El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on July 23, 1960 · Page 2
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 2

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1960
Page 2
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EL PASO HERALD-POST, Saturday, July. 23, 1960--Page Tw« Colorado Rancher and Family Round Up Prime Stock for El Paso Kids Rodeo Finest Animals Assured by Experts Stock Raiser Walter Alsbaugh and his family of Alamosa, Colo., were busy today rounding up the finest stock available for the big, annual Herald - Post Kids Rodeo. The rodeo will be held Aug. 24 through Aug. 2S at the El Paso Coliseum. The ride-and-ropin' spectacle is sponsored by The Herald - Post, the Airport Optimist Club and Boys Baseball of El Paso. Entry ·blanks are published in The Herald-Post. Mr. Alsbaugh knows about junior rodeo riding as well as any man on the rodeo circuit. He started in the rodeo game when he was IS by winning the valley roping at Monte Vista's Ski Hi Stampede. He was one of the first members of the Turtles, rodeo's first · organized association. Mrs. Als-bau-gh also worked in rodeo as an arena secretary. Eight years ago Mr. Alsbaugh started producing his own rodeo stock at the big ranch in Colorado. He specializes in children's and teenage rodeos. The Alsbaughs have friree children, Arthur, Alice,- and Virginia. Art is a pick-up man for his dad and also ropes said bulldogs. The girls are expert bar- Fish Fast Due Before Crews Clean Lake The principal ingredient of a fish fry, fresh fish, will be doled out to al! who want them on a first come, first served basis when Ascarate Lake is cleaned of its finned denizens in readiness for a moss eradication program ^ by the State Ga-me Commission. State game workers will treat the lake with rotenone, a substance from South America which causes the fish to rise to the surface and become insensible. The fisii will then be gathered by dip nets operated from boats. Washing in fresh r u n n i n g water removes the rotenone from tie gills of the fish, leaving them lunharmed. If the rotenone were left in the gills, the fish would I ie. It is the hope of the Game Department that some of the fis'nj will be used to stock other lakes and ponds. However, eating the washed fish, either fresh or after stored in a deep freeze, will cause Church Services METHODIST 111 a- m. srivicc at the Second Church The Rcv Horuclo Varsas wil p » r a k l o £ Christ, Scientist, on THY K I N G D O M COME. THY WILL BE DONE ai £'. Divlno Rcdemor ai El Divlno Methodist Church a t . I I a. m. The Scv. Lcroy E. Lmdscy * * * The Rcv. Mabel E. Peck has chosen the topic CULTIVATING OUR SPIRITUAL- SOIL -'or the 11 s.. in. service on CHRISTIAN STEWARDSHIP. OUR WATCHWORD IS FAITH Is .lie topic chosen by the Rcv, John Klassen for the 8:45 and 10:50 services at First Methodist Church. At T P. m. Dr. Jack C. Postlewaitc will speak on YOUTH TODAY, LEADERS OP TOMORROW, The Rev. Charles Price will speak on THE DISTURBING CHRIST at 8:30 and 11 a m and on AN INTERRUPTED SERMON al 7 ]). m. at Fort Bouleva- 1 Methodist Church. LIFE'S MOST EXPENSIVE LUXURY Is the toolc chosen by the Rcv. DC L- Hinckley for the 8:45 and 11 a. m. services at Grace Methodist Church. JUST BECAUSE will be his subject, at C ]i, rr.. At 3--15 and 11 a. m. flic Rev. Knil.-y Scott will preach on SANCTIFY THE LORD GOD IN YOUR HEART at Mountain V i e w Methodist Church. At 7:30 p. m. his subject will be DELIV- at the El Paso Christian Institute. At 8 P. m. «t the Church of Spiritual, istic Truth, the Rcv. Harry P. Farlow will preach on a FERVENT PRAYER FOR THOSE IN NEED. TOE REVELATION OP LIFE is "" topic selected by the Rev. Sfssie A Trostznsn for 2:30 p. m. at Spiritua Science Church. -,, The Rev. Dale L. Knufisen will sscait "^ on THE FAMILY OF GOD at 9:15 a. m. Td a? Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran SRANCE. /.MOTHER GOP Platform Okayed By Rockefeller (Continued from Page 1) western and conservative Republicans but he still was a heavy favorite to wind up on the ticket with .Nixon, who is sure to get a first ballot presidential nomination next Wednesday. Most of Lodge's critics were said to favor Senator Thruston B. Morton of Kentucky, Republican Church. At ~ " W and i_q:45 a. m :jU Hll*A i v . T " " ,*^Vi** yNT^ P Clausen will speak on FORM OR national chairman, for the vie* '··!presidential nomination. HEART RELIGION at Grace Lutheran The Rev. H. A. Heinekc will be .speaker at 3:30 United Press Internationa! · NEWPORT, R. L, July 13 The summer White. House today rel racers, rejected published accounts that ·Stock for the Kids Rodeo wj'1 a new crisis is foreseen for Bcr- RODEO FAMILY -- Walt Alsbaugh family, from left, Mrs. Alsbaugh, Mr. Alsbaugh, Alice, Arr and Virginia. . ___^_ Ike Denies Any Crisis in Berlin start coming into El Paso soon. Arts Council Draws Favor The idea for an arts council as suggested by Albert Green-Field .is gaining widespread interest and attention. Mr. Green-Field first suggested the idea in 1958. "There is nothing new or original about the idea of a cornmu- nitywide a r t s council," Mr. Green-Field said. "Such groups ftave been functioning successfully in cities throughout the country. An arts council is not merely a group of individuals who get together for the purpose of directing and controling art activities. "The member groups of an arts council would include organizations concerned with the related arts such as music, painting, theater, dance and literature as.well as other cultural interests and activities that help enrich the lives of all those- in our community." In El Paso there are more than 20 groups that could comprise an arts council. They include Chamber of Commerce, El Paso Arts Assn., Symphony Assn., Photographic S o c i e t'y, Advertising Club, Garden Club Council, El Paso Museum of Art, Suri Carnival Assn., drama, music and art departments of Texas Western College as well as many women's organizations. Mr. Green-Field is co-ocdinator of art activities and exhibitions for the El Paso Public Library. Servicemen Fail To Find Gas Leak Residents at two locations on Magotfin avenue last night complained to Southern Union Gas Co. about gas leakage. Servicemen investigated complaints from residents at 1217 and 1022 Magoffin avenue without results. Southern Union Service Dispatcher Gordon McKean said that She air in the neighborhood was- filled with a strong "onion-like" smell. Earlier servicemen checked out a call from 'the -manager of the Crawford Theatre w h o complained of a gas leak. No leak was found and servicemen reported that Che obnoxious odor in the theatre was something in the downtown atmosphere that the air-conditioner pulled in. Visitor Dies In Motel Room A 50-year-old Leaksville, N. C. woman died early today in her El Paso mote! room, -her husband told police. . Thomas Martin said his wife Carolyn, was in the best of spirits yesterday and last night. However, when he came out of the shower early today she was face down on the bed, unable to talk and breathing heavily. Mrs. ' Martin was pronounced dead on arrival at Thomason G e n e r a l Hospital. Coroner Charles Windberg Jr. ordered an autopsy. lin. President Eisenhower underscored the denials by resuming an apparently relaxed vacation routine. Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said the President's only advance plans for today were to play «olf. Hagerty stuck by 'his flat denial of Washington dispatches which said the President and top administration officials had received intelligence warnings that a Communist military move against Berlin might be expected within the next 30 days. He had told a news conference yesterday neither the- White House, State Department nor Central Intelligence Agency had any .such information. "There must be some misunderstanding," lie added. Texan Freed In Killing Of Baby Sitter United Press International SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas, July 23.--A' prominent San Augustine insurance broker was given a five-year suspended sentence yesterday for murdering his Negro babysitter with his automobile last New Year'.; Eve. The 'jury deliberated an hour and 33. minute:; before finding Hugh'Sparks, 3S, guilty of running over babysitter, Bobbie Jean Ligon, 15, on a country road near San Augustine. The .'jury fou:,id him innocent on a charge of .murder with malice- a'forethoughi:, but found him guilty on a second count of murder by automobile. Tne Negro girl had sat with Sparks' children while they attended a New Year's Eve party. Sharks was to have driven her home, but her body was found the next day. A witness testified Sparks had been drinking. Sparks showed no emotion when he heard the verdict. An estimated 400 persons were ja-mmed into a courtroom built to hold about half that many. Many Ask Mrs. Carroll- Demo Delegates Upset Television Viewers try in a tight place. It is the common .man who divvies up. And who fights in the wars. Kids Spoil Concert DEAR MRS. CARROLL: One thing spoiled the El Paso Sym- phcny Orchestra concert under the stars, two weeks ago. Kids. The music was beautiful. Dr. Leonard's singing was fine. I enjoyed both 'but the enjoyment ball. DISGRUNTLED DEAR DISGRUNTLED: Why bring 'em? By ANN CARROLL DEAR READERS: Everyone I see mentions the Democratic Convention and this is the usual refrain: "I saw as much of it as I -could stand on television." It was the milling of the crowd and the vacant expressions and the lack of audience interest® which irritated and angered the El Paso watchers. I heard : a priceless thing about a man who is a Democrat and who rebelled at the milling group of delegates. His wife said he had watched and fidgeted and muttered. Finally, he growled, "I'll bet I could quiet 'em. I'd j u m p to the front of the podium and yell, 'SHUT UP, you So and So's!" He turned o f f ' t h e set and went to bed. It made many a viewer feel depressed and -frustrated and fit subject for a tranquilizer. If the Republicans are smart they will be as good as gold and still as mice in Chicc.go. To say the acoustics were 'bad in Los Angeles does not excuse the Democratic delegates. If they were deeply concerned, they would have risen in frustrated wrath at the beginning and yelled, "We can't hear you!" Is that audience typical of all the Americans who sit night after night before a television set and watch Westerns and detective stories in a trance? If so, we are in a bad way. Another refrain I hear is, "How could Lyndon Johnson completely reverse himself? There seems to be a limit to which the public will go in shrugging off a change of stand with "That's politics." If people get in the habit of crediting every move and declaration of a man in politics, in which they had believed strongly, with a shrug and an acceptance of a reversal of their own sincere beliefs, the people elected wil'. get worse and worse and voters won't believe in anybody. It will be dog eat dog, sure enough. I think most people feel worried and sad about the things happening in this country .and everyhewere on the map,-And there is one question I'd like to 'ask, just one question from one dumb voter: "Do the Congolese know where those supplies flown in 'by our planes and unloaded by U. S. military men come from?" Let a disaster occur in any place in the world and the sky is black with U. S. planes flying still Memorial cnac many, iviany rs were Negroes. cheduled Assn. of Meneely ,byterian Church :!ay at 9:30 a. m. Mrs. Sam Carter, im and Mrs. 0. he hostesses. c?.ll on Russia. Still they play ball with Russia. The common man in the USA struggles to meet his taxes on the dot and the wealthy class of all countries lolls around fabulous resorts and gambles in glittering dens. It is like the surplus food stored. There is enough money being thrown to the birds by the rich folk over the world to help every coun- in the highway accident death of Bert Lynn France, contender for all-around Cowboy honors in National Rodeo competition. Judge Richard Furze r u l e d after a preliminary hearing that there was insufficient evidence that J. D. McKenna, 3S, of Dallas, was driving recklessly or even driving the car when France, 22, was .killed July 4. THREE . the V. u _ .. _ _ _ . the li a"."m."serv!ce at Open Door Methodist Church. At 7:30 p. m, he will speak on HE LEADETH MS. ·Hie Rcv James W. Miller will deliver a sermon on FINDING- PEACE OP MIND at 8:45 and 11 a. m. at Saini Jiimes Methodist Church. WHEN JESUS PRAYED is the topic selected by the Rev. Murphy Duncan for the 8:30 and 11 a. m. services at _ .. . St. Murk's Metliodist Church. no ill effects to humans. For that Thl . R C V . Donald simms wm_Brcach reason, measures probably will l? 0n:50JE f usm .^f 1 !!' ££* '" be taken to see that none of the|chiirch. fish are carried away until they have been thoroughly washed. Be that as it may, there are many hungry fishermen who have been dropping baited hooksjchurcii. ·nt-, A c r a r a f - o into Ascarate At 8:30 and 10:55 R. m. the Don E. Schooler will .speak on GJVENESS DOES COST. At 7 p. r.l. his tonic will be POWER OVER SIN. SILENCE OP ODD Is the tonic chosen by the Rcv. Milton R. Chester tor 10 at Western Hills Methodist I Church. ,,, , 1 The Rcv. Ray B. McCrcw will speak on O u R GROWING FAITH at 11 a. m. US. Lodge'i Reputation Greater While listening to advice from ,,..,,,....-. - - . - - "". »i Mount; ear]v arriving delegates on the · ·raE U MESSAGE U Fo R THE CHURCHj vice presidential nomination, .Nixon agents were reported to find Lodge favored by those who regarded foreign policy as the big issue of 19SO. Morton was said to be preferred by those who viewed domestic issues as more impor- OF TODAY. CHILDREN IN THE CHURCH is Uie. . , JH |C ..elected by the Rcv. Elvir V. OP H a r t m a n . f o i - the 8 "d 10:30 ». ». s e r v i c e s at Church. Lutheran At 10'-30 a. m. at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Richard. Dahlko will be sucst akcr. His topic be FOR OTTO Tl'i Rev John B. Ruplcy has chosen the ton* WHERE THERE IS HOPE lor the 10:40 a. m. service at St. ilm- PEAR is subject selected by the Rcv. Paul F 'Stusckler for 8:50 and 11 Zion Lutheran -Church. ASSEMBLY OK GOD The. PLCV. William F. Hagernan will s p e a k 0,1 PRAYER-MEDITATION - Lodge's chief advantages over Morton were his greater national reputation and his identification WORSHIP at the 8:30 and 10:30 a. m. .|services -at Fir.st Mscmbly^ God. p m Tli c! r w"ur' J bc""THE' ELEMENT OF m, Officer Dies Of Crash Injuries DEADLY STREETS Killed this year 15 Killed last year .....W Injured this year 1061 N A Z A R E N E at 7:30 p. ra. CHRIST IS ALL is the tonic clioscn by the Rev. Harold W. Morris for the 10'40 a m. service at First Church of the Nnznrene. At 7 p. m. he will speak] on REPENT OR ELSE. on years without much result, anaj a .. y 5 i c u Methodist church. some of the fish are certain to XAZARENE be used for food immediately. The date of the rotenone dop- ...g will be announced when the Game Department is ready with the moss poisoning. . The fish must be taken away from' the lake the same day they are scooped out. The lake will be restocked later. The Rev. and Mrs. R. E. be sucst speakers «t 7:30 be c topic FAITH IN DIVINE HEALING. SHARING THE SUFFERINGS OP CHRIST is topic chosen by the Rev Wesley J Lnnnc for 11 a m- »t Valley Assembly of God, The Rev. Irvin Jackson will be sucst, speaker BAPTIST . At 10 'SO a. m. Dr. W. Hcrschel Ford will preach on WHEN A MAN SEES THE INVISIBLE. At 7M5 p. m. the The ORTHODOX theme for services at St. sev. Bill R. Austin . « * on Gcorse's Orthodox Church will he THE LIFE OF THE PROPHET ELIJAH. PRESBYTERIAN THE LOVE OF LIFE is the topic i selected by the Rcv. Edward E. DiBEs for the 9:55 a. m. service at Altura Presbyterian Church. The Rcv. RusscU Blackburn will b( suest speaker at 11 a. m. at Faith Presbyterian Church. His topic will be EVERY HILL HAS A VALLEY. A SOMETIME BELIEVER Is the subject chosen by the Rcv. Gcorse W. Burroughs for the 8:30 and 11 a. m. se-vicrs at First Presbyterian Church. U 8-30 and 11 a, m. at Highland Presbyterian Church the Rev. Paul O. Ellis win spent on CHURCH? WHERE IS THE Injured last year 1095 Joseph P. lieutenant in Harrell, the 1st a second Battalion was marred by kids running j student Detachment at Ft. Bliss, around and running up and down i died late yesterday of head in- the stadium steps.'Not even at a;j u r ies received in a traffic acci- football same or a baseball game- - are they as noisy and pestiferous as they were at the recent concert. If parents bring their children to the concert they should sit on 'em or chain 'cm to an iron White Sands Road Closings Listed * Ft. Bliss lists the closure of roads due to practice firing during the week of July 25-31. War Highway 11 and the Desert road to White Sands Missile dent Thursday. HarreJl, 23, was the only occupant of his car when it went out of control on Paisano drive at Hammett -boulevard and crashed into a traffic :light post, knock- Police said . marks. He ; is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Harrell of Blooming, Ind. Mr. Harrell is coordinator of athletics facilities 1 planning and- associate professor of physical education at Indiana University. ing there .were "' ,,'· Hobart Bennett will preach on THE' WAY OF CAIN at 10:50 a. m. and on LIFE FOR THE DEAD at 7:30 p. m. at Hillside Bible Presbyterian THERE CO THE SHIPS is Uie topic selected by the Rcv. C. Raymond Cray, suest speaker, tat the 11 a. m. service at Manhattan Filesbnerian Church. The Rev. David Dean Robinson will speak on GOD'S ANSWER TO HUMAN QUESTIONS at 9:30 a. m. at Mcnecly Memorial Presbyterian Churjh. MAKING- THINGS RIGHT WITH GOD is the topic selected by the Rev. Jim Brock for the 11 o. m. service at Trinity Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Ronald M. Guinn will sncal: on WATER LILIES ON THE DESERT iit 10:45 a. m. at University Prcsliytc- REORGANIZED LATTEK DAY SAINTS Herbert A. Lynn will speak on THE SOCIAL EXPRESSION OP THE GOSPEL at 8:30 a. m. at the Reorcantzcd Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Da.y Sain '" 5 ' CHRISTIAN SCIENCE TRUTH will be the topic for 9:30 tind 11 n m. services at the First Church of Christ. Scientist, and LIFE. At 7:30 PA ^= Ewl!1 SPCia ""THE NATURE'OP GOD is tb? subject selected by the Rev. Clifford Parker for the 2 P. ro. service at Bct.hanv Christian Church. , f t i !0'-45 a. m. at Byron Street Chr.s- r Rev rd ^o y ° rcar^ H,.rUc £n be bVE^LOWING MERCY at with foreign policy during more than seven years as U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Cur. rent world tensions underscore foreign policy in the 19SO campaign. However, the delegates included followers of the late Senator Robert A. Taft, who still felt resentment toward Lodge for his work in the 1952 pre-conventiou campaign. They remembered how Lodge managed President Eisenhower's campaign to win the presidential nomination f r o m Taft. Others felt that Morton would be a better campaigner in the Midwest farm belt, where the GOP has been weak in recent elections. Heavy pressure also . was reported coming from the conservative wing for Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona to be Nixon's running mate. However, Goldwater was being counted out on geographic grounds if not for the extreme conservative label he proudly wears. "THrRTY V MINUT£s" PROSTHOW !* n i service Houston Man Challenges ,, u , , ,. ,,, - " " - - Civil Rights Plank ,,,, THE BIBLICAL DOCTRINE OF THE SECOND COMING. CONGREGATIONAL .. The Rev. Alfred D. Heinlucer__-·" TWO MINUTES 'TIL MIDNIGHT, The Rev. Tom CHIsro will be cucst speaker «t Immanucl Baptist Church at the 10:45 a. m. services. At 1:« p. m. Mrs. Wyatt Richards will sneak. GOD POSSESSED is subject chosen by the R e v . - L . B. Adams for the 11 a. m. services at S e c o n d Baptist Church. His topic for 7 D. m. »ill be BLESSED eSURANC^ The Rer. Charles M. Recce will deliver both sermons at Austin Park s p t o n swvcc ,,,, WORSHIP THAT MAKES HEART GLAD ftt the 10 a. m. c at P 11 c r i m Concresalional lie'Rev John T. Parsons will be cuest speaker at »:30 and 10:30 rr at Van.^ ConKreiationil Church. lit. «·» * · v-i -- wr-y-TrtY- · T OP GOD is" topic Range be closed Tuesday from 12:'45 p. m. to 4 p. m. and from 8:45 to 10:15 p. m. It will be closed Wednesday from 7:30 a. m. to noon and from 12:45 to 6 p. m. Thursday it will be closed from 7:30 a. m. to noon, 12:45 to 4 p. m. and 8; 45 to 10: 15 p.m. ' These roads will be open to authorized traffic only during the rest of the period. State Highway 506 and the Dell City cut-off road will be closed from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m, Tuesday through Friday. Rodeo Star Freed In Highway Death United Press International LEAD, S. D. July 23.--A municipal court judge has dismissed s e c o n d degree manslaughter charges against a rodeo cowboy Nations-Tobin Park Pool Opens; New Recreation Center Scheduled Nab Parole Violator Police yesterday arrested a parole violator after a back yard chase. Answering a complaint -by the man's wife that he had threatened her, the officers spotted him running out the back way. They ·chased him and lost him. The wife said he was a parole violator from Michigan. French Engineer Dies Press International PARIS, July 23.-- Andre Coyne, 69, designer of Malpasset Dam which burst last Dec. 2 and claimed 421 lives, died Thursday, three weeks after undergoing sur- The swimming pool -at Nations-Tobin Park opened officially at 9 a. m. today, marking another step, in the development of the 44- acre park in densely populated Northeast El Paso. The park won't be completed until late fall. A recreation center at the park will be completed by October, City Recreation Director James L. Thrash sakf. Trees, sh-rubs and grass will be planted soon. The pool at 'the park, located on Railroad drive just south of Hondo Pass dirive, is L-shaped. One side is marked with lines for swimming meets and is 25 meters long. Shower and dressing room facilities are available. Cost of admission is 15 cents for children and 30 cents for adults. Poo! manager is Pete 'Parades. The pool has a large concrete deck wiuh sun umbrellas that look like fly-mi; saucers. Softball, Little League and Pony League fields have been in operation at the park all season. Lifeguards are Norman McCall of 3400 Greenock street, Ron Pettey of 2526 Louisville avenue, Robert Glove.: of 2914 Mobile ENJOY NEW POOL -- Splashing in the new swimming pool ar Nations-Tobin park in Norrheasi' El Paso are, from left, Normand McCall, Ron Pettey and Robert Glover. On shoulders are Maxie Glover and Sammy Paredes, avenue and Maxie Glover of S012 reation center wich programs for Carpenter drive. When completed, the park will have picnic areas, lighted fields, a softball field for in-formal picnic Or family groups, facilities all age groups and wffl be landscaped with wal'k-s and bridges. ' "It doesn't look like much now," Mr. Thrash said, "but it will -be one of the prettiest parks Retired Barber Taken by Death Jose V. Fraga of 3710 Montana street died in his home yesterday. He was 66. He had lived in El Paso for 45 years, 'was a retired barber, belonged to St. Joseph's Catholic Church and had formerly been active in St. Ignatius Parish work. Survivors are his widow 1 , Mrs. Elvira Fraga of El Paso; two daughters, Mrs. Elena Martinez and Mrs. Elvira Wardy, b o t h of El Paso; five sons, Guil'Iermo, Roberto, Ramon .and Carlos, all of El Paso, and Dr. Jose . Fraga of San Francisco, Calif.; 18 grandchildren; a brother, Brig. Gen. Jesus R. Fraga, and a sister, Maria Fraga, both of Mexico, who were to be in El Paso for services. Rosary Paso Demos n (·Continued from Page 1) in solicitation of campaign funds. State Senator Frank Owen, opposed by Pecos Republican James A. Leonard, agreed, commenting: "We as Democrats believe thai each individual candidate should exercise his own judgment, while retaining a healthy respect for his colleagues' positions." Atwater summed up the gen era! feeling that any differences of opinion among individual 'Democratic candidates should be buried during the campaign. He a-iso warned that a joint Democratic effort for campaign financing was urgent, in view of the County Republican Party's alleged success in obtaining a $25,000 fund for the District and County campaign It was agreed that any campaign funds donated to the pro- 5 were to be held at 8! posed committee be used for the today in the Martin Mor- benefit of all County and Dis- · - ·· trict Democratic candidates. Also taking par: in today's meeting were State Representative Maud Isaacs, opposed by Republican Alex Fierro; Precinct 1 County Commissioner D i c k Davis, opposed by Republican William Coffin; Precinct 3 County. Commasioner Rogelio Sanchez, opposed by G rover Neely. services were p. m. tuary c h a p e l with the Rev. Burke DLgnam officiating. Another rosary service will be held at 7 p. m. tomorrow in the Martin chapel with, the Rev. M. Lopez officiating. Funeral mass will be at 9 a. m. Monday in St. Ignatius Catholic Church with the Rev, Caspar Oronoz officiating. Burial will be in Mr.'Carmel Cemetery. Funeral Pending For William Person William Person of 3023 Jefferson avenue died in his home today. He was 71, -lived in El Paso for 29 years, and was a retired general contractor. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Mary 0. Person and four brothers. Funeral arrangements were -pending at the Rodehaver-Miller Funeral Home. DR. RICARDO C. PALAU Dr. Ricardo Calvete Palau of Avalos, Mexico, died yesterday in El Paso. He was 52 and was medical director of the American Smelting and Refining Co. Hospital in Avalos. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Ernestina Calvete; a daughter, and a sister. His body was to be sent by the ^ - ' V ^ Gasoline Price War Starts (Continued from Page 1) at 26.S for regular, and 2S.9 for ethyl. Cowan Oil is the only really independent oil company operating in El Paso. Ramon buys from Thunderbird, which buys from El Paso Natural Gas Products Co. Piggy Bank buys from Standard of Texas. William Cowan Jr., head o Cowan Oil, has stated repeated!} that all, of the price battles are aimed at him. in effect. It is his contention that if his company can be eliminated from El Paso operations, the entire price stxuc ture will move back up to the level it was -before he started business four years ago. United Pffss International CHICAGO, July 23.--Texas Republican State Chairman Tliad Hutcheson today challenged the role of deputy Attorney General Lawrence E. Walsh in seeking to shape the form of the 1960 GOP civil rights plank. The Houston Republican, who served on the Republican Platform Committee in 195S and who testified before this year's committee, suggested there was some difference -between the c i - v i l rights views expressed by Vice President Richard M. Nixon in Houston last June 18 -'and the views purportedly given by Walsh as reflecting those of Nixon. Hutcheson told newsmen h« heard Nixon state his civil rights views in person in Houston and added: "I am prone to question seriously and somewhat critically anyone w h o gives different views." He said "I want to know what part Mr. Walsh is playing., .in preparation of this platform." Relatives Leave With $1000, Groceries An El Paso man who turned his house over to relatives while he was in the' hospital is missing $1000. Gud Paez of 913 South Tays street told police relatives came to - him in the hospital and said they had no place to stay in El Paso. .When Paez got out of the hospital, relatives, money, groceries : and property titles were missing, TOWN TALK Friends of the late Dr. Robert H. Black, dean of agriculture at New Mexico State University who died recently, are setting up a trust fund to educate his four sons. That friendly and -handsome young doorman at the Hilton Inn is Mike Tvnan, who will return to his studies at Notre Dame come autumn. He's son of Mrs. Martin Tynan of 4501 Trowbndge drive. diaries Amador, former El Paso newsman, met El Paso delegates at start of Los Angeles convention and told then* Kennedy already was in. Former Mayor Rene Mascarenas of Juarez invited some well- heeled friends to a garden party and then invited them to shell out to support the Juarez Symphony Orchestra. They did. Dr . C. T,. Sonnichsen, whose "Tularcsa" has 'just been published, Kaster and Maxon Funeral Home | a] , eady js at wor fc; O n his ninth book on the Southwest. It's to to Chihuahua City for burial. be about ea . ]y £ , paso _ "Desert rats" on a camping party out Columbus way last week included TWC. Students Charles Horky and Al Ortega, Writer Doug Early, Prof. John J. Miduagh, and Bill Middagh. Ortega shot a rattlesnake. Twelve-year-old Bill, a crack shot with a rifle, mowed down jackhabbits, a hawk and a coyote. . Armando Chavez Sepulveda, Juarez police chief, was questioning a suspect about marihuana. "I've smoked it for 40 years with no bad effects," the type said. But it did effect his in- Today's Columnist, MARSHALL HAIL Song Writer Dies United Press International NEW YORK, July 23.--Composer Al .Hoffman. 58. who in 30 years collaborated in writing a long chain .of hit songs that ·began with "Heartaches" and ended .with "Papa Loves Mambo," died Thursday night for af- Oil Firms Join To Drill Well (Continued front Page 1) hop« that tiie producing well announced yesterday is the initial producer of what will develop as a gas field of considerable magnitude. He said this well is producing dry gas, with no .show .of oil. But he did not discount the possibility of oil in the same area. Mobil has about 60,000 acrei under lease in the area. Mr. Hanley said TXL Oil Corp. has about the same amount of acreage under lease in that general .area, The well looked promising in tests in May. Tne strike was made this. week. The well is 28 miles from tht nearest oil and gas production, which is in Eddy County, New Mexico. Socony Mobil officials in Dallas said the producing gas well is Mobil's No. 1 State-Barrett in the Pennsylvania-Straws formation, reaching gas at 5814-5829 and 5842-3857 feet. Unitarian Fellowship Schedules Program Excerpts from Ira Progoff* 'Depth Psychology and Modern Alan" will be presented at 10 a. m. tomorrow at the Unitarian Fellowship by Dorothy Lovett. chairman of the worship program committee Following her talk will be a business meeting to consider changes in the constitution and by-laws. The Unitarian Fellowship house is at 2431 Montana avenue.- ter an illness of several months. 1 carceraticn. Storm Sewer Work The Texas and Pacific railroad- will .begin work soon on a itorm sewer under its crossings at Campbell street and First avenue, City Engineer Charles Davis said today. The T and P will pay for the drain, which will connect to the City's flood control storm sewer system on Paisano drive. for elderly -persons, a 'large rec-lin El Paso."

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