Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 18, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
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Friday, May 18, 1973
Page 17
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Galesburg Registef»Moil, Golesburg, ghbre d Groom Hors e's Best Friend Fi!<tey,...Mqy 18, 1973117 By IRA BERKOW BALTIMORE (NEA)-^ In the bfight May morning, Secretariat suffered a bath. The recent Kentucky Derby winner and Preakness favorite stood in the puddling sand be* hind Barn E at Pimlico Race Course. He had just returned from his daily constitutional, a good gallop around the track. Eddie Sweat, his groom, soaked him down with a vigorous sponge which was dipped quickly ill and out of a water bucket, while an exercise boy held him by the bit on his bobbing snout. Secretariat obviously preferred to play. Steam from the warm bath water and the sweat of this beautiful, robust day curled and shimmered in the sun, creating a glow. Don't be misled. This horse, may be a great athlete but he's no angel. He slung his sopping red toil around, devilishly getting Eddie Sweat wet. It was like a kid in a tub splashing his mother. When the drenching ended, Secretariat rippled a long and relieved sigh, using his Hps like a rubbery trumpet. Eddie Sweat wrung out his shirt. "Sometimes he acts like a 2* year-old baby," said Sweat. "You wouldn't hardly believe he goin' into manhood.*' (By human terms, Secretariat is a 3-year- o'd, but on the equine calendar that puts him at about age 21.) Sweat's tone suggested no anger at his madcap colt. In fact, Secretariat is Sweat's pride. "Everybody out to rub a Triple Crown winner," said Sweat. "There ain't many horses like them around." None, actually. The last of the eight Triple Crown winners, Citation, died a few years ago. He won the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes in 1948. This year's Preakness will be held oh Mfly 19. The Belmont is three weeks after. Sweat was in the running for the rubbing crown last year, too, since he was also Riva Ridge's groom. But Riva Ridge, the 1972 Derby and Belmont winner, lost in the Preakness. "It was a very bad track that day, the day Riva lost," said Sweat. "I didn't feel too down in the jaws. I mean, I've rubbed a thousand horses that won races. On a cuppy track, you happy as long as your horse come back safe and sound. I always figure there's another chance." Lucien Laurin, Sweat's boss for 18 years and trainer for both Riva Ridge and Secretariat, said that Sweat is "the man behind the gun." Sweat describes himself as "a combination doctor, trainer and watchdog." Sweat has been grooming Secretariat for a year now. The two took awhile getting chum­ my. Secretariat is not one for fast friendships. Sweat said, "He was always switching his butt at me, kept hiding his head when I came in the stall. He used to be pulling at my jacket, and he'd kick when I brushed him. He's ticklish. He'd like say, "Don't be by me with no brush." "But times have changed. You can talk to him now," said Sweat. "He's more sensible. He'll be pawing a hole in his stall and I'll say, 'Stop.' All right, he stops. Some horses you have to bum' 'em around. Slap on 'em. Not him." Sweat, a 35 -year-old black man, with the arms and torso of a weightlifter, which he once was, wearing a golf cap and a rub rag in his back pocket, is a dedicated professional. He sleeps in the tack room next to Secretariat's stall. He only sleeps about four hours a night. He's Major League Box Scores up at 4 a.m. to bring Secretariat breakfast in bed. He also sleeps with one ear open. One recent morning at about 2, he heard Secretariat squealing to another horse in the night. Sweat jumped out of his bed to see what the commotion was about. Nothing bad. He tucked Secretariat back into his straw and returned to finish his own snooze. Sweat makes about $9,000 a year for being a groom and for driving Laurin's vans. He also gets one per cent of the horse's winnings. (The total Derby take, for example, for Secretariat was $155,000 — or, $1,550 for Sweat.) He believes "backstretch people" are underpaid, if not exploited. He doubts, though, that the backstretchers -> grooms, exercise boys, hot walkers — will ever be unionized. Too many, he said, would cross the picket line til io work. Sweat may be such a one. "I'd rather be a groom than anything else," he said. "Look, at the exercise boys, for ex-" ample. They've done beat it from here by the afternoon. But I'm around the barn all day and all night. Sometimes you do get bored, like at night when you sit in the tack-room and have one eye on the TV and one eye on the stall. "But I got me a big responsibility, too. This horse been syndicated for six million. A record. And he broke the track record at the Derby, too. He's some chunk of horse. It don't mnke me nervous, though. Not like Mr. Laurin, who got to carry a pocketful of Turns around. "No, I been doing this ever :.; since I was a kid in South Carolina. I almost grew up on it, you f; < car say. Being here makes you to* 88 ***— ""' . feel like you home." Secretariat gets a dousing from Eddie Sweat. St. LeuU ab r hbl. Brock 5 13 2 [Monday Mel'dez 5 0 10 Beckert Torre 10 10 Wtl'ams McC'er 3 0 0 1 Pepit'e Sim'ons 5 0 4 1 Santo Cruz 4 0 0 0 Card'al Slze'ore 4 0 0 0 Hundl'y Kel'her OOOO Popov'h Reltz 4 111 Aker And'son 0 10 0 Laroehe Folkers 0 0 0 0 Pappas Tyson 4 2 3 0 Gura Bibby 0 10 0 Kes'ger Grang'r 1 0 0 0' Stein 10 0 0 SegUl 0 0 0 0 Crosby 10 11 Chicago ab r h bl 1 0 4 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 Total 38 614 6| Total 32 4 9 4 Score by innings: St. Louis 003 000 102—8 Chicago 112 000 000—4 E—Brock, Kesslnger. DP—St. Louis 2, Chicago 1. LOB—St. Louis 8, Chicago 8. 2B—Simmons, Brock, Beckert. 3B —Simmons. HRs—Reltz (2), Hund ley (4). SB—Pepltone. SF—McCarver, Williams. Ip h r arbbso Bibby 1 3*4 1 4 4 4 2 Granger . 2\' 3 0 0 0 1 0 Segui (Wl-2) .... 2 10 0 10 Folkers 1 1 0 0 0 1 Pappas 2% 5 3 3 2 1 Gura 5'/ 3 5 110 5 Aker (Ll-2) 0 4 2 1 0 0 Laroehe . — 1 0 0 0 0 1 Aker pitched to 5 batters in 9th Save—Folkers (2). Balk—Bibby. Atlanta Garr Oates Evans Aaron Gilb'th Baker Lum Johns'n Jacks'n Dobson Pierce Har'son ab r 4 0 0 hbl Wynn Metz'er Cedeno Watson May Rader Helms Ho'ard Forsch Houston •brhbl Total 29 1 4 1| Total 31 210 2 Score by innings: Atlanta .000 100 000—1 Houston 000 200 OOx—2 LOB—Atlanta 4, Houston 10. 2B—Metzger, Rader, Baker, Helms. SB—Garr, Cedeno. S— Helms SF—May. Ip h r erbbto Dobson (L2-6) — 7 9 2 2 3 7 Harrison - 1 1 0 0 0 3 Forsch (W 4-3) - 9 4 113 8 WP—Forsch. Philadelphia ab r Tovar Unser Pagan Mont'ez And'son Luz'nski 4 0 Hutton 3 0 Harmon 1 Schmidt 3 Ryan .4 Bowa 4 Carlt'n 2 Wilson 0 Rob'son 1 hbl 0 0 1 1 0 0 '2 1 0 0 Clines 4 Cash 3 Sang'n 3 Rob'son 4 Zisk 3 Hooker 1 Gonz'ez 4 0 Alley 4 OlMay 2 0 Moose 2 1 Sten'ett 0 0 0 0 Pittsburgh lb f hbl 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 Total 35 2 8 31 Total 30 5 6 5 Score by innings: Philadelphia 010 000 100—2 Pittsburgh ...200 000 30x—5 E—Schmidt. DP—Philadelphia 1. LOB—Philadelphia 9, Pittsburgh 5. 2B—Robertson, Carlton, Unser, Cash. 3B—Zisk. Ip h * arbbio Carlton (L4-6) .. 6V3 6 5 4 3 5 WUson 1% 0 0 0 1 1 Moose (W 3-3) 8 7 2 2 3 5 Rooker 1 10 0 0 0 Save—Rooker (4). T—2:26. A—7,240. Chicago ab r Jeter 4 0 Kelly 3 1 D. Allen 4 Melton 4 Hend'on 4 Relch'dt 3 H. Allen 1 Herr'nn 3 Orta 4 Leon 3 Wood "0 Acosta 0 hbl 0 0 Hisle Carew KU'b'w Oliva Adams Dar'in Braun Tho'ps'n 4 Mit'ald 4 OlTerrell 3 0 0 |Holt 1 0 OlWo'ds'n 0 |Go)tz 0 Minnesota ab r h bl Sun Aids Aging Dan Sikes As He Takes Tourney Lead 10 0 0 Speaks at Banquet Bob Blackman, head football coach at the University of Illinois, was the featured speaker at the Galesburg High School G Club Ban­ quet Thursday night at the Holiday Inn. (Register-Mail photo by Dale Humphrey.) Total 33 5 7 4 1 Total 34 4 8 3 Score by innings : Chicago - 012 200 000—5 Minnesota 000 100 120—4 E—Thompson, D. Allen. DP—Chicago 1, Minnesota 1, LOB—Chicago 3, Minnesota 7. 2B—Reichardt, Oliva. 3B—Carew, Reichardt. Braun. HRs—Allen (8), Braun (2). Ip h tnbb to Wood (W 9-3) 7% 8 4 3 3 10 Acosta . ._ ... IJ /3 0 0 0 1 1 Woodson (L2-2) .. 3 7 5 5 1 1 Goltz 6 0 0 0 1 6 Woodson pitched to 2 batters in 4th. Save—Acosta (2). WP—Goltz. PB—Herrmann. T—2:41. A—7,577. Blackman Says Athletes Today Better Than Ever Orr Awarded Norris Trophy MONTREAL (UPI) - Bobby Orr, who started the National Hockey League season on the sidelines .recovering from a knee injury, today was named the winner of the James Norris Memorial Trophy for a record sixth consecutive year. Orr caused some concern among the Bruins when his knee healed very slowly following surgery and he had to sit out 15 games in the early part of the season. But although he may have lost a touch of his dazzling finesse from his healthier days, Orr still proved himself without peer and wound up third in the NHL scoring race with 101 points. Orr collected 224 of a possible 240 points in the Norris Trophy balloting conducted among members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association in the 16 league cities. Points were awarded on a basis of five for a first-place vote, three for a second place and one for a third. . ' Guy Lapointe of the Stanley Cup champion Canadiens was second in the balloting with 58 points, and tied for third place with 36 points each were Bill White of the Chicago Black Hawks and Brad Park of the New York Rangers. The worlds finest Bourbon since 1795. JIM BEAM Generation sf after generation y «5 for 6 generations fal . I i . ^ -PEL /Wist 86 PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY DISTILLED AND BOTTLED BY THE JAMES B. BEAM DISTILLING CO., CLERMONT, BEAM, KENTUCKY By JOE MORRISSEY (Sports Editor) "Today's athletes are better in .every way than those of 20 to 30 or more years ago," Bob Blackman, football cgach at the University of Illinois, told those who attended the 29th annual G Club Banquet Thursday night at Holiday Inn. Nearly 300 attended the banquet held annually to honor parents of Galesburg High School athletes. Bob Johns, GHS football coach, was toastmaster for the evening. "It's difficult to prove that a football team or basketball team of today is better than one of a few years back," the Mini mentor conceded, "but it can be proven in such sports as track and swimming." Blackman pointed out that athletes today are bigger, faster, quicker and have more stamina and dedication than they did a few years ago. "Forty years ago Johnny Weismuller was breaking every record conceivable in swimming by a large margin and many sportswriters were predicting these marks would never be equaled," Blackman said. "Today a 14-year-old girl is swimming faster than Weismuller. For Insurance With More Sting ond Protection SEE YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT HUFF INSURANCE 407 HILL ARCADE Galesburg Ph. 342-3414 Blackman, who will begin his third year as Illinois football coach next fall, said that there is still a long way to go in the football program at the state school, but he feels that some progress has been made. "We don't like to be too commercial, but the attendance at games is real important since a college football program has to carry the rest of the sports financially," Blackman explained. Blackman points out that a year before he took over as head coach, the average attendance at an Illinois home football game was 36,000. This increased to 47,000 in 1971 and 60.000 in 1972. He said that he is confident that Illini football, fortunes will be improving this fall and even more in the future. Monmouth Is Third, Knox Fifth in Meet NORTHFIELD, Minn. - Monmouth College was in third place and Knox College in fifth after the first round of the Midwest Conference Golf Meet here Thursday. Grinnell College led the field after 18 holes with a best 4- man total of 308, while St. Olaf College was second with 318. Monmouth had 322, Coe College 330 and Knox 332. For Knox Kyle Vantrease fired an 80, Kerry Swanson 82, Jim Wetherbee 83 and Dave Golom 87. The second round of the 10- team conference tournament was slated for this afternoon. FOR LOW IOW COST AUTO INSURANCE Contact: Tony Lischwe MILLERS MUTUAL INS. 411 BANK Of GALESBURG BI.DG. 343-1166 or 343-6986 "I won't rest until we can have a football team that can go to the Rose Bowl," Blackman insisted. Gale Trulson, trackman and G Club president, gave the welcome to the parents. David Aliens worth, father of golfer Doug Allensworth, gave the response from the parents. Rounding out the slate of 197374 G Club officers are Dave Sutor, vice president, and Bob Pendry, secretary-treasurer. Streaks Lose To Pekin By Close Score Although the record book will not show it, the GHS golf team gained a moral victory by shoot ing their best golf of the season against Pekin Thursday at Blinker Links, losing by a 154157 score to the powerful Chinks The Streaks improved greatly over an earlier loss at Pekin, a 21-stroke route. Doug Allensworth and Rusty Cunningham led the Silver Streaks, both carding 1-over par 38s. John Stansbury shot a 39 fcr Galesburg with Jerome Contro and Chuck Hines sharing 42s and Scott Bitcon shooting a 43. Pekin, winner of this year's Quincy Invitational and favored by many to cop the state championship, was headed by Dan Ncrton, firing an even par 37. Doug and Chris Fort and Rob Louchart all shot 39s for the Chinks. Galesburg and Pekin will both be competing in the Sectional Tournament at Bunker Links today, and the top three teams and top five individuals advance to the state tournament at Champaign. Midwest League Decatur 7 Appleton 3 Wis. Rapids 8 Danville 4 Quin-jy 7 Quad Cities 6 Burlington 12 Clinton 7 Waterloo 5 Cedar Rapids 4 (1st game) Cedar Rapids 6 Waterloo 4 (2nd game) MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UPI) -, Big Dan Sikes says his agingj bones love the sun. "The,older you get, the more you - like to play in warm weather," the Jacksonville, Fla., tour veteran said Thursday after a sparkling 67 for the first-round lead in the $175,000 Memphis Golf Classic. Indians Win 13-6; Cards Triumph 7-3 The Indians defeated the Red Sox 13-6 and the Cardinals topped the Braves 7-3 in Little League action at O. N. Custer Park Thursday night. Although the Red Sox tookj an early 2-0 lead, the Indians came back to turn six hits into 13 runs in the first game. The Red Sox got eight base hits. Scott Mendez, Bob Huffman end Dave Zauhar all knocked out two hits for the Red Sox, and Curt Cunningham and Bill Hasselbacher also got two base hits apiece for the Indians. Cunningham took the win for the Indians, and Jeff Alexander got the loss. The Cardinals got four hits in 18 trips to the plate for seven runs in the second game of the evening. The Braves totaled three hits in 24 times at bat. Jeff Turney was credited with the Cardinals' win, while John Pacheco of the Braves took the loss. Games scheduled tonight at O. N. Custer are the Dodgers versus the Pirates and the Tigers and Athletics. Had Sox Mendez Huffman Simmons Zauhar McDon'gh Frank Roehlk Alexander Keithly Wright ab r 3 2 4 4 4 2 1 3 3 1 1 Indiana h ab r h 2 McPhar'ln 0 10 2 Johnson 2 0 lOverton 2Cun'gham 1 IWelch 0 Anderson 0 Powell 1 lUnger OIB. Has'er 0 IFriend Snyder !.T. Has'her 1 'Cecil 0 Sikes, 42, held a one-stroke margin over Dave Hill and Ron Cerrudo going into today's second round. Dave's brother, Mike, was another two strokes back with Dale Douglass, Allen Miller and Doug Sanders. Defending Champion Lee Trevino, looking for his third victory in a row here and a first or second-place finish which would make him golf's fourth million-dollar . winner, was within striking distance in a crowd at 71 after the first round. Sikes has won $40,573 on the tour this year and the $35,000 first prize would put him way ahead of the $42,000 he won on East Moline Race Results FIRST RACE: (Pace) — Dandy Dream (Towne), $4.20, $3.20, $220 2:10.2. Langs Prince (Martin), $12.00, $4.60. Kimsvllle. $3.00. SECOND RACE: (Pace) — Chan cy Mud Lark (Freese), $60.60, $9.00, $4.20. 2:08.2. Master Roadrunner (Towne), $3.60, $2.80. Sellas Prince (Sheely), $4.00. THIRD RACE: (Pace) — Royal Moot (Linton), $3.00, $2.60, $2.20. 2:06.4. Azuree (Wilcoxen), $3.00, $2.40. Deva May (Perrin), $3.20. FOURTH RACE: (Pace) — Otta Do (Ryan), $12.80, $5.60, $3.60. 2:08.1. Victor Byrd (Hoggett) $5.20, $3.20. Chris Byrd (Coker), $2.60. FIFTH RACE (Pace) — Last Dance (Bird), $17.60, $5.20, $4.00. 2:06.0. Pert Fred (Neary), $5.60, $7.20. Peder Adios (Hill), $3.40, 3 80 ' SIXTH RACE (Pace)—Abbe Julie Mite (Freese), $12.60, $5.60. $3.60. 2:06.1. My Insperation (LaRance), $9.00, $5.40. Beechy Creed, $3.20. SEVENTH RACE: (Pace) — Gar- langs Boy (Beason), $5.00, $3.40. $3 40. 2:09.0. Pafhan Damascus CLutes), $4.60. $3.80. Irish Lace (Jacobs), $4.60. • . EIGHTH RACE: (Pace) — Medley Darnley (Harmon), $7.40, $3.80 $3.80. 2:03.1. Twinkle Blue (Pederson), $2.80. $2.80. Buck Branch Johnny (Sheely), $380. NINTH RACE: (Pace) — Kisha Rose (Dagenais), $4.80. $3.80 $3.00. 2 07 1. Puzzetti Byrd (Fetzer), $10.60, $3.80. Alvina (Lutes), $300. TENTH RACE: (Pace) — Tranjor Smithy (De Julius), $28.40, $27.40, $8 80. 2:07.4. Eddy's Tillie i (Freese). X, $5.40. Billy English Clay (Thompson), $6.20. the whole tour a year ago. He said he has been playing lets and winning more. Sikes had six birdies and only one bogey to sneak in ahead of three-time Memphis winner Dave Hill. Hill played the front nine in a torrid 31, but was one over par on the back nine. Hill borrowed a putter from J. C. Snead for his round and asked, "I'm wondering how much he'll want if I win anything." Trevino said a sore shoulder was still hurting his long iron play but that he was doing much better than on the recent Texas swing. 3 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 Total 26 6 8 Total 23 13 6 Score by innings: . Red Sox 200 211— 6 Indians 125 401— 13 Braves Cardinals ab f h ab r h Thierry 3 1 1 Cash 3 1 0 Felz 3 1 1 Jackson 3 0 1 Piggee 3 0 0 Berry 1 3 0 McKillip 2 0 0 Glasnovi'h 1 2 1 Cervantes 1 0 0 Turney 3 1 1 Conners 3 0 1 Petrie 0 0 0 Perez 1 0 0 Mitchell 3 0 1 ColweU 3 0 0 McGuire 0 '0 0 Pacheco 0 0 0 Pyatt 1 0 0 Jones 1 1 0 Mims 1 0 0 Sparling 0 0 0 Gamble 0 0 0 Webber 1 0 0 Murquilla 1 0 0 Sprague 3 0 0 Isaacson 1 0 0 Sprague Jacobson 0 0 0 Total 24 3 — 3 Total 18 7 4 Plaver Traded PHILADELPHIA (UPI) Defensive end Gerry Philbin, who never had a chance to play for Kansas City, has been acquired by the Philadelphia Eagles from the Chiefs for defensive back Leroy Keyes and defensive tackle Ernie Calloway. Philbin, a nine-year veteran with the New York Jets, was sent to Kansas City following the 1972 season. Keyes, a 6-3, 208-pounder, was a first-draft choice from Purdue in 1969 and has played strong side safety the last two years. Calloway, 25, also came to the Eagles in 1969 as a second- round draft pick from Texas Southern University, and has been bothered by knee problems. If his knee proves sound the Eagles also will receive a future draft choice. Valentine Sidelined By Broken Leg ANAHEIM (UPI) Bobby Valentine, the bright young star who was going great with the California Angels and hitting over .300, will be sidelined for at least three months with a broken leg. Valentine, 23, who was acquired from the Los Angeles Dodgers, ran into the centerfield fence trying to catch a home run ball hit by Dick Green in the second inning of a game between the Angels and Oakland Thursday night. He ran head-on into the padded wall in his desperate pursuit and broke both bones in his lower right leg when it hit a post behind the padding, an Angel spokesman said. Valentine, who is from Stamford, Conn., is under treatment at St. Joseph Hospital in nearby Orange. 'Fast One' Backfires In Poker Meet LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) Treetops tried to pull a .fast one, but Amarillo Slim didn't mind. It put $8,000 in .his pocket. "Slim" Preston of Amarillo, Tex., the defending champion who won about $60,000 in.last year's tournament, called a bluff by Jack "Treetops" Straus of Houston, Tex., tq win the $8,000 pot and take the. lead Thursday after the first four hours of the finale of the World's Series of Poker., That upped Preston's winnings to $18,325 in-the "freeze out" contest involving, 1 13 players. The game, a version of seven-card stud called "hold 'em," featured a $10,O0Q- ante by each of the players. The 13 players, divided into two tables, continue playing until one man holds all the money—a total of $120,000 in winnings. The only player in trouble during the opening hours was Sherman Lanier of New ' Orleans, who had dipped to $1,900 in holdings. The other 12 players were all over $6,000. Church League Meeting Slated Church Kittenball League managers are reminded of the meeting to be held Monday night at the Knox Cpunty YMCA. The meeting is set lor 7 P-m. i ;r a ;; When Buying or Sailing REAL ESTATE ™Z SEE JOE GORMAN Harold Wilson Realty 1131 N. Henderson 341-1101 DEMO-DERBY KNOX COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS June 5th Limit 60 Cars OBTAIN ENTRY BLANKS AT PETE'S AUTO BODY or BOB'S SERVICE Galesburg, III.

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