El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on November 13, 1967 · Page 18
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 18

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1967
Page 18
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Dobbs Says: Colorado State has as tutigli a hysiil team as we played this season and I'm quite happy over that 17-0 virion'. Tt was one of our hesr defensive elfons of the year. Offensively, we didn't nave a big Kame only because we weren't sharp in our passing. BjIIv Stevens was a little wild. After bcirffi practically out of action for Ihree weeks, he was somowhat rusty. And our receivers dropped a few. COLORADO STATE came at our passers hard and fast. Brooks Dawson caught a helmet in his face. He received a badly cut lip and four teeth, one of which was a cap. were knocked o-jt. He was unconscious when f got out on the field. As far as I could see it wss Irjjal play and not intended to put him out of action. I don't find much fault with our pass protection. The Ramj were stunting and looping and it wai difficult to keep all of them off the passer. They jnt thrDugli about four times. Our offensive line did a good job over all and put out a good effort. YES, FRED CARR had a lot of tackles 14). All the other defensive players played well, tco. Charlie West (who riturned n punt 31 yards to launch the Miners on their first touchdown drive and set up the other on a SJ-yard punt return) played one of his better games as a Miner- "t didn't expect Jerry Waddles to make a couple of those long field goals. I figured they were just as goad as punts. which tncy were. COLORADO STATE has a good team and some fine runners. Their tailback, Oscar Reed, is a splendid runncr-About all Colorado State lucks is a good passing attack, f was very much concerned all last week about this j;ime. During the game J didn't feei very easy until Waddles kicked that field goal in the fourth charter to give us a 17-0 lead. Miners Have Best Chance With Wyoming The Week That Is By BOB INGRAM j ' Now n can be told! Early in ;t the week of the Mew Mexico c0 ;ame, Bobby Dobhs said to h.s . University of Texas at 1 Paso 5"' I i squad at pract Ome ( Wye: t was slip or the tongue but, DOBBS DISCOURAGED i rfi MP itnirrfin rhar rnp naUalk on other than the game ch of the M,ne-s was ubcon-f!!,and' "V' E' ,us:y lotting ahead to what s r ' in he fan game of the season for khi; '.veefc evervbody can talk lg 1 ; get ready for the Miners. They play the Wyo- about Wyoming. The ban is off. New Mext- ming Cowbovs at 7:30 p.m., :n The Miners lor he li line Sun Bow Saturday. sir.ee Dobbs came here appear! HPtto Herald-Post fipofc EdfteJ by Bob Ingram Monday, November 13, 1SB7 H P Writer Talks At Golf Dedication County officials and members of the A s c a r a t e Golf Course Assn.. yesterday joined in dedi cating a new $10,090 warehouse at the entrance to the park to Max Franco, oldest member of the nation. Herald-Post sports writer Jim Sleeper, who was main speaker, at the ceremonies, praised thei new warehouse as a milestone i the development of the course. County Commissioners Ro.gel Sanchc: and Richard Telles paid. tribute to Mr. franco, Inng-timt: Ascarare golf fan, who, at S still plays in the 80s. "THIS WAREHOUSE will git the golf course workers a plac to store and equipment, more efficient working place fc the continued improvement of: Ascarate," Mr. Sleeper told the small gathering at the arehouse. "The dedication of this w house to Max Franco is rust of many milestones in the devel opment of Ascarate- The ciation "passed a milestone whenj Elman Chapa was elected presi dent. His hard work was respon sible fnr many improvement'. Commissioner Tcllcs said the arehouse cou'd easily bt- expanded in future y that such expansion v, much lesi than the S10O00 for ,the unemal structure. : e Rep. Raul Muniz. Ucarale golfer, also took Inart in the brief ceremonies. Liberty's Eyes On NineGames MEMPHIS, Te: Libei'.y Bowl si plan to watch ; s In..-: n., Nov. 13. juts said ir.ey tola! ot ck e-M.S3.s- ning v including the Tcnnct sioui same here. A. b. (liua) ucaiey, president of the annual post-season game. planned to watch Missouri and Nebraska with the a good solid choice to be invited for the game here Dec. IB. Other Enmes on the schedule. include Penn State-Ohio, Geor gia - Auburn, Syracuse - Boston College. Army-Pittsburgh, Okla noma-Kansas, LSU - Mississippi Stale and Alabama-South Catoli to have comparable strrnpl1 wiLn the Cnwbovs from Lurj.nie They didn't have the personnel to give Wyoming an even game in 1065 and a ) 31-7 in favor of ihe Cowboys last vear. Thev ater cam Sun Sowi and defeated Florida :State. THE POKES, undefeated this vear, winner ol nine 'and 13 eoing bac tc- last season. will rate ae t a v a -r 1 1 e s wge here. But everyone agrees it e a tremendous amc. The lean, ha-d and fast Cow- hoys could not have helped but impress El Pasrans who s them on video last Saturday their -ti-S victory over New Mex- Tiiev iaoked iust as fiood they duf in the Sun Bowl, both. ; and delense w;ui Jin Kiick still a powerful runner There were other top hands of the Cowboys, .including J DePoysie.- who can kick field from 50 yards out, Vic iVasn no tor. a tas: detensivf and punt and fc i e k o f : nr. Tom Williams, fall- back; Hub Liadsey. flanker; Gene Huey, a split end; Tim Gottberg ai left end; Mike Dirks : - -h: ;.i..-l- jv. ;:r,; trv.H. and Dennis Devlin in the deep DOUBLE EFFORT TWO Colorado Slate defenders (in while) attempt to knock down a Billy Stevens pass at the end of the Texas Miners' game against Colorado State. At riy,ht is Bob Wallace, ready to receive the ball. However, ii was an incomplete pass, (Herald-Post Photo by Bill Thompson). Still Play for Rose Bowl UCLA and USC 'Haggard Look' PLUS OF COURSE, Paul Tos- ,ino. Coach Lloyd Ealon of tin wbcys has done a remarkabh job of converting him from defensive halfback to a top-notch quarterback ad in one year. Tos- azainsi the Lobos Saiur- day, looked as good as two quar- ..-) j -j; s.-edeceMT at "V y mmg, Tom Wilkinson and Rick ,'Egloit. We knew he could pass i-out didn t expect him 1 well as he did against New Mex- NM Aggies Go On Win, Record Hunt The University of New Mexico Lobas Inst again over the week end, but this time the embanks ing 42-5 defeat by Wyoming'; seventh ranked Cowboys wa; viewed by a seven-state tele vi tn audience. In losing to Wjomin g, the; Western Athletic Conference champ. New Mexico became the Cowboy's llth straight w h i i e the Lobos added their, Box Score In A.B.A. tit plays: Vauflttn J!, . Ittj IDBNVCR lift J-IQ 17f5lmmwu 1 WACO, Tex money winne iWomen'i Opci NEW MEXICO'S other college earns were victorious over the Iweekend. New Mexico State hon- rrtd coach Warren Woadson Oth year of coachine with 90-0 victory over Northern Arizo na University, and fourth ranged Highlands University ouLrcorcd its tougnest season opponent Col- rauo state uouege 17-7. In walloping Northern Arij i 1 the New Mexico State Ariv broke two school records, kirker1 Ai Gonialcs hit 12 extra point ions id surpass tne mark t bv Pete Snnolannvirh in 1561. Don Jones notched his 2nd pass reception of the season to break the record of -111 set in 1365 hy. fJartweil Mencfee Quality Open Money Winners : least o Dudley the came one week from today, Nov. 20. the earliest possiDl' announcement dale under NCAA rules. Pokes Say UTBPClub 'Toughest1 . Wyo. , Nov. 13. Top s in me. yuann Call tuurnament: i from .Laram. today was that the C o were preparing for what they ibt.K v.i I be tntir tcusficst loot- ball game of the season. The Cowboys escaped from the New Mexico game at Albu querqus without injuries. Hubi Lindsev. Hanker bac.-t. had s m s in his thurh cuti returned to action in the Lobo The lempenature in Laramie in the mid 50s. The skies are lean, which means that the Cowboys will work out on their field thu week instead of lerring practices to their field house. The Cowboy squad will fly El Paso Saturday and wHl return home immediately after the game. A good-sized delega tion of Cowboy rooters is expect ed lo come to LI Paso for the UCLA, the Beavers, because, of- new Pacific Eight conference i ling, find themselves malhe-atically eliminated from anv jchance for a Rose Bowl appear- DESPITE ITS v Any haggard cxpressio cnt.ai;: imspcrtcs :xi wcei by foatbi es Tommv Proth.ro iUCT.A and John McKay Southern California can icly place kicker Mike Hag-; card of Oreson State. Saturday s clasn tetweer. UCLA and USC will reward tn. with a Rose Bowl bid possible national cham pionship but any chances for the lonally televised game to pn duce a battle of unbeatens wet personally destroyed 'ay Hag-ifor three louchdon' igard the past two weens. ior a lourtn. The Miners returned practice field laday with Brooks Dawson wearing a race mask t protect a cut 'mouth. He wa knocked out when rushed and !i: ;by a Colorado State player! j Saturday night in the first q: over South-i'cr of the Miners' game with ;. -Liawson spent tne UCLA, which could renin Southern C a 1 ito r i nation's top ranked week, warmed un far its big aante ay ibrai.n.n' Wasa.cs .H!-An.?n-:i guj.-teryjck candidate Gary Seban passed and the night i Bil.y i the bench while took over. Mike Lude: By JIM SLEEPER Coach Mike Lude of Colorado State, talking before a quiet and dejected squad a! players after the Texas Miners' 17-0 victory in the Sun Bowl, indicated he had one big thing tu be proud of. "We didn't let the Miners get away with the long bomb as they've done against other teams," he said, Lude pointed out that the turning point of the game was Chanlie Wests 53-yard punt return in the fourth quarter. The plsv put the Miners on the five and from that point Biily Stevens passed to Ron Jones Tor the UTEP's second touchdown. COLORADO STATE, principally a running team, was too far behind then to catch-up that way. "We had to change our game plans and try to catch-up by throwing." Lude said. "I was disappointed its the results but the boys gave it a heck of an effort." Although Tom Calloway of the Miners has had better nights as far us a punting average is concerned, the sock-footed kicker played a big part in his team's victory. Lude added- He said Galloway's punts kept CSU m poor field position. SPEAKING OF the blta that kmcked out quarterback Brooks Dawson and harassed Billy Stevens for the rest of the game, Lude said: "We used the pass rush with our defense to control the Miner offense." Lude was referring to both the line defense of his team and the secondary men who bnokc up a lot of UTEP passes. The Miners didn't get flustered by the tusn said the CSU coach. "They are a poised team. They know wha they're doing out there." Tide, Vols, Buffs Cotton Bowl favs' imiira p,e.i in-rraoiiDnoi I Tennessee, however, generally DALLAS, Nov. 13, Cotter. is bcicve(i (1) be ticketed far the officials S " n d lained sn nffi-ial mumness h j e c t. but Alabama, Tcrmc a-.! Colorado loomed prospecLs ior ; auest role in the New Year': Day Cotton Enwl game against the Southwest Loniercnte cnum-pion. How Top 20 Teams Fared In Football IIAGCARD'S latest heroics THE LIST of major at at the e x o e n s e of tut)iaR1 unued ranked Southern California last (Saturday when his 30-yard ond period field goat stood up; J-0 Oregon State victory !that sent the Trojans down to their first defeat atter etem . The week before, Haggard booted a field goal late in the fourth quarter to give the Bea- 16-16 tie with UCLA tor 'the only blot on the Eruii pencct rccom. naca two over the weekend iSouthern California's Joss and North Carolina defeat at the hands of Penn State. The two perfect records belong to Indiana, which nipped Michigan State (H-13), and Wyo- ng, wit'C-n routed r Mc-vm Spikes Recovers For Buffalo Biils NEW YORK, Nov. 1?. - jDcfensivc hack Jatik Spike Ihe Buffalo Bilis, injured in yes-i it e r d a y 's game with the New n't"1: 'ets -r Juin-; qj.:e ,-.:!.: authorities at Special Surgery r.aspnai saia toaay. CSU-UTEP Staiistics Indiana needs oniv against Minnesota Saturd sen of scentlmi: New- Years day on the West Coast. DOBBS WAS hope Dawson's .injuries will not keep im mi ct tne WyominE ea and tthat Stevens, battle tested he'aeain, will not be as wild high is some ot tne time the game with Colorado State. At that, Stevens passed for 261, bringing his career mark upi past the 60TO-yarc atari lit t Miners' 17-4 victory over CSU. irt-"cn- r-";r' :o Szn ftn fnr six yartLi and the first Miner touchdown in the first quarter to cap a drive o! 54 yanls. startinj; from the point where Charlie West returned s purrt 21 yards. Jerry Waddles converted to give the Miners a 7-n lead which theyi couidn t enlarge until tne fourth quarter. Then West iretunied pant SJ yards to t the ball the five, pn the second play Iroo that -point. Stevens nit Hon Jones in the end lone for touchdown. TENNESSEE, which has lost nlv 10 UCLA, ran its record to 1 with a 35-14 w.n over Tulane hi le Purdue kept its hopes I've for an undisputed Big Ten h a m p i o n s h i p hy downing .imnesota 41-12. N'otre Dame trimmed Pitts burgh 39-0, Oklahoma bocsled its Ibowl hones with an impressive ',ni' 52-14 victory over Iowa State, Alabama nippedLouisiana State 7-6, Florida surprised Geargii csu' lT-16. Houston topped Memohl! isiState 35-IS. Texas blanked Bay- K.7jlor 2-1-0, Auburn whipped Missis- tf'lsippi State 36-0, lexas E-'Paso heat Colorado Stati 'JjNchraskn stopped Oklahoma State 8-fl. Army whitewashed lUiah 22-0 and Duke topped Navy 1315. JERRY WADDLES, who ha missed long kicks at field, cca: had a shorter one in the fourth, hitting a ehree-pointcr from the 12. Defensively, the Miners played1 one of their best games of the season. CSU crossed their 2fr vard line only once Most of the i.i- ;v- .i,-:;r--:-' dr;r-n:.il- p :l; c: M nuri. .1 pressure-punting of Tom . 0 w- a y, tie Rams penned down deep in thein end: of the field. The M i n appeared to always have jocd field position but couldn't quite nench good field goal positi number ol times due to the stout Oscar Reed, the CSU Ali-I America hepeful, had 42-yDrd tar the longest Ccio.-aoo State gain. NEW YORK, Nov. 13. How the top 20 major college football teams fared this week- Wosblnjton in. jl Wctiigm Sim' ii it Mt PltUUir S 7. Wyomlnft ' 11. Aloliama 12. GtKjia I 1. Oregon ! Gcorsla i i. Tcs beat Bavler 2-fl. IT. Auburn b:or Ml-sslsi cpl Srol? IB. Loulslono SW Imt to Ambam 19-H, Unlwrsl!, ol Tex as ol El F bent Colorcaa Stntt 17-0. Mffiron Ojebhomo State 9-0. Orange Bow'. THE HOST TEAM will not be known until Thanksgiving Day hen Texas (6-2) and Texas A&M (44) meet in what is jexpectcd to be a showdown for the Southwest Conference title. 'Both are 4-1 in league play and each has a game this week AM aeainst Rice and Teas aeainst Texas Christian. Texas Tech (3-2) and TCU (2-2) have outside chances for a mie tie. Alabama fS-1-1) is rated the foremost possibility, but still play south Carolina next ! Saturday and doesn't wind up its .schedule until a Hoc. J date with Auburn. COLORADO (5-2) stiil has Kansas State and Air Force id play, while Tennessee (!) has Mississippi, Kentucky and Van-derbilt left. Oklahoino (6 1) rates strong suppurt should Texas A&M win the host role, but tie only blot Ihe Sooners record was pur there by Texas and a rematch n't likely. Armv, Nebraska, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina State, Florida and Louisiana State also have been mentioned possibilities- SWC Results, Standings 3AY-TCU ot h day-conf., T. NBAStandings And Results CticoflS - Yrttirci," ft Angti 97, CWcop Frogs Hop Into SWC Championship Picture ABA Standings Bv ED FITE UPI Sporls Wrllrr Texas Christian's H Frogs suddenly loam ve h e Southwest Conference football title picture. that the :"ive-times-bca:cn Kroggies can win the championship, nlihoudi a share of the crown is nut outside the reulm ssibillty. t. with four-times loser a s A&M and twice-beatenj s hcadmn for a notential inanKSKivinr; Day showdown at college at2tion tor the title an,d the automatic Cntmn Rn.ul hiH TCU must look bis indeed to ALTERATIONS Pants Tapered Pleats Removed YOU CAN DEPEND ON OU: CLEANING AND PKESSING SERVICE Miller Tailoring And Cleaners SDD Ynn VJ 5J3.I5f2 2603 R Bl.d, SiS-a53l Coach D a r r e 1 I Royal and his Texas Lonrj.inms. FOR, WHILE the Aggies are, facing fast-fading Rice at Hons-! ton next Saturday afternoon, . enas must cope With TCU . i--found vigor at Austin. The! ;:t'S ana L a;;t-arr c:,--y A- lensuc reenrds into these a and both will be taVu.-ed to u t, the Texas-TCU contest developed a new look in the wake Df TCU's resurgence i games in which the Fruss' fi 1 1 e n s e cut Baylor to pieces in a 29-7 and its defense hios-tice -exis teens .n nationally-ranked running game! m a 17-p upset. REBUILT MOTORS INSTALLED COMPLETE H 6 ClL FORD I 4 CYL CHEV. ! MOST VJJ fcj MOTORS MOTORS MOTORS 5189Mjs159Mls22l DURI-BHLT MOTORS CO. HOTHIrVG DOWN en apsrwed credit 123 TEXAS ST, 55 PEE MONTH rn. 532-DRG 5JJackson r RETURN? HOUSE & SPOUSE PROTECJOR FRANK HEINLEIN 390 Montana pv su-mt, Etoto Farm tlte Insurance Compaoy jim Stls ym Fif ni Cjsu.Kv S,nE;nVw",ct(":': B,KH Welcome to Seajs Eeti Cap Care at Sears Automotive Center Brake Adjustment Special Den'-, tskc a chancel Your brake;; nay be danscrnu! Let Scum arljust then: nov;l Brakes adjured, heavy duty brake fluid auded if needed. 99. Monday. 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