The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1954 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1954
Page 24
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TH| SPIRIT OF CHRISTMA$ To those individuals and groups who have contributed' generously to the addptioa of some fafoily for Christmas, theif own GhHstttias shpuld indeed; bfe a better one as a result. 1 All.too often we ;£il. to realize that even in ottf ; own ^section,' Where family hardship is not in too much evidence, there are deserving instances where help and extra cheer at Christmas Willibe well appreciated and needed, if Christmas • is to Toe all that it should, especially for the children. The help being given to the 42 families in Kossuth county through the adoption-for-Christmas project is indeed the Spirit of Christmas. :•['•• . *. * * •'.' . .. ASHAMED OF HICKENLOOPER Grundy Register — Senator Hickenlooper coul'd not have felt, when he,, lined, up with the 21 other U.S. senators .in their support' of Senator Jge McCarthy that he was representing Iowa people! Avhom he was elected to serve. If the sen- afor^felt in- ; his vote for McCarthy that he was do- ing'what'ioWa ! people expected Of him, it is evident that our -senator has top long been away from oiirf State.W;,that he, like McCarthy, should be shoWn the 1 way out. , ..The Des Moines Register expressed the sentiment' of Iowa people when its editor said: "The large majority of Iowa' citizens, we believe; must deeply regret and feel ashamed that Senator BoMrke B. Hickenlooper was numbered among those 22 senators who failed to take, their stand on the side of censure." The senator excused himself for lining up with the McCarthy group that a vote to ,ceni- sure McCarthy Would be setting a precedent that Would in the future' place a limit of .free speech by members of the United States Senate. That is at very thin, excuse and it explains nothing and satisfies only, those who approve. of McCarthy's methods'o|'abuse and coercion. Fortunate there are not many of'that kind of people in Iowa. ! •*•».... AttD WHAT AN IDEA!' ; Judge (in domestic court): "You don't seem- to have a thought .for anything but motoring. Why don't you put your wife before "ypur ear sometimes?" U .. '•..-.i ': Husband: "Say, that's an idea!" j '-,'•-•... * * * • , ' . : We hear, some coaches are not in favor of doing away with the two platoon system. Instead they suggest three platoons, | one for offense, one for defense, and one to attend classes..— Onawa Sentinel. 111 E. Call Street—Phone 1130—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postofllce at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congress or March 3. 1B7J). Issued Tuesdays in 1954 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Managing Editor • C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Manager NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. <J20 Broadway, New York 10, N. Y. the big ta"tf savings baltyhooed $o highly in 1954 by administration leaders As likely -to turn into the big boomerang of 1965. While the House itself has beeh silertt on the subject, congressional'spokesmen forecast a deficit for the current fiscal year for the federal government of nearly four and one-half billion dollars, and predict another deficit for the fiscal year starting next June 30. The interesting part of this is that administration circles are now announcing that it IS' "up to the Democrats" to do something about this deficit, and the suggestion is made that the cut in corporation and excise taxes slated for 1955 be repealed. In other words, the big tax reduction so proudly hailed in 1954 by Republicans isn't going to be a tax reduction at all, but'the Republican^ who sponsored it now want the Democrats ^q| put their chestnuts out of the fire and repeaj the'whole thing. In all probability the tax cuts, from a stand• point of? good financing, should not take i^lace. But if the Democrats who will control repeal the proposed reductions, we'll be willing to wager that in 1956 when another election rolls around,'these same Republicans who now admit a big deficit and the seeming impossibility of a tax cut, will ,be the same ones who will be pointing at the Democrats and saying, "see, ,they repealed our tax cuts." • . "v » •* « TIME WILL TELL ON THIS Continuing his policy of cutting parity price supports, Secretary of; Agriculture Ezra Benson has announced a cut in the support prices on oats', rye, barley and grain sorghums to ?()• percent -in 1955. •••'.. The cuts in small grain are expected, to bring price dro^s of from 14 to 25 cents a bushel in the support prices on oats, barley_ and rye. 'Benson says he expects the move will encourage a larger production of feed grains. Just how Mr Benson expects'to get more feed grains when he is lowering the support prices, we. don't know, but he said'he thought the two steps will produce together "a somewhat larger supply at a somewhat reduced price." ' : Time will tell. , • * * * BANKERS NOT MONSTERS Corona (Calif.) Independent —'When it comes to borrowing .money, there are three types of people, in general: First, those who feel -guilty about it, having been brought up with a hatred and fear of going into d.ebt; second, those who .feel the world pwes.thern a living; and third, businessmen, to whom borrowing money is'strictly a routine business operation. Banks are not the austere places they used to be, he said, More and more of them are adopting an easy air of informality ,and friendliness. At one time, banks were formidable structures with slabs'Of cold marble and barred windows. When a person walked into a place like that to borrow money, he felt guilty and disgruntled with himself. "How did I ever get myself into a situation like this?" he would ask himself. By the time he Jaced a stone-factd, dignified banker he felt thoroughly like a worm. Bankers today cultivate an easy-going manner of friendliness, and usually the bank itself is a cheerful, colorful office' with easy chairs and plants and plenty of ash trays. In their advertisements they often adopt a folksy, friendly manner. They no longer harp on publishing bleak- looking statistics, except as they are required by law to publish a statement of condition at various "I hfe&d the going tq throw a party know U would be met" but 1 didn't Behind The Movie Sets *, '• At long last; wir knotf -i-.- lg{ We W ere acket of hand-wo vert jj.^----- white- embroidery,' thfiT;|oUstifi6| artd Various assorted me r garters and' toeltst—'•I..-, --- • their correct positions and angle* Severe, punishment Is ~" fe *'* ""' ;0)any/ E.v 1 zone who- _„ oublic WoTr'ectly dressed. ' •, * * * „, skilled .Ev'ione his uhifprm-invabout times. * * * MCCARTHY is EXPENSIVE Grundy Register: We are all tired of thi THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES : DECEMBER 20. 1934 '•;-• * « Three regular Algona Higk basketballs players were dropped from the 1 'squad for training infractions by Coach Mocp Mercer, and the Bulldogs dropped their iiext- game to MansOn, 18-17. Trie two teams, slammed away at the baskets, making only 15 field goals and five .free throws between them during; the night. In fact, Algona imade only one free toss, although hitting 8 field goals. It was not known if the three regulars would be back on the squad or 'not, but ac.dording to all reports, fans' were hoping some sort of arrangement, could be made between the school and the players. They were needed.". Alfred Bell of Wesley was probably plenty burned- up. Hjis name, was drawn for an award.,61.$125 at the Bank Night drawing at the Call Theater, but he wasn't there. Kathleen^ Hpltzbauer's name was then frawn« an,d she received $25.-"There wasvsi time when it paid to come jn,second and yet win all the money. » * * A member of the family lhat founded Algona, Geo. C. Call, 74, died suddenly in" his office at Sioux City of a heart attack. George was born in a log cabin a lock west of Bryant School, ana iad been back here during the ubilee to present the land to the ty in memory of his parents. Hfc was owner of the Call Bond and Mortgage Co. 'in Sioux «City, where he had made his home for le last 32 years. Funeral was Ir. Sioux City.'and burial in Algona. * * » Clem Erlander, advertising manager of the Upper Des Moines jut 20 years ago employed in Minneapolis, will remember this —He won fourth prize in a cpn- est sponsored by this newspaper. Contestants were supposed to explain in 200 words or less which ad in the UDM attracted his attention the most, and why. Fifty- three entries were received, ant SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, in advance , J3.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year „. $5.00 Single Copies — lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance 14.M Both Algona papers in comtination, one year — $8.00 No subscription less than 6 montha. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch 63c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER McCarthy business and we all hope that th U. S. Senate will wind up the case soon and g home. What this McCarthy case has cost wi run up into enormous figures and it wasn't wort it. The outcome will mean very little and Me Carthy will still be in the senate. The late electio would have taken his authority away from hii without a long drawn out and expensive hearing. With the democrats taking over the senate after the first of the year, McCarthy will be pushed off Modell'A/roadster iwKen it threw a whe^r near theiEetet Erpelding farm. Nb"damage to^the car .was reported,; as they .Were,traveling at a slow rate of-speed. * # • * Odds and Ends, Russ Wallet's column, contained this one—We understand up at Burt the ladies have organized a new bridge club 'with the" mysterious letters KMA for a name. It is stated there will be a five cent fine on each member caught gossiping with the proceeds to be.turned into a luncheon fund. What a fund that will be, and what luncheons they can h'ave. The man about iown slalefl that an Algona man, Clarence Brownell, was .making history. He was the head engineer on the bridge being built across San Francisco bay that was to surpass the effort put into- the famous one in Brooklyn. ;. so Algona had a-hand in the golden gate bridge. » » * Fenton had a slide. It was for tobogganers and sledders and was- built in the back yard at Dr. Ruske's home. It had a'good slope and built up sides so no children could go over the side on the way down. * * * Algona had a man whose name exactly fit his • business. It was C. W. Davenport, and he .repaired and upholstered all kinds ot furniture, including washing ma- .chines. _. t .,._,.. COUGH A coughing spell caused a $3,000 accident near Audubon. Seymour Mills, Bedford truck driver, had a coughing spell and his semi-trailer went out of control and upset. * The world may owe you a living, buf by the time you collect you'll be an old man. , to team that it -is not- a patent mcdidne or one , of the 'newer horm6ne 'discoveries. An EV,ZONE is really tlie title of a rneni' per of the Greek 'Royal Guafds, They're the famed Greek soldiers with the fierce-looking mustaeiOS Who wear What appear to' be ballet skirts!" • * * * We have this from no less an authority than Costurner Bert Offord. Bert, who is a specialist on the world's. military uniforms for various producers, gave us the low-down on .these high- up' skirts, and a few facts about their wearers. We'll pass this information 'on to you. . Formerly known as the Royal Guard Battalion, tha Ev'zones are the Corps D' Elite o'f the Greek Army> Ther chief duty is to guard the-Royal Palace in Athens and 1 safeguard the Greek Royal Family. : To become 'one of this select group, a man 'must possess special physical : qualifications that put !iim in' -the- 1 Jack Dempsey-Charles Atlas-Johnny Weissmuller class., 6ne of these 'strange require 1 - ments demands that he must stand exactly 5 feet 10 inches in height, no more, no less! As the name Ev'zone is actually the Greek word for "good-waisted", barrel-chested 7 men with tapering e'd ever fitted a" group Sn thjisft Jarticul&r cpstum* to. A, studio. Tl\e'se.ere,t lies .a ftl the e \e'se.ere, es in which each garment is added. Recruits,- ,who omit -s6me vital piece 'at trie proper tftnes ,|ind themselves 1 trapped in a. tangled mess wasp-waists are chosen. if clothing. Thfl -means starting all over agalti^mUch to their discomfiture,- and*- to the amusement of the older, soldiers^ ' For over a century, a small family firm of tailors Aas-madg the Ev'zone outfits by Royal Ap-< pointment:. It takes 20 days to turn out ONE full umforrh, stitch is= done by hand, ft? Work is painstakingly fiae. '*••*.» In iheir uniformed splendor, the Ev'zones provide a large eye-full for the local gals as they parade the streets of Athens. They're not allowed to drink in public 1 places A stiff penalty enforces this rule If one of the Royal jGuftras is found drunk, a dishonorable discharge awaits him. Td art'Ev'zone this is drastic punishment. A man so discharged cannot return to his own native village because of the disgrace. , «;. . * • • As Bert OHord was Jelling us about the. Ev'zones, it occured to us that if the real Guards found it difficult to get into these multiple-piece outfits in 20 minutes, a group of extra-players' wduld have considerable trouble dressing in this type of wardrobe. With this in mind, we' asked Bert if ,„„_„. ___ ex* „..« - was one mess' Ba Wo assistants, Wfiy in advance of the calk- Took 'em to Western Coatume Co. and dress- id THEM, piece by piece." "Then you shouldn't have had much trouble;' we ventured. "That's what you think! 1 Bert exclaimed. "The day the Ev'zones were "called, both wardrobe as- sista"nts -were Ih. bed ;.W% 'the flu' • I sure hope that film 'riever ^s&sfcp*** 0 THEATERS!" ' HYBRID SEED CORN GRO- COATED SEED OATS lla Now! , In Leading .Varieties Marvin Penning— Tilonka Lawtence Pfesihus— Bancroft , ' 'Joe Sinnwell— Bode Harold Farigman— Bancroft Stanley Black— Burl George , MobscKeidt— LuVerne Donald Erickson — Algona Alfred, Christ-r-Lakota ssrti*^^ Merry Christmas & Best Wi^esfer the New Year Adplph Oakland, - Clayton Sorehsen - Evelyn Oakland ^ his chairmanship which much out of control. he used to operate so Vivian Morgan, Algona, won first Lucia Wallace, Algona, second, L S. Bohannon, Algona, third, Er lander, fourth, and Mrs George. Hackman, Algona, fifth. The contest was such a success, an other big chance was offered (Bjustrom Furniture's ad wa ranked number one by more o the entrants than any other.) * # * A Boyd, Minn, family pf Ihra came through an accident near St. Joe in pretty good shape. A man, i his wife, and 18 month old daughter, were buzzing along in their For the First-Choice Features Buy America's First-Choice Trucks 55 CHEVROLET TRUCK Best wishes for a happy holiday season from the men and women of your telephone company Telephone men and women will be on duty Christmas Eve and Christmas Pay, helping you share holiday happiness with friends and family. Everyone likes to be home fop Christmas—but telephone people say there is deep satisfaction in furnishing a service that brings a big measure of happjjiess to so many people. The telephone building radiates the Christmas spirit as much as any place we know, Northwestern Bell Telephone Company phone you That way your call will normally «o through much faster — often twice ab fasl. delay. Lower rales will apply, from 6:00 p. W. Christmas Eve through SsunUay ev^Dg. Chevrolet trucks alone Hive ypv *»» W»««« features thai mean more work per day • • * more work per dollar I An«l they're America's |owest-priced line of JOB-IAIIOIIIO HIGH-COMPHISSIQN - You get exactly the right power for your job. All three great valve-in-head engines deliver gas- savjqg, hour-saving high-compression performance on the job! «r«A Ri/QQfPNfSJ AND HfllABtllTY Sturdy single unit tubular steel rear axle hpusingsl Strong, rigid frames! Diaphragm- Spring Clutches with nigh torque capacities, and built- in long life. AOVANCIO mwm f OR CAfllR DRIVING/ Less effort needed with efficient Re- circulating Ball -St«£*i»g (Bear; Torque^Action § JTw}tt-Action e d>s|gn helps you stop surely and* easily. AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE Chevrolet 1$ first in sales in all these weight copociffesr- 1 /* tefy M*I ton, V/2-2 tonsl KOSSUTJH MOTOR CO. SOUTHWEST COURTHOUSE SQUARE AIGONA PHONE 200

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