Daily News from Los Angeles, California on December 8, 1937 · 14
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Daily News from Los Angeles, California · 14

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
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1 Daily news; tos Angeles; cauf. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER' 81 7 FOURTEEN CCC V f i v TOWN TALK BY MATT WIINSTOCK Labyrinth The Elysian Park slide did a couple other things besides create consternation. It gave the East a chance to headline that our town was slipping into the Pacific, it gave rise to a mystery. A half dozen reporters assigned to cover the E. Park matter got to probing around the hillside. Charles Gesner, of The Evening News, found a boarded-up tunnel entrance just above the Dayton bridge, in the face. ct the sliding cliff. He was told hoboes' formerly stayed . there, but that no one had entered for three years. With some aid, he removed the barriers and went In. He was able to continue. 1800 feet Into the main cavern, more than, six feet high. He ran .Into many subsidiary caves which looped over and around the main one. He had to aijn through miniature lakes containing blind fish. Far in the Interior was a walled-up room about 20 feet square. The reporters became so fascinated by the cavern system, said to date back to the days of the padres, they have formed a club, the Trogodolytes, limited to membership of 10. Most mysterious of all, Mr. G. returned to the cave on Tuesday, three days before the mt. slid away. No one possibly could have entered through the barrier he had carefully boarded up without him detecting it, but insiSb he found footprints and scraps and other marks . of human habitation. Wonders Mr. G.: Is there another entrance? No; he hasn't been back. He has read too many stories about landslides burying miners. INADVERTENCES: Our fla . tic dty limit were stretched gain last Friday, postcards Joe Martin, by a radio announcer who stated that Mrs. Leopold Stokowski was granted a divorce in Los Angeles, Nev." He meant Reno . . . The same day, the AP carried a story from Omaha about Mrs. Katherine Quist, 47, giving birth to her sixth child by Caesarian operation. What distresses L. C. Weinberg, and undoubtedly many others, is the last paragraph: Mrs. Quist, whose husband was killed in an accident several years ago, is healthy and none of the children . . . has been seriously ill. Ahem. From every hearthsid in the land, From country hornet and trail -trt. There comet the cry on every hand, "Afy child, beware of tailor. ID GREGORY. Bordello Dep't. Hie town was considerably astir a fortnight ago by the appearance of beautiful ladies handing out business cards which inquired, Would You Cheat ? Call Your Yvonne. In smaller type a phone number. The boisterous fellow who called the number learned that it was a gag. The lady who answered the phone said, yes, Yvonne wras there every day. It was a theater and she appeared on the stage. The whole business was the brain child of Ralph Pollock, publicity man, who says it stimulated patronage to the showing of a film having to do with men who did cheat. He esti-: mated that around 5000 calls were received in three days. Three girls were kept busy answering them. Only about one-tenth of them were offensive, he said. Thus far we have heard no complaint from the gals who aren't kidding when they pass out similar cards. Olla Podrida Eastern newspapers and t broadcasts are pretty emphatic in stating California went sour , picking Alabama, that the Bears must have been scared of the young men of Fordham. On the other hand, the town has gone-. nuts after unobtainable tickets. Pasadena merchants are saying bad words about same . . . Simile from the Brewery Gulch Gazette: Nagurski was knocked sillier than an Eddie Cantor , raddio wisecrack" . . . Casual . statement of a ' former San Quentin inmate: It's a laugh the way they squawk about crime. I can walk from your , office to Seventh and Broadway . and see at least half, a dozen boys from the big house. They toy to get jobs, but can't give references. The cops roust them. Sooner or later they have to steal to eat" . , . .It .must come as a shock to ait patrons ac- customed to euphonious, three-ply names that a leading American painter, who recently exhibited in New York, is simply -Joe. Jones . . .ktble . to -those-. New Can-Can Embraces Apple Dance By HAROLD ETTLINGEB PARIS, Dee. 7. U.R Adelaide llall, a dusky dancer from Brooklyn, took a few shakes from the big apple tonight and tossed them in with the naughtiest movements ' of the French can-can, called It the canned apple and dared the folks bark home to Imitate it. The hybrid canned apple will have its premiere tomorrow night in one of the Pigalle hotspots of Montmartre when the Big Apple Cafe opens with' the double attraction of free drinks and Adelaide. As Adelaide described it, the "canned apple is a sort of a pantomime of a young lady with a' nest of hornets in her bustle. The' Brooklyn, dancer, who came to Paris 10 years ago with Josephine Baker and the Black-'birds" show troupe, had intended to give the Parisians an out-and-out big apple. "But to the French, who have been , accustomed to the cad-can with its difficult athletic gyrations for more than 50 yearn, the big1 apple would look like rhlld'a play, she said. "So 'we had to make the big apple more difficult." Adelaide waa sure the canned apple" wouldn't get very far . back home. -"Oh, no, not because It Is so difficult. she said, but you see It has to be done with the same costumes that can-can dancers wear. You know, lace-trimmed panties with black silk hose and side garters. -Adelaide wears a little something above the lace-trimmed do-dads, but tbe can-can girls at the Bal Tabarin don't Aiding' Adelaide In . developing the "canned apple was Anita Lou Mason of Los Angeles, who Is the first American girl ever to do a can-can feature at the Bal Tabarin. There's no dance in the world so difficult as the can-can, said Anita, who came to Paris after, graduation from Hollywood High School. It has terrific speed, kicking, splits and handsprings. Aged Groom Defends Elderly Bride FLORENCE. Italy,' Dec. 7. (UP) Guido Mannipi, 83, married Eletta Gambi, 80, in a church today. As the couple walked from the church with wide smiles an urchin darted past with a remark about the bridegrooms age. Guido struck at the boy, who ducked, and the blow landed on the bride's chin, laying her out unconscious on the church steps. Guido gathered her up in his arms and strode with dignity, through a laughing crowd to a waiting automobile. Pound Cake Hill Given New Spanish Name Historic old Pound Cake Hill was renamed Plaza de la Jus-tica" yesterday through action of the. Board. of Supervisors. For benefit of some board members, it was explained Pound Cake Hill is the old County Courthouse site at Temple and Broadway, and the site of the city's first high school. Renaming of the little park was asked by the California History and Landmarks Club. In introducing the proposal, Supervisor John Anson Ford said he did so as a means of perpetuating memories of the early Spanish beginnings of Los Angeles pueblo. OPENS WAY OUT CLEVELAND, Dec. 7. IUB It was a simple matter for John E. Price, grocery store manager, to escape today after two robbers gagged him, fastened colds about his body nnd piled seven sacks of flour on him. He fished a can opener from his pocket and opened his way to freedom. THIS BOSS Everyday Movies uril phone him from the drug-tlore. Father Bivine, Volitioiially Speaking, By HARRY FERGUSON NEW YORK, Dec. 7. (HD They brought Father Divine, the bald little Negro whom Harlem calls "God, Into Supreme Court today and asked him whether it was true that he had accepted $1500 from one of his "angels and, in return, had promised her she would live forever. "God adjusted the purple handkerchief in the breast pocket of his blue serge coat and said softly: "Generally, I do evangelical evangelistic work. I travel and wheresoever I be I carry on evangelical evangelistic work. Wherever and whenever a crowd assembles around me I speak volitionally. lie was at it again-talking From my own 8t&tfl . of consciousness.'!, ( - Did god promise Verinda Brown and her husband Thomaa (Onward Universe) Brown a lot of heavenly treasure in return for the four and a half grand? "The way I observe the heavenly treasure, Father Divine replied, it le . an un-material, non-material treasury of the storehouse of wisdom and courage. But did he promise them heavenly treasure, yes or no? . As a foresaid, he answered, -"I do not keep a diary of what might have been experienced. If anything appears on the table such as flowers they try to get Athem there without my knowledge. the strange jargon that has been the despair of every lawyer who has questioned him in an attempt to learn the sources of the vast fortune which enables . him to have a private airplane, an Imported automobile and to load the tables in all of Harlems "heavens with rich food. Todays proceedings was an examination before trial in the case of Verinda Brown who is known to the followers of Father Divine as "Rebecca . Grace. - She contends she paid $4500 to god" on the promise that he would give her food and shelter for life and that life would last, forever. The passing of the years brought to Verinda Brown the same pains and ills that other mortals sufer and In her mind grew the suspicion that maybe she was not. going to live forever. So she sued god" for her $4500. Todays appearance was one of the few departures god has made from heaven'1 near Kingston, N. Y., since last Summer. The chief athletic event at the Promised Land Olympic Games" was watermelon eating, after, which god" did some evangelical evangelistic work. Ordinarily when god" leaves heaven" he is followed by a battalion of angels flapping their arms and crying "Father, you're so sweet. but today he walked the earth with only two angels in attendance a white man who wouldnt tell his name and a Negro who tcld everyone to call him Honesty Quietness. They got a big kick out of the attempts of the lawyers to pin god" down to a "yes or no" answer. . , The lawyers wanted to know where "ged" carried on his evangelical evangelistic" work, lie smiled at them benevolently 1 don't want the folke to know Balks Probe "Honesty Quietness was no longer able to keep quiet. He laughed. The lawyers called for a little quietness from Quietness. Again they asked for a yes or no answer. "Not that I know of, "god said. "And I am sure if It had happened it would have been stressed so I would have remembered such. That was as close as they ever got to a definite answer and everybody gave up until next week. They asked "god if he could be back in court next week and he said he wasn't sure on account of he never knows where his evangelical evangelistic work will take him. .The only reason I was here today," Father Divine explained patiently, is that stipulation of legal matters had been mentioned of which I had foreknowledge." Then-puff! he was gone in a cloud of smoke from the exhaust pipe of a Dusenbiirg town, car. By Denys Wortman Fm doing the chasing nou He fainted when hia wife told him she intended to leave him, but yesterday Albert G. Custer had recovered sufficiently to ask the Superior Court to make Mrs. Custer's absence permanent. Custer alleged that while he was helpless in a faint, his wife, Ruth, walked out. He didn't recover from the shock for a week. He wants a divorce. BitterJDhoice Offered Prispn or sterilization was the choice offered Clarence Edward Burgess, 30, of Pasadena, yesterday by Superior Judge Ruben S. Schmidt. Burgees was convicted on charges of mistreating his 9-year-old stepdaughter recently and Judge Schmidt sentenced him to the penitentiary for from one to five years with the operation as alternative. Burgess wrill have 10- days to make up his mind and 20 more to have the sterilization performed, the judge ruled. COOKS PRIDE HURT BERKELEY, Dec. 7. (UP) Mrs. Bud Lugar Is very angry today about the sneak thief who visited her home laBt night. Her anger did not center around the $9 and some odd cents he took but because he had sliced himself a piece of a freshly-baked cake. She told police Nobody should cut cake when its warm like that. WAS L. A. By KAY WILLIAMS . Two new-fangled toys created plenty of excitement in the Los Angeles of 1905 as aw airship raced an automobile for the stupendous distance of 15 miles. It all stalled 'at Chutes Park when Capt. Tom Baldwin's dirigible balloon Arrow and . Hancock's Pope-automobile set forth with trf far-off Pasadenas Hotel Raymond. golf eourse as their hoped-for goaL -Both made it, 'which was something of a record in those early days of motor-car and fly- . ing machine activity. Great , crowds, assembled, at ' the starting point and .the finishing . line:. Hundreds cheered -Cspt. Ray Knabenshue as he. . skilfully piloted the gas-filled ' bag high jntb the 'air for the long trip. The same hundreds shouted approval, as Captains Baldwin and Hancock bravely ' set out to conquer' the distance in Hancocks conveyance. An equally great tbrong cheered to the echo as first sight of the two contestants was heralded by persons with high-powered binoculars. These spyglass observers gave minute-by-minute reports of the mighty marathon as each pilot strained at every leash to reach the finish line ahead of his friendly, albeit determined rival. Presses on Los Angeles and . Pasadena papers waited, poised with eager rewrite men sitting at well-oiled typewriters to rush bulletins of the races end . to nulsing presses, JVhether aided y favorable unds or not Is -unrecorded in the prints of the day, but the early blimp completed the remarkable distance in 30 minutes flat. . Leading the mechanical jaunting-cart to the Wire by two minutes in as dramatic a race as one coUld 'HslT for. It was the swan song for the Arrow. Laurels so bravely von in thii epochal event made not a whit of difference to the owner for the Arrow could carry but one passenger and it was Immediately dismantled for another aerial monster capable of carrying the unheard-of number of two passengers. Such is progress. Bu rnt H a i r Of Bride Nets $150 When a woman has to go to her wedding with part of her coiffure missing and her scalp, badly burned, she is entitled to $150 remuneration for the humiliation. This was the ruling of Municipal Judge. Wilbur Curtis late yesterday when he granted a $150 judgment to Mrs. Lillian Marshall, 23, blond housewife, against Floyd De Spain and Gene Moore, Hollywood beauty shop operators. Mrs. Marshall testified she patronized the .beauty shop last January 25 and ordered a permanent wave on the afternoon befont-her wedding. In the process she was badly burned, she said, and had to wear a hat to cover up the scalp bums. 'Polite Bandit' Energetic SACRAMENTO. Dec. 7. I'.R Police today attributed to a "polite party bandit" who conducts his work with attention to the . social conventions, a drug store holdup netting $80. The robber' also took $10 from a patron. A man answering the robber's description has disrupted a briege' party and a birthday celebration within the last three days, authorities said. By TIM i who are just discovering that the so-called legal bookmakers are bucketing wagers and not sending them to Tanforan (which we stated more than two montha ago): To be brutally - precise, tbe L b.'a are controlled . by (be same combination as of .? TT Wtof 29 per cent protection, , ' ' l ' X,

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