Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 18, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 18, 1973
Page 23
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Market: J5o lower. mm W7 .&M37.75 :..$3«2M37.25 i.25 CHICAGO STOCRVARpS ATKINSON MAftKfeT VaJuitijBi i$X). Bu|chef Trend: steady to 25c lpwer. Np. l-i: 20Q-2J5 No. M> 2^0-170 ..$9B.75-$39.25 |8|25-|88.75 . R .„$87 .00-J3B .5O uvv y jw -------Sow TreM' s^ady to 25c lower. 30O-5OO ...1 184 .0043^00 Inferior H*8 SPRJFGFTO (Up!) — Interior hogs; Estimated receipts 19,000; Thursday's gctual 19,900; extremely uneven, steady to weak instances 28 lovfer; demand fair; NQ 1-2 200-230 lb 38.00- _{j._ft 'Np 1-3 ?i)Q-'235 lb 37.50 jjlijft, S j>rne 3?.g5; No 1-3 230-250 }b 37 : QP-37.fiO| NP 2-3 25>270 lb. 36 .0N700. PEJQRIA, I||. (UPI) -_- Livestock: Cattle &0; insufficient volume to establish market. Hogs 4,700; moderately active; uneven, steady to strong, instances 26 higher and 25 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 39.00-39.25; No 1-3 200-250 lb 38.50-39.00; No 2-3 230-260 lb 37.75-38.00, 260-270 37.00-37.75, 270-290 lb 36.50-37.00; few No 2r4 29P-38& lb 3550-36.5Q. 5f, tOyif tlYMtflcH ST. LjPUIS (IJpi)^Liyestock: Hogs 5,000, barrows aru} gilts. §teady t9 25, inites 50, fewer, No 1-2 200-240 lb 39.00-39.50; No 1-3 210-250 lb 38.5fKft.25; No 2-3 a4>ifo ib tm $m- Cattle 75, not enough of «ny one class for market test. Sheep 28. ST. LOWS (UPI) - Missouri produce 1 Consumer grade eggs A large 41-51, medium 3848, small 31* 43, B large 3748. 1 Ice-paoked broijers and fryers 43-44.80 for next week's delivery. $t. Louis produce: i WNesale grade eggs A !#rge 28-36, standard $2*2*}, medium 26 -34,, unclassified HO, pullet* pepweps 1>20. Indianapolis Livestock INpIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,400; 200 -250 lb steady, instances 25 higher, 250-330 lb steady to 25 lower; No 1-8, 200235 lb 39.00-39.25; 55 head 89.50: 29 head 89.75; No 1-3, 209 -250 lb 38.50-39.00; No 2-3, 285 -270 lb 37.50-3fl.5fl; No 2-4, 26O-2fl0 lb 36.50-37.50; No 3-4,, 280-300 lb 36.76-36.50; 300 -33P lb 85.00-3^.75. Cattle and calves, 100; no steers or heifers offered. Sheep none. Plunge Today On Exchange NEW VgftK (typj) * ?tock market apparently ignored the Watergate hearings today and paid more'attentiftn to reports some economists think a recession lies ifiead, Prices plunged In; moderate trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Shortly before noon, the paw .toner industrial average was off 11.43 at 900.29. Declines dGmlnatfd advaheps, lo 198 among \M\ teswep mm the tape. The twp-hour turnover amounted to mpre than 6,72p,00j 'res. Dow Jonas Averagot NEW YORK (UPI) - povf Jones 1:00 p.m. stool? aver? ages; ' 30 indus 896.67 off 15.05 20 tops 165.89 off 3.48 15 Ufils 106 .47 off 025 65 stocks 277.58 off 4.23 Chicago Produce OHICAQQ (UP|) - Cheese: Processed loaf 7p.25r8O.50; single daisies 77-81.75; Swiss blocks fiO-100 |b Grade A I 92.50; B M&Q- WlQhW (UPI) = Midwest eggs: Steady, pricq- unchanged; pjrtra. Jarge §J; large &J; medium 49; standards 46; m\\fa 37; checks 35,. READ THE WANT ADS! WANTEI Reliable Male For full time impteyroinf In totally wn- ed mew's cMHJng PtPlfv Mmt h«ve s«j|«s ability, n<|at in appearance and WiH'W8- ne$s fa work. Cflntapf in f anon, €, W- Knoflfk, MALI'S CLOTHING CO, FLEA MARKET 8:30 A.M.-? — $AT., MAY 19 Cantifnniant Auction -_- 1:30 PM ''MERCHANT S|DE WALK SALES OLD COURTHOUSE PARK Kpoxville, Info _ 299 -2731 A major factor in the decline, according to analysts, was a Wall Sfreet Journal article Whjph sajd business forecasters see early warning signals of a recession. Analysts said the Watergate hearings appeared to have little effect on' Friday's market, except to keep many investors on the sidelines. Seaboard Coastline Indus- fries, whicfo plunged ip Thursday after the c 0 m p a n y announced § dividend policy change, was the fpoist active issue, up %'at ~m> m mm shares after a delayed opening. American Telephone & Telegraph warrants were second, off tt at <}«/_' on U,ffl traded, Pfizer Chemical was third, off Vi at 40 on 68,500 shares. Prjpqs declined in moderate trading on the American Stock Exchange. TWA warrants led thp aptivps,, off % at i2'/s on 64,000 traded. Teleprompter was second, unphanged at on 35,900 shares, and Gqran third, off % at WA on 34 ,000 §|f^rp§. Virt|?a)|y gl| pategpr}§s op the Big Bjard. dpcljngd, PSFMpylar- |y thp qjls and rails*. Snperjoi- Oil plunged 8 after a delayed Opening, Natemas. 2 7 / S) Hal|ibur- tnn 2$, and E?t*on, California Standard, Ohio Standard and Kerr-MpQpp a point or mpre each. 8yrllns to n Nsrthern Missouri pacific lgs,t V/t apjece, and snnthprn Pacific and Chesapeake & Ohjo 1 apjece. '. EJpctrQnics and computers eq$e$. Rurreugjis dropped iVs\ JPM, ^QnlroJ Pata and Texas Instruments 2^ each, and Sperry Rand, (Jeneral Electric, Honeywell, Motorola ai?d Digital Equipment arpnnd. a point apiece. IMedia Coupled Daughter Enters Trmk Contend MEDIA - M«ry Ann Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Davis, competed in the National Women's Track Meet at Hay< ward, Calif. She advanced to the national meet following victories in the Drake Relays. Mi$s pavis competes in the long Jump. Twentyreight persons donated hk»d when (lie Red Cross Bloodmobile operated here this month. Donors included Mrs. Da/- lene Forbes, Robert Myers, Howard qrigsby, Cameron Cay- ins, Marjorie Barber, Shirley Qyllberg, Nola Talbott, Reldpjt Bigger, James Bigger, Bill Cpr- aatt, Qene Heap, Curt Bisen- maypr, Man Pogue, Angela Japk and Bob Myers. Other donors were Pay Rpthi Morris Roth., Bjll Brpkaw, Ear) Taylor, We^nan George, Shirley' Smith, Beverly Saben, Bill Saben, Ifowiara E. Qrigsby, Art Kane, Darlenp Ppjrbes, Hugh Forbes, Mary Lee Taylor, Edna Johnson, Amy Davjs and Poren Smith. Elmer Berg, student and assistant teacher at the University of Indiana, recently visited % week with his mother, Mrs). Charles Berg. Mr. and Mrs. Eniory Gavins attended a birthday celebration recently in honor of his sister, Mrs. Lenna Schroeder, Raritan! Mr. and Mrs. Ora Reid were wpekend gnps,ts recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rejd of 9Hincy. Mr. aPH Mfs. Jqpn Ifay visit? pd Mgy 0 in the hgme of Mrs. Jasper ShoeniaH e r- W8t Ifay and Mrs. Snopmaker were teaching associates in Burhng- tpn- At Union High BIGGSVILLE - The Union High School chorus will present "Song Highlights of Six Musicals'" during an ice cream social in the high school gym May 10. Ice cream will be served from '7-9, p.m. \ and the prp- gram WJU start at 8 p.m. Scenery was constructed by Ricy Mackie apd the stydept art department; members ot home ecpnpmips classes will he in charge of refreshments. Tickets may be purchased from any member of the chorus or at thp door. Market Behavior Dm to Internal Trading Habit* NEW VORK (UPI) - According to E. P. Hutton the "sehisophrenic behavior" of the market recently cannot be attribute^ to outside faetow, byt internal trading hapita, ft adds, "What the market apcqm- plishid by its roller coaster activity was to trend sideways over the course of trading. T$i type of action, coming at m point in time, could have some bullish implications." When investor morale is as low as it is now, according to W. fi ; Huttnn * Co., "stacks usually §hnnld »>e bonght r »tber than spid." HHtton wondprg if the pessimism is not being overdone as much as the optimism was overdone during "the lata new issue craze" qf a few ypars agn- Hutton cQunters that "business and earnings are good, that there is a good demand for high grade bonds, that the financial position of maioF parpflFatipns nas in> provea" and still is improving, that inflation in this ennntry is no wnr §a tban in atber natmns and tbat of toto everything elsp has bpen going up in price with stocks going down" Since mid-1972 corporations have been busy buying their own shares In the open market in rppord amounts, Reynolds Securities, me. says. This gqrpprate buyrin rPPrPsents management belief thp market is valuing their equities ^0 modestly relativfi to current and prosppctjyp earnings Rpwer," Reynolds says. It ppnpjydes, "perhaps corporate decision-makers arp in better tune with relative value than are most investors'' FOR SALE pie' ppjTipleteJy modern, itlpn. ' 2 jjedroqm gqpf} con 41 For S«le W00DE0 MOBILE HOMEUTES v* te 1 Asre in A|| yfilititi !n?iy ^d ; PH. 375,6712 WATAGA, ILL. •rain Future* CHICAGO (Upi)-Wheat and soybeans were substantially higher and corn mixed at noon today on the Chicago Board Of Trade- Pricei at Neon Wheat may* up 7 May Jiy Sep May Jl'y' Sop Pec May Jiy 2.53 2.52 up 3% UR4^ 190 off 1% UP % 1.73% Up \v» 1.67% Up 1 Soybeans 8 ,59, up26V^ 8-514 up 6 m Crop Hoi! INSURANCf Deferred premium payment till ED IOWMAN pn«jd« m -no2 Rockf 'Td M «l«al Ins- €P- TIP of the WEEK When Putting linoleum, dip shears or knife )n a b»Sln Of soap or detergent sods. This fceepj tltP asphalt backing from sticking to the putting Wades. We'll give you a beautiful Cut & Serve tray free, tyhen yon buy our Model Z-30-2532 Tappaq Range. Regular prigp $269.0j| . . . NOW JUST $229.95. 1242 South West St. IS "PUNTS" HYMIB TOMATOiS Patted r ft for $1.00 fjpwtF, Peltry, * PHg. Sppds- GRRANIUM5 IN BLOQM We have Peti^flias, pnaps, Ageratum, Salvia Dusty Miller Marigolds, many other annyalj) and pewrmtals. Also oM cement planters Si bird batn*. Fqj fluality, quantity in paks, ana right price ' — Com* to Xnoxvill* and MAHARS GREENHOUSE 306 I- South St. LUt HNH |tit fit KNOXVILLE, ILL. Open Dully M Sund«yi»l»i PM STOP AT RUTLEDGE'S In ALPHA GREENHOUSE LANDSCAPE IgAUTIFUL HANOINO RAfKfTi * COM||NAT|ON 10X1$ Tomatoes Strawberry Plants Potted Roses Rhododendron Azaleas Trees - Shrubs «- Evergreens Complete Line of Flower* & Vegftflfelt Gordon and Undfeope Netdt Mon.oSat. 8-5 Sun. 1-5 PLANTS! PLANTS! Creanhouse Frash and Top Qualify VEGETABLE PLANTS: TomatP » Cabbage r Papper Seeds - FertilizersAll Gardens Needs. fXOWM 0AWRE: Large Blooming Gf ran|«jp ]8 . Palnaia« Marigolds •- Alyavim « AgaratHpi Salvia - B§g«»iap * Mass Rosa *> Vmai»Hardy PeFaiwlals «• piemwtis -t and J«st About Anting Pipe. Come Out Oyr Fr|«nd|y J»rvi«« Awiit! Yj»u. WADES GREENHOUSE 1421 Jefferson Open 9-7 Svn, 12-5 QIQANTIC RUMMAGE & WHITE ELEPHANT SALE TWO IUIIDINGS PULL SPONSORED BY $t. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary Fri. & Set., May 18 & 19 9 q.m, to 7 p.m, at fermar Higginf p#iry flora A Str*nd'« lakary CORNER CHERRY ft SOUTH Hospital beds, tables, pliairs, bp44rays and equipment, wringer washer, oaH fireplape msnte], appliances and mucH mpre. MOORE'S AUCTION HOUIE tUH., Mar 80lh-» F.M. TP* Y^pif ch went out ot bi)s|n^s^ lasl . will Sell sqme of Its yarn lyiayhB a'few w4ltregs uniforms ftmy...Mw.1l. rm K Removal of Trffff ifHWP ffmPVAif' iHABis nm rm~*m S9MTHARP TREE Hiyici RADIATOR REPAIR MAN Olion's Will Train- NOTICE The Ip^arstale Producerf Livestock Association Yard at Ormonde w||| cipse for |he ivfefiipFjai' Day holiday pn Friday, May 25th, 1973 and will be open Monday, Mijy 28th, 197^. tall Lester for al| your Hvestocjf replacemepi pee^s, aPd th? best prjefig qp your hogs ready for market. Dial 734-3221 Collect ROT0.I Pi8 Hp Vpur Sewfj C«ll m *V3 or PM? 342-643Q NP Ch»rg. |f Wo Fail GUARANTIED WORK WASHOUT fill Material /1 Tun Deli .oicJ * ./-.Li siii ii^r. Supply ( Co r.(H; t MAIN STREET Phone 14? > 4155 Haiulhtirg EnthlbllHowat Library The Cfeft &andbwTg TnpwH* IHg Kthibit has arrivec} iri C3ate*urg and will soon be on 4iWay ait the public library. Mrs. Wamen Alcurla, Khe iibrarion, said the exact $4$ fl< display, have njQt yet l^eeji d^it »rro »ii«d. Ooilefiia Library ftnd the Prairie flayers. The display, Mrs. Miorris sadd, will eervtar on >tjhe We ni Oarl Sandburg,. GateBburg'e poet liauraata and The exhibit is being sppn- littootin authority RABIES CLINICS For tha convtnitneo of #09 owntri, in tomplylnj with tho anniifl Rap|a* vaccination rfqujrfmant, The Knox County Vft #rinari #n« will c§pi|pct Rabiot €linici as Fpliowr. QalaPlwrf — AU Veterinary Clinics during regular office hours. Vf illiamsfield - May 15, 7r» P .M. - Dr. Hoekgraver 1 Office. Rio — May 17, 14 P .M. -- Dr. AJIen, Fire Station. Oneida ~ May 17, 7-9 P .M. — Dr. Virtspfi* Office. East Gajesburg — May II, 14 P.M. - Dr. Alien, Fire Station. Yates City- May li, 7-1 P.M. - Dr. Hockgraver, Fire Station. Henderson — May It, 2r3 P .M. — Dr. Watters, Fire Station. Maquon — May 21, 7 -1 P .M. -r Dr. Sifahler, Fira Station. Mtato •= May 22, 7-8 p ; M. - Dr. Strahlar Office pahinda May ??, 7 -8 P .M. - Dr. Hw*gravar, Fire Station. Altona - May 22, 7-9 P .M. - Dr. Mills, Fire Station. Gilsfln — M§y 22,7-| P .M. — Dr. Hoyme, Fire Station. KnoivIHe *r- May 23, 7-9 P .M. — Dr. Hoyme, Fire Station. Viptorla - May HI, ?•> P-M- - Dr. Mills, Fire Station. Wataga - May M P ; M - - Dr. Vinson, Fire Station'. RABIES FIE $500 PI I 006 LANCE HUMPHREYS ^ QiUflp ___.__ T _ r ___97fr?42P KENNETH KING Onaic|a 879-212* LYLE BRICKER Avqn 4454824 ROBERT INNESS — Gale»burg .343^462 EDWIN OLSON — N. Hapderson 634-3651 RALPH WEN.STROM — Wftaga 343-7754 HARRY 6ARBNIR — QalP'byrp _________ __g4? ; 7574 IRlSfST JOHNSON — Berwick 462-2607 EP NJlWN — Now Wipflfor _ -447,2*70 .juiiiumi JIIIIM nun iwmmmmmmi^mmmm^nmm^Hmm^ Tm WANT ApS! RPAp TUP WANT APS! WHAT MAKES THEQE ELEC-TRAK TRACTOR WORK CONTROL SYSTEM AUTOMATIC CHARGER POWER TAKfrQFF OUTL6T Jain the switch tp this simple, dependable, 6§fdle§s electric garden tractor ACCESSORY mid-moynt MORRAKi mpwer, POWRRRACK MODULAR COMPONENTS DRIVE MOTOR TRANSAXU As Iqw $s ^345^ (Mower Not Included) AAAAAA rii_Mii_t_- ffffff 949 -a01f - ltO W, MAIN

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