Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 19, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1963
Page 17
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Here's How • • • Hanging Art Is Itself an Art By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer All the emphasis on art in the home has made picture hanging an art in itself, points out an expert in the business, Ray Austrian. You don't slap pictures up on a wall to fill up space. They must be artistically arranged so that the collection of mass flatters the space, and in itself becomes an artistic pattern. Most people do not understand art, much less the arrangement of it, unless they've studied art," he explains. "Everyone seems to be looking for advice in this art renaissance." Supply Wall Art Austrian hangs pictures that J. P. BENBOW PLUMBING & HEATING 1191 S. West—Ph. 343-2156 people own, but also he does entire rooms to order, supplying all the wall art. He does building lobbies and offices, but has refused to hang pictures where they don't belong. He won't sell a picture unless it is right for the place it is to hang and won't sell picture groupings unless he hangs them. "When we select pictures for a home we take into consideration personal background, places in the world the people have visited and wish to recapture, art tendencies that have been liked and seen and a particular love of an activity." He has framed tattered Confederate flags, and a flag that was at Waterloo, pictures of famous men, belt buckles, autographs, pipes, precious jewels, old letters. He has just placed a quail wishbone on black velvet for one romantic couple. "They didn't want to break it when they made a wish on it years ago, and now decided to frame it." Media Mixed Austrian will' hang mixed media—oil paintings, etchings, engravings, dimensional things— ADD A ROOM PLAY ROOM BEDROOMS Call the House Doctor DEN • PATIO DINING ROOM All can be yours with the help of the House Doctor. Our House Doctor will build for you . . . help you build . . . or draw up plans and specifications. Free estimates. LUMBER COMPANY KIRK'S 1006 Monmouth Blvd. CARDROOM-DEN in a New York apartment has old playing cards, vaudeville and minstrel posters and the top of an old beer barrel on the wall. Ray Austrian, who arranged the hangings, focused attention on the function of the room while blending with Victorian furnishings. "but we don't believe in reproductions of any kind, such as the so-called masterpiece reproduced on paper," he says. It's a waste of time and money to pick up art willy-nilly to fill up wall space, says Austrian, whose New York shop, The Picture Decorator, is jammed with some 25,000 prints, 100 oil paintings, 400 moldings, and innumerable fabrics used for mats. "It's not uncommon to spend a few dollars on a print and very much more to frame it," he says. Pictures should move and flow in a room, he advises, stressing that art need not cost a lot of money. He has put pictures in the living room of a young cou pie for $100 and has done elegant apartments for $5,000. He travels to many countries for art and frames. Pictures provide built-in charm for walls, he said, not by the size of pictures but by the shape and number of them. The big painting over a couch or in back of the piano is passe. Ditto pictures arranged in step designs. The art on walls in any room should look as if it has been collected, and you can frame anything from old family portraits to Civil War documents to achieve that look, he points out. Property Buyers Are Best Informed American home buyers are the best informed in history, a west coast lumber spokesman believes. When a prospective home buyer, says Arthur W. Priaulx of the West Coast Lumbermen's Association, starts looking at a new home with object to purchase, he is as canny as an old time horse trader who could tell a lot by looking at a horse's teeth, legs, withers and eyes. The new breed of home buyer, Priaulx says, looks deeply into the insides of a house. He wants to know how well designed and how well constructed a home is before he makes the big plunge. Check Framework Most buyers today, he Indicated, check the framework of a home, the roof, the mechanical installations, such as furnace and kitchen appliances. They want to know whether the floors are durable, whether the walls will stand the knocks and abuse from a growing family. A home must have a sturdy frame to endure for generations, the lumberman pointed out, so home buyers check rafters, floor joists and wall studs to make certain they are the proper grade of Douglas fir or west coast hem lock, the nation's premier fram ing lumber species. Wall surfaces, he said, must be both beautiful and durable and require a minimum of upkeep, and for that reason more wise home buyers are partial to wall paneling of such long-wearing woods as Douglas fir and west coast hemlock. These woods, he pointed out, have been successfully used in America's homes for hundreds of years, while many substitutes do not have anything more than a manufacturer's guarantee they will last and do the job. Gotesbura Reaitfer-Mail, Galgsbura. III. Monday. Aua. 19. 1963 17 Home Laundry Work Operations Studied In designing an easy-to-work-in j laundry area the space needed to perform the various processes of laundering must be considered as well as the size of the various appliances. A study of laundry work operations conducted by the University of Illinois Department of Home Economics showed that there was no consistent relationship between the size of the homemakers tested and the amount of space they needed to do the laundry. Small v/omen participating in the study often required more work space than the larger women. In most instances, work habits and body movements decided the amount of space needed. The study developed work-space recommendations which permit freedom of action for most women, both physical and psychological. They take into account the space needed to perform all operations with free elbow movement and the space needed to move a laundry cart or basket into a convenient position. The size of the washer, dryer, or ironer does not affect the amount of work space, and the space occupied by these appli* ances is not included. Space Suggested For a washer or dryer alone, or combination washer-dryer, the work space at the front should be at least 3 feet 8 inches wide and 3 feet 6 inches deep. For a washer and dryer placed side-by-side, the width should be increased to 5 feet 6 inches. If the space in front of a washer or dryer is a main passageway, the depth should be increased to at least 4 feet. If the washer and a dryer are located opposite each other, the work space should be at least 4 feet deep. For Ironing, using either III ironing board or ironer, the work space should be at least S feet 10 inches wide and 3 feet deep. This does not include space fof the ironer, ironing board, of clothes rack. Additional information on lauft* dry planning is contained in Gf* cular C5.4, "Laundry Areas/' available for 15 cents from the Small Homes Council-Building Re* search Council, University of Illinois, Mumford House, Urbana, 111. 61803. Illinois residents add state sales tax. By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: I have installed several kinds of resilient tiling in the past, but would like to try the woodgrain plank - style flooring made of vinyl. The installation will be in our dining room. Is it more difficult to lay this kind of tiling and is there any- JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 342-0185 Your Neighbor Says LAMBERTS in Knoxville Triple-Track Aluminum Storm Windows 6 for the q pnet of J Only $ 69 Custom mad* to YOUR measurements of tho opening size. Combination Door Special FREE! DOOR With P urcnase GRILL Combination Door All Soles Cash These are but a few of the outstanding buys we are offering . . • Watch for future ads. LAMBERT'S 139 Public Sq. Knoxville, III. Phone 289-7304 HOME 'CENTER JERRY LAMBERT, Owner thing special that will help me do a good job? ANSWER: Your experience should make this a fairly easy job. The fundamentals of installation are the same as those for regular, square tiles. Be sure, however, not to place the planks in the same direction as the floor boards. They must be installed across the floor boards. Should you wish the planks to run in the same direction, for reasons of decor, nail plywood or hardboard underlayment to the wood floor. Nail the underlay­ ment every six inches throughout the sheet and every three inches along the seams. The planks should be rolled after each eight or nine rows have been installed. You can rent a floor roller or use an ordinary rolling pin. The planks can be cut to fit along the walls or where there are obstructions by using tin snips or heavy household shears. * * * (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) Ruled Best Type Water closet operating designs are labeled 'wash-down,' 'reverse trap,' or 'siphon-jet.' The siphon-jet is the best basic type of water closet, says the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau. It has a large water area in the bowl, and sure and quiet flushing action. The reverse trap is very good and commonly used. The wash-down type should be avoided in residential use. It is noisy, clogs easily and is hard to clean. Add charm and beauty to your home. Free Estimates Without Obligation 1000 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, III. 342-2813 When you need to mix a beaten egg with a hot mixture, be sure to pour the hot mixture very slowly into the egg, stirring constantly as you do so. This way of mixing prevents the eggs from curdling. ALKYD DULAMEL SEMI-GLOSS ENAMEL APPLIES EASILY WASHABLE DURABLE J*"iin Moon 1 ', Perfect for: KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, WOODWORK AND TRIM $ 6 85 GAL. Moored •«£S8URG fj 85 a BROAD Professional Glass Distributors Advantages of Air Conditioning Cooling is only one of the advantages of an air conditioning system, says the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau. Other advantages are the filtering of dust, dirt and pollen to keep rooms clean and more healthful. Another importarit benefit of air conditioning is dehumidification. More attention is being given to this each year. Washable Low-luster Finish Jbr Baths, Kitchens and Woodwork Du Pont "Duco" Satin Sheen Enamel gives your walls and woodwork a lovely semi-gloss finish that will take years of rugged wear...washing after washing. It's easy to use, quick dry* ing. Fine for furniture, too. Colors match "Lucite" Wall Paint colors. r 22 lowly decorator colors ami WMU IT PAYS TO SHOP AT CLAY'S CLAY'S 43 South Prairie Street WALLPAPER PAINT 342-5517 ADDING OR WITHDRAWING YOU CAN WITHDRAW money by mail just as you add to your savings account by mail. Fidelity Federal provides postage-paid forms to handle both transactions safely and easily, f) To add or withdraw any amount by check Is safe ~^ and simple. # Your mail transactions receive special attention 1 that's efficient, confidential and officer-supervised. # Save-by-mail requests are processed the same day they're received . . . there's no unnecessary delay. Millions of dollars every year are put to work and earn extre income for savers this convenient way. Why don't you open your Fidelity Federal Savings Account? Earn top returns, Save by Mail I Withdraw by mail I (savings and loan associate* of MAIN AND CHERRY STREETS

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