo&t ii over and the quarantine raised Nuckolls county farmers are preparing for a big race meet during September C O Peavey of Kansas City wit build a 100000-bushel elevator at Beatrice ' I - e Preparations are being made throughout the state to canonize George H Phillips A new sprinkling wagon haa been built at St Paul and the dust will have to lay down v Stromsburg veterans are making elab-or&te preparations for their Memorial day program Wayne farmers are the latest victims of the gray -haired and venerable lightning rod swindle The Elkhorn Railroad company hat enlarged the stock yards at Dong Pine at a cost of 81000 Josle Walker arrested at Beatrice foi being drunk made two unsuccessful attempts at suicide Ji- 'Mrs J R Balding a bride of but a few months ditfd of quick consumption at her home in Trenton Nels Hanson a farmer living neai Fremont went Insane over religion and has been taken to the asylum The Talmage band is to be brought back Into the land jf the living aftei several months of hibernation Schools and churches at Chadron have been closed on account of an incipient smallpox scare— the 168th of the season It will probably always be a mystery that General Sherman would have said It was if he had been talking about montage Instead of war Gladstone’s daughter Miss Helen will in September become warden of the Women’s University Settlement Southwark London No woman is said so to influence national politics as does Countess Marie von Buelow wife of the German chancellor She has made a study of Germans political affairs and her power with her husband and bis friends Is well nigh unlimited Pleated jackets are everywhere In evidence and many of the satin taffeta and peau de sole boleros are pleated to correspond the stitching added giving them the effect of fine cords The sweeping clinging gowns of soft delicious creped satin and crepe de chine in cream-color chartreuse green Persian mauve citron and del blue are greatly enhanced in their svelte graceful effect by tteeir trimmings of costly netted fringes which finish the edges pf the long overdresses ail Marie An- Soitb Carolina Senators Resip To Rea Agalast Each Other t Tillman and MoLaurin Will Qe fora the Democrat Each For Endorsement I earnestly hope that all others ViU keep out of our race and run for the other senatorsbip so that Tillman and t may meet as man to man and fight Stout" j OIL EXPORTS ARE SEVERTY MILLION Weshingon D C May 28— The recent oil discoveries in Texas and on the Pacific coast lend special Interest to figures compiled by the treasury bureau of statistics regarding the exports pf mineral oils from the United States These show that the exportations of the fiscal year about to end wil probably be the largest in the history of this Industry which has increased its exports from 204000000 gallons of illuminating oil In 1875 to 721000000 gallons In 1800l In the quarter century from 1870 to 1800 the total value of mineral oils exported from the United States was about 81000000000 an average of about 848000000 a year and during recent years the average has been about 800000000 a year Or 85000000 a month One especially interesting feature is that there has been & remarkable decrease to the price to the consumer The average value of the Illuminating oil exported in 187§ was about 15 cents a gallon and in 1877 an exceptional rear 20 cents per gallon Fatal Cloud Burst Frankfort Ky May 28— Mrs Morrow wife of Prof Thomas Morrow her Uttle daughter and Miss Jennie Craig a school teacher were killed by a cloudburst last Friday as they were Returning home - Their bodies were found below the Rock ford of a small branch not far !rom the Allegheny and it Is supposed their buggy overturned by the freshet Moscow May 28— Rossle recently is-tued a special Jubilee number on the liberation of serfs and followed this up with one of the Judicial reforms of Alexander II It further advocated that the peasantry should no longer be liable to flogging at the discretion f elders This was too much for tbe press een-tor who ordered the paper suspended for a month The paper is subsidized by the minister of finance 'Washington D C May 28— The mail lust received at the war department brings the news of a splendid fight of soldiers to the Philippines Major George Pickett paymaster son 0e the famous confederatt general defeated a force of- 300 Filipinos with ten men of the Sixteenth Infantry about six weeks ago and saved 875000 In government funds CONSTITUTION DON'T FOLLOW INSURANCE FRAUDS ARE GROWING AMERICAN COAL TO SUPPLY EUROPE London The company will be composed chiefly of American capital but several Englishmen will have important interests in it “Hitherto only hjlgh ocean freight rates have prevented Tankee coal producers from competing successfully! with England in ail the markets to: this part of the world We shall overcome that difficulty” St Louis Mo May z8 — The scope of! the National Association of Labor Statistics in session at the Planters’ hotel: has been enlarged and by unanimous consent officials from bureaus pf every country on the American continent were made eligible for membership The name was changed from “National” to "American” f i Carroll D Wright United States labor commissioner and president of the organization presided Reports from twelve states were read at the session this morning and eight reported at the afternoon session in addition to tbe twenty state bureaus represented there were present a half dozen labor officials in session l-'l’ t Si Pittsburg Pa May 28— President James O’Connell of the International Association of Machinists who whs here Bald that 24000 machinists are on strike throughout the country while 52000 have returned to work This equals the total number of machinists In the organization 76000 President O’Coinnell predicts ah early settlement with all the manufacturers BOERS ARE BEATEN IN A SKIRMISH Bloemfontein May 28 — It ’is reported that the Highland infantry surprised & Boer laager to the Brandford district of the Orange River colony the other day The Boers it is said were routed They lost twelve to killed! and thirteen wounded while twelve others were captured ! Pretoria May 28 — The troops of the Cattle Rangers’ corps which was organized by Colonel Morgan have returned to Pretoria from Wolvenhoek They had a number of exciting adventures and several skirmishes with the Boers but by excellent scouting they succeeded In getting through the Boer lines with 40000 sheep and 4000 cattle Tbe Boers lost several killed in the encounters with this corps London May 28 — The debate on the budget came to a close last night with speeches by John Morley and Austen Chamberlain The former denounced the War policy of the government characterizing it as “a stupendous folly for which retribution wifi follow In a thousand shapes" Austen Chamberlain defended the government and expressed confidence that the people would support It In rajsing the money required by the WHISKEY TRUST TO NAVE A RIVAL Chicago Ilk May 28— Local competition for the Distilling company of America otherwise known as the whisky trust which is said to have had a monopoly at the Chicago trade since 1883 held out as a possibility by the Hammond Distilling company ofrHam-mond Ind ' Contracts have been let for the establishment of a Hammond distillery at 115th street and the Calumet river It Is to have a capacity of 5000 bushels of corn a day or an output of 25000 gallons of high wines The Hammond company is capitalized under tbe laws of Indiana and IJs officers are George L Woolsey of New York president and John EL Fitzgerald of Chicago secretary and treasurer The new plant Is Jo occupy five acres of ground Instead of selling the great output of unsused material to cattlemen as has heretofore been tbe case with distilleries the new plant will be quipped With machinery that will enable the manufacturers to utilize the unused material 1 London May 28— Dispatches from South Africa report further fighting at various places The Boers made an attack on the Cape Mounted rifles at a point near Bangor The British had six wounded The Boers derailed a train near Mid-dleburg The engine driver was killed and the fireman Injured In another skirmish a brother of Commandant Benjamin Viljoen was killed - A secret meeting of confectioners was held in Chicago Saturday They represented seven candy manufacturer associations and control a large percentage of the candy output The members refuse to discuss the object of rixe meeting Paris May 28— France has lately learned a few things from America about trust making and the first effects of several recent combinations are being violently denounced Within a year sugar rubber coal paper boxes flour chocolate copper wire and gae have been drifting rapidly into the control of a few men The latest combination just made public Intends to control absolutely the surface and underground passenger traffic of Paris The omnibus tramway underground and cab companies last week elected to head their respective boards men representing American capital and connected with the French branch of the Thompson-Houston Electric company who will now control This preponderance was affected of every share ol stock offered at the exchange until the Thompson-Houston people had a majority everywhere Already competition has been lessened by suppressing lines It is thought however that the socialists are too numerous in the city council to permit the intended monopoly to be established Although the Thompson-Houston French branch has many French names it Is well known that it represents American capital almost exclusively 800LB WILL REACH THE SEABOARD Wabash in concerned Mr Gould will not disturb the present conditions as he merely aims to get the most favorable trade conditions He intends however to build into Pittsburg A strong reason why Mr Gould wants this road Is that he has a oontract for 25 per cent of the tonnage of the Carnegie company which will reduce the freight which the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore & Ohio get The latter desire to prevent the construction of the new road and have offered inducements to Mr Gould not to build A story was current last week that the controversy might result in Mir Gould’s securing satisfactory traffic connections with either the Pennsylvania or Baltimore 4 Ohio Instead of Erie or Lackawanna RIVALRY OF THE YANKEES Ths Machinists’ Strike Washington D C May 28— Encouraging reports continue to come to the headquarters of the machinists association concerning the status of the strike “At the close of the first week of the strike we are gaining at every point and the close of another will probably see all the men at work” said President O’Connell this morning On the Wabash and Seaboard railways all the men are still out Negotiations are pending at San Francisco -Last Monday the headquarters of the association was transferred to Toronto Ends Life In Despair New York May 28 — Policeman after an Investigation say that Basils Sahib a Syrian 24 years old who llvqd at 131 West One Hundred and Eleventh street shot himself through the heart because of the repeated failures of the “perpetual motion” machine he contrived The landlady at the house where he lived says he constructed many strange machines and then tore them to pieces again somttlmes in anger He destroyed one last Friday and soon afterward a pistol shot was beard When his room was entered he was found dead — ' Sir Alfred Milner governor of the Orange River colony and the Transvaal arived in Southampton Friday last A large crowd greeted him The papers of Madrid have begun a campaign against tbe Pan-American exposition at Buffalo They say It la designed to undermine Spanish influence in South America and to prepare the way for “yankeelsing” the entlrs continent his vow follows Greeba during Michael's absence has Jason sent as a convict to the sulphur mines for having threatened Michael’s Ufa Michael having beard of Greeba's engagement to Jason End her seeming unfaithfulness to him wears to kill Jason on sight The republic Is overthrown by the Danish government and Jorgen Jorgensen returning sends Michael to the sulphur mines There jasoh and Michael not knowing each whom the other la become friends and for an Infraction ot--the rules are bound together That night when thfey Ipdt returned- to the hut wherein they slept o t tried to sleep they found that some well-meaning stranger had been there in ther absence and nailed up on the grimy walls above their beds a card) bearing tbs text "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” And so ghastly seemed the Irony of those words in that place that Jason muttered an oath between his teeth as he read them and Sunlocks t&rew himself down being unbound for the night with a peal of noisy laughter and a soul full of strange bitterness The next day after that the sixth of their life together rose darker than any day that had gone before It for the wounded hand of Michael Sunlocks was then purple and black and swollen to the size of two handz and his bodily strength was so low that try as brave ly as he might to stand erect whenever he struggled to his feet he fell to the ground again Thinking nothing of this the warders were for strapping him to Jason as before but while they were In the act of doing so he fainted in their hands Then Jason swept them from him and vowed that the first man that touched Sunlocks again should lie dead at his feet " “Send for the captain” he cried “and if the man has any bowels of compassion let him come and see what you have done” The warders took Jason at his word and sent a message to the office saying that one of their prisoners was mutinous and the other pretending to be ill After a time the captain dspatched two other warders to the help of the first two and these words along wth them for his answer: “If one rebels punish both” Nothing loth for such exercise the four warders set themselves to decide what the punishment should be and while they laid their heads together Jason was bending over Sunlocks who was now recovered to consciousness asking his pardon In advance for the cruel penalty that his rcph act Was to bring to them both "Forgive me” he said “I couldn’t help It I didn’t know what I was do-ing” 1 1 ' "There Is nothing to forgive brother” whispered Michael Sunlocks And thus with stammering tongues they comforted one another and iwlih hands clasped together they waited for tbs punishment that had to borne At length the warders concluded that for refusing to work for obstinate disobedience and for threatening nothing would serve but that their prisoners should straightway do the most perilous work to he found that day at the sulphur mines Now this was the beginning of the end for Red Jason and Michael Sun-leoks and If the evil chance had not be-ballen them God alone can say how long they might have lived together at Krisuvik or how soon or how late they would have become known to one on-other by their true names and characters But heaven itself had Its purposes even in the barbarity of base-hearted men as a means towards the great end that was near at hand And this was the way of its coming A strange change that no one could understand had lately come upon the natural oonejition of the sulphur mines The steam that rose from the solfatar-as had grown less and less week by week and day by day until In some places It had altogether subsided This was a grave sign for In the steam lay the easence of the sulphur and If it oeased to rise from the pits the sulphur would cease to grow Other changes came with this such as that deep subterranean noises arose from parts of the plain where no fissures had yet been seen and that footsteps on the earth aroung these places produced a hollow sound From these signs taken together the captain bad concluded that the life of the mtoejhe great infetnal fire that raged beneath the surface was changing ground leaving tbe valley where It had lived for ages for the mountain heights where the low grumblings were now heard to come from beneath the earth’s crust of lava and basaltic rock So taking counsel of bis people he decided to bore the ground In these new places In the hope of lighting on living solfait&ras that would stand to him against the loss of the dead ones And It chanced that he was in the midst of many busy preparations for this work FASHION NOTES Silk-embroidered eollennes are added to the importation of elegant silk and wool fancies Parasols 'of miroir silk with inch-wide fan tucks around the edge are very chic with carved handles of ivory White silk roses with black velvet leaves make a lovely trimming on a white straw hat faced with black In the bewildering exhibit of fancy waists for the summer are those of all-over silk net or embroidery through the mesbes or open designs of which applications is favored especially by Parisian dress designers It Is large drooping well over the shoulders and CHAPTER XV THROUGH THE CHASM! OOF ALL MEN It was still early morning a soft gray mist lay over the moorlands but the sun that had never set to that northern land was rising through clouds of pink and white over the bald crown of a mountain on the northeast And towards the rising sun Jason made bis way striding on with the red glow on Ms own tanned and blackened face and Its ghastly mockery of the hues of life on the -pallid cheeks and whitened Ups M Sunfficks From hls right ankls and right wrist hung the ringB of his broken fetters and from the left ankle and lefst wrist of Sunlocks trained the ropes that had bound them both Never a moment did he pause to breathe or think or question himself On and on he went over lava blocks and lava dust basaltic rock and heavy clay and hot blue earth and scorched and withered moss And still Sunlocks lay over his right side and shoulder motionless and unconscious hardly breatblngbut alive of turf So iat this eight his heart was lifted up and bounding down the hilside ove tbe lava blocks as fast as he could go for hie burden he began to sign from his cracked throat in his hoarse and quavery voice But when he reached the valley his song stopped and W heart sank afresh for it was not grass but moss that grew there and It lay only on big blocks of lava with never a drop of moiature or a handful of earth between them (To be continued) U General President George W Perkins of the Cigarmakers’ International union reports: “For the first time In tbe history of our union the annual money transactions have amounted to over 81-000800 and while this enormous amount passed through the hands of amultltude of local officers it Is a matter of prid and satisfaction to be able to say that not over 8200 was lost through the shortcomings of the financial officers The total amount paid for benefits ol all kinds was 841070620 for the yeat 1800 and the grand total since the com mencebent— 1878 — of the recorded payments of benefits Is 8478766068 nearly five million dollars” The OOke oven Industry unknown in 18W turned out a product In the United States last year valued at 84633418 an Increase since 1888 of 110 per cent The by-products added nearly 8L000004 more f

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