The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1954 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1954
Page 16
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6-Algona (Id.) Up^er Dei Molruft Tuesday, December 28. **.ilnim M)*«.iHiirtMif lt -*^.-«--.,... ... J .. ._.H, . ,| _ ,^_ -, ' \ This Ujh* best'Christinas yell I saC.that nvery year and somehow it always manages to be true. The actual December'25 has not yet-arrived as 1 write this, and there are lots of last minute thinga to do. But it's Christmas alright and with it comes all the wonderful warmth and good cheer peculiar to the season. • » » » The Christmas mail is wonderful. .How nice it is to hear from people after a year of no cor res- * C ~ — —•—->*- - V* J Vrl4* \Jf. J*V \,\JiJ. CO pondencei So many of lis leave all our letter writing until the busiest time of the year—Christmas. I always resolve to do better next yefir, but I never seem to make,it,*But Christinas js th •Snw-f n>>4i 41 «w A' A~. _ — j il»__-t .'••* > • — ---„.•,», - ~f\f~*~r\*v >^j I*. 10 «j,iiqio ja 1,1 J perfect,tifni'to renew jtfd' friend ships and jyp.ur,- 1 cards, a'nd letter Rugs Dirty? Upholstery Need '»•.:' , """•-. You'll be surprised, dhtn'e our professional cleaning equip merit puts your rugs/carpets and upholstery back Into the beautiful, lustre |ust like new again. We will clean th£m thoroughly right in your own home. No mess - no ;fiiss. You'll like our economical ph'ce, too. Call today for a free estimate. Phone 726-W BAKER Muit^Cieanmg Seryice •/.-•.. are adding so much to the season at our house. Would you like to look over my shoulder as I read same of them? ; * * - • The first card we received came from the fartherest away ;of any. It's to Mary Ann'from Dottie EMtton who now lives ih Tokyb,'Japan. She's the daughter of Mr and Mrs George Dutton. Our second card came from the Glenn Gabrielsons of Sexton and it has a picture of Joyce, Glenda and Kenny on it. + * *' There was good news In the letter from one of my favorite correspondents, Mrs Gladys Barker tif CloquetyMinn. for she is out of the hospital 'after a long 111- nfes'S.-; She must take it easy for a while and she is with her daugh- GYace writes that she's still waiting for our bridge club to drive Up for a meeting. Their littlest, Jimmy, who was born after they moved to Good Thunder, is the "spitting image of hiC*big brother", Grace-writes.i:-Sriav also iflSkS'if.I kriOw,the Sow Sawyer's aadBess and here's .a caM from them showing Tommy, Jfeff and the dog, Tiny, underneath the Christmas .'tree. ; They ' live at 4147 68th St. in Des Moines. - ' •*••?•,.*'• •"«'-. Ti>e Edmund'O'Btien's.of Whll- temore; caijd :sh0ws a charming family'grofjp.;' We've- met but "haV6 icorres'pbrjded for quite some-time/ 'Now We»Have- more than ever in commbnjfpr Fran is also a "column writing' Mamma". Another sister columnist, Margaret Durant sent me a copy of her story—p.oem, "The Expected Guest" which she wrote a number of years ago for program use and didn't getvaround to having it printed. It's a lovely, thing and I mean to use it sometime for the foreword says, "Program use bf this- poem is willingly granted it proper credit is given to the author." • • « » • I thoroughly enjoy family pie-" tUres on Christmas cards and the Floyd Holt's and Russ Waller's sent such nice ones. It's quite a trick--getting the whole family cleaned up at once nnd then have the picture be a good likeness of the whole family. June and Ros- «•» " **».th, U*JU O11W 1O W 1 til 11C1 UC1 U.KI1" -- ----- — — -.— j . w M»«%, UltM .LbUkJ- ter Her most pleasur- coe-Mawdsley look very domestic dble, duty "is taking care of her m tneir living room scene, seated five month old twin granddaugh- by tne Christmas tree. Chris and ters and It-sounds as if "Grandma" Margaret Reese are having a pre- gets a' lot of fun out of it. When Vlew of * ne grandchildren's toy's. she wrote she had them out of Je& nie said when she saw it, "How take It easy - don't be to anxloui to 'make the "dead" lift*, .;.' ',..'' ' '" : recovery from the Holidays. Still think I get the most "fun of any- 1 " " though I often one out" of it, wonder Why." Gertrude Long. Clow, writes thai they' have"- moved to Larkspur, Cal. in Marvelous Marin County, as "they say." It's 17 miles from San Francisco across the Golden Gate bridge. Her mother, Mrs Minnie Long is with them now. Betty Vinson writes from Rock Rapids that she really has the Christmas spirit though she never really got ready for last Christmas yet and here it is again. She says, "What • With" my Jr. Choir performing- 3 times next week Jane's < and my ' Brownie , their baskets, propped up in big h 0 ™ 6 ,,^ guy gets a walking chairs, one in 'each corner of the do11 " Mar y Ann said, "That's the r • '. ' m an who laed the mo , who played the mouth organ for us at the barber shop." "* room. ,. There was an unusual Christ- ., ,„...« mas greeting ' from Carrie Dur- Mrs Wllb "T Roeber Of Whiite — arrangement of m ? re writes, "I wonder if ant— an artistic purple-topped turnips and a pUm- i,! 1 . ever Set everything done by pkih. If you don't think turnips Cnrl stmas. But in the end we can 1 be lovely you should see usua " v mak e it on time without hese. Miss Durant's card inscrip-<' navln g to caU the White House 101} is ah original poem and asking the President to post.. ' one Christma fo . Florence Dehnerl Dinkel writes from Victoria, Kansas that she is trailine behind in Christmas pone Christmas for another three ?,??? ^cause W( f, ^^ S et ° ur ™* doie sent a s W • flne P lcture of their three sons pars too School P ay S f o ; ± a daughter ,. Another Whitte- Lida and Dennis and 15 month more familv ' the Lorenz Gades a an enns an mont ' old- Rlne Marfe are Dart of hS < sent greetings and said they en- reuoiu Their Grandca IMnkel joyed the Centennial Revuef Mrs r ^ reuoiu Ther Grandca IMnkel who Jives ^th r th?mw£ 74 yeJS votine recentlv and hf> rpaiKr ro clivea a bkffiay^res'ent-an oii a h , r well. Things were verv exciting 3T, e at schot)1 - Mr s Gade says for two welks She S seen ™ e on -^ he street and weeK s —-• — • •«.* O M IF V* »- •» \-i Jf WVkl»l IJllg for two weeks, Florence says. It will be a small well as oil wri n MCh well — belong to the same d hhav , e ™ s inrih ? same schot)1 - Mr s Gade says to herself. When Kalhryn McEnroe Arndorfer wrote, she still had thirteen etters to go, and 32 already writ- en! If they are all as long and newsy as this one, she's got writer's cramp. But I'm sure she added to mnny people's joy at Christmas. There was a lovely wiss hanky in the greeting from my adopted Aunt Hattie. She's Mrs -S. R. Baker of LuVerne. . : » * * The Tom McGraws senl greet- ngs from Good Thunder, Minn. Yc Belly Monaco wriles from Phoenix, Ariz. s'Sying the weather is fine and they'd love a letter from us. This I'd be glad to do if she had enclosed her address. There was a picture of young Jake and Tom in the letter from the troop having 'a party and Peggy singmg( carols at the top of her voice l-.cpuld 'hardly .miss catch' ing the spirit—it's'just that the 'flesh Is so weak." John and Elaine Bishop of Pittsburg are having a grand time with their year .old' Ellen who Is just taking 'her first steps. "Hope the Christmas tree and Mamma survive", writes Elaine. They were looking forward to a visit from the grandparents—the Ben Hil- steadts, former Algonans now bl 3oone. Marion and Everett Sekers are pictured with their three youngsters—my how they have grown. They live, In Cedar Falls and we're determined to visit them come summer. Don and Isabel Alt's trio Marilyn, Sally and Jimmy, are pictured on a television screen. Thes.e ; gals are all friends from high school days. What a time we'd ; have if we could,all get.togethet now with our husbands and children! Mrs W. E. Hundertmark of Ottosen is flying to Virginia with her son to spend the holidays with her daughter and-husband. The Roy Walrod's of Wesley sen^g card picturing their' daughter t Cheryll Beth who looks like a Christmas doll. Esther Charlotte Smith teaches, at Charles City but she's home in Swea-City for the holidays. I enjoyed her rhymed Christmas greeting. ; Part of it describing her pupil's Christmas two week leave with his parents, Mr and Mrs W. C. Vodraska Dec. 26 and returned to Boston, Mass., where he la stationed with the navy. Stanlly"is amusician. ". Westminster- Fellowship mem* bers went out'to'sing' carols to all the shuWns Stiftday night'aflei- which tr)eyretu?hed to the church baserrjeht-for a llineh-and social hour. . . ; • • "The- -Nativity" 4 arranged, by Donald Baum was presented by the students bf , tHe - Junior and Senior . High. Scfrtidl, Iri. Tableaux and Sortg.jjaTh% castr Archangel, Velma Milehftrh; ^Mwyy; Lorraine Gallagher j"' J6sef>hjS JMdhard' Gel lenfeldt; Readei 1 , Maflyn' Hl^pen; Kings; Roger Berhow, Mark Eic* horn, and Lauren Heidecker: Shepherds, .Charles- Krosch, David Ley, - Alan Nelson and . Philip Schroeder. • Angels: Norma 1 Baum, Carolyn Blome, Joyce Blome, Leona Heyes, Marlene Ldppe, Linda Spear, Janice Thompson. ' Waits, the Girls Glee Club and High School choir with solo parts by Sharon 'Mastin, Paula Buckels' and Donald Johnson and a mixed quartette, Michael Vodraska, Ger aid Heetland",, Paula' Buckels and Lillian Meyer all did their parts in a very commendable way. • Why /blame the stork for some thing-some other bird did? A penny held to the eye wil hide the sun. ' Today's sales are yesterdays fflodwill-^ripened. r NOTICE 01* INCOHPOHATIOK OF MURRAY FARMS COMPANY Notice is hereby given that there has Jeen incorporated under and by virtue of Chapter 491.-Code of Iowa, 1954, and acts i amendatory thereto, a corporation as -follows: »?;,, J 1 ! 6 ,, name o£ the corporation is MURRAY FARMS COMPANY, and its principal place of- business is in Bancroft. Kossuth 'County, State. of Iowa A?, he Berteral nature of the business .of this, corporatipn, shall. be to purchase, own, "Improve, equip, operate, lease and manage 'farms' and engage .in any agricultural pursuit or undertaking. The foregoing enumeration of powers is not exclusive and the corporation shall have all powers possess- SiS y _, a ^ na i ural Person except, as prohibited bv law. v 3. This corporation shall have an authorized capital stock of £200.000.00 divided Into 200,000 shares ojf thepar value of Sim each fully paid and non- assessable. All stock shall be issued as ordered by the Board of Directors at such times-and on such terms as they shall order. 4. The corporation comntenced De- cember 21,' ifl§4 and tt shall endure perpetually. 5. Until the first annual meeting of shareholders which shall be held December 19, 19S5, the following persons with addresses indicated shall be officers and directors as indicated: • OHltoti'iy President, Elizabeth Murray, Bancroft, lewa. „ , ^.Viee' President and General Manager, Joseph O."Murray, Bancroft, Iowa, Secretary-Treasurer, Donald W. Murray,-Bancroft, Idwa. - DlrtcJa**:: r '• Elizabeth* Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. Eileen Murrny Culleri, Algona, Iowa. Joseph; D. (Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. •Danald W. Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. / Jflhtt iMilrray, Storm Lake, Iowa. • James Murray(BaScroft, Iowa, , Li B.sLlntsaf\i Algona, Iowa, ,; Successors to directors shall be elected' .annually at the annual meeting of shareholders and they shall meet Immediately thereafter and elect ofTicers. 6. The private property of all shareholders is to be exempt from corporate debts and this provision may not be amended. Datpr) at Bancroft, Kossuth County^ Iowa this 22 day of December. 1954. MURRAY FARMS COMPANY By .Elizabeth Murray, President (Corporate Seal) By Donald W. Murray Secretary •< . (Published Dec. 28, 1954 and January G, 13 and 20, 1955, in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines). NOTICE'OF INCORPORATION MURRAY ELEVATOR » Notice is'.hereby 'given that there has been incorporated under and by virtue of Chapter 491, Code of lown 1954, and < acts amendatory thereto, a corporation as follows: 1. The name of the corporation is MURRAY ELEVATOR, and its principal place of business is in Bancroft,' Kossuth County, State of Iowa 2. The general nature of the business of this corporation shall be to own, hold, construct, acquire, operate, hire, lease, mortgage, sell, or otherwise dispose of elevators for elevating whtfet, grain, or other produce, with the requisite docks, wharves, engines, plant, machinery, and appliances there- for, and • also sheds, stores, and warehouses for. the reception and storage of wheat, grain, and other • produce, lumber, coal and . any . other " goods, wares, merchandise, and effects, and to buy, sell, store "or otherwise handle and deal ill grain, hay, seeds and produce, of all kinds and generally to do a grain storage and 'commission business in the state of Iowa and elsewhere. The foregoing enumeration of powers is not exclusive and the corporation shall have all powers possessed by a natural person except as prohibited by law. 3. This corporation shall have an authorized capital stock of $300,000.00 divided Into. 300,000 shares of the par value of $1.00, each fully paid and non-assessable. All stock shall be issued as ordered by the Board of Di- rectors'at such , times and ; on such erms as they shall order. 4. • The corporation commenced December 21, 1054 and it shall endure perpetually. . 5. Until the first annual meeting of hareholders which shall be held De- ember 19, 1955, the following per- ons with. addresses indicated shall be fficers and directors as indicated. Officers: President, Elizabeth Murray, Ban- roft. Iowa. ' Vice President and General Manager, oseph D. .Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. Secretary-Treasurer. Donntd W. Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. . , Dlteciofs: , fclizabetli Mtirrfly, Bancroft, Iowa. Eileen Murray Cullen, Algous, Iowa. Joseph D. Murray, Bancroft, Iowa. TV>nal'f*;W. Murray, Bancroft. Iowa. John Murray, Storm Lake, Iowa, James Murray,. Bancroft, Iowa. L, E, Lirman, Algona, Iowa. Successors to'dlrectors shall be elected annually at the annual meeting" of shareholders and they shall meet Immediately thereafter and elect officers. 0,-Tlie private property of all Shareholders is to be exempt irom cort>8rate 'debts arid this'provision may not be amended. . ;' • , : Dated at Bancroft, Kossuth County, Iowa, tills 22 day of December, 1954. .-•- ' MURRAY-ELEVATOR ''By Elizabeth Murray, / '•>., ' President,;' »•> (Corporate Seal) , i By Donald W. Murray Secretary (Published Dec. 28, 1954 and January 6, 13 and 20, 1955, in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines). NOTICE OF ANNUAL ELECTION '• " '•- in DRAINAGE DISTRICT , , NUJMBER NINE (9), Kpssulh County, Iowa. Public notice is hereby given that the second yegulnr annual- election of Trustees for Drainage District Number Nine (9) of Kqsn suth County, Iowa, has been fcall* ed to be held ahd cdnducted at the school building in Section; Thirty-five (35) of Whittembre Township within said District, on the 15th day of January, A. Dr' 1955, between the tours of 8:00 o'clock A.M. and 7:00 o!eloek RM.V'arwhfchvele'etion all of- the bWilefs of land assessed foi; benefits 1 !!! said DraiMge Distr.ict, may Vote for '.the ,$ec.tlbri 'of oiUf. Trustee, who 'Is a resident, : .lan»< owner within Election District No. 1 (the North District), tf serve ; fbr a term of three years, ta sudeed Francis Kollascn, wnose , term of office as a present Trustee of ; said Election District, .will ej*,- pire oh 'January •22, ; 1955.' ' ** Wiliiahi Runch'ey,' ' -'^ Chairman of Board of-• ; •" 'Trustees^ , < ;.. iT '' ' By order 'of* said Board;,, (Published in-'the 1 A1^0na : (IbWa)i Upper De'g Moines on Derf21 and Dec. 28,1954), " ' ;' Well-Drilling and Jeep-Pitching •';.... -'.''['.- ^"^ PORTABLE ELECTRIC POWER AND WATER PIPE THAWIN& ' .' >•,'" >'•"•" i '•,. Contact PHONE 1313 1403 E. Locust St., Algona, la. ana iqm in .tne letter from the nescn n-sr pupii s cnristmas Max Richardsons of Summit, New ' program goes, "Till, whom! Christ- .rpr«f»v 'l^hotr o-urt n n4A..:«» _ _-:_•!. mnc nrnorom l^—Va />Qf/-»n<i»»o ninrrl Jersey. They are enjoying a visit from Grandpa—B. P. Richardson or AJgona. Louie (Mrs Richardson) is an old friend from Iowa State days and she writes, "If your household is typical, I won't be remiss in wishing you a speedy mas program!—Ye carollers, sing! (Your teacher is muttering, :;peatb; where's thy sting?), Then wrestle, ye angels, and scuffle, ye shepherds, and fight in the wings; Sing flat, O ye Santa, and stumble, reindeer; Sing merry, sing merry, glad Christmas is here!" « • • We enjoyed Ihe note from Alice Ziegler Gaines who lives near St. Louis, Delia Hegarty writes that she is really in a. dither this Christmas season .for she's also getting ready for her wedding on January 25. We were happy to receive a picture of Jim Bishop but puzzled at no word from him after a silence of two years. He lives in Cincinnati. • « • Already my conscience is bothering about the people I meant to greet and then forgot to send them- cards. But then, I sent some to people who didn't send to me, so I hope things will balance out. * • • By the time you read ihts, old 1954 will be drawing to a close. It's been a good year for those of us at our house and we're just daring 1955 to treat us better. May your new year be filled, with many blessings. . —GRACE. Nothing in the home SERVES SO MANY... COSTS SO UTTIE If you have a modern automanc washing machine ... or are planning ^o buy one ... you need a dependable automatic water heater. Only an automatic GAS water heater heat$ water fast enough to keep you supplied with ample hot water for ever/ need. GAS heats water three f/mei faitor than any other all-automatic fuel. Best of all, automatic Gas water heaters cost less to buy, to install, to operate. PENFIELD WATER HEATERS 107 South Harlan PERRY GAS CO. Across From Home Federal Elsie Baum Is Honored With Party Series Lakota—Miss Elsie Baum was honoree at three Christmas parties, the first one Monday the 13th when the Mesdames -A. C. Schissel, W. E. Ley, W. D. Ley and Harry Mussman arrived with a prepared supper and a T.V. set as a Chrismas gift for Elsie. They had a Christmas program and social visiting to finish the evening. Thursday a group of neighbors came to spend the evening and served a lunch which they had brought. In this group were the Mesdames Adolph Poppe, Mike Christ, Will Mabus, and Paul Hertzke. The following evening the Mesdames I. E. Wortman, Wm. Schroeder, Henry Greenfield, J. W. Cook, Hilmar Hanson, Carl Gerzema, Guy Beemer and J E Ukena. They brought a basket supper and gifts. Elsie's father Wm. Baum and Miss Frances Schroeder who assists in the Baum home were included in all these festivities. Elsie has been an arthritic shut-in for many years. John Wortman, who attends the University of Minnesota, is spending his vacation with his parents Mr and Mrs I. E. Wortman They will be joined for Christmas by Mr $md Mrs Robert Brown of Kansas City and Mrs Lena Allan of Eagle Grove. The ladies are all sisters. Gordon Wirtjes arrived Sunday morning'from Maryland to spend his furlough with his parents Mr and Mrs Wm. Wirtjes. Stanley Vodraska concluded a You're Crazy If You Read This Ad - But We Like Crazy People AND YER ALL INWITED TO THE Introducing CUBLY^ Prop., of Curly's Grill. Having iooked since boyhood. Curly has seen service in many of the world's famous eating spots. He cooked Hungarian slew in Hungary, weiner- schnilzel in Wienna. sauer- graien in Sauerbraten, turkey in Turkey, and has in- wented any number of fancy dishes, including Curly's curly shoestrings. Come on opening-day and see Curly in action over a hot stove. OUR POLICY cu ' i (FORMERLY PEGGY'S) Service OUR GUARANTEE — if you don't gel your eats wilh a smile ai Curly's Grill, we cheerfully r e f u«i d your money (without a smile). Food Strictly home-cooked meals, like Mother used to make. Curly is a bear-cat for using good food-stuffs, and you'll really drool over Curly's food. Prices I We're going to go easy on yuh at Curly's Grill. A $1.00 bill will really get you loaded with food here. MONDAY, JANUARY 3rd We're tellin' you goochand early, so you can all make arrangements to be there — across from the n^w court house. FREE COFFEE all day! Drink- as much coffee as you can hold. However, we reserve the right to refuse to pay any doctor bills if you overdo it. 12 STOOLS at our courtier — we are also moving in some extra camp chairs to take care of the crowd. Have your coffee hour at Curly's Grill on Monday, January 3. Come in and meet us and let us meet up with you. We have laid in a good stock of coffee beans so will have plenty of coffee brewing' for you. It ain't necessary, but in case you want a sandwich or meal, you're coming to the right place. ihe cou P° n below and pin to your coat when visiting Curly's Grill Monday, Jan. 3. (You don't have to have it, but let's have some funl) AIIT UU I Guest of Honor ' at CURLY'S GRILL, Monday,'January 3 This badge entitles wearer to 1 cup or 1 gallon of delicious coffee FREE. Same goes if you don't have a badge on. (Signed) CHRIS REEJE President Amalgamated Coffee Gulpers of America Bill of Fare SHORT ORDERS — you name it, we got it. Try and think up something to iiump us. STEAKS — T-bone, sirloins, ihort cuts, • tenderloins — direct from gentle choice Duality steers. IHICKEN — from chickens aised up-from baby chick- ~ hood like babies. Fried, roasted, stewed, or any way you like your chicken. SANDWICHES — all kinds from good old peanut butter to juicy steak ones on tout. SEAFOODS — fishes, big and little shrimps, crabs, whale and shark meat in season, and oysters fried, scalloped or in The nude, PIES — striclly home-made by Curly's wife, herself an experienced chef and an old'lime' pie-maker. welcome! curly's grill (FORMfRLY PEOGY'S) Come To Our Grand Opening - Get Yer Free Coffee - and Look Ut'Ovtr Good P. S.—-Ho, we are npj running a barber-shop, but we'll always give you the low-down on thing*.

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