Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 2, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
Page 5
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). S. Eye Specialist Flying To India On Clinic Job •Topckii. Kan.—(UPl -A proml- j Incnl Knnsas'eye .specialist 1st flylnc hnlf-w'-'y ft/bund the world to perform iH'fll'ly 600 nyr. operations within nix week*. Indcftil of being pi Id tor M* Kfrvlc?s. he will pay Ji tuition Coc for t.'ie expedience. T3r. Pyr"n J. AMhIcy. Topnka ( physician. Is hcndlnft for Qucttii, for the mid-winter "catar.ict SWEPT ASHORE BY TIDAL WAVE STAN KENTON AND lie will F'j-jm ' M l. v ' n Juminrv to mi'i- KfliruAry. be w "' opci'-itu on natives wha s ten in In from nil sides to the Centra! Missionary Hospi- t.i! In Qucltii. ••[ consider myself fortunate to r.i>t thi." assignment." Di 1 . Ashley (aid, addlnfr chat be expects te> profit crcatly from t.hc variety of ctt.iriet operatijis called upon to Th<? Kansas eye disc-so 1st win approved for the job by <f|r llfmy Holland, the hospital director, wrv) IIIIM wiven to (inly a invill number of United St.itca oyr sur(,".'onsi. Dr. Ashley, "'h" served In the .Vni-y durlnK the last, t<;ild '.; wns not known dfllnitnly w.'iy the- IndinnK have .10 ninny but probably is the result of cli- i nialev (Uet nncl heredity. ', Fnw .inch cusof. by cjmpfirlson, I timf 'to liim here, He suld he would prolialily perform more cnt- uraot opciallons at Quntta In the jix-w'fflks period than he will In Topc^kn' ihc rest of .'iln' life. He plnns 10 return ahout March 1. SOlDliRS AND NATIVES in the devastated city of Kainan, Japan, are shown pushing their boats from the street where they were swept ashore by the tidal wave and quaka which recently hit Japan. More than a thousand Japa were killed in this disaster, (.international Soundphoto) f'ATA/.LV A smnll shack lire has paused tho (Irsich ot Kdwai-d Scverns at Windsor. SpVfrnM'M body way fou^cl about . 100 foot from the shack, nnd fire- j mi-n saythnt he hfid fled from the I hinldlnc 'nnrl slid aloii!.' on the ice in an endeavor tfi extinguish hii- \ tlnming clothing. Cause or the tire, i which caused minor damaRn to the ! shnck. has not been determined. ' On The Air Today HIS BAND AT THE STATE, HARTFORD One or !,ho jrro.ilcst jiands today, Starfc Kcnloh and .his "Artistry. In •Rn.-iJijm" Orchestra.- tvitu'tlng.hta i-nm\v flntrlnj; discovery, Juno Christy, will appear In Person to 'Gicllinr the plant stag-e ahow-at tho State Theater, Hartford, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 'Featured In the band lire 20 of the nation's leading Instrumental stars, .icludinp Vldo Musso on tenor ax. Ray Wctzel on trumpet, Ed- Sn'JYanHki on. bass, Kai Wind-' •nK on trombone, Boots MussulU on "hot" alto sax, and'the piano rtislry of Stan Kenton hlmaclf. Otnn features on his program, his lowest recording hits, "Intermis- •ion Riff," "Rika Jlka Jack!" "It's Pity to Say Goodnight," "Artis- •ry in Eoojrie," as well as "Tam- JiC3. M "Artistry Jumps," "I 'Been Down In Texas," and other record- in,(TN than'have established Kenton's organization as a top-flight band added will be Steve Evun3 14 Men's Wool COATS ' FRONT - - outstanding' comedian; . Marlbcth •Olds, lovely,-;danclnR star, and oth- CI-H. Showing .on ncrnen will be "Gentlemani.J.oc Palooka." • ' There are./Jatc stage ehows Sat- tii'0-i..y and Sunday, starting 1 ' at 10 p. m. . - • "TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY" NOW AT THE LOEW POLI Tho outstanding Technicolor musical of the year Is now being shown at tjhc Loew'-s Pali Theater. "Till the Clouds Roll By," the story of the famous composer. IVo less than 16 stars, plus 21 of Jerome Kern's hit songs, arc all rolled into one single lavish production. The now musical, directed by Richard WhorJ. stjry June Allyson, Lucille Bremcr, Judy Garland. Kathrvn Gravson. V;in Heflin, Lena Home, Van Jo'nnson, Tony .Martin. Dinah S':rarc.' li'ranlt Sinatra, Robert Walker. Angela Leans- bury, Virginia O'Brien, Cyd Charisse' nnrt the Wilde Twins in the supporting cast. Robert Walker plays the part of the great composer, Jerome Kern, while Van Heflin, one of Hollywood's finest actors, is.Jarnea Hcs- le-i-, KWn'* music arranger and lifelong friend. Amonff.lTje .song hits In "Till the Clouda Roll By" arc suc,!i Kern melodies as "Ol" Man River," sung by Fr.-inh Sinatra; "The Last Time r Sn-.v Paris" and "They Didn't Bclicvp Me." by Dinah Shore; "Who" and "Sunny," by Judy Garland; "Where Was I Born?" hy Lena Home; "Long Ago *nd Far Away" and 'All the Things You Are," by Kathryn Grayson. and many ma.ny other favorites. Coming soon to the Loow-Poli screen is l.'ie groH hit "/he Razor's Edge" starring Tyrone Power, Gene Ticrney, Anne Baxter, • Clifton Webb, Herbert Mar- sivill and John Payne. Wfitch for j the dale as noon will want to miss jelhc year's greatest hit "The Razor's Edge." NAVGATUCK NBWS (CONN.). THUIHiDAY. .IAN. 2. lt»47—PAGE S HOUSING HKPORT State Housing Administrator Prentice White reports that con- •fiidcraljlc progress is being made in providing 'temporary housing for Connecticut veterans. At the moment, says White. l,7fl-l liom&s have been completed, are under construction, or arc planned for the very near future. These homes nrc being located In 20 communities throughout the PBKD'S Ill-WAV GRILJ.K 501 South Muln St. BcRiilar Dally Dinner 50c up A IM Cnrt« . Menu Spaghetti To Tnk«s Out Banquet Jtnom. Cocktail Lounge Full Uquor Ucen*<< Georgia and CnliCoi-nin. iit-cvlim" nbout one-third of the nation's peach crop. ' ' '' WK'DK ALTKRING OCR STORK Wntcli Us Growl ! CORNER CANTEEN S92 No- Mnln JM.wt KIDNEYS ^ MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H.lp 15 Mil.. «f Kidney Tube* Fluih Out Poiconou. Watt* tfrov h»v»nn exeat of icMifn rmrbT-yyf. »onr IE mil*» of kidnrr tiibcn m*7 be ornt. worked. Thru* tiny flltcrniiTxltti be**t«irork- .InK riny «Tid ninht to help Nutun- rid yonr •/itf-m of ezccvi «cld« «nd pomonoul »«n». When disorder of kidney [unction prrmKi tioldonoun muter to rrmain In your blood. It "nRycMiKt»gK'nf;)>iiclciiche,rhcunuticD*lll*, Ice minis, tout of pep end cncriry. BHtinn up nlfhL«, itwclllnir. puftintn* undrr the trtm. hendichn (ind dii.tint.-i. FrrQiicntornennty l>ns»BKo wilh smarting and burning Umff, phown ihciv is nnmethfnr wmn your kidneya or blmHdcr. Kidncyn may tic«) help the iim« » TV. so »r.k your druntint for DunnV PHIL Klimulnnt diuretic. u«cd naccmjf ully br niU- lionft for ovor 40 Tont. Doin'n nivt hippv MliVf «nd will (r«lp the 15 ttilltt of kliiuir lubm nuf,h ota poi^onoutl wast* troai 9 blood. Get DOMI'O Pill*. % NOW '8.95 ODDS and ENDS SPECIALS I-'nr- Our Diamonds ••rifiuj for to] or, iffttt. qu (id"» f !> WILLIAM SCHPERO mo cinmcii ST. N»ugtHur.k, Conn. M. Barry Keegran I-'AMILV I'llOTOdKAfHI'JK IW Hunk St. Wiil«:i-liur.v HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! ! WEISS' Ben Franklin Store STBKET SKATING AT Baummcr's Field St, Rink Telephone 3501 "><> Oil nurnrra iv-r Mnnth l\RF, AV.Ul.AHM.; TO US Tins WI.VTKIt 1 .vim'rp tlrrd () f liHiulliiiR cmil unel ushc>4 mid wunt to convert In rlciin aiitoiimtlo liriit wo win niiikc-ovrr In ,') hours. Th». Watcrbnry Heating Co. I.clKlrrn hi ilonir HcicMfis 1 H-IIH Spring 'St. I'luini Wiitorlniry ''iirniici"! Clcicne'd itnd II • • • C'hlninrvs <;ini r.'.'\,~> p. in. WTIC-WNBC -Front I'uyi tell WAT R—-NJiusHtin'lc News I X\'J5^-- Tennr'ssec Jed | WWCO-WOR Ton-. Mix i 3:50 p. III. j WATH--Music for;; ! (>:00 |>. ill. | WnRY—E. Christy Erk. N ' Other Stations—Ncv.-s V'.'ATR- Spurts noiindiip W\VCO— Lot-ill News Kit,', p. ni. WBRY-WCBS-'-ln My Opinion WNKC—-iaerenad': Id America VVATR—Coclstiiil Serenade WJ5J— Ethel and Albert WOR---Bot> Elyon WWCO—Sports Timi! li:2.-j p. ni, WTIC -Wc';c!./u-r (i:;tl) p. in. WBRY-WCBS— Red Bnrliur WTIC- Cntc Glee Clun WATR- Phil Von Tdbe.-l W./X--Allen Prescott \%'OR--Nown V/WCO-- Music: in Lhc Air f>:'l(> p. in. W.\'I3C I'Jill Stern WA'I'!-:-- .Stock Kcpoi-lM \VFUIY-WCBS Biilj '1'roilt. News WTIC-WNBC' -Lowell Tluinisis WATR- Pleasure und Prcifil \VJX I^iU'i-eoc'c and Mnrluy WOli ••••Stan I.iimax 7:(KI p. in, WP.RY The Little Show WCBS-Mystery of the Week wnC-W.\RC.-Slipper Club WATR-WJ55 1-Ieadine Edition WWCO-WOR--Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:lr> p. in. WBKY- Sinjrirw Bill VVCHS—Jack .Smith Show WTIC-WNBC -News WATK -Rhythm Adventure;* WJZ Rayn-.ejii.l SwiriK WWCO Loper/. Oicli. WOR-.-Anhwer M;m 7:HO p. in. WBRY Public: Hcitrinx WCBS.-Mr. Keen WTIC -Symphcmy c.f Melucly WNBC- -To he ammunced WATR-WJX-- Prcif. Qui/. WOi: -Ai-thui- Hale. News WWCO--Wnltx Time 7:-t.% p. in. WOli -Inside of Sportfi S:0li p. in. WTIC-WNBC—-Aldi-ich Fiiiuily VVATR-WJ5S -Ltirn Y, 1 Abriur WWCO-WOR -Sound Off X;l"> |i. in. WATR-WJf; Monitor News and H:;IO i>. m. WBRY-WCBS- -FBI Program WTIC-WNBC —fJiirns and Allen WATR-WJ55-- -Town Meetins' WWCO-WOR -Count of Monte Ci-isto .;:U(> p. in. WBRYAVCBS—Dick •Huyitieu WTIC-WNBC—Music Hall WWCO-WOR—News ' 3:15 p. ni. i WOR—Real Stoi-iCH ' i WWCO—Voice of the Army ' i !l:MO p. in. ' WBRY-WCBS--Crime Pliiitut'i-a- j phcr I WTIC-WNBC--Haley and Arclcn WJ?5- --SamiTiy Kayc Orch. WWCO—Rainbow Music WOR—Treasure Hour of Song WATR--Want to Lead a Band JO: IMI p. 111. WmVY-WCBS- Reaclnr.s nijjost WTIC-WNDC•••Abbott and CoKtello WOR--Crime Club WATR-WJ2—Security Workshop ll>:30 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—That's Finnegan WTIC-WNBC—Eddie: Cantor WATK - Fantasy in Melody W.I2—Bob Klson WWCO—I Was a Convict WOR—Syinphonoito 10:15 p. in. WATR-WJSS—Karl Cud win 11 :HH p. MI. ALI- StuLions —News ^ . .. . . . . .li:|ii-- p." m.' " i.- WB1-IY-WWCO - Local Nnwu WCBS- -News Feature 1 1 : l;> p. m. WBIiY—Ken Thompson .Serenade WCHS—-Meaning- of the Ncv/s WTIC-WNBC- -H,-u-ki\c«s of Wnah- WATR-WJZ—Joe H.-isiol WWCO- Lou Masters Orch. WOK-- News I1:M p. in, 'VCIRS- • Focjt.nnto WOn--F;nanciJil Ruports 11:,'(0 p. in. WCRY-WCEh-.Juniiird School of Music WTlC-WNRC-.-Sttii-y cif Musin WATR-XVJ55—Gems'; Suiotcr Oroli. WWCO-—Elwir Orch. WOR --Weather; Coeman Orch. II:50 p. in. \VVVCO--NPWK • 22 Men's All Wool SWEATERS Sliphtly faded: Hog. $(i.OO NOW S2.95 READY FRIDAY MORNING — AT — 162 CHURCH STREET STORE-WIDE l-'OR IMMKDIAT CLEARANCE Boys' Pure Wool SPORT COATS Keg. $14.95 29 Coats at S3.95 7 Men's Wool and Corduroy COATS ALL .Stat.ionii News Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. Chain Saws Delivery from Stock ~MIU SUPPilIS •POWER TOOLS ZiSAVINGSST TtL.S-1241 YES! ! WE HAVE SCOTCHES J.K. 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