Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 19, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1963
Page 16
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16 ReQister*Moi(. Galesburg, III. Monday, Aug, 19, 1963 DESIGNED IN EAST—Nestled in a tree-shaded glen near Hughesvillc, Pa., this 20-foot wide mobile home gives the appearance of a traditional dwelling. It is actually a semi-mobile home, shipped in two 10-foot sections and as­ sembled on the site by joining the sections and installing over a foundation. Covered porch had yet to be completed when this photograph was taken. Bowling The Dutch introduced bowling Into Colonial America and it became so popular that a blue law was passed to forbid a game called "nine pins," Bowling enthusiasts got around the law by adding a tenth pin and thus bowling as it is known today was invented. -a new_ tworld- JcreatS WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS AND COLUMNS Enjoy the finest! Beveled edge top rail, solid stock construction with housetime guarantee . . . plus many other eiclusivt features. Remember, Locke's prices are complete prices. You can install it yourself or let us do it for yo«. COMPARE before you buy; call us today. 'GALESBURG CANVAS PRODUCTS Architect Believes Home Must Have 'Living Room Look 9 The newest trend in home design is to try to achieve that "living room look" in every room of the house. No longer, says a leading home architect, are rooms to be built just for sleeping, eating and for hygenic facilities. Rooms are for living in, he says, and for visual and creature comfort enjoyment To develop the living room look throughout the house, the architect points out, it is necessary to have some central theme, some tie of relatable material so that one moves throughout the home without the jarring feeling associated with so many homes which do not have a central theme. Cites Successful Plan Probably the most successful plan is to relate wall coverings, he says. For instance, a combination of wood paneled walls starting in the entrance, and carried on through living rooms, family room, bedrooms, and kitchen as well as bathrooms, creates that feeling of elegance you get generally only 117 Wnt Lmy MTM* 343-9384 THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Laundry • For Bath • For Kitchen With an WATER 'SOFTENER Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III. No question in our mind—the best is the only true economy. You can depend on quality Dutch Boy House Paint to give you your money's worth in extra protec- tkuv. -extra service and beauty/' •I good paint job is at jour store. We have a full 'line of painting tools ,and equipment, and we stock and recommend ' dependable Dutch Boy House Paints, in hand-; some colors or white. * WISE FOLKS CAlf M DOTCH BOY* Tife5 ^at fewest? BLACK BROTHERS Main and Seminary Phone 342-0174 in the living room of a home. Since a majority of homes are wood sided, he says, you start at the entrance to create this effect of unity, and you carry it into the entrance hall which can be paneled in a friendly, light- hued wood like west coast hemlock. The beauty of such a plan, the architect advises, is that you can introduce considerable variety of woods, with an equally interesting number of finishes for the woods. Offer Challenge In some rooms, he suggests, you may wish to use only an accent wall, as in a bedroom along the wall where the bed will be located. In the family room, KITCHEN AREA—Space is the keynote of the kitchen-dining area in this 20-foot wide home owned by a Hughesvillc, Pa., couple. Ceiling beam and metal strip on floor conceal lines where two 10-wide sections of the home are joined. This area features modern kitchen appliances, built-in cupboards in both kitchen and dining room and an embossed, inlaid linoleum floor which is easy to maintain. Whites, nubbly surfaced ceilings which help brighten the rooms also are easy to keep clean. rugged and tough Douglas fir will resist family wear and tear. Kitchens offer a good designer a real challenge, for here wood can be used in many exciting ways to create a room so "living room lookish" that it becomes a gathering place for the family. Light hues are the vogue in today's kitchens, he says, so light toned woods like durable west coast hemlock and Douglas fir are the favorites. Finished with clear lacquers they assume tones of champagne, honey and gold. For contrast, dens and libraries and bathrooms can be finished in slightly darker autumn colored western red cedar. Cedar is especially good in the bathroom where there is much moisture, for it has high stability when exposed to constantly alternating wet and dry cycles. The home of the future, this farsighted architect believes, will be a home of charm and elegance in all price ranges, but the basic theme will be the "living room look" in every room. By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures The most biting comment that can be made about the unhandyman. ability of someone is: "He can't even drive a nail straight." While generally used as an exaggeration, the statement sometimes is true. Not everyone can drive a nail straight. Occasionally it is due to the penetrating resistance of the particular kind of wood or the type of nail being used. But more often than not it is because the nail was struck improperly — at an angle, instead of with the axis of the hammer head in line with the nail. There's a lot more to the use of nails than the matter of straight nailing. The following tips may help you to do a better job: When doing rough work, where COMPLETE PLASTERING SERVICE R. M. Sandberg PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 342-4005 extra holding strength is necessary, clinching is often used. This consists of driving a long nail through two boards and then bending the excess of the nail into the wood. When a nail is clinched in the direction of the grain, it is easier and neater. However, when it is clinched against the grain, which requires heavier hammer blows, it will be stronger. You will get better results when driving a nail by using a number of moderate hammer blows rather than a few strong blows. Wood can be prevented from splitting by drilling a guide hole for the nail. In the absence of a drill, use a small nail first, driving it in part way. Carefully extract it and drive the larger nail into the same hole. Ruled Vital If it is vital that nails used in soft wood have extra holding power, use cut nails rather than wire nails. Where maximum holding power is desired, threaded nails do the best job. They often are selected for their ability to give good service even when driven into green or partially seasoned lumber. OF ALL TYPES To Screen in Your Yard - Patio HIDE TRASH BURNING AREAS PEOPLE'S has the just right type of fence for you. See the many kinds available. PICNIC TABLES See the Many Styles We Have On Display. WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS PCflDI C'C MATERIAL & rCviLC J SUPPLY CO. 434 E. Berrien St. 342-6151 Where hammer dents may spoil a project, use finishing nails, driving them to within a fraction of an inch of the surface and then using a nailset to push them below the surface. Wood putty or plastic wood can be used to fill the indentation. If space is at a premium, a nail can be started by striking it with the flat of the hammer head rather than the face. Block Helps A nail driven into hardwood is often difficult to extract. If you can get the nail started on its way out, place a block of wood between the hammer and the board and then renew the effort with a claw hammer. The added leverage will do the job that sheer strength could not. When you have to do a considerable amount of repetitious nailing, use one of the nail aprons that can be purchased cheaply or obtained without cost from some lumber dealers and hardware stores. List Kinds of Shower Control There are three types of water controls for showers, says the Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Information Bureau. Most desirable is the thermostatically controlled mixing valve which provides water at any desired temperature and protects against danger from violent fluctuations in water pressure. A regular mixing valve works on the same principle as the single-lever faucet, and tempers water. Finally there is the regular two- valve system where the bather tempers the water himself. Domestic consumption of ceramic tile reached 343 million square feet in 1962, a new record, according to the Tile Council of America. •tmn/tW/iiiii- Commercial Ir Dom«»lle Firt Insurance Aflc About Our Horn* Own•it Policy Plan- Huff Insurance Phona 349-3414 320 HiU Axctd* Counter Tops Suggested In Remodeling Kitchen One of the most common steps in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is the installation of a new counter surface. Selection of counter surfacing depends upon the intended use of the counter, cost, installation problems, and the compatibility of the material with surrounding colors and textures. The most satisfactory counter tops are those made to size as a complete unit, including counter material, backing, edging, and backsplash if the counter's use makes the latter desirable. With the exception of laminated hardwood, counter materials are not self-supporting and require a backing. This backing is usually of exterior-type plywood. For all materials except ceramic tile, which must be set in place on the job, the backing is best affixed in a shop or factory where special equipment is available for making surfaces smooth and joints accurate. Declared Better The fewer joints there are in a counter surface, the better. Unless two pieces of material are well joined, the crack between Color Preferences About half of all plumbng fixtures sold across the nation are white, says the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Information Bureau. The trend is clear in colors of plumbing fixtures, the Bureau points out. Pink is the undisputed leader in popularity, as has been the case for several years. Next most popular is tan. Green, yellow and blue are next in line. Gray and dark colors are chosen very infrequently by new home and modernization buyers. TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION — CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over 10 yrs. dependable service K COOKING # WATER HEATING • HOME HEATING 45 S. PRAIRIE ST. them is difficult to keep clean and free from moisture. This is particularly important in kitchens and bathrooms. If a counter top is not made of a continuous sheet of material, the butt joint between the sheets should be so tight that there is no crevice or need for metal divider strips. A continuous coved backsplash is preferred to a backsplash which requires a metal strip to conceal the joint between the counter top and the backsplash. Linoleum, vinyl, and some of the plastic laminates are flexible enough to permit coved back- splashes to be formed on the job. Molded backsplashes can be purchased in most of the other com- Heating System Needs Checkup To provide top performance during the cold winter months just ahead, says the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau, the heating system of your home must be perfectly balanced. This means that a heating contractor should be called in before the heating season begins to see that the thermostat is operating properly, and that the boiler is in condition to respond to changing signals from the control. mon counter materials. Advise Care The front and side edges of a counter are best finished with the surfacing material itself or with strips of stainless steel or chromi. um-plated metal. Care must be taken with metal stripping to avoid rough edges, particularly at corners. As a general rule, edging which is molded or applied at the shop is the most satisfactory, since tools to do the best job are available there. For a listing of common counter top materials, along with their desirable characteristics and limitations, send 15 cents for Circular F9.1, "Counter Surfaces," to the University of Illinois, Small Homes Council-Building Research Council, Mumford House, Urbana, 111., 61803. Illinois residents add state sales tax. SAVE MONEY CLEAN YOUR OWN RUGS AND CARPET Rent a rug scrubber and vacuum from HADDEN'S TOOL RENTAL 1523 Grand-342-0412 FIREPLACE FIXTURES AND MANTELS 3-pc. Black & Brass Set 29" Also All Brass Sets from $36.00 Includes Screen, Andirons $ Fireser ALL FOR up SEE OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OP GAS OR ELECTRIC LOGS • GRATES LOG CARRIERS • ACCESSORIES, etc. BLACK Main and Seminary BROTHERS 342-0174 A NEW SCHOOL A NEW DRESS A NEW IMPRESSION It's a thrill to move up to Junior HI — to Senior HI or College. Every girl wants to make an impression on her new friends. A full length door mirror provides young and old with a reflected guide to show how she appears to herself (and others). BUY YOUR CHILD A LOOKING GLASS GUIDE Special Back-to-School Prices on Door Mirrors 16x68 Polished Plate $17.20—Special $14.62 18x68 Polished Plate $19.16—Special $16.29 20x68 Polished Plate $21.00—Special $17.85 22x68 Polished Plate $24.40—Special $20.74 24x68 Polished Plate $26.60—Special $22.61 ALESBURG W 85 n. BROAD* professional Glass Distributers

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