Daily News from Los Angeles, California on July 8, 1954 · 6
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Daily News from Los Angeles, California · 6

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1954
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wr A V favors workable fund DAILY, NEWS, Lot Aaqele THflfcSDY, JULY I.' 154 m aoIf ifiCTasIpwoti) &EADERSDIGES I AW Everybody con try Antiz&me fsee ' NOW yau, .MM can fully anjay Kw waiar . . . and w rcan yawl Tha naur Swim Trainar it aauippaJ wM 4 , Mi.Mual iafaty campaflaianl.. Evan if ana ar awra ' af IhaM chamhari ic piarcad. tha athwi ara aaipla la Jkaap lha child aSaal. Scientifically dmipned ta kmp year chiM'i cMn ap elwayt. Made af ealre-lhick, eildaw-preef KEENE raiiitant la tell chleiine. Driec eekkly. Can be ra inad leverel lima a gday witheut leainp M bueyancy. Weiahc enly II el. and la .mall In lately end. ansaah email, i . in a pane medium, larpe. USE THIS HANDY MAIL ORDER COUPON WHELAN DRUG CO.. INC.. Dapt. M. E000 District llvd. Las Aaqala, SI, Calif. Pleaia land me Swim Trainan af 4.TS neck. - . y Small (Asa 1 ta I) Payment In full af Mama I Apt 22 kaffil Addrctt- Cify ...... 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' P MUITIPLI VITAMINS 250 WM Jin. 3ltlfi an 25 VALUE 40 TABLETS FLAVORED CHILDREN'S SIZE BAYER ASPIRIN WHEN YOU BUY THE Lc REGULM 100 TABLET BOTTLE 62 Do mow than laOMtlUnl New Nonce ma Suntaa Lotion iubriretee help keep ckin coft, loYCly-lookinc aa yeu gat lorpeoue tan. Na pa in Ail bun) - kdbbebba SACRAMENTO, July 7.-KF)-Gov. Goodwin J. Knight said today he would be the first to propose and sign any workable law that would provide a full disclosure1 of primary campaign expenses and contributions. But he 1 branded as "silly, petty and very unfair Demo cratie charges that he fudged In reporting contributions he received and spent during the June primary, KNIGHT promised a "meticulous accounting of funds contributed and expended in his behalf during the campaign to be climaxed by the November gubernatorial election. The governor fill'd a campaign statement for the June primary listing his personal expenses at $2316.87 and containing no accounting of contributions. Richard Graves, Democratic candidate, listed contributions of $87,955.11 and expenses of $84,-488.80. "NOBODY lias a monopoly on purity of elections in this state, Knight told a regular press conference. Commenting on a request by Atty. Gen. Edmund G. Brown for a "thorough reform of California laws requiring full disclosure of Campaign financing,. Knight called Brown's proposals "noble but said they present very practical difficulties. He said Brown's suggestion that outlays other than through a campaign chairman be prohibited would result in "a lot of people being arrested. Knight cited examples of a man who puts up a campaign sign or buys a newspaper advertisement without obtaining the approval of the candidate. KNIGHT said that In reporting only his personal expenditures, he "should not be condemned for not only following the law but custom as well. He said 'that in every election for 40 years, 99 per cent of the candidates had done as he did, Including former Gov. Earl Warren. Drop 2 requests for TV channel WASHINGTON. July 7.(IP)-The Federal Communications Commission today dismissed two applications for permission to build a new commercial television station In Los Angeies. The two applicants were Lawrence A. Harvey and Spanish International Television, Inc., who filed competing applications for Channel 34 in Los Angeles. The commission acted because the two applicants did not answer letters from the FCC seeking further Information. The commission's dismissal left KFWB unopposed in Its application for the Channel 34 authorization. Premiere tonight . Warner Bros, film "King Richard and the Crusaders," will be given a premiere showing at 8:30 p.m. tonight at the Egyptian Theater. The picture stars Virginia Mayo and George Sanders. ail prevent Sunburn 57c A 97c Charley used to work in a downtown office. He did hia job quietly and competently. He never talked much. If ha had problems, he kept them to himself. Perhaps because he never complained about anything, more and more tough deadline assignments were piled on him. In time the pressure caught up with him. lie drank more than he should have. In Charleys case, this was particularly bad. When drinking, he whs unpredictable. He would disappear for days. Finally, a couple of yeirs ago, he disappeared for good. Six months ago he showed up at the of-yjJ fice, dirty, unshaven, with & wild look in hia eyes, and not making much sense. Hed just been released from a mental hospital upstate. Im a little fuzzy up here, he said, pointing to his head, but Ill be all right in a couple of months. 1 Just need some time to straighten out. The fellows at the office . gave him a little money. He returns to the- office every few weeks. He never asks -for money. He tries not . to bother anyone and wont Interrupt if his friends are busy. -He says it bolsters his morale to come to the place where he used to work. It's like a port in a storm. His former colleagues pretend not. to notice his soiled clothing and that apparently he Is hopelessly lost When they ask how he kAi along, where he staya, he replies, "I'm down on Skid Row. He was asked If the police ever picked him up. He replied, "No, they dont bother me, they know me. I'm not drinking now." He added, "Oh, I've been in Jail, If that's what you mean." A few days ago he came In again, his clothes grimier than ever, his beard fuller but his eyes clearer. He said with a grin, "I was sure In tough shape when I got out of the place up north but I'm going to make It ail right. He was asked what he did all the time. He replied Intensely, "That's the point. Youd never believe, it if I told you hor I licked this thing. I walked it off." lalllmiiMs Kerenails I'm quite sure I'll never be a trustee Oh, I trust them but they dont trust me. JOHN J. QUAOMIHZ. Footnote As recently noted here, most young married couples have a healthy approach toward motherhood and a weary contempt of the cliches of the maternity ward as perpetuated by the . movies. They cringe at such exaggerations as the flustered father routine, the indulgent doctor bit and the dewy-eyed mother fadeout. However, there's one scene that really breaks them up. It's the one in -which a bunch of awkward cowhands or miners or gunmen are confronted with Imminent motherhood in a remote cabin. A doctor is rushed there and as he takes in the situation at a glance, he bellows, "Boil some hot water all you can!" The young folks ask each ether, "How can a little baby drink all that water? Only In Ileverly Illlls A lady named Trudy saw a new Cadillac with the front end hoisted up, being pulled by a tow truck along Wilshire Blvd. What made the sight memorable were the four other Cads coincidentally following it as If in a funeral procession lor an engine gone dead. Note of Irony Former Congressman Jerry Yoorhis, who was defeated for re-election In 1946 by Richard Nixon, Is now executive secretary of the National Cooperative League. In their home -town, Whittier, the struggling co-op m o? ns Firms DAILY THRU DC'O SERVICES DELTA-CAS AIR LINES I NATIONAL AIRLINES COOPERATION WITH AMERICAN AIRLINES', FOR RMCRVATIONS pbosa AMdisas'S-JII I or jrow trenel mgenl ' grocery Is next door to the Nixon amllys thriving drive-in. Illseellaay Lyrical headline in Southern California Business, Chamber of Commerce weekly: "Cotton tops ail Southland crops . . . There's still Tio satisfactory explanation of the single castoff shoe of -the -way places. Meanwi Lorraine High of Butterly reports she and her .husband found a pair of new steel-toed work shoes in the middle of a lonely road in Oregon. They just fit him too . . . You can tell it's the vacation season. Received n letter postmarked Boston, Mass., from a man we dont know with a return address in Philadelphia. . . . Another indication Is the fine suntan the boys and girls who stretch out on the lawn of the public parks are getting. You can hardly tell It from the ones people bring hark from Oahu, Balboa or Catalina . . . Now its official. Output of hall-point pens in 1953 was 122.000.000. while fountain pe'niproductinn declined to 35,000,000.1 No word on what a person Is supposed to do with the batch of used up hall pointers which gather in desk drawers. almost as much of a nuisance as old razor blades. a nation in nnwiWli y Lane Coroner's jury rules woman's death homicide A coroner's Jury yesteii couched a savage minder ficial language which found: . . death of Mrs.' Sadia Bris-bin to be homicide by person or persons unknown." The 56-year-old woman and her husband, manufacturer John Brisbin, 53, were cruelly beaten in their beds last May 5 by a burglar or burglars who took $56. THE HUSBAND, still weak after being released from tbs hospital a few days ago, told Ihe coroners Jury how he awakened about 5 a. m. in his home at 916 Newmark St., Monterey Talk, and found himself drenched In blood. "I went into my wifes room, murmured the owner of the Brisbin Iron Works. "My wife looked like she had been butchered. There was a claw hammer on the floor. Mrs. Brisbin died June 28 in General HospitaL Gen. Eaton leaves for Fort Knox, Ky. Mai Gen. Homer O. Eaton Jr., commander of the newly reconstituted 40th (Grizzly) Armored Division, left Los Angeles yesterday for Ft. Knox, Ky., where b will attend a three-weeks brw' up course In armored tactic!v The division will havejts first1 taste of real armored training next month when it Journeys to Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation, near King City, lor a two-, weeks summer encampment ji ti i

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