The Perryville Weekly Union from Perryville, Missouri on August 23, 1862 · 2
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The Perryville Weekly Union from Perryville, Missouri · 2

Perryville, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1862
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&it SMIg rrrjbillt Pinion. W, II. BOOTH ' Editor. JKKRYVIIIE, MO..AUUUS123, 18C2 Flag etllutne hfud bopriRd bow By sngH bauds tovslor la, Tlijr liar ban Ut Uia Wilkin doaw, And all tliy bua war bon la bcavta. Knrcvar float that ataadard ahaat I When tewtbaa thafba but (alia bahra a a, Wilb Fraadoaa'a aoil baaaatb our (, And freadoai'a baaoar atraaadai oar aa ? oun rofliTiox. The Union, the Constitution and the enforcement of the law. UXCQIDITIOffAl DX10V TICKET. m coaoaaaa, JOHN W. NOELL, or riaar cobtt. For the Sat a Senate, .lamos H. McCormick. For Representative, Jlobt M Brewer. For Sheriff, J ohn C. McBride. For CWjf Judge, MARK B R E V E R William Cleimoue, of Cheatar, Mi-nois, arrested mbo tin since for disloyalty, and releafed, hai been re arreited. Mr. Charles IIesbe hu our thinks for that fine lot of garden vegetsbles eat to ui thie week. Mill job Sale. Ignatiui B. Montgomery offers a fine Mill for eale at very low term. Bee his advertisement in today paper. Military Organisation. Two or three companies of State Militia wore organiied here oa Friday and Saturday of last week. Jail Birds. The county jail now has three individuals within its walla. They dont hare to go to war, nor fight, but hare rooms and board furnished them free of expenses. Tiat Ball. A fine party aune off at our old friend llooss on last Monday craning. We were there to witness the affair, and all seemed to onjoy themselves well. Many handsome young ladies were in attendance all went off Tery pleas autly. William Amur See thie gentle mans advertisement in another column of to-days paper. Farmon will do well to take their produce to him, as ho will pay the highest market price in cash for wheat. Ho is a gentleman and deals fair and square with his customers. Fiahab Hotel. In another column of to-days issue will be found the advertisement of this hotel. This gentleman is well knew, as a hotel keeper, having been in the businoss a number of yean. He will please all who favon him with their patronage. Give him a call. Riciixohd to dr Takeh. Richmond is not yet m our possession, but the latest advices says that Killian A Henderson keeps die vary beet assortment of medicines in their Drug Store, oppoeite the Court House. They have constantly on hands fresh drugs and medicines, all kinds of patent medicines, various kinds of oils, white lead, sine, colored paints, and all other articles usually kept in a number one Drug Establishment. Soe their advertisement in another column of to-days paper. Give them a call, everybody, ana dont forget it. Dr. Roes Trial. Roes trial took place at the Court House on last Saturday afternoon, for the stabbing of Mr. D. M. Johnson. Daring the trial some interesting things took place, that caused much laughter among the spectators. After the lawyers got through the cue wu submitted to a jury, who, a short time after brought iu a verdict of guilty. Roe not being able to give bond wu placed in jail f w safe keeping, until the next term ef the Circuit Court. The way of the transgressor is hard. Drafting. -ri From all parte of the country we receive news of the most encouraging nature. The Presidents call for six hundred thousand troops is meeting with great success, and in many ef the Statea their quota hu been raised and seme companies rejected.; We think it altogether probable that a draft will not he required in anyef the States. The time fur drafting has been changed to the 1st of September. This gives ample time to thou who wish to snlist in the army of the Union, to aid in crushing ont the rebellion, and to terminate this bloody conflict. Come forward, freemen, and help defend your country and your national honor, by auisting to put a stop to ths rebellion, and that we may again have peace in our land. But a few days will have passed hence bofers we will have an immenu army in the field. The most extensive army perhaps ever organised in the world, battling agaiut trsuon and oppression, and for the restoration of the Federal Union. We are fighting for the Union, the Constitution and tbs enforcement of the laws, and for the eternal annihilation of the rebel confederacy. . The. arch-conspirators Davis, Toombs, Yancey and others wUl soon be forced to bite the dust, and the rebellion must he brought to a speedy termination. In a few days our ar mine will commeocs marching further South, and u they advance the rebels will be compelled to retreat, disperse, or surrender to our mighty forces. Nothing wu ever mere certainly fore' shadowed in future events, than the down fall of the rebel government and its leaden. They are doomed to perish and to sink into iniignificeucc. Their day hu gone by, which, in a few weeks will be seen. One of the most effective armies will encircle the confines of rebeldom and put the coupiraton to flight. From .all appearances now our country will, ere long, be at peace. Then will we again move on in our greatness and might, and show to the world that we have a republican government, and dare and will maintain it with our hearts blood. Then will the flag of cur forefathers triumphantly wavs over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Emancipated. Twenty-one negroes, the former slaves of Willis Horde and Thomu Gardiner, ef St. Louis county, were, on Thursiy morning emancipated by the Frovoet Marshal General of SL Louis. The negroes had given evidence of importance concerning rebel movements, and were owned by men whose disloyalty had been fully proved. Under the recent ut of Congress they accordingly became freemen. Our secession friends can clearly see now what may be their fate, u the Government does net intend that the Confiscation Act shall remain a dead letter upon the records, but that it will be strictly enforced, without ifs or huts, ud it is but right that it should be. They have got to succomb and abide by the laws of the eountiy. A traitors or sympathiser hu no right to protection whatever, al though they think otherwise. There is no use of diddle-daddling with them any long, for it is but sheer noNense to do so. If this plan had been adopted and put into force months ago, wo would have been much better off to-day. The traitor and sympathiser will be watched and punished for their uts and deeds hereafter. We think it but right that they should be. The Rebels at Dallas. It is reported here that the notorious rebel Jeffries and sixty men marched into Dallu on lut Monday morning at daybreak, and surrounded the houses in which a company of State Militia were encamped, taking Captain Green and nearly all his men, they were all released wwever, after taking the oath, except Captain Green, who is held u n prisoner- No other particulars are reported. The It Genevieve Flaindealer. This secession paper, published at St. Genevieve, Mo., hu been suppressed by the Federal authorities. Charles A. Weber, Esq., our Trovest Marshal, took possession of ths offlee ou Friday lut. Military AxrisY Joseph Warren wu arrested on lut Thursday, by order ef the Provost Marshal, but wu afterwards releuod on parole, to report himself once a week. 60mmuntatin. ' Writtn for tbs fwTjTiU Union. .Our Country Changed. What gnat changes an wrought in the souse of time! What vicissitudes and varied scenes an witnessed by man, u he floats along the current ef life! What revolutions, what convulsions, what gigantic civil contests among a glorious, happy and tranquil people can a few yean bring forth. But yesterday and America might have stood against the world ; now none so poor to do her reverence! Not quite so. Then an thousands yet who are willing to sacrifice their hecatombs of human lives at ths shrine of liberty. But a few yean ago and the Americans wen the happiest people on the face of the globe. Tbeehords of love and friendship distended from one end to the other of the Continent. The sun of peace beamed fnm the heavons in all its bright effulgence and spendor. Aid Has hss sot bffua to orvrthrsw ThoM palscst, and piles, stupendous, Of which tbs very miss art trtiuudous. We wen then embarked upon the old ship of State, that had carried us through the storms of an right years revolution ; and we wen again launched upon this wide ocean of existence, and with wide spread canvass ws sailed onward over the deep unruffled sea. Onward to peace and glory wu pur motto. The Eagle of America which had Iain prostrate the shaggy Lion of England in 1812, hod learned England to pay deference to ns. The potentates of Europe stood n far off and gued on with reverential awe and wonder, at the magnificence of America. The arch-fiend that directs rebellions and conspiracies, had not bunted through the portris that bound him down in his dungeon of fats. i But, alu, according to the sacred tradition, He is to be loosed a Uttlejjeaeon. The dark portals turn upon their blac1ungers "and he walks forth, seeking whom he may de vour. Ferhape the first place he landed at upon this continent wu Charleston. Then the cloud of rebellion began to loom up in the distance. It fint appeared a mere speck, but it soon bunt forth in all the fury of a storm. It swept over the land in its anger. It came like a vut moving torrent, its dark clouds over speeding the land ; its red lightening of destruction printing hells death glare upon the sky. Ths very earth shook to its centre, and u tho secessionist thought they had settled the fate of Amorica forever, while yet the Government remained dormant, each citizen punning his daily avocation, excepting those who had treason in their hearts, little suspecting what wu going on behind the curtains. Thou who had bowed the knu unto Asdod, thinking they would bind the government while sin ibering, stretched their cords of burn i phalanxes from the Reeky Mountain to the Alleghanies, thu intending to njnd and stab with sacreligiou hands and 'destroy (he but government beneath tho eanopy of heaven. What I would the sons of Columbia suffer this maltreatment fulminated a-grinst their sacred institutions, without bring aroused with the greatest indignation? What! would ths government itulf remain tacit and motionleu while all this gagantio treason wu being matured for the subversion sf the most God-like institutions that were ever conceived by the capacity of man? Ne, never! Itwu only Bampeon submitting his invincible locks to the treachery of a Deliah. The government aroused from its leth-agy, shook off (he duitof years and went forth to battle in all its pride ahd strength. The cords with which it had been bound become u brittle threads, and rebellion shrank buk into circumscription, and may it soon be crushed forever. This we have reuon to believe will be done, from the uprising of the nation at every call of the President. Every appeal to the people is answered with enthusiasm, who are ready to come forward and vindicate the cause ef the Union, by pouring out their libations of blood on tbe altar of their country. Rusnccs. Written for tbs PwrjrviUt Union. Camp Jackson, Tknn., ) Auguit 17,1862. Me Editor To-day la 8nnday and tho busy hum of citizen and eoldiers is hadly surpassed by tbs rattling sound of Ktiitoy; Every thing it seems is ths wing. Not and then you can see asqutd of right men patrolling the town, and inquiring for your pau. Every thing looks sheeringi Even the ladies have been sun to smile- at one or two Captains this morning. " Deu-it nuan loyalty to sMBomo of, I vu going, to say secessionists, but ws are so used to saying chivalry that I will just let it slide for the present. , The city of Jackson is certainly oneoi the most beautiful plaeu I have seen m all my travels over Dixie Land. It contained before the rebeffiou broke out, about 4,000 inhabitants, but only about 8,900 at tho present date. There are two first dau hotels in the town, beridu several other plaeu of accommodation for travellers. It is truly u buriueu place. It contains two seminariu nod one college, and one ef the mut splo did Court Houses in the State. It is noted as bring the place where John A. Murrell wu taken and tried. There are two lawyers living iu tho city at the present time, that were attorneys for the notorious burglar, John A. Murrell. Ths citisens of Jackson are tho mut intelligent set of people I have met with for many years. Thus hu bun a great many men from this place, who havs distinguished themselves, and also a great Pirny who have extinguished themselves Jackson wu General E. T. Beauregards Headquarters when Columbus wu in possession of the rebels. Tbs course pursued by Hon. John W Noell, of your city, is bcutily approved of by our soldiery bore. Long live John W. Noel). I will don by wishing the kind ladiu of Fenyville a long aad hap py life, and for them net to forget an eld friend. Yours, As., Vive L. America. BLOOD PURIFIER. Wort Ukiig. iflrr liking, Tbheordw ntMCt! . fa tk worts. wftllM Inm tony kamia ejWdkUlv ruuiwWwiib u ylL'mTnlta MHtntlhua U, UIImh Mttar b, lha tb. wbut. " RsLUIW STRXEOTHXEIVa CORDIAL Wdl cAdadlv w 1ITKU COMPLAINT, nnrEniA, jackdicx -"S7-"" Hwlbar., I.nnl Ma, Aridity ar SlrkM rf n. Htiimeb, rail mi or BLwl rhi Smt tatTh!..! huklnf or Minllm K4Jm ruV MuTaST irjPNMg r Yrttowm of UmAiI ud knl MtoZt jFoffii !tiw4 Ymrs, Ada Ja thr Anall nfthm 1 '" NIimJim of Hhu. PrinTMlom ndf rrlghlfol DnimM, lAjunnr, lUtnmnli'n m vtom SI?. 11 iffl-I'wkKClS wto. wiS M'flTAXI ABOUT IT. oven a miluon or bottles A im iH H" mIMwUor. TO TED t.atm-uu Dn yiM wlib to iw hralthy ud aCnw. T Thun, 'irwwitaii ud Inkimi. yaar hh amam. .JS bolll. b .lunntad to str. ibdk.'thw. for children. pwwrtm If unr rlilUmi US afcki mv r rIRH-nI Wlilft mmpUJiitfi i rwwnlmt iRTMrrtltdnm1 Wv,weM Us ud yrv wiU few cmvIbmA. IT 18 DELICIOUS TO TAKE. Cuinm-lkma at dmcgMi at dnlm wk. aa. 3!iiPI!iIL,ni" I ,B tliurt or SuiaMfJU. ItwSl MjA bay chap, by iilnu n. Hi r-i11??. rnihr V1- MTiitas Culn(, I. imwin immiin br ninl-n. PiihiVLi rH.7 Un i ' MoClellane MovemtnL 1 Telegraphic advicei announce the removal of Gen. McClellans command to Williamsbnrgh. It is probably the design to effect a conjunction of his foress with Gen. Topes. Tbs combined army will then much down on the back door of Richmond. Whatever fortifications tbe rebels may have constructed to the south of Richmond will thus be rendered useless. The recent reconnoiesanees to Malvern Hill and toward Fetenburg, were frinte to deceive tbe enemy. McClellan's movement to Williamsburg ie, of course, made under the direction of that able strategist, Gen. Hillock, and tbs public will receive the announcement of tbe fact with hearty assurance that a terrible and deadly blow is eoon to bo (truck in the stronghold of treason. T-l FMHT AT EATOeIS " A GREAT FEDERAL TiCT, r c The steamers Northern Star oke, from Newa Orleans, arrived York OB iho Iftfk tnaf .1 " York on tho 19th inst., bringing 4 W ing news, in regard to die lata Uitis atBaUm Rouge : t to ?A letter from Baton Bon 1 Uery wu twice repulsed. , Bre&2 bothie right arm by a cannon UnT The fight took pla m the town,. Gen. Williams hoing expou the women nud children. We captured a large nuafcr sf wB' ers, including Capt. Blunt, Aid' id lj? " ridge. GnWilliume(. who' ukA C behaved like a hera The Wv'iiTTjf most have been severe, u su sms 4 edand recharged npen them. taken thru guns. Anotbev account says retdi wero estimated at from 6.0QP am. .. der Generals Lovell and BmskiiiritoJ a. The combat wu obstinate. Our kn killed, including a large preponi, Scan. The rebel loss tocovdii tswi, ers statements is immenss. Ammi lulled was Gen. Lovell. The ram Arkansas was jumbi, J Rmge, but did not take part iatbseu the ' The enemy retreated in hot baits isii hel still retreating. Our force mind . fssi lem than 8,609. The enemy bad hi pat 6,000, with twelve or fourteen field yim coe and eome cavalry. j The runs Arkansas approached si fc and intention of engaging our gun&ow,W grounded at n distance at at miles, uh day, the fiih, was engaged by the Em and destroyed. Brigadier Genedtl Clark and his si Lieut. Yqrger, deljrtred ihsMaslvst tai as prisoners of waj. Breckinridge, on tho Otb, eiktd pr si on, in Writing, to bury his dead, ft Cahill replied, our men are engaged ul work, which wiU soon w aecoapiidui A passenger, from Baton Roup our lou at seventy kil d, and two ktri and fiftem woundod.. Gen. WiUiiaik three hones abet undi rbim. Hint Jed while rallying the rwenty-flnthA who had just lost eld pies. Tk I was retaken, but Gepy William ML f j A letter from Bsion Rouge unit .lathe fight between toe Eases sod ftcj J 'Porter la f three hundred jit fin Jpouring solid aioa-inch shot ists-ftil I Icantas until breech-wa Bade, ska incendiary shall waq explod id k bevj I ting her on fro.. Tji sebsl nvvkft) l and she soon exploded. :.( A letter from a Surge npcm (Ail saw 83 dead rebels if ons null con ft .;t Raton Rouge, j a The rebel wotyded state IkiGwr i Buggies a as killed. A releijtnii t loss at 800. , Nimi battery saved the Any, riu I i. thirds of its members were on thewkl v The secession ills i Bston Roig) r, on our that) ant) wounded as they wl ing brought in, consequently their k Its were pulled down. , OfficfrSupL Enrollment Bt AN! SL Louie, Aug, 18, lflti) I us The Captains of all coo pau is orp I taor organised, under late erdM s. enrolling the State Militia, an nqv I ta report the condition of said eonpta , thie office forthwith. 1 1 By order of Brig. Gen. Davita J mending St. Louis Division. Robist A. IIowaisi 1 i'i'i Captain and SuyerisWsi Arkansas Military GevenW f'j Tbe 8t. Louie Republtto d A says that Hod. John S, PLelpa 7 Governor and CoL W. F. Swiuhti la nr of State of the State of Ark11 that city of the 18th. insL for Btiwk kansas, the present IleadqoarW eral Curtis command. It knolls posed, however, that they will longer lhmn.ii absolutely necessary business is at Little Bock, I .. eminent if the State, from whfcn , federate Governor and otb eloped some lime ego. , , presumed will give the ."3 ik place and military any ether of his pl' ui condition of Hmdnon's Re ' i bupTinr nffieor. ; 8-The SL Joseph it is tho opinion of Lt-Gov. H the eight regimentt Slats sre filled, tbe quota cl fa ' . bo completed, ond ibaHhere nnessiiy for drifting hj! Tl si li tb 8 fo id N th di c i

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