Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee on August 8, 1945 · Page 3
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Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 3

Kingsport, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1945
Page 3
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S O C I E T Y Two 0! Reich's Destroyers Put Into U. S. Port Social Calendar Wednesday I will 'be in charge of the program.' Luncheon will be served. : Boston--7f--The German swas- 1 tika _. , ,. , ~ , ,, n ' i Church will meet Wednesday nt' S t a r s Circle -Number One of the Broad ]0 . ;;0 m _ ^ ^ church. Luncheon :stroyers, manned by volunteer Ger- THE WAR NEWS By ,lame* D. White w?\mtfd Tr*M War ^nnl The W.M.U. of the First Baptist Street Methodist Church will mc.'-t w i l l be San Francisco--JP--A tiny, 71-year-old career diplomat has been; slipped quietly into the emperor's privy council in Tokyo. . ; This probably has nothing to do with atomic bombs, but it just hap-1 pens that diplomatic trouble-shooter Kenkichi Yoshizawa is Japan's' streaming out beneath the| m(jst practiced dissembler and probably the one most trusted by the' and Stripes, two German d e - j n ,, · " i has conducted with v a r y i n g ' a t noon, followed by | man crews u n d e r American super- 'vision, .steamed into Boston Harbor Tuesday ' Wednesday at 1 p.m. for a l u n c h e o n a business meeting. meeting with Mr*. R. J. B r l d w i - l l , ' Circles of the W.S.C.S. of the C h e s t n u t;;e. Kni-h m e m b e r i» Methodist Church will m e e t , . . Hmilted In mvsterv asked to c n t f h the Y e l l o w Oih I.IIM Wednesday nt ] [).m. at the r.air.i """nl «"·· uoiuctcl In w^stcr. nt 12 noon nt the most c o n v e n i e n t of Mr. and Mro. Neul Kelron for n A Navy spokesman said jilcnlc luncheon. Members » r e j w c r e the first of H i t l e r ' s ' navy, happens that in the past he h u l the rna.snn , , cloaked In for t h e i r ! i throne. It also success some very' extensive nego-j tlations with Britain, China, the France and The Nnther- S! ret-t Women':* Society rtf H.shed lo meet at the church Christian Service w i l l hold its I I :.'!0 a.m. to arrange August meeting Wcdnusda.v nt 10:30 don. Each is to .rrungc transport a- j th| , colmLrv . take a covered dish. | The vcgscls aside from submarines, to come to lands--nil of whom are on the win- y ! n i n R end of Japan's war. He also ha:i hnd some success with Soviet s came from Europe PARKERSON FLORAL SHOP Flowers by wire, potted plants, designs- of all kinds. 24-hour service. Phone 1R~1 Bristol Hwy. sum. a", the church. Circle N'o. 1: ^ The^Sunnyside Home Demon.stra- | b y way of the AzorcS| w here they .,, _ _ ,, , ,, . . ,, I refueled. Beyond that information, .naval- officials professed to have j n o knowledge of their sailing port or why they came to this country. One Navy officer "guessed" the DR. T. I). I'RIUTT Nerve and Skin Diseases 1010 Watauga Street Hours: 11 a. m. to G p. m. Not in Office Sundays. Monday* Whiison's Cleaners -·Ul types of quality cleaning Plenty of rr.othproof bass Dependable a n d ' courteous service 1020 Bristol H'wa.v I'hone fit! B. r Lino - O w n e r - - L K fialtrr tion Club will meet 1:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. George Spahr, Chestnut Ridge. Circle No. 1 of the Bethel Presbyterian Church will meet with Mrs. Joe Patterson, Hillcrest, Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. The Women's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church meets Wednesday at the church. The executive board meets at 1 p.m., be " use a~ b ylh7AmericanTxavy he- circles will meet at 1:45 p.m., and c(UISe of t h e i r s] , ort ran( , c the inspirational meeting in the The s h i j ) s worc the Z3Q and th(J T35, the latter listed as part of the German "war navy." As the two ships entered the harbor the first ship to meet them was an Army tug. resplendent in ^"Titinir, with a huge "Welcome sign atop the craft. · vessels were brought here for "experimental" purposes--possibly by Russia and Great doubt they would agreement with Britain. He expressed chapel starts at 3 p.m. The W.M.S. of the Lynn Garden Baptist Church, will meet Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., at the church for a business and pro.Tram meeting Thursday The Dixie Study Club meets with ; Mrs. R,. P. Moss, Knoxville Highway. Thursday. August 9, at 1 p.m. Circle No. 2 of the Bethel Presbyterian Church will meet Thursday Home" Patched Cp Ships But the "Welcome Home" was at 2 p.m. Fordtown. The Business with Mrs. Orgie Hunt. and for an Army transport due from the European Theater of Operations with several hundred returning veterans. RiiRslii, which, Japan fears, might come inlo the war against her. Since Pearl Harbor, this -vldely experienced little man has been mentioned by authorities on Japan as a possible postwar premier for a country which must learn all over again how to get along with other people. He has the mark of what passes in Japan for a liberal conservative. He married the daughter of Count Inukai, who used to head the old Seiyukai political party before the warlords abolished it. Got Start In London He started as a secretary in the London embassy back in the days Premier Count lunlcii, his f a t h e r - j In-law. IjiUr. b u a u n e plain Unit Japan's chief obslarlo. n) c o n q u e s t ; was A m e r i c a n opposition, ho was; made director ot the f o r e i g n office's; A m c r i c k n O H U r c n u . .I;vp:tn UiftrenfU'r J was depicted In tourist l i t e r a t u r e , as a land a' cherry blossoms a n d ' peaceful geisha girls. Pried Oil Out Of Dutch I In 1940 he headed a special mission to the East Indies to pry more oil out of the Dutch. Vice Governor Hubertus Van Mook argued, stalled and eventually turned him down. He emphasized his refusal by picking the tallest Dutchman he could find in the colonies to serve as "guard of honor" to Yoshizawa, who is scarcely more than five feet tall. Next year Yoshizawa wasi given the job of special ambassador to __, ..Indo-Cbina, which the Japanese when' Japan was a naval" ally of | were then in process of taking over Great Britain He rose steadily to] by mere bullying and intrigue rath- become minister in Peking during; er^than the^usual^method of^out- when su- :kless the early twenties when Japan was : right invasion. Yoshizawa lendin" 'money to Chinese warlords from tills position last fall, w with the idea of getting hold of | the military really took over China that way. j preme authority in the luck While in Peking he was credited .vith arranging with Soviet Minister Karakhan for the establishment French colony. He retfred from the diplomatic service in January this year, but Gale L. Baker Realtor - P H O N E 3 7 -I enter Commerce Sis A s t'ie first o f t h e G e r m a n s , - - - -- - ' 1 , 1 Professional passecl the reception tug. Nazi sail- shooter got tough. As ambassador Women's Club will meet Thursday ; ors co,,^ ne scen looking at it lo France he was also Japans chief of diplomatic relations with Soviet this spring was appointed adviser ' to Foreign Minister Shigenon Togo in the new Suziki cabinet. The Japanese press said that in view of his wide experience both at home and Russia. In 1332 his job as empire trouble- at 7 p.m. at the Kingsport Inn for their regular program and d i n n e r 1 selves meeting. . | The intently, conversing among them is -110 feet long, - delegate at !.he League of Nations. Birth Notice Sharon Lee Painter Her a r m a m e n t consists of H.9 guns, four 37 mm. ant. aircraft rifles, f o u r 20 mm. n n t i - i t r u e intentions. , ,, _ T ,, . .aircraft guns, eight 21 inch torpedo He went home something or and Mrs. Ernest L. Painter t b £ denth charges . _ ..,. . i . « LI_ _ * _ .1 ,.j tuut-a diiu u e i i i t i i.imi ...i*?,. MOTORS nml CHASSIS STEAM CLEANED Laiimer - Looney Chevrolet Co. announce the birth of a daughter. Sharon Lee, on July 30 in San Angelo, Texas. Lieutenant Painter is now stationed-in San Angelo. Observers saw numerous patched- EYES EXAMINED --- GLASSES FITTED Dr. Oscar Z. Silver Dr. J. L. Supman -- OPTOMETKISTS 126 Broad St. I'hone 147 We specialize in Western Steaks, CTiops, and Fried Chicken. Charles Restaurant Ollie M. Shadeed. Owner Five Points Phone 1920 DRIVE 'EM HOME LIKE T H I S * EXPERT RECAPPING KliCAI'l'ING I'KICKS 4:50x21 4:75x19 5:25x17 5:50x16 6:00x16 6:50x16 S5.00 S5.10 $5.75 $6.20 S6.70 $7.85 KINGSPORT TIRL RECAPPING CO. Phone 512 Center and Sullhan up shrapnel and rifle bullet holns in her super.stru:ture, especially around the bridjre. The smaller Too. built so low as to offer the minimum silhouette, - , . _ - ,, , , . . . ^carries one 3.1 inch rifle and n u - l Mrs. V.. L. V, ebster and daughter,, m e r o u s a n t i-aircraft weapons. | The German sailors, officers and. men, offered a mixed picture. Some i looked more or less cheerful. Others were downright gloomy. abroad Yoshizawa would be a When the l e a g u e condemned i "source of strength" to Foreign /Japan's grab in Manchuria, Yoshi- Minister Togo, who had spent most -· - ··' ·-=- J -'-- of his time in Russia. Yoshizawa's new place on the privy council may mean no more than customary honor f,or one of the empire's most experienced negotiators. But on the other hand, his government may have bigger things in mind for him. i n c ij.n 13 -JJ.U lm:l_ l u l l ^ , \ \ l l i l 't -- -- l " . , . , , . beam of 39.3 feet and 05 feet draft.l-awa walked out with his delega- five^tion. The league and the wor^l, he n t j_! claimed, did not understand Japan's i Personal Miss Mary Webster, left Saturday for Myrtle Beach, S. C., where they will spend their vacation. hero for thus defending his country losing battle, was made a member of the House of Peers, and became foreign minister under Announcements The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist Church has postponed the meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday until Wednesday. August 15, It was announced today. The meeting to be held on August ID will start at 7 p. m. at the church. ' -ft- if -k O. E. S. members will meet at the J u n i o r High School at 10 a. m. Thursday, to sew for tho Red Cross. ·£ A iV ! The Child Study Club picnic, ; which was to have been held tonight | in the Edgewood Park, hag been ·cancelled due to the weather. j . Rationing Board I Sets Days For : Truck Gas Appeals : All applications for additional or 'supplemental truck gasoline will be handled at the local War Price and All were silent. Petain Defense Says Vichy Had Secret Agreement With British Paris--JP--Two witnesses, testify- Berne throughout Increased Supply Of Cheap Shoes defense of Marshal Henri j Philippe Petain. insisted Tuesday that Britain concluded a secret British messages. 1940. Franco- he said, were ; agreement with the Vichy govern- conversations, j m c n t after the fall of France. One! 1 named Lord Halifax, present British the mainly concerned with the French fleet, but no results came from the A juror assert Peyrouton about passage of anti-Jewish laws as a|by the Vichy government and Pcy- C r o u t o n retorted with the question: trial I ambassador to Washington, Fnmract Rw WPH i'^ThTnncRntlo^ were' made in the! "Is this my trial or Marshal Pell lUCLdM DJ If * D :ra(;e of official British denials of tain's?'^ Undur_ further questioning, isuch a secret negotiation. '" "' J ' Washington--IP--A larger jupplyi The agreement, the witnesses as- of Inexpensive shoes was forecast sorted, related mainly to obtaining Tuesday as the War Production French assurances that the French Board lifted controls on the number;fleet would not be used against the of pairs that may be produced. ! British, that colonial bases and The revocation covers rationed areas would be denied the Germans and non-rationed lines of adults',! and that Vichy would refrain from children's and infants' shoes which ] attempting to regain overseas ureas sell at retail at an estimated range ] then under control of Gen. De of $1.25 to $6.25. j Gaulle's Free French forces. WPB predicted Improved supply, In return Britain agreed to lift in about 60 days, but production still would said total her blockade and permit French be below' shipping to pass through the Straits prewar volume. Both leather and of Gibraltar and bound herself to said racial laws were signed all government ministers. The question of Vichy's racial laws also was brought up by another witness, Jean Marie Roussel, | a well-known jurist. German Demand Denied Roussel said the dossiers of some 900,000 persons, nil of them naturalized Frenchmen, were placed before his commission for examination. By March, 1942, he said, he per 'de- reported fo Petain that'' three cent of the total had been naturalized." Rationing Board Wednesday andi a r £ covered by the order ' a wide varietv Thursday of each week, it was announced Tuesday. Truckers of all classes are asked to bring applications to the board on these days only during the rest of the summer months for help in filling them out or getting new gasoline allotments, Mrs. Guila Gillenwater, chief clerk, explained. Absolutely no truck application, will be handled at any other time, | August 27 through Oclober 13. Mrs. Gillenwater emphasized. All persons are urged to cooperate with this schedule which in nee-, essary in order to handle the manyi applications and requests coming in ' at this time. I non-leather, work and dress types furnish certain needed foodstuffs j | The witness said Petain promised -- .1 ^ v jj le or 3 er t g Franc*. :to support him when he announced all shoe production: The witnesses weri Jaeques his commission intended to secretly protect naturalized Jews against ai German demand that they should; lose their French citizenship. j Two other defense witnesses were; 1 47-year-old lawyer Francois Martin- The OPA announced Saturday thatj The defense was counting heavily! and Vichy's former minister of fi- Relief Group Is Expected To Ask Financial Boost London-- S*--The United Nations! i R,elief and Rehabilitation Adminis-j tration, beset by a financial crisis, will demand increased contributions of f u n d s and supplies from nations able to pay, it was made clear .T.t| the opening; ssssion of the organ-] Izatlon's third international convention, Facing n Lough winter's work in nvvnscd Europe and the Far, the UN'URA program through I f l l O \vil) r o q u i r i : new c o n t r i b u t i o n s f r o m the partid'iating nations of between $1.500,000,000 and $2,300,000,000, a re-: sponsible American source said. Details of the financial program will be disclosed today, when Director- General Herbert H. Lehman presents his report. The prospect was grimly put Tuesday by Britain's new foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin, when he warned the 4-1-nation parlej' that liberated Europe must be aided in the next 12 months or be plagued with "misery, disease, anarchy and blood-i shed." Many Supplies Needed He declared that more money and supplies must be thrown into the relief pool, and quickly, "now that UNRRA is going, through its| great test," and suggested that an' increased share come from the smaller states. "UNRRA cannot continue without the continued support of all the United Nations," Bevin said bluntly. "It Is essential that every member make their contributions --not only the great powers. Some great powers already have been impoverished by the war and demands of the war." Declaring filial increased food supplies were an imperative immediate need, he said pointedly that "some member nations less touched by the war are in position to make much greater contributions than they have In the past." Speaking for Britain. Bevin pledged that the new Labor government "will stand behind the UNRRA and do everything in their power to make it a success." 15,000 Inmates Oi Nazi Prisons Given Releases Frankfurt, Germany--ff--American military authorities said Tuesday they have freed more than 15,000 inmates of German prisons after a review of their cases disclosed they were unjustly sentenced. Capt. John J. Raymond, Ann Arbor, Mich., of the Army's Legal Branch, said so many releases have been approved many of the 40 prisons in the American zone arc finding it d i f f i c u l t to operate without outside help to work in gardens l a n d do other chores formerly per- 1 formed by Inmates. A military review board at Munich examined 7.549 cases and released all but 1,084. 'Of 6,000 inmates still In prison In the American zone about 1,000 were convicted by Nazi courts, but the sentences were deemed just. The remaining 5,000 were convicted by military government courts for curfew violations and other petty crimes. K I N G S P O R T N E W S Wednesday, August 8, 1943 David L. Sl Made Caciain In Transport Corps Manila -- (SpU-- David L. Slemp, Jr., has been promoted to the grade of captain at the Air Transport Command's Manila terminal and advanced to the duty of Director of Personnel and Administration of the 1571st AAF Unit. Cupt. Sloiup, son of Mr. and Mrs. David L. Slump, 937 Mnplo Street, entered Uio Army in J u l y . I!)3I3, nml served in Hawaii until IMS. He wa:- t r a n s f e r r e d to l.ho A i r Carps in 10-10 and nlt.'tir.ud l!n; r n n k ol! master w u r g u u n t in I I M I I hol'oru ntlomllnir Ou'iuer Candidate School in Miami Beach, where he was commissioned a second lieutenant in April 1943. Arriving overseas for his second tour of foreign service in June 1944, he has served in . Hawaii, New Guinea, Biak, Schouten. Island and Manila. He wears the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon with two battle participation stars for the New Guinea and Luzon campaign and the Philippine Liberation ribbon. Capt. Slemp, Johnson County High School, '."-I, has two brothers in the service: First Sgt. Fletcher H. Slump at Ft. Benning, Ga., and Bascom S. Slemp, ACMl/c, aboard the USS Lexington. Another brother, Reid F. Slemp, was medically discharged recently from the Marine Corps as a rasult of injuries incurred ,on juadalcanal. Gloria Blondell Granted Divorce Los Angeles--JP--Gloria Blondell, actress sister of J o a n Blondell, Tuesday divorced Navy Ens. Albert Broccoli, member of.the family that' gave its name to the vegetable, upon, testimony he was "very condescending to my friends." j Broccoli did not oppose the de- croc. He married Miss Blondctl July 2(i, 19'IO, In Lns VcRna. Ncv. They .separated last Juno 25. WE SPECIALIZE IN BRAKE RELINING AND ADJUSTMENT ' MOTORS STEAM CLEANED TIRE REPAIR · AND VULCANIZING. BOONE STREET SERVICE STATION ·627 Boone St. A SURPRISE LARGE SIZE C A K SPOT- · L I G H T S. Several thousand flashlight batteries. One hundred six-volt car batteries-. G«t yours today. Western Anto Store A National Institution WHEN YOD NEED ' AM ELECTRICIAN CAUL For Lighting Fixtures Electrical Contracting Day and Night Stoker Service TeL 1276 -- Night JU7-W 218 E, Market had been restricted to specified Clievallier, former Vichy secretary- percentages of base period output.'general of education, and Admiral Controls are being lifted for i n - j Jean Fernet, former secretary gen- expensive types to encourage manu-jcral of the presidency council, facture of these types. WPB said. CliurchUl Denied Report IT'S SOBEL'S Star of United Artists bit, "STORY OF G. I. JOE" Ease sting of buby's heat : rash and minor akin trou- ' | E bles with 40 year family , U E AT favorite, Meinana Booth- · · ·E^^ll ijjjz, medicated powder. :y of shoes retailing! O n their testimony to support the )air or less will be contention that Petain, far from for S3.50 a pa released from rationing, effective Peace Inflation Feared By Solon Washington --JP-- Senator Taft (R-Ohio) asserted last night that balanced economic planning Is: needed to prevent inflation in t h e ' postwar period. I In an address prepared for the! radio (CBS), the chairman of the Senate Republican Steering Committee declared that the so-called "full employment" bill contains a bad feature in that "it regards unlimited public spending as the ultimate solution for every d i f f i - culty." He praised the bill's provision Youths Of Region To Enlist In Navy ! Names of two boys from this area who recently left Kingsport to collaborating with the Germans and plotting against the security of France, was working behind the scenes with the Allies. Fernet testified that Prof. Louis Rougier (now in New York) an- ·n-pached Petain on July 22, 1940, with an offer to attempt to open negotiations with Britain. Rougier, the witness said, claimed ho had 'valuable contacts" in London, and nance, Yves Bouthillier. Bouthillier delivered a lengthy expose on Vichy's finances in an attempt to prove that the Petain government always did all possible to alleviate the situation of the French people. Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Justice interrogated the wives of Marshal Petain and his former right-hand man. Pierre Laval. Whether they will be tried on charges of intelligence with the eport to the Navy Reception Cen-'«'as given permission by Petain to:enemy will be decided after com- ter at Nashville, for enlistment in leave for London. j pletc questioning of their activities. the U. S. Naval Reserves were an- "When Clievallier ended his testi- ; nounced Tuesday by Donald W. mony. Presiding Judge-Paul Mongi-l S P E C I A L ! Wash and Grease Job For Next 10 Days $1.50 We Also Have a Few Sets of SEAT COVERS Johnson-Slephenson Service Station Across from Vaught's Drug Store Bristol Highway 1--Many war correspondents say that next to letters, soldiers want fint razor blades most. So... 2 --Send blth in * Personn* BUde Letter.Ten smooth-shaving blades plus room for photo and letttr. A P E R S Q N N A B L A D E LETTER goes class mail...anywhere, anytitoe... only 6f? postage... no request letter needed. Personna Blades ar« ruat- res/stani 1 .., made of finest premium steel. . . hollow-ground for quick, slick shaves. Send him a Personna Blad« Letter today! Personna, 599 Madison Ave,, N.Y.22 PERSOHHA Vaughn, specialist recruiter at the beaux asked him: "Did you know Navy Recruiting Station. I that Churchill has denied the ac- Clmrles p i TTnr A ' ord Dclar -° ,,,,,,, own - callin, j comprehensive and to set up vise Congress along the same lines. Camargo Takes Over As Colombia Leader Bogota. Colombia --/P-- Alberto Lleras Camargo was inaugurated James Gordon Bennett inroduccd po!o into theUnited States upon his return dorr Inglind in 1S76 and importc polo bails, realms, etc PaJ Pioaecrcd, Perfected and Patented the Hollow Ground blade -- 3. different, modern blade. Shaves w i t h just a "Feather Touch" because Pal is flexible in the razor -- follows facial contours. No need to "bear down". Blades last longer, too. Try them. on the President to initiate as president of Colombia Tuesday, hon=:7.o economic planning becoming one of the youngest chiefs a committee to ad- of state in the world. Just a month past" his 39th birthday, the former foreign minister ;will fill out the remaining year of IfUFF FUNERAL HOME - Prompt Ambulance Service Phone .1 -- P h o n e 2065-L Phone (691 Open Day Night Charlemont \Vataug» Sts. 17 i Clievallier replied. The start of the 14th day'n trial session was delayed an hour when a juror was held up in a subway station by the suicide-jump of a woman. At one point in the afternoon, six members of the 24-man jury were seen to be sound asleep. Bearded Prosecutor Andre Mornct also was slumbering. Big-Name Witness The day's big-name witness was Marcel Peyrouton, former governor- | general of Tunisia who was minis- | ter of the interior in Petain's Vichy j government. Peyrouton, awaiting: trial himself, was brought into KINGSPORT FLORAL SHOP Mrs. hathlc.'ii (irnwlo*!- FI-OUKK-* KV M1KK 'i \\ ( harli-niont I'hniu- · Easy Month); KepaymenU Quick. Krirndly Service the term of former President Al-i court under guard : fonso Lopez, who resigned. The inaugural ceremonies were held on the anniversary of the Battle of :Boyaca. which broke Spanisii power : i n northern South America, and thousands of holiday m a k e rs thronged Bogota's chief plaza. MOVING! HAULING! PHONE 771 KINGSPORT TRANSFER CO. Peyrouton testified that Vichy maintained contact with the British government via Madrid and INSURANCE REAL ESTATE AND REAL ESTATE LOANS ticefl FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLDG THIRD FLOOR- PHONE 5125 Co - Insurance, Comprehensive, Use and Occupancy, O. L. T., Subrogation--Insurance terms--Boy! What's it all ahout? Well, look at a i'ew mndi- cal terms. They'd choke a horse. The point is, it's the business of your in- insurancc agent, like your doctor to know. BENNETT EDWARDS Hear Evangelist J.W.GLADNEY of Jackson, Tenn., in a series of meetings at the GOSPEL TABERNACLE located on corner of Maple St. and Brooks St. Rev. J. \V. Ohulnry EVERYONE IS INVITED, Rev. J. W. Gladney, pastor WEDNESDAY MORNING SPECIAL! * Cozy warm soft coffon knif..:; in pink and blue. Extra pair of pants for extra comfort, extra wear with feet. Sizes 1 .to 4. * Keg. U. S. Pat. Off. J. FRED JOHNSON CO.

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