Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable Roofs Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You • -Walt.' " : ' '' '"" -•' ' DEWENT ER The HATTER And FURNISHER The Logansport ,ncKinley_ Club is Its Name. EVERYBODY WELCOME •. "Hi";. .--.5'; >• •'•. •' Who Wants to Have a Hand in the.Returnof ' '" THOUSANDS •OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson 4 Hinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 iiAliONAL BANK -Olf- LOGANSPOR1. . INDIANA OAPlTAi • a RI«I i »•.«"«• " • ' blBKCTOBS; ' W. H. Bringhum. w . t. wuson. , a'l. '»• Dep»rtai«nt. promptly Business Change, jam* Beaboor hafl purchased the Pelton meat market. H« now occupies ,he «w room Just erected to the west of the old .buvd, and If to hto Intention to run s nnrt-cla» «h*P and handle a f nil Hne of fresh and salt meat*. DAILY JOURNAL "^THURSDAY. AUGUST 13, .180(1 • Subscribe for The Journal. G«a Hjwrl»on tat -*I hammock* la ttw city. Buy a CXrtumbla cigar and make a ; guess for the, ?25 prize. ,. ^_ . Hon. Frank B. Posey of Evansvllle, vrtil speak at the rink Thursday evening August 27th. : . You need Hood's Sarsaparffla to enrich and purify your Wood, create an appetite and give sweet, refreshing deep. ' . ' .Shirt walsts-Hnat the kind tuat have been on the market for .three years. All fresh atock this week ait' a mere song. Bee Hive. Bead the Bee Hive ad. this morning. Next thing in order, cjxmib down and ..make a guess on the'wheel; But five diays more ramata. "tfever again Will such, a. cha.pice pre- se;at taelf to buy' dotting a,t half price, thus saving 100 per cent.-Hfurry Frank's qlaalng out sale. Judgment Rendered Against the Baseball Association. T3ie base bull players won. tlie first bout in, *he suit against the asoctatdon for the c-odtaKlon of 'their back salaries. The case was heard in Xuettee FenderV .court yesterday afternoon, find .JudB- ment wns rendered against the association for ithe amount claimed by the players, «*n«MtoB over.$400. The de- fandafflts gave notice of appeal and will flffht the case through fflie Olreutt court. The Cbnotanntl Rede ptaiy at Kokomo Wills afternoon. S. B. Knox, one of the members of the.Kokomo base ball association, was in the ei)ty j yester<lny, and w« take 0110 or two of the old Logans- part team to hdp the Kofcomos out, as •heir teriui is badly crippled. "OM Hun" Rogers will .pitch the-game and Garvey wii'll catch. The Cincinnati? are on theli wny home fron/OMcago. .THEY WON. AND LOST. ClevoltiBd flmd the Colonels Each Take A Game— BaMiinare Shut Out. Cleveland won a close game wltl LoutevlHe yesterday, and then, turned around and gave the Colonels the sec- o)ud game. Brooklyn, gave the Ghnm- .pious a dose of whitewash and Ctacln- i»« and Chicago tied an e1gM4nttlng game. FoJtowJg "are the scores of t'hc games played yoisterdny:. At Oleveland-Lontovffle 3, Cleveland 4. (Second game) Loutevllle 4, Clevt- •lond 1. At Oataigc—Ctochmaiti 3, Chicago 3. (Called at wA 'of. «lghtili on' account of darknoss.) ••- • -• • '•/••. • A* Bnooklj-n—Baltlmoi-o 0, • Brook- At Phindelphla—W'asUncton 0, PhU- ndolphiia 9. At PittebuiK-St. Louie -3, Pittsburg 1, . ,' . • At.Bo»tan-N«w York 8, Boston 0. (Second game) New York 4, Boston. 0. STANDING OF THE CLTJ.BS. dubs ' ' • • Won Lost Per'Ct. Baltimore "....•..C3 ...:'....C5 Cleveland 58 Ohtea'go W PlitlErtJurg 52 Boston ; •. .50 • Brooklyn 42 FMtadelphla ;41 Now York ...' 40 WasMingiton .:35 St. Louis ...' 20 23 28 30 34 40 41 42 50 00 54 55 03 07 .092 •.084 .030 .588 .559 .543 ..457 .451 .425 .880 .315 .250 MORE TOURISTS. The' organization-of} club was perfected last night at a. meet-: Ing held ait the rink. There was .not. so targe a crowd present us .there wa* at the inditfcil mtetiug l^|l^wf ml 'S nt ' awing to the fact tint the 'meettog had not been wall- advertised, but the afty or more who were there were all enthusiastic and the coustltjitow• "'f^l^ff^ was'adopted unanimously. President George W. Walters,was In-, structed to appoint an executive com- •.u'Jittee to consist of .one member from each ward of'the city, which will have pe of tlie busi'uei&i'a'ffHlrs gifTMie club, aind will make tlie necessary nr- rangemenits for speakers nufl enterta.ta- ment for each meeting. The question of whether or not "to Corm a, .marc-M-nc chibyWas, discussed, aiud It was doeided tha£.a t cpmwtttee,of one from each ward,% : appolnted.to canvass the wards and.secure-,..names for am.'h club. I>\>llow,l;ig,'js. ttie committee: ' ,;,'.,-.• '-:.-•: .-. First wn«l-WillUan),,McKe.i;.. . ; Second, ward—C. A-.SiU.ttl!..; .; : Third ward—George Gonser. Fourth ward—Al BiTer. Fifth >vai-d—Robert KnJgh*!,.!,' . Mr. Bayer, 1m support at liK. motion, that aorau-chtag club be'Vr^nHzed, sa-!d tliat he, to coimnon/TV,lltii : ;'ma;ny tiiou- sauds of others; had beern 'marching up and down tlie country "for 1 fouf'years' HMttblng for a Job, amd'*hef WDre;ready •to .marcli to a procassilon;' ino'w'"- that .meant steadiy employment. Hnicl; : '';good wages, Instead otf a weary'-'•nYareri 'In .search of such employment. 'Tte riiem- berslrip of the chub is open to all;-ladles ' is well as gentlemen, fflrls aaid boys, nd even ttie babies wfll' be" welcotoe, or boy buhles innke voters 1 e)*m'e'day', 1 nd if they are trained right; ti^'niriike ^eputillcim voitere. As'ofie'of the iri'em- ew of tlie club said, "tWe 1» a school f instruction, and we ,want to take verj-one to and teach 'them the glorious rinclples of HepubUenlnteHu"."' The matter of organlziihit a'.glee club ,/,l*hJdi ithe club meimbfersi1iil,p 'was- left. vdth President Walters anil W. S. Bo: ler, who willl endeawr to secure a ehor- is of stagers to aid til. fhe'.:'club-;enter- altuneuts; ' .' •' Owing to MK fact that the rink, whl.ch iae been rented for'.tfce^xfipaBgn'by. tlie Republlicaa" Central' committee," ia ngagod for next Friday night, It was tecMed to hold the wxt: regular meet- og on AVeduesday / evening of next .,.»k, whence repoi^s.of the commit- eo appoJmtc<l to orgamfxe afniAi'chl.ui? oMib willl be received, arid a-short.speech vffl be delivered to tihe.'raemtie'rs.-Tbe club starts with a very •fla'ttewntf.mein- >crshilp, over three-hundred"-arid ,fifty lames having been re^ortedvl-.JTihete'are still a number of memibei»bilip.'-lKi<>ks but w-liloh have -not yt«t l>efin-'t<. ; jMirted,',"and WiMeh \\-ill s\vell the iniemib'diisMiJ'Sd almost fi« hundred. Tims il#-J5Mtlhe:iniiiJt, 'or dt Is expecred to enr<iU.tl)e.nflim«-of every peiwon who favord:.tte '.'a'dvance agent of prosperity.,..WJlliiHri: jVfcKta- ," on the olab roU.iWvWeJ' voter or no. 1 .'... .-A~. ! -'v v .'' •'•'•••'" Here's a New List. Previous Lift Bevpked " ^ " LI^-^ ^^i^~^^^^^^** 1 0<S 'oV 35o Boysfi*ettt<^s. 8c for 25o\CelJnlold ; a,>'dl Fiberlojd :| go for 40o Celluloid ai.d Plberloid . . Cuffs, ' its for $5. Most Remarkable Offer INCLUDING SILVERWARE FREE V "' V GENUINE -,. ;•-. ' Rogers Silverware Fret for 35c 3c lor 25o Balbrlcizan Half Hoee. SJ8c for $2 Real all Wool Sweater*. 2 5c for 50o Calf Belts. 25c for BOo and 75c H oys and Children's Straw Hats. I (JC f for $& add-'iscteo" jw : and Chlld- ..... reii's Straw Hat*. AlpacaCoutiaid Dock.Pauti-: You need not take over $2 worth to secure choice of Knives, Forks^Spoons or Sugar shell* and you need not take goods quoted in this'lot YOU TAKE JUST VHAT YOU WANT. ' \ This list in quoted.jutt to give you an Idea of How Cheap You Can Buy aric. Wt a valuable piece of Silver Free. Everytitne you repeat the purciae«« Sorting, 8hoe8 or Furninhiogs amount!,* to $2 or $3 c«h you are P re 8 en* 9d with a pieca of Silverware ontlfcyou reach the Liuiif, 26 Pl6C9S, whe« In addition jou will be presented with a Handsome plush Case. KRAUS "Of Course" Officer Assaulted by Two Strang. . era—One Captured. Ptrtrolmain Sc-hnler .had an encounter with a couple of hobos.last nJg.lit about 8 o'clock nit.the.Wabasih depot in which the travelers received a. sound thrawh- Inp, and tlie Patrolmaa' narrowly -escaped being (wsnulted. They were lying asleep to the Utfle park west of Hit depot when the officer wenfln to wake .tliem up and, tell them to move on. At- tex waking tiiom .they became Impudent «nd stnick at the officer... Sohrier drew his el'ub and "put them both -to sleep.'" llhe man who was quieted most effectu ally ran away while Schrlar was taking the Qtllier one to jaili .The man laiided •regtatciXKl at Hotel Adams the name o '"Pat Devlney." '. The charge of .iiutoxi ration was all-fhat was placed agalns Deviney last nl»h-t but the-chni-ge o assaulting an officer may be put IHm-rMsVroornitig;' ' '• .. .. . A party at twelve wheelmea-rode-ti •Royal Center; and- return tast evening They found -the ronds ln^mte.erai'ble-.con. di'tlon •biit'report a" ' P.JeMaua* ' evenlw They 'ieff'-Zlaii a!' fco/ at 7 o'clock' and. node back .olclock. liloMowtog are. .the najnes '-of •those in the -party: R. ;B. Ztanv'WiUI WharfleW, Harry. Good, Hflrry-Burken nrth, S. T. Ptercej Dart CoBWCll; Net Browni, -M. H: Baker; 'Earl -Swlfear John Shaver, Jim McMackcnBid ^ '' •• ''•'• '•' : ' :: ""' : :' .' ---* MOST PERFECT MADE - ofT«rt« Powde^ ' i, Alum or 40 Yews the Mrs. W. H. Wilson of the Wastalfl is in a .serious condtoony having been ppostrated-by the heal duilng the recenr torrid Bpell. , WORK 01= THE " tOP5." Record of Arrests and Offenses Committed. Chief Moi-rJ^ey-'ar.'resl'ed one' WlMum Cex^ran ''yesterday; and. put Wm in a sate' place : un*:ihe l 'sliall have duly, sobered' off. .Jonn^rafer wsis an<»te.d liy Officer' Hotigliton for ;h 1; a"v1ng taken on •too much of' 'the '3u v toe of yellow corn. Loklii Whiteon'wjii'ansSve 1 tilie charge of vdoln^-g "the 'oi'dilnanfce prohibiting tih« : niunl;ng at-iaTge'o'f cattle 'and other live stock, her .cow raving been found SHAVEU-RE1TZ. Last even! UK »t the residence of tlie •bride's paremtB, No. 514 Wabash avcit ue, ofieurred the wedding of Mr. Wrt- lilaim SbBTCr and Mtas Bertha K. Reitz, the- Kev. Mr. • TiranensWin offlclati'og. The oeramony was witnessed by ^ large number, of friends of-the «m.tiw*mg panties. The groom- Is the well-known ball player and a. sou of Mr. John, B. Silver, the • blacksmith. Die bride. Is one of Logansport's most 'charming young ladies. The young couple will, reside for the present with tlie bride's parento. ; '• • :• esnss.n, . Oflicer 'HSek'ey'wfiB'dru-m' major for a p'rocessloD- 1 o^nJii'i 'tttys 'onai^iing up ThlM streetVoste'rday afternoon. There were nine of the lads, all about ten yetivs'af age, and Ubey seemed to be enjoying '' the atteuUau" they attracted, Soime had 'baskets of peaohes, fiome car- rtea' 'papere'r : aiid :V sotbf': : w'ere peddllois •peoDUts. ' They '''laid 'been swarming about the Panhandle station, annoying praasensers and trainmen .and' 1 making nuisances of themselvete generally. Pnn- hnndle Officer GaMaglier has been bothered to dlBt.rnctIpn.bT the saucy little feUows, and it'ls iwofjbsed to, stop them lmnffJng-a:bpu,t tlie etoitton, if they hn.ve ; to be put hi. jail to keep them away. The toys were taken before Mayor McKee yesterday'' -af temoorb, and after His Honor had read thsm a' lecture on TEe sj.n of trespaseffii'gT-nihii ''waTned;. them that thfy might e\-pe-t;swnethine : worse if, rliey- dild not »tny away from' the trains, they were ^.turned loose. ' * SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- GARA FALI4 ..•. • . • — , THE CONSISTENT (.?),1?RA.ROS, To the Edirtor of Thft'Joj»iBij>lr , c . . Ctoee i«adem of ..the^harq^hajye pb- serviid tlrtilt these a^U^aiWnr.ing on the eddtoi-Uil page s(mt. fropi,ChtoagMo itot correapomd 1 -ft'iith>those-d1|?(.taited a,t nhe offloe on Fourth (rtwjfc-Ujider.-date of August lV«he foWo.vHng<-a.rtlplev-.a.p- penred under captiou-.oj?;,"^Jp ,to pate other could ' returned!-' . ha.ve re- "Only the farmers conn tries' have sttppcsedp^hey stump along naj)hnajn|*.rfl4ij' l how- and everyhow, and' work Jnst as_ their ancestors did one huuaK^S^'W'^The corasequcnce is that tt«.agr,iculturlsts of this counitjy' and; of 'Bufbp* : hhvc: .been left; They-nretfowtf'tf'tKj'TOoutii; tliey ore abandoning fli{|r^i..rn)sT"Thc,i-ea-' son Is not TintS to.flwIj^.TflC^hnye.nM Mies Cad Close has ' Marlon. '. ' XV« .,,. Edna Donaldson- ;sat Marion relatives. ' f - < Mr. a.nd Mrs. turned from TVSba"ehS ; ;'' Henry HeMerswffi^dwi'wife are here from Montlcello to^vfsWfrlenOs. • . Miis. J. D.Fe.rgusoV«W daughter ar.e in. Michigan enjoylbS.an outing. J. E. Rowers. ^GMtaso, is the. guest of Mrs. Mary Black »«(H%h street. . M.lss Bmmn Muriiliy bt' Marion is vis- iittag Milss Eva McH-Jffiin the city. H C. Cuslinwm Is ftC : Xena. Oliio, .to attend the an.nuaJ-rWuKki,n of his. regiment. /'.Xj.y.i.'jii -,.. Miw, John Eit.n.lre.:a.n<rcMlclren ;nre »t firlyworalinj: -uic week w:tli her parents.. '- :SEf7/."- , Ijiwence Andeisoin.ond WiU-.Qulg'ej; rode to Delphi last night and returned on their wheels. . : . : -.. .. °Floyd -SSeSBSS oJUecJtu-r, llU.is the jrurtrt. of 'l«i*-uiicft!,<;Mia>t -Eiltott and mily of. Lltade^rfrygnme.-.., ; • Mrs.' .7. W. EoMary her 1 daug-lnter and MtWe son, relume*!' W theiir. 1iome "at iTiiproved ou the meblioas and : pensa-nt- . i,gnw?iince; .of. a century ago."' .. ..:•'•'•"•* .»•""•'' / ^-': ' : '''Mark what is saWf'noU^one -word the'farane'8 .. dress, It te riot the tionrkets of the world you- iwed it ite.,nibit'^ree : eoJim'ge^yp\i want ; as OMcaigo plaidfoimi-. f -is;- 'ac- .. ''peawnit-;ilgjwnuwe rt ,sf .Whait do tiie-fteiwiM wilio are' among the UK** mtwt advaaiced and : *««»1)rd|fr*s8lw of on few .yeare,' caused to presume than MB fellows ftofos ,-. . -Ttmey tebfiiiiiiof,Diay]npri,'oh:i-o, Is the nieW of 1*' V?ftfii^''Fred.'Lohijitafli.'.o.f t]ii|^ty;'-li:aviu«.m,a<jej:]ie -trip;; o.n..-a bi' : ' " : '' "-. . -of ; New . John Btnii-e ^^ ,_... v ..... nii«;beiiv>0[1«' «Wor' on '^Cs-"'^^ 1 ?!.-?- 6 * 1 ^ 0 ^ ^? s *$'• ••-_'•• •'•••-.. J J_ .1 . _Viii"', rt^'v* i nf n«1**a<ntf>(t fliifCU't fj the ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The oomdition of Mrs. Schaefer, .wife t ex-Councilinan ScMefer, is greatly 'Improved. J, .M. Gulp and wife will remove to their newly acquired, property at Me tea next week. .M. Wiofield, Jr., has Issued invitations for a,hoxuse wanning party at the Winfield cottage, Lake MaxlnkucKee. J. H. Jordan o£ Chicago, after completing the work of laying a new floor in. the'Johnston' hotel- lobby, has returned home: •••'•'' There will be a dance tonight at tli- park. Foraofrs orchestra will furateh the -music,'.and the affair wlU be .In choTge of M. Fornoff. Mni-riage licenses were yesterday Issued to the following coupfce: .Wil- llaim. Shaver and Bentha-C. B«a!tz;.WllWc- Gibson and Pearl Fording; Horace Skelton and Hose J. Iflstler. Dr. Stevens,: assisted by Dr! Busjahn of this cdty and Dr. Beed of "Burnetts-. Ttlle, performed a delicate operaitlon.pn the wiife of Dr.Trowbnidge of that place yesterday morning. Wllimam Oarriger, stage manager ;rt Dolan's laststasou, will go to Ottumiwa, la,, next week to take a portion wiih S. B. Patterson In charge of the stage In that gentleman's new acquisition. __ - ^ UNHAPPY AUSTRIA. ,. B*r Only C«»«fck« P»rll»ii»«nt»ry,'P»n7 I* Brok«» O7 1 Dl»»«n«lo»«. •" The cruel humiliation Austria tered in Italy waa followed ,by •rrnhlii»ff>blow 1 .at"8adowa, and the lew painful collapBe of a brother's ambitions in Mexico, B»y« the Saturday Re- % view, If the dignity of a Cae*u- was to- be saved for the Hapsburps out of the wreck, it seemed most likely ,<to be. achieved on the lines' BUgrg«»ted ? by; €ount Beuftt. The choice once made, it was Impowible to turn bock. Wha^, to piven as a boon to distressed nation-; alities in the name of progres. cannot afterward be withdrawn on the plea of prudence: The row?It 1-s pathetic, but there is no help for it. • :\ We s«e Cronte, Ruthenians, Poles, Servians. WflllachB and the rest of the half-barbarous hordes cutting' one another's throats when'they ore not com-, blninp to Insult thecivilized Hungarian*, nnd German*, whose fate it is-to be their neighbors: we set- Vienna iteeJI in the hands of a fanatical anti-Semitio rabble, and we Bee the power of the only capable parHanwntary party in ,Au»- 1rin : broken'by bbpelens disoension*. Truly, : the domestic state of the empire te nothinp less than: pitiable, ^''n- fiuence In Europe is also u thing of tb« post . Tb«Bnll;an. states, which were its' props In. the south; .have .publicly, ponei: over to. Russia, and its solitary n-mainin? protection, against di™""- WABASH August 18, 1896., Special Train Will Lt five LOGANSPORT at 5 p, m. August 18, arriving Nlb- gara Falls ftt 6:35 nut morning. ONLY $10. For the Round Trip from port. Tickets good on special trai* only. '„••••• GRAND FETE Reproduction of Famous War Scene* Thrilling Naval Engagement Firework* at St Joseph Sunday Anpst 1$ FARE $2.00 Train leaves Vandalia Station* 7'». m. Returninj? train due to lear* St. Joseph at 7 p. m. will behelt three hours so that excursionist* may enjoy .he entire entertnlnuien* T.be Looansport Humane Society |: (INCORPORATED.) - , . .. •.. .Fames Alklre of the Dayton Soldier's •' :" BtingWuretof n ; ' member cf jfi'e ' the Prevention of Cruelty 1» Women Children and Animals K. 8. . G«o. W. Wnlteri— Sec. J 0. Hlldebrmndt— TreM W. M, BUhop— Hunuinr OfB(*r. B. 8. Bl«: 3.C.HWKI7. F. dcoolb . Geo W Walwn, J. J- mid«b«o*t , Peeked Juitlc*. , .... '•»»£ • Hn: w. D rmt V.tt.3. N se». Telepbone No 39. n-mann? , berment i* the alliance with Italy, which covets Dalmatio; turf with .-i. Germany.. •'which is moving henven and earth too* tablish:»ecret rela . ciity will attentktttfefltiniual cauip meet- hJK of -the^istHwaWh't'flNiy ^Adventtete. ':' ' •; ' rni' . . . He- Why. we've got a cricket ' in tbej house! Isn't It.cbeerful 1 '". • ', , She— Ye*. And so intslllgent. HPIIT him talking about the furniture. How distinctly be nays: "Cheap! cheap! However. s as »h« had been that day' on a'Ttait to her «i»t«r, who»e tnwbaml WM getflnjr 118 a week, while her own dear D«w hubby got but $14. perhap, her dlscon tent wa» excuMtWe.— •poll* .Journal. ' l ' ! ' V ADDITIONAL LOCAL. "' -" • ' ' .' '• - , \ .Subscribe!,for The Journal, 40 cents* month. ....;. ' Hammocks at your own price at Q«*.; Barrlson's. . • ' . . Ed Haaikee of the Tmide PaSnce is tai- tag a week's vacation. Martin McHale is now moving into his new home on. Broadway. » Wifflaini Cochoraii was'placed In. Jail yesteixiay on a charge of ihtoxlcaitfoa.' .. Joy Buchanan has ; had a ne\v ban 'fercct.cd .on liis properrj- on Bringhurst stjeet.. . ^ ' . ;; . : M'iteJ Ora,Harriett of. High street, en-.' ter.tal.netl a jwrty of young people. Tuct- ^iayinlglit. ",. . . . ,..;.;-.. .•'• •'••%•-'• '•The Vand:iilla ennlDeeiK and .flremefc ilU-receive coal saviii« prenilums aftar . . ,;E<1' Goodwin, .well- known - here;:r '' ' , 'jaojy.'aspbia.n* clerk < itftl.'nt St.-.- Iio-ute. • • '•••• '•"-•'>• -:•?• >-*-.» •'"Advertising- Car-No. 2 in adyanceVdt- the Robinson & FranklJn>h'ow, was te 'the city yesieitlay. , ' . . Tbc -sate of aocunm'lated unolatendt freight on tlie PamhhnJcUe, wdJl be l»ell ;; this year on. the 28th oif August Some of:ti)e Weatelde ^ olWeens tetve comptained that wbeetonen ride on the aide walks on that side of tlie river; . : •Maurice WlnfieW, jr., at Ills cottage;' at Lake Maxinkuckee, > entertBJnii» a party of younjc people from, the city.

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