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Daily News from Los Angeles, California • Page 16

Daily News from Los Angeles, California • Page 16

Daily Newsi
Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:

1 Lr 15 DAILY NEWS, Los Aegeles TUESDAY. JAN. If. If 54 Pic for sale; all you need is hard cash 1 9 i htt 60 OUT A MOVIE TONIGHT flitrptmlte v'a a 0 eean Park Santa Monica Venice W. CulrerCity DOME Si. EXU271 HarlM lrHi THE WILD ONE phii EnS TkrlM FmIm tfeaasftoariic BEVERLY fyftzivsi" BOULEVARD rV.Ttrr1-- BRUIN ir. SwS.SS.IM UtU. Warts ram WjW EL RET II7 wihMn PL S. WE 11111 M. 4 niN FI imv 2S SM Hltel, 1 ta Da Uttl WartS All Sola tea SEVENTH VEIL b-V a. -V' iimiiii1 Ti 1 VVNS I ITS K- i-iy-i i mmmtm J-Wv-'a. kifr- -1', Iff tvlf sj' 4 3 'J- Sv yf '0(2 j. ft JfcW i Urn takMR1 SAY SOMETHING" Kirk forced to answer a lot of questions Is being Love," war drama depicting the liberation Paris, now at the Rialto Downtown, Pos Rlhu In "Act of Ole! Mexico rates bow for 'El1 (He) By MARIE MESMER By VERNON SCOTT I'sitrS Prru Buff Csrrr ssalnl Theres a brand 'new movla for sale In Hollywood and anyone can buy it All you have to do Is lay out the cash and rent a theater. Movies, like hand-made washing machines or custom-built frequently are put together by a small independent unit and then sold outright to a distributing agency. The only reason this particular movie Is different is because of its price and the way it was made. DIEPPE RAID," Is the title of the feature-length picture. It was made for the fantastically low price of $65,000 in an era when most movies never are brought in for less than a million. Even some coming attractions" and shorts cost more to make than this effort. The movie, made by Earle Lyon, 29, and Richard Batlett, 28, deals with seven men who, as part of the first group to land on French soil during the war, crawl ashore at Dieppe to destroy a German communication center. The picture runs 72 minutes, was made in 16 days and was completed with a crew of 45 technicians and 17 actors. It was. filmed entirely on location near Malibu Beach. LVOV produced and co-starred in the semi-documentary war picture while Bartlett wrote the script, directed and co-starred. We decided to pool our talents and make a movie," Bartlett explained. We figured we had enough experience to do the Job. Lyon Interrupted to explain their brain child was filmed In perfect continuity. We started at the beach, filmed the landing and worked our way three and a half tniles Inland to the climax scene of the picture without having to backtrack once," Lyon said. It la probably one of the few pictures ever made that way and It saved money. WE SAVED dough by not having to rent a studio for interior scenes, too, Bartlett threw in. "Our cast of unknowns was another money-saver. We had darned little overhead all the way through. Lyon took over again and explained that the most expensive Item was the musical score. We splurged there, he said. When we saw what a good picture we had, we decided to go all out on the music. It was worth it. The boys said they'll sell their movie for the most attractive offer, and both announced that whoever buys It will make a small fortune. (AST DAY! GLOBE. IMS. UPTOWN fSWMM ANVMTINI FM kr TICNMICOIOS fJAMES MASON RITZ 214 WiMIrs ts.SHl.WA 1221 Malar Stalls FraHtW Is GHsr KM Bwftaa ACT Sf LOVE STADIUM WISaiart Once in awhile a film comes along from our south-of-the-border neighbors which may be unreservedly recommended. THE MEXICAN product, now playing at the Million Dollar and Mayan theaters, boasts an exceptionally fine cast, excellent direction and all-around good production values. But, more important, it has a sound story line. The acting on the Mexican screen is consistently good, but It is so seldom producers pay sufficient attention to material. It seems they permit their scriplers to throw a few ideas together usually the same ones from time to time and, well, thats it! Of course, this is also true of the American movies but the Mexican actors Just seem to suffer a little more. IN EL T1IE co-starring team of Arturo de Cordova and Delia Garces ran throw their hearts into their roles. And they do. In synopsis form, however, the plot doesn't reveal too much. But as the story unfolds on the screen, it becomes Increasingly absorbing. De Cordova is tormented by his jealous passion for his lovely wife, Delia, At first his actions seem justified, even to his wife and his closest friends. Later his wife begins to realise that he Is suffering from a mental Illness beyond his control and is using his great love for her as a crutch to account for his unreasonable actions. SHE SEEKS advice from her mother, friends and a priest In turn, they look only upon the surface of his behavior. But she knows that her husband is losing his mind and she lears for her life. Some of the scenes may seem a bit exaggerated, but many of the Incidents make newspaper headlines. This is Miss Garces first starring role and she. plays It beautifully. And. incidentally, she Is not only lovely to look at, but someone to watch in the talent department. Luis Banud directed. Tickets for'Harvey ready at Biltmore Seat sale opens today for the engagement of the big white rabbit, Harvey, coming to ihe Biltmore Theater next Monday. Frank Fay plays his loving friend, Elwood P. Dowd. There will be a special bargain matinee Wednesday, Jan. 27, and a regular price matinee on'- Jan. 30, as well as evening performances. rsncui Ushervin jheHEWienferlainmen fi t. RITA HAYWORTH is "Miss Sadie Thompson," in the film of same name, Pontages, Hillstreet. MOULIN ROUGE MELBA Caul'S 2 F.M. HM. Naaa FOX BEVERLY sums rata. ft MUl Bringing ynu 3 exciting stories fv;" scope'ond gFondswr sever before, possible in mntleni picture history! 5sa TTYiwoR6)ertROLAN 'TncnaJ Robert TIMER "JSLcoio- ISKtttl! rrSTCttfliS 1 "wwORR IPS WILSHIRE iu Mssrst-SraMt- BaeaN HOW TO MARRY A R-R37S. WV IIM MILLIONAIRE WihMfS. CL I HE Claanltsst A Catar to OUT TO A MOVII TONIGHT A Downtown Los Angeles A BLOBE Vary, si. SIR (ML 10:4. RE Mil I Cstar Hltal J. Fumr-Zas lu Csksr MOULIN ROUSE Pslitas MssmI MELBA LOS EATH THE II MILE REEF ClssaiiScsss 111 S. Nsl RE Mill Os. iMis-s GO OUT TO A MOVII TONIGHT Hollywood APOLLO I 0. Rspm.R. Hfpkars STAGE DOOR C. OraM-J. Fantain SUSPICION list. sr. WMn IRL SHI. HO 7-4R22 CHINESE MHL RE Hill cTmmScsU' HOLLYWOOD I. ChmEiir WAR ARROW, dr. Mowwrftt'G TNI CRUEL SEA Cl. 12:31 Is B.M. MO 1-1171 IRIS 2 Cstar Hits! I. Zaa Oskar MOULIN HOULE Pst i Its Muawl MELBA 1 Hint. Sl. OS- 12. JS. HO MIM V06UE Astkmllr! CEASE FIRE F.nt.l-s A JeairSa DECAMERON NIG Ml. Hr. 71 Hlrw. BlaS. II. HI7-2MI '-Sk CS-! NtCIta EHt tSaurt t1" TONIGHT! FOX RITZ MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEYJ color Also ACT OF LOVE GO OUT TO A MOVII TONIGHT CO OUT TO A MOVII TONIGHT

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