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MttlWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY APRIL 2, 1954 Society News in* S/wMotv IMitnr • I Pat Mttliins, Society Editor Phone 4461 10 **•*! Adolph Heinicke home was the setting last evening for a complimenting S/Sgt. and Mrs. Rosco Crafton, Jr.,- of MM*. The Craftons, who were recently married, are here *ft. Crafton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Crafton, Sr., and Misc Kamona Crafton. centerpiece was provided by white cherry blossoms, snapdragons, stocks, and white daisies brimming from an epergne. White candles in silver candelabra flanked the central design. In the living room, the fireplace was banked with garlands of greenery and provided a background for the coffee table, which held a massive arrangement of white narcissus. A tiered imported Italian bowl filled with pansies was used in the living rooms. Other flowers, which were used in profusion throughout the entertaining rooms were all in white. Among the guests, who were from Blytheville, Manila. Dell, Whistleville and Osceola, was Doug Graves of Atlanta, Ga. tor the party included Mr*. Kehuote, Mrs. Rupert Crafton «od Mv*. T. Wade Jefferies. About itib guetto oaUed between the hours of eight and ten during the evening Mis. Beinfcke, who. greeted guests *t the door, was dressed in an afternoon iown of coffee brown. The jMent bride received in an imported Vogue black and white luMCt drew, fashioned with hand embroidered design of rhinestones and •equine. Qhe was given a corsage of gardenia*. Mrs. Crafton, Sr. alto in the receiving line, wore an Afternoon dress of black. MftK Crafton, who assisted in en- terteining, was gowned in a black and white sheer frock. Mrs. Rupert Orafton, greeting her guests, wore a black net and taffeta dinner dress Assisting in entertaining during ttoe evening were Mrs. Jerry Edwards, Miss Barbara Taylor and Mis* Barbara Monaghan. Punch and party icods were served ft-om a table overlaid with an imported Italian cutwork cloth. Its Wrap 'N Tie la A Jiffy Dell Club Entertained Dr .and Mrs. W. W- Workman and Mr, and Mrs. Bill Stoval, Jr., entertained with a supper-dance last night at the American Legion Hut for members of the Dell Supper Club and their guests. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Robert G- McHaney, Mr. and Mrs. George Green, Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Conner Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lipscomb. Mr- and Mrs. Everett Peterson. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Utley, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lee Smith, Mr. and Mrs. T. A- Folger, Mr and Mrs. Foy Etchieson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Smotherman, Mrs. Eloise Nicholson and Charles Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilson. Pastel shades of iris, snapdrag- Bits of News Louis Nash left today for Greenville, Miss., because of the serious illness of his father there. J. Tyler Nash, a patient at the Washington County General Hospital. Pvt. Jimmie C. Sellers has completed his basic training at Camp Chaffee and has arrived home to visit his wife, the former Miss Jimmie Kennedy, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sellers. He will report to San Marcos, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lynch, Jr., of St. Louis were the overnight guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch and brother, Louis Lynch, en route to Point Clear, Ala. Morgan Rainwater, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Rainwater, was to be dismissed this morning from the Chickasawba Hospital, where he underwent a tonsilectomy. Guest Attends Club Meeting Mrs. C. C. Smith was a guest of the Mid-Week Club yesterday when* Mrs. J. Louis Cherry was hostess to the group. Spring flowers were used on the dining room table where luncheon was served preceding the bridge games. Winners included Mrs. W. L. Horner, high score, and Mrs. B. A. Lynch, second high. ons, tulips and other spring flowers formed a central design on the buffett table, and a copy of the bouquet was used on the mantel. At the tables, where guests were seated, all holidays were represented by the decorations. Theme of the party was "April Fool" and novelty decorations and tricks were used. TO CONDUCT REVIVAL—The Rev. Harold Moore of Lebanon, Mo., pastor of the Church of God there, and promotional director of youth work of the Flat River District, Churches of God, will conduct a series of services beginning Sunday and continuing indefinitely at the Church of God, 20th and Cherry Streets. The Rev. Floyd L. Ramsey, pastor, announced that services will be held at 7:30 p. m. Kibitizer Club Has Meeting Mrs. Alex Curtis was hostess at her home yesterday afternoon to members of the Kibitzer Club when three guest bridge players attended. Included were Mrs. Rube Carson of Blytheville, Mrs. Earl Wildy and Mrs. Glenn Horner of Manila. Desserts were served during the afternoon and bridge games provided entertainment. Mrs. Charles Afflick of Steele won high score, and Mrs. Harry A. Haines won second high. WILSON NEWS By Mrs. B. F. Boyles Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McAfee and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Street and daughter, Susie and Toni, and Mr. children, Brenda and Wesley, and Mrs. H. P. Cash and daughter, Ozella, attended the Ice Follies in Memphis, Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stobaugh and children spent the week end with relatives in Clinton, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McDaniel and daughter, Judy, were the guests of her sister, Mrs. Earl Hubbard and Mr. Hubbard, in Memphis, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hosford and children spent Sunday with her Ripley, Miss., were the guests of her sister, Mrs. J. C. Bussey, and her family, Sunday. Mr. Bussey's mother, Mrs. Mildred Bussey oJ Marion, was the week end guest of the Busseys. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bussey and children spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex X3oble, and son, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Driver, Jr., and son, Robert Wayne, of Turrel] visited Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wheel- parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Rus-ier and daughter, Glenda, Sunday. sell in Marked Tree. Mr. and Mrs. Russell accompanied them home for a few days visit. Mrs. Ray Harwell of Corinth, Miss., is visiting her son, Charles Harwell, and Mrs. Harwell this week. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cherry and son, Rickey, of Memphis visited her father, John Haynes, Friday night. Mr. Haynes is a patient at Osceola Hospital where he underwent surgery last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Forrester of Grider announce the birth of a Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Forrester is the former Miss Patsy Greenwell of Wilson. Mrs. R. G. Berry of Corinth, Miss., is visiting her sister Mrs. J. N. Crenshaw and her family. Mrs. Crenshaw is recuperating at her home following surgery at Osceola Memorial Hospital several days ago. James Berry is a patient at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson McClung and children, Eugene and Frances, of Parma, Mo. were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nash and son, James. Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Wilson and children visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Crow and family in Jonesboro, Sunday. Eleanor Suzanne Boyles of Memphis is spending this week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, 3uford Boyles. Her parents spent the week end here. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harwell were among those from Wilson who attended the Ice Follies in Memphis, Sunday. Pvt. Charles Standefur of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., was the week end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Standefer. Mrs. Opal Taylor and daughter, Nebraska has had the only one- house, or unicameral, legislature the United States since 1937. » n Burnett Look and feel cool as a breeze in this j&iy-on wrap around that can also be made as a shorter year 'round apron. Pattern No. 8101 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 12 l /z, 14%, 16&, 18»/ 2 , 201/2, 22&, 24&. Size 14%, long version, 5y 8 yards of 30-inch. For tbis pattern, send 30c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUM- BSR to Sue Burnett, Blytheville Courier News, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, HI. Send 25 cents now for your copy Of Basic FASHION, Spring '54, our complete pattern magazine. A. complete guide in planning a well rounded wardrobe for spring- ttiroug-h-surnmer. HE'D BETTER BEHAVE—Don't rub your eyes—it's true. Pretty Elvie Paulsen lifts her 150- pound husband, Pilon, above her head with the greatest of ease, during a musical act in Hamburg, Germany. The muscle-packed glamor girl also seems to be taking things in stride as she carries on a telephone caH while balancing her husband on her lower leg. Elvie claims she gets her strength by eating three spoons of chopped shark's tail for breakfast. However, she's not strong, or fart enough, to be in two places at once. This is a composite picture of two of her most difficult noses. REVIVAL CLIMAX, SUNDAY, APRIL 4 at the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 8th and Walnut St. Htar Viiiting Evangelist, DR. L L. YEARBY and MR. SAKE ADAMS, Gotptl Singer, Tonight at 7:30! Strmoit: "Tht World's Groatttt Blood Donor" Rev. E. C. Brown, Pastor Blyfhcvilit, Ark. SUNDAY SCHEDULE 9:40 A.M.—Sunday School 10:55 A.M.—Morning Worship (Broadcast on KLCN • 6:30 P.M.—Baptitt Training Union " 7:30 P.M.—Evening Worship (There will be no services Saturday) YOU WILL INJOY THE HEARTY WELCOME, THE FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, AND THE GREAT TEACHING AND PREACHING MINISTRY OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH La Nueve Club Has Party Mrs. N. G. Jerome was hostess to members of the La Nueve Club at Hotel Noble yesterday when Mrs. Robert Hester of New York City, a sister of Mrs. Coleman Stevens, was the only guest. Mrs. Hester won high score, with second going to Mrs. Melvin Halsell and bridgo to Mrs. R. E. Green in the bridge games. Pansies, violets, yellow jonquils and other spring blossoms were used in decoration of the pine room. Marriage Licenses The following couple has obtained a marriage license from the office of the county clerk. Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: Walter Dyre, Jr., and Oleta Perkins, both of Dell. Coming Events Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Blan S. Heath and Dr. and Mrs. Jack Webb entertaining the University Club at Hotel Noble at 9 p. m.. About 70 per cent of all highway travel is done during" the six months between April and September. Man discovered beer soon after he learned to cultivate grains. RHEUMATIC VICTIM THROWS AWAY CANE Thanks to AR-PAN-EX Tobfof* "I hove had fvrrtbl* pains n my kn*«s for over two years and couldn't walk without a ca««/' write* Mrt. Mary Creamer, St. Low, Mo., "About two months 090 a friend suggested AR-PAN-EX Tablets. I took a bottle and Ifo paint left my leas and by the lime I finished my third bottfe I was walking without any pains at all." The big reason why AR-PAN-EX works best, is because it contains seven special ingredients — works Mv«n ways at once — speeds long- lasting relief to chronic deep-seated agony; increases energy and resistance; and tones system. Sensational new formula of a prominent Eastern Scientist, scientifically "film«X ited" to prevent useless, distressing action in the stomach. "Rim-coating" dissolves in the small intestine where all pain-relieving medicine is quickly released into the bloodstream — speeds fullest possible relief. Positively Nothing Like AR-PAN-IX Thousands of men and women suffering from crippling torture of deep-seated rheumatic, arthritic pains get surer, faster, relief, by taking AR-PAN-EX Tablets. Be guided by them. If your druggist is out of AR-PAN-EX he wiN be glad to order it for you. j Shirley, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wheeler, in Burdette Sunday afternoon. Roland McNabb is recuperating a party Friday night at the Nicholson home at Driver. Those present were Patty German, Glenda Wheeler, James Stephens, Patsy at his home following an a PP en-| Graves. Florence Grace. Dixie Lee dectomy. Roland underwent an em-, Greenlee, Bob Burns. Ralph Cash, ergency operation at Osceola Mem- Bobby Trannum and Ronnie Cul- orial Hospital Thursday night. Emily Sano is home from the Osceola Hospital after undergoing ., if it r*t- iliVt-liV. J C? v*» v^ * v«r«.***vv* •» -.v*» W w •• **»» treatments for several days. She Tuesday night at the is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. - fe -^ - -..-.. •-... - lorn. Seventh gradt students were complimented when the room mothers entertained with a swim- Sano. Miss Shirley Johnson, Corky Simmons, Miss Karen Young- of Osceola and T. J. McAffee attended the ROTC Military Ball in Jonesboro Saturday night. Mr. Simmons and Mr. McAffee are students at Arkansas State College. Howell Nicholson was complimented on his 12th birthday when his mother Mrs. H. A. Nicholson entertained 10 of his friends with school's pool. Coach Billy Joe Rosa is the room sponsor and Mrs. Jim Germany is chairman of the room mothers. Clay Buchanan was complimented when his mother, Mrs. C. H. Buchanan, entertained with a surprise birthday party in honor of his 14th birthday Tuesday night. Guests were members of hi« dancing class. Mrs. Buchanan was assisted by Mrs. Sudie Cecil and Mrs. John Bowen. WOODS DRUG STORE REVIVAL Every Night This Week, Including Sunday Night. GOOD SINGING & SPIRITED PREACHING BY SATURDAY NIGHT BRO. | FRANK MASSERINO & HIS BAND, OF MEMPHIS WILL BE HERE Calumet Pentecostal Rev. Durham, Pastor Exclusively at Kelley's •^ ACROBAT SHOES are your best buy for busy feet! $4.95 to $6.95 most styles Good looking styles, sturcHy buih and practically priced ... Acrobats give you full money's worth in wear. See our new selection ... pretty bows and dress-ups; handsome oxfords, moccasins and brogues; and popHlar Westerns for both boys and girls. Acrobats are designed for comfort, good care, correct training for growing feet, tot through pre-teens. We specialize m careful fitting. ONLY ACROBAT HAS THE ACROBAT BONDED SOLE. Guaranteed for three months' wear or a new pair of shoes FREE. Ask about these eactra sturdy shoes for both boys and girls! SHOES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Fin* Shots For tht Entir* Family mof srofti X-RAY FITTING

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