Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 30, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTlMBtfc 80. As We WERE SAYING.. 'Ntiplivs N now Importing spn- jjlictti frtnii I hi- Unllud !St«l<'«. Today's modern young lady oi'lon ranches her toccis nnd for her nicotcens at :iboul the name time. * A ~(|iinrc mills bottle Ims just Hindi- It* tlrhilt. Owcno-IllluolH (Ham Co. wi.v.t it will inert iip- |irnv;il or dnlryiiifii, merchant.*, liiuiM'wIvrn. Jl coiisorvr.s N|>:IC<.' mi ftlu-lf. ill rofrlKcrnlor. C'HII l)ii curried -more conveniently In niihidy's slioppl'iR !>"£• Said nn M. P. whon berated by :i colonel for permitting n trtifric jam in u French villugc: "I'lense., .sir, don't tiilU like that to me. General ration's just been Tmlny's unrcclote: The teller (no, It wasn't one of ours, lull, we can take a joke «» well us anyone rl-uO wii.i ine,xpiTi- i-iH-cd, hut resolved not to tie luckini; in cjiutlim. In n I' •iiaiin-.M- Im eliallcn^ed pructiciil- Jy everyone who presented n r'lii-cj, ff> lie fashed. At tin- rnd of the line, an old patron of the hank, amused by the passim,' (Kiradi*. decided ti> try an i-Mierlini-nt, When his turn L'liiiir, in response to the usual query, "Kiwi- you any Idontlfl- i-iitioir, 1 " he fumbled In his pock- cl, pi-oduceil a snapshot and handed It to the teller. Thu .vim.'ii; mmi ryttl tin- print judl- t-lmiNly, thon K'avo the customer u c-an-ful .scrutiny. "OUuy," he said at li'dirtit, "you look like your picture. I jruess It's all ri;;lit to cash the check," Stiidcr ftirms In Frnnce sell their output at so much 11 hundred to wholesale wine 'ri-.ey. in turn, use the spidrr.- 1 . to spin webs over new buttle:!, to quickly produce the Illusion of npe, nnc! p:is.-< them uff on an unsuspecting public. S;iId Senator Suaper: "As the Fuelircr seems singularly nn- iiiiini' to the effect of hombs. hmv about iri'ttln.i; hack Id wwrU nn I hilt perennial projcet, the hetter nit trap'.'" f.fttr-r to tho editor, St. Louts ['os-.-Dispatch. by Charles .E. !•:.•!!!•.. Dep't. of English, Junior College, l-'lat River, Mo.: "I see thill some renders take you to task for uslnK n preposition to en'.i " sr-ntenco with. Well. £ is nothinp to worry about. Their ci'itici.-.m is based up^n tin old rule that few nix- £'<>ldi' cl by. In fact, it Is a practice old ffifjles sticic to. It Is n. principle that we cmtld ff^t along wlth- oiir. Tmacrlnc thos" fellows sin- ulintr out an editor to pick on. mi are not the one they should ea^t aspersions at. Their poor, misj;uid»d teachers tiro the- <nie:i they should be thinking of. I'll b/"t thnt';, wiero their misconception came from." A rliioresccnt llRht In hull) form has just arrived to reduce your IlKlil I'lll.s. Gives better xvllli less heat, less current. You mny hav been paying C per pent, on your LIFE IXSUR- A.VC'F. LOAN 1'or so lor.K, it bas never occurred to you that yciu could (,'ot n lesser rate and sfivu the dll'.'crcnco, almost n.s erisy as turning your hand. But that's a fact. And you can do it ritrht nt Js'aujratuck Xtitional l-Iank. T-tow? Well, all you do Is to brinfr In your policy. We attend to all other details, and co about your businesa (is bel'rire. The net result Is that your subsequent payments will be made to the bank, nnd the interest will be Kratlfylnt'ly lower. Isn't that worth ton mln- i:ti>s of s'our time? "But," you sav, "[ have nn present LIFE rxKi;pvANcn: £<OAN. although I'll like to make one." Then hrin;: in your .policy and we'll nrrnnno it for you, tii,'»ln at a low rate, pon't keep your Ideals so low they make you stoop. NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Mc-mhor of Fcdbrul Depodlt Inxurnncv Corixmitlon MAKE YOUR FOOD DOLLAR LAST LONGER AT Highland Grocery 92* HIGHLAND AVE. TI:I.. .mmi norm »,M>I>, ITHP. Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment r.OMH 'KM WITH HOMJJS Victor — Culuinliln — T)t-cc« SWAN ELECTRIC CO. !-• CIIUHCH ST. TKI.. 2374 VV\' >VAK BONDS A>'U SSTAMI'S Beacon Falls Correspondent'* riione 4.124 Now At The State Eileen Kiernan Finishes Nurse Training Course Eileen Kiernan. daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Conlcth Kiernan of Fel- spav avenue, was 'gra'duatod last Tuesday from tho Cornell Uni- verc-lty" hospital school of nursing in New York city. Miss Kiernan reported for duty today at Ihe hospital where she will bo assistant head nurse, after spending n fow days with her parents here. The now nurse is 1 a graduate of Center grammar school and Is'iiu- galuck high. Election Monday Electors in Beacon Falls arc reminded that the polls will he open Monday morning at C o'clock for the election of town officers. All •esidcnts are urged to use their voting privilege and vote before 0 j. m. •' Sullnr Hoturn.s to Duty P. O, 2-c Michael Krcnesky of 'elspur avenue returned to Gains- /ille, Ga.. after spending n nine- ay leave in Hoacou Falls. Firemen's Session Monday Firemen will mooD Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the firehouse. All members arc urged to attend. William Leo, chief, will bo in charge ot' the meeting. Well Attended The weekly bingo party was widely attended last night at tho church basement, of St. Michael's church. .Smiieivhere In South IVieiflc Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones of M, street received word that Carlr, wizard of tlie piano, whose "golden touch" has tbrillcil millions, appears In pi-r- fon, with his piano, i:nd his own frrcat, hand nl tho SUite theater. ir:ir(ford, no\\ r . Composer of many SOUK hits, Including 1 "Sun- rls<! Si-Ti'uadi'," ".Lovrr's .l-iillaby" and "Fullinjf Leaves ' irrankli! introduces lils ni'wi'st ciimpositiiin "iMoonll^lit Whispers" during; thin enf7iij;eni(;nt. Featured with (lie Carle liiind an; the-viiluus of lovely Phyllis l.ynm;. !><•(• Cutiinibo, and FP.inMe's newest discovery, Jl'aul Allen. AUK'iientini,' the stairc liill are ,lan Murray, 'newest comedy sensation"; Oille O'Tuolo. "America's outslandin^ Impressionist"; lluliliy .LoiiK, "the surprise [mck.'iffo" and others. On the screen is "Uixio .lamhort'O" with ITances^ford, Guy Kili- hee nnd ]2ddi(> Qnillan. Blue Tokens Are Not In Effect After Tomorrow Only today nnd Sunday remain in which housewives mny pet rid of blue ration tokens -which will be discontinued- HH ration, .currency Sunday, the OPA .announce*,- • Food stores ivlll 'have until Oct. 0 Lo deposit them to their ration bnnk accounts for credit. Banks will thon puckiifi-c 'and 'ship 'the discs to n -government waVchouac in Cincinnati, where they will be held in 'storage until the 'end of the war or in reserve it-it Hhould become'neccssa'ry to i-biasuc them; Cotton Mpllow Correnpomlent'H Phone 5S2H their son, Corp. Raymond Jones, has arrived safely at a now .-nation somewhere in thi: Sotith Pacific theater of operations. A Ijo u L underlay ',000 square miles of .salt. Ohio. Gifts For All Occasions GUttedtvj glass . . . sparkling mirrors . . . pictures, statuary, spun glass novcitics . ... all arc represented in our wonderfully exciting collection. JOSEPIIIXE R. MAXZO, Stylist Just n stop from Exchange Place 29 Ho PI- I ton A v». CLICHE GLAJIT "MAN FROM FRISCO" CURRENT LEAD AT THE STRAND THEATER Newspaper and magazine accounts ol! Uncle Sam's Liberty ships, the gallant «'"'fc'° craft of this war, have thrilled all America. Now Republic Pictures! brings '.o the screen in "Man .From Frisco," currently being shown at the Strand theater for a week's show- Ing, the dramatic nnd stirring story, of the changes faced by n peaceful ship-yard community, suddenly rL'vcilutionixed by the idea of mass-production applied to ships, the advent ot thousands of new workers and widely diveVse back- 1 ground!!, and the necessity of constructing vessels faster than ever before in the history of the world. "Man From Frisco," starring Connecticut's own Michael O'Shca and Anne Shirley, is u thrilling ac-: count of the traditions of the past and the 1'nbuiou.f ideas of the pres- 1 cnl. One of Republic's most pretentious productions, the studio set a budget, of a million and a half dollars on the screen play. Two complete units of cuir.en.imcn, directors! and technicians worked on tho filming of the story on which no c:'fo;-ts were spared to present n picture technically correct in all details regarding the shipbuilding industry. Much of the background pictures wore made in a ship-yard in Richmond, California., and a member of the Maritime Commission acted as advisor on many scenes filmed 'on the studio's huge sound stages. In addition to O'Shca and Miss Shirley. the supporting cast of players includes Gene Lockhart, Ray Walker, Stephanie Eechclor and 17-year-old Tommy Bond. Block Dance Last Night Attended By Good Crowd A : successful block dance was held near,the Cotton Hollow Honor Roll last nijarht with a good crowd in attendance. Prizes - were, awa'rded to the following; F. Blanchurd, Josephine Scaploni, L. Montrionl, Ralph Tripp and Charles Lndderbrush. 'Prize winners may call for their awards at 8 Cotton Hollow, The purpose of the dance \vas to •raise.funds to' purchase Christmas gift packages for Cotton Kollow- itos in the service. The Cotton Hollow Social clu'b which (sponsored the affair, extends its appreciation and thanks to all those who helped make the event successful. Red Cross Has Received Materials Mrs. H. D.tvid Ward, chairman, of the surgical dressings commit- 1 toe of the Naugatuck chapter, Red Cross, has announced that a supply of materials has been received by the local chapter. All classes will be resumed starting Monday. The schedule for -the week is: Monday. 7:30-9:30 p. m.: Tuesday, 7:30-9:30 p. m.: Wcdncs-. •day. 'all day; Thursday, 9 a. m. to "noon "7:30 to 9:30 p. m.; Friday, 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. A'.l volunteers .ire urged to rejoin the classes in which they prc'v- io'uifly worked. The classes had been suspended because of lack of materials. GREAT MUSICAL SHOWING NOW. AT THE LOEW THEATER More than one-fifth of the human race is Chinese. SIX ROOM HOMES (FOUR BEDROOMS) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE Glenridge Estates Quinn & Chestnut Sts. Naugatuck, Conn. Own Your Home-cost $ 16 £ (Comparative with rent) Down Payment In Accordance With Your Financial Position • • • Revelation In Modern Suburban Living-. • • • Restricted Community, Beautiful Wooded Residential Section, • • • Permanent Construction of Pre-War Design and Workmanship, • • • Houses May Be Purchased on Low Monthly Payment Plan or May Be Rented . WE INVITE COMPARISON 5 Model Homes Ready For Inspection Daily and Sunday 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Each dwelling on plot approximately 60 x 150 ft. Plenty of g-arden and yard space. Sanitary Sower, City Water, Gu.s and Electricity. 3 Coats of Piaster Hot Air Heating System Kcoiioinlcal Hot Witter Unit Weatherstrlppcd Doors', Insulated. Lenders and Gutters. l»nr;\blo Asphalt Shingle Hoofing. Ornamental Shutters, Concrete Stoops both Front and Side.' Look At These Many Features Sidewalks and Curbs. Special llardwiiro and Ultra Modern Electrical Flxtn re.s. 'Colonial I.lfilit nnd'Knocker nt Front Entrance. Modern Hath and Kitchen. Domestic Science Kitchen Calilnets. Spucloii.s Clothes and Linen Closet*, with doors. Built in Venetian Crystal Mirror Medicine Cahinet. Inlaid r.lnok'iim. .- . . Many Electrical -Hnao 1'liiRs, . . . Double Flooring 1 —Special ,Onk. All Wax Finished. Poured' Cone-role Foundation, Providing Spacious Collar for Lnrjjc Recreation Room, Modern FIumbinK Fixtures. Rooms Beautifully Decorated. Mail Delivery 'to Your Door. I.niindi'.v I" Basement FHA Insured Financing ...... Imaj; lno the bc3t comcd >' stars, the best, dancers, the best, pianists.. the best bands and the best circus acts in all of show business in ono picture. Imagine a cAst which iicludcs Eleanor Powell in a starring- I'olo, Dennis O'Kccfe, W. ' C. Fields. C. Aubrey Smith, Sophie Tucker, EuRene Pallctte, David Lichinc, Mimi Forsytlio, the bands of Ciib Galloway and Woody Herman, all in one film! -And im.ip- int- this cast enactinjr the story of one of Hollywood's Wp directors. You don't have to go into the realm of imaginatior. to find this picture. It really exiacs. It is Andrew Stone's "Sensations of 1945," now playing at the Loew Pol; theater. Mr. Stone, a veteran produce: 1 of big 1 musicals has thoroughly scoured every aspect of show business—from swank nifrht clubs to the circus ring—to bring post musical yet to come out of Hollywood. But not satisfied with merely parading fine stars on the screen in a feeble story, he assured that everything that happens is tied up in g-ood solid plot written by Frederick Jackson. Star of "Sensations" is the dancing star, Elennor Powell. But besides her usual dancing role, Miss Powell enacts a quick-thinking press agent whose stunts are good for page one copy—and plenty of entertainment for -a motion picture nud- ienco. " The co-hit on this hit musical program is "The Falcon in Mexico" with Tom Conway. RETIRED ON PEXSrOIN" Boston. Sept. 30—(UP)—Ten em- ployes of the city of Boston will :>c 'rewarded for lone nnd faithful service. The ten—five of whom have served the city for more than three decades-^will be retired on tension today. James McNulty of Brighton boasts the 'group's longest record of civic employment. HcNulty—a district engineer in the water department—has been in the city's employ for -16 years. Texas share croppers decrease froni 105,322 in 1930 to 39:321 i .910. the census showed. A SPECIAL SERVICE FOR OUR OVERSEAS FORCES! PIERFONT'S WILL INSURE AND MAIL PURCHASES TO BE SENT :'OVBR'SEAS. . PIERPONT'S ji-wclcm. ctn 8<>rlotr .STREET i Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Cong J. E. Talbot To Take Part In G. 0. P. Meeting Plans for a dinner Oct. 25 The Elton, Watcrbury, to which all the Republican atatc candidates will 'be 'Invited were made 1>y the prcxldents.-and -loader* of the Hcven Jlepubliean.. clubs of Watcrbury- Republican "Town Chairman Vcr- non L.' Hall said that Gov. Raymond ''E. Baldwin and Secy, of State : 'France« -B. Rcdlck had given ponitlve nxsurnnccg that they will attend, tic said he thinks it in also certain that Cong. Joiicph E. Talbot and U. B. Sen. John Danaher will attend. 1 Other Republl- cft'n state official* who may attend arc State Treasurer Carl Sharpe, .'State Controller -Fred Zeller and Atty. Gen. Francis Pallottl. Mrs. Viola'AmelOng, well known here, was elected 'chairman of the committee-in charge of the dinner. Letters From Our Readers f -O Weather Report O ~ O Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—fair today and somewhat wormer Inlund by a'ftcrnoon: 'rncrcnslng cloudiness tonight and rain beginning before morning. Not' Camp Bcale, Californli Sept. 24. 1M<. Naugatuck Da.ljy New* 'The Exlltor: Let me take thin opportunity to thank you for a most useful little memo book. The mcmbcrn of •the armed forces can certainly use them for many purpoi>e« and sure do appreciate a token from h-omc. • • ' The i»guc of Ihc Dally Ncw« celebrating Naugatuck'n 100th anni- vci'snry was "most appreciated and received much comment from the other boys >n my company. Congratulations. There In little to «ay about our activities here. A most, uninteresting Job must be completed and an early victory is desired. All the men arc looking: forward to the day when they can go home and together with their families, resume former normal constructive activities. Let's all cooperate and get It over. Sincerely, Pvt. Daniel W. Mikaitis, Co. C, 4th Bn., A,S. F.; P. R. D, Camp BeaJe, California. so cool in inland sections tonight. Eastport to Block Island—No ;mall craft or storm warnings. Office Propw IcJr«ctlve. Monday, ihe Wftterbury omcc of Ui* Security Botrd »t JOS '"BMlt win IK '(ipfn 'each wetV-dt. 'day through SMurdny, TroiJ, a. m. to !5:*0 p. m. Anyoa, I«K t.o obtain a (Social 8*carR. count Yiumbcr c*rd, file ' old-nge and Htirvlvon benefit*, or secure about tho operation of. nnd iiurvlvom proKr«m, office between th« hoar* • nfbove. Anyone who cannot person, may \vritc, or 4-0841, Waterbury. CORONKR'S FIWDINfi • Winstod, Sept.30—'(UP)—Coral Jonathan Ellii in holdlni Jot Pipa criminally rcgponnfbt» T«r^ death of 75-ycar-aM Georj{» ^j. Cowdrcy. Ojwdrcy -dle4 I«t j^' ust Z"5th when he wjui mrvrekT •n automobile operated fey p;!| on the East Canaan road. • LATEST iwonrr, COFKEK MAKER Everyone Welcome To Attend the THREE STAR PROGRAM Sunday, Oct. 1st-2:30 P. M. In Front of Plant on Maple Street Complete Program CONCERT — STARTING AT 2:15 P. M. BRADLEY FIELD ARMY AIR FORCE BAND Opening by Master of Ceremonies ; ROBERT E. LOWELL Industrial Relations Manager, U. S. Rubber Company Prayer America Adress of Welcome Address Address Rev. Edward R. Hance, Congregational Church Entire Audience Warden Leo J. Brophy George T. Froehlich, President, Local No. 45, U. R. W. A. C. I. O. Harry L. Carter, factory manager, U. S. Rubber Company UNVEILING OF HONOR ROLL HARRY L. CARTER and GEORGE T. FROEHLICH " Dedication Rev. John Wanat, St. Hedwig's Church Gold Star Names A moment of meditation Medley of Service Songs J3and AWARD OF STAR FOR ARMY-NAVY E FLAG ROBERT E %> LOWELL Display of-Star Award Harold Barrett, production Banner i Introduction National War Fund Address Songs. Star Spangled Banner Close superintendent, U. S. Rubber. George T. Froehlich John J. Wrinn, Genevieve Pajeski, Steve Knapik Donald A. Clarke, assistant director, Connecticut Wai- Fund T-Sgt. Herman Sachnoff Polyna Stoska Entire Audience Robert E. Lowell 'atuck Footwear Plant

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