Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 30, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1944
Page 3
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N SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Thw to Church Congregational Kc\. l-'.ilwiird U, I lance .-•iiiii-h .-iL-luii)l will meet at . M,. I'.'i- tin- junior, intermedi :-„! M-iiinr di'p.-n-tineiUs (tn ,-iil I'hililron nine yenrs u ...1 olili-r) Tho beginner ntu • v d.Mi-tntciit.s (children tin !•,,• years of age) will 11:11,,' wnrship will hi; held rxt •'.,'i-ii. wlu-ii we ahull unit*. !-i- Christian churches evory- iu !!•.•• lli'th Annual \Vorlil- i,", iiniiiuniori Service. Eacl •i.M.::nxali<>n:il will follow its, ki'i'ping in mind it .; ;ini-m-*.s in Christ with all i' Marians around the world. .-•;•";:<• i:i to keep alive tho :-n Idra! ill this war-torn ,\,1 ini'iuliors and friends uro :,, aciki- a special elTurt to ;):<:. N.-rviri-. Tin- minister, .;>\.iut U. Hance. will proftoh • ,-pin-^ the Christian Ideal •'. :; Wui-Tcirn. Work!."I: .-a's subject will be "BoU.i .-; !nl i uductciry voluntary. .-1 i>:' (.".ml the I-'atliL-r," J. S. 1 (",i!l tn Tlioo, .Lord Jesus 1 .'. S.; "Conic s*wuol- ;'li, i-'i'ni'' Kiossed Rest," .-A.- :ii:'.l-i-iii, "Jesu. Word of \V. A. Monart; of- fivt! Head Now Uiich; "Toccata in Much. choir rehearsal, i. Boys' Junior u., Carol choir ii. Adult choir p. ni. Young People's Hi'.L-ide Congregational i:<-v. I'aul W. IVK-rsoii .•.•i •;,-. (Vt'ifu-r 1st, opens' our S'-h.:.->l'ri nanncr School ;..:..!-.. All nn'mbers arc urged ; i -Ji r,t to keep our average , "i '•..- Sunday school meets at .1. ni. At tin.- morning wor- , -vn-i' at II o'clock, the min...i : ! prrach on the subject. .- ,.-!:i![U-:u!il Ministry." l-'ol- •I;,- .--.i-rvice, the Lord's Sup- v .:; i-i; i-i'li-hrated. The sub- i! thi- i-vvniiu: meditation at .. :..rk will be, "The Call of 1 !(.!.' • .Mi-irti-rly business meeting . ' :•.::: I'gatiou will be ln-ld on : . v-cniiur at S:00 o'clock. >.','• • Ini' evonitiK at 8:00 , •>,«' mid-wi;L'k service will Ci-i-.flrmation Class mer-ts i". ii'r'.uek on Thursday at'ler- Thi-i-i' will bu a meetinj: of /idii-s' Auxiliary on Thursday r-.g. oei(ihi-r .". Mrs. Donatuu i-Kiir. and Mrs. Joseph Nygren (''rlclay i.-venlntf. .Boy Scout i No. G meets at 7:15 o'clock, hi; choir rehearses at 6:00 U'urnrn's Auxili.-i.ry seml-an- ;••..-'i inj.; will be held on Sat, October 7, at 3 p. m. In tho v.vll church, Mr.-). Bernard .-:.-.--<jft will be tho speaker. First Church of Christ Scientist ' WAT.KRUURY (C«rncr Holim-n ami Mitchell Avon.) Sunday services, 10:-15 a, m. and G p. in. Sunday school, 10:-IC a. in. Wednesday evening meeting at S o'clock. "Unreality" will be the subject of Lesson-Sermon for Sunday October 1, The Golden Text is from II Corinthian-,- -ias. "The things which are seen are temporal; but the thing's which .ire not seen ure eternal." Sulcctionsi from the Bible include the following: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, salth the Lord." h 55.S). Correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science nnd Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mnry Baker Eddy, include the follow!rip: (p, 2.Sij>: "God's thoughts are perfect and eternal, lire substance and Life. Material hnd temporal thoughts u-e human, involving error, and since God. Spirit, is the only cause, they lack a divine cause. The temporal and material are not then creations of Spirit. They are but counterfeits of the spiritual and ernal" Women's Activities—Personal & Social Will Marry Today Salem Lutheran (AugiiKtaiiu Synod) William .15. FrpfiillM-rff, Pastor St. Michael's Day, Jesus and the Children (Mark Ushers: Burton Lundin, Fridolf Volson. Sunday, Oct. 1: 9:00 a. m. Swe- i.*h service. Soloist, Mrs. Arthur Carson. 10:00 a. m. Bible school, iiblu class. 10:-IO a. m.' English ervice. Combined choirs sing. Vo- nl duet, Mrs. Miles Berry, Mrs. Nelson. Sunday sehcol teachers nsialled. 3:30 p. m, Hartford Dis- rict Sunday School Association. moots in Lebanon church, Bristol, Conn., (21 Stearn street). Mrs. M. Mahaffey Entertains For Mrs. J. Brocius Mrs. Mary Mahaffey of Hill street entertained last night at her home ior Mrs. Jeanctte Brocius. Members of the COO Card Club were guests and included: Mrs. Olive KreiOlcr, Mrs. Florence Phillips, Mrs. Ida Robbins, MVs. Bernie Nelson, Airs. Frances Stopper, Mrs. Fannie Ecrgstrom,' Mrs. Erma Cook, Elizabeth Joyce, Anna Gallagher, Elizabeth Larson and Viola. Evans. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Stopper and Mrs, Krcidler for highest scores in card., games. r.Vi'KlCr.A - I'M-'SEB Rhoads-Plumb Wedding At St. Michael's Church Immanuel Lutheran Church! Rhoads ' son ° c Ml '- nm Kuv Harold I lie-is T-mtor Clarence E. Rhoacis of Sl'J Jin. Jlarold l.uL.ys, Ustor SU . DC .. K L , aciia g, Pon n. Rev. y;-!5 a. in. Sunday school. iO;il3 a, m. Worship service. Tuesday, 3:30 p. m. Confirmation t;ln.sH, 7:30 p, m. Young People^ society. Confirmation Classes Start At St. Mary's St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran . Kcv. O. II. -Mi;rtram Divine worship. SMS n. m. Communion service. S:20 a. m. Tuxt: .MatUiou- 10. 2C. Theme: "The Vnluu oC Your Soul." Tlio I.uthoi'jin Hour, 12:30 p. m. Stiuion WICC, Bridgeport. Speaker: The Rev. A. P.. Krcntx- nuinn. Acts 2G, 1C-1S. : "Ki;o»'leclj,-e That Saves," ' Aid niuuiinK. l'"riday, S St. Michael's Episcopal church will be the scene of a pretty wedding this afternoon at -1 o'clock when Miss Patricia Ann Plumb, daughter of Mrs, Olive Parsons Plumb of IS Park place, is united i in marriage to Robert James :id Mrs. Cordon Confirmation classes have beer Arthur .^,..,,,-1 nt SL Mary's church foi F. Lewis, rector, will cil:ciatc at j schqol cbi ; ( ircn, it was reported to- the double-ring ceremony. d . |y R( , v Joso ., tl Kuchunas is in The bride will be escorted to the j charge of instruction. No date has of aci _ o will be escorted to the j charge oC instruction. No da r Kodfathe: 1 . Frccicrick B. hocn wet as ye: for the day Toxt: Thome St. Michael's Krv. A. F. l.owis p. in. Choir practice, Friday, p. m. i-rvices at St. Michnel'H IM Sunday, Oct. 1, scvun- iimlny al'tt-r Trinity, will illows: Ci-lebration of the :i:nmiinion at 7:30 a. m, :<-l-.-iul ill the parish house , m. Holy Communion and :t II a. m. Sermon yub- (if the Lord." y: 7:•!:; p. in. St, Michael's pari.-h house, A full at- i.-i d.-sired as plans for 1 ;.- >:alu to be held on . Oft. 1-ltii. in the parish 11 be made at this raoet- y: C,;-l~, p. m. 'Altos and .S:0d ji. m. St. Michael's "lib in the church. ;i!ay: :i:30 ]>. m. Jr. Con- rlii:..; in choir room. 8:00 -. Confirmation class in .y: 7:30 p. m. Troop 7, '.n parish house, 7:!M.> p. m. Boys' choir. .. ('.iris'choir, entire choir '. CM. Girl Scouts In the Holy Saviour (T'oll.Nli National Catholic) Jtcv. J.ouis Kuc7.orow.sUl Mtissos celebrated at 3 a. m. and 10:30 a. m. St, Mary's (Koinnn Catholic) Jlov, Thomas M. Griffin The Masses at St. Mary's church arc celebrated at 7:30, 0:30 and 11 a. m. St, Hedwig's (I'olish Jtoinun Catholic) Jlov, S. F. Nn 'in .M "ru!.-iy. Ont, Otli. the Church will hdld a. de.ssei't bridKe parish house. .i unlay, Oct. .1-1 :h, St. Ml- ''iiiilil will liold a balcory tin; parish house. The Masses nt St. Hedwig' church will be celebrated at C:30 S, 9:30 nnd 11 a. m. 'The regular weekly vesper sow Ice will be at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Naug-atuck Methodist Ui-v. ']'. Hnnllcy l '••lie 1 '-, school at P :'l." a. m. The •i' 1 -- ni' l>ivirn> Worship at 11:00 ii. v.;i| include the service for iiT.'p-iiui uf members and the ; 'i-iL'-i.t nf • the L,ord'.i Supper, |: ".: in Ha- cilmi.'i'vanco of World < ''HMMiuninn Sunday. The 'l'-"i Si-rmon is entitled '•'I'":-,' Still." and the Conv " 'i Alr'litation is on the theme, "»r,.i i In; Wurlcl." i" ilnaiic;i' eommitteo will moot li" hann' t>': William D, Cfilvoft, '•lillvillc avenue, on Monday, ''" i "nii. ;it S:00 p. m. St. Francis' (Roman Catholic) Kov. J, J. Flt/KCTiiltl, ra.stor Masses 'will be celebrated !n St Francis 1 church Sunday morning at 7, 9 and 31 o'clock. ' 'ull Gospel Tabernacle •I. iM, Kcillhardt :: " ri. m. Sunday school, HifTh "l a in I l-iiblu 1 class. I-' 1 " •''. rn. Devotional service -i i-riinriiiinion. Sermon topic: .N'rv.- Glimpse of Calvary Need- ' ; " I'- ">. Evangelistic service . in.-.-pimiional arid special siinK- and music, Sermon topic, "Af- hi-i.ih • What?" '" f ' \i. in. Mid-week service. St. Anthony's J'roM'cct, Conn. (ICuinan Catholic) Masses will be celebrated at St Anthony's church in Prospect Sunday morning at 8 .and 10 o'clock BEACON FALLS United Church Ilcv. Hurry E. TJiomivi, 1'ustor The Everyman's Bible class will meet at lh«' church at 9:30 o'clock with President Clayton Duboia in charge "f the meeting. Morning hour of worship service will be canductod at 10:45 o'clock, with Rev. Hnrry E. Thomas, the pastor, officiating and delivering the sermon. In the evening the Christian Endeavor society will meet at the church at 7 o'clock. St, Michael's (Iiomun Ciithollc) Kev. Joroinc Cook, J'nstor The Masses for tho parishioners of St. Michael's church will be celebrated at 8 o'clock, 9:15 o'clock and 11 o'clock on Sunday inoin- Ings in the new church on Maflle nvcnue. . altar by ho Twitchell. She will be attired in an antique white, rose pattern damask gown. fashioned with sheer yoke, high neckline, fitted bodice and full skirt with peacock train. Her three-quarter l<?nt,'th veil will be attached to a beaded Juliet cap. She will carry, a shower bouquet of white roses and stophunotis. Miss Mnrjorie C. DoolitUo as maid-of-honor, will wear a gown of white faille taffeta, styled with sweetheart neckline and ruffles on bottom of sleeves and at neckline. Tho skirt terminates in a case- j cade of ruffles. J-Iei 1 headdress will be a coronet of gold sequins and she will carry an arm bouquet of gold nnd brown chrysanthemums. Miss Plum!) has chosen for her bridesmaids, Misses Ellen Donnelly, Joan ChiswoII and Eleanor Bi'od- erick. Their gowns will bo identical to that of the maid-of-honor and they will wear white laoe i calots trimmed with white ostrich tips. Pink pom poms and roses will comprise their bouquets. Judith Ann Carroll will servo as flower girl, wearing a white flowered taffeta dress with a tiara of flowers and carrying an old fashioned bouquet, K. Emerson Lynn will be best man for Mr. PJioads and Thomas D. Skipp, Ermand J. Valois and Philip B. .Tenson will usher. A reception for about 100 guests will be held at Lil't-tho-Latch inn. Out-of-town residents from Rending, Penn., Hartford and Bridgeport will be preseni. The bride's mother will receive in a silver studded gray wool dross. brown accessories and an American beauty corsage. The mother of tho bridegroom will be attired in an aqua dress with black -accessories and will wear a pink rose corsage. • On return from their wedding trip, the young couple will reside at IS Park place. The bride is u graduate of Is'au- Katuck high school. The bridegroom attended Albright college, Reading, Pa. tile sacrament. Helen McDonough On Committee For College Scholarship Fund Drive Miss Helen McDonough of 185 Millville avenue has been appointed to the special gifts division of .he national committee for opcn- ng a drive to raise ?-ifi,000 for the ollogc of New Rocholle alumnae scholarship fund, it was announced today by Mrs, Hugh Kelly of Mount Vcrnon, N. Y,, national chairman. St, Michael's Guild Meets Monday 1 Evening A meeting of St. Michael's guild vill be held at 7.--13 Monday evening in tho parish house. All inom- jcrs are requested to be present plans for the bakery sale to take place Saturday, Oct. 1-1. will be nade. Russians Are Hitting Hungary From Three Sides (By United Press) Russia's armored columns are striking at Hungary from three sides while Die satellite is reported seeking a way out of the war. One Hed army on the Slovakinn border lias punched to within three miies of the pass—the gorge that holds the key to an invasion of Hungary's broad northern plains through Slovakia. Other Russian columns are attacking mountain passes spilling into Slovakia ,-ilong a 300-mile front. And these forces threaten momentarily to spill over the border in a full-scale invasion ot tiny Slovakia. In Latvia, the IVa^.iy are putting up a last-ditch defense of Riga, ihn seashore capital. But Russian assault u-oops liavi. 1 overrun 30 more towns and villages and are closing in for tho kill. The sanm savage fighting" is go ing en in Italy. Fierce German counter-attacks have forced the British Eightl Army to abandon a bridgeheac across the Piumicino river in th Adriatic sectqr of northern Italy. But American Fifth Army troop., farther inland have thrown bad similar attacks ten miles north o Marradi, Woman's 'Club Reception Tea And Meeting Will Take Place Monday Afternoon The first meeting of the season .vill be held by the Nuugatuck Woman's club Monday afternoon i the Salem Lutheran church ha.ll. A reception and tea will follo\ the business meeting, at whic Mi-s. Leon P-. Corliss, presiflcn will preside. State officers will .at tend and extend greetings to th local club, and Mrs. Raymond H Baldwin, wife -of the governor will speak. Veterans Service Office Reports (Continued from Page 1) loca Congregational Church Veterans' Council Y. M. C. A. Civil Service. Commission, office St. Francis Church Valley Players Personnel Office, U. S. Rubbei Co. Naugatuck Chemical Co. \V. J. Megin, Co. Howard Whittcmorc Momoria Library U. S. Navy "Recruiting Office in New York City Veterans' Advisory Committee of Waterbury' •Vlcoholics Anonymous Group of New Haven Veterans'Administration at Ne\v- njnon and local representative at •Vaterbury Naugatuck Daily News Waterbury Republican Watorbury American Re-employment CommiUcomcn of Selective Service Naugatuck Woman's Club Veterans' Advisory Committee of ew Haven War Council Veterans' Advisor of City of Now -Taven President of Veterans' Council of 'cw Haven Veterans' Komc Commission, Rocky Hill, Conn. Polish-American Veterans Veterans of Foreign Wars State Adult Education Facilities State Veterans' Advisory Com iittec Local Committee of the Salva on Army Local lawyers and judges. Knights of Columbus. About SO million persons in the U. S. attend motion picture, shows each. week. HIRACf.EWALLF,'HISII PER CAltON G. C. MURPHY CO. Church Street Nangutiick, Conn. BEATS THE- NAVV Boston (U^)—Since joining the Army. PFC. Pierre W. Lclaby of _oston has visited 37 countries \nd the Solomon Islands, There were about -10,000 country •'encral stores in 19-10 compared vlth 10-1,000 in 1930. JNCOME TAX COURSE NOW UKIXG OIICANIZ.EIJ I'RKNTICE^IALL T1CXT, TiMfl Thoiie 4-^772 For Infonnntion Post Junior College STRISirS I CENTKll ST. DIAL S-27G2 « presents Stainless Steel Flatware \ .<;!>.!)5 l j er Set, 24 piocc.s and WOMAN KOnilED Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 30—(UP intruder li.-us entered a Cam bridge home beaten a. woman am escaped with a platinum ring val ued at $2,000. Thu robbery victim Mrs. Edith Rothstcin, was fount lying on the floor of her apart incnt, which apparently had, beer ransacked. Semi-conscious wher discovered she later told jvolico tha ( the robber described himself ,-i.s ; discharged veteran of \Vorld W.IT 2. It's Not Always Your Weight! RUSKIN CORSET SHOP ^ii so. Miiin si., \vih.v. Ti'i. :t-r>-,'ii Smiirt DRESSES Wools - Crepes Fall $895 I'riiiniit, KMH-rt WATCH * .1KWKI.KY KKI'AIKIMt William Schpero 181) CHI HC1I ST. — 1 Klleht U|l — DAILY AT CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street Specialists in all kinds of altering, repairing, etc. D. LIEBERMAN 2(1 CUUKCIt STKKKT Marines Have Taken Three Mbre Jap Islands •(By United PIVKS) American Marines have stripped Japan of three morn islands. The new invasions struck north of nearly-conquered Peleliu. and have given the Allies another airfield within cnsy bomber-range of the Philippines. Landing under cover of carrier planes, the Yankee "Devil Dogs" quickly overran Ngesobus island. They met ineffective opposition on Kongauru island. The communique from the headquarters of Admiral mitx does not name the third island. Almost'at the same time, Allied planes—apparently operating from the Peleliu airstrip for the first .ime—have plastered the airfield at Babelthuap islaixl. Babclthuap lies north of the newly-captured islands ind is the most important link in the whole Palau chain. On the heels of these new Allied victories, Russia bluntly tells its people that 1 Japan has absolutely no chance of winning the Pacific var. The oflicial Communist newspaper—Pravda—says American industrial power will crush Japan. Meanwhile, Allied bombers have sunk 12 more! Japanese vessels around Mindanao' in the Philppines and the East Indies. Funeral Of Amy McPherson To Be Held October 9th Los Angeles. Sept. 30—(U P)— The body o£ Aim«i> Semplc Mc- Phei-Kon, famous woman evangelist, hjiw been returned u> the temple she built as a monument to her four square gospel doctrine. Mrs. McPherson died l.'ist Wednesday shortly after taking a sedative, but an autopsy showed her her.rt to t>e normal and an inquest wan ordered for October 6th. Her son, Ro)f McPherson, says Aimco's body will lie in state at the Ar.Kclus temple until October .Sib. Puncral services will be held on October ftth, the day she planned to celebrate her Mth birthday. ~ .FIRST 5TEF IN EASY WA1KKJ3- Former Chief Of Hartford Police Dept. IsDead Hartford, Sept. 30—(U P)—Former Hartford Police Chief John J. Butler is dead at the age of G8. Butler retired from the force in ID'll, after •!•! years with the police department, and since that time has beer, head of the Hartford Electric Light company plant protection service. In his youth, Butler worked in a print shop where he set type by hand .for many of Mark Twain's books. MISSING IN ACTION" Boston, Sept. 30—(UP)—The first Boston chaplain to become' a casualty in this war is reported miss- ng in action. Captain Charles F. IHunnon. former curate at Our j.idy of Lourdcs Catholic church n Jamaica Plain, was last heard Vom in France. Captain Glonnon had served in the Army's Chaplain Corps since June,' J9 ; 13. Before gong overseas, he attended theChap- ains school at Harvard a.nd served t camps in Texas and Kansas. Local 45 Dance On October 28 The annual Hallowe'en dance of Local -IS, United Rubber Workers of America will be held on Saturday evening, October 28 at Linden Park. Hubert Hall, prominent local resident, is chairman of the committee 171 charge of the event, and tho remainder of his group will be named in the near futui-o. It is planned to hold n. real old time Hallowe'en dance and it is c>:- poc'icd that a large attendance will be on h.inr) for the event. Norwash Shoe Store Your Eyeglasses Shop c. Tomlinson Xnary Building k, Co/in. TEACHER DIKS Watcrbury, Sept, 30—(U P)—A former member of the faculty at Commercial high school in Xew Haven is dead after a long illness. Miss Mary E. Beg» taught at Mew Haven until lust May. GREATOAKFARM ; OXFORD KOAD TeL SOW i MILK — EGOS I i Di'livory To All rar(« or Xauicalnrk BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Furnace Initpectlon SERVICE Phone Us! Xo Waterbury Heating Co. S3 Spring St., \Vt>>y. 4-«4T8 CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR SKXDINC OVERSEAS " ARE READY NOW! SAveetheart Husband Brother ^ rnrcE lOc TO $1.00 Friend Pal Others SELECT THEM NOW MAIL BEFORE OCTOBER 15TH . The Card anil Gift Shop SWEENEY'S ST^SV STORE •V. HOMEWORK mil NOT RUIN HIS EYES TTERE is an example of parental wisdom. This boy ha» been pro» *••• viclcd vitli proper lisliliitg to safeguard his eyesight while ha read* or studies. Notice tlic even distribution of light. The floor lamp l» equipped \vilb a diffusing hoivl. There are no direct ray« of light from bare bulLs to cai:se g:ai'c that is harmful to young eyes. Th« boy can read and vork vit'ioul cycelratn. Eyesiglit is precious! Poor lighting iu one of it* greatest enemies. The protection of eyesight should never be postponed. While there U a great scarcity of the most desirable kinds of home lighting equip* incnt today, there arc many way* in which the portable lamp*, ceiling nnd wall fixtures now in the borne can be made to give belter light for safeguarding cycaighu Now is the lime to check over your home lighting. See thai it !• nrrnngcd to safeguard eyesight. Clean the bulbs and *hadc* eo that you get the full benefit of the available illumination. Prevent glar* nnd-waste. If you need light diffuscr* we etill have on hand • clock of various adapters for your present fixture* and complete unit* dr- gigncd to improve home lighting. THE CONNECTICU If You Ust Electrkity Wi.tly, Yon Sov* (Ml mA Hs Ti

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