Daily News from Los Angeles, California on December 16, 1936 · 14
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Daily News from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1936
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FOURTEEN DAILY NEWS, LOS ANGELES, CALIF. WEDNESDAY. DI-C. 16, 1936 Gallstone Troubles Explained Kansas . City,. Doctor Gives Good Advice to Sufferers From. Irritation and Congestion of Gall-Bladder. - Sufferers from gallstones and gall-bladder irritation ana congestion, especially those whose suffering has about driven them to despair, will welcome the news that the agonizing pains -and distress due to these conditions are now being safely and effectively treated without surgery. - To Dr AEi E. Paddock, a Kansas1 City physician, who for .30 years has concentrated on the conditions due .to gall-bladder irritation, gall-stones and' sluggish liver, belongs the credit for a carefully formulated system of palliative medicinal treatment that many scores of sufferers the country over declare has brought them such welcome relief and such improved conditions that surgery may never be necessary for them. According to Dr. Paddock, surgery is resorted to in many hundreds of cases where medical treatment should have been used. It is Dr. Paddocks claim that surgery should be used only in emergency cases, and that following surgery, gallstones may form again, which may permit the irritation and congestion to start up again and .become just as painful and dangerous as before the. operation. Dr. Paddock is a strong advocate of the use of medicines to relieve the pain and dangerous illness attending these conditions. Ilis book fully explains his easy-to-take treatment, which he sends to the .patient's home, and offers an abundance of convincing evidence of its - efficiency. Anyone who- is afflicted, or is suspicious of any congestion in the gall tract, should send at once for Dr. Paddocks booklet. A copy will be sent free to any who request it. In his literature the doctor tells how he first became interested in these painful conditions, how his interest intensified as he pursued his fascinating studies in this branch of medical practice, lie tells the story of how his practice continued to widen and his patients continued to increase until today they are in every state in the Union. He explains the symptoms' by which the condition may be recognized before it reaches an acute stage and why these symp toms,' unheeded, may cause indescribable suffering and danger.If yoTraTe afflicted wKh such conditions, just fill in and mail the coupon below and the booklet will be sent free and without any obligation whatsoever. Send for it today. CISp and Mail Today! i Dr. E. E. Paddock, P. O. Box 5805, Desk 128, Kansas City, Mo. ; Dear Dr. Paddock: Please send me a free, copy of your booklet. (Print name and complete addressX very, dearly on dotted lines bclou1. Trailer Owners a WHEN COLONIES OF AUTO TRAILERS sprung up in Chicago, the Board of Health investigated, reported conditions against the best Interests of public health and ordered them evacuated. Persons who Iifed in the trailers protested, and a merry little fight developed. 'Similar eontroversies over trailers are being carried on in a number of other cities. Including Los Angeles. Above la one of the Chicago colonies. Acme Photo. Test lor School Principal Set for Saturday An examinaUon for' the position of principal of elementary development school will be given by the Board of Education Saturday, according to an announcement yesterday. Applications must be received at 831 Chamber of Commerce Building at S p. m. Friday. yquirrments include a bachelors degree, elementary administrative credential,, five years' teaching experience, permanent status as a Los Angeles city school teacher, certificate evidencing physical and mental fitness and experience in dealing with mentally retarded children. -On January 9 the school board will give an examination for Junior school clerks. Age limit is 18 to 40 years and the salary is 984 per school month. ...but its HOME to the Indian If you want a home of your own... see us! We make loans to build' homes. THTi mUTIIRL BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION 415 West Fifth Street Michigan 1211 Las Angeles I Fight Ouster Third of L. A. in Darkness as Power Hesitate s One third of Los Angeles was plunged into darkness . early last night when the entire electric system of the Los Angeles Gas snd Electric Company and three stations of the Bureau of Power and Light system failed for a short while. The failure of the L. A. G, and E. system occurred somewhere on. one of the two transmission lines from Los Angeles to the Seal Beach steam generating plant. Company officials said they were unable to determine the cause immediately, but assumed the failure had been caused by the storm. Trouble shooters were sent out to locate the source of - the failure. The electric load was immediately switched to the companys emergency generating plant on Alameda street. . Power was off only for a matter of seconds, officials rsaid, although the citys lights flickered for two or three minutes. Seattle Gas Case Ruling by L. A. Court Upheld SACRAMENTO, Dec. 15. (UR j A Los Angeles County Superior Court decision holding that Richard N. Malone had not protected his rights in a Seattle, Wash., public utilities enterprise consummated in 1904, was upheld today by the Third District Appellate Court Malone had brought suit against J. William Clise on the ground the two men had entered into a Joint undertaking in 1900 to obtain a-franchise from the City of Ceattle to' distribute gas and that the franchise had been eold in 1904 for a great sum.. Malone asked for half the proceeds of the sale. In view of the lapse of time, the court held that Malone apparently slept on his rights and that the trial court had not been in error in finding for tbe defendant. An old law in preparing Want Ads is suggested to you. Fine yourself 31 per word for every unnecessary word used, but, fine yourself $10 per word for every necessary word omitted. Try this, insert a Want Ad in the paper and watch the results. YOU CAN THROW CARDS IN HIS FACE ONCE TOO OFTEN XMHEN you have thoc awful cramps; when your nerves are all on edge don't. take It-out on the man you love. You - husband can't possibly 1 snow how you feel for the simple reason that he Is a man. " A three-quarter wife may be no wife at all If she nags-her husband seven days out of every month. For three generations one womans hft told another how to go smiling through with Lydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Compound. It helps Nature tone up the system, thus lessening the discomforts from the tunc-, tional disofders which women must endure In the three or- -deal of life: 1. Turning from girlhood to. womanhood. 2. Preparing for motherhood. 3. Ap- -pmaching middle age.". Don't be a three-quarter wife. . LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND AND . , Co -'Smiling Through." Advertisement. , Ford Introduces Self-Energizing Braking System The new braking system introduced on the 1937 Ford V-Ss incorporates the four essential features of the automobile .brake. safety, simplicity, dependability and'easy-action. The new Ford brakes are of the Self-Energising type, which translated into .the language of tbe man in - the street means that the movement of the car helps to apply them. When the pedal is depressed by the driver, . two wedges in the brake mechanism force the two shoes in each of the four brakes evenly against the drum surfaces. This .pressure is Immediately boosted or assisted by the rotation of the wheels which forces the shoes more firmly against the drums when contact between the two is accomplished A material reduction is effected Iri the amount of . foot pressure required on the pedal. The -'brakes take hold easily, smoothly, effectively and noiselessly. ' As the pressure on the pedal is increased, the self-applying action decreases so that when the pedal is pushed down hard, only the actual pedal-pressure is used to force the shoes against the drums. This gives the soft, easy action preferred by a majority of drivers. Another important feature of the brake assembly is their cable-conduit control. To conduct the braking force from the pedal to the wheels, the new Ford brake utilizes steel cables which pass through a. steel tube known as a conduit. Cable and conduit control adds strength to and provides safety for the braking mechanism, owing to the 'greater strength of the cables compared to the rods formerly used. Engineers point out that the cable-conduit principle affords the safety of steel from pedal to wheel." Simplification of the system is brought about by a market decrease in the number of parts in the brake assembly. Many levers, shafts and brackets have been eliminated. Record Number of Cars Expected On Economy Run Reports issued late last week by A. C. Fillsbury, regional director of. the edntest board of the American Automobile Association, indicate that there will be a record-breaking number of cars entered in the forthcoming Gilmore-Yosemite Economy run.. The honor of entering the first car to actually enter the run went to the Los Angeles Chevrolet Dealers Association when that group submitted to Pillsbury an official entry blank for a 1937 Chevrolet de luxe sedan. According to the information supplied by the Chevrolet Dealers Association ' on the' entry sheet, Roy Woods will drive the car in the . stock . car . mileage run from Los Angeles to Yosemite National Park , on ' January 7. A. M. Hart-burg, assistant service manager for the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Sales Corporation, has been nominated as observer to ride in a competing car. Among the passengers the Chevrolet will carry in the stock car classic will be W. G. Lucado, Los Angeles city manager for 'Chevrolet. ' A. A. A. engineers advised that the route to be followed by the 1937 stock cars entered 'in the event has been completely surveyed and that all official checkin stations at Bakersfield, Fresno and Merced have been arranged for. Although drivers in the event should have no difficulty in locating these check-in stations, signs are now posted at these official points in order that entrants may become familiar with them during any pre-run trips. Forest Rangels at Yosemie National Park have fd Vised Tt A. A. officials that every precaution will be taken to assure the route into the park being kept constantly open on January 7. A splendid All Year Highway leads, in to the na tional playground and sufficient equipment is on hand to clear the highway witbin a maximum of four, hours time in the event of snow on the day of the run. Although A. A;' A. rules specify that all cars entered in the .rim must complete -the 352 mile -journey within 11 hours, A. A. A. officials are empowered to extend this time limit in the remote event the highway should be blocked by Snow-for a few hears. New Road Below Ensenada Planned Plans are under way for extension pf the highway from Ensenada, Mexico, south intone interior of 'Baja California, reports the outing department of the National . Automobile club. The road Is to follow tbe coast for 15 miles south of Ensenada, thcri proceed inland. Sportsmen are espe SUM'S PICKINS By SLIM MY RESEARCH SPECIALIST, poring through the musty files, has come up with a number of oddities from 9. n e w s p apers of ' the West. For example, back on September 18 of this' year he finds a . single sheet (pages 8 and 9) of a San Francisco paper .that is really a classic. Page 8 starts off nicely with an advertisement from the Pacific Gas' and Electric Company picturing a housewife who says (in big type): 1 like even the gas Dills! Just fancy liking a gas bill. Well, such was romance in September before all the gassing about the King's romance in December (in case you haven't beard, the King Edward-Wallis Simpson affair). Then there is a delightful editorial head reading: ' Keep Your Spice Cabinet Filled." Considering some of the after-dinner, stories told by San Francisco spellbinders at conventions it must refer to spicy storicaf Then, to finish off the page, - there is ' an advertisement which says: Washing your dishes can really be fun. Looks to me like San Franciscans are considered gullible if they are expected to swallow that. On page 9 we learn about "Police Judge Oliver Youngs of Beerkeley . . . There must have been more truth than poetry in that rendition of the name of Berkeley, home of the northern branch of the University of California. Farther along we learn about a certain . Jack Deader, under 31000 bail on a charge of assault with a DEADLY weapon . . . At this point everything began to look like a dead giveaway, and sure enough we soon read about a CooK wbo quickly became a Sook, to say nothing of a MA described as a six-footer (the caps are mine). The final blow was a political advertisement calling attention to a Knox Rally in (of all things) the Dreamland Auditorium. Well, it was dreamland for Knox all right, bqb how in the name of Petaluma did the-Landon-Knox backers ever permit themselves to schedule . a rally in Dreamland" ? Maybe that was what queered the deal, or jinxed the Literary Digest. Any way, it was. tempting Fate rt much. WHERE DID Dink Templeton of Stanford get the name, 'or nickname, of Dink anyway? Was he the original of Hinkey Dinkey Parlez Vous? or don't you dink so. Will some Stanford man enlighten us with the facts? (You know, it is funny how some nicknames develop. A friend of ! mine has a little boy named Kenton. As a baby they called bim Kenny, but one of his brothers corrupted it "to "Kcnnicky. In due course of time tbe Ken" disappeared. and now be is almost universally known as Nicky.") BILL IILFSTADER, vice president and general sales manager of Buick, held an enthusiastic sales meeting here last week. Bill is a real executive, and he Nrore rates in Southern California. He has my vote to take his place among the geniuses of the industry. WE SHOULD take up a collection and buy some ballast - such as they use to keep balloons on the ground, and make Hal Tuttle a Everett Promoted To Goodrich Advertising Post Stanley Everett, formerly Los Angeles district sales 'promotion, manager for the B. F. oodrich company, has been advanced teva post with. the company's retail advertising department, Akron, O., it was announced by J. E. Wacks-muth, Los Angeles district manager for Goodrich. The advertising and publicity department is headed by P. C. ' Henderson. Wacksmuth also announces the appointment of Glen W. Tomlinson as sales promotion manager for the Los Angeles district., In line with the progressive polity of Goodrich in advancing men within its organization, Everett has served - as store manager, wholesale salesman, special representative, and for the past two yeans, sales promotion manager for the Los Angeles district. He assumed his new work in Akron on December 10. Glen W. Tomlinson, new sales promotion manager here, has had a broad experience In the field of tire merchandising. He -Joined Goodrich seven years ago. daily interested in the project since it would make so many guest Ranches and hunting grounds accessible. There is a move to build a connecting -road beginning at Mexicali and Intersecting the new alignment of the Baja California highway near San Felipe. BARNARD present of it. When the Howard Automobile - Compariif t brcheslra and singers start to perform, Hal starts to swell up like a hen with her chicks and some day he's either going to float sway or bust. By the way, they've really got something in .that-Iloward Trio two red-heads and a brunette, ' Maybe Hal will give me a try-out. Plenty of S. A. in addition to my zither playing. GAYLORD CARTER, in hs ' Grin, Sing and Bear It (if you can) Club, at Don Lees yesterday morning, after a beautiful selection, intended to say That was . a SAD ballad instead he said, That was a BAD SALAD! That gag ought to' be worth 25 bucks to Grade Allen. And 10 cents to Gayloid Carter. ' IN GLENDALE, on Brand boulevard, is a sign, HALF A TRAILER FOR RENT. Will the. owner r please drop ms a line tellirig me who owns the other half, giving me her . 'phone number and address? P. S.: Sounds like a good deal. No applicants over 26 will be considered. WlIAT AUTOMOBILE EDITOR will change his connection on January 1? Along this-line, received the following letter: Dear Slim: If you plan to ever leave the News, I would appreciate it if you ,-would ' consider recommending a friend of mine. He is qualified t J handle the job because be has hR, " two years' experience calling on;, bath and massage establi6hments.it for a local classified ad department Your friend, HERB BEAVAN. Glad to know Herb's idea of what qualifications are -needed for an auto editor. Maybg I started wrong. What this automobile business 'needs is more romance and color. ass STANLEY PLUMB, popular ad-ertlsing manager of Yosemite Val- . ley, has a very charming wife. Famous sayings by John H. C. (Alphabet) Stingle about this couple include: , 'Til bet, when they got married, she was plumb crazy!" (Get it?) My variation would be: She sure picked a plum that time! The sharpness of Alphabet's wit stinglea like an adder's tooth. CHIEF DAVIS of the Police department, in a talk at a meeting of Willys dealers, said, Southern California is a large and .very rich market and It is very concentrat- ed. On our east, is the great des- J ert. On the west is the broad Pacific. On the 'south is Mexico. And in the north is a limited population. Wonder how he means that. Maybe it means limited to 65 cents per car crossing the bridge. San Francisco papers please copy. Said big brother Roy to Larry, f Your suits are as loud as Old Harry. That checkerboard coat! It's a hell of a note. No wonder your clients are wary. BYRON KEATS. Dear Slim: Now that Ive had to be a good Chinaman and suffer the inevitable from Byron Keats . . . bow's this. (the last week motoring pix . inspired it): On his latest journey Slim wouldst find a bit of fun; ' But the charry little pippin Brought along her own shotgun. . JOHN WEISER. General Motors Plant Toured By 450 Guests Gathering at the South Gate assembly plant -of the southern California division of General Motors, more than 450 members and guests of the Harbor District Chamber of Commerce last week witnessed the assembly operations on cars of Buick,- Oldsmoblle and Pontiac 1937 models The lour of Inspection followed the chamber's dinner meeting. The principal speaker. Max A . Koff-man, in. tracing the romance and development of the motor car, paid , the following tribute to Industry: ' . The progress and development of Industry has been, and will continue to be, an important factor In making possible the realization of greater prosperity. In welcoming the group to .the new General Motors plant, R. J. Wilkins, general manager, said! , "1 is evident ' that we have be- come a definite part of your com-, munitiea, and this gives me sn opportunity to say, most sincerely, that In this important re- 1 lationship we want, first and foremost, to be looked upon as your good neighbors. More than 2500 workers are now employed at the plant, the execu- ' tive said, with a production schedule of 60,000 units anticipftt- ' ed for 1937. The month of December, he said, has a sChedule.of 7500 . units. t : 7 1 iL

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