Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 29, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS On The Air Today . .\VE.\l''-WT.IC—When si Girl Mar- t-ief •WJ7.AVATK-Terry ixncl I'lrsitus WOR- Uncle Don WABO-.Kuu «'llh Dunn 5:1.1 |i. m. WEAF-WnC—We l.ove nnd Learn \VATK-W.rZ---Diok Tracy WOR--Ch!c!c Cartel' 5:HO i>. ni. •IVARC • Thivo Sisters WEA-F-WTIC-'Plain .1'ill WATtt—.Jack Ai-iiisti'oinr WOrt---Tom Mix Sliow ,":•!,"> p. in. >VAnC--WIU!erni'!i:: Timid WFJAf-VVTIC— l'"fW \VJ55-Suti Hound WATfv— Melotly i'tevuc \VOK--Supo finan OHIO |i, in. At.L Station* News (ill.'i I>. III. 1VABC-Murray Ureh.; Chorus WATR- - Music for .DininK WTIC—Victory rs Our business •iATl MIVMItl MI*W *NIDNVOU!y.S ALCAZAR TODAY - SATURDAY • PAT O'BRIEN • RUTH HUSSEY In "MARINE RAIDERS 1 ' WJJ5--JCthcl and Albert WOK—.Rurnomi VVliAF—Serenade to America li:.1l) p. in. \VOR-Nows WTIC—Strictly Sport* \VKAI' 1 —Serenade; Bill Stern, Spot'Is VV'AT.R—News; SOURS »! :•!,•; p. in. WABC—World Today WATU—Pleasure and Profit.' WOK—Stan Lonuix WJZ—News W.liAF-WT.1C—Lowell Thomas 7:111) p. in. \VAI3C--l Love a Mystery W12AK-\VT.tC — -Music Shop WATR-WJ5S— Happy JsUnul i WUl'l—.Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:13 p. ni. WOU—Answer- Mall WABC—To l>o aniioiuiccd W-EAF-WTFC -News ol' the World 7:30 |), in. WO ft -Keep Ahoucl WATR—Phone Your Answer WEAF—Koth Orch.; Chorus \VJX-Lone Runjjoi 1 WTIC—<.Juls; of Two Cities WA.BC—•t-'ridiiy on l.'.roaU'.w.y 7:-l,"> p. in. U'ATR—.Heel Cross Program W12AI-'—iNewsi SMIO p. n>. WAI3C—Aid rich Fun-lily vVJZ-NVATR -News; Parker Family \VOR- News; Sunny Skylar Show WEAF-WT.IU—Cities Service: Concert »:KO p. in. WEAK-WTIC—.Duffy's Tavern YV'OU -Fruedom -jf Opportunity \VATI-:-W.j'Z—Meet Your .Vavy WA.bC — The Thin Man <>:tm |). in. WA13C—It fays to be IjxnoratH \VE.\K-U"[MC— iltinn Shon' U'ATi;-\VJX Ganj,'-F,USLers \\'OI-'. --Gabriel Mualler !i: 13 p. in. WOIl- -Screen Test !l:8ll p. ill. \VKAF-UTIC- --People are Funny YVAP.C-- -That Bi'ewster Boy WATll-WJf. •Spotlight Band WOR-Double or Nothing- 111:1111 p. in. U'l£AF-WTIC—Amos 'n' Andy WOK-Uoxiiif;: Pep v«. Wrishl WAI3C-- Moore-Duranlo Show WATR-WJZ--XCWS !H : :(D p. m. WABC—Suifji? Dour Canteen WATK—-Music of Belgium WTrCAVK.\.l''-.-BiU Stern, Sports l»:l'< p. m. \\'JX --Continentales WATr-l -Voice of the Army 11:»0 p. in. AIX Stations—News 11:15 |), m. \VEAF-\VTIC- -Harkness from Brasscos^ Contelcos Play Rubber Game At Stadium Sun. Winner To Be Declared State Semi-Pro Champs.; Blood Battle Expected By AL 11RBWKH Tim tliiril ancl deciding- contest for the Stuto Pro Baselxill Championship will he settled Sunday afternoon at the Stadium in Wu- terbury when Fred JDavi's Bruss- c:os clash with Johnny Puillc's Met-Uleii Conluloos. itt 3;15 p. m. sharp. .Due to the extensive rivalry between two clubs it is expected thut one of the largest crowds 01' the your will be on hand when these two clubs tangle. The Tels won the opening affair, 7-5, in an up-hill fiRhl played, irticlcr the lights several months iiK'o, but the Davimcn evened the fjunt early thin month, 7-3. in an afternoon frame, behind the effective hut-lint,- of Johnny Tiiylor, Ne- •,'ro lad from Hartford, who will a.uain be on the mound" for the Brass City nine. The Merklen outfit are coming: to Watfrbury "well-loaded" for this final frame and have issued notice that they will "fif,'!U" to it finish. Manager Pullie "f the visitors has secured the service of I'i :i n d y Gumpert, ex - American league liurlor, to pitch against the powerful Brassco hitters. Al Jarlett, of the League and Rtiss Bergman, of the .Eastern loop will be in the Mcridcn lineup. Duvi will call on Ernie Koy, former DotlKor; Jimmy Cloeaon, late of tho Cincinnati Reds; and >je Shoplich, of Newark for the o-.iti'iuld. In the inner works will he Bill Johnson, of the Yankees; Ud Sklandy. of the American; Sip; Clryska, of the Browns, and Reds Walsh, of Louisville. Aaron Robinson, ex-Yunkee catch- er, will handle Taylor's slants. In relief Davi cnn call on Junior Thompson, of the Reds or Pete Nuktenis, of- Hurtford'a Eastern League. Champa. • .• D.Lewis Leads Girl Dusty Bowlers In the Naugatuck Girls' Industrial bowling league at Annenberg's alleys the other night, Eastern Malleable took 2-8 games from U, S. Rubber; U. S. Cost trounced the Shorties. 3-0; Clerks shut out the Lewis plant, 3-0; Synthetic took Chemical by the same score, and Lewis Office took three games from Peter Paul also. Dot Lewis of the Clerks had a 32-J" for high three and 131 for high sinjrle. The scores: U. S. Kubber (1). W. Krykoski 69 82 93— 2-H A. Scars SO 86 83—260 P.. Conroy a-1 S6 106— 2S6 R. Klloy 7-1 85 S3— 2-17 P. Scanlon 05 90 03— 280 Total M. North H. Mai .O. Roberts A. Hughes M. Eowers Handicap .118 '129 -170— 1317 «l. I, (2). 76 S-l 75—235 00 105 015— 2S1 73 SI S7— 1M1 82 77 82 — 2-1] 93 SI 73— 252 14 11 14— 12 Total -12S 442 -132—1302 Shorties (0). Washington \ "Hrooks \VATR—Kmil Vadna's Music .WJZ—Piso Singers; Kobblcrs 11:30 p. m. WTIC-WEAK—Author's Playhouse WABC— Milt'red Bailey Show WATR-WJ2--Van CK'.-ive Variety WOR—Callowny Orch. E. Biickmiiler C. Kcalo P. Be hi man .., M. Nixon . .. . F. Pr.'.uise Handicap . ., . 73 DO 9S— 2G1 73 105 S3— 272 76 73 70— 219 . 71 09 .73— 213 75 75 75— 223 IS 18 IS— 54 SIX ROOM HOMES (FOUR BEDROOMS) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE Glenridge Estates Quinn & Chestnut Sts. Naugatuck, Conn. Own Your Home-cost * 1 6 ^ Monthly (Comparative with rent) Down Payment In Accordance With Your Financial Position • • • Revelation In Modern Suburban Living. • • • Restricted Community, Beautiful Wooded Residential Section, • • • Permanent Construction of Pre-War Design and Workmanship, • • • Houses May Be Purchased on Lew Monthly Payment Plan or May Be Rented WE INVITE COMPARISON 5 Model Homes Ready Tor Inspection Daily and Sunday 9 A, M. tc 9 P, M, Each dwelling on plot approximately CO x 150 ft. Plenty of garden and yard space. • Look At These Many Features ;iN mill Electricity. Hiinltary Sf« r rr, City >V:iU-r, < 3 C'fiiitn of I'ln.slrr tint Air Hrallnir S.vslom Kcoiiiinik-al Mot Wati-r IJnll WratlutrNtrlppcd Doors. T.cador.s anil Gutters. Durnlilo Asphalt Sliinglo Hoofing. Oriiiimriital SliuttiT*. Cnncrrtn Stooli.s lioth 1'Yoiit and Side. I.und.scapoil, Sldrtrnlkx anil Curhs. Special Ilivrdwiiiv and Ultra Mutlitrn Kk-ctrical Fixtures. Colonial Light nnd Knocker, at Front Entrance. Modern Ilnth and Kitchen. noniustiv Science Kitchen Cabinets. Spacious Clnllios and J,lnon Closets, with doors. Unlit In Venetian Crystal Mirror Medicine G'uliliK't. Inlaid Linoleum. Many Klectrlcal Hasp riiiffs. Doulilr 1-lonrliijr—Spoclal Oak, All Wax Finished, I'liiiretl Concrete Foundation, Providing Spacious Cellar fur LiirjTO Recreation Room. Modern I'liiinhlnir Fixtures. Rooms Beautifully Decorated. Mail Delivery to Vour Door. Laundry In Basement FIIA Insured Financlnjr 392 -.130 '122—llM-l V. S. Cost A. Bowling 79 ll-l S3— 27S D. Dun- SC/ 97 S!>— 26<l D. Lallowny 90 S7 SG— 2G9 V. Heavens 86 7ii 105— 269 A. Dillon 75 75 75— 223 To till •121 -151 .133—1305 Clurks (3). M. Hahiiiik 9S S7 S9— 27-1 B. Fnirhnnk 70 92 116— 27S A. Moruska 82 103 103— 20S A. E-jikus 100 IQtJ 8-1—290 D. Lewis 00 OS 131.— 325 Lefty O'DouI Showed Only In One World Series Total •156 -ISO C23—1-1C5 J>wis riant (0). J. Rupgori . . V. Meng-acci . P. Forchelli , C. Ashford .. M .Brudshaw Handicap 85 S3 79 S4 IS SS— 260 S2— 2-19 SO— 255 0-1— 252 03— 2C,'2 IS— 5-1 Total -125 -1-12 -155—1322 Chemical (0). M, M:i!onc A. I-emoinc . M. Giernnn L. Anderson H. Kuclxoga . Handicap 9S 89 70— 26G .... S7 76 Gl 67 73— 20] S5 ?•! 93— 257 04 76 7-1 85— 235 IS IS 425 39S 431—125^ .Syiithrtii; (,S). C. Z;ip:ith:i SI 9S 9-1—273 G. WcsnoKki 93 S6 107— 2S6 H. Moruska 89 113 102— 30-i R. Quinn 93 83 98— 274 H. Patterson 89 107 04— 290 Total -MS -JS7 495—1427 I,cwls KIIK- Omce (3) C. RnpicfC 93100 93— —286 G. Hoppe 100 89 94— 2S3 I. Currier 91 88 80—259 F. Ycnchcs 7C 86 94— 256 M. Brinekcrhoff 101 93 115— 300 Total 461 4L'G 47G—1393 Peter Paul Inc. <0). E. Kazanjian .... SO 69 SO-- 234 R. SchildRen . .. 104 77 106— 2S7 D. Sandoll 75 88 88— 25.1 M. Beck 85 76 84— 243 i\. Dun- 93 101 103— 297 Handicap 13 13 13—93 Total 405 424 474—1353 By BERNARD BRENNER United ProNN Sporbt..Staff The g-uy they cull "the man in the ''preen suit" played baseball for 24 years. And he apent 11 of those seasons in the majors. But in all that time LcUy O'Doul got- .into a world aeriea box score just once. Lefty manages the San Francisco Seals in the Pacific coast leujTue now. I-Ic's been there ever since he left the New York Giants after the 1934 season, and that 10 year term at tho head of the Seals sets a new record for the club. When Lefty was on his way up toward a regular job in' the big leagues; he did some left-handed pitching for the Seals. In 1921 he tucked away 25 victories for the CofiHt club—-but when he finished kicking around two things were settled. Lefty would never make a major league pitcher—and Lefty wore green whenever he could. O'Doul never did anything about his preference for green. He just let i 1 . run on until they tugged him "the man in the green suit." But he did something drastic about his baseball playing. He kicked off hie pitcher's toe plate and moved back to the outfield. When he did that, it w;.is only a question of time until the majors reached down for O'Dou!. It was in J933 that Lefty made that world series appearance that stands as a lonely, one-line item in the baseball record books. Underneath his thick, 24-year record that single line says: "World Scries" Year—1933. Club—New York, National league. Games—One, At bat—-One. That's Lefty's world series career—one gaino, one turn at bat. But he made that one c«funt. The Giants look the first game of the 1933 series. But in the second coi-.tcist Al Crowdcr—the Gen— sla:-tCKi for the W.ishington Senators', and he four.d the strategy to hold down the Giants. When the'sixth inning started" Crowder had a ono to nothing lead. Joey Moore opened up for the Giants in th'at inning—Joey the Thin Man—'and he rifled out a single. Then came Hughey Critz. But the second baseman couldn't help things along. General Cvowdcr gave the orders and Critz grounded to ! the infield, forcing Moore at 'scc- j end. With. Critz roosting on first base and just oncost Bill Terry stepped in for t-hc Giants, Memphis Bi'.l wasn't the most welcome sight in town .to tho Senators just then, but with only one out they could not walk him. They might as well have though, because Bill plastered out a double, and when the dust settled there was Terry hugging second n:id Critx grinning on third. And still just one out. Manager Joe Cronin of the Senators took a hand right there, I Mel Ott followed Terry to the plate, and Cronin told his pitcher to walk Master Melvin aid load the bases. Four wide ones, and Ott trotted to first. The Senator infield moved back to go after a double pluy. And George Davis picked out a stick for the Giants. But Terry — who also managed the New Yorkers—had other ideas. He sent Davis baclt to the bench and called on the man in the green suit—Lefty O'Doul. And Lefty settled himself in the, batter's box. Crowdcr tossed down a tensor •—Lefty went after It and fouled it off. Then the General rammed down another strike and Lefty was far behind. Stlil O'Doul wasn't cutting at pitches that didn't look good, He wanted to hit, and he intended to choose his own time. Once again the General looked around, at the runners taunting him from three sides and' faced O'Doul. Crowdcr whipped in another—but it was wide, and Lefty watched .it go by. 'Then another teaser — it might have been good SAT Lofty clipped it foul. Then another pitch—Mils time it was good. Lefty swung and the crack echoed over the field. A liner Git Ready For Derby HigK 1944 Opener Scheduled For ML At Recreation Field Rain Halts Final Drives By Yanks And Tigers • (By United Vrcm) The weather was the bip news in the American league pennant race yesterday an rain halted ixc- tivi'tics of the driving Detroit Ti' K ei-8, the battlinfr St. Louis Browns and the hopeful New York Tan- keen. But in the National league the only two games achcdulcd were outside the ranprc of, bud weather and were played na planned. At Brooklyn a homer by Frank McCormick—his 20th of the season —paced a nine-run inning- for the Cincinnati Reds as they went on to trounce the Brooklyn Dodgers, 10 to G. McCormick's homer accounted for three runs while other Cincinnati batsmen drove in six more for a total of nine tallies in the bipr fourth inning. In New York the champion St. Louis Cardinals shut out the New York GiantH, 2 to 0, and rolled up their 104th victory of the season. Blix Donnelly pitched five-hit ball for the Cards to Kain his second win against no losses. Danny Wilwhilcr accounted for one of the St. Louis runs with his fifteenth', homer of the year. Here's A New Way To Pick A Grid Squad Salt Lake City, Sept. 29—(UP) — Ike Armstrong, coach of Utah university's football squad, may have uncovered a new method of selecting it footbn'.l squad. When the Utah'mentor looked at the crowd of 16 and 17-year-old hopefuls who turned out for his grid tryouts, he wondered how to pick a first team without having cvnr seen any of them play. He rubbed his chin, and that pave him an idea. Said Ike: "All boys who shave, step forward," Eleven lads stepped out and Coach Armstrong had his first team. He hasn't reported yet on ho-.v successful the new method will be. 3P NATIONAL r.EAGCK St. Louis 2, New Yo)-J< 9. Cincinnati 10, Brooklyn 0. Only gumcs scheduled.! The SlundJn* • ....... 3.04 . L. Pot. M .089 jfork ".'.'.'.'.'. '•'• '.'• '•'. 65 86 .430 C2 S3 .433 Broo^r::::::::.::..<^° .^ I Philadelphia ^ Jj - a "^ Today'* Ganiex, ?llc>icr« St. Louis nt New York —Wilks '37-31 vs. Melton (2-2). Cincinnati :A Brooklyn—Hcussci- (13-30) vs. Chapman (4-3) or Davit (10-11). _ Pittsburgh .11 Philadelphia—Oa- termuellcr (13-7) vs. San-cu (1118). ChicafTJ al Boston—Derringer (,32; vs. Tobin (IT-IS). Dodgers Retain The Lip As Manager New York, Sept. 29—(UP)—Lippy Leo Durbchor will again pilot the Dodgers. President Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn club announces the Lip has been signed for 19-15. AMF.KICAV CKAGDE yc.strrd.-jv'.s licxnlU All ^aDics postponed, rain. The Slundinir Detroit St. Louis ... New York . Boston Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Washington L. 64 65 67 70 73 81 S2 SS PC-., 57,'j •67 OS.'i 500. 480 ',60 i •;53 I 413 Today's G.imts, Fitchnr* | New York at St. Louis C2j—Bon- | hiinr. U2-S) and Morowy (17-U) vs. | Kramer (16-13) and Potter (1S-7). | Washington at Detroit (2)—Nig- gcling (10-7) and Wolff (4-15) vs. Gentry "11-14) and Trout (27-12). Philadelphia at Cleveland (2) — Black (9-12) and Florcs (9-11) vs. Club Enjoyed Stiff out Yesterday; 8cn«b Team Takes Beating The Garnet football nqunuj, .^j. though not ex/iCtly ncarlng u, t Btagc of perfection, is ready for It* opening game tomorrow at R*cr«- tion field ;i<jain«t. Derby at 3 p. te- Coach Peter J. Fol<:y gave his U<1» a. stiff workout in yestcrdaye tff. r,lon ;»t the field, dummy tackling :ind blocking, running through nljr. nals and climax!:ig the days warfc •with a scrimmage in a. light rain. The varsity wa.s no match f or the scrubs yesterday ae ih« big boys gain :ifter gain agsim; the lighter second (cam. . Coach Folcy hac! Chit Yuctk u quarterback slot with Billy Phillips and J.-ick Cuddy at the hijvtj, and Wally ArmonaitiH at fullback! Ted Mcyla.ii and Gonr : Kcvii worked on the ends. Bill XaioM-lch and Eud SLiber at lacklo. Jo« Sin- tore and Bill Barlow at guard, uid Ray Kucxinski at cer.tcr. Jnck Stinson, end, was on the sideline*, taking care of a. sore arm. Jicfc Lent, buck, was also watching yesterday. The souac! does not show much of ». passing attack, but may surprise Derby tomorrow. A Kgfct workout will be held today. Tho boys who m;'ke UT- squii drilling <L-iiIy are: Sonny Phillips, Bill Lang, Bidie Jurzynski, Chester Yacek, Jos S--intore, Jack Cuddy, Billy Xij-> wich. Bill Barlow, Jack Slinton. Lou Click, Charley De Carlo, Eddie Fog.irty, Lofty Na.-ducci, Don Swar.son, Ted Meylan.'Fred L»w- ton. Gene Kovii. Ray Kuczinrici, Buddy Anderson, , Wally Armoailt- is, R.iy Currier. Tommy Walsh. '• Buddy Stieber, Dan Fitzgerald, Tommy Bradshaw, George O'Doi;- nell. Ralph Stutz. Jimmy Bovty, Billy Huu, Louie Bertothy, EoJAj- Anderson, Ed Furtad-j, Jack Lent. Scoop Szczc.siul, Artie Smith, TOOT M.i!onc, Frar.k San Angelo, Vis Kealy. Gromek (30-9) and Harder (12-9). Boston at Chicago <night)—Ccc3 (3-G') vs. Lopat (11-10). FIRST WATERBURY SHOWING TlNOW CAT REPORTED STOLEN Cambridge, Mass.. Sept. 29—(UP) —Mary had her little lamb, who followed her to school, nnd a Cam- j bridge school teacher has an an- j gora cat, which she takes to school | every day. Rather .she had it. Mrs. Besrnccia Avery, who teaches in a Mattnpan grade school, told police the be-ribboned cat wa.s stolen from her automobile as she bought gasoline at a filling station. When last seen, the cat was being carried down a street by a, woman, who refused to stop. straight into center field, falling safe. Critr. scored to tie the game. Terry came in to put the Giants ahead, and O'Doul held up on first. Tho Giants added some extra, runs later, but it was the man in the preen suit who drove in the winning i-im with his only world series hit in his only world series chance. 'SHEA SHIRLEY STAND BY FOR FUN! 'SENSATIONS OF 1945 •••••• StarrinjfB ELEANOR POWELL 99 Dennis O'KEEFE Sophie TUCKER with W. C. FIELDS Eugene PALLETTE C. Aubrey SMITH David LICHINE AMERICA'S TWO TOP ORCHESTRAS Woody HERMAN and His Band Cab GALLOWAY and His Band 2nd HIT A MASTERPIECE-OF MCRDER THE FALCON IN MEXICO with TOM CONWAY — MONA MARIS LOEWS POLI NOW "BOTANY SOD TAILORED BY DAROFF '45 Peik Pitl«etlen...Ftom Coil Collar la Trousei Culls! Some clolhing'idverlisemenls hove inlked aboui slYle.,,tome about tailoring...some about iabric ...some have lold you that a suil will make-you look thinner...soma heavier...somo wiser. Bui man, this it the first clothing we've ever seen that can back all claims with actual facts. Botany "500" Tailored by Daroff is standardized on the fabric thai it Ihe soul ol the suit...and tailoring that is the heart and body of the clothing. This is new..,ihis is different..,this ij vourSi | OC ] av . THE FABRIC IS THE SOUL OF THE SUIT Breen's Sport Shop

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