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Daily News from Los Angeles, California • Page 6

Daily News from Los Angeles, California • Page 6

Daily Newsi
Los Angeles, California
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TODD'S DAILY NEWS, Les Angeles FRIDAY. MARCH 5, 1954 Ritzy holdup suspects caught 'on-the-town' Reel tape keeps husband in England i1 v'- 1 w- aL'- -V In the liquor vd. by nt Four persons Were Jailed yes-4 interrupted at 12:30 terday afterl Beverly Hills midst of holding up liquor store holdu Idup disclosed the store at 830314 Wilshire a. lire Utm jpmv-vmM FaaM MtM ImMIh MmIi UHHW (MUIRS. AH taint MMtM MhtliH iMtaMH iMnMl UJ-vmI wittR quartet was out on-the-town in, Beverly Hills patrolman William a $6000 Cadillac for two of the suspects had paid $3000 down and pledged payments of $250 a nit) nth.

Detectives said the arrests, which included that of a woman, are expected tp solve -numerous holdups In the Los Angeles area Unless the red tape unwinds faster than it has. the first anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. R. J.

Moualim will not he a happy i Marcia Moualim, 22. born In Chicago, resident of for six years, Is working as a cashier In a Hollywood theater, meanwhile hoping some day soon to complete her education at UCLA. She has a year and a half to go for her degree In sociology. Moualim, .29, a British subject in India, is in England. The villain is the McCarran Act.

They were married in L. A. March 29, 1953, and went to England on a honeymoon. While there, Marcia filed a petition for a )ermanent re-entry for her husband. he was assured at' the United States embassy that the visa would be months.

4 and' bring to an end an unortho-jlHh ad dox method of car-financing. shadow of thehr statlonhouse. They took Into custody Mrs. Wil-HELD AT Beverly Hills City lie Granville, 19, of 924 W. 50th I Jail was Joseph A.

Johnson, 24, 1 Rubin Jackson, 23, of Long pf 21234 S. Dunsmuir Ave. First Beach, and Slmmle R. Montgom-of the four to be arrested, he was ery, 28. Ss.

tu i HAIR CUT GINGER ROGERS w.nt fo yesterday for a hair cut. Her husband, Jacques Bergerac, said it was his idea that his wife' Jlt shorn. "It will give her more reedom," he said. (tetosatEBEwlMl (Ate mm Riddell appointed SACRAMENTO. March Goodwin J.

Knight today I announced the appointment of Dr. William K. RiddUl, Los Angeles veterinarian, as a member of the board of examiners in vet terinary medicine, for a term I ending Jan. 15, 1958. mimoff Bm greatest Mint In VODKA SQ pf MA.

IrMM 100 (ill Mutr.l if wit. II. Pwhm SAiirMlI FIs, HirttwS, Con. Jf can if Meeefecte rim Kmw Hew TH MAIM. Lin AMBUSS ParMI.


FIFTH AS SAM BIEG8 AN Star Om FrMw NiU. MM 14 Mm Cm Snr MIM tlM I 4 SUNDAYS til A Fr fwtiH 1 mass gsgataa I cess In ancient Egypt who found a baby In a wicker basket, hutting on the Nile. She took It to her father, the pharaoh, and exclaimed, "Isnt he beautiful? Oh daddy, I want to adopt him. -The pharaoh looked at the baby and snorted, -Beautiful? Why he's the ugliest baby I ever saw." The princess was downcast and said, "Well, he looked awfully good In the rushes. Se liabln Ingle After a recent concert, a visiting conductor and liia sdoist 1 were guests at a reception la their honor.

They are from the same Spanish-speaking country and neither does very well with English. Nevertheless, the conductor was prevailed upon say a few words and he did. Afterwards, the soloist congratulated him. -You spoke such bad English," he said, -I could understand you. Miecellnnr Patience) 'everyone.

Only two more days and the strain will be over. The Santa Anita meeting will be finl Its late but theres something nice about Ernie Maxwells tale of a 4-year old boy in an Idyilwild Sunday school elass who announced solemnly, -George died The teach-, er, Pauline Hillis, said, -Thats too bad, and went on with the lesson. The tiny voice piped up again, "George George Washington Pinky Lee was asked by his writer, Frank i Goldberg, -How long ran you do a daily half-hour show at this pace?" Replied Pinky, "Until you drop If you arent careful. Larry Thor wilMell you the difference between a psychotic and a neurotic. A psychotic knows two and two, are five.

A neurotic knows two and two are four and cant stand It There Is also a character running around loose who asks If youve heard about the two peanuts walking down the street. One was a salted. Case still delayed In three arid a half months he visa approval came from Washington. Confident that her lusband would follow soon, she eft England last October to establish a home In A. Theyre still waiting.

The frustrating part of the waiting'1 Is not knowing' the 'Yea son for the delay. Moualim attended Oxford and Cambridge universltiea on scholarships, received a Ih.D. In physira and chemistry from Leeds University and has no subversive associations. But when he seeks an Interview with the vice consul or embassy attaches he Is told for nially only that certain aspects of his case are still pending. MWe are just two unimportant people who are In love and want to be together, says Marcia.

Is that too much to ask my government, with Its tradition of Justice and fair play? But the way It looks, theyre doomed to spend their anniversary 6000 miles apart Kl tqurlrlio An alert lady named Mary Louise scored an Impressive victory. over a telephone solicitor the other day. She wai at breakfast when the phone rang. A sweet-voiced woman- asked for her by name. When she acknowledged, the caller said, "This Is Mrs.

Whoozis. Do you need any upholstering?" Mary Louise thought of her cooling something snapped Inside her. In what she calls her marmalade tone, she replied, -Oh mercy no Im trying to lose weight! Click. Yon listening, Joe? The cycle history revoiveth, SveHts come again to pass. Am Army like PhiHitinea, cas-quiahed With tha jawbone of on ass.

LHF HKTLAND Hollywood Joke There was this beautiful prin 1 quit the Reds' fused to answer -any questions 1 concerning communism cn grounds that his answers might i incriminate him. Saye I IfiiSAIBR' WE LIST ONLY A FRACTION OF OUR HUGE STOCK TO INDICATE TYPICAL SAVINGS! $14.95 Fin Textured Velvet BroBMHemn ROW SMI Bmbeeeed Witten Breodleem HOW SMS Heotvy Cewved Wilten Brood. ST.fl WASHINGTON, March House Un-American Activl-ies Committee published secret testimony today In which William L. Alland, Hollywood producer, said he broke with communism after being -psychoanalyzed. Alland was one of four, wit-nesses questioned by a sub-commlttee at closed door learings in Los Angeles last Mov.

23. The others were: Milton Merlin, a writer-director and former pres-dent of the Radio Writers' Guild, who denied that he had ever been a member of the Communist Party. John Brown, a Hollywood -bit actor 'and former member of ired Allens radio show, who re- Mrs. Brookstein's asf rites today Funeral -services will be held today at 1 p. m.

at Beth Glam cemetery, Hollywood, for Fanny Irookstein, 77, who died Wednesday at Ellwyn Sanitarium. Mrs. Brookstein, a resident of Los Angeles for the last 20 years, was the mother of Ben Goffstein, vice president of the Flamingo lotel in Las Vegas. Sht had been 11 for several years. In addition to Goffstein, Mrs.

Irookstein leaves Another son, rvlng Goffstein, and two daugh-ersTMfOTGarfeand'MrirPhil Friedman. 'MAX N. BEXOFF, a radio writer who had admitted former 1 party membership at. previous hearings. He reappeared voluntarily to assure the'' subcommittee he is "ready, eager to help combat communism In any way he can.

The committee also published secret testimony by Ballis E. 3 Blalsdell, a Wil- mington, -research chemist who admitted past party membership but said he 1 broke with the party in 1950. Alland, who helped produce "Citizen Kane, and "Native Son, told the subcommittee he joined the party in 1946 "after returning from the Pacific as a combat pilot in World War IL HE SAID he got his -first Inkling of communism when he married his first Ruth Myerson, in Hollywood In 1940. He said she had been "active in the Communist Party for some time. He said he dropped out early in .1949 while driving a taxi in Hollywood after losing his radio Job and before getting soother one at Universal Studios.

Merlin, who helped write such radio shows as -Boston Blackie, Mr. President and Big Town, told the committee that 1 have never been a member of thg Corar ipunist Party. Twiet Breedleom.ROW SMS $0.95 Weel Axodoeter ROW tMI $9.95 Carved Teae ea Teoe HOW SMI $9.95 Herat Design ROW S4JI $11.95 Weel Friese ROW SMI $12.95 Weel Chenille ROW SMI Every lei el CPt Oesifstd for People te Price Ne Object you plan tiffcw woff-la-wall carpeting or room Wifi com NOWI Boat value wiH be mapped ep by early buyer a. Free Parking OPEfl Sat 1 SssJ WtcMays 'natal The Home bf Carpets tH I PJL I PM i Up lb 24 months aClillil MirnmUmOm 0 a A i r. 1.

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