The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1954 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1954
Page 1
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(Id.) Upper 0e* Moinet Tuesday, November 23, 1954 Mexico City pawing" arid' the Horns passing under the horse's belly. The matador went to work With the cape again. The bull, arotls- ed and ugly, watched'the cape, forepuws togelherv angry and sullen. Blood Was running dawrt the fat flank of thlSbull find ;hiS nose—soft, sensitive", sweaty—quivered. * * » : Once during a piss ai Ihe cape, ihe matador fell down and the sword flew out of his , hand. He finally recovered ' " the sword, and there was some "booing" from ihe crowd. He Was bungling badly. Finally, he made Ih6 kill, but it was badly done. • ; - *••,». : .. Comic relief was'provided when youngste'rs vaulted the fence, and dashed into the ! ring with red blankets' and swords ready to do battle with a new bull who Was ready for fight. The bull tossed one of the lads three times-before he was •finally rescued, and they were carted off to jail. * * » Frinkly,~ one bull fight is enough, but the Mexicans sure like it. But what>chance has the bull? He just stays there being stabbed until he dies. * * * Mexico is a land of strange and exciting, contrasts wherje the. vestiges of pagan worship remain. However, it is one of the most deeply religious countries Of the world. Perhaps nowhere in the world are people as devout as in Mexico. Btil the traces of the Aztec culture persist-as bold .monuments •tortime, 6nd .these are situated not fat fforfi Mexico City. Liko the Egyptians, the Aztecs toiled for syear's to ,build, the great riyMMdsi iwhich* jilt-'.Majestically Upward toward tHe "heavens they honor. There ' they stand proudly against the battering of the- winds,' the- rain and the releritless erosion of time and elements. .::' •. ...... ...-*• At the pyramids of the Sun and Moon we got a good , workout as we climbed ihe 224 /steps to ihe lop of the great sacrificial altars which w.ere. used in religious cere- • monies and for human sacrifice. Human sacrifice was a common occurrence when ihe Aztec culture ' Was in its zenith, • ; B .'. *.,.*.* The road near the Pyramid of the Moon is called the Highway of the Dead because they have found so many graves along the way.; We visited the small square pyramid which was the temple of the blond god, Quetzaloall. Wo noticed the carved stone figures of the feathered serpent that decorates the walls. These' were sacred to the Aztecs.. . In a restaurant later, we ate turkey with mole sauce* -Mole is ( j an old A2tec dis.H atid i<i made of,' more than 20. herbs pnd spices and peppers, It is very hot..,.;•. (Thanksgiving . notes Eating Turkey this casually, may seem unusual to us who have Turkey only on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Kossuth .county folks may be surprised i'tb leif'n, that the turkey ,is native to Mexico.)' • "•- ••'••- r .*, * * •'• We' visited the > National Museum in Mexico City wMfe rhany relies of the Aztec days are preserved, including the great sacrificial stone and ihe Aztec sun chart in which the Anlecs depicted the full year with Inscriptions cut into the ' stone. * *.- * While in Mexico City, material wealth is uncommon, spiritual wealth is abundant. On every street corner is evidence to indicate that the -Mexicans are a deeply religious people. '* * * » Some of the greatest religious landmarks in the world are in Mexico. Typical is the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadelupe which is so rich in religious significance and has such magnificent historical tradition. Pilgrims walk on their knees from distances of a block away to enter the shrine. f * * In front of the huge gray stone church, with its domes and cupolas of colored glazed tiles, were many little stalls selling medals and pictures and souvenirs of the Virgin of Guadelupe. The stalls had white canvas squares, 6Vfif them to shield the ownli-S ffom the sun. Ofl open charcoal stoves wC-men wer'e baking tiny cakes of the Virgin whl'rfKwefe afterward wrapped ih red and green tissue paper. ... . *. * * Over the main doorway, through which the crowd fentef» ed' the 'church, was an arcrH ot flo'wefs worked into conventional designs. Well dressed and 'hum< ble all pushed together toward the great altar; ..The music J of the organ filled the high arched domes. There was a murmur in the ever moving crowd and the shrill cries of many babies mingled with the deep throated tone, of the orgari. ' " . * * .,* . . >| -..'.,. _ V Outside along the streets, Indians were eating Tortillas and drinking coffee. Venddrs bore huge trays of bananas or pineapple and .cheese was also on sale. The atmosphere was breath taking. .',,*,, , ' .. i . ' \ ' j *'»' *\ » Captivating 'ar« 'the narrow curved streets paved in patterns with, multicolored stones, the old houses, the high retaining walls with gardens above and below them, and the venerable churches. ' ' * * ..'• ; . Handicraft products, all hallmarks of good' crafts- < manship, are sold in attrae* • live shops neat the main plaza, and here visitor* may buy the distinctive silver jewelry 'based on antique Indian designs'. * * * Food was always good, and it Was reasonably priced. A "light" supper" might include chicken legs, frijoles (beans), coffee, and, ot course, ( tortillas. . • • ,• x ,'• * ; * >• • . Mexico City is truly enchanting. Tell Store Hours For UDM Want Ads Pay Dividends Jrl Algona will be open Monday evenings from n6w until Chrlsfmas, it was learned this week from Wm. ;8ieele, Mctetaiy 6f ihe Al' gona'chamber* of commerce. * The firtt Monday opening witffee Mov, 29 and continue through JJec, 6,. 13 and 20 Whdn fcferes .will be open unfil 9 tf.m. Grocery stores Will observe regular hours. * Through t h e Christmas Week ihe stores will be open evenings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and .Thursday. All stores will close at 5:30 p.m. Christmas eve. Don't trust in the ponies and you'll never have occasion to join a "Don't Worry Club". Fire Colls Come AllAtOnee ,. ey tad burned attic at Bob Richardson s. Damage was very light m three cases. Having rented my farm I will hold a complete Closing Out Sale on my farm V* mi. south & 2Vi miles east of West Bend on County E blacktop road, 4 mi. north & 3 A mi W. of Ottosen Thursday, Dec. 2 SALE STARTS AT 12:00 O'CLOCK SHARP -LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 34 Head of Registered Holstein Cattle All Bangs vaccinated and all over 20 months the past 30 days. T. Lot No. 1 Maude Ormsby Star Walker No. 2918805. Caived Sept. 27, 1954. Open ' Lot No. 2 Jansdale'Fayne Ormsby No. 3002112. Bred July 26, 1954. Lot No. 3 Joan Oakdale Lassie Ormsby No. 3134404. Calved Sept. 21, 1954. Open. Lot No. 4 Isabel Molfie Ormsby No. 3134406. Bred Feb.. 25, 1954. Lot No. 5 Lassie Blossom Ormsby No. 3134407. Bred July 14, 1954. Lot No. 6 Jane Skylark Blossom No. 3134408. Bred Feb. 28, 1954. Lot No. 7 Linda Blossom Walker No. 3134410. Calved Nov. 4, 1954. Open. Lot No. 8 Wanda Fayne Lad No. 3420475. Bred June 20, 1954. Lot No. 9 Pet Pieierlje Lady No. 3420476. Calved Sept. 16, 1954. Open. Lot No. 10 Molly Blanche Oakdale No. 3634236. Bred June 23, 1954. Lot No. 11 Skylark Sadie Beets No. 3634237. Bred May 8, 1954. Lot No. 12 Pearl Wanda Beets No, 3634239. Bred April 11, 1954. Self washing M. D. No. 2 cream separator, of age have passed a clean Bangs test in B. tested last spring. Lot No. 13 Fly Jansdale Beets No. 3634240. Bred Feb. 27, 1954. / Lot No. 14 Susan Sadie Beets No. 3634238. Bred Feb. 25, 1954. Lot No 1 . 15 Juel Dinah' Beets No. 3634241. Bred Feb. 20, 1954. Lot No. 16 May Joan Beets No. 3634242. Bred Feb. 23, 1954. Lot No. 17 Ona Linda Beets No. 3634243. Bred May 29, 1954. Lot No. 18 Ora Isabel Beets No. 3634244. Bred June 14, 1954. THREE Bull Calves Age 5 to 10 months. SIRE—Bents Supreme No. 1120339. TWO Heifer Calves, 2 months old; 1 month old heifer calf. SIRE—Oakdale Ensign Skylark No. 1221370. FIVE Yearling heifers, age 14 to 18 months SIRE—Beets Supreme No. 1120339. FOUR Heifer Calves, age 6 to 10 monJhs old SIRE—Beets Supreme No. 1120339. ONE Artificial Heifer Calf 10 months old SIRE—Hawkeye Pabst Roamer Modle, Reg. No. 1148501. 2 Unit Surge milker pipe line for 18 cows. A Complete Line of Nearly New Farm Machinery 1950 M, 1HC Tractor 1945 H, IHC Tractor 1952 Ferguson 30 Tractor 1953 J. D. Tractor manure spreader IHC 16" & IHC 14" plow, 2 bottom 34 ft. Farmers Friend elevator and speed jack New Idea side delivery hay rake J. D. 290 corn planter 160 rods of wire Mc-D. power binder made into a 10 ft. windrower J. D. farm trailer with steel flared box Humboldt farm trailer with flared box Wagon with hay rack Wagon with flat rack H,ciy feed bunk Grain feed bunk • Walk in hog feeder, 175 bu. capacity 2-15 ft. J. D. Discs J. D. 4 section spring tooth 4 section Linsy Harrow 28 ft. elevator conveyer J. D. 6 ft. mower IHC hay loader 2 wheel trailer 1939 Chevrolet 2 door IHC endggte seeder 2 - 238 IHC cultivators 1952 2ME, IHC corn picker e 1952 6 ft. Case combine • 1953 IHC manure loader All kinds of tools and other items too numerous to mention THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING HERD OF CATTLE AND ALL MACHINERY IS PRACTICALLY NEW- SALE WILL START PROMPTLY AT NOON. TEBMS: Cash — nothing to be removed from premises until settled far. Not Responsible For Accidents. Herman Bonnstelter, - Chps. Quinn qnd lee Colwell, Aucts. -- Al Zachnian, Iowa State Bank, West Bend, Clerk Check these GIANLVALUES for the YOUNG.FRY! Boy's Quilted Lined Zipper-Front Parka Asst'd. Materials Values to ,79c yd. 44c up Footlockfer 6.00 Train'Case..! 1.00 Full Length Satin Robes in women's sizes 10.00 Ladies' Bags assorted styles 1.00 Men's White Tee Shirts S, M, L. 2 for 1.00 Men's Ties 67c Girls' Knit Caps Wool Clipon 50c MANY OTHER UNADVERTISED SPECIALS Men's Dress Shirts « The Wings "Rocket" in white nr pastel broadcloth - wUh Ithe famous Airplane Cloth I Collar guarantped to outwear f the shirt ... or a new shirt FREE! Regular or Frencn cuffs. Sizes 14 - 17. 32 - 35 sleeves. 2.95 Men's Corduroy Sport Shirts Fine, expertly tailored, bright colored corduroys with convertible collars, two pockets. Small, medium and large. Hurry for yours! 3.33 Men's Reversible Satin Warm-Up Jackets Heavy weight water repellent rayon satin on one side, reverses to water-repellent cot- ion poplin. Raglan sleeves, braid piping, matching striped knit collar, cuffs and bottom. Sizes 34 to 44. 5.88 Men's Sport Coats Smartly styled 100% all wool fabrics in the popular. 2-bulton single breasted model in Houndslooth checks, bold plaids and neat pin dot patterns. A marvelous buyl $11 Men's Corduroy Spprt Cogts Smartly style^ £rompton« corduroy. 3-buiton, 3 patch poclf- ets, single breasted, stitched lapels, fully Un*d. Popular colors. REPEATING A SELLOUT AT FIED, That (an instrument of' writing purpoftS«g.fofaeHh e last Will and Testarrtetofr 6t Mary Hough, DeeeaiedVdatSd July 15, &47 and .Codicilrflttlch^ thereto dated June I 25, 195,1, 'having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday • the 6th day of DJcember, ttty is fixed for hear.-, ine proof of /erne fit 'the Court House in AUtorirf.lIo^fl,, before the District CbUft Of said County, or the Clerk of said. Court; an<i at ten o'clock a.m>,,, of, the day above mentioned all'persons i n '. terested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any. they -liave, why , instrument should! not be probated and allowed as arid for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. > Dated at Algona,' Iowa, November 20, 1954. Alma Pearson Clerk .of District Court. Hutchison, Hutchison & Carroll, Attorneys, Alg6na, Iowa. 4? 1 BRING THE ' CHILDREN TO TOYLAND FREE 3D I PIC1URAMA WITH 3-D GLASSES I TO CHILDREN ACCOMPANIED . BY ADULTS. > , NOTHING TO BUY • Heavy cotlon Sateen with quilted wool lining, zip front with button fly, knit wristlets. • Hood completely quilt-lined, irimttled with Mouton dyed lamb. • Olive drab color water-repellent. Sizes 6 to 18. ONE TIME BUY! Boys' Fine Flannel Sport Shirts Bright cotton suede flannel. San- forized and easily washable. Gay plaids and many color combinations. Sizes 6 to 18. 2.66 SPECIAL! Jr.BoysSurcoats Your choice of two styles at this unbelievable pricel Cold and wind-defying outershell in fancy checks with genuine Mouton dyed lamb collar, rayon satin wool-filled quilt lining, zip front, knit wristlets, Sizes 4 to 8 4.66 Boys' Flannel Lined Jeans Fully lined blue jeans, zipper fly. Sizes 10-16 2,32 8.88 Girls' Corduroy Slax Plain colors — plaids or prints. O-QC Sizes 7-14 -- Lined —- iPiWUnlined 2.98 Ladies Suits Only a few suits remaining in stock and they are reduced to sell. Not £(U sizes. We have Reduced to . Reduced To 10,00 (3,88 Bargain Table Ladies Sweaters — Odd lots, in Cardigans and slipovers. Priced at A AA a Af 6iW an4U«HII Oxfords for Boys Straps for Girls 2.66 Boys' long-wearing leather oxfords, designed for active, growing feet. Sizes 10 to 3. Girls' red leather straps trimmed with white — flexible composition soles. Sizes 8'/a to 3. Winter Coat SCOOP!! ZIP-LINED COATS CASUAL TYPE COATS Yes, it 1$ hard to believe, but seeing is believing, so hurry in! Fashionwise, these coats are as smart as any you'll see, and no matter what type of coat y ou want, it's herel Sizes for every, one. ACT NOW! IT'S THE COAT- BUYING OPPORTUNITY OF THE SEASON. If Isn't Too ifsrly To Think pf Christmas

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