Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 29, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight Local Soldier Earns Rating Of Combat Infantryman (S|ii-cl:il Tn Tin- Xi-H'.s) With tin- Fifth Army, .Italy. Sept. 28- Private 1 First Class I:!. S. liy- Jiocki, -I-IO Main street. Union City, Connecticut, has been cited by his 1-eginumt of the S.sth Infantry Division and awarded the Combat Infantryman Hiulgt; for actual participation In combat with the en- rmy on the Fifth Army front In Italy. Standards for the riadgi! nrc hiKh. The decoration, which was recently authorized by the War department, Is awarded to the in- NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, 8EPTEKB11 ». STRIDE'S j CKNTKIt ST. DIAL H-27K2 5 pri-Nrlit- Stalnli-si Sii'i-l Flatware \ fantry soldier who has proved his lighting ability, 1 in combat. The handsome badge consists of ;•„ silver ritle .set against a back-, grouml of infantry blue, enclosed in a silver wreath. Seventh Army Rams Into Belfort Gap (Continued from Page 1) To whom it may concern; C will not be responsible for any bills contracted by r.ny\>ne otht-r than mvsolf. r.oins TIUANO. Sept, 20. IP-I'l. 0-2!)-d2. me;:en. Although they won a foothold inside the Allied corridor it's indicated the Germans have been stopped. The British— according to a United Press front line report— wiped out part of the attacking force without intei'ruptir.g thelr own advance north, east and west of the Nijmegen salient. The Berlin radio sr.ys without conllrmation that British Lieutenant General Frederick A. M. Browning has been captured. He is tlK' Held commander of the Allied airborne army in Holland. His wife is Daphne .Dti "Maurier, the well-known novelist. There are no major changes on the American First Army front in Germany. .Berlin reports American heavy bombers over western and south- urn Germany today, following last I night's P.-A-F assaults again Brunswick and Hamm. 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Yrsl ^'nu may chiirijc' your purchases; ROSE SHOP 87 South Main St. — Waterbury Farewell Party Held In Honor Of Andrew Russell A farewell party in honor of Andrew Russell of Highland nv- enuel who left recently for service with the armed forces. \v;i» held recently at the White Kagle Res- tiiiirunt on Bridge street, Ijy more than 30 employes of the Lewis Engineering Co. where ,he wus cm- ployed. The guest of honor received a purse from the gathering and the event was n fine success in every particular. Among those in attendance-were "Bobbin" Hubbe'.i, Clara Russell, Hedwlg Sxc'/, Geneviove Oldakowski. George A. Kelly. Paul Smith, Sophie Marinconclc, John Jones, Hulcno Bieleski, Benjamin dementi, Frank liickerdike, Agnes McNsimnra. Margaret McNnm- ar:i, Dorothy Callahan. Ali-o Vivian Stauffor, Phyllis «StautTer, Kay Jennetty, Josephine Pallaeovich, .Helen Pawloski, Anna 13-_>v.'ling, Catherine IS r n s t. Kay Calvin, Anna Kybinski, Beverly' Sweet, Thomas KeilSy. V. Vilalis. Frank Polakowski, and Mr, and | Mrs. Efisil Kenney, Stationed In Virginia |£ om p|ete Russian Question Was Not Reached Unusual Program Is Staged Here , (Continued Irani Tage 1) •' n detailed account of Mr. Conklin's history which wa.s sur- prisinK even tu the .honor Attest. AL the clonu of his ialk Mr. Pun so presented Mr. C-jnklin with a certificate signed by every person present. Mr. Carter concluded the formal program with the ,','ift presentation, and every man present .gave :i rising tribute to Mr. Conklin. 1C. I-:. Petrueelli led the group in singing. Those attending wore: Kalph II. Bavier. Lloyd J. -N'ohin, n. W. Van .Iliper. Ualph Rasche, Marvin B. Diy, n. J. M off .-ill, Thomas P. .-^.-tundei's. Hvorott R. Ai-mstrong, Adolph H. Nolson, Fred Xonino, Henry J. Freeman, T. H. Fitxgei 1 - ald. L. J. Gunn, A. R. Andrew. Emile Larose, J. E. O'n-.mnull, J-Iugh Mc- .Sherry. M. A. Anderson, W. J. Gruner. W. J. Woll, I'-i. E. Hanson, i'raneis T. l^gan, V. N'. Peterson, J. ". Dliscol!. Edward IS. Peu-u- t-rlli, J. l.j. Johnson, ^lo^^•ard C. l-'Iggly, ,/ohn N. Helm, Edwaril F. l-'ii/.i:era!d, L'^rank 1 troc-h, O. J:!. C ihhs. Warren D. Abel, Chester .J. Randall, Chester P. Underbill. W. J. l.,alor, D. E. Parsons, F. J. Fitzgerald, Carlton B. Treat, James P. Barns, W. H. O'Dor.nell. D. Mc- K<.-n/,iir, I- 1 , .R. Driscoll, !j. E. Lcn'e- jny, w. E. Bit lie, l"i. E. Sweet. H. A. U'fjclin, Howard T. Law, Red Oak Sawyer, Stuart 11. Buyd. Ernie Owc-ns, John \V. Cibbs, Ed Geise. John T. Dclaney. R. C. Baxter, A. L. Greene. J. E. Pyatl, L. H. Longfellow. S. Curtiss Blnkes- lee, Henry Zwick, Waiter H. Norton, Henry Bulka, R. E. Lowell, Carl N. Moore, Harold A. Johnson, New York, Robert R. O'Loiighlin, Now York, W. W, Phut, B. F. Wills. R. J. Ford. F. D. Xnwi-nth, R. W. OTs'cil, S. Catosolia, Herbert I3org. E. R. J-Tahn, J. E. Casey, Chnrlos L. Glacu, John J. \Vrinn. T. J. Nnlligr.n, Harry J. Ir.gram, Harold N". Barrett, Walter S. Pease. Anthony F, Chiulli. John .B. Hill. George R, Lccper, Leo "Battol, V. N. Hastings, John J. Straycr. Joe Grant, John H. Simmons. Walter Schiman, Earl C. Shedd, E. J. Lenry. Art Wood. J. Gnrbarino, Harris McShnrry. VV. \Vayno Clymer. Cecil H. Grant, James P, Moonan, Harry L. Carter and Walter Whiteman. The famous King ranch in To\ as is said to be the largest in the world. It has 1,300,000 acres enclosed by fence and is larger than the state of Delaware. PER GALLON WIRAC1E WALL FINISH G. C. MURPHY CO. Cliureli .Strrijt: Niinffiitiick, Conn. for |>i!pi;nd»hl(! I''lr« In.Hiiraticr On Voiir li-nrnitiiri.'. Sec: Joseph V. Rosko, :i Union Street INCOME TAX COUKSK >'OW ll'EING OKGANIXJSn I'RKNTKJK-IIALL Ti:XT, Ifl-in riioni; .|-S77^ For Iiiforiivitlon Post Junior College T-ATKST MODKL SILICX COFF.EE MA K Kit CCHNEERX +* ,«f»IT JfWcLERS ** 162 Sobth Mo'n S*. — 4.z20A s-.scr. who with Mrs. LinlKird recontly spoilt t\s'i> >\'t-rl;s ^v-lth tin; par- flits of Mrs. Milliard, Mr. and Mrs. TliunuiN ChiNWL-1 fo ^!l Toilos S(|iiaru. Sliifl' SIM-SI.-:!!!). Llnhard, u vct- (•riill oT oil liiiinliin;,' nllssicilis IIVIM-SIHIS. is an instructor sl:t- tionnl aT Mnlhi-ri-.v Island, Va., whili; his wilV holds a i-i.-s|ionsl- lih> post in llir ri'sriiri'.h lalioi'a- tury lit l.aiiK-li-y l r irli|, Va. (By United Tross) The Russian phase of the Dum- hurlon Oaks conference has ended without complete agroomcnt on pl;i.r.s Cor a new League oC Nations. However, a joint communique just issued by Soviet, American and British deloK-ates adds—and wo quote — "these conversations have been useful." The communique goes on to say "a !ar>;e measure of agreement has boon reached on recommendations for the (,-eneral framework of the organisation, ,'md in particular for the machinery required to maintain peace and security." But the communique Jails to reveal even the arous of agreement reached during the six wpeks of tallts, . %he American-British-Russian talks ended at a full .session of all delegates, Anglo-American talks with the Chinese delegation on the s.-.ime subject begin m 3 p. m. today. Now At Strand Stephanie Bachelor, feature! I" Ko|)'s hlRMiudKBt produc- Man From Frisco," the ttraction lit tin; Strand tion current The University of Michigan was one of the finjL in the U. S. to provide for the education of women, bet' co-oducat.ion.-i] in 3S70. SUPERSTITIOUS Boston. Sept. 29—(UP)—At least one official in the recent Mas-;- achuselts primary was Bupersli- tious. The woman was paid $13, for acting as a clerk during the balloting.' Now she h.-is s>'-ni back five cents, explaining that she is superstitions of ihe number 13 and will settle for $12.0!3. ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES ARE THE KIND OF CLOTHES YOU'LL BE AS PROUD TO WEAR-AS WE ARE PROUD TO SELL. We have sold them — men have worn them — and been as loyal * to this two name clothing — ours and Rogers-Peet — as we have been loyal to our trust. They're good clothes to begin with — good clothes to end with because Rogers - Peet good clothes are good to the last thread—they've got to be good to live up to their good name— $55 to $95. Polyna Stoska, Opera Star, Here (Continued from Pa^c 1) Mill-did Barrett, production superintendent, U. S. Rubber company, r;eor«u T. J''roehlich. Introduction, John .1. \Vrinn. Gene\'ievt: Pajeslti, Ste\'e Knapik 1 . National War Fund, Donald A. Clarke, assistant director, Connecticut Wur Fund. Addr-ss. T-Syt. Herman Snchnoff. Soni^s, Polyna Stoska. Star Spangled Banner, entire audiencin Close, P.ohert E. Lowell. Over S50 men and women serving in \VorId War II from the Nau- k'atucU l-'oiitw<>ar Plant of tlic United States Rubber company. :i re b'Mn;^ hunnred by the dedication of this Honor Roll. Tho employes of the plant are beinlj recoKni/'.ed for tlieir oul- stnndi.'i^ 1 contrilitition to tlie war effort nf our country ,-i.r.d the. entire c'inimiinily will pled;,'e its sujipoi", lhrini!.'h til" medium of the National War Fund. .Everyone is invited to attend and an unusually line program has been arranged. Governor Approves Purchase Of Land Hartford. Sop'-. 29 —(UP) —Cov- ornor l^nldwin lias rip proved DTP purchfiso of 2,7f)0 ;icroy of l:.infl in \\'ooclstock nnd Union, which will bo Uirnorl into jr:imo vosorvi'H. Thn cost of 'the land is f-M.000. Thn corr.missinn nn fnrosts and wildlifo no^otiaLod for the properly from f.lio Quinr'b.'iuy- Poi'ostry Company of Soul I; bruise, Mass. BUY WAK BONDS ANT) S CLAYTON'S ...j) • TKere is no finer Gift ... than a CLAYTON WATCH Featured Ladies' BULOVA 1T-.I $42.50 Men's BULOVA 17-J S42.50 A\ r e IKIVO boon rorlininto in roeuivini nniJiny makes as: Ladies' and Gents' ELGIN3 LONGINES GKUENS MIDOS BULOVAS JULES JURGENSEN CONCORDS and ollifT famous makes. Priced From $24.75'to $300 (Tax rnelndfd) (MTO.VS V^lfa 44 BANK ST. *!» ACCENT on Full Line of Matrons' Hats and Hats for Children COLOR! 1:1 ATS :i nl.mrm .\vi1.1i \\- s .jowcl-like tones of i l.'l.-islies el,' cut j?l; l)0(looiv«-(l \\~i(.li fin\vors and I'lirl'a- \v.-5. Tlus ylamoriiiis spirit-of yos- is f.apl nrcd in all its I'lanilioyant in those dramatic I'nll croal.Lims. dn'li.u'lit in our superb collection of. 2.98 to 9.98 M. Freedmah Go. Neary Building- Naugatuck, Conn. 7.OVINE ET.KCTK1C CO. Oiurcb Slfrt PINT THERMOS BOTTLES TEMPLETON'S W.VTKKItl'KV I)1.\I. 4IIS(I (No TnlI Cli:irci') Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday iuW Sunday Hvcninpi ,JOK KOCK :ind Hill nOCK :ind HVK'BOYS In Polkas nnd Modem DM«t Music Sunday nancinc 5 to 9 P. H White* EagU Restaurant BRIDGE STREET : Member of Connecticut Restaurant AsnocJ»Uo« BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving All Over The World ^_ _.. _ A _^.^_^^_^ ^P ^^^^^^^™^ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. New Bicycles Now Unvationed The OPA has announced that new bicycles have been removed from the ration list. The supply is very limited. We have a few in stock. ! The Naugatuck Fuel Co. " Phone 5236 87 Church St.

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