The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1954 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1954
Page 10
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' ;> ;.' *'•»• , "f .'" ', Oeeemher 28, 1954 *••'-. THE NEXT LEGISLATURE The 1955 Iowa state legislature will have to appropriate — and find sources of revenue —> for 66 millipn ; dollars more than was the case in 1953, if till t|e requests for state funds now filed are approved, > An unofficial total for expenditures being asked for the two years starting next July 1 comes to $310,4QO;869. The 1953 legislature appropriated $244,745,391 for the current two-year period 1 . As one source of getting new revenue, it is proposed that every lowan who files a state income tax return, but has to pay no state income tax, still be assessed $10. This would-produce between two and three million dollars more revenue. j ;There are- many other proposals, and new methods of taxing, also being discussed. «; It takes money to run a state government and the?state institutions, but there seems to be no limit to the constant demand for more money fofVfetate purposes from all quarters. j :lf only part* of the increased budget requests arl met, it will certainly mean that the state legislature will have to find additional sources of statfe revenue. It looks as though it will be an interesting session, and probably an expensive one for the citizens. * * * FOR A SHORTER SEASON Grinriell Herald Register — We do not hunt pheasants. Reason: Because We probably could not bring down a rooster unless he was already too crippled to walk or fly. So, we are speaking as a non-hunter who envies the fellows who do go, and who do get the elusive Chinese bird. However, during the past two years we have heard a number of avid pheasant hunters remark that the pheasant hunting season in Iowa should be shortened. In other words, since practically the whole state has now been opened, and since hunters do not need to drive so far to find an open county, and since the pheasant population is low for various reasons, many hunters would like to see the season shortened in order to get the prospective bird up In number in all counties. Of course, this is a controversial matter, Not all will agree with this thinking. But those that do would like to see the state conservation com mission try 10 days again for a while. What dp .you think? Build Home On Dixon-Yates Plan? A simplified illustration of how the Oixon-Yates deal work is provided in-an article by the Anderson (S. C.) Independent. It says: "You know the right people in th'e White House./-You tell them you would like a $20,000 home. All right, tney say, just pU*up 5 pet cent, $1,000 and the government will guarantee you getting a loan of $19,000. , "Fine, you say -- but paying back the loan? Oh, says "Uncle Ike, we will. instruct a U. S. agency to pay you $100 rent a month on the house, and you can live in it all the time. Further, says Uncle Ike, we will make the whole thing tax- exempt. : • _ "You say all right, but what about my $1,000 investment? Oh, says Uncle Ike, don't worry about that — we'll guarantee you 9 per cent a year. "So you put up $1,000, float a government- if ' ;-, > t • f guaranteed loan at 3 per cent interest; build 'the house and move in. . • . "At the end of 25 years, you, hWe received $30,000 in rent from the 'government and'at least $2,450 on your $1,000 investment. Meanwhile, you have paicHl4,260 interest., fhe difference is $18,000 in your pocket, You take the"$18,t)00, adjd $1,000 and pay oft* the loan. ; \ "You have a $20,000 house that cost you $2,000. The $18,000 difference came' from the g^veVn- ftient—the taxpayers. ...'..... "That," says the Independent, "is the kind of deal you could get in Washington if you were Dixon and Yates. The only difference^ is that they are putting up $5.5 million and getting a $10? million power plant bought for them fay the taxpayers. '\'.'..' "Ike calls this 'private enterprise.' It's private benefits at public expense," < \ STRICTLY-BUSINESS FREE AIRMAIL EXPERIMENT Postmaster General Summerfield states that he will ask Cbngress for a sharp boost in postal rates. , , In the same announcement he did a little bragging about the new "giveaway" airmail service he is operating in the East and on the West coast. It seems that the cost of sending three-cent letters by plane is about three times greater than the cost of sending them by rail. There is no explanation of the fact, that regular users of air mail are required to put sjx cents postage on air- 'mail letters, but in these experimental areas where everything is being sent by air, thp ordinary three cent postage does the job. This discrimination i^ very peculiar, especially, when the Postmaster General on the one hand gives off GIFT OF HOPE Clear Lake Reporter — In recent years amaz ing progress has been made in the battle o tuberculosis. In. large measure it has been made possible by funds raised through the sale o . Christmas seals. The fact that progress has been made does not mean that the'job is done. Far from it Money is still needed and it is- as important to buy Christmas seals this year as it ever was. With many of us the use of .Christmas seals has become a tradition. The time is approaching for the mailing of gifts and cards. The Christmas season is a time of unselfish giving and the few extra cents invested in the use of Christmas seals give our packages and cards a double value. Each Christmas seal used is a gift of hope to the unfortunate person afflicted with tuberculosis. Each seal is a step nearer eventual victory over this dread disease. » * * « HOW TO RAISE THE MONEY Grundy Register *— If the next state legislature fills only a small portion of the demands for state aid, taxes in some form will have to be with a lot of talk about r«i,;" ;* f - State ald> taxes m some form wiu have *> ^ ing expenses 'and on thJ^T"** ?*"* ° Perat - raised ' AU mone y *" P ublic expenditures must £L _?.?"' and . °n the other tries out ideas come from tax^ in <nm* f™- m M^J^U «,.„.. on a long odds bet! * * • From now on, production executive Bart Carre' and assistant directors Nate Watt and Lou Borzage will be hiring and herding elephants, apes, monkeys, tigers and native types in their dreams —hut it was all worth .the effort. The jungle hurricane whipped by special-effects expert Lee Zavitt ,and his staff is something to re- r member. ' Its a good thing Lee could turn Off his monsoon at will. Pro ducer Benedict Bogeaus migh find it rather expensive to re build the whole R.K.Q. lot, from scratch! . . ' * • * .." One more though!—if you see us walking down the street with a baby elephant in tow, it's "Tusko", self-appointed star" of "Escape to Burma." Does anyone happen to know what penalty is meted out to elephantnappers? fjfifty 6f 1UW«' Will i«W^ JMt-fWBb *W continue to follow the pblicy lines that you and I belief are best, for the people of oiif.' state -and «*M*:A«* i- u ' Corclialiyt'"•*'* " Don C.Pletton State -•---—• Ledybrd 01 At ^ Mechanic School j CAMP CHAFFEE, Ark, 1 , 17--Pvt. Richard D. s We3tcbtL Son' of Mr and Mrs Gordon WeSUJptt, Ledyard, Iowa, has been Selected to attend .thfe 5th Armored Division's Motor M'e 6 h atf i c s 1 School here. - •-, •'During the eight- Week eaurs^ he will be trained in the^maintenance, serving and inspection of military vehicles. The cOUMe will include the repair of v&rltjiM; types of Army vehicles, rffliflfl|. frO|« the % -ton truck, to the heavy duty vehicle. .* • IOWA'S WONDE^SjfOWPLACj The SURF C1.EAR LAKE/, I O WA - ' ._/KJ. . ._-,.£.-_ - • ' -. ._.•„,' Reader Comment "That's the home of Pennyfroos, the banker!" - ing expenses,, and on the other tries out ideas that greatly increase the cost of mail delivery. The new program would call for a boost in first class letter mail to four cents, and airmail to eight cents. The last .session of Congress, with the Republicans in control, turned dpwn.Wmilar proposal. Mr. Summerfie]d.'s, chancej£o*<ge$ing the measure passed with the Democrats in control isn't too bright. come from taxes in some form. Many of these forms, car licenses, drivers' licenses, hunting licenses, and many other forms of penalties are not listed as taxes, but they come from the public the same as property or, income tax. During the past ten years the, state was not pressed, for mrtn#*V 2>C anv Itflftit iru-in] -f*T*ir}r* *.!_«.«• ... :i»^ i* Behind The Movie Sets WITH MASON Upp er jcs 111 E. Call Street— Phone 1100— Algona, Iowa money, as any additional funds that, were needetC ^tHr^l ^ One P&Ajtte. that your were withdrawn from the surplus in the statel^: ?^ ^ errand -' boy MUSf see treasury, which at one time had reached the one hundred million mark. This surplus has been MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF L NAT r IONAL REPRESENTATIVE SUBSCRIPTION RATES'OUTSIDE'KOSS'UTH One Year In advance "" ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, p er inch ........ . ... 63c . ... c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER whittled down to where no more is left than might be needed to meet emergencies. Increasing the gas tax, the sales tax and the state income tax are ways in which the legislature car) provide more money. And it is also proposed that exemptions for payment of state income tax be lowered, which might bring in about 300,000 more people into the income "tax paying group. Any of these ways for raising more money from taxes in one form or another are going to be unpopular with the folks at home, who in late years during pre-election time have been assured they would not have to pay any more taxes. There is another way in which the state could get by without raising taxes. And that is by reducing public expenditures. That way will not be easy, nor will it be satisfactory. Our state institutions need more money, larger appropriations are demanded for land tax credits and state aid for schools. And many state employes want their pay raised. Ignoring these demands for more state aid would probably be as generally unpopular as to comply with them. The tax problem will be the legislature's biggest headache this time, and they should get it out of the way early in the session. * * * SUSPECTED EVERYBODY Decorah Journal — Not long ago a doctor in a small New England town began to notice suspicious behavior in his patients. They read books he didn't approve. They criticized the Republican party. Soon it was apparent to him that everyone except himself was a Communist — including the attendants who came and took him away. * * * The stock market has broken ihrough its historical ceiling. Just so it doesn't bust through its historical bottom. DECEMBER Very Soon Again ANOTHER 2'/2% DIVIDEND WILL BE ADDED TO MORE THAN 6,000 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS HERE DIVIDEND Will YOU BE AMONG THESE WISE SAVERS? Your Account U Fylly Insured Up TP $10,000 37 Yep, S Continuous Service - _ _ _ Aw$ Now - C « « lOlh earns as of the 1st. °peneo ana verified tor you at once. Money received by the WRITE OR CALL ON HOME FEDERAL TODAY! HOME FEDERAl SAVINGS & WAN ASSN. Algona, Iowa > We Help Yogr Community To Become Home Owners F We've just " ourselves if the new Barbara Stanwyck film that Benedict Bogeaus is making for R.K.O. release, Originally called "Bow Tamely To Me" and scripted by Talbot Jennings, the tentative title is "Escape To Burma." * • • If ever a picture had all the elements of what adds up to entertainment in our book, this is it! Glamour, exotic settings, excitement and adventure in a world wholly unrelated to our workaday existence—all filmed in Technicolor and Superscopc- proceys through the camera-wizardry of Cinematographer John Alton. We'll buy a large slice of this one! • • • In ihe story, Barbara owns a teakwood plantation and elephant "ranch" in Burma. To tell you more of the plot would spoil it for you. Robert Ryan and David Farrar supply both the heart interest and conflict. A herd or trained elephants from World Jungle Compound should receive cast mention— they're that good! I here s a tiger hunt, knife throwing Dacoits and a rip-roarin* monsoon that overtakes Barbara Bob and David in the jungle. They seek refuge in an abandoned Burmese temple where two almost human chimpanzees and a wierd-looking baby orangutan have taken up light-housekeeping. These simians grew very fond of Miss Stanwyck during the temple sequence filming (Aping the human movie crew no doubt!) In fact, from elephants to apes, and a tiny lion cub, every animal actor in the cast adored and obeyed Barbara Stanwyck Trainer J. H. Bryant of Jungle Compound swears Barbara should have been an animal trainer. « » • A 2'/,.year.old pint-size ele- phant named "Tusko" fell for the Stanwyck charm at the first proffered peanut. He'd slip away from his "bull-man" at every opportunity to dog Barbara's footsteps. Each time his trainer would catch up with the little rascal and lead him back to the " herd "Tusko" would do a leg-shaking dance step as he departed. A confirmed ham he'd go through his entire routine of tricks for a single peanut. '•' * * f There's a bang-up worcF aneV* fist fight with the "army" of the local potentate, a near uprising of the Burmese teakwood workers over a "spirit tiger," a colorful year-end festival with "Tusko" swiping the best scenes and sets that out-Burma the best of the real Burma. • • * Lisa Monlell plays a native princess. And, what a princess! Watch this talented gal! Robert Warwick is a majestic potentate. Murvin Vye displays remarkable versatility as the half-casie tore- man. • » • Add to all this the inspired direction of a master stagecrafts- inan like Allan Dwan and you tave the ingredients for a wonderful evening's "Escape to Burma" from the day's cares. Even after watching^nost of the film- ng, we wouldn't miss this -one WRONG NUMBER Algdha Upper Des Moines To anyone involved in political activity, the importance and influence exerted by newspapers is obvious. Not only are they* the spokesman of their community but in rnany ways they mold public opinion in their sphere of influence. v Much of this selling js done through the editorial pages of the paper. We arc particularly'grate- ful to you who so believed in the Republican party that you used your editorials to help us sell the Republican -program. What a fine job of news coverage and Republican highlighting you did! May I take this opportunity to pledge to you that the Republican Thursday, Dec. 30 Old Timers N. Y. fi, RIDGE RIDERS Friday, Dec, 31 —'N. Yi E, HENRY CHARLES" and His Orchestra Saturday, Jan. 1—N. Y, Nile ON THE HOUSE Doii Hoy and Orchestra Reservations Necessary . If you want, your, dfeams to come true, dpn'tdVefsieep. The salesman.who is lost in his work has found hid future. '•— f.. ^V-fejr~ <t>-, .-, I*. Poor memory is the best help in making V.fftan'f6er self-satisfied. POST BIND¥»S"I*'JwraT>i: ferent sizes, toplock in black Imitation- Ittthtt; Of .blue canvas A140 ledgO? Sheets, ftfad A-Z 'iexes ;to :if|i tfp-pet, Des Publishing Co, jlLT—"-"- 1 ^'"1 • SEWERS CLOGGED? Why pay big ttwney to have you* front lawn dug tip when drainage Une* be&tne cI6t|f6d? Boyer'sama*. ini Septic Tank Cleaner and Drato Opener will remove roots, rags, paper, grease and other organic mattet, Cost il low and teauHt u« quick. GET SOME HALL-STRAHORN HDWE. How*To-Ideas by Dlek Carpenter RID YOUR CATTLE OF FLIES, GRIJBS, LICE AND TICKS ' with the WIK INSECTICIDE APPLICATOR ,. Authoritative tests prove thai if is as effective for all insect 'control as spraying and costs 1/5 as much. ; '• • , , f"; . ...,-;. , Eliminate High Cost Spraying Let your cattle treai themselves with WIK Back Scratcher using Patterson's insecticide with brag's Fly Repellent and they will be ice of flies all summer and lice and grubs next winter. LOWEST COST INSECTICIDE APPLICATION METHOD on "the market today for insect pest con- rot See Your WIK Dealer or write 4o , ' CLARENCE A. SMITH LiTermore Phone 2462 Desk Top Froni Hardboard-Covered Door Vou can make art exceptionally useful desk from a sheet of Vt-in. hardboard, an old door and a pair: of two-drawer file cabinets. Cut the hardboard to the same size as the door and neiil Or glue it over one side of the door to form the desk topi All you have to do is remove the hardware. Decide on the spacing of the file cabinets, and cut two strips of wood to the same length as the distance between the cabinets. Nail, these to the underside of the desk top so one will line up with the cabinet fronts, and the " other with the Cabinet backs. These Will keep the desk top from shifting position when it is set over the • cabinets. Paint the desk .top and i the cabinets in a matching color, i ; F.S; NORTON ij &SOH Building Materials of All Kinds Phone 229 Algona What's the matter... did your wife leave 'you? No ... durn U . , . just spilled my bos*, friend! "3y IMJJ F. • jSt*V&t**x*y*7 •» I Spilling CARNATION Fresh Milk will moke any kiddie cry! . Another glass of CARNATION Fre.h Milk will bring bock that smile again! THEY LOOKED AT THEY LOOKED AT NEW CAR "A" NEW CAR "B" "Plymouth's new styling plus the superiority of Chrysler Corporation engineering make the new 195i5 Plymouth a wife investment." t'.iiuard Dane, Chutnul UiU, Utui. "When I looked at 'all 3' I knew it was Plymouth for me! There's so much more beauty outside and more luxury inside." Prank C. flowers, Memphii, Tenn. HYBRID SEED CORN GRO- COATED SEED OATS Available NQW! In leading Vgrj«tioj Marvin Penning— Titonka Lawrence Presthus— B&ncroii Joe Sinnwell— Bode Harold Fsngraan— Bancroft Stanley Black— Bart George HoJ»cheicU— ^HVeree Donald Ericksoo^-Algona Al.fre4 Christ— Dakota' ; w "You can't beat. Plymouth's PowerFlite no-clutch drive for smoothness mid speed. Like the new 1055 Plymouth, it's the tops!" Louise Iriing, Unit/trial City, Cal\f, THEY BOUGHT THE ALL-NEW LYMOUTHV Bi gg e itcaf ..M Bhes(ita nJ a rJ V-B l^poverol the low-prieo 3! New ^67-hp Hy-FirU&jfoo ISUp (177 hp with PpwerPak')' ] .and new 6-cyhnder PowerFlow. 117 engine*. AH pew power features: PpwerFlite* fulfv automatic t™, • • ' K^s^^a^^ ThU J ' ear ol ^ ?<»**> look «•« 3-wd 'lU*e swing to TvP*Iti> tires slendqid equipment • v

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