Daily News from Los Angeles, California on December 20, 1937 · 18
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Daily News from Los Angeles, California · 18

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 20, 1937
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t 1 DAILY NEWS. LOS ANGELES, MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1937 J n- Two Evciits End Years Concerts , R y SARA BOYNOFF That tha citizen! are not intimidated b, the prospect of an entire evening of Tschaikowaky was proved at Philharmonic Auditorium Saturday night when a full bouse gathered to hear Dr. Otto Klempeer and. the orchestra in the last concert of the year. Undiluted Tachaikowsky can be a dangerous thing, but Klemperers ciioice Of compositions -was wise as well as sub- stantlal, iyitb only three nura- ' , ' ponderous motion picture. Any-bers featured: the '"Romeo and way, it's excellent. Juliet overture, the piano concerto and the sixth (Pathetique) . symphony. Ignace Hilsberg was guest .soloist.. After a rather blurred read- , log of the overture, the orchestra prepared to assist Hr. 1111s-lf la the playing of the concerto. Those who had heard Er-vtavNylregyhaxl play tha work, the night before with the Pass-- dena .Symphony Orchestra were . . naturally curious to compare the two performances. Nylregyhazi, who follows not-so-Aiich-tho. 'composer's printed instructions oa the score as the dictates of his own fancy, Is unique. . How would Hilsberg play it? ' The moment the pianist struck , the tremendous opening chords it was obvious , that bis 7 would be a polished, skilled per- .. formaqce, more in line with con rventional requirements than Nylregyhazis. But what Hilsberg lacks in the power to dominate the orchestra with his playing. Tschhlkowsky, who .probably, wrote the concerto with an aye-toward making it tha moat difficult' ever composed, has seen . to it thqt the performer shall sweat blood even before the end of the first movement. Thus the player is forced not only .to master an intricate score but to irevent tha technical difficulties rom encroaching upon his interpretative values. In the second and third move-.' ments. HiUfberg had a greater opportunity to display a beautl ful, clear touch in the mors delicate passages, to prove that be . could be gentlemanly with Tachaikowsky. His Tedal work - was excellent and this phrasing of his melodies was never lost la that gigantic welter of sound. The orchestra hads its greatest inning with the concluding number, the sixth symphony. Dr. ' . Efempcrer was evidently anxious to restrain the work, if such s thing ia possible, and. to give it .. clarity and cohesion; attributes ' about which Tachaikowsky sel- dom troubled himself symphon- . IcaDy. Outstanding In the per-' formance were the beautiful themes and melodies which redeem the work. If only Tschal- . kowsky had omitted the Intervening sound and fury of his Instrumental chaos the orchestra might have been able to cope -With the symphony. The audience loved It The mighty "Messiah by Handel was given at Philharmonic Auditorium yesterday afternoon, as the rloslng concert otiho year. Under the direction Of Dr.' Richard Lert the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ora-' torio Society provided an appropriate : pre-Christmas offer-' " log. The message of this great composition seems lo bo lost In the formalized austerity of the concert hall. What it needs Is - ... the atmosphere of the cathedral to provide full setting for so devout a work. Soloists for the occasion wera' Wynne Davis, soprano; Elizabeth Klein, contralto; Russell Horton, tenor, and Sten Englund, bass. . . All the soloists were uniformly -weak, their voices scarcely great enough to encompass the demands of score. - Miss Davis voice is sweet and pure, but -lacking in power and volume. Seldom programmed, the work " nevertheless provided music lovers the opportunity to hear it In its entirety. Dr. Lert ex- ' pertly combined the various choir both of orchestra . and chorus to form a' smooth, integrated ' and well-balanced whole. Climax of the work, of course, is the . mighty "Hallelujah chorus, an uplifting, ec- ' static . outpouring both of song andaouL . -- Fan Response Frieda Inescorts fans havs been writing to her suggesting Various " new books as possible screen plays for her. Preview Tonight at 8:30 stars of stage, . screen and radio, beaded by Dick lou rll, Rosemary and Lola Lane, and the entire . cast- of l the - original Hollywood Hotel radio program will be present at a press preview of one of the seasons largest musical productions, at tbs Warner Jlroa, Hollywood Theater. 'Zola Draws Crowds to Warners Another great document Rim becomes accessible to the general public as "The Life,. of Emile Zola started its . first popular run at Warners Downtown and Hollywood theaters yesterday. . - So much has - already been written, both of. William Die terles direction and Paul Muni's acting that it is fortunately unnecessary to repeat what, everybody knows that . "Zola is a studied, historical, if somewhat . The chief delight of the film to this reviewer lies not so much - in tho story which leaves much to bo desired as far as factual accuracy ia concerned but in Munis characterization of tha Ufa of Zola from the first poverty-stricken days to his success, his retirement from tha atrug Igefor truth to the luxury struggle for" truth to the luxury, entry Into the scandalous Drey" fus case. as fighter for th maligned captain. " - The most dramatis sequence of the film play la tha simplest Zola, obtaining - irrevocable evidence of Dreyfus - Innocence, - reads fals ' famous document "JAccuae! in the editorial offices of LAurore,, owned' by Clemenceau. The speech, certainly a long and unbroken' one for a Hollywood scene, provides both a great climax for. thenJe- ture and a ' persona? trltAn:g. Hunt. - Joseph Schilkraudts' 'performance as Captain Dreyfus also contributes strongly to tho success of the film, and Is in a way more . complete than tho part outlined for Muni. . A notable supporting cast aids Muni and Schllkraudt In "The Life of Emile Zola, which Is. a portrait of French society as well as a somewhat purified version of the life of a great Biltmore Starts Seat Sale The baxofflce of the Biltmore Hotel opened this morning for the sale of tickets for. tho gala holiday attraction "Yes, My Darling Daughter, starring Florence Reed, which will open on Christmas night, December 23 for a three weeks run including Sunday nights. . The special midnight performance on New Year's Eve, December 31, will no doubt bo a gay occasion according to tho amount of reservations coming in through the mail. Tho intermission 'has-been-arranged so that it will come a few minutes before midnight to give tho patrons of the Biltmore ample time to usher in the new year according to' ones "tastes. Matinees will be held on Wednesday and Saturday. 'Mikado' Bows At Belasco Comic opera so hilarious, tuneful and colorful that only a email minority of persons are said to be willing to go through life foregoing the experience of witnessing and seeing it. la encom-w passed in Gilbert and Sullivan's - Mikado," coming to the Belasco Theater Wednesday nle-ht. Theater Wednesday night Tha performance, to be repeated each evening through Saturday . of this week, begins promptly at 8:30. Opera-Star s- am L J U B 0 M I R rANTSttlEFJV basso, la a prominent member of tha Salzburg Open Guild which presents some works of Mozart at the Phllharmanlo An ditorlum starting January 4. I B. Behymrr la presenting the unusual musical aggregation. Modem , HOME MAKING BY A Popular One-Dish Meal One-dish meals are popular with homemakers at sill seasons of tha year, but never are they of greater assistance than at the holiday time, when everyone is attempting to pack more duties and pleasures into har schedule than the 24 hours allotted by the clock can encompass. Hera la a tempting dish to serve tha Tamlly tonight - - .... . - - Speed Menus. '"By MARION STEWART SCALLOPED CORN AND SAUSAGES SriCED BEET. SALAD RICE PUDDING WITH RAISINS AND CREAM . SCALLOPED CORN 'AND SAUSAGES - - J pound purs pork sausas links cup fins- cracker crumbs -t supa canned corn .S tablespoon .butter S tablespoon flour ' 1 cup milk , METHOD: Cut all but sis of tha sauiasai In 1-incb lrniths and frr until llshtly brown. Make a whit sauce hr maltins tha butter, addins tha flour Marion Stewart, home eeonomiee editor, of The Daily Newe, eoiehee to Be bf all poeeible service to homemakeri. Write her your problems inclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope and she will gladly assist you. UNCLE RAY'S ? A Visit SYRACUSE, Sicily: Trains O not usually go across a stn do usually go across a stretch of sea water, but my train did. From tha toe of the Italian boot, I crossed to Sicily after the train had run upon . tracks aboard a ferry. The Ear of Dionysus. Look at a map of Europe, and you will see why people sometimes fancy Sicily la a football being kicked by Italy. If the -island were a football, it would be a large one to kick -for it has an area of mora than 9000 square miles. After reaching Messina, I changed to another train, and cams speeding down to Syracuse. R is, a very old. city as old as Romo. Some of. the early ' settlers were Greeks who sailed from their native land to start a colony here. HERE'S TO YOUR 4alfh BY OR FRANK M'COY THE USE OF DIET IN DISEASE TYISEASE Is not the result of kJ mysterious causes, but Is prdv duced in almost every case by faulty habits of living. Chief among these are faulty habits. of eating and - probably it is true Hat if there is any single greatest cams of disease, then that causa ' i wrong diet . r When the patient has been using i foods in .-such' a way that they actually interfere -with health by reducing a faulty chemistry with-n the body, tha only sensible thing o do is to have him change his bad eating habits to good ones, in order that he .may avoid in tha future, the habits which are making him sick. The regulation of the food intake by those who are-ill, for the express purpose of producing a desired -Improvement-hasT-come--to be known as dieting." Although tha idea that a sick person may perhaps help himself in a very real way by controlling the diet is a fairly recent one; 'however, it has made rapid headway, people are coming to have more and mora respect for the idea, that it is wise to- be careful as to the kijid and quality of food -eatgnrafter sickness has appeared. In some diseases, diet is the only method of treatment which will have any marked beneficial effect In other disorders it must be supplemented with other forms of treatment. However, It Is an Im MARION STEWART. blnacri lima 4. . SCALLOPED COEN AND ....... SAUSAGES Tima: M Minute. end atirrlne In tha milk. Stir until the auaa thickens. In an oiled baklne dish arrant layers - of erpnib. corn, oauaato and whits sauce. Top with buttorad crumbs and whole - aauaaaea. and baka 30 minutes la moderate Senraa four." . BOFFINO LIST pound pork sauaaeo links - -Ursa can corn paekuo cracker crumba can beets 1 bead lettuce - 1 pound rice I packaso raisins 1 uuart milk ' H pint cream Check supply of vinegar, butter and sutar in Sicily . A gulds took me in a carriage to tha outskirts of' the city, and showed me the remains of a Greek theater which dates back 2300 years. Like other theaters of tbs time, it Had no roof. The seats were large -half circles cut In the rock of a hillside.. v "This theater, said the guide, -was large enough to seat 24,000 people. The plays were started at sunrise, and went on through the day. Sometimes the theater was nsed as a meeting place to hear public speeches. Another Interesting place near Syracuse Is the Ear of Dionysus. It .la a great hollow in an ancient rock quarry, and the entrance has very much the shape of an ear. It was named irihonor of a Greek God. . At one place in the hollow, the celling is about 90 feet high. This means a great, deal of rock was , cut away, but-there is something more Important about the place. Hundreds of atone quarries, - old and naw, could be visited by a traveler, .but- this one has the power to produce a strange echo. I shouted, and the echo came back. Then I spoke softly, and heard my voice return in a moment or two. I clapped my hands, and . tha echo came back . almost as loud aa thunder. (For Travel section of your scrapbook). The leaflet Famous Cities 'Of Europe may be had by sending a three -cent stamped, return envelope to me. In care of this paper. " : v Tomorrow Sights of Malta.' portant factor In aliftost all of the common diseases. Some-of .those disorders in which diet ia likely to be of.- first importance aiWlhe following: . diabetes, stomach ulcers, overweight conditions, underweight conditions due directly to faulty food selec- Hon, goiter due to lack of Iodine, and also perhaps pernicious . anemia. The dentists are even telling us that rapid decay of the teeth and some cases of -gum disorder are directly traceable to faulty diet Some of the other disease conditions in which dieting may be expected to have a favorable effect are: skin disorders such as eczema and acne, epilepsy; -arthritis and rheumatism, infections due to lowered resistance resulting from vita-miaT.lackr high blood pressurer Brights disease, biliousness, abnormal conditions sf the gall bladder, constipation, colitis, -digestive disorders, catarrh, and in many cases nervous symptoms may be partly relieyed through regulation of the diet. Excessive gas is an-other symptom often favorably affected-by-dietmg, While the main purpose in diet-ary treatment is to have the patient stop eating in such a way as to interfere with health, it is sometimes necessary to keep in mind two other alms. For example, it may- be an advantage to adapt the food, intake THE fica WAY art Eleventh Hour Suggestions For Gift Givertl Because the zero hour for' shopping is upon us, theres no reason to be alarmed and think that we'll have to give stero-typed gifts and that they -will' look as though they were a last minute choice. Stores have anticipated this need and havs corns to the- fore with some later arrivals that will bells tbs fact they wemt the most . thought about gift bii the list! . Lets echo again ths thought about giving what' the recipients' want, not what we think would be nicror appropriate for them. If your friend likes "frivolia give .her fluffy, impractical, feminine ' gifts. It she prefers things for her home, remember this in making your selection. . Lets cater to personal, likes and be assured !h so - doing that ws are wrapping our. gift-In thoughtfulness and tying it with assured pleasure as well as colorful Christmas wrappings! For the Girl Who Likes Compacts! - Even if she has literally a dozen compacts, give her another. One that is new, novel and unlike any ihe has ever had before. The late arrival In the compact world for Christmas giving is tha whimsical Charlie McCarthy one. It comes in three styles, round, square (about three inches) or mesh jfouch. Each with a bust of Charlie on top complete as to top hat, winning, smile, and ths like. These are shown with red, black or white enamel tops or all gilt Shown at the May Company (at $1.95) and Bullocks (32), If the lover of compacts happens also Jo be an ardent admirer of Charlie McCarthy, why 'not augment this into a set by adding the Charlie clip which we told you of before. (Priced at 81 at the May Company.) This cute little trick is complete even to the dummy. Jaw which one may manipulate with a tiny lever. Truly a conversation piece! Christmas Cheer for The Hearth! - For.- the friend ' who loves ' gifts for the home, why- not send her a wooden sugar bucket packed with New England pine cones and kindling, and all-wrapped In cellophane. The cones are the fragrant kind from ths North woods that crackle on your fire and remind you of all the glorious out-of-door days that you have ever ' had in all our life! Or you may purchase them packed in a natural wood waste-paper basket Either style Is. priced at '81 In the May Companys Needlework section and will be a most welcome gift for anyones fireside! Speak - for Yourself On Christmas! If the rest of your family or dear friends . arent ' in . town -Christmas. Dayiao. that you can 'wish them Jolly good cheer dont let that daunt you'Tske a ' few minutes and ' go to the Broadway where they-will make a record, of .your voice on a phonograph record while you wait '- Let ' It be the greeting -card enclosed In your box of Christmas gifts! Priced amazingly low at SO cents. -For a Friend With - " A Garden! ., 1 Smocks share honors - now' to a disturbance on ths part -of some organ such as ths stomach, colon or gall-bladder; or. it may be an advantage to suggest certain foods which supply elements which have been lacking in the diet. As an illustration of ths latter aim, when tooth decay is a marked feature it may be an advantage to supply more calcium and more vitamin D- which enables ths body to. use the calcium.. In tomorrows article I will dis-cussjsome . oLAhe-diei-symptoma most frequently used, such as the High Roughage Diet, the Bland Diet, the Reducing Diet, and so on. Watch for it in this newspaper. DREDGE PLEA F(LED . Application, of. the. Harbor. Department to. dredge in Slip 1, inner waa on file yesterday in the United States Engineers Office, War Department, where plana may be viewed, . Objections to the proposal. In the interests of navigation, will be received until December 27 at the Engineers Office. AVERILL with full length bungalow coats for garden wear. In this group you'll particularly like the models made of sturdy cotton printed with a California map. ' The background colors are terra cotta or Chinese blue and -the printing is in a bold brown pattern giving the loca tiopia of famous studios and highlighted ' spots of California. -Fun to send , to an out-of-stata . friend, or. one who lives here, for that' matter;' .The - bungalow coats are 33.93, - smocks 82.95 and largebrlmmed " matching crownless hat 81. Yoii11 find them in Bullocks Calif orienne Shop. ... 'For Those Who Burn. ' The Midnight Oil!. If .she reads in bed to wee .small hours, or If she only reads half an hour, be sure to send her a cozy shoulderette of soft knitted yarn. All 'the department stores show these in their Neckwear and Lingerie depart-. ments, priced from 31 up. They come in lovely soft pastels and -it- Is possible to match them with little knitted foot socks, also priced at 8L Nice to give as Individual gifts or as a set. If your burner of midnight -oil wants more warmth than a shoulderette gives her, get a , . quilted silk bed jacket. Bullocks -Basement Negligee Shop shows darling ones of sheer China allk, hand-quilted inside and out with long sleeves end a little turndown collar. Youll particularly like the blue priced at 32-95. Scrap Books for Everyone! One doesnt necessarily have to- have a collection of snap- shots to havs a scrapbook. The revived interest in scrapbooks' makes them a likely gift to give to anyone who has a hobby. Ths ' selection ranges from- cute little books, covered in peasant printed challis at 60 cents. These are imported from Austria and perfect for Leica prints, to . large 1 ones with leather covers (about . 16x20 size) at 34.75, and tbe same size with hand-tooled .leather covers at 39.75. You'll find these -in Robinsons . Camera Shop to- ' gether -with . many other styles ; that bridge the in-between price and size 'gaps not covered-by the styles mentioned. There are so many styles in covers, materials and colors,, that it will be hard to resist the, temptation, to not buy yourself a scrapbook as well.-So remember your, friends preferences and be assured that 'last minute gifts will be as 'well-received as though they had .been given your first, consldera--tion. - - . .... today rZDZRATXON OV STATE SOCIETIES Clifton Cafeteria. 618 South .Olivo atreet, noon; Dr. .Earl E. Harper, Wljat Is Worth While la Life? OmeXAL liberal dxmocratio CLUB Trinity Street School. p. m.l speaker. Sen. Culbert L. Olson. INDIANA STATE SOCrrrT Clifton's "Brookdalo Oafeteria;-646 "Bouthbroadway. 7-9 p. m.: Rev. O. A. Porter, M. a. Church, and E. K. Hlbben guests of honor. . e SONS OF ST. GEORGE Royal Oak Lodes No, 230, 1438 Oak street. S P- m.l Christinas party. ' JOHN DEWET FORUMS Central Junior Hleh School, room 129. 451 North H1U street, 7-9- p; m.l pr. Oeors T. Ashley.. "Democracy and tha Omstltutlon." ELECTRIC CLUB BUtmora Ballroom, noons Annual Children! Christmas .party. PAN-PACmO ASSOCIATION FOR MU TUAL UNDERSTANDING Hotel Rosalyn. Ill West Fifth street. 6 p. m. speaker. Lt, . Commander O. ONovllls. Dt F.C. UNIVERSrrr CLUB Alpha Slama Fid and Kappa Slama fraternity lunclieonai BOOT

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