Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 2, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1947
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*JMP* R ATURE RIPOR1 ;i ii. i'. 1 r il n. "'• II ,'i. f". .Noon . 22 THE WEATHER Massachusetts nnd Connecticut- Light freezing <iri-/.:.]c tonight. F>,day freezing rain changing to rain nnd ending Into in (.he day. Temperatures rising slowly to iibove freezing on Kriijuy except in some interior valleys. A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Communit Vol LXXI, No. 1 ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents . LATE . - Victim Of 'Camera' Gun And Mate llnllril I'n-iH) cm Th" Senate I'ti- has det-ldi'd T.y n. llo""til'lb" f' 1 " 111 tllki »K' his MI'"' ,,m.-n Conpe.iM oonvi-ni'S tomor- . -oOo- - Cl.KKKS WALKOUT Ins .xiij-i'ic"—A wiilkunt tali i-i.-rl;-. I'H" '•'"•"''I M,iilln-rii . .illforiiia fouil Ntori". hl „„ iitti'int'l '» fiiforr.. <l«- niuml- "' r M-l" 1 ' 1 -' 1 ' 1 '" »'". v butist. •riir •.iiiiui""'" i'" 1 ' 1 ''" I)10 " t " mr Ill-Is I" ili» v l'l" wll « '•"•" AliKflcM, ... Wl'll II- Hi' 1 S "" ''''' r '»"" ll > VHl- |,.y ||l,II.VW(il«l. Hl'VITly Hills, •lHliit'inul flu- S;ni Cuhrli-l I'KKDlf'I'S I'HOSI'KKITV l>h<nTiix. Ariz. • RKc Johnson nn'si'iii nifvic ciMi 1 iiiul formei 1 C'h'anibi'i 1 " f Cumim-rce -predicts •fViMiil more yeui'S of prospurl- ,,, ,,|i|,;i(l fur the country. John- Ion nuv.-i a ili'|>i'<'ssion Is not In [In- curd* f"r ""' nation ^t'dr sov- i-r:il yi-tirs. Th>- fiii-ni'M- Chamber „( CiiiiiriH'i-c.- ••x.'Outlve rrjrls- t,.,-,.,! yt-st.'i-day «t » Phoenix, Alt/., il'-s-i't n-S"rt t(. recover fi-niii mi itttiu-k at |irii-nni(inia. -nOd • NO 01,1'KS ISfMiilntrli'n. VI.—Tin- sriii-c.h tar I'Jilila HVUIi'M (,'"•"* l"«» H" v-oiiml "Hi lvltl1 " Kri>wtlUC hflli-f thnl tin- pri'ttly IH-yi-nr-chl Stiiiiifonl, Ciiiin., Kirl nlluhl m-vcr lit- found, .Minn IVrfilon <llx- ii|i|i.'itn-il fri'iii rriKhliiwililr Hen- iilliXliiM i-i'll'-if' 1 Di-i'.'iiihi'l' I. iifli'l- lruvlm; (irr ilnniilltT.v fin" u slini-l hlla* In r,liisti-nl"'ry niiiiliiliilil. - uOo - IlKNVAI. OAKK Washington V.-It-ran.* in all -IS stiiti-s now can sec tlmlr own (It-mlsis fin 1 nun 1 'if st-rvlco-con- ni-cti-tl iillnn'iits. with the Kovi-rn- niunt footing tin- bilis. Tho Vct- i-rtins Administration says now coiuriicts In New York and fioii- i,i|ami li-uvi-s ualy Alaska und Huwull uiiLsiilt; tin- program (if hnmc ti.'wn ili-tal truntait-nt. •oOo— GOVKK.VOK Blt.VI)I-'Oltl> Boston—Itiiln-rl I'hki- llrud- foril tui'liiy li.-eiiini- Massuclitl- ,v«irs uflcr tils tini-fstnr. Wllliiini Itriulfiiril, limit iid'lri 1 IIM till- .itatt'% M'fnud ^.iviM-nor. tiOa— - IIOMDAY ACCIOKNTS NVw York Holiday traffic nc- ridi'nts in the n<illon. claimed "(3 livi,-s- inoHt of them tit'causi* nf snow, sli'i-t and fog. But this is romparutivcly few eunsklei'lnx tin' 23,1 who died during (hi- Christmas holidays . Even the Nullomil Safety C.'ouncll hat! «x- |»'cli-(l mtiilltii's tu hit 130 u M 1'J-IT muclt- Its fiirrnal d.'btit. On lll'or- nlu, iii it did at Christmas, leads thi- stiun tolls witri lli dead-- t-lKhl of them in traffic mishnps, Michigan is si'c.iiid with hi-six of llicm highway deaths. NI-W York, Ohio nnd South Carolina Wi'i-i' ni'Xt ill that order, • --oOo MAV UK DUI.AYKD Norfolk. VH,—Admiral H.vnl pliilini'il ID sail Imluy at IHIOII to Join tin, iiilvanri- croup of hl« i-xnnlltlDii tn I,liilr Ainrrldi. But thi! captain Hi tin- currior I'lilllplilni- Sen on which Byr«l will sull SH.VM now (hat a heiivy '»« limy <IHiiy (In- (li-pnrturr. Byrd inUI n aows conf'-ri-iifr ulioiiril tin- shl|> that hi- doesn't know wlii.||ii. r tin- Antarctic t-x- m-ilitlnn W.ll In- iilih- to rind the Ultli- .Anit-rlca Ni.<ttlciiii>iit n»falii, -r.Oo -- • FIKI.DS' KCNKKAL 'Jollywoiicl-Th.. lute comedian «• C. Fit-kis W i|| b,. lai.J to rest tfiil^y at I,os Angeli'jt at'ter K fu- iKTiil ho frc(|ui'ntly told frh-nds lie (lit 1 not want. The services W W tirrunged hy Flolds' ,-s- 'ranK«| w:i,-. M,- S . H ;UT ii,'t p-|,,| ( ] S . whoa uya Edgar Ki; r gen will hi- tny Hpi«ni(,tp, oOn- .. KI.KVKN DK.M) •»!ilnn -Klrv-.-ri deaths an- re- Pdrtod ns Nnvf p; nK | atul sut - r ,,,. H iw worst slp,-t iir.d snow storm of the wintiM-. And n hight-r fa- u "ty list Is r,.ari;(| UH ( | lp wiialh- ' hu [ clui Pallets Imxnrdous lee for another 24 to 3fl Tills |ihiilnKni|ih ill' Mrs. Ol^a Koocn and her ImslKiml, Alphonsn, ivas laUcn li.-fiii'c sin- lierainc the vicllin uf n fantastic shooting UurlnK the rush-hour in a Time Square, New York city, subway station. Hit li.v n from ii <-ii7iiern-shul;run i:arrii;d and fired hy Vtsnrl l.uslt, RII-M. Knrdi Inld pullcc that her liusliaiiil was hchlnd the shootlnp. Miss l.usU denied thai she knew the paukuKc sin- was, t;irryins l»;ld n K'i'1- She said she had I n hired li.v an "insurance, iidjustor" 1o tuke a, picture of Mrs. IJixx'd with Hie "camera". I'ollt-c arc Koi-i'd fur i|iieslMillill^. (International) Treasurer Church Services, Parties Welcome New Year, 1947 Boroughites Celebrate At House Parties, Inns And Private Dances The dew year arived in tihe borough :o the tune of what was pi-jbtthly the g.iycst New Year's! Evr ci'le-brution in years. At res- !'ts. dance halls, and horiiOM. ! wild cheering marked the arrivvil 1 of 10-17, Many young mon and : women morci-.ed about stroi.-ts in I "^ the business section, marking tho i ni-w vi-nr's arrival with morrymiik-; Mrs. Emma Swanson, Injured In Fall, Dies At Hospital John Gilbert Hospitalized After Fall Golden Hill Street Man Suffers Possible Skull Fracture; Two Others Hurt Falls resulted in injuries to three Naugaituck residents over the New Ye-jr holiday with one victim suffering n possible -fracture of the skull. John Gilbert. 4B, Golden Hill cltreel!, suffered a possi-ble fractured skull, according to hospital officials, from a fall Tuesday night while he was walking between Union and North Main streets, Union City. Mr. Gilbert, after falling to the ground, slid several feet and dropped into Prospect Street brook, Patrolman Theodore Klimaszewski reported. The patrolman, with the aid of a passer-by, got Mr. Gilbert out of the brook. The patrolman said he was unable to locate a doctor at the time, so he called the police department for uid. Patrolman William Passeck was dispatched in the police car and took the injured man to St. Mary's hospital shortly after 11 p, m. Hospital authorities report that, in addition to a possible skull fracture, he .suffered laceictions of tho scalp and small lacerations of the chin a.r.d nose. Mrs. John Scully, 23 Bradley street, was re-ported as being in "fairly good" condition by oHlcuils of thu Waterbury hospital where she was admitted yesterday, Mrs. Scully suffered a Iractured loft wrist when she slipped and fell yoiterday morning while walking i to the garage. :ii the roar of her j home, | After trc-i'imenl by Dr, Fred W. I Wcilc, the woman - was driven to : the hospital in the police car by I Patrolman James Fenton. | Clarence 'Sanders, 20, 33 George i ed with the .Savings Bank of New street, suffered lacerJtions of the , London, Conn. Prior to entering the hanking business 1-n wus on the staff of Hadficld. F.othwell, Soule Southern Democrats Draft Rep. Sam Rayburn For House Minority Leader Patterson Takes Seat In Congress Tomorrow JOHN" C. MONT, (.-lection us treasurer and member of the hoard of the Nuiiiratuck Savines Bunk, was announced today hy 1' Hlldinjr N. Olson. Bank Names John G. Mont Treasurer Election Announced Today By Hilding- N. Olson, Saving's Bank President Hilding N. Olson, nresidcnt of the Nnugnt.iick Savings bank, today announced the elect inn of John G. Mont as treasurer of the hank, and :'S :i nicmber of its board. Effective today, Mr. Mont replaces Harold W. Roberts who resigned to become, executive secretary of the | Naug-atuck Native To Be Sworn In As 80th Congress Convenes big day in necticut Mr. Mon Tomorrow will be the life of James T. Patterson who, in impressive ceremonies in the nation's Capitol, will become a U. S. Representative from Connecticut's Fifth degressions' District, ;is the 80ih Congress convenes. One ol Nougaiuok's own sons, he succeeds another favorite son, Congressman Joseph E. Talbol, who has withdrawn temporarily from political circle;. At Uu- outsel only one drawback confronts the former Marino Corp.? major in that he will be without ollicial quarters for several days. Assigned to the oltlce occupied by Representative .Mary T. Norton (D) ol New Jersey, who was re-| elected, he will be obliged Jo wail until she can move to her new quarters. Congressmen arc en- tilled to hold their old o:1ices until noor. tomorrow. Further delay is expected inasmuch as the ollice j will require a four to five day — . • . ,, ! painting job. B Bank's Association ol Con- I Sccrciary w M ;.. parson will formerly was nssocint- ' left hand when he slipped, and fell down ai stairway whlie leaving a New Year's Eve party at the NO.U- gatuck Aerie of Eagles, police reported. •He- was treated--at St. 'Mary's h-ospit'al',' Waterbury,"' after " being driven there by Patrolman Pas- seck, After reeeivinjf treatment Mr. Sanders wjs discharged. i be State Senator William A. Painter. who will be succeeded by Luke Suplcion of Cheshire when the General Assembly of the state convenes Jan. S, out At several of the l-oro • churches. worshippers atii ' services as thf old year wen ' and the new catr.e in. Most business In -the hoi ' suspended opi-ratlons \Vedni I'ot tho holid.iy. i I'or many leiur-i.Hl set vicerm-n, •, this was the !lr.-t New Year's tew • in several yours in which they hnci j .in opportunity to celebrate In the i ti-ulltional manner with family ( nnd frionds. Ma:iv of the bor-i oiigh's v f t e r :i n « ' organl'/.a-tiuns 1 .-ipcmsured their own ci'lobrntions, MX did fraternal and church ; groups. • ! ! Veteran organisations staging nartlo.i Tuesdiiy night were Naugn-, j tuck Valley Det''ichnu:nt, Marine Corps r.tiagui', which hold u dance I In Odd Follows' Hull: Natigatuck I Post, American Legion, which i i.'cl eh rated In the new home; Dis- 1 uhlotl Amt-rlcnn Veterans, who cn- I tei-talnod nt "opon house" in the \ C'.iurch street club rooms, and j Crusader Post, Veterans of For' -ig.-i Wiirs. i- Nauga-Mtcl^ Lodge of ICIks, Nan ; .jatuck Ai-ric Community. Emma M. (Johnson) Swaa- jn. S"j. wifi! of August Swar.son, .\"-'W street, died Tuesday nigh-t lit the \\'atorbtiry hospital, where she had boon :i patient since Dec. .'2. Mrs. Sv.'anson fell at her home that day and fracmred her left hip. Born May 2fi. 3SC1. in Swcde-n. she came to this country in 1889 Jj"land had been a resident of the * I borough HO yy,irs, .She was a member of i :ind 111. Frank Campbell Dies At 45 After Brief Illness Frank W. Campbell. 45, of 11 Highland Circle, a native of Naugatuck, died las: night lit St. S.ilem L-.i-.he.ran church I Mary's hoi^iital, Waterbury, fol-i .JAMKS T. PATTERSON The now Congressman has expressed interest to Republican bends in ulvc Armed Services, Appropriations ond commiit-tiet'S, with particular emphasis or. the Armed Services committee. [Senate Republicans To j Make Decision Today On Course Of Action Against Bilbo ; Washi^g.tan, Jan. 2 —<L"P>-i Southern in :.'ie House ! hove staged a last-mininc surprise I push and have drafted outgoing j Speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas os : minority Under in the new Con- | The southerners appeared to be : reconciled to tile choice of a north' erm-r for fie minority post when j P.ayburn t-aid earlier that hi: did ! not want the job. However, they i decided to draft Rayburn after It | became known he would Uke ihe \ IDOSI if drafted. (By C'nifco* ^rojis) ! The men who won the elections ! last Nov-cmbcr are holding n^v.' elections today, ; Victorious Republicans are com- j pleting their party organization ; for the opening tomorrow of ihe 1 SOU) Congress. D<'mjera,ts~3ls 0 «3ii> busy naming their minority leaders. Latest development among ihe ' Democrats is a last-minute drivo | to drafi outgoing- speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas to be House Demoe;vuie floor leader. Tho j Texan will he nominated by the i outgoing House Democratic leader, John \V. McCormack of Mas: sachusetis. Rayburn previously ! insisted he'i interested ir. . the job. But it's believed be will .-Jcccpt it now. Foreign Affairs, -j^j, and Coates. Certified Public Accountants, of Hartford. He is a , graduate of the Kingswood School, j West Ko.rr.for<2. and of the Bsntlcy i School" of Accounting and Finance. I Boston. ' He served with the USAAF in t he- Pacific theater of operations dur- , .ng the v.-or. I Snow, Sleet Storm Makes Vehicle Travel Dangerous Chief Gormley Observes 30th Anniversary r."Hlies' Aid society, h'n^ides hoi- husband she leaves sfVM'nl nieces and nep-hews. Funeral services will be held Satin-flay afternoon tit 2 o'clock at tin- Salem TvUthoran church, with the P.ev Willi.'im R. Prendberg, ;;-astor, ulllciating. 13urial will be in Grove cemetery. Friends may call at t.he Alderson Funeral Home. 20't Meadow street', tomorrow rvening from 7 ,to 9 o'clock. Large Crowds Attend Masses Yesterday, New Year's Day, the Fonwt of the Circumcision, was to of F.agle-:. Pond Hill holy rlny of obligation for Cath- Club, St, Francis' o |ics. Large crowds attended all Bovs' Club ond the Women's Aux- Masses at Roman Catholic church- 'Htirv of Beth Israel staged rlnnces ( . K in the borough, schedules which attracted large g i thering.s. of Masses were: St. Francis'. C, 7, vvatc'h ni"ht services were held «. n and 10 o'nlor.-k: St. Mary's, at wuccn t,i,~n. ^ _ g ^^^ ^ O . c|o( . |{ . ;UKl al g, Hed . ^Continued on Puffe XI ' wig's, 5. S. 0:30 and 11 o'clock. Beacon Falls Town, State Road Crews Praised For Work During Recent Storm NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today - 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Iriday from the EditoriaUooms Of The Naugatuck News Station WATR No Accidents New Year's Evn was celebrated -ToJuience following the recent ice In Beacon Falls in an orderly way the progress shown in ,, i ..„.* i ,. ,. „ j wore held, among those, at the con Falls Recreation club, and :be I White Eagle Hall. I Th.- oHlciency anJ readiness of. the town and state road c _;^ fv '^ ' with no accidents reported. Several local house parties and private parties lowing a brief illness. The son of the late Frank and Nellie (Reilly) Campbell, he was employed at t,he U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant. Ho is survived by his wife. Mrs. Florence (Rappe) Campbell, a daughter, Ellen Ann. both of Naugatuck; two aunts, Mrs. Annie Sul- liwin of ^faugatuck, and Mrs Mary Hall of New Hnvon. Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at 9:30 o'clock from •the Buckmillcr Funeral Horrw, 22 Park place, to St, Francis' church, where a solemn high Mass of re- quie'm will be celebrated at 10 o'clock. Burial will be in St, James' cemetery. y. Friends may call at th« funeral homo this evening from 7 to 10 o'clock, and tomorrow afternoon and evening from 2 to 10 o'clock. Police Chief John J. Gormley today celebrated his 30th anniversa- ! ry 113 a. meinb-J-r of the local police j deportment. He joined the force : Jan, '2, lfl.17, and except for an in- Three Cars Involved In Crash Tuesday On Prospect Street A threc-cnr accident on Prospect street, near the nome of Matthew Kiely, was reported by police Tuesday at 1:15 p. m., and tho three drivers hove been notified to clearing all Schools Open Looa , schou | s have reopened to- dry |' o :- c ,wing their annual Christ- .-itorm, m , sanding and I roads. . rlurin" Crows wen; out at ni^.Tt -Ihe storm and in 'the morning a.ter "tf —i't or .„«.,„* -i- dents -h-avo been reported sine.! the ri'/a'rdoiM conditions existed. , n ,. ls ho -.|day. The library will also «.m u-is recen-tiv distributed to | 1 , l , r , pl , n in Friday afternoon. losicli-nli bv ^ town crcWt< - ! v,« V,.n."ivod the sand have] Kngagcmont U i i v -ood use of it t,!-ie past! Mr. and Mrs. Yublomsky of Cook been inakinf, i. ^ sidonvilks ' r_niie. liuvo announced the engage- few days in san , g m pj. ' i ment of their daughter. Mary, to In front ot their -•• j Anthony Kaminski, of Anderson | s tii union City. No date hns been nil Those appear in borough court Friday, on' charges of violating the rules of the road. Police Capi. Anthony ^!W!ono said a car operated by Miss Kathleen Sullivan, 194 Woodlawn Terrace, Waterbury, skidded and struck a fence. A truck, o-perateci by Harry Schneer, 45, of Bishop street, Waterbury, following the Sullivan car, applied the brakes and managed to stop without hit Water Company Reports Thr^e Inches Precipitation; No Accidents The worst sleet, and snow storm of t.lie season has' covered Naugatuck. und all of New England, with a blanket of snow and ice. The dangerous ice conditions will continue for from 2-1 to 36 hours | the weather bureau predicted. Despite the slippery roads, no mc-tor vehicle accidents were reported by local police during the storm. The snow began felling at -1:03 yesterday afternoon. Tho precipitation for the 24-hour period ending nt 8 o'clock '.his morning was Bus Committee Sends Report To Commission • Republican leadership contest in Uie House has narrowed into vi two-man race. Representative Dirks«n of Illinois has wfth- | drawn, leaving only Thomas Jen; kins of Ohio to oppose Halleck of i Indiana, who already nas enough i support to be elected. Halieck is | the choice of New York's Governor Dewey. House Republicans meet at 2:30 (EST> this afternoon ! to m-ake Holleck's choice final. The way is open for election of | the resi o f u,c Republican leaders ; without much argument. GOP ; members of the Senate already j haw chosen Senator Whito of | M.iim* as majcrity Jojder. I Ai a meeting this afternoon. j they hope to smooUi out tho lasi ; rough spot, in the Senate picture. - This :s Kansas Sena.tor Reed's dc- I mand thnt he be mado chairman of tho interstate commerce committee. Senator While had been [ tagged for the post. Reed claims t\ report on last Fridav's meet- i IYTK-. i ,j , "^ —"" ~"*""--' ilv. Na.igntuck Bus Trans- ! \ Vll:tP s ! ^'-"dn'i be allowed 10 hold committee was sent to- dmvn two ma J° r Jobs. Hil(M) <>(IC-,fiO(l Another big item on tne GOP agenda ihix afternoon is a final decision on whnt to do about Bilbo. : ing of j portation i day to ihe Public Utilities Commission by Warden I-eo J. Brophy, chairman of the committee, three bus routes as proposed by three inches, ter Company The local group voted to approve Everett C. Willni-d. PUC engineer, who investigated both the commi:- the Naugatuck W;i-| ice's routes and those of 1-ionol reported. .JOHN J. GOKMKKY terruptior. caused by service in World War J. has served continuously since, The chief joined the Nuvy in December 1937 and served until April 1910. He returned to the force immediately after receiving his honorable discharge. Chief Gormley served as patrolman from 1019 to 1933 when he was made sergeant. He was named cap- tnin in February of l'J39 and chief in April of the same year. First 1947 Baby Born To Matyokas Naupratuck's first New Year's i baby is the daughter of Mr. nnd ting, but a car operated by Harry j Mrg Michae , Mn tyoka -13 School W. Arendholz, Beacon Valley road, | streci< bo ,. n .| as t night fit G:.I5 o'clock Naugatuck, crashed into the truck, ,. n st _ M ary ' s hisnitsil. Waterbnrv. pushing- it into the Sullivan car No one was injured. The birth was attended by Dr. Leo I L, Tylec. Pv ,chc^' i ^^n:|- trorthc ^— nvcnue. has s S. occupation In Japan, pa r- has Tech- , prior t home, h.'uvv fieas and HI.O! i Si in th,- I'ureign country. Ii:u-k to Duty Sen man 2-c Friink Wynne returned to the Naval Air nical Training School, in Jacksonville. Florida, after spending a row (lavs' Avith bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wynne of Wolfe Ave, Former Warden Hospitalized The condition of John J. Gorman, 5 Gorman street, was reported os "good" this morning by authorities of St. Mary's hospital where ihe is a patien't. Mr. Gorman, a contractor, is a former warden of the borough. j Joseph Reynolds Hospital Patient A surgical patient at St. Mary's hOBOital, Wtttcrbiirv, the. eonrtitio'- of Joseph Reynolds of 189 Cherry street was reported as satisfactory today by hosnKa 1 officials. Mr. Rev- nolds was admitted to the hospital Dec. 27. —A Kiniil Ihlm tu dn with your Xmn« , n nni\v—Urt n imlr of HICKS quulltr .ih<H"i HIV! ri-wimibir .viinr elvrr nil ri-:ir riiimil. ll!<-k», MS llunli Si.. Wlh.v.—Ailv. Roads were passable throughou. th<? state this morning but drivers were cautioned to travel only if the trip was necessary. A slight drizzle during the morning froze on windshields of motor vehicles, .idding to the danger. Crews of the Nauga:tuck Street Department and state crews worked throughout the night and continued today to plow and sand the streets and roads. Trains were running on schedule, it was reported, but buses ran LeClair, franchise bolder, last month. No comment h.-<s been forthcoming from either Mr. LoCljiir or his counsel, Atty. Thomas Ncary. who also received Mr. Willurd's report. Adam Mengacci Reported Better Lite during the storm. trntlic was suspended. All air The Adam condition Mengncci. of Commander Montanari-Rado C.'iurcb street will be cleaned by (Continued On Pnge 8) Post, 68 High street, a medical patient at Wolerbury hospital, was j reported by hospital authorities as j ! "good" this morning. He is now able to leave his bed. Mr. Mengacci was admitted to the hospital Dec. 26.; . The ;-.nrty policy committee head-' ed by Senator Taft Riot this morning to map its formal recommendation to the conference thJs art- ernoon. All indications arc that tho Republicans will challenge the Mississippi lawmaker's right to 3 seat because of his dealings with war contractors. The party j» armed wiih a hi -pjrtisan .Sena*e committee report formally charging Bilbo wii.0 improper conduct. In self defense, Bilbo has sent <;:ich of the senators a copy 01" a lotlor denying tho charges againsn him. He pleaded, "please do not judge me until you have read and carefully considered the real facts." Cotton Hollow New Year Welcomed At House Parties Tuesday In Cotton Hollow —Hiinliiifl-M. Cliitri'li Ntri-H. list* Hi-nrCM -if fxtni Dm* vuliM'N for NitiiifiitiirU w>- tnt'li—;irit-i' Clirl'-t'mis spi-rliilx In nil il<-- iiiirlnii-ntH nt Ihr nlorr,—Adv. Several New Year's Eve house parties were held in Cotton Hollow Tuesday evening, it was reported today. Mr. and Mrs. George Vessen of Beacon Valley road entertained Mr. and Mrs. William Ringcnburg and Mr. and Mrs. James Vande- Carr, all of Prospect, Mr. and Mrs. John McDermo'tt, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Andersen, and Charles Valentine. Entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MayV were Mr. and Mrs. William Hutt, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McLellan, Mr. and Mrs. John Foley, Mr, and Mrs. George Muffat, Mrs. Donald Woodfield, Miss Helen Mai, Miss Dorothy Hull and Edward Mason, ' Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pox enter-;' tained Miss Doris Needham. Howard Needham, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Slick and Anthony Santore. The Gallucci family was cntcr- ! tained et ithe home of Mrs. Gae- j tano Gallucci, including Mr, and i Mrs. John Gallucci of New York, ! Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Gallucci, House Guest S. W. Bardsley of Providence, R. T.. has been the holiday g'ucst of his brother and sister-in-law. Mr, and Mrs. Lyman Bardsley. In Spymoiir Mr. and Mrs. Hnrry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sargent, and Mr. and Mrs, Fred Ardry spent New at Buddie's Inn, Sey- Year's Eve mour. Returns Miss Patricia Santore, accompanied by her brother, Charles, returned yesterday to Rye, N. Y., after spending a few days with her grandmother. Mis. Charles Snnloi-e. Seven Fatalities In Connecticut During Holiday Hartford. Jan. 2—(UP)—The New Year started off in Connecticut with seven violent deaths. Two persons died In automobile accidents, three others HB results of falls and there was one suffocation ond one death from burns. The automobile victims were Mrs. Jean F. Staiikcy of Old Lyme and Robert J. Clark of New Haven. Falls proved fatal to Paul E. Coulombo of Willimantic, Joseph O'Conncll of Danbury and Raymond J, McMahon of Norwalk, Louis Szabo of Bridgeport died as result of burns (suffered in an explosion at the Brunswich Radio Corporation, while Dewey Schn- mans of Bridgeport suffocated in his third floor attic room. 1 Mr. and Mrs." Elizo Gallucci '. Frederick Gallucci. and At New Home Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wnsoko have taken up residence at 8 Col- tmi Hollow. The couple formerly resided on Water street. Naugatuck proper, , Boy Scouts A meeting of Boy Scout troop. No. 0, will be he-Id tonight in the J-taucon VaJIcy Grange ball. Mrs. Ford Wulfeck On Vacation The Service for Veterans office in the Tuttle School building- ia closed today, but will be open tomorrow with Miss Dorothy Barwick in charge. Mrs. Ford Wulfeck, director of the service, who is on vacation, will return to her desk on Monday. —Ail NuuicMinrk In twIMnic atxnM iu» 1»4V Sllllli-hiiki>r. Ihr maul timytlftil <-:ir In Ilk rlrlil. Kn> II nl Nnnroln ' llnlicrr ft Auto Srrvlf*.

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