Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 21, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1973
Page 23
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Reports Today lALttMmtJ ORDER BUYERS fcftfiftotNwtkera Stockyards Market: fully steady. No. 1-2: mm..... Quotations: No. 1-S: 200-230 No. 44: No. 2-3: 260-300 ..1I87.2S-I37 .50 -..$$6 .25-$37.25 I34 .SO -I36 .25 Packing Sows: I31.SO-W3.00 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 2,300. Butcher Trend: opened steady & closed 25c lower. NO; 1-2: 200-225 $38.75439.15 No. 2-4: M0-240 $38.00*38.75 240-270 _..-$37.00-$38 28 280-300 $36.00-138.75 Sow Trend: steady. 300-500 $34.00-135.00 350 lbs. up .....$33.25433.75 Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: Estimated receipts 19,000; Friday's actual 20,000 steady to weak, demand fair; No 1 -2 200230 lb 38.00, few 38 .25; No 1-3 200-235 lb 37.50-38 .00, few 37 .25; No 1-3 230-250 lb 37.00-37 .50; No 2-3 250-270 lb 36.00-37.00. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle $2,500; active; steers steady to 25 higher; heifers steady to 25, instances 50 high' er;. 2 loads choice and prime steers 47.50; choice 46.00-46.75; good and choice 44.75 - 46.00; good 43.00-44.75; standard and good holsteins- 41.50-42.50; h\gh choice and prime heifers 46.50; choice 44.50-46.00; good and choice 43.00-44.50; good 41.0043.00. Hogs 4,600; trade moderately active steady to 25-50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.00-39.25; No 1-3 200-240 lb 38.50-39.00; No 2-3 230-260 lb 37.50-38.50, 260-270 lb 36.75-37.50, 270-290 lb 36.00-36.75, 290-320 lb 35.00-36100; No 24 300340 lib 34.50-35.00; No 3-4 340-380 lb 34.00-34.50. St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Livestock: Hogs 7,000, steady to 25 higher, No 1-3 200-240 lb 39.00-39.50; 240-266 lb 38.01W9.00. ,, Cattle < 2,500,' fairly active, compared with middle rif last week, steers and heifers 25 to 50 higher, steers, choice and prime 1000-1200 lb' 46.25-46.50; choice 950-1250 lb 45.25-46.25; mixed good and' choice 44.5045.25; heifers, choice and prime 850-1000 lb 44.75-45.00; choice 750-1000 lb 44.00-44.75; mixed good and choice 42.50-44.00; vealers, choice 55.00-60.00. Sheep 250. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Consumer grade eggs A large 41-51, medium 3848, small 3143, B large 37-48. Ice-packed broilers and" fryers 43-44.50 for tills week's delivery. ST. LOUIS PRODUCE: Wholesale grade eggs A large 28-36, standard 22-26, medium 26-34, unclassified 8-10, pullets 20-25, peewees 15-20. JolUt Livestock JOLIET, III. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle 2,800; moderately active; steers and heifers steady; no cows; high choice and prime steers 47.50-47.75; choice 46.00-47.50; good and choice 44.50-46.00; choice heifers 45.0048.00; good and choice 43.W4S.0tt. Hogs lft6; moderately active; mm t6 IMoweff No 1-2 200$20 lb 38.75^39.25; No 1-3 200-250 lb 37.754M.50; No 24 250-280 lb 87.00-37.75. Tuesday's estimated receipts 400 cattle 800 hog*. . —L. , .,. KtWAWet AUCTIOW BtPOBT Rtetlpii , etifto Caiv* th—p This W**k S2 4 M 13 Last Week 67 « 340 «3 Laat Year 67 0 98 4 CATTLE: Receipt! mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. Feeder steers and heifrg steady. Cows Mo lower. FEEDER CATTLE'. Good 850*900 lb. steers 41.00-45]%; Choice bred replacement Cows 315.00-371.00 per head. COWS AND BULLS: Cutter and Utility cows 20.75-34.80. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder plgB. Demand fairly good. Prices 1.00-1.50 per head lower. FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 30-40 ib. 24.00-28.50; some 63 lb. 28.80{L all sold by the head; bred gilts 135.00192.00 per head; replacement boars 90.00-110.00 per head. SHEEP: Good replacement ewes 13.25-16.25 per head. Golesburg Register-Moj l 7 Galesburg, 1II. l^^^^t^^ltJ ^^hA^. Rain Storms Rumble Over Plains States Now York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices Admiral 9Vz AlldChem 32y 4 Alld Mills 20 Alld Strs 24% AUis Clial 8% Alcoa 57% Am Air 14% Am Can 31 Am Cyan 2iV* AmElPwr 25% Am Mtrs 7Vs Am T&T 51% Anaconda 18% Ashl Oil 23% Atl Rich 79 »/s Avco 9% Rea Fds 22% Bendix 36% BethStl28y 8 Boeing 17% Rorden 20% Inland Stl 30' H IBM 385 Int Harv 26% Int Nick 27% Int Papr 37% Int T&T 33% Iowa P&L 22% Johns-Mn 20% Kennecott 24 Keys Cons 15 Kresge 36y4 Kroger 16% Lib McN 4% Litton 7 Lockhd 6 Mar Oil 28% Maytag 27% Merck 86% Minn Min 78V4 Mobil Oil 60% Monsanto 50% Cap C" Bdg 43% Nat Bis 43% Catplr 59% Oliri Corp 15% Celanese 32% Cen II Lt 21% Cen Tel 21% Cessna 22 Chrysler 27% Cities Svc 44% Coca Cola 132 Outbd M 35% Owens III 31% Penn Cen 2% Penney 78y 4 Pepsi Cola 82y 4 Pfizer 39% Phil Pet 44% Colum Gas 29% Procter G 97% Comm Ed 32% Quak 0-ats 34% Comsat 46% Cons Ed 23% Cont Can 26% Cont Oil 28% . CPC Intl 30 Dana 33 Deere 38% Du Poritl71% Eastman 126% Exxon 94% Falstaff 4V4 Firestone 49% RCA 24% Rep.Stl 25% Revlon 57% Safeway 32 St. Regis 38% SanFelnd 23% Sears 92% Shell Oil 46% Simmons 19% SoPac31% Sperry 35% Std Bds 51% NEW YORK (UPl) sagging dollar, scaring prices abroad, and the Water gate, scandal contiitjied to undermine investor confidence today as stocks fell on a broad front in active trading on the New York Stock Exchange". Although the Senate Watergate hearings do not reconvene until Tuesday, brokers said the scandal hit the dollar hard Monday in European markets, with tremors being felt in Wall Street. As of noon, the Dow Jones industrial average had lost 7.08 to 888.09. Losers were leading winners, 1,158 to 228, of 1,643 issues to cross the ticker. Two-hour turnover was about 10,000,000 shares, compared to more than 7,700,000 shares afted Friday. American Telephone & Telegraph warrants led the actives, and rose % to 6% on 215,600 traded, including a block of 120,000 at 6%. Telephone common was second, off % at 51% on 109,000 shares, and International Telephone & Telegraph Corp. followed, losing 1% to 33% on 104,700 shares. Prices on the American Stock Exchange also were broadly lower in active trading. TWA warrants led the actives slipping % to 10% on 112,900 traded. Bowmar Instrument was second, off 3% to 28% on 67,100 shares. Granite Management Services was third, off % at 2% on 53,000 shares. On the Big Board, virtually all groups took losses, except the gold mining issues which tacked on solid gains, led by American South African, up 1 Procter & Gamble- opened late and fell 1%. The company said it knew of no reason for the order imbalance. Electronics and computers turned mixed, as IBM fell 4% and Sperry Rand 1%, but Texas Instruments advanced 2%, and Motorola 1%. Oils lost ground, among them Superior, down 5, and Kerr McGee 2%. By United Press tntortvatiotial Severe thunderstorms. rum Wed over the soutierh Plains today, packing hail, high winds and heavy rains. The storm formed Sunday over the eastern Plains of New Mexico and has been moving eastward across western Oklahoma and west Texas. There have been numerous Ford Mtrs,56% SO nd 88% Fryeliauf 27% Stvsn JP 25% Gam Sko 25% Gen Dyart 17% Gen El 55% Gen Fds 24% Gen Mtrs 67% Geh Tel 28% Gen Tire 18% Goodrich 21 Goodyear 25V4 Greyhnd 14% Gulf Oil 23 111 Cent 19 111 Pwr 28% Stude 43 Texaco 36 Tex Inst 181% Un Garb 38% Un El 17% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29% West Un 23% Wstghs El 33 Weyerh 57 Woolwrth 21% Woman Drowns After Saving Girl MESA, Ariz. (UPI) - Kathryn Louise Panton, 24, Amherst, N.Y., who didn't know how to swim, gave up her life to save a child. Mrs. Panton, who was on vacation, pulled Jennifer Hicks, 6, Mesa, out of deep water and into Shallow water Saturday, but then was caught in the same swift current that had trapped the little girl and was swept downstream; Mrs. Panton was pulled from the water about a quarter-mile downstream by two men who administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. READ THE WANT ADS! reports of hail throughout the storm system. Some hall as large as one and thre* quarters inches ih diameter over west em Oklahoma and west Texas. A tornado was sighted late Sunday night' southwest of Woodward, Okla., though there were no reports of damage or injuries. Locally heavy rains doused the Texas panhandle. Lefors, Tex., had water six to eight inches deep in the streets Sunday night and the rain continued. Showers and thundershowers dampened the northern and central Plains, extending into he upper Mississippi Valley. Scattered rain also dampened the* central Plateau and the central Rockies. A few showers also lingered along the North.Carolina coast today. Rain, drizzlp and fog was the rule* in the northeastern portion of the nation today, with heavy rains in southern New England. Skies were generally fair over the remainder of the nation. Early morning temperatures today ranged from 35 degrees at Butte, Mont., to 84 at both Phoenix, Ariz., and Needles, Calif. In 1881, the first American Red Cross chapter was organized in Washington, D.C., by Clara Barton. " FOR SALE — STRAWBERRIES — Orders now being taken for delivery — Freih from the garden — competitive prices. For information ' Phone GalMburg 343-Otl* Monmouth 734-1631 Removal of Trees STUMP REMOVAL TREE PLANTING TRIMMING — FEEDING SHADE TREES FOR SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE 343 -7S1I — 342-1152 Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI) — Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-80.50; single daisies 77-81.75; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 8992.50; B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Market steady, prices unchanged; extra large 51; large 51; medium 49; standard 46; pullets 37; checks 35. Lakes, rivers and reservoirs cover less than 1 per cent of Nebraska's 77,227 square miles. BUt Nebraska has a bigger underground water supply than any other state in the union. RADIATOR REPAIR MAN Olson's Will Train. EVERGREENS YEW TREES PIN OAKS 343*2782 126 S. FARNHAM ST. Woitress Wonted Part Time or Full Time Apply in Person MARTI E'S 57 S. CHERRY ST. MOVING SALE TUBS., MAY 22 9 to 4 400 MONROE Car carrier, 3 speed girls bike, girls 26" bike, furniture, clothing for everyone. 3 FAMILY* Garage Sale 2133 NEWCOMER DR. MONDAY EVEi V ALL DAY TUESDAY LOTS OF EVERYTHING For Sole WOODED MOBILE HOMESITE! !i to 1 Acre in Site All Utilities Included. PH. 375-6712 WATAGA, ILL. YARD SALE 37 W. CARL SANDBURG TUES. thru THUR8. Mar 22-24 — 10 m.m.-i p.m. Handmade craft items, wardrobes, ironing board, old telephone, dishes, glassware, children's toys & books, many brand new tools, play pen and other baby furniture, shelves, 2 rm. size Reed rags & misc. WANTED TO BUY Scrap Copper, Brass, Radiators, Batteries, Aluminum, Lead, Starters & Generators, Electric Motors. Highest Prices Paid Call Harold Bate* er Bud Peck Midway Metals 342-1148 Knoxville Road, Galesburg, 111. SEEDJEANS CORSOY AMSOY WAYNE AMSOY 71 WILLIAMS SWANSON SEED FARMS GALESBURG 342-0322 NOTICE The Interstate Producers Livestock Association Yard at Ormonde will close for the Memorial Day holiday on Friday, May 25th, 1973 and will be open Monday, May 28th, 1973. Call Lester for all your livestock replacement needs and the best prices on Dial 734-3221 Collect your hogs ready for market. ROTO-ROOTIR FOR CiOOOIO A DRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 — or Phone 342-6430 No Charge If We Fail GUARANTEED WORK WANTED Reliable Male For full time employment in locally owned men's clothing store. Must have sales ability, neat in appearance and willingness to work. Contact in Person/ C. W. Knaatk, MALE'S CLOTHING CO. BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Private Household Sales and all other tales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181 Armour & Co. (Reliable Cattle Euyers in Illinois and Iowa For Over 100 Years). ! Attention! Cattle Feeders Call us when your cattle are ready to sell. We appreciate your business past, present, and future. Sterling, III. Plant Phone AREA CODE 815 625-8004 Peoria Stockyards AREA CODE 309 674-7181 In the evenings coll BOB KEWLEY (309)342-8556 DICK DAVIS (309) 265-5662 -• NOTICE Model Shoe Repair NOW LOCATED At 89 S. SEMINARY We Welcome All Old and New Customers RABIES CLINICS For. the convenience of dog owners, in complying with the annuel'Rabies vaccination requirement, The Knox County Veterinarians will conduct Rabies Clinics as Follows: Galesburg — All, Veterinary Clinics during regular office hours. Williamsfield — May 15, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Hockgraver' Office. Rio — May 17, 7-8 P.M. — Dr. Allen, Fire Station. Oneida — May 17, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Vinson' Office. East Galesburg — May 18, 7-8 P.M. — Dr. Allen, Fire Station. Yates City — May 18, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Hockgraver, Fire Station. Henderson — May 19, 2-3 P.M. — Dr. Watters, Fire Station. Maquon — May 21, 7-8 P.M. — Dr. Strahler, Fire Station. Abingdon — May 22, 7-8 P.M. — Dr. Strahler Office Dahinda — May 22, 7-8 P.M. — Dr. Hockgraver, Fire Station. Altona — May 22, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Mills, Fire Station. Gilson — May 22,7-8 P.M. — Dr. Hoyme, Fire Station. Knoxville — May 23, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Hoyme, Fire Station. Victoria — May 23,7-9 P.M. — Dr. Mills, Fire Station. Wataga — May 24, 7-9 P.M. — Dr. Vinson, Fire Station. RABIES FEE $5.00 PER DOG FOR SALE COUNTRY LIVING At ITS list IS Minutes from Galeitrarg 3 IfDROOM 4 YEAR OLD RANCH Spacious, on 2 landscaped acres,, fenced. Beautifully carpeted and draped. Large double .attached garage. 2 ceramic tile bathrooms. Full dry panelled basement with 20-ft. built-in bar. NICE .. . VACANT $30,500 COMFORTAllt; 3 IfDROOM HOMI IN ALTONA Mas modern kitchen, dining" room, living room, bedroom and bath on first floor — 2 bedrooms up — large lot with basement. New single garage. PRICED FOR IMMEDIATE SALE At f $15,000 L EA UAAED BROKER - AUCTIONEER Cv n AO CIV APPRAISER Phone 484*5993 SALESMAN ANDY HORN — 342-1738 THE TOTAL COMMODITY SERVICE^ Stotler and Company Member Chicago Board of Trade—Chicago Mercantile Exchange FUTURES • CASH GRAINS • CASH MEAL COUNTRY ELEVATOR HEDGING DIVISION If you want to increase your commodity trading profits or profitably hedge your cash position, why not contact the firm that can best serve your interests? The total commodity service provides you with the complete pic- tire—fundamental and technical. As merchandises cf cgsh commodities and specialists in hedging, we cad,"keep you up to date on the latest trends in both the ca^and futures markets. LESTER KRONSTED, Manager 210 Bond! Bldg. Galesburg, III. 309-342-5126 iUII MERCER COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION VIOLA, ILL. WED., MAY 23, 1973 9:30 AM — 12:30 PM 12 Mixed cows with calves a't side. 10 Mixed cows to calf 20 Angus steers and heifers ave. 400 lbs. 12 Hereford steers ave. 450 lbs. 24 Angus bl w/faced steers and heifers ave. 500 lbs. , 100 Mixed steers and heifers ave. 300-800 lbs. * 12 Hybred gilts to farrow soon. 60 Mixed pigs ave. 40 lbs. 50 Mixed pigs ave 70 lbs. If you have livestock for sale give us a chance Xo " help you. 9:30 A.M. — FAT CATTLE 12:30 P.M. — SHEEP, HOGS, FEEDER CATTUL. Mercer Co. Livestock Auction Home of Locally Consigned Cattle. For Further Information, Phone Office Phone 596-2125 - Home 667-2218, Day or Night RONALD DOUBLER - Manager NOT IF YOU PLANT FUNK'S G -4444 • EARLY MATURING • TOP YIELDING Dependable Hybrids from Dependable People FUNK'S Funk's Is a Brand Name: Numbers Identify Varieties. Funk Bros. Seed Co., International Headquarters, Bloominglon, Illinois 61701 I The limitation of warranty and remedy on the tag attached to each ba{ of Funk's G-Hybrid sold Is a part ol the terms of sale thereof. I SWANSON SEED FARMS HYBRID • GALESBURG, ILL. INC. PHONE 342-7121 HTSIM * worms i They're All Winners at When you've got over 80 packing plants to provide hogs for every day, we don't care whether your hogs are prime butchers, heavy sows, boars or the cleanups from your lot. WW WE'VE GOT A HOME FOR ALL OF THEM! And because we have a daily demand for all types and weights of hogs, we can give you a strong market for the good ones, and the pot-so-good. Regardless, of weight, quality, or type, you'll feel like you sold a load of champions when you sell to your nearby Heinold Hog Market. For Market Information Call BUSHNELL - BUFFALO PRAIRIE - GALVA BUSHNELL 772-2161 BUFFALO PRAIRIE 537-3101 GALVA 932-2121 NEED FEEDER PIGS? CONTACT YOUR HEINOLDMANAGER Read the Want Ads

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