The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1954 · Page 29
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 29

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1954
Page 29
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4."*' 1" -«^-~£^*>.i~'. *thfl«6! thli, i tutu el Thflf ttet MUch af , tl wall 6h fuJ6Bda?, the last da? in Novehlber, that small tabular and columnar crystals of frozen water fbrhied direclly from the water Vapou of the air, when its temperature at the time of condensation was lower than 32 degrees, began falling Yes, it was snow and November was finished ' up with by a 2 >£ inch measure* ment. And so there ydu have ft, winter is. with us again., But It was nice of the weatherman to hold off till we reached December 1, so to speak. I love the color of snow, its pure, whiteness, but I' sure' don't like to shovel it. And, after all, we of the present age could get along fine without snow. It's a nuisance on highways and a car doesn't trayel in it as did the Old team and sleigh. Arid so long as we have no horses and Sleds now there is no 'use of snow, just makes it miserable with its shoveling and off and on .chains on the car, so to speak. There is only one time in the year when I really feel snow adds to the occasion and-that's Christmas. And I'd sure appreciate it if Snow just didn't fall on my sidewalks, so to speak., It Was one' night last week that I got out the dictionary and checked: on 'some words that I hear every day. And there were 554 words in that .dictionary that began with "over" and that is one word that has been applied to • me through the many years And I have gotten busy with my memory and here are some of the words beginning with "over" that has'been attached to' me, so to speak. For instance it was Leo" Immerfall who once told me I Was bverassertive at times when I talked politics. And Bless Rusk told me that I was always trying to overimpress folks with the tunes on my harmonica. And Armin Schultz told me that he was expecting me to overdrive my car one of these, days because at times I didn't hook in' the overdrive with which my bus is 'equipped. And maybe he's got something there. I'll never forget the time'when Ed Cullen 'first heard and saw 1 me'fiddle and he said "You are sure overbrilliant with those catguts and horsetail hairs." And brother, was that •ever a corripliment. , . —-o— - .. , Casey Loss has told me sev eral times that I overexert myself when I keggle. And-mayAae I do but I am jiot bverpr'Sficigiit with strikes. like Casey is, so to speak. But it's true that "over" hangs onto me many times and in'many angles. For instance, 1 nm over-age, I have over-alls, sometimes I may be over-bearing, I have an overcoat and overshoe* at times I overcome an argument with the Mrs., and several times at the banks I've been overdrawn, a lot of times I oversleep, and it's a cinch I often over-spend and so again I'm broke. I am not overweight and I never over-work. So you can see the word "over" is both with me and against me as well as it also may apply to you. How easy it is to find "over" with yiju and against you, when there are 554 words starting with "over." —o— ' And so I thought I'd check the word' "under" as the opposite ot "over", and that proved interesting, too. There are 154 words in the dictionary which start with "under" and again quite a few of them size up with me. No I am not an underagent, under- clerk, underofficer, under-official, undersecretary, understeward, underteacher or undertenant. And I am under-age too because on account of the age of these modern times is set at 90. And I am not underfed though at times I have a hankering for more of pie to stuff. At times I feel like an underling when the foreman starts to bossing. Sometimes I am under-rated but that never becomes too serious. I never underestimate the feeling that friends hold toward m,e. And-1 am sure got underprivileged because on account of I blow the harmonica and saw the fiddle. And I understand everything and this I brag about. Now you will notice that I haye used the scribbling of words that had "under" for a starter. Of course I haven't used all of the 154 "unders" in the dictionary but I hope you will feel that I know the words "over" and "under" mean. Some time you check the dictionary and just see what the two words cover in every day life. Oh, yes, I forgot, but I am not overwealthy because on account of I am under- wealthy. Both dictionary words, so to speak. And that's that. The Trip To The Paper Office We studied all about printing In a unit in history. We thought we'd understand it more • If we did a printing press see. We decided to take an excursion But didn't know where to go 'Till a brillant schoolmate said, "I know, 1 know!" "We'll visit the Upper Des Moines Newspaper office some day. I'm sure we'll enjoy it And we won't have to pay. So thanks to Mr. Waller For showing us around And telling us things So more knowledge we found. BUI Brewer Odgaaid's 6th grade \ • . • ' . ' Walter Geerdes 'Rites Held At Lakota, Nov. 27 Lakbta—Walter P. Geerdes was born January 21,1893 at Dumoht, Iowa, to Ralph and Steinetta Qee'fdes. While still-feti infant he- tyas 'brought to' tCossuth county' and lived on a farm near LaKbta With his parents until fourteen years ago wherr he moved to South Range, Wis. Mr Geerdes became- seriously ill about 2 weeks previous to his death, while visiting at the home Tuesday, December 7, 1954 Alfldna (Id.) Upper Des Molnei-7 of hisiilster; Mfs jlfenvy Geerdes and-, passed.; fcway in the Blue Earth-hospital, Nov 24 at the age of 61 yearsi Walter is survived by his aged father of Lakota, four sisters Bertha, Mrs J. B. Koeneri,. Shef- field;'Minai^rS George L Geerdes, Blue Earth } Katie, .Mrs Henry Geerdes, Buff aid Center; Amy, Mrs C.. W» • Meyers, Minneapolis: and' three brothers Martin and John of Swea City and Bert A Lakota. Funeral services, were conducted Saturday, Nov. 27, at 1:30 p.m. in the Presbyterian church, Lak* ota with burial at Woden. Rev'. eonTiuct&i the sst •.. . |>allbiearers toerei six nephews." in stiite of the fepeed of tnodJ erii li\$ng, r the wise man saves enough time Ho plan his next move. ; "- i A. b(iy -selddm inherits his bad habits, frotn : his father— father usually hangs' on to all he has. •the hian who looks befdrfe h4 lejfcs often gives the ; other fel~ lows a chtmcS to get in ahead 61 him. ;:.-;.• • •: • CLOSING OUT On the Mat Zeimei farm 1 mile west of S^t. Joe: 11 miles south and 1 mile west of Algonat 3 miles north and 2 miles east of Bode; 2 mUefe west, 3 miles north and 1 mile west Of Livermore on ' . ... Thursday, Dec. 9th 1:00, P. M. FARM MACHINERY Case tractor with cultivator; JUD.'?6" tractor with cultivator; J. D. elevator 40 ft. dump and speed jack; 2 wag'cSfhs, 1 Steel, 1 rubber with boxes; J. D. feed grinder, 30 ft. bell; 15 ft. disk; Spring tooth hari'ow; End gate seeder; J.» D. corn planter; 20 ft. harrow; 1 - 16 inch 2 bottom International plow; About 200 bales of hay; some straw; some tools. 5 cows; 1 yearling heifer; 5 spring calves; 15 native ewes 1, 2 and 3 years old. Bred to black face buck; 1 black face 2 year old buck, very good; 18 feeder pigsj about 150 Hy-Line chickens. ' •••'.' Some' household goods and many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash. No property to be removed until settled for Mis. Susie M. Frideres COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers LIVERMORE STATE BANK, Clerk I The following described properly Will be sold at public auction to be held on my farm located 6 miles west on Highway No. 18. 5 miles north and Vz mile west of Algona; Vi mile west of Lotts Creek; 4 miles south and 2'/2 miles east of Fenton; 4 miles south and 2Vz miles west of Lone Rock; or 6 miles north on No. 44 and 2'/2 miles east of Whiltemore, on Dec. 9 Sale Sisr's 12:30 P. M. Not Responsibla For Accidents Lunch Wagon on Grounds 1953 Ford Tractor and Ford Equipment Tractor used only 580 hours. With lights, starter, fluid in tires, E-Z ride seat. Heat-Houser, wheel weights, belt pulley, power take-off extension, jack, swing draw bar and chains, Tractor in No. 1 condition. Ford equipment includes 3-14" plow, 3-point hitch, manure loader with -snow bucket, mower with windrower, cultivator and utility blade. Farm Machinery Chickens, Buildings, Etc. 1942 John Deere A Tractor, lights, starter, 11:38 6-ply tires, power lift, chains, 4-row cultivator, tractor recently overhauled, in good condition; No. 25 mounted John Deere corn picker; 15-ft. Roderick-Lean Disc; Case Handtie Baler with good motor; Kovar Springtooth; No. 6 John Deere Combine, power take-off, good shape; New Idea 4-bar side rake; Mounted weed sprayer with motor; 38-ft. wooden elevator; Overhead hoist, wide type; Power take-off Speed Jack; 2 rubber tired running gears with Flare boxes; Rubber-tired running gear wijh straight box; Steel gear with straight box; 4- wheel flat bed,' 8x16 ft.; New Idea spreader on steel; HammermiU; Endgate seeder; 4-row corn Planter; 4- section Drag; IHC Hand Corn Shelter; 1948 Cushman 3-wheel Scooter. MISCELLANEOUS — 25, bu. hog feeder and steel troughs; '/3-ton Chain Hoist; Grapple Fork; John Deere Fertilizer Attachments; Victor Acetylene Welder with large tanks, cutting tip, on , wheels; Welding Stand; Post Drill; 5 gallons Red Barn Paint; 30 Steel Posts; Chicken Feeders and Waterers; 1/3 h. p. electric motor; 300- gal. gas barrel, hose and stand. CHICKENS —. 175 Leghorn Red Pullets, laying good. BUILDINGS — Brooder House, 10x14 ft.; 3-pen Hog House. DAIRY EQUIPMENT — Iowa Cream Separator, enclosed motor; Hinmann Milking Machine, pipeline for 15 cWs, 8 steel .stanchions, milk cart on 2 wheels. 1950 International . 1-Ton Pickup Model (L120), grain and stock rack. 7550x16 8-ply tires. Just overhauled, in A-l condition. 26 COWS, HEIFERS, AND STEERS 13—Second Calf White Face Cows bred to White Face bull, to calf in April. 13—Calves, [including 9 heifer's and 4 steers. SPOTTED SHETLAND PONY 7 years old, gentle and kid broke. 740 Bales Alfalfa 380 Bales, 3rd cutting, in barn, 200 Bales, first cutting 150 Bales, second putting. 280 BALES OF STRAW TERMS: Cash. No property removed until settled for! YUNOEBERG & QUINN, Auctioneer* SECURITY.STATE BANK, Clerk PUBLIC Due to the death of my husband, I have decided to quit farming, and will sell all of the following described property at Public Auction — On the Farm Located 1 Vi Miles South and 1 Mile East of Lone Rock, or 4 Miles West of Burl THURSDAY, DEC. 16 SALE STARTS 1:00 P. M. LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 4 Young Cows .'',- • CATTLE 1 REGISTERED HEREFORD BULL Two Years Old ^ From the P. M.VChristenson Herd 3 Summer Calves 10 SPOTTED POLAND CHINA GILTS 10 ABOUT 200 DE KALB PULLETS— MACHINERY New Idea Horn No. 50 Manure Loader New Idea Manure Spreader on Rubber Allis-Chalmers 15 Ft. Tractor Disc John Deere 6 Ft. Mower Wooden Wheel Wagon and Box Rubber-Tired Wagon with Flare Box 8 Ft. Windrower John Deere Hayloader IHC No. 4 Cream Separator Portable Hog House with 8x16 Plank Floor Three Individual Portable Houses 10x12 Ft. Walk-In Hog Feeder Farmer Friend Self Hog Feeder Galvanized Hog Waterer Three Small Feeders and Troughs Jamesway Electric Chicken Fountains and Feeders Simplex Brooder Stove in Good Condition 5 Gas Barrels Good Vise Electric Motor 20-Ft. Ladder Steel Wheelbarrow Electric Fencer Four Rolls of Used Woven Wire Two Rolls Nearly New Slat Cribbing 26 Four Inch Creosoted Cedar Posts 60 Used Steel Fence Posts 50 Elec. Fence Posts Some Used Lumber ALL KINDS FARM TOOLS AND OTHER ITEMS i TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION TERMS; CASH 1950 A-C W. D. TRACTOR And Cultivator With Chains This tractor has been used very little, only two years on 80 acres, and hasn't done any belt work or harvesting. Anyone in the market for a good used tractor, be sure to attend this sale. HAY, STRAW and FEED Forty Bales of Straw Several Tons of Loose Hay in Barn About 100 Bu. Missouri 205 Oats About 400 Bu. Clinton Oats HOUSEHOLD GOODS White Enamel Wood and Cqal Kitchen Range in Good Condition Walnut Diningroom Suite, good condition Lawn Table and Benches NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS PPPpJl * P^^PJ ^BPiPpl^P^P PPBP^^ ^PI ^P^P^P*^ ^ppP^W ^PJP^ PPP ^PJ ^tjr P^PP PWi P^PP^P^w P^pjF^ ^^B ^pfP^pT ^PP ^BPA MRS MARIE C. DACKEN, Administratrix FRASER and BERKLAND, Auctioneers THE LOME ROCK BANK, Clerk

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