Daily News from Los Angeles, California on May 29, 1939 · 15
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Daily News from Los Angeles, California · 15

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 29, 1939
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f 3h a MONDAY, IAY 2?T 193- . A repetition of last Saturdays stretch battle in the ICAAA A meet' quarter mile between Johnny Woodruff of Pittsburgh who nosed out Howard Upton and Erwin Miller, University of Southern California stare, looipsfor the one lap event in the annual Compton invitational track and field meet Friday night -Woodruff, who kit to tap! laches akead of Upftoa la the meet at Randalls labuul, Nnr York, yesterday ; was i heading for Las Angeles lilwr. wltk the Trojaas . who rolled' ap a record total of 71 V4 polsts la capturing their ninth ICAAAA cfown. In winning, Woodruff was forced to com from behind Miller's pace to win the event in 47 seconds flat .while Upton rushed up from the . rear to. nip his teaknmatp for the Second position. ' . Not only, win Woodruff; who also won the XCAAAA half mile In 1 :51.2, Upton and Miller too. the math in the Compton one lap scramble but there also will be Archie' Williams, .world record holder, Hal' Cagle of Oklahoma Baptist; Wilbur Miller of Compton and Bil) McCurdy of Olympic club In the tunning. Officials of the Compton meet -, yesterday. denounced that How-. ard Borck of New York had en-- tend the '1500 meter run -and win nee against Don Lash of Indiana,' John Borlcaa of New Jersey, Bob Alexander of. Olympia dub i and 'Bob Madrid of Pasadeaa! Jaysee. Borck last 'year won ' the ICAAAA mile crown and the national AAU 800 .meter run. The former Manhattan - college speedster has rambled the mile in 4:12 and the 800 meter in 1:51.5. AH the Trojans with the exception of Louis Zamperlni will compete in the Compton trackfest. The ICAAAA meet summary, telllfignof the Tro Jans rush ty triumph, .follows: . . 130 yard hish hurdlcc (final)' WojS hr James Humphrey, Scuthern California: second. Jay Shields, Tele; third, Rudolph Yovonovtta, Mich lean State! faurth. Johnson ITaxler, Ptnn Stats; fifth. Richard Osborns Jr Tale; sixth, Donald W radon, CorndlL Time, 14.4 (equate meet record . 100 yard dash (final) Won by Herbert Wirait, Columbia; second, William Anderson. Southern California; third, Kenneth Clapp. Brown; fourth, Rbbert Jackson, Princeton; fifth, Jamee Pender, Cornell; sixth, Bernard Will la. Southern California. Tima, M ' Dlaeus throw (final) Won by PhU Caspar, Southern California, 155 feet 3W inchee; second, Arthur Wistnoweki, South-' era Californio, 153 feet UK inchee; third. Don did Herrin Princeton. 153 feet 7th Inchee; feurthTsioeeph Mcndell. H. Y. U 143 feet lOtt tehee; fifth, John Baxyk. . ' a & ' 0 "V i . H '-m r 1 j w ? k- -4 4- M . 4 O 'ftl IIES READY , Krn Carpenter, former Trojan discus tosser who holds the American record of 173 feet, will compete for. Southern California Athletic association against the best of 'em when the Compton invitational track meet rolls around Frida; Among hits Olympic dub, Adrian Davis of Pep- opponents will be GQrdoii Dunn and Phil Fos of the OIj perdine college and Art Wrotnowski of U. of Southern . tured showing Miss Margaret Heiman of Compton jaysee a Plttaburoh. 143 fact tnehee; sixth, Daniel Aldrich, Ilhod Island State, 135 fact 11 Javelin throw (final) Won by Robert Pea plea. Southern California, 333 foot l)h faicheo; second. . Hick Vuk manic 1. - Penn State. 195 feet SVh inchee; third. Reed Tkueel, Southern California. 195 feet 5 Inches; fourth, faucet. Bremer, Mich lean State, 191 feet ,11th inchee; fifth, Ouy Manuel. California, 117 feet 1 Inch; ilxtb, Hum DeOroot, 'Southern California, 194 fact 9 Inches. (Mew meet record; former record. 330 feet lift inch eta eet by Kenneth Churchill, California, hi '1931). , Two mile- run (final) Wen by Albert Bqulmndcr, Plttabursh: aeeond. Bradley Xendell. Alfred: third, Edward Van Auken, Miehlsan Stater fourth. Joseph Moclalr, Manhattan; fifth, Rlehcrd Frey. Mich lean State. Tima, 5 minute 33 seconds. One mile 1 run (final) Won by' IduU Zamperlni. Southern California; . aeeond. drtta Olddincs. K. T. U.; third. Donald Smith, Maine; fourth. Hoy Pbhr. Mich lean State; fifth, Cecil Cola, California: sixth. Rank Maul. Fvnn State; seventh, John Dreblnscr Jr. Pennsylvania; also Tan, Leonard Henderson. Penn State:' Beniamin Holdemess, Tale; Xuseno Carleon, H. T. U.; Andrew Keldnls, - Manhattan: Robert Hoe-lahan, Manhattan; James Stanton, Holy Cross; Oeorss Sheehan. Manhattan. Thus. 4:11.3. (New meat record; former record of 4:13.9 vet by Bdscr Buck of Manhattan In 1939). . 440 yard run - (final) Won by John Woodruff- Plttabursh; second. Howard Upton, Southern California; third, fawln Miller, Southern Gtllfohrnim: fourth, Donald Watte, California; fifth, Wecley Wall see. Pbrdham: also ran, John Hcvlusr Cornell; James . Herbert, H. T. U.i Clyde Graf, Plttabursh; Denali WMeL California; Oeorea Nix, Manhattan. Tims, 47 seconds flat (canals asset record). ' .Shotput (final) Won by Pranela Ryan, Columbia, S3-felt 1ft Inchee; aeeond. Robert Plaher. Southern California, 51 foot 3ft Inchee; third. Herbert Michaels. California. 50 feet 3ft Inches; fourth, Howard Brill, N. . U., 50 feet ft Inch;, fifth. Donald McNeill, Southern California. 40 feet Oft Inchee; sixth. John Baxyk, Pittsburgh, 40 feet 4ft Inches. . - - Hishjump Tie for first - plaes sms Clarke Mallory, Southern California; Walter Arrinston, Miehlsan State, and John Wilson, Southern California, at feet .4 biches!. tie for fourth assent 'Arthur Byrnes, Manhattan: Melville Lena. California, and Samuel Moore, Pennsylvania, st 0 feet 3 Inches. BroadJump Won by Anson Perina. Prirfteton. 24 feet 5ft inches; eeeend. Coy Manuel. California. 34 feet ft inch; third, Frank Ord, Ptttaburah, S3 fact 7 inchee; fifth, Francis Zeimcts. Boston course, S3 , feet lift Inchee; sixth, Walter Arrlncton, Miehlccn State, 33 feet 9ft lnchec. Folyault (final) Tie for first between Lorins Day, Bouthdrn California, a Richard OarSslen, Columbia, at 14 feet; third, Irvine Hoars, Southern California, 13 feet 5 Inchee: tit for faurth among Thomas Luxaen, Yale; Keith Monroe, California; Oaorso Bailey, Dartmouth, Karl Stolbera. Mareuctte. at 13 fret. 50 yard run (final) Wop . bs Je i dbA . ' 1 s 9 3t ' ' 5 JvV V ' 1 , m : -c V ? F ; - J - x . ; : ( 4 4.' 0' f uh Ff. DAILY NEWS. LOS Woodruff, FKUburxti; aeeond, , William Orclst, Pena State; third, Joseph Zcltler, Manhattan; fourth, Richard Morse Jr. Tele; fifth, Robert Hoolahan, Manhattan. Tima. 1:51.3. (New meet record; former lord, . 1:51 J, act . by Ben Boatman ' of Stanford In 1533). (CUrtte Qiddlnu of N. Y. V. finished aeeond but was dlsausu-fied for cutting in an tarn.) Hammerthrew (final) Wan by' Robert Bennett, Maine, 175 feet lift biches; second. Joha-McLaaahry. Brows, 177 fact 4ft Inches; third, William McKetvcr. Cornell. 173 feet 5 inches; fourth, Stanley Johnson, Maine, 155 feet 5 Inches; fifth, Raymond Marcus. Yale, 153 feet lift dies; sixth: Karl Moore, Syracuse, 147 feet tft biches. 330 yard low hurdles (final) Won by Burl Vickery, Southern California; aeeond, Jamee Pender, Cornell; third, Warren WK-tens, Pennsylvania; fourth, Walter Zittel, Cornell; fifth, Albert Mllla, Yale; sixth. Johnson Frailer, Pena State, Time, 32.0. (Stew meet record; forxseg record, 33.1. sot by Vickery In- winning his' heat r saunter). 330 yard dash (final) Won hy Kenneth Clapp, Browns second, Rank Ohk Pittsburgh; third, Payton Jordan, Southern California; fourth, . Gerald Fans boner, H. Y. U.: fifth, Lawrence Trecenlnc, Pit tabu rxh. Time, 31.2. (Wesley Wallace of fandham did not finish). One mile relay (final) Wed by Southern California (Leals Zamperlni,' Arthur Reading, Howard Upton, Rrwia -Miller); second. California; third, Cornell: fourth, Plttabursh; fifth. Mew York untverity; sixth, Ferdham. Tima, 3:15.5, Delaney Lures Ring Fans A1 Delaney, whose Juno fight with Max Schmeling In Germany was called off due to war limitations," and Chuck Crowell, winner of 32 fights by knockouts In 50 bouts, were at the peak of training yesterday for their bout Friday night at Hollywood Legion stadium., Delaney, who defeated' Tony Galen to and Roscoe Toles and drew with Bob Pastor, is attracting mulch attention at Main street gymnasium. Crowell la getting la condition at' Baron Henry von Stummes camp on , highway 99. Serlo Mendoza and Andy Vas-quez win box the six round, semifinal under Delaney and CrowelL mm, IT . i. Jr7: A.- ' I $sV; . A y .S. X :r iOt '.V California. Carpenter is pic- point or two about the platter. ANQELES, CALIF, Conservation fo Be . : - Government Heads National, state- and county officials will Attend a county planning conference on conservation In Pas-adenR Civic auditorium June 9 and 10, it was announced yesterday by chairman Roger Jessup of the board of supervisors. . H "Recognizing the necessity of cooperation among all official -agencies charged with protection, and physical development of Batumi resources of the county, we have called this conference," announced R. a Baldwin, chairman of the county regional plan-ning commission. . Jessup and A. L Stewart, Vico chairman of the board of directors of Pasadena, will welcome 1 the delegates. Baldwin will explain objectives of the conference. Meaning of Soil Conservation ' o - Los Angeles County," "Co-ordinatloh of Land Uses in the Los Angeles , Region" and . "Public Works Administration's Assistance In Conservation Projects" will be the principal topics of the first session the morning of June 9. "Factors, of Los Angelos bounty's Growth" will bo discussed )y Supervisor Gordon McDonough at a luncheon session that day. During the afternoon session flood control, water conservation and fire protection for the forests will bo discussed. Mayor Fletcher Bowron of Low Angeles is scheduled. as. the principal speaker at a dinner in the Huntington hotel that night His topic will be "The Publics Responsibility In. Conserving Natural Resources of tbe County". p GOLFER'S LUCK RUNS WILD PONCA CITY, OkbL, May 28 (UP) Roy Miller today got the number of No. 5. Playing three rounds, on the Ponca City golf course. Miller Mrdied the 287 yard par 4 hole the first time, holed out his approach for an eagle on the second trip and climaxed the day with a hole In one on the third round. Compiled by Marino jachango Refer to Steamship Company for Dock Time, Rates, Rerervations and VKSBEI DUB TO SKB1VX MONDAY, BUY 3S 1919 Tiou fica Oaccatar or tail AJd. Voncouvcr-S. F . . . . Norton, LUly Ca. F.M, Yokohama Hippos Yuxco Xalaha Noon. H. Y.-Acapulco. Panauw FacMIc Lino A.M. Portland McCormick ASCk. P.M. Now York Jobs K March all Inc. F.M. Tacoma-S. F. Luc ken bach Line - Due. San Mareoc laiand Jamca Griffiths A Sons 3 TOO A.M. V ancon rcr-S. F. . . . . Intcrocean S. S. CUrp. A.M. Abcrdocn-S. P. . Schafer Bros. A. 8. Uaa TM. Puerto ArmucUac United Fruit Go. A.M. Neweaitlc General S. A CUrp. 1 P.M. Honolulu-S. P. Mataeu Narlaatlon Co. A.M. Fortland-a. P. McCormick R. B. C. A.M. Bocton Luc ken bach Unea 1 T P.M. New York;. .......... Our B. Barham CU A.M. Vancouver McCormick B. f. Co. Buenoe Aires William, Dimand Jk Co. Seattle-8. P. McCormick 8. S. Co. New Orleane Sudden fo Chrtstaneos Eureka Pacific Lumber CU, Scn'Clece.... ..Star Jk Creoctnt Boat CU. Hollo Ouy B. Burham Oo. Vessel Berth Anniston City ISO Aeoka Mara (Jap.) 153 City of Newport News 323-B eet H. Merer 177 Eskbonk (Br.) 315 Fterenea Luckenbach .. 330-D Oriffoo (Br.) L-B.-45 Blndonaer (Nor.) 330-A Hubert Schafer 133 Knud Raxmueaeu (Dun.).. 147 xtar (Creek) S3 Muunmlel 160 Ntbesnn f 332-A Paul Luckenbach 232-D sen Adelaide (Br.) ...... Ana. Xccebank (Br.) 195- kntoa--Mara (Jap.)....325-D Sidney M. Hanptman 175 immcitod (Nor.) .......Ane, Bootle ..........,,,1,. 73 San Dice an (Tkr.). .338 Victoria city (Br.) Ane. Wisconsin (PT.)-iv:-.rjTT.23l A.M. --Hocnt. Berth LA.-A ...173 ... 90 ... 91 ...339 ...170 ...170 ,330-B ...177 ... 97 Cricket Dtrico (Tkr.) Greta Maerek (Du.) . Greeclla (Sr.) Hakkai Morn (Jap.).... Sllnoian Mlxeourlan Nankal Mara (Jap.) Peter Helm' W. I. Miller (Tkr.) Vaaaal ' Berth Amcrlka (Dan.) Il Blrmtnaham City ........190 Brandywine (Tkr.) 139 Caramn (Tkr.) Ana. Calif. Standard (Fan Tkr.) 107 Charlet L Wheeler Jr. 01 CUr of Baltimore . .... ,332-B Coast Parmer ..329-A Daley llattlwwa .324 KUreka .... . . . ,,,,,,, 234 P. J. Lnckanbach ........ 332-D Heffran is.. .329 . Herman P. Whlton 54 ' Hamlin P. McCUrmlck .... 177 Hldalae (Mex.) 939-B . Kuraelo lion (Jp. Tky.)LA.-57 Nevadan 179 Olympia President Cleveland May 39 May 37 Mar 37 May 39 May 15 May 37 May 35 May 29 May 37 May 34 May 35 May 31 May 37 May 35 May 9 May 31 May 88. Saparoea (Dutch) Steel At Ttxada Utaccrbra I Tkr.) .... West Notue Walter A Lncktnbeeh Ban Bernarj(ln...... ladleatea Pa wearer weesrl ABBIVALI SUNDAY. MAT 3ft 1939 Vessel Prom Tima Nevadan. Boston 1:30a.m. Naruto , Mora. New York 1:40 a.m. P. J. Luckenbachb Mobile 3:10 am. H. T. Harper. La Union Bandhamn. Port Albornl Yorkmmr. Portland Charlea H. Cramp. Toeome-9. P. President Cleveland. Manila -ft F. Troadancer, Rotterdam (hrisua. Venture lO Mu.m. Mervlken, Takohams 11:25 e.m. Amcrlka. Vtneouver-S. P. ....... 3:30 p.m. City pi Baltimore, ft P...... 9:45pm. Coast Parmer, SeetUe-ft. P.,.. 11:00 p.m. Karoelo Mora. Kora 5:40p.m. Steel Acs. Mobile 9:30 p.m. Texado, Part Anxclra 11:00 p.m. W, ft Luckenbach, Toeome-9. P.. 10:00 pm. San Bernardino. Phlta.-ft D. . 0:49 pm. DEPARTURES SUNDAY, MAY SL 1959 Vessel Pee Time Hermlon. Kobe '.,.,...,,.13:19 a.m. El Odra, ft P.-Sreiila ........ 3:59a.m. Caeal Miller, ft P.-Brattld 7:00 a.m. Dalnl Oaora Mara. Teuronl.,,. 10:30 a.m. H. T. Harper. K! teaunde 11:10 a.m. Yorkmar. New' York ,11:19 a.m. Bandhamn, Hull 1:20 p.m. Charlea H. CVamp. PorUanft Me. 1:10 p.m. Morvlkan. New York 5:19 pm. Naruto More. Kabo 3:39 p.m. Treudanxtr, Status eeeeseeeee J.JI . Arrival ladles ted le at Break we ter Lteht. Pallia. LOCATION OP BERTHS Otter Barber. SI to 111 tan Pedro, 74 to Ml West Basin, 101 to ISPi WBmlaatoa, It to I9 191 so Mil Tcrmtaal laioad. IN to 541) Lane Death. Pier A to IMi -CCCC- , , tj MISS THERESA MeMAHON, 28 (above), of Kearaey, N. J, 4s being sought by authorltiea throughoat the nation after her mysterious dlaappearaRoe on the eve of her- scheduled wedding to John Herrion of Harrison, N. J. photo. . . 1000 Fighters Curb ForestFires' CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick, May 28. UB Heivy rains which fell throughout New Brunswick over the weekend aided more than 1000 volurtecra In their battle to save Campbellton and nearly - Atholvillo from the path of forest fires. Authorities tonight said the flames were under control. . , ONE DEAD, 10 HURT PARIS, May 28. (U One person was killed and 10 were injured today when two trains collided In Montparnasse station,. SHIP SCHEDULES iwiw . Harrs Oenaral S. A. CUrp. VL58EU DUX. .TO ARRIVK TUISOAY, BUY ft Time Prom - Operator at Aeeal L .P.M Portland. Owene-Farke Lumbar Co. A.M. Suttlo ,..The Tcxu CU. P.M. How York ..... Ixbrondteen-Moller Co. Ina. - P.M. VaneouTcr-S. F.. , Balfour. Guthrie Jk CU. A.M,. Yokohama WlUlaau, Dimond Jk CU. Baltlmore-S. D...Amtr .-Hawaiian S. B. CU. ten Amrr .-Hawaiian 8. S. Ca. . Hamburt-N. Y... Williams, DUnand Jk CU Seottle-S. P. McCUrmlck S. S. CU. Wilmlnitan, H. C,. Standard OU Cb. Calif. ACTIVE VESSEL! IN POST MIDNIGHT SUNDAY, BUY Pram ' Operator sr Acent Vancouver. P. ...... Scat Astatic Ce. Portland, Me.-S. Dl... .Norton, Lilly Jk Co. Ektaro Bay Hilleent B. A. Co. Sea United Stales Navy Hull Standard OU CO. of Col If. Sun Dlect McCUrmlck S. S. Ce. Ban Prancteeo Panama Pacific Line Secttlo-S. P. Panama Pacific Line Cooa Bey. MacDonald-Bcraitram Lbr. Co. Xvcrett-S. P . ...Hammond Shot Ck, Ltd. Mobile Luckenbach Unca Baltlmaro Xnterocean a. S. Cre. Oalveiten Outer Harbor Dock Ca. Sccttte-S, P..,., .. .McCUrmlck 8. B 00. Enaenade.... Krone Lino Kure W. H. Wkkersbam Jk Co. Amorleen-Howcltaa ft A. Co. ft ft. Wood Lumber Co. McnUe-ft F..... American Pros. Unee MmeaUan . ...W. H. Wlckersham A CU. Portia nd-ft P . General ft ft Cera.' 8m Dime Transmarine Nav, Coro. Ventura Tidewater Associated OU Mobile ......... Norton. Lilly A CU. Port Anrelee McCormick ft ft Co. Hone Konc-ft F. . . Nippon Vusen Kchha Taromc Union Oil CU. Philadelphia -ft D... McCUrmlck ft ft Co. Tacoma-ft P. . . - Luckenbach Lines PhUadelphlo-ft D. .Will lame Dimond Jk C. Beaton Portland U. S. Navy Craft; In Port Mldaickt Saaday. May 35, (939 UNITVD 9TATI9 9URT PENNSYLVANIA inuaehipl BATTLE FORCE, U. ft PLUT CALIFORNIA (FtafSbiP! . . - DIVISION I ARIZONA . . NEVADA - DIVISION 9 TENNESSEE - OKLAHOMA DIVISION MISSISSIPPI . NSW MEXICO ' DIVISION 4 -WEST .VIRGIN! CZUMISR. AATTLI FOICR DIVISION 9 yBOin PHOENIX SCOUTING PORCft 0. . PLAIT . INDIANAPOLIS (Placable) . .. CAUWRXft SCOUTING POACS CHICAOO IFIoseblp) , ' - DIVISION 9 CHESTEA PORTLAND - ' DIVISION I " MXNNFAPOLIS NEW ORLEANS AHIAAPT DIVISION SARATOGA (Floe ship) . LEXINGTON teenier) -FIFTEEN., Foreign Enemies Peril America, Dies Warns Seniors FORT WORTH, Tex May 28. (UR Foreign enemies are worij lng constantly to undermine the principles of democracy In this -country, .Rep, Martin Dlea. Tex warned the United States to-dsy in ah Americanism service sponsored by Texas Shrlnera. -Speaking to 10,000 persons, in- eluding 1742 graduating seniors of . the Fort Worth high sepools for whom the service was a baccalaureate, the chairman of the house comftilttte Investigating un-American activities warned that "eternal vigilance was necessary' to preserve liberty in the United States." . The great task of today, he uld, was . to . "keep . Europe out of America and America out of Europe." . . . .. . "If Cxecheslo vakla sad Austria had. been vigilant they would have continued to in free," the tall, blond Texas eon-, gremmsa shouted to the Shrlner"" and their friends gathered la the , Texas Christian- university st- -diaaa. We should profit from their ex- ; ample,"; Dies warned. "Thera are many enemies within this country ! who are working ceaselessly to undermine the foundation of the I republic. We must therefore be on guard to discover and frustrate their subversive efforts." .. . " Dies termed communism, fascism 1 and nazism "different cults of : the same pagan religion namely, statolatry, or the worship of the state.". "The revival of this pagan religion can be traced to the growth of materialism and the decline of religious Influence throughout the' world," he asserted. "Stalin, Hitler and . Mussolini . teach the ame principle, the exaltation qL the state, at the expense of the' individual." ; - Dies told, the graduates that - their greatest task was "to preserve America." - VTp do so we must keep Europe out of America and America out of Europe," ho said. Ports of CaU Duo to I May 39 . May 30 May 30 May 30 Mar 30 -May SO May 31 - Indefinite. Indefinite. May 30 June 3 Mar 31 Mar .31 Mar 30 May 30 May 31 May 30 May 39 Mar 99 Indefinite, May 39 May 39 ' June 1 Per P.M., .. . . . Aronmouth P.M Hcmbura A.M ;.Son Prcndcct P.M. San Dice - P.M.. P.-ehanchal P.M. Mobile P.M....... Seattle Rotterdam P.M.. P.M.. P.M.. P.M., P.M.. AM.. P.M.. P.M.. P.M.. PJL. Son Pranelaca S. P.-Vcnconvcr S. P.-Honelulu S. P.-Portland S. F.-Tacoaia Dairen ,.,..R. P.-Vanccurer Kobo Albany .Kobe 3:00 P.M Ban Dlec P.M New York P.M. SL F.-Vaneourei 1919 35. 1935 BASS PONCE, U. ft PU1T AROONNS I PI sc (hip ARCTIC (Supply Ship) 1 A NT ARCS (Aiarea leeutoiu Ship) , MEDUSA (Repair Phipi . BELIEF ( Heapltel Ship) CUYAMA (Tanker) 0ipr.dy::..J -daily mr VAt!lADS Pncspoci 2131N t r.,. f .f. .. .. Ww-. - , ,lw f b...

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