Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1921 · 1
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Ellwood City Ledger from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania · 1

Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1921
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· 85c Jhlrt I. ding elec- yles. d dur- Reg- · Cunningham $100 and Costs. Un-: · Boro Ordinance Car Is Returned To Them.-Oovernmen~ May.Act costs. The T'nige <mr, eolllfiscn­ mornin~r wns returned to tho Bur~rcss will mnke no fur­ to ]>ring the mnttor to the of the· Fo<lernl nutJ10ritles. ffi\:¥il~t6rrltJ~ the Burgrss eommunicnte<l nuthoriti~• ·on the ~nse is_tnkcn it will hnvo to ''c them. YEARS- OLD,_~CAPING ·--··--··--IN.:I-FOOT'·PLUNGE -IN AUJO, BREAKS· ARMON SIDEWALK ' L , ' ~ • ' • Arter .fallln1 about SO feet Jn hla fa~l'll.aatomoblle and HC&plnl' unhurt ·tor Krat•hq,· the maehlne be!ntr ·badl1 bent and twl.ied In Ita fall, Jill! VOJrt(three-Jear old 110n ·or Contractor Georte I Voct, fell on the alde-'lf&lk at l:ta hoino thll mwulntr •.Jd fradu·red a •bOne .In hie rlcht arm bet.ween the wrist. and dhow. '.. . ·. · A brolae on !Jie ebeek. ,.-u the onlf reewt of the ball over thll embankment night before JUt Tbla • mo~ln~, however, while runni?,f on the aldewalk be II'Ot a h!lrd_ fall, hl~;rltrf)t,,.,a~:be}~J twlatied under ~Ia ~y u he went down. The fracture .f• not ~IJ_alde~~!- o!an1er'u .one and beca•e of hla youth and the pllablllty of hll: bonea allould kJ11t rapidly. . Harijs~~ Ant~ -· . I GIRL SHOT Cases Up In Court, BY FRIEND BU'iLER, Pn., April 27.-Tho con· troversy in tho Hnrrisvillc borough IN CHI. CAGO over the enfor~rm<>nt of the spred · rogulntions cropped out yeaterdoy in I r.ourt whctl nn opinion hnn<le<l <lown by, .Judg$) A. E. ROihor in the· cases" of E. J. 1 Miss Catherine ·Davis Shot. By Ril1cl nnd N .. p. W,eston vel'llua ·tho!' Girl Known At "Janette,'' Commoliwenlth ot1 ·Pennii,Ylvnnln on<l Former' Friend W. E. Brown, ~onatable of Hnrriaville --borough:· • I SHOOTS ~ELF ·VON SIMONS RESlGNS AS MINISTER Paving. and SeweringlfNFORMl\ Jobs Rea'dy To Let MADE A MAN BY Criticism Over Reparations Proposal Is Tak!!n To Heart By-German U. S. May Ask France To Delay Further · occupation Of Germany Three Streets Are To Be Paved\ REGJSJRATlON ACT And Six Sewers A.~e To _ Be Laid l JS CONSTRUED BY Cost Is Estimated At $80,000 By Boro Engineer 'Alex Main, Ellwood City is to pave three street• and lay six sewers this summer, and sreclficatlons or the work hnve been SUP-ERIOR COURT Law Under Which Fred Jones Was Convicte~ Is Laid Down In Opinion BERLI:S, April 27.-Forelgn Minister completed- by the Boro Engineer Alex Yon Simons bas banded his resignation Mnin. Bids are now being asked ror, to Pl'l'TSRl'flO, April ~7~ Of whll\- to the Relch8tag, It was !earned today. iiprcntl intt:'rr!'t. in the tl1usinrss world he opened on \Vednl~doy. Mny .f, ond i.;; thr i.h.•t·ision hl!llflcd down in the Criticism at the latest reparation pro- the lllbuloted bids referred to council sup( 1 rior ,·onrt yt."s.h.•nlay in· .the· ensc poRal Is given as the eause. on the day followin!i ot the regulor of ~lason A :\loyrr, \\'illinm ll ·l·:>~pt•n· RERLTN, .•\IJril 27-Oermnny wnitrd meeting. The estimate or Engineer Moin t<•r nml llavitl C :\lilln, trnrling 0 _. todny with urHlhignisc<l nnxicty for 0~1 t.~(" work complete is nbout $80,000.. :\Joyrr nnd f'aqwntf'r, :IJ)Jl('llnnts, nnHwf'rs to hC'r latest rPpnrntion~ ofTPr. The p:l\·ing- johs to hL• doiH' h.v thl' ngainst Hnit 1 h Rrnn£'tly, ~ whit·h qu• Tho note rvokctl t•tilir.i~m of For<'ign <·lly arf': (•ourt ronstnlf'R tlw ru.-.:nll•••l "fiditiou!'\ Foreigner Carrying Char&~ts and a warrant laued for ta ch&rlllnJr hllil . with battery with Intent to being an unnatoraljaed- :\lini~tcr von Simous. TlH' nmount of- 'Vnmpum nn'tlllc;' from ~orth ~trr('l to nnntf's'' ncl of Hlli, r\~(i\.irin(: firms tlO· fore[) wnB regnnlrll ns oxt·remrly high OrC't'l! stn•t•f, I,S!l:"; r~·c·t. iug ·husiur~~ undl'r n ·(i.diti.tHIM ·n.n~nc to nnil the proRpcrt of 42 year. of inilebt-Ciy•le ,trt•ct frOln thl' Harmon\' to rcgi•t,•r tht• name. nn.i :uhlro•sl'S o·t· l.~~~~!=~i~~~~~~ (It] ness wn~ tlisplrosing. th<' i!ltP"'!.•t·lion of ~hp ,,Vnl•trm;hurgt· 'tlu! nu~mllrr.s of th(' firm with the s0e- r T'A HTS, April 27- Further invnsion ru:ui, ;,oo frl'l. r.-tnry of the •·•Hnmonwr:tlth nml the of Oermnny ~lny 1 will be tho nnRwrr ('n•,,•et·t a\'rnur from !'e••nnd to f'iftl• prothonotary of the roun.t.y where it bnstn wns nltogeth~r un.wn•"''" clnim tu•t!. eo.utttute-<1'. of Frnnl'£! to thr lntt:"Rt rcpnrntions pro· ~ttr('t, l;HIO ft.•rt. dur!-1 \infliuL•·ss. TWICE ALSO posnis. 'i'i The runrt in its .iet·ision gh·es n The offrr of !!00,000,000,000 goM '" •nw••r• to lor lni•l nr~: broad ... nnstru<'lion of thr tH't and holds T11e ~ase was• before ·tho eourt on ·n1 OH OH CINDY petition· of the ploint\th tor a writ ofl om. They not'·on'ly wl're, but they showed it is elnimiotl that ' • ,. tcrti~rnri. It wns n~lege4 by the peti· CIUJCAGO, April 27- :lfi•• Cntlterin~ TONIGHt Hone-rs .the proeeedmga held before Dnvi•, aJ Wllfi •hot nn<l prrhnps fntnliy · Justlro of the Ptare Snyder of Hnrria·lwoun<lml to<lny 1hy a girl ••o fnr i<lenll· ville Borough, where they wrre fined flp~ only n• ".frnnnrt.tl'." · ' Delivered And Dress rsai.Will Be Held $10 nn<l ro•t~ <>n~•· for the· nlleged vio-l ~m snti!tllc<I:....T g~t l•rrf the gir<l, lotion o( the traffic ~'ws, were lrregu-. at·rrnpwd, nn<l then shot hrnlrlf. . lnr an<l illegnl. In «Jiaposh\11 · o( the victims ,v"rrr iakrn to n hoRpitnl, where case the court sustained the exceptions· It wno sai<l tll<'y would die. of tho plnlntll'fa and aet aside the judg-1 'l'ho •hooting took plnro on a rrow<l: ia the Mgh ·wnt.er ~uuk. In ment' of_, Juatlce..,o~ t¥- P~co..Snyder 1 oo platform of a hlevok•<l rnil-wny in lion· of ,Ellwood City's latl'.5t and. ata~ed: that. the_ reeorclA lh:!Jwed I the "loop'" dist.riet during tho morning :tit111,11~1::oNlll'l:£!1t u 1 ea'tilc.tfl vcnf,u.tl!>-. "Ob,. Olt ""'ltnA•h•= .• tMt ·~\~"' ~•.t!$:.4i ... 1 ~t_tl)e pe~e, ruBh hour: ~fiu ~vis h1ul jW!t.lcft n . This Evening ·-· produrtlon witiL n . 'tb~ caafl'; u a 1!)~11;. proeeedlng 1 )z~ln nn<l wnll willliin~ townrd n atnir· lnughs l{ltnrnntccd nt the for tho recovery of a penalty of •10 way lending ro ~fndJRon atrc~t whrn .,, •. , _,., ...• a &mile n minute, is to receive ruther thnn deli'forlng judgment on tbc! "o!eanette" l'n•hing from bl'hind 8 . polishing tonight, nn<l from ti:c qucstron of tho ·trunt or Innocence of snntelwd n r~voh•er from her hnn<lhng w•••·••v•.rvtninJt hn• Hhnp~•l up, Eilwoo<l-tho pnrti011. Tho cuao hoa unusual ln- 1 nod fired two shots. - n fluishr<l production, terosts to the rl!Sldonts of Hnrrlavillel Both bullets penetrated Miss Dnvi~'s he n credit to Ute Shelby ond vicinity. During the Hummer of ,aid<!, ""'~ shr annk unconeciOUB t(J thr 1020 the constable of the borough ro· '!llntf~rnt. Spert~toi'B who Mlsh<'d to· lh~ir best o "pat turned 100 or more nutomobiio owl)ersl wnrtl "J<'nnnctt.o" •hrnnk hnek when """ f • 1 ti f th t tfl 1 · 1 t I faroll them nod hrgnn swing lt('r rrvol· ar VIO n ons o o ro . e nws re o -, ,-er In a •om! eirrll'. lng to speed. I.t wns underatood thnt1 Thr girl then rnn toward n stltir~vny, proacclitioDR of tho other cnacs W'Ould he•itate.l pine~-· tl 1 t 1 · ,· "' · 1 , u 10 r!'vo v~r o H'r .su ,. depend on t.he out<o.ome of theae'(nscs. nn<l fired twice. She frll nrnr her victim. . . Polirem('n nrrlved in· time to 'quell n · tDEA!VER, Pn- Mnny of Beaver Counl pnnir. ty'~. rural schools hove closed for the J~nne.Ue has been i<lrntiRed ns Miss Ir-21 vne.ntlon, Of ~he. aeven ~ont~s' term Jl'nnette H11y'l, daughter <?f 8 ~ontrnrt<Jr. school, but few nrc boldm11 S(\98ions.I.Tiw girls have bc_rn ,friends· nnd arc otics ~i,li opel\. nrl' <thoso owhtw do· · sr.id to have· quarreled. opening through lnck of t~nch· .• rloscd during the term ·by SHARON-.fames .T DnviR, aeerct.nry qunrnn.tlnr. The Brew~r :of la>bor, will visit his oTd ·nome Mny 2~ to"·nshlJI~ which 18 nntl delh·er an address, He wi'll be giv~,; •miM•·rrlotlth · term, was tl•.e a ·bi&' rocoption by tJ1e townspeople nntl Firat •t will ·bo tho gul'l!t of honor ilt a meeting nP<•ou~-.or nn cpidrmic of nnd hnnqurt of thr J--oyal O~<l~r of the term·. •by Moose. SC<"rotnry Dnvis wns n former school will resident of Shnron nnd bill nged pnrenh . still live h,ere•. ·· · · J'ittf<'hurgh \'irrlr, 1.2G:i f!'f't .• to he pniil O\'('r a long: ~rm of .. · that whPrf' the firm tl:liHt.'S gin~R tlu• nt•mt·~ of t\\'o pnrtnrr~ nuU there. is one o:-morr. sflrnt p:lr('Hf'r~, it i.s. n firti- mnrks ycnrs wn• brnnilril ~'Y th•• Pnri•i>ln JlrCss to•lny ns rntir~ly inrtPrrptahlc. Tit~ amount, nP<•IJr<ling to mout·h· pi{'!rr's nf \'nriouK gO\'C'rnment (11-!"lH:iC'R iR 90,000,000,000 mnrk~ below the orig innl nllied deninntl. Tn ntldition the Ot•r­ mnns demnnd thnt tho nliieR nhnndon tl1c .pionaltics nlrcndy infiirtrd nnd gi\'r 111l th<' gunrnntit's for pn~·mcnt which Ui~:r now holt!.· · (Cnntinurd on Pnge Two.) ,, . •-'~-' . Actress Is Made Beneficiary In Francis' Will )lEW YO !liT\, April ~i- :\li'" {'arrnll Ut·ComnK. 1H'~Tl'HR 1 is ntnllP JoWl{• lu•nP·fi · rinry in the will of hPr fi:lll4't', llnwnrtl J Flnnnrry, ymnul bu:-~inrf't; mnn of Pittsburgh, it WlHI lrnrtlf'll ht'rr t.oc\n~·. :\fiRs :\lrCont'n~. who ~aitl tliP ht'(]IH'~t \";ns a ~UJ"'pri!w lflncl lhnt shC' 111141 no i41<•:1 o.f the vnlu(l of thf' l'L"I:lft', Hlt.'t l·'lnnnl'ry )ICr(' 15 .YOntR ngo whf'n hp WUR a ~t.nclt.-.nt nt. Fortlhnw lTniv<·r~ity. liP wn~ :1 grn(l uutc of YO'l'c RJul won fnmt' n.~ .nn ntldrtt• "there. He dilld herr se,·r'il :wrrks ngo. OBREGOtfTO CRUSH ALL OL Mexican Preside,nt Fear Threatened Rev_ olutions - Will Not Spend Money On Navy Of Militarize The . Rail.roads ---" Fifth strPet, !iOO f••••t. 'l'n<!ll an•nur, 480 ft'c·t. ~,i r~t a H~n!H', 1 :1~0 ft•rt llaz(•] :t\'C'Illll', :l,liiO f'f'C't. 1'hf' Sf'Wl'rin~ iR t'i~ht, 10 :101l 1~ inC"h, the mnjor portion lwin~ thC' ~m:rllt.~r sizr. t if.lt!-1 11fllllt 1 1 ntH} unlt•s~· the fir'm is pro pi·rly rl•gi~St(•r<'tl th(' ot•ourt· will not en.' !t•rtnin n suit ·hrought hy it .. 'J'o thi~ 1lcdsion thrct' judg<-s \Vt:linm !> l'u1trr-, ,John ri llt•n!l nnd W II Krl- lt•r. U1s:H~nft•tl. The qtll'stion ("lJI:~ tl) tll(• ~llp('rior ~ourt on npp<'nl frJJr:t cmh na 111 r '(·ri~ <'Qurt No ·1 of Phi~.t~h-lpliin t;.·unty', .fhc t't'ei~ion nffirming thJ jlftl!;· nll<lft of' thl' ebm•t lhelow. -· 1 Tt wn• nntiior this lictiti~us naml's art . Kills Brother J»recedmg· Father's F al 'lltnt Pr~••l Jout•s of this dty wu.• <·onvie­ uner tP•I nt thl' Mnrch tr.rm of ••ourt. Mr .J, nrs hnd purt•iwsl'•l the Ninth street f'TTJC'AG.O, A)lril 27.-A" ,;ight of rrv­ <'lry prrt•t•diug t-he fnn•·rnl of thrir fntitrr, ('hnrles D. Ringham, ''lll!SNl the gnrugl' nn•l h:ul nut hnrl it rrgist~red with thr srrrl'f.nry of the oommonwenltb "'"' thr prnt.honotary of thi• ••ounty. :\Ir .Jon!'" unntll' nn nppiirntion for ~ 1lt'ntlt f'nrl.r todn,v of mu• of thrr<' llt'W trial nnd nrgunwnt on thi!4 motion hrothrr~ wl10 (li<'tl ~ftor' lwing hit hy n iR to ('OIIH' latl'r. _tn'i dri1·er, nP<•ortling to Dr trrtivo Bl'r- grant Jinghes. • NE:W C'ASTl.E, -Fir<•, whirh i• nllcog- 1 ThrPt' hrothl'~ •• John, C.hnrl('!'l nna etl to han• •1,~rn or inrcndiary origln, Tinrr)" nin~h:tm, on oiTi,•i:ti of tho tlkitroyt••l llw onc-•tory fr:11nr -building Chnrr~:ll Tro:ot t'Oillpnny, of tD£'troit, Ot'l'tiJlit••l 1 hY Tony nr. Nu<•t•io ll!i n JJOOl· fonJ:!ht in n tnxi, ·hrrnkinJ:! n. wilulow., ;!;,',': ·",,','•'sl t•onfl"r.t.ionPry stort• .)'C'~tertlny. polit~e ~aid. i~ p'I:H'C'll in t'XPt':-4~ of $LS00. Th£' drin•r, Etlwnrd Sicgnl, drove up Tilt.\ loo~ is <'0\'Crt.>d hy ins_urnnec, in front of a polirr Rt.ntion. At thi• ' • WAJ'\TITNGTO:\,. Pn.,- Tn n d,rrision point, polirl' snirl, .John Binghnm •la~f r•l lightin~ with Sirgnl, who hit Ring- g;ving ~uj>port to ~Irs 1'1trrrsn P Lnroek, .hulg<' ~lr·ilivninl' e'pr<'sst••l his hope llnm on thr jnw, killin~ him, thnt she :ttlil IH'r husi.:IIH) J\hner C Ln- Rirg·rl i• hring lwld for invr•tign- cr .. k mny umirn'hly :Hiju•t 1h<'ir mnrtinl tion. diiT<'rPnrrH. To tht.• t'ncl,~n del·rce giviug 'l'l•r rl•ler Rin~hnm's funrrnl will he Mrs L:wo...lt $6!) monlly, is not rrfrctil·e liri•l to•ln\. for four w_t•ck~. Hold . Geol-ge c SeVille to Court for Shooting Italian Charged With Assault And Battery -.:--- .~------~-------------Will Prevent· State Trooper· George Hid Be- OiTY, April 27 -·Prr••i•liPnt.l hind Fence When S.ebasta Opened Fire.· Men From Slipping Out OfThe "'v ....... to<lny · ordcl'~d hi~ !Qnders ,to proceed -"without. ---.- ngoinst .r9volutionnr.t. lender. FALLS, AIJrii 21. 7 0oorgo ern Mexico, ' ·.. - ,··: _ . .,., Seville or !}eorge Sl1volb ·ns ho write& On~y · nllaoli1tc liurrqn<ler of it ii•ho shot three' ll)rn . nt Cn~~elton rhi.eftn\n~,\vill be acQepte<l, he i;Jui•<lny, wns nrr~ign(id hefore Ji1stieo l Obrogon' d·eelnred" ii.~ r~volution of tho P~nc<i· ·Frank .. ;\lill~r yest~r<lny p)nnilcd for·>~Y 5, <lt'llpito: on n elwrgo of -felonious tlANr.l:lt ·nn<l whkh •l•ovc floode~ tho enpitnl. ·buttory with inttmt t-o kill nu] wu 'h~ld "Revolutions nrb c.nilaed liy improper court. County Dctecf.ive W 0 Coul- oets of tbo gov~r~ment," :J,e sni<l. "Up tcr mnd.e. the inf~rqmtion. ·' to· ·ante ,th!s admlniatrntion . hn~ com- It wns rcp!lrte<l today from. tho Provi. none. nnd ·. ·hns no uprisi'!g. to donee .Hospitn l ·~hot ·Eli Wyzuk ·and Steve Monzrik; :the men shot by . wore in 'n very (\erioue co~ditl!ln . . Stnto Troqper 'Geo-rirQ.tis .cc· m~:rn1tul11t-l ing 'himself thnt ·h~ ea6iiped of Leo Sn.bntita ~f Eilwootl ihnt;• man stArted sho~ting. ' from his porch: wheu l'oe,nw,bhu•: a noighbotlng . ' CmCAGO, April 27:-,.-Diatrict. Attor· n~y George Gormnn wcnf·to btit today o prcv.env ,tl•e nllrged gnnlbleril ·· · forml'r w:i1 it(f Sox · bn II , pl~ycrs; tlicted for eonspirne.y. to :"throw 1919. wotl!l ·series," from ·slipping ·of tho-coJntry t.o '~a~~pe trial. · · .-According ··.to 'Gorman, "Sport" vnn, Abo ~tt('l nn.d Rachnc.l Bill Ben Wilson lJCnonally, Blcn:kney 'bcsid<:a Wifron (onn nnd there wns no they were fnk~ offiren. The offieers W<'fe not o'n Snhrstn tin<l ho doNI ·not e:teuso for the shooting a~ Tit~ rhnrgeR -mn<le ngalnst be pushed, nl'eording tO• • lice nncl every ~ft'brt -him and otl1~rs, who ell to nttn .. k offieers that tl' <IQ eo. If Sobaata hf h~ <'1111 ·t;o fi1;c<l tor · th i• is 'n violation of the Boro Not to Ad. · Burgess Cunninahnm ••••.·~•o.;,.•u­ ing thnt ho l'oul<l lmvc ond .rould flue him Gn n chnrging ftrenrms ~vithln, tho its, if foun<l guilty, 'but tlllli. lit• wns rot.~rcrn~<l he tl1is chnrge mn;le ng:t.lnst .... ,.,_,, .. ~~· "'-"'tt•e Stnte '-police liave tion rin th~ mor~ serlouo · ~ FARREL!,, 1vcre reee'ive<l hot mills

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