The Democrat-News from Fredericktown, Missouri on December 23, 1909 · 7
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The Democrat-News from Fredericktown, Missouri · 7

Fredericktown, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1909
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?v '. t-'f-.. 0 LOCAIj ITEMSj; AH Mvf.iMn local t f cti. a lima fir each in-; crlicn. About S word to a line.': .' ,, 1 a. ; -, i ' JL OU can 6t It Bit the Avenue i ; ; I socond mortgage or that held by Heatherton dealer In wood and coal I the Madison lead company , bondhold-. Telephone No. 1 32. . 1 4-tf. I era. The second mortgage bonds' and Full line of r furniture at Cohen-Ith bond Issued by the Madlaon. lead Bess & Son. 23-2t. I company to secure - a L; bond issue. Judge Robert A. Anthony, vju in I amount to $270,000; the. first, mort-' Jefferson City a few, days this week. 8e bonds are those Issued by the old Catherine lead company to secure a bond issue amount to $120,000, with $20,000 yet in' the treasury, making a total indebtedness of this company of $420,000. .. Mr. Hitt, who first came hero in the Interest of the Pitcher lead company . but who since Gilbert Stacey is home for . the I has been representing the first-mort-liolidays from school at Liberty, Mo. - I gage' bondholders,' was released from If you want a new book to read I position Saturday and - Messrs, livy it at Thompsons. 10.lHa11 and Marten placed In his stead , Mr. J. B. DeBlois was a pleasant caller at this office-this .week,. ' Miss Edna Stewart of. St. .Louts is here for the holidays visiting her parents, Mr. and Mra. George Stewart. Dont forget a Breezy Time, that I comes to the Lyric o nnext Thursday night. : I ... . .. . . J Time which come, to the Lyric next Thursday night. . . I Judge John C. Brown had business I with the Federal court at ' Cape Gir-1 ardcau last week, I The ( bondholders of the Eastern I lead company paid the taxes on the I property this week. -. I Le. Darnell, the barber. Proprle- tor of ths Antiseptic Barber Shop on jjlf I I Mrs. Winter left Wednesday to I spend the hollidays with her sons in I St. Louis, she will be away two or I three weeks. I Look, around1 and then come to I headquarters, MENTEERS and .buy your toys; we have the stock and the I prices are right. Mr. D. S. Watts,' cashier of the lank of Marquand was the guest of his parents In this city one day this ' . week. .,'-V smanoasssBi St- Louis BREAD received daily at-: MENTEERS During the pas4 week all the malls have been from ' one to three - hours late occasioned by the cold weather. Mias Puffer, the vocal teacher at the college, . and Miss Bonnie . Little, I one of .the ptipils of the college left I Wednesday, morning for their home In I Wisconsin to spend the holidays. Lehigh and Atlas Portland Cement, Fredericktown Lumber Company Examine the label on your paper and if your subscription Is . about expired, come in andenew and make I . the editor feel good; - Christmas present. We; received n pleasant letter this -week from Mr.. Peter Dollinger who Is Jiving in SL Louis, sending us best Ishes for a ' merry Christmas and a ' happy New Year and incidentally renewing bis subscription for another year. - . FRUIT CAKE make him a Word. received here is to-the-effect that a Joint meeting of the bondholders of the Madison lead company and the bondho ders of the Catherine lead oompany . were held in SL Louis one day 'last week; as the bond holders of the two . concerns are one and the same people It would be interesting to know. how. a Joint meeting could be held unless. they worked It like Mr. Poo Bah of Mikado tome did. The North .American is baaking ship The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal I meats of copper, nickel and cobalt church desire to return . their sincere every day, tlianks to all our people for their generous patronage at their late , . .. . ... bazaar and especially do they thank n tha- omooum with Mrs. J. W; Keys for the use of her I money enough tc successfully run wniai .w. Avenue for U will get ahold of It; this Is a good piece of property and can be made to pay good dividends ' and al-A colored man . representing a col-1 M pay thrum who do work for 1L ored Baptist . college at Poplar Bluff I were Informed Sunday that two was In this city this ' week solicit I Cfjeri bad already been made tor the ing aid for the school. I property. A man by the name of Young, from Ieatherwood. was brought to this city We were informed this week. from last Saturday by parties who wanted I v-hat we consider reliable authority the county court to pass upon " his I that as soon after January ..10, as . Is sanity. As an adjourned term of I practicable, a reorganization of the court will-be held next Monday it Eastern lead company will be per-was decided to. let the matter go over I fected . and work started up again; -until that date, meanwhile, the man I this company has not gone into the is In the custody of the sheriff. bankruptcy court, but will be sold by Mr. and . Mrs. Joseph Davidson and both the first and second bond bold-daughter, .Miss Florence, returned I ers. from a visit to 8L Louis last Friday nighL '.What makes a -mors 'Useful Xmas gif than a nice rug, kitchen cabinet, rocker, range or a ladles writing desk7 At Cohen-Bess A Son. -. 234b- ' Doan's ' Regulets. cure . constipation without - griping, nausea, v nor j any weakening effect. Ask your druggist for them.' 25 cents per box. We will push down the prices this week .to push -up the business. ; , A THE AVENUE. Mr, and Mrs. George Hortman we re gt ' to, .learn have removed to ' St. Iiouts where the Democrat News will visit , them overy week. While we , regret to see these good people leave Fredericktown. : StiTl we .-.wish them : ilwitj; of good luck and ' health' In heir new' home, kv ."V , --t' ; Mr, John Hermes wss a' pleasant J..,', ,.KI. - rftr tll,. wnry- ..i crulfcf . tnlS Otflce LAW WOClt AUG , . . ... . renewed his subscription to the Demo crat News. MINING NEWS '.; -: "t Items of Interest, Pertaining to Madf- ; aon County Mining Matters ' 1 : - f !;.:" (". - i What tlw next more In the Madlaon lead company . deal will be: is probla- I vMiynu .ucw wm uv Am MVUIW I maticaL:' Last week the property' was I11'0"4 u t--. - The representative of the trustee in bankruptcy still holds on here..! We were! Informed by one of the parties connected with . the deal this week that Mr. McManamum, the president of the bankrupt Madison lead compan who maintained offices in St. Louis that cost $180 per day, had been able to raise $25,000 towards paying up toe defaulttag tateiwt bond-f he also stated that all the debts of the bankrupt lead company would be settled, but just how this settlement was to be perfected be did not say. possibly the Indebtedness of the 'con- corn will be settled by selling the plant under foreclosure ' sale, thus the debts or in other word Th r the bankrupt concern In this city appears to be as much in the dark as to what the next move will be as anyone. . Governor Hadley ! appointed J. A Bovard, of Kansas CR, to succeed F - p- Graves of Doe Run, as a member erf the Board of Geology atnd Mines, for a period of four years. Mr. Graves tendered his resignation to the Governor several days ago. The Madison lead company plant Is advertised to be sold, in this city on January under the second mortgag Just what the second mortgage fellow expects to get out of this sale does not yet show up; It will be sold subject to the first . mortgage of $120,-000., The SL Louis court erf appeals rejected the quo warranto proceedings against the Potosi Lead Baryta and Mercantile Co. on. the issue of Jurisdiction last Tuesday. We are informed by Attorney M. E. Rhodes, who is acting for the State Immigration Commissioner In this' litigation, that suit against this company will ' be filed in the circuit court here to-day. in continuance, of their effort to bring about an annullmdnt of the concerns charter. ' ' We understand that the. Mine La Motto company is now mining more lead than ever l-tfore In Its hUtonr; the 'work at the ii3v shaft has been delayed some by . the extreme cold weather, but otherwise everything moyinK Qut there. TOYS TOYS More Toys and they. mu3t go this week. We are going to sell them . this week at prices flattened as thin as paper, THE AVENUE. ) : FURNITURE- FOR CHRISTMAS A neat and . substantial , Christmas gift is a nice pises of furnitura; ws have the line and .ths 'pries Is right. E.' H. Bess Hardware and Furniture C Spectacles and Eye Glasses.-Watch and Jewelry Repairing. . Gabriels ." . - Jewelry. Stoiw,,--.v-;-:.'': .Madison Hotel Corner. r The E. - H. Bess Hardware' I Furniture Company have, jost recelr I A M1 AKa Is fast - tn Ptsmltnna nd ied t ear of the latest tn Furniture, - I wm dOM out st.' V ; PAINFULLYHU RT. ? 0 ' -V'-V I'1- f-:-r Representative 8onderman Meets wit . :V? . Painful Accident . ;' . While: driving a':. wagon -load , of wbod last Friday., near . the Fredericktown. lumber yard, 'Mr Frank Sonder-man, by. some means,' -possibly ' the wood slipping, was thrown from '', the wagon and painfully bruised.. ' One bone In his cheek was broken and on arm badly bruised so . that it ' was necessary to put his arm In bandaged. Toy : Department ; With each 50c purchase of goods entitles you to a guess on a; $10 Poll at u ME NT EE RS We received a pleasant letter this week from Mrs. Hannah Hess who is living in Greeley; Colo., enclosing her annual renewal to the Democrat News Mr. H. F. Berryman of RFD No. 1 was a pleasant caller at this office this week and renewed his subscription to the Democrat News Samuel M. Davis of. our city and now a student of Central College won first prize In a tour and a half mile foot race on .Thanksgiving day. The prizes were offered by the merchants1, of Fayette. The college requires a higher grade of studies In order to participate in athletics. Samuel is' manager of the Field Meto Club- . Naval Oranges Finest Fruit From California at The AVENUE. : BETTER NEVER GREW. Plenty of acid, plenty of sugar and an abundance of juice. The most delight ful eating. imaginable! Place' -your orders withus. . Prices 25 cents to 50 cents per dozen. ONE OF THE GOOD OLD KIND. Out of the homelike, intense, picturesque and absorbing old story, of the Hidden Hand, an actor, Eugene Moore, has 'made a new play. It at once won ' - big success last season and warranted Its manager Fred " C. Conrad In sending It but with especial advantages of scenery and a metropolitan company this season. The production will be at the Opera House, Fredericktown, Mo., Janurary 4th. 1910, There Is no - cheapness in Mr. Moores play of - the HIDDEN HAND ' evidently. All ' the ' criticisms of last season contain high praise of the authors" dighlfledr sklll-nrind delightful dramatizaupuT- lie lias avoided all false melodrama and put together four acts of -romance In old .Virginia with all its light and shade of southern comedy and sturdy strength. Interesting character, darky fun,', mystery and backwoods character. - There is reason to expect . in the HIDDEN HAND as Mr. Moore has written ; it and Manager Conrad presents' it, a drama of the -genuinely good ' old . kind that satisfy. ; everyone so well that they actually, seem to give nourishment. A $10 Hobby Horse to given away Christmas With every 50 cent purchase at A, E. Thompson & Bro. store . you get a chance on this elegant Hobby Horse that will be given away 'Christmas eve. " NEW SUBSCRIBERS. The . following new subscribers to the Democrat News have boen recelv ed. . John McClelland, J. F." Yancey, Mrs. Clarenco Swan Mrs.'. Edfeai Zimmerman, Miss Lillian Rankin. CHRI8TMA8 FOR DOBBIN Christmas dinners fer 1,200 poor horses v. lll . be distributed next ' Saturday in Convention . Hall . In Kansas City. Three wagon loads of feed hav been ordered by the . Humane society and till horses.'wlll have a .feast free if -their owners will apply at the hall. Mrs.' E.W. Roblnsonfirst. suggest, bd. the plan to give poor horses a feast1 on' Christmas.; ' All owners who are not able to take, the best cure of their horses,- will bo taken cars , of Ihero .. The feed -will be ' distributed in five round siicks contalning a mixture of corn and oats,' to each person who M. ds a ; tIckeL"" Where theae tickets. can be obtained will V Wau nounced by tbe Humane Society. --;- Bring, your cleaning dyeing . and repairing to the Fredericktown Steam LaiaidnCv GRAVE Mother and Child Buried Together on Lest Sunday. - Mrs. Cheek, - wife . of Wm. Cheek who lives ' on Dr. Newberrys . form died last. Saturday evening.-after giving birth to a child, still born, - The mother lived about twelve hours after (be child -was born and they, were both buried together caskeL Buy ji ur groceries from A. E. Thompson & Bro. everything guaranteed. 19.- - . A fine line of new bo&ks at Thomp sons. ." is. 1 Leave your! orders for OYSTERS and CELERY ' - - ' ' THE AVENUE? Since the article in last, weeks Democrat News of the doings of Tom the Hugger, that person has ... not been so. numerous around town as he was previous to the publication. Sever al traps have been laid for him the past week, . but so far he has ; failed to show up. - Our people have a prett good idea who he is and- a close watch on his movements are being kept by several of our citizens. - . . , frllltS, NlltS and Vegeta bleS at the Avenue. THE POST OFFICE FIGHT , The post office contest still seems to ' be sizzling along. The claim Is now being made that Mr. Elvins has not indorsed. any one for the office yet, he prefering to hear from the rank and file of his party in Madison county. It is a well known fact that Polite is divilish sly and the chances are that he Is going to wait until he hears something drop before he-makes a move. Certain It is that strong presure is being brought to bear upon him on all sides It Is said that he has heard from the Grand r Army contingent . In no uncertain way. It also goes that the Grand Army boys ore pulling for Mr. .Albert- ii. -r u a 1. 1. ta -puir pas not 1 yet developed. But we want to say right jjero that the . man that knocks the persimmon before E. A. Sample does he will have to 'get up early In the morning. . Meanwhile all candidates are pulling for all they are worth. At one time last week It lobked as if a dark, horse might land the plum. RANGE8. The best manufactured ' and . at prices within the reach of all can be found at the E. H. Bess hardware ft Furniture Company. . be THREE BIG. PORKERS Ed Perringer "Sells Three. $99.28. Hogs for Mr. Edward Perringer brought thre hogs to market this week, which he sold . to Mr. Will Thompson for $92.28 or. 8 -cents per pound on fooL-'.The three weighed 1241-pounds. - .The time le ehort but the'aeeort-ment'of toys at Menteere le etlll complete,' but we would advise you to go at once and mgke your selection for Christmas. Chas. Henson, who lived about six miles west of Ironton on the. Reagan farm. came to town last.. Wednesday afternoon - with a load . of .hub logs. ITewas.eo cold 'when he got here, about four oclock. - that he 1 was unable to get off the wageed and had to be.' carried into the house. " lie was somewhat' -! revived aiid ' then : taken to tho home of Cad -Laahley; a. relative, where he died that nighL - -Deceased ..was : about thirty-five years of age and- leaves a wlfe and four children to mourn hls sudden end.- Ironton Register. BURIED .IN ONE CARRY NO PASSENGERS local Trains on tlie Belmont Branch Cant Carry-You. Orders have been . issued . by .. the Iron Mountain railroad . that ' only South bound local between . Bismarck and Glen Allen can carry passengers. No north, bound local can carry passen gers. The early train that brings the matt amd used to carry passengers between Bismarck and Glen Allen can do ao no mare. The people on the branch have been crying -for two passenger, trains each way daily and we now have - them and they should patronize them. . With the excellent passenger service we now have there Is no necessity for anyone riding on freight trains. : " THE . MI88ION OF MIRTH. Was the subject of Dr. -McClarys lecture at the lyric on last Saturday night which was the third number of the J .yceum course. The doctor la one of the b-st platform orators on the stage. to-day; his bright, ready wit interspersed with pathos the complete control he has of his facial expression, hie clear and perfect enunciation his word painting and his graceful carriage on the platform, made the evening with him a delightful one. It would have been a hard matter for the batchelor boys to have secured a better attraction than Dr. McClary. On Sunday morning and evening th doctor occupied the pulpit at the Baptist church. TOYS, TOYS, TOYS Menteer has them In every sort and variety and the price Is right. 8ee his stock before buying. WANTED 500 Turkeys to be deliv-ed one week before Christmas. Whitener Grocery Company. CHRISTMAS TOYS Ths Christmas stock of toys at Mentesrs Is ths most complete ever brought to this city. You can find anything in ths toy . line In his stock THE LOWEST HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH. The War Office of Great Britan has received reports from the military patrol in the remote parts of the Nigerian province of Muri, on the Upper Benue a tributary of the River Niger which indicate the discovery of the lowest type of human nelngs that ever existed. The operations of the patrol were undertaken for the purpose of establishing effective administration over territory so little known that in many cases the villages visited had never before been seen by a white man. Tbe relations between the Government and the Wurkum people the tribe chiefly ' concerned had never been friendly and the three expeditions previously sent against them having had do satisfactory results, a fresh force was sent Into the country in consequence of attacksjun-ny bringing the Wurkum under control. The people are described as being of the lowest type, every village being cannibal.- 'Worship consists of the worst form of. fetish. In most cases the entire population is naked. The religious beliefs of these pagans are Interesting. They believe in the transmigration of souls, & man being in their view reborn by' tbe same mother after death. . An evil mans soul becomes a witch whose fate is death by. burning, 'in some cases the people .worship a deity, who at their religious . celebrations is represented as armed . with a long horn, which he blows , at Intervals. Sometimes this deity is fully clothed, "on other occasions he is naked. One of the pagan deities kills . all women who see him. -At a place called Bashlma was seen an Iron spear placed in the ground at a spot held In great reverence and worshipped by the people at nighL In many of the houses were ' fount wooden, Idols, which are not objects of worship In themselves, but are, as a rule. Images of departed pagans. The farce started from Gateri, on ihe borders of the Bauchi and Muri provinces, some thirty miles north of the Benue, and marched In a southeast direction over entirely new country of which nothing was known except the extremly bad character of the people. The first places visited are described as shocking, the inhabitants being of the lowesL Their persons were so offensive that even the native poldlers were unable to remain among them. - Some hundreds of these pagans assembled while . the political officer . explained to them the wishes of the Government As the patrol proceeded they found the Inhabitants all working In their fields fully armed with spears and shields. A large meeting of the people was called, and it was decided not to agree to the terms proposed: by the : Brills! as ' punishment . for the killing and eating of seven men. On the 1 expiration of - twenty-four hours grace the , force marched into the town which was cleared after considerable opposition. Two counter attacks were beaten off. the leading man being ahot at eight paces. During tbe fighting, in which the pagans lost forty killed and ' twenty wounded, native, sergeant Who was In . charge of one of the sections displayed can-plcious gallantry. ' Owing to these operations -the people . became quite friendly, and It la not ..anticipated, that they will -further trouble. . ; ? WILL filed; Will of. Henry Ward, Deceased, Filed ; For Probate , ' The last will of Henry. W. Ward, was filed for probate this . week.. Tbe v rill is dated October- 4, 1906 and is wltineased by Ey C. Rockwell and Robert A. Anthony. He appoints as -ex ecutors ' of - his ' will, his wife Gala Ward and his son-in-law R. H. Davis. After directing that bis debts be raid, he .-'bequeaths to bis daughter Ada Davis, Octa Gash and Hattie Davis the sum of $1000 each In mone or other property as may be agreed on . between them and the executors Tbe rest of his property of every description, , money, real estate, mixed, sole or partnership be leaves to his wife, Cala Ward to hold and enjoy during her life with full power to manage same as she sees proper and to mortgage sell or dispose of any or all of same absolutely if she desires; at the death of his wife all property remaining In her hands, either of original property, income or increase thereto is to be dirlded equally between his three daughters, if they be living,- or if either one be dead then her share In the estate is given to her children. The executors are to serve without bond. MARKED DOWN. For the few remaining days before Christmas the stock of toys, mechanical and otherwise, have been marked down to a very does figure. Give Menteer a call before buying. The talk of a 1 dark horse to' tbe post office matter In this city was renewed this week . with renewed force. If seems that some kind of a word was received here from the powera that be that a new man had entered the field with the chanoes in favor of his appolntmenL It seems that the present candidates who are in the field each have such a strong following that it Is said that the appointment of either one would hurt tbe chances of success of the Republican party in this county at the next election a a there is a United States Senator to bo elected next year and Warner la after the plum and he Is afraid that If any of the present candidates for the poetoffice are appointed his chances' for re-election would go glimmering, hence It bt said he has had a hand in the selection of a compromise candidate for this office, ic is alleged that the candidate selected by Mr. Warner will not be opposed by Mr. Elvina and while he will not come out openly and indorae the compromise man be will not put forth an special effort to prevent his appointment. Sir. Elvins, you know, is a pretty smooth article himself, and he desires to go back to congress, therefore he wants harmony with a big-II, if It will re-elect Elvins. It was also whispered about Tuesday that the compromise candidate had not consented to the use of his name, but it Is very likely he will bow to "the will of the people. PINEY CREEK ITEMS gancr last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Thomas spent last Wednesday with their daughter Mrs. G. E. Bell. Quito a number of the boys called on Chas. Graham, who was . reported very sick last Sunday. Several of the boys of this place attended the box supper at Mountain Oak last' Friday night. We are informed that Rev. Dan-ials of- Arkansas will begin a series of meetings at Blush churc Saturday night, 1 December- 25th 1909. Everybody Is Invited to Como and hear him. Miss Ava .Wagganer who Is staying at Oak Grove, visited home folks Thursday nighL Miss Mary Higgins spent last Sunday with Miss Mary Rosar. G. E. Bell called at W. E. Thomas Sunday.. " Mr. Tom OBannoii moved his drill. Saturday from the Blush church tod. E. Bells. ' He will begin drilling a wclljor Mr. Bell. Miss Ethel Thomas . entertained the Social Club at her home last Thursday evening. Games were played sod a most 1 enjoyable time was spenL . BEAR PREVENTS JAIL BRAK. Galveston Tex Dec 18 The Harris County jail with accommodations for about 250 prisoners, has a bear named. Daisy for a guard over the prision-era. Daisy, is chained and muzzled by day and liberated by night to patrol la the steel Inclosed run.' With Sheriff . Anderson and the . night jailer, . Bruin is on friendly terms, but she is not - permitted to cultivate friendship with any prisoner. She weighs about eighty five pounds and is powerful and Intelligent The first real test came last night when she frustrated a wholesale delivery. . ' Four prisoners escaped from their cells.' secreted themaelvs In an outr of-the-way place, and prepared to cut an opening through the outer wall to liberty. They had planned to avoid the beau but she scented them, tore down barrier and forced 'the prisoners .to come out In the open. The men retreated Into a cell and held . the ' door. - until - prison officials arrived. jj ; Bruin grabbed oiie of the prisoners and was holding him until he she! his clothes and managed to get to tho celL. - 1 All the time the bear kept up ' give continual cry, -which could be heard a .block away. - CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENTS All of ths Sunday 8chools Will Havs Christmas Entertainments. . The 'Baptist Sunday srhool will have their -Christmas entertainment . on Friday night In the church; there will be am elaborate musical program followed by a Christmas tree. The .Methodist Sunday school will have tbeir Christmas entertainment Friday night consisting of recitations songs and moving . pictures of ths life of ChriaL There will also be presents for the Sunday school pu-rlls. The entertainment will commence at 7 o'clock sharp Instead of 7: 30. as announced. The Christmas entertainment of rhe Christian Sunday - school will be on Friday night and a very Interesting musical and literary program will be rendered and there will bo a Chris mas tree for the young folks. The Sunday schools of the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches will aleo have Christmas entertainments. If you have not seen ths many good things for the Holidsye at The AVENUE, you dont know what you have missed. REPUBLICAN PROTEGE8. Senator Clay of Georgia, In a speech delivered In the Senate last May when the tralff schedules were being considered,, said: Tho American people - consume eighty one pounds of sugar per capita. Two-thirds of all used comes from foreign countries. The average price for 1908 in Hamburg was 2.64 cents and in New York 4.96 cts. This difference aggregates $136,080.00 a pear. The government gets only $53.-000,000, In customs duties on sugar, leaving $83,000,000 most of which goes to the sugar trust. The American people have paid taxes on an average of $50,000,000 per year during the last twelve years on sugar, amounting to fully $600,000,-000. Tbe American consumers of sugar have paid to tho American Sugar Refining company, commonly called the sugar trust, at least $55,000,000 per year in profits, amoun ing in twelve years to $660,000,000. The American peopl eare not a-wore of the fact that it tho sugar we import c&me Into this country free of any duty, both raw and refined, the cost of sugar to the American consumer would be reduced nearly one-half. . This is the concern for whose rpeclal benefit the Republican party, placed a protective tariff on raw slid refined sugars. It is also the same thieving concern that has been manufacturing criminals out of our custom house officials by bribing thei to make fraudlent Inspections and toll weights of tbe raw sugars it ' ; Imports for its refineries, and robbing tho government of $30,000,000, or more of the custom revenues. This and the Standard 'TJyTvJii .CIS "5 , i iMJiVU of trade. are tbe sort of concerns ' to which ths Republican party grants special privileges to levy tribute on American citizens. And tbe average Republican voter pays his sugar and oil tribute to these licensed robbers without a protest for the sake of party solidarity, as President Taft put It' Inr liia Winona speech. s ST. LOUIS BREAD Manewal Bread Company For Sale at THE AVENUE. THE USE OF LIME ON MISSOURI SOIL. The experiments which are being conducted by the State Experliaeitt Station o nth various soils of Missouri have shosu that In certain parts of the State, lime can be used i ilh profit. Fortunately most of the soils of North Missouri and a great deal of those la South Missouri need no lime as . yet. but the level praries wblch are Inclined to be wet, both in Northeast Missouri and Southwest Missouri, have been shown to respond well to its application. There are also considerable areas of the Ozark upland where the lime supply 1m low and where lime can be used with good returns. As a rule. It can be said that where . red clover grows luxuriantly, lime Is not needed although the failure of clover may not be due to lack of lime. . A sol ltbat is wet, or one that lacks humus or phosphates usually tolls to grow clover satisfactorily even when considerable lime Is pres enL . The cheapest form of lime to apply Is tho ground . limestone which may now be secured of two ar three firms in Missouri at about 81.00 per ton In car lots at the crusher. . It should be applied at the rate of 2000 to 4000 lbs. per acre after the land Is broken for a crop such as corn, allowing the' after preparation of the seed bed to thoroughly work it into tho soil. It should not be plowed under. . In a nezperimental way, air slack-: ed lime or water slacked lkne may be used but this is usually too expensive to use in a large way. Lime is best applied with a apodal , lime scatterer a number of which are now on .the market. The ground limestone may . be scattered with fair success with an endgate seeder on a quiet day. There are no drills that will sow It heavy enough without going over hthe land several times. . "! (T- . ( ii

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